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Thursday, April 27, 2017

US corporate government will shut down unless the debt ceiling is raised

April 24, 2017

Although hard experience has taught me not to fixate on particular dates, multiple independent sources are all saying something huge might happen on May 1st. In the corporate propaganda media this is the day when a US government shut down will happen unless the debt ceiling is raised.

It is also the day when Puerto Rico, a wholly owned subsidiary of the US corporate government, is expected to go bankrupt.

Sources in the CIA, the gnostic Illuminati, Japanese military intelligence and the Pentagon say this is the day when the world has a fighting chance to permanently shut down the US corporate government and re-establish the Republic of the United States of America known popularly as “the gold ole USA.”

The White Dragon Society is lobbying the US corporate government’s main creditors, Japan and China, to not grant the corporate government any more extensions as long as they remain under Khazarian mafia control. They are being told the controlled demolition of the US corporate government would end financing for endless wars, Daesh, false flag terrorism, the spread of bio-weapons etc. etc.

The Khazarian mafia has become what can only be described as institutionally insane in recent days as the bankruptcy deadline looms. Recent attempts to start World War 3 in Syria and North Korea are being followed up with repeated threats of nuclear and bio-terror and such insanity will no doubt continue until they are permanently put out of business.

It is no coincidence that a new head of the Knights of Malta will be selected on April 29th, just before the US Corporation’s bankruptcy deadline. The Grand Master of the Order, Mathew Festing, was fired recently by the pope ostensibly in a dispute over condoms.

However, sources in Japanese military intelligence, the Italian P2 Freemason Lodge and MI6 all confirm the fascist faction of the Knights of Malta, headed by Festing, was deeply involved in the March 11, 2011 tsunami and nuclear terror attack against Japan. The self-described Satanist Leo Zagami, who sent this writer e-mails threatening to sink Japan into the sea immediately after Fukushima, also claimed to be a leader of the Knights of Malta.

As a side note, a friend recently visited Fukushima with a Geiger counter and was unable to detect anything other than normal background radiation.

In any case, The Knights of Malta, ostensibly a charitable organization, are the oldest military order in the Catholic Church and the fascist faction of that order has been secretly responsible for controlling world leaders through a combination of bribery, threats and murder. In other words, they have been one of the main the enforcement arms of the secret world government. They have also exercised strong influence over the US military as many top brass are Knights of Malta.

So, an election involving 60 knights will in fact have a decisive influence over the future of the planet, especially the USA.

In a related development, international fugitive Henry Kissinger contacted the WDS las week to say that he had cut off his ties with David Rockefeller a long time ago because Rockefeller had “publicly humiliated him.” Sources in the CSIS, claiming to be messengers for Kissinger, say Rockefeller repeatedly had Kissinger serve tea and act like a waiter in front of world dignitaries.

However, Kissinger was captured by the KGB in the 1960’s, was tortured and converted into a KGB agent going by the code name “Bor,” before he entered President Richard Nixon’s cabinet, these sources are saying. Since that time Kissinger was not really working for Rockefeller, these sources say.

The now masterless Kissinger claims he now promotes, along with the Rothschilds, a campaign to release vast sums of money to help the planet, these sources are suddenly saying.

It seems like the WDS recommendation to concentrate firepower on the CSIS hit an important nerve. We shall see if anything happens on May 1st as these people promise. However, as a general rule, we must never trust these snakes so, do not count on them suddenly changing their stripes on a certain date. We have to keep pressing the attack until they move aside.

To this end, it is worth noting that George Bush Sr. checked himself into hospital to avoid arrest last week. This happened at around the same time former president Barack Obama was released on conditional custody in Chicago after he blabbed everything he knew about the Bush/Clinton drug operations. With David Rockefeller, Pope malevolent and others down, Bush Sr is the last big domino standing. Let us see how long he holds out.

Pentagon sources are also saying “It is no coincidence that [Chinese President] Xi Jinping stopped by Alaska and met the governor on his way back from the Trump summit April 7 after the Syrian Tomahawk strike and then Russian bombers buzzed Alaska from april17-20 and may continue to do so.” The message seems to be the US mainland is not invulnerable to a joint Russian Chinese invasion via Alaska.

In any case, these moves will be more important, for example, than the widely watched French Presidential election. In this election Emmanuel Macron a 39 year old Rothschild banker who nobody had even heard of until very recently supposedly won the first round. However, CIA sources say “The French Presidential elections are rigged for sure.” They point out that Macron has never been elected to public office and was highly unpopular.

The report at the link below notes he “spent a couple of years as a shoe-in economy minister under [Francois] Hollande where he proposed a ‘labor’ law that bears his name that hundreds of thousands protested against and had to be forced through by executive decree and with a manifesto slightly less bland than his personality”.

Whether or not he will Macron will be allowed to steal the election on May 7th and become President of France, thus prolonging the Euro, depends on what happens in the US on May 1st and the secret Knights of Malta election on April 29th, WDS sources say.

Clearly though, as with the sudden 180 degree turn around by US so-called President Donald Trump, the Khazarian mafia is pulling out all the stops to try to stay in control of this planet.

However, just keeping Khazarian mafia servants in place in the West is not going to be enough since Asia now controls most of the world’s money.

To this end, Vatican servant and US Vice President Mike Pence was in Asia last week to try to drum up financing for his corporate government masters. In South Korea, he failed to get his hands on any gold so he made empty threats to North Korea and scuttled off to Japan, Japanese military intelligence sources say.

In Japan, according to multiple sources in the Japanese government, he asked for, and was refused, money so he told Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe he must resign in June and hold a general election or else be arrested. For now the Japanese establishment is going along with this while it waits to see how the overall battle raging above their heads ends.

Then Pence went to Indonesia where he met with some of the world’s most unsavory characters, sources in Indonesia say. A Reuter’s headline simply describes Pence’s visit as a business success that scored “major deals worth $10 billion.”

In fact though Pence was distributing Federal Reserve Board fiat dollars in an attempt to regain control of Indonesia via some very nasty puppets, sources in Chinese military intelligence and in the CIA agree.

This was seen by the election, through various dirty tricks, of Anies Baswedan, as Governor of the Capital Jakarta.

The person who gave a victory speech in lieu of Baswedan was none other than Prabowo Subianto, the former son in law of mass murdering former Indonesian Dictator Suharto. Subianto is the Khazarian mafia’s choice to replace the incumbent Jokowi as President of Indonesia, the sources agree.

Subianto was captured by East Timorese rebels in the early 1990’s after he and his special forces had massacred hundreds of unarmed villagers, according to a source close to Subianto. The source says the rebels castrated him as punishment. That is why Subianto subsequently divorced Suharto’s daughter, according to this source.

