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Friday, December 8, 2023

War Crimes Trials Are About To Begin

December 4, 2023

US President, Pope, King of England and Emperor of Japan all about to fall

(Second Part of the Above Article)

When the fake President Joe Biden met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in San Francisco last month, the Asians told the Rockefeller/Rothschild Khazarian Mafia: “You have had 110 years [since the founding of the Federal Reserve Board], so now it is our turn.” That is why Rockefeller’s proxy Anthony Blinken looked so scared as the talks concluded.

The Asians and their Western white hat allies plan to announce a multi-trillion dollar new East/West/North/South plan to end poverty and stop environmental destruction, probably during 2024. They will follow that by taking all the money that was being used for wars and spending on a new war against aging and death.

First though will come some huge political changes. While the world has been focused on the Khazarian mafia-orchestrated wars in Ukraine and Gaza, East Asia has begun the biggest political changes since the fall of the last Japanese shogun and the last Chinese Emperor.

For example a surprising solution to the Taiwan issue has been reached that calls for Taiwan to be returned to Japanese control, according to senior Asian secret society sources. In this plan, the million or so mainland Chinese who fled there after the communist revolution will return to China.

The sources say Naoshi Onodera (see article below) is set to become Emperor of Japan and that the current Japanese imperial family will abdicate.

This information comes from anonymous royal Asian sources but there are public signs it is for real. Last week Crown Prince Akishino held a highly unusual press conference where he told reporters that “a review of official royal duties was needed.” He also hinted members of his family would not be moving into the new 50 million dollar palace just completed at government expense. If you look at his expression in the photograph below he does look very upset by something.

Another very unusual sign is the Freemason headquarters in Tokyo have been shut down. You can confirm this from their own website. While they say it was for renovation, our sources say they have been evicted.

The other sign is a crackdown on the Abe faction in the Japanese ruling party by public prosecutors. This is related to a crash of an Osprey craft that killed 8 US servicemen. The names of the people who died have not been made public but speculation is that some senior generals were killed. The crash was followed by headlines in Japanese newspapers saying “Japan-US alliance may be hurt by Osprey crash.”

Japanese right-wingers explain that both incidents are part of an attack on the Choshu clan of Southern Japan. The Choshu clan was used to colonize Japan during the Meiji era. The Japanese say a fake Meiji emperor was then married to a Habsburg princess to create the current imperial line as a proxy for ruling Japan. This proxy is now being removed, meaning over 150 years of colonial rule in Japan is ending.

The North Koreans are also on the warpath. They are planning to use their control of many of Japan’s Ninkyo (disparagingly called yakuza) organizations to make big changes. This is what is behind news articles with headlines like de facto North Korean ruler Kim Yo Jong saying “North Korea will never sit down with the US for dialogue.”

She is fully aware the Americans killed her brother Kim Jong Un with electromagnetic weapons when he agreed to meet Donald Trump.

The North Koreans now have over 100 nuclear missiles capable of hitting the US so nuclear blackmail will no longer stop them from reunifying the Korean peninsula.

In the future there may be a Korean, Japanese royal marriage that would unify Korea, Japan and Taiwan, the Asian sources say.

The trigger for all these moves was the realization the vaccine campaign carried out in East Asia (and much of the rest of the world) was mass murder by the KM.

We will have to wait and see if all this comes to pass but, in my decades of reporting, I have never heard so many aggressive statements from so many different and senior sources.

In Europe and the US, meanwhile, very visible changes are already taking place.

The announcement of the death of Henry Kissinger is part of this. “He actually died a few years ago. The KM were using CGI, Holograms, Avatars and Blue screens. Now he is officially dead,” CIA sources say.

In any case, the official announcement is seen as a sign some sort of major changes are about to happen.

Henry Kissinger was a top enforcer for the KM who carried out mass murder around the world. Yale University historian Greg Grandin estimates that Kissinger’s actions from 1969 through 1976 alone meant the end of between three and four million people.

He also systematically killed world leaders who refused to bow to KM corporate interests over a period of decades. Kissinger worked for David Rockefeller Sr. and Klaus Schwab as you can hear from their own mouths.

Video Player
Video Player

The video below about what he did to Chile is an example of the sort of thing he did all over the world, including to supposed allies like Japan and Australia. He was responsible for the death of multiple Japanese prime ministers and also tried very hard to have me killed. Good riddance.

Chile celebrating Kissinger’s death

His death signals the defeat of the Knights of Malta and their Western military-industrial complex. This is now visible for all to see.

