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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Gnostic Illuminati Targets Bloodline Elite 2021 Offensive Begins

March 8th, 2021

The Gnostic Illuminati has announced that Special Forces will be hunting down and arresting or, if necessary, executing the following war criminals: Queen Elizabeth II, Pope Francis, Aga Khan IV, the Dalai Lama, Ayatollah Khameini of Iran, David Rockefeller Jr., the Swiss and French branches of the Rothschild family, Gianmario Ferramonti of the P3 Freemasons, Victor Emanuel, the Agnelli brothers, Benyamin Netanyahu, Baron Jarod Kenneth Wilhelm Thyssen DeCoste and many others.

These people have been put on the target list because they have been publicly promoting mass injection of experimental gene therapy “vaccines” that change DNA function based on a provably fraudulent pandemic. This is attempted genocide and merits the death penalty under current international law, MI6, Pentagon, CIA, Asian Secret Society, and Gnostic Illuminati sources agree.

These people are also the highest-ranking identifiable members of the politburo of the Khazarian Mafia, the sources agree. By arresting and questioning them, a clear path towards planetary liberation can be made possible.

This is the group that controls an ancient system of totalitarianism known as Babylonian debt slavery and is symbolized by an eye at the top of a pyramid.

This system of slavery has been traced back to the group that handed the Ten Commandments to Moses. If you read the uncensored versions of the Bible, you will find that the so-called “God,” who handed over these commandments threatened to kill people with arrows, murdered a series of Jewish leaders, and demanded tribute in the form of gold, silver, sheepskins dyed red, aroma oil, etc. This is not a “God,” but rather a highly sophisticated group of human slavers known to the common people as “Satan.”

This writer has a personal reason to agree with the Illuminati, the world’s intelligence agencies, and thousands of lawyers that this ongoing pandemic fraud needs to be the subject of a Nuremberg-style war crimes tribunal. Last week I got the following letter:

公益社団法人日本外国特派員協会The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan

100-0005 Japan, Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi, 3-2-3, Marunouchi Nijubashi Building 5F E-mail: Tel:+81-3-3211-3161 Fax:+81-3-3211-3168

March 5, 2021 Re: Masks in the Club

Dear Mr. Benjamin S. Fulford. The FCCJ Board would like to remind you it is Club policy that everyone should wear a mask while on the premises, except while eating or drinking, while the pandemic continues. The scientific evidence indicates this is an effective way of reducing the risk of infection with a virus that can otherwise result in death or serious, long-term illness. The Board has been informed that you have at times refused to comply with this requirement. While we value your contributions to the Club, it is unfair to cause other members or staff to fear for their lives or health, whatever your own personal beliefs may be about Covid-19 or masks. While on Club premises, please wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth. If you feel unable to do so, we ask that you avoid visiting the Club during the pandemic. Thank you for your cooperation. The FCCJ Board

Here was my reply:

Please inform the board that I would be happy to comply if they are willing to provide me with the scientific evidence. Otherwise as a journalist who seeks truth from facts I will be informing the world they are acting based on superstition. Neither the CDC nor the WHO have provided proof the virus exists. So in the interests of journalism, I challenge them to a fact-based debate on the subject. If they refuse to debate me I will not comply.

Since they did not answer me, I suspect the real reason they wanted to force the mask issue is that on March 2nd, I ruined their attempt to whitewash the March 11, 20011 mass murder attack on Fukushima, Japan. They had Kiyoshi Kurokawa, who headed the Japanese Parliamentary inquiry on Fukushima, come to try to whitewash the incident by blaming it on Japanese government incompetence.

However, I asked Kurokawa why the deep sea drilling ship Chikyu was drilling into the ocean floor at the exact epicenter of the earthquake in the weeks prior to the disaster. I also pointed out that Japanese and Australian military intelligence said a nuclear weapon had been placed on board the ship. I also asked why the Israeli Company Magna BSP had been put in charge of security at the Fukushima plant immediately before the disaster. This prompted Kurokawa to go rogue on his handlers by saying “The Japanese people were not protected by military force.” In other words, the U.S. and Japanese military failed in their duty on that day.

Getting back to the “pandemic,” it is a basic tenet of logic that you cannot prove something does not exist but that you can prove something exists. So someone can say, “there is a galaxy made out of purple spaghetti” and nobody can prove them wrong. However, if the elite wants people to choke themselves with unhygienic masks to “fight a virus,” they need to prove it exists. So far, neither the CDC nor the WHO nor anybody else has been able to produce a single sample of the so-called Covid-19, or Sars Cov 2, or whatever else they are calling it. By contrast, there is an overwhelming body of evidence that the vaccine pushers are using insurance fraud and other means to force doctors to label illnesses such as influenza, pneumonia, the common cold, and tuberculosis as “Covid-19.”

That is why a military and legal campaign has begun against the Khazarian Mafia politburo. Here is what MI6 has to say on the subject:

“The evidence we have points back to the World Bank in 1975 being the root cause analysis of preplanning [of the “pandemic”]. What gave the military concern was SIONICS in tandem with the nano particulates contained in the vaccines and then all hell broke loose and we went into the offensive over defensive.

SIONICS means Systems of Insurgency Negation and Counter Subversion – basically zapping your political opponents or quelling population uprisings. Genocide is not far off what this is all about and the population reduction madness of the Luciferian Cult controlling the United Nations.”

Also, last week the Asian Secret societies and the White Dragon Society and their allies contacted the Knights of Malta and Western Secret Societies about improving the manner in which this planet we all share is run. The leaders of the Western Secret Societies said nothing as of the time this report went live. We presume the Knights of Malta leader who conveyed our message ran into the above-mentioned politburo of Western Monotheism aka Babylonian tyranny and they refused to come to the table.