Now we have him showing up with seemingly unlimited funds, working hand in hand with Daesh mercenaries, trying to destabilize the very popular government of Jokowi. The real aim, of course, is to once again establish a Khazarian puppet regime in Indonesia so that the Khazarians can get their hands on some gold to keep their control of world finance intact, WDS sources in Indonesia say.

There are also some new developments in the Middle East, following the visit to the region last week by US Defense Secretary James Mattis. First Mattis went to Israel where he told the Israelis to get out of the Golan Heights and to stop bombing Syria, Mossad sources say. He told them the US military, together with Egypt, would only help to remove Daesh mercenaries operating in the Sinai Peninsula, the sources continue.

Pentagon sources say that in Saudi Arabia “Mattis called for a UN-brokered end to the Yemen war because the US military wanted to wind down its activities there.” The US military has been fighting there to help the Saudis but only because they need Saudi oil for their various machines, the sources say. This oil has now been promised to them even if they stop supporting the Saudi regime, WDS sources say.

Also “a panicked King Salman sent his younger son as Ambassador to the USA to deal with 911 lawsuits and other scandals,” the Pentagon sources note. The Saudi royal family, just like the Japanese and British royal families, know there is a vacuum at the top of the world’s power structure and that their fate depends on how it is filled.

On a final note, 61 year old US top general Joseph Dunford ran the Boston Marathon on April 17th in 4 hours and 50 minutes.

“This is a message to all patriots to take back America on patriots day,” Pentagon sources say.

Message from Benjamin Fulford

How Society Kills Your Creativity

Doing Nothing Is Better Than Being Busy Doing Nothing ~ Lao Tzu 

When it comes to our modern day society, there is no doubt that we are being told how to live and what our lives are supposed to look like. When we are born we have our parents imposing their ideas and beliefs onto us about what is right and what is wrong and then from there we are usually enrolled into the public school system. Here is where a lot of our natural, inherent creative abilities unfortunately come to die.

In many cases, the school system doesn’t celebrate gifts in the realm of art, music, poetry etc. Rather, the more logical analytical ways of knowledge are celebrated, such as math, science, and memorization. Sure, these are important gifts as well and they should be celebrated, but not all people fit into that mould. And then what happens to those gifts that are left untapped and never brought forward into our world for everyone to enjoy? Well, society wants us to believe that those gifts do not fit into our system and we can’t make a living by utilizing them. What a conundrum.

Madrid based animators, Daniel Martinez Lara and Rafa Cano Mendez showcased this issue perfectly by putting together this 7 minute short to teach us a lesson on what happens to your life when you allow your creative abilities and talents to be drowned out by the daily 9-5 grind.

This film also touches on parenthood and how important it is to let go of the idea of a desired outcome for your children and to let them figure out for themselves what it is they would like to do. Of course every parent wants the best for their children, but we have to remember what is our best is not necessarily the best for our children. We need to be able to recognize the level at which we are just succumbing to the pressures of society as well. At some point letting go and trusting can go a long way.

This critically acclaimed short film was made entirely with a type of software called Blender, an open-source 3D rendering program. It was dedicated “to our families, for helping us not to lose our color.” 


It is Not Just North Korea But Asia That is in US Crosshairs

Imagine that you lead the US deep state, and you are observing the real-time flow of Western technology, industry and next-generation skills to the East with alarm. How will you reverse this trend with one master stroke and temporarily staunch the decline of Pax Americana?

Mathew Maavak — A rapid socio-economic meltdown across Asia might produce this hypothetical outcome, and this is where the current North Korean "crisis" may provide an opening gambit.

Amidst "rising tensions" on the Korean Peninsula – while South Koreans are concerned with noodles, not nukes – the United States has pre-emptively decided what is best for the region.

But the US war machinery is vacillating for good reasons and is unable to get its narrative and geography right. On April 11, President Donald J. Trump supposedly despatched an "armada" to counter North Korean provocations, right after striking Syria. Yet the "armada" led by the USS Vinson was discovered drifting in the opposite direction in the Sunda Strait. This is nothing serious that can't be solved by hiring an American navigator who actually knows geography and game theorists with winning permutations on PlayStations.

The Not So Great Armada

The US armada is back on course for a showdown in the Korean Peninsula.

Gaming out the Attack on North Korea

A pre-emptive naval strike against North Korea is the most likely option pursued if the madmen prevail in Washington. The strategic calculus here is "yuge" in its simplistic crudity: any North Korean retaliation may result in massive civilian casualties and Twitter-generated sympathies for the US-South Korea alliance.

Pyongyang has no other option. It will need to take out the Yongsan Garrison in Seoul which hosts the United States Forces Korea (USFK) headquarters, particularly the Combined Forces Command (CFC).

As succinctly puts it: "The role of Combined Forces Command (CFC) during the armistice is to deter war. CFC's wartime role is to defeat external aggression. The CFC is commanded by a four-star US general, with a four-star ROK Army general as deputy commander. Throughout the command structure, binational manning is readily apparent: if the chief of a staff section is Korean, the deputy is American and vice versa. This integrated structure exists within the component commands as well as the headquarters. All CFC components are tactically integrated through continuous combined and joint planning, training and exercises."

Any unilateral US strike on North Korea would automatically drag South Korea as a junior partner in a war it never desired, simply because the Americans wrote all the rules of engagement since the 1953 armistice.

The Yongsan garrison is only a 3-minute drive away from Seoul's financial center and straddles heavily populated areas. For decades, US-scripted propaganda had invoked the specter of millions of South Korean casualties from Pyongyang's artillery range. Lost in this giddy script are the war crimes committed by US troops against the Korean people during the 1950-53 war. Was the CFC using 25 million people in the greater Seoul metropolitan area as human shields against North Korea? High civilian casualties are guaranteed in the event of a conflict as Pyongyang's projectiles lack precision-guidance.

Due to this manifest danger, the US was pressured for years to relocate the CFC to Pyeongtaek. But this will not happen before 2019 and by then, the US Army would probably be battling its own impoverished citizens back home.

Time is running out to take down Asia.

Rise of the Taeguk Warrior

Some genius in Washington may have been inspired by a redux of the orchestrated "Mi-Guk, Mi-Guk" (Mi-Guk is Korean for the United States) chants that greeted US soldiers in the 50s.

The modern reality is vastly different. South Korea (and Japan) is awash with anti-American undercurrents. During the 2006 World Cup in Germany, US army personnel in Yongsan were advised by their commanders to avoid passionate South Korean fans who would gather in their tens of thousands to watch giant open air live telecasts of their national team in action. There was a good precedent for this injunction: During the 2002 World Cup, a US military vehicle struck and killed two young schoolgirls in Seoul, sparking an unprecedented outburst of anti-Americanism that combined explosively with soccer-fuelled nationalism.