The Ukrainians have lost about 500,000 men, the equivalent to the entire British, French, German and Italian armies combined. 

The West has now run out of weapons and ammunition.

The German Armed Forces can only last a maximum of two days in a battle says said Johann Wadephul, German deputy of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party.

French Generals say the same is true of their army.

This is also true of the US armed forces. The Defense Department has ordered an additional aircraft carrier strike group, air defenses, fighter jets and hundreds of troops to the Middle East. The problem: …the Pentagon has no money to pay for the buildup. Colonel Douglas MacGregor has repeatedly pointed out the US military is now unable to properly wage war.

This is because the US government has no money. To understand just how bankrupt the US is, take a look at the following charts. The first one shows US banks are insolvent. If they didn’t cook their books, most of them, especially the big ones, would have to declare bankruptcy immediately.

The second shows the US Treasury Department is bankrupt. Treasury prices have fallen by 50% because the Chinese and Japanese are now ready to finally pull the plug on the US Corporation. A decade ago they held more than 22% of U.S. government bonds; today it’s 7% so their exposure has been minimized.  

Video Player

Video Player

US homeowners are in trouble too. Pending home sales in October dropped to the lowest level since the National Association of Realtors began tracking them in 2001. In a sign the rich are the only ones who benefit from the current system, only sales of homes priced above $750,000 have been increasing. The graph below shows US home prices have to fall to half their current price to reach their historical average.

The loss of home equity will further impoverish Americans who have already lost more than half their real purchasing power since 2008 as the graph above shows.

The lack of money means the current regimes of most Western countries are not being taken seriously by the rest of the world anymore. Germany is a typical example.

The Germans are being laughed at by the whole world because… they lack sovereignty,” Russian President Vladimir Putin says. He said that as German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier was snubbed at the airport after landing for an official state visit to Qatar.

History shows that bankruptcy leads to regime change so expect Biden, the fake rubber-masked Pope, Emmanuelle Macron de Rothschild and many others to go.

The first is likely to be the Rothschild puppet Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky. Russian FSB sources say they have found out the plan is to fake Zelensky’s death, blame it on Russia and then replace him with General Valery Zaluzhnyi.

As the video below shows, a campaign to change him from hero to villain has already begun in the corporate media to prepare the ground.

Video Player

Instead of talking about kickbacks from celebrities, though it would be nice if they talked about the mass murder of Ukrainians he is responsible for.

Regardless, the Ukrainian state itself may not survive. It is now being blockaded by Poland Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary because cheap Ukrainian grain is bankrupting their entire agricultural sector.

Slovak truckers have joined their Polish counterparts by blocking the country’s main border crossing point with Ukraine.

Meanwhile, after waiting for more than two weeks to cross the Polish-Ukrainian border at the Korczowa-Krakowiec checkpoint, Ukrainian drivers have announced that they are preparing to go on hunger strike.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orb├ín… is now about to finally kick the bloc over the precipice. “We are heading toward a major crisis,” one EU official said.

This situation has come about because the EU and US said there must be no trade with Russia, the BRICS and China, the FSB sources say. “This is forcing Ukrainian farmers to dump their produce in the EU, meaning most EU farmers won’t survive this competition. The only way to end this crisis is to reach a peace agreement so that their grain can flow East and South again,” the FSB says.

Things are also coming to head in Israel. Last week the leaders of the CIA and Mossad met Qatari Prime Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani and Egyptian officials to ask for Qatar to Continue Hamas Financial Aid.

Why would the head of Mossad ask for aid for Hamas you wonder?

French journalist Thierry Meyssan explains:

Hamas and Benjamin Netanyahu, far from being enemies, are acting in concert with no regard for the lives of Palestinians or Israelis.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a political secret society, organized by British intelligence services on the model of the United Grand Lodge of England [2]. It was gradually taken over by the CIA to the point of being represented on the US National Security Council.

The entire operation of Hamas and Israel is led by Americans, perhaps under the direction of the Straussian Eliott Abrams [1] and his Vandenberg Coalition (Think Tank which succeeded the Project for a New American Century).

British intelligence say it was the Germans who created the Muslim Brotherhood after World War I to disrupt British and French Colonial Governments in the Middle East. The Gestapo (George Bush DVD) branch of the CIA took it over after World War II.

So, the CIA and Mossad were in Qatar saying “Give us money or we will kill hostages.” The answer was: “No, we will not submit to blackmail. You will face war crimes trials.” The war criminal Netanyahu