That is why the hunt for their leadership has begun in earnest.

In an effort to identify the root cause of the problems MI6 asked us to look into these comments posted on my site that summarized a talk between Kim Goguen and Charlie Ward.

In the talk, they discussed who was in charge of the multi-layer control system of the planet. They also note that the long-promised “financial reset” never happens.

They thought it was the Chinese Dragon family but then they realized they always wait for answers; meaning the Dragon family answers to somebody else. Ward said there is an 8-layer control system.

The commentator who summarized their talk notes that they did not mention the “Black Sun in Europe/USA, the Nazi Fourth Reich Masonic/Demonic Templars based in Switzerland.”

Based on decades of experience dealing in person with both the visible leaders of the world and the heads of various secret societies that pull their strings, we agree with the Gnostic Illuminati:

“The problem lies with the group of individuals who control Western monotheism. This group is led by a committee.”

What we can detect is that a leadership group exists above the publicly visible pope, queen Iranian ayatollah, and U.S. president, etc. This group is able to get them to promote untested vaccines for a provably non-existent pandemic. We can also see that Africa and Africa and most of Asia remain outside of this control group because they are not going along with the pandemic scam.

That is why we agree with the Gnostic Illuminati, MI6, etc, that to find answers we must go after visible leadership. The Queen and Pope who now appear in public are obvious impostors. MI6 has been unable to get analog confirmation that Queen Elizabeth II is alive so the one pushing vaccines on TV is a fraud. Ditto the Pope.

As far as the secret leadership of the East is concerned, this is what I have learned from decades of interacting with their visible and invisible leadership.

In Asia, the secret societies such as the three-legged crow that controls Shinto, the North Korean regime and other groups trace their roots back to Tibet. The leaders of these groups say they split from the group that controls Western Monotheism about 3000 years ago. Both groups claim to have originated with the Egyptian pharaohs and practice sun worship.

There is also a lot of talk about Asian elders and the dragon family. These are separate from the Tibetan group. They trace back to the various Chinese imperial lineages. So, for example, the Li family name goes back to the Tang dynasty. People of interest here include Li Keqiang, China’s number 2, and the Tycoon Richard Li.

The other powerful group is the Mei Hwa or Plum Blossom group based in Taiwan. These are the heirs to the Ming. They have offered this writer life-saving protection in the past, so I will be keeping their names secret.

The Sung dynasty heirs are also very important. They have been represented in the past by the Sun (Sung) Yat Sen, the founder of modern China and the Soong sisters. The most visible member of this family now is Son (Sung) Masayoshi of the Softbank group. Son was given control of the Musashi election stealing machinery in Japan by the Rockefeller family some years ago. He needs to be questioned.

This is what Asian royals and CIA in South East Asia had to report about the Rockefellers and their Chinese connection:

“Over 100 years the Rockefeller family reportedly invested billions of dollars in China, extending their focus from medicine-related subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics to a broader version of studies in archaeology, genetics, agriculture, economy etc. The Rockefeller family’s investment history in China dates back to 1863 when David Rockefeller’s grandfather John Rockefeller Sr. sold kerosene to the Chinese. Over the course of the 20th century the Rockefeller foundation has supported several hundred Chinese institutions and many thousands of Chinese scholars and practitioners.”

Also, David Rockefeller has been known to “sow his seed,” fathering at least 30 children in China between 1973 and the 1980s, according to the CIA. Remember his Grandson Mark Zuckerberg has a Chinese wife. The Rockefellers made the United States dependent on China, they note. “Could this be why China is following the Rockefeller Foundation ‘lockstep’ playbook during this “Coronavirus” outbreak,” the CIA asks.

The above information provides the answers to the following questions and observations sent by the NSA:

“DC Live Traffic Cameras… no traffic in front of the Trump Hotel 3 blocks from the White House. Traffic Cameras… U.S. Treasury Buildings in DC are vacant, New York Stock Exchange is Vacant.. No Congress, No U.S. Supreme Court, No President, no U.S. Treasury, no New York Stock Exchange .. all vacant .. who in managing the U.S. Dollar???”

The answer, according to the Dragon family, is China.

That is why Joe Biden is now the first U.S. President in 100 years NOT to hold a press conference in his first 30 days in office.

If the leadership of the West wants to do something about this hand-over of U.S. control to China by the Rockefellers and their ilk, they need to overthrow the Khazarian Mafia politburo and replace their system with a hybrid of meritocracy and democracy.

The Gnostic Illuminati tried to overthrow the Rockefellers by putting Donald Trump in power in 2016 instead of Hillary Rockefeller Clinton. However, while Trump managed a partial purge, he failed to stave off the bankruptcy of the U.S. Corporation. That is why the Rockefeller handover of the U.S. to China through the stolen election of 2020 has succeeded so far.

Admittedly, the Pentagon and Gnostic Illuminati did manage to take control of the Joe Biden CG and turn it against China. That is why China then tried and failed to invade Taiwan, as reported in previous newsletters. There is now an uneasy stalemate.

However, China has the advantage to win in the long run because they have a future planning function that serves the people. You can see this by looking at their just-announced 5-year plan.

In the West long-term planning has been about enslavement and centralizing control under Satanic Khazarian Mafia rule. The result has been the overwhelming concentration of wealth into the hands of the top 0.01% and the environmental/societal collapse it is causing.

Until the West sets up a future planning function better than the one-China uses, the more time passes, the weaker they will become.

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