These are South Korea's Taeguk warriors. Imagine how they will react once even 200 South Koreans are killed in a tit-for-tat military exchange between Uncle Samael and Kim Jong-un? The lives of South Koreans naturally matter less to American uber-patriots like Senators John "I hate those Gooks" McCain and Lindsey Graham who was the "happiest dude in America" after the April 6 attack on Syria.

There is something more that may make Graham, McCain, Trump and the 130 million Americans who elected them even happier: the destruction of a thriving multi-trillion dollar Asian economy that is eclipsing the West in unprecedented ways.

There is no way the West will countenance an ascendant Asia, and it has been probing every possible geo-economic Achilles Heel to bring the East to heel. The War on Terror now appears like a botched US-Saudi plot to control the flow of fossil fuel to an energy-dependent Asia. Yet, instead of allowing its destinies to be controlled, Asian nations launched a series of strategic fuel and grain reserve programs since the 9/11 terror attacks. Asia can no longer be held to joint US-Saudi petrol blackmail as long as Iran, Russia and Venezuela continue to pump and export oil and gas to the rest of the world. The demonization of these nations, therefore, should not come as a surprise.

From a geostrategic viewpoint, it is not the Westward contours of Middle Eastern pipelines that may have worried Washington and its hordes but rather the unfettered flow of Iranian and Russian oil to an ascendant Asia. Syria alone would have done well with untold millions levied on pipelines traversing its territory. Alternative motives behind the Arab Spring and Maidan coup should re-considered in the light of an Asian contagion that may be sparked off in the Korean peninsula.

Mathew Maavak is a writer and geopolitical observer residing in Malaysia.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

British Origins Of Contemporary Naxalite Insurgency

The Pax Britannica is so firmly established that the idea of overt rebellion is always distant from our minds, even in a remote State like Bastar.
– B. P. Standen, Chief Secretary to the Chief Commissioner, Central Provinces, 1910

In February of 1910 the tribal population of the princely state of Bastar in eastern India rose in rebellion against a small British force stationed within the kingdom. This event, referred to as bhumkal (earthquake), established Bastar as a major battleground for tribal (adivasi) revolt during the colonial period. Almost exactly 100 years later, in one of the deadliest Naxal attacks in recent times, hundreds of Maoists ambushed and massacred at least 25 CRPF personnel in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district, South Bastar region and escaped with their AK-47 assault rifles. The puzzling fact about Bastar, however, is that unlike so many other regions of India beset by tribal conflict, it never came under the direct control of the British during the colonial period.

The former Bastar kingdom is located in the state of Chhattisgarh. During the British period Bastar was over 13,000 square miles, or roughly the size of Belgium. It had a population, in 1901, of 306,501. Adivasis constituted the largest segment of the population, and Gonds were the major tribe inhabiting the area. The state was governed by a lineage of Hindu kings who were not adivasis themselves but Rajputs. The founders of the Bastar state were, according to legend, driven from their former home in Warangal by Muslim invaders in the fourteenth century. They then settled in Bastar and became high priests of the goddess Danteshwari, whom the tribes of Bastar worshipped. The princely state was known for its unique celebration of the Dasera festival. The raja is ‘abducted’ by tribals on the eleventh day of Dasera and then returned to the throne the next day, a ritual that symbolizes the close linkage between the adivasis and their king.

During the pre-colonial period, Bastar had been incorporated as part of the Mughal and then Maratha Empire. Due to its rough terrain and geographical inaccessibility, however, it always retained a certain level of isolation—Deputy Commissioner of the Central Provinces and Berar Wilfrid Grigson remarked that Bastar was a ‘backwater in Indian history’. The entire region is one of the most heavily forested areas in India (it is the site of the Dandakaranya forest), and colonial officials often referred to Bastar as one of a number of ‘jungle kingdoms’.

When the British finally broke Maratha power in central India in 1818 they subsequently began to enter into a political relationship with Bastar (a former tributary state of the Marathas), and in 1853 the kingdom officially came under the system of British indirect rule. Bastar State was included as part of the Central Provinces administration.

The British immediately began to interfere in Bastar’s administration in three ways:

1) by implementing new forest policies,

2) displacing tribals from their land,

3) and heavily interfering in succession to the throne—that is, removing rajas and replacing them with compliant officials.

At first, this interference in the state came under the pretext of preventing human sacrifice. An official inquiry in 1855, however, showed that human sacrifice was not a local tradition. The reporting officer wrote that it was ‘pleasing to find that there did not exist . . . a tradition of human sacrifices. In the low country it was said that these hill tribes never sacrificed human beings and for once the account was strictly true.’ A more likely cause of intervention was the fact that Bastar had extremely large iron ore deposits, as well as other precious minerals, timber, and forest produce. Over time, British influence in Bastar increased—beginning first with forest administration—due to efforts to appropriate its natural resources, and by 1876 colonial administrators effectively governed the state, the raja ruling in name only.

Colonial influence bred rebellion in Bastar. The state experienced two important tribal revolts during colonialism, in 1876 and 1910. The cause of the first rebellion was trivial enough—the arrival of the Prince of Wales to India. The diwan of Bastar attempted to arrange a meeting between the prince and the raja. The adivasis, however, interpreted this as an attempt by the British to abduct the raja, and within hours they mobilized in large numbers and prevented him from leaving the state. Though traditionally referred to as a rebellion, the conflict in reality was relatively minor and featured little bloodshed. W. B. Jones, chief commissioner of the Central Provinces, summarized the incident in a confidential report from 1883:

In March of 1876 a disturbance broke out at Jugdalpur, the origin of which has never been quite satisfactorily explained. The immediate occasion of the outbreak was the Raja’s setting out for Bombay to meet . . . The Prince of Wales. The people assembled in large numbers and compelled him to return to Jugdalpur. Their ostensible demand was not that he should not go, but that he should not leave behind the then Diwan Gopinath Kapurdar (a Dhungar, shepherd by caste) and one Munshi Adit Pershad (a Kayeth in charge of the Raja’s Criminal Court), whom the people charged with oppression . . . They simply demanded that the two men mentioned above should be sent away.

Were the adivasis rebelling against the raja? The British themselves were skeptical. An officer sent to investigate disconfirmed the idea, noting that ‘Relations between Raja and subjects generally [were] good, very good.’ Commissioner Jones also noted that ‘the insurgents committed no violence and professed affection for the Raja’. At worst, the adivasis were upset with the raja’s choice of appointees. But another central cause of the disturbance was creeping British influence in the state—for example, Jones made sure to note that the adivasis earlier in the year had reacted very negatively to new Christian missionaries who had arrived in the kingdom. A number of new colonial policies combined to create a rising sense of embitterment among the tribal population.

The 1910 rebellion was much more violent and widespread than its predecessor. One of the chief instigators of the conflict was Lal Kalendra Singh, the first cousin of the raja and a former diwan himself. He had been angling for a return to power after he had been removed by the British due to ‘incompetence’. He mobilized the adivasis by declaring that if he was returned to the throne he would drive the British out of Bastar completely. A contemporary report from a Christian missionary living in Bastar, Reverend W. Ward, sheds some light on the rebellion:

In the second week of February we first heard of the unrest among the Aborigines south of Jagdalpur. Vague rumours were afloat but none of a very serious nature. On the 18th a Christian living among the Prajas—Aborigines—came to me with the story that the Prajas were all armed and were moving toward Keslur, where the Political Agent, Mr. E. A. De Brett, I.C.S., was camping, to make known their grievances . . . A branch of a mango tree, a red pepper, and an arrow were tied together, and sent to all villages in the State. The mango leaves stand for a general meeting; the red pepper, a matter of great importance is to be discussed and that the matter is necessary and urgent; the arrow, a sign of war.

The entire state rose in revolt and the existing British force of only 250 armed police was quickly overwhelmed. For weeks looting, robbery, and arson plagued the entire kingdom. By the end of February additional troops from Jeypore and Bengal had arrived and the rebellion was finally put down. Hundreds of prisoners were taken, including Lal Kalendra Singh, who was expelled from the state and later died in prison.

The British conducted several inquiries into the causes of the 1910 rebellion. De Brett also conducted an inquiry on the rebellion and discerned 11 main causes, ranking chief among them ‘the inclusion in reserves of forest and village lands’.

Prior to colonialism, the rajas that ruled Bastar did not reserve forest lands, giving adivasis almost unrestricted access to these areas. Alfred Gell notes that prior to the arrival of British administrators ‘the tribal population [in Bastar] enjoyed the benefit of their extensive lands and forests with a degree of non-exploitation from outside which would hardly be matched anywhere else in peninsular India’. Nandini Sundar similarly highlights that prior to British rule there was not even a recorded forest policy for the kingdom.

The colonial state began reserving forests in Bastar in 1891, especially areas rich in various kinds of forest produce. This meant timber most of all, but also a class of items known as non-timber forest product, which included rubber, medicinal plants, berries, and tendu leaves, used for rolling tobacco. Due to this new reservation policy, entire adivasi villages in reserved areas were forcibly moved by colonial authorities. Corporations, like those involved in the timber trade or iron mining, entered areas where adivasis had lived and were granted a monopoly right over forest produce. Once a forest area was officially reserved, adivasis no longer had any claim to these lands and were charged fees for collecting produce or grazing in these areas.

All of the contemporary reports pointed to the same causes— foremost, new forest policies that displaced adivasis from their land. The main participants in the 1910 rebellion were from areas that suffered the most under new colonial land revenue demands. Despite the admission to an ‘overzealous’ forest administration, British policy in Bastar did not change substantially in the wake of rebellion. They continued to sign various forest mining agreements or renewals of previous agreements—in 1923, 1924, 1929, and 1932. The 1923 agreement, for example, renewed a licence for Tata Iron and Steel to mine Bastar’s ‘enormous reserves of iron ore’.

Forest lands also continued to be reserved. As late as 1940 the administrator of Bastar State wrote to the political agent of Chhattisgarh States that ‘Most of them [adivasis] dislike the proposals for forest reservation . . . However if these areas are not reserved it will be impossible to reserve any good teak forests in the Zamindari. (It is a most unfortunate fact that the best teak areas and the thickly populated, well cultivated Maria [Gond] villages coincide).

The young Maharaja of Bastar c.1937, with British advisors

Aside from new forest policies, the British also continued to directly govern the state through various machinations, although this, too, had been disastrous in 1910. In 1922 Rudra Pratap Deo died without a male heir, and his daughter, Profulla Kumari Devi, was placed on the throne as a child. One British administrator noted: ‘She is about eleven years of age and no reference is made as to her eventual fitness to rule, but this is unimportant as she could always rule through a Manager or Dewan.’ Bastar therefore experienced yet another minority administration. Then, in 1936, when the Maharani of Bastar died suddenly of surgical complications in London, the British installed her eldest son, Pravir Chandra Bhanj Deo, on the throne, although he was only seven years old at the time. The Maharani’s husband, Raja Prafulla Bhanj Deo, who was the first cousin of the ruler of the nearby Mahurbhanj State, had been passed over as a possible successor. This was an attempt to continue directly ruling the state instead of turning over power to the queen’s consort. In fact, colonial administrators in charge of the guardianship of Pravir Chandra were themselves confused as to the justification behind his minority administration. Administrator E. S. Hyde commented:

I am not altogether clear what is meant in this case by guardianship . . . It would, however, be of assistance to me and my successors if our position could be defined. It is certainly an unusual and somewhat delicate one, for normally when a Chief is a minor his father is dead.

R. E. L. Wingate, joint secretary to the Government of India, Foreign and Political Department, noted that passing over Prafulla for the throne was against the queen’s wishes:

It is her [the Maharani’s] desire that Profulla should have the title of Maharaja and that he should share her role as Ruling Chief, being co-equal with her and succeeding her as Ruler in the event of her death before him, her son not succeeding to the gaddi [throne] until his death.

Despite this, Prafulla—who had been educated and gained high marks at Rajkumar College in Raipur—was deemed ‘exceedingly vain and filled with self-conceit . . . he is a man of very questionable moral character and completely unstable’ by the British and was denied the throne. Prafulla had also been very popular with tribal groups in Bastar. E. S. Hyde noted a meeting between adivasis and Prafulla in 1936 after he had been passed over for control of the kingdom:

First of all the Mahjis told Prafulla that they had confidence and trust in him and that he was their ‘mabap’ [mother and father]; to this he replied that he could do nothing for them, that he had no powers. He was willing to do anything for them but . . . he could do nothing.

Even before the death of the maharani in 1936 there had been a movement to install Prafulla as the hereditary raja, in ‘joint rulership’ of Bastar with his wife; later came an attempt to at least establish a council of regency and make him the regent. Both movements were squashed by the British. They believed that Prafulla was responsible for several anti-British pamphlets that had appeared over the past several years in newspapers throughout India. Administrators noted, however, that ‘there is no actual proof as the printer’s name is absent from the pamphlets’. The British eventually even removed Prafulla as the guardian of his children and deemed that he should not be allowed to enter Bastar State.

The British found fault with almost all of the occupants of the throne of Bastar, and managed to have them removed from power in order to clear the way for direct colonial administration of the kingdom. Lal Kalendra Singh was removed as diwan because colonial authorities came to realise he was ‘totally unfit to be trusted with any powers’. Rudra Pratap Deo was a ‘very weak-minded and stupid individual . . .considered unfit to exercise powers as a Feudatory Chief’. Prafulla Bhanj Deo was an agitator, unstable, and needed to be kept away from his own children. And by the dawn of independence, colonial administrators were already beginning to have serious doubts about the abilities of his son, Pravir Chandra, who was heir to the Bastar throne.

Pravir, King of Bastar was the first Oriya ruler and 20th Maharaja of Bastar state who was killed in 1966 by then Congress government of Madhya Pradesh for championing the cause of his subjects. He fought for rights of the tribal people. He represented Jagdalpur Vidhan Sabha constituency of undivided Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly by winning General election of 1957. He was the last ruler of the Kakatiya Dynasty of Bastar.

The colonial history of Bastar after the mid nineteenth century featured British officials taking control over forest lands, displacing tribals, and finding ways to govern the state directly rather than through native rajas supported by the local population. All of these factors increased unrest among the adivasis of Bastar and led to two tribal rebellions against British rule.

British colonial rule in India precipitated a period of intense rebellion among the country’s indigenous groups. Most tribal conflicts occurred in the British provinces, and many historians have documented how a host of colonial policies gave rise to widespread rural unrest and violence. In the post-independence period, many of the colonial-era policies that had caused revolt were not reformed, and tribal conflict continued in the form of the Naxalite insurgency. Why the princely state of Bastar has continuously been a major centre of tribal conflict in India? Why has this small and remote kingdom, which never came under direct British rule, suffered so much bloodshed?

There are two key findings that explain the above questions: first, that Bastar experienced high levels of British intervention during the colonial period, which constituted the primary cause of tribal violence in the state; and second, that the post-independence Indian government has not reformed colonial policies in this region, ensuring a continuation and escalation of tribal conflict through the modern Naxalite movement.

A large body of historical literature has documented how British colonialism gave rise to widespread rural unrest in India. During the course of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries there was a major increase in the number of tribal revolts throughout the country. Kathleen Gough has noted that ‘British rule brought a degree of disruption and suffering among the peasantry which was, it seems likely, more prolonged and widespread than had occurred in Mogul times.’ Ranajit Guha writes, ‘For agrarian disturbances in many forms and on scales ranging from local riots to war-like campaigns spread over many districts were endemic throughout the first three quarters of British rule until the very end of the nineteenth century.’ Along these lines, scholars have shown how new colonial policies, such as the commandeering of forest lands and increased rural taxation, led to widespread discontent and rebellion among indigenous groups. Eric Stokes notes, for example, that ‘resentment against [moneylenders] boiled over most readily into violence among tribal people like the Bhils, Santals, and . . .the Gonds’. Historians have also shown that after independence, the new Indian government did not reform a number of colonial-era policies, especially those dealing with forestry, and tribal conflicts continued to occur throughout the country, especially in former areas of direct British rule like Bengal, Bihar, and Jharkhand.

These decisions in Bastar led to the rise of the contemporary Naxalite insurgency, which is only the latest incarnation of tribal unrest in the region. The case of Bastar, therefore, reaffirms the central role of British colonialism in producing tribal conflict in India by showcasing its effects even in areas that never formally came under the ambit of direct rule. Importantly, however, the continuing violence in Bastar concurrently implicates the post-colonial government in failing to end the root causes of the bloodshed.

Excerpt from British Rule and Tribal Revolts in India: The curious case of Bastar by Ajay Verghese.

8 reasons the New World Order hates Syria

1) Syria’s Central Bank is state-owned & controlled – In other words, it manages its national currency so that it serves the Syrian people and not the Rothschild-controlled global bankers operating from their New York, London, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, Basel and Paris hideouts.

This means that the volume of currency it issues is in proper sync with the true needs of real economy of work, labor, production and all that is useful to Syria’s people, instead of being in sync with parasitic, usurious, speculative foreign financiers. The latter seek to control local central banks so they can artificially limit the volume of currency available for genuine economic needs, especially the no-interest credit needed to finance useful things in the real economy: power plants, roads, gas works, housing, private enterprise and initiatives. This forces productive players – public and private - to have to resort to deadly interest and usury-based private banking loans whereupon the eternal debt chain starts to grow and grow as the so-called ‘sovereign debt crises’ that hit country after country throughout decades of time eloquently show.

By artificially distorting the volume of ‘public currency’ issued by sovereign central banks that generates no interest, countries are thus forced to resort to high interest bearing ‘private currency’ (loans) handled by the monopolistic private bankster cabal in the hands of Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, CitiCorp, JP Morgan Chase interests.

Clearly, a very good reason for these parasitic banksters to want to take out Syria.

2) Syria has no IMF (International Monetary Fund) debt. This means that Syria’s leadership understands that the IMF – a public multilateral agency of member governments - is controlled by the global mega-bankers, and acts as their auditor and debt collection police whenever one of its weaker member states runs into sovereign debt trouble, which is another way of saying when those countries reach a point where they cannot siphon enough money out of their real economies - the work, toil and labor of its people - to hand it over to the parasitic private global bankers.

In a sense, the IMF’s real job is to act as the global power elite’s tax office – its ‘IRS’ so to speak – only that it does not tax people directly, but rather through proxy government and nation-states’ tax offices. Are we starting to understand the real roots of the ‘debt crises’ hitting Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Argentina, Spain, Italy, UK, US, Portugal, France?

Global slavery couldn’t have been better thought out and planned! 

Actually, true Islamic nations rightly reject banking fractional lending and interest practices as being immoral. That’s what Libya’s Gaddafi did, and what Syria and Iran presently do. 

Clearly, a very good reason for parasitic banksters to want to take out Syria, just as they took out Libya and now target Iran.

3) Syria has banned genetically modified (GMO) seeds – Bashar Assad banned GMO’s in order “to preserve human health,” knowing full well that the Monsantos of this world are out to control the world’s entire food supply, because coming global crises will not only be about oil, but about how much food countries will be able to put on their people’s tables.

That’s why after invading Iraq, the US ordered that only Monsanto seeds should to be used. That’s why submissive client states like Argentina are poisoning their own soil and people by bowing down really low to Monsanto’s demands. 

Clearly, a very good reason for Monsanto to want to take out Syria.

4) Syria’s population is well informed about the New World Order - Its media and universities openly debate the global power elite’s influence in things. This means that they fully grasp the fact that real power in the West lies not in the White House, 10 Downing Street, Congress or Parliament, but rather with the complex and powerful grid of elite think-tanks led by New York’s Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Conference, Trilateral Commission, Americas Society, World Economic forum and London’s Royal Institute of International Affairs, which interact with mega-bankers, media, universities, the military, multinationals and the corporate over-world.

As our young friend aptly explains, Syrians dare to talk about secret societies like Freemasonry or Yale University’s Skull & Bone Lodge whose members include top cats like former President George W Bush and current Secretary of State John Kerry.

Clearly, a very good reason for those top cats to order their errand boy Obama to take out Syria.

5) Syria has massive oil and gas reserves – here we go again! Every time the West goes to war to protect “freedom, human rights and democracy,” there’s always the nauseous stench of oil; whether in Iraq, Libya, Kuwait, the Falklands, Afghanistan… Syria has offshore and onshore oil and gas reserves, and is helping to build a massive pipeline together with Iran, but without Western oil giants’ control. Clearly, the full militarization of all oil production and reserve zones, and the militarization of transportation routes to ‘bring oil home’ from everywhere in the world, is a key on-going joint US/UK strategy.

Clearly, a very good reason for BP, Exxon, Royal Dutch Shell, Texaco, Total, Repsol and Chevron to want to take out Syria.

6) Syria clearly and unequivocally opposes Zionism and Israel - Israel practices criminal racist apartheid against the occupied Palestinians. Syria’s leadership has no qualms in accusing Israel of being what it is: a racist, imperialist, genocidal entity, as the Wall of Hate Israel erected around Palestine clearly shows. Israel manages what can only be described as an Auschwitz-like mega-concentration camp in Palestine with millions of ill-treated, often-assassinated and humiliated prisoners.

Such geopolitical clarity of mind was shared by Gadhafi’s Libya and Saddam’s Iraq, and today also by Iran, China, Russia and India.

Clearly a very good reason for political juggernauts like AIPAC (American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee), the World Jewish Congress, the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), Likud, Kadima and Netanyahu/Lieberman to want to take out Syria.

7) Syria is one of the last secular Muslim states in the Middle East, whilst Zionist Jewish supremacists - in line with born-again-Israel-First-Bushite ‘Christian’ kooks in the West - need for everybody to align to the will of their dark demiurge god which has its own ‘chosen people’.

The Global Power Elite’s implicit order is clear: everybody must believe in Israeli superiority, whilst our young Syrian friend aptly points out that Syria, like Saddam’s Iraq, Gaddafi’s Libya and Iran just could not be convinced of that.

She adds that in Syria, “asking about religion is not polite,” because Syria has bred many of mankind’s prime religions for thousands of years, and those millennia have taught Syrians to be sensitive, tolerant and respectful of all creeds. Something we clearly do not see in the pro-West Arabian sheikdoms, nor in the US, UK and EU with its anti-Islamic paranoia, and where laws are passed imposing the most blatant cultural, political and historical lies demanded by religious bigots who insist that their god will only accept their own holocaust offerings.

Clearly, another very good reason for neocon fanatics and their Orwellian Thought Police to want to take out Syria.

8) Syria proudly maintains and protects its political and cultural national identity – she stresses how Syria “holds on to its uniqueness,” whilst respecting the uniqueness of others. The standardized coming world government simply abhors anybody standing up to its imposed standardization of thought, behavior and ‘values’, where the West’s global megabrands, shopping malls, and fashion & style dictatorships “makes every place look pretty much the same, which leads to a very boring world.”

Today, revolutionary thought in the West even amongst the young, boils down to choosing between Coke and Pepsi.

Clearly, a very good reason for Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds, Levis, Lauder, Planet Hollywood and Burger King to want to take out Syria.

Our young Syrian friend ends her message by reminding us that “if Syria falls, it could be the tipping point the ends in victory for the New World Order,” adding that today “Syria is the frontline against the New World Order.”

Wise words from a young lady who understands the catastrophic failure of the Western powers’ political class, who have now completely turned our world upside down; where the very worst and most malignant criminals have infected governments and private power structures, be it in Washington, New York, London, and Paris, or in Berlin, Rome, Bogota, Madrid, Tokyo, Seoul, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires or Riyadh.

If sometimes Hollywood serves as a showcase that reveals the darkest recesses of the Western power elite’s sick group psyche, we might even say that they are playing our the ‘Planet of the Apes’ saga, where a weird and hellish genetic inversion places horrendously destructive animals in places of world power, whilst noble vanquished humans are enslaved and thrown into cages. 

Is this today’s metaphor best describing the US against Syria drama?

The eight points mentioned above are as good a guide to get all our countries back on course as we can muster in today’s troubled, out-of-control world. 

Whether American, European, Arab, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu or Shinto, the time has come for ‘We the People’ to make our voices heard on the streets, with neighbors, family and friends, work and school colleagues, through social networks, demanding that Western so-called ‘democratically-elected’ governments – all of which are the direct result of the will of money-sloshing elites that financed their climb to top government posts through their favorite lie they call ‘democracy’ - stop doing what they are doing, and start doing what we demand they do. Now; immediately: we must take our countries back.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Removing the rot from the system is vital but we also need work on fixing the planet

April 17, 2017

Now that Donald Trump showed his true colours as a Zionist (Khazarian mafia) sleeper agent, he is becoming increasingly isolated and is guilty of provable war crimes, Pentagon, CIA and other sources agree. “Trump is toast,” was how a CIA source described the situation.

Trump has been pushed by his Zionist handlers into trying to start World War 3 because these religious fanatics still think they are somehow going to start a war between “Gog” and “Magog,” kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest. To this end Trump ordered an attack on a Syrian airbase where Russian personnel were stationed. That is also why Trump tried to start a war with nuclear armed North Korea last week.

The situation with North Korea was designed by the Zionists to provoke to ultra-macho antagonists, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, into a situation where neither man could back down without losing face. The North Koreans said they had a right to test missiles etc. any time they want, especially on the 105th anniversary of the birth of their country’s founding father Kim Il Sung. Trump said, “if you do that we will attack.”

So, a face saving solution was engineered with a missile that blew up immediately after launching. The North Koreans were able to claim they went ahead and did their test despite Trump’s threats. The Zionists were able to hint they sabotaged the test with unspecified secret weapons. The important point being that Zionist attempts to start World War 3 failed yet again and will continue to fail.

These provocations are just one sign there is something undeniably dysfunctional going on with the Trump presidency. A few weeks ago Trump was invoking President Andrew Jackson and hinting about nationalizing the Federal Reserve Board. Now he is saying FRB chief Janet Yellen can have another term in office.

He also turned from provoking the Chinese and accusing them of being “currency manipulators” to brazenly sucking up to them and denying they manipulate their currency.

These flip flops may be connected to the arrival of yet another bankruptcy deadline for the United States Corporate Government, in this case the expected Bankruptcy of the US Corporation’s Puerto Rico subsidiary on May 1st. Despite efforts to paint this as a municipal bond type problem, this could trigger a domino effect that finally takes down Zionist central in Washington D.C.

Sources close to the Japanese emperor say the arrival in Tokyo this week of P2 Freemason lodge and Vatican representive US Vice-President Mike Pence, as well as long term Rothschild agent and US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was for the purpose of trying to get money from Japan to kick the can down the road yet again for the US Corporation.

There is also a group calling itself the “Goldman family” that is trying to convince the emperor to either cash fake bonds with astronomical numbers on them or else place their man Ichiro Ozawa as Prime Minister of Japan, the sources say. Neither of these things is going to happen, the sources add.

While it is certain the Republic of the United States of America will get continued support from the rest of the world, the Zionist owned US Corporation will not. The entire planet is sick and tired of their anti-social and criminal behavior. The signs of this are everywhere to be seen now.

Getting back to Donald Trump, last week after trying to start World War 3 he was forced to say “We are not going into Syria.” He has also been denied a meeting with the Pope, during the G7 meeting in Sicily scheduled for May 26th and 27th, a sure sign he is isolated, Pentagon sources say.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was also recently denied a meeting with the Pope, yet again exposed himself as a Zionist slave last week when he talked about North Korea sending Sarin missiles to Japan.

“Israel has been exposed as behind the false flag Syria sarin attack, along with former CIA boss [John] Brennan, [John] McCain, H.R. McMaster working for their Saudi and Israeli masters,” Pentagon sources note.

“Zionist bad boy Jared Kushner may be under counter-intel investigations for his ties to bibi [Benyamin Netanyahu], Russia, George Soros, Goldman Sachs, Heinz Kissinger and Rupert Murdoch,” the sources add.

This article about Trump’s Zionist handler Kushner shows his real agenda:

It notes Kushner’s “involvement with the college-based Chabad was a particularly important part of his resumé-building” and that “The Chabad Lubavitch sect is an extremely radical organization that espouses dogmatic end-time prophecies that are overwhelmingly favorable to the Jewish race.” Kushner is also almost certainly a Satanist because why else would be pay 3 times the previous price to buy a building with the address “666.”

Japanese military intelligence, for their part, say the real source of the problem is the Satanist controlled CSIS think tank in Georgetown University and suggest taking out that institution as a short cut to ending world terrorism.

For now though, Goldman Sachs is the one that is being targeted, Pentagon sources say noting that “Goldman made a huge bet so it could rake in profits from higher oil prices and got busted with no invasion of Syria.”

Trump is also guilty of war crimes for his attack on Syria since he attacked a sovereign nation without Congressional approval or approval of the United Nations. “Violating the War Powers Act is an impeachable offense,” CIA sources note.

The pretext for this illegal attack, a supposed Sarin attack by the Syrian government, has now been fully exposed as “a complete fabrication.” An interview with Syrian President Bashar Assad by the French AFP newswire was widely quoted in corporate media outlets like CNN, Bloomberg, Reuters etc. and makes clear even to the few remaining Zionist cool-aid drinkers out there that the entire Daesh, Sarin terrorism etc. business is run by Western powers. The interview can be read at this link:

The West was not supposed to represent perpetual war, false flag attacks, fake news, terrorism, drug dealing etc. The West I grew up in, and represented by my father as a Canadian diplomat, is supposed to stand for world peace, democracy, human rights, free press, ending poverty, protecting the environment etc. This is what it will revert to once the terrorist sponsoring Zionist or Khazarian beast is finally put down.

Pentagon sources note the “Big three [China, Russia and the USA] are cooperating on North Korea, Syria, the Ukraine and Daesh to usher in the global currency reset.”

Part of this effort is a continued campaign to cut off the supply of drug money to the Zionists (ie Khazarian mafia). To this end they say a “CIA complex in Afghanistan was nuked to stop drugs trafficking.” US troops were also sent to Somalia for the first time since 1994 last week to “stop Daesh and Israeli infiltration of East Africa,” the Pentagon sources say.

It is also worth noting that Khazarian efforts to keep up the fake cold war with Russia are fading and that the G7 refused to impose any sanctions on Russia despite Zionist inspired efforts to make this happen.

Instead, the fact that Easter came on April 16th for both Western and Orthodox Christianity is a sign a new age of peace and prosperity dawns.

The key to this is to remove from Khazarian hands their last, and biggest, source of power, that being their control of the process of creating US dollars, Yen and Euros out of thin air. Heinz Kissinger is the man with the master codes that allow this currency magic to take place which is why he is the most hunted man on earth. If he is not killed or captured, then the system needs to be shut down and rebooted.

Rest assured the bad guys like Kissinger are all being taken down. George Soros, John Kerry, David Rockefeller, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton etc. are vanishing from public view.

Now we have also had the first of the long awaited arrests of US government officials on charges of treason. In this case, former Hillary Clinton State Department employee Candace Marie Clairbourne was indicted on treason charges, that is to say taking bribes from the Chinese to provide them with US state secrets. Prosecutors say this will be “the first of many” who will be brought to justice.

Removing the rot from the system is vital but we also need work on fixing the planet. To this end, the White Dragon Society will hand deliver a letter next week to a person (not Kissinger) who has the key to start the concrete, here now, process of turning this planet into a paradise. We hope to hear a positive response.

However, changing the direction a planet is moving in is like turning a super-tanker around at sea. It has to be done in such a manner as to not tip the ship over. That is why we are not giving any specific dates for an announcement. We are sure though, that the good guys are winning and humanity will be liberated.

Message from Benjamin Fulford

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Gandhi’s Anti-Vaccine Views Ring True A Century Later

Almost one century ago, Gandhi published a book where he deconstructed the dangers and lack of effectiveness of vaccines and the agendas surrounding them. His voice rings true now more than ever.

The internet meme below has been subject of a good bit of controversy. Not only is Gandhi taking what many today consider an extreme ‘anti-vaxxer’ stance, but some have questioned whether or not he ever made this statement, or statements like it.

The truth is that this quote only scratches the surface of Gandhi’s biting critique of the dangers, inefficacy, and malfeasance associated with the vaccination campaigns of his time. Gandhi, of course, is history’s most celebrated anti-imperialist, having almost single-handedly set into motion India’s independence from British colonial rule. He was extremely sensitive to Western forms of control and oppression, and was able to apply his intellect to the manner in which the Western medical establishment was coercing millions of Indians to succumb to the unhealthy practice of smallpox and plague vaccination.

The relevant chapters from his book A Guide to Health are republished below, but we have summarized some of the key points he makes so you can get a quick sense for how remarkably relevant his views on the topic are still today, and perhaps entice you to read the entire chapter thereafter.

Key points:

-The nature of diseases like smallpox have been misconceived. While smallpox has a contagious component, vaccinated individuals can become infected, and non-vaccinated individuals remain immune, disproving Jenner’s original theory that vaccination equates to bona fide immunity.

-Vaccination is a unsanitary practice. By injecting the ‘filth’ of a diseased cow and smallpox patient into the body of a healthy individual one inevitably makes them sicker, possibly producing new infections, ultimately resulting in a greater disease burden.

-The route of administration of the vaccine — injection— harbors special dangers versus natural (oral) exposures to infection.

-Fear of disease drives people to vaccinate against commonsense and rationality.

-Vaccination is unethical and immoral because of the manner in which the vaccine is produced (through the great suffering of poisoned animals).

-The income generated through vaccination is the driving reason why the medical profession does not wish to identify aforementioned problems in safety and efficacy.

-Conscientious objectors should be willing to stand their ground with courage and face persecution and penalties.

-Those objecting for medical reasons should aspire towards mastery of the subject such that they will be able to win others towards their perspective.

-Sanitation, hygiene, fresh air, water, and clean food are essential for preventing infection and/or helping those infected to recover.

Feel free to share our meme with some of Gandhi’s most salient quotes on the problems with vaccinology.

Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder


Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Magician Awakes

Here are brief excerpts from my work-in-progress, The Magician Awakes:

“Nature doesn’t change its fundamental processes. They continue. They repeat, through endless generations. A tree doesn’t suddenly become a glass tower. But individuals can change realities at the drop of a hat. This is not considered important. But it is important.”

“What is called ‘subjective’ is thought of, thanks to psychology, as inferior to ‘the real world’. But why? Why is this the guiding principle? Why are people cut off from what they dream after they dream it? You can search heaven and earth for an answer, and you won’t find a good one. But the relationship between you and what you dream is vital. It is you looking at your own dream and seeing something there, or inventing something there. That connection has been ignored. It is as if you have a private dynamo in your basement, and it can supply all the energy you need, but instead you continue to pay your bill to the public energy company, and you believe the public energy is superior.”

“Suppose you created something you love. You would look at it. You would find something there. You would, in your private thoughts, build something more on what you found. This process is life blood. It is a key to magic. It is not taught, because it can’t be taught. There is no system for it. It is a route by which you discover that your world is more important than the physical world.”

“In my book, The Secret Behind Secret Societies, I detail my relationship and work with a brilliant healer, Richard Jenkins. He made sure I understood he was pursuing a path unique to him. He was improvising in the moment. He wasn’t following a protocol. The physical world and its properties were, for him, a minor fact. By doing his healing, he was introducing a new element into the world: spontaneity. And that alone was enough to heal. It was the ‘other life’, as he put it.”

“I have done a bit of work in theater. This is what I realized. If you had an audience, and they sat there and watched actors improvise on a given premise or situation, over and over, for a few hours, nothing might happen. But then, all of a sudden, one improvisation would take them by storm. It would truly be spontaneous. It would induce a kind of healing or magic, and the audience would be taken out of themselves. They would be set on fire, and the fire would be the magic of the moment, entirely fresh, new, bubbling beyond the rules of cause and effect. No proof of this would be needed. The audience would feel it, experience it.”

“As wonderful as you might perceive the physical world and nature to be, it has a built-in rule. All its changes occur within certain limits. In this sense, the world is established against those changes which could be called magic. The world is proof that magic can’t happen. This is a lie, a very clever lie. It is an illusion. Why bother to invent an illusion unless it is convincing? The ancient Tibetans understood all this. They engaged in practices designed to set aside the illusion and render it null and void. In this way, they brought in imagination as the prime originator. They were revolutionaries. That’s why theocrats labored to take over the Tibetan culture, and that’s why, at bottom, the Chinese State felt it had to dismantle Tibet and its tradition…”

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

No light at end of this tunnel

The Pentagon is not fighting to win the war in Afghanistan, but not to have the perception the US lost the war, said Brian Becker from the ANSWER Coalition. Any troop surge in Afghanistan will not be decisive, he added.

Afghanistan’s ambassador to the US said local Afghan forces should be able to deal with the Taliban threat themselves by 2020.

However, the Pentagon keeps considering whether to send more troops to the country. General Joseph Votel, Commander of the US Central Command, recently said he anticipated an increase in troops stationed in Afghanistan.

‘US President Donald Trump has said Nato is “no longer obsolete”, reversing a stance that had alarmed allies. Hosting Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the White House, Mr Trump said the threat of terrorism had underlined the alliance’s importance. He called on Nato to do more to help Iraqi and Afghan “partners”. Mr Trump has repeatedly questioned Nato’s purpose, while complaining that the US pays an unfair share of membership.

The Nato U-turn wasn’t Mr Trump’s only change of heart on Wednesday. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he said he would not label China a currency manipulator, despite having repeatedly pledged to do so on his first day in office.

At a joint press conference with Mr Stoltenberg, Mr Trump said: “The secretary general and I had a productive discussion about what more Nato can do in the fight against terrorism. “I complained about that a long time ago and they made a change, and now they do fight terrorism. “I said it [Nato] was obsolete. It’s no longer obsolete.” But Mr Trump reiterated his call for Nato member states to contribute more funding to the alliance.‘

‘A US-led coalition airstrike in western Mosul has claimed the lives of 13 civilians, says an Iraqi air force pilot.

According to a report published by the Anadolu Agency on Wednesday, the strike targeted several civilian homes in a residential area of Mosul’s al-Yarmouk neighborhood, which was recently liberated from Daesh.

“The strike also left 17 people injured, mostly seriously,” the news agency quoted Yazan al-Duberdani, the Iraqi pilot, as saying.

The latest civilian causalities came just a day after three members of one Iraqi family were killed in a US airstrike in the city.’

‘Dramatic improvements are needed in ensuring access to clean water and sanitation worldwide, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Thursday, warning that nearly two billion people currently use fecal-contaminated water.

Hundreds of thousands of people die each year because they are forced to drink contaminated water, the WHO said, urging large investments to help provide universal access to safe drinking water.

“Today, almost two billion people use a source of drinking-water contaminated with feces, putting them at risk of contracting cholera, dysentery, typhoid and polio,” Maria Neira, head of WHO’s public health department, said in a statement.’

‘In a blow to victims of human trafficking worldwide, a massive child sex ring was exposed in Haiti — involving international ‘peacekeepers’ with the United Nations as well as other high-level officials from around the world — and no one is going to jail.

For years, UN peacekeepers, their high-level commanders, and other ‘personnel’ from around the globe came to Haiti for sex with boys and girls as young as 12. ‘I did not even have breasts,’ said a girl, known as V01 — Victim No, according to a report out of the Associated Press.
After Haiti’s downfall from a tropical paradise resort destination, hundreds of children were left homeless and many of them without parents. This easy prey then attracted the world’s most vile predators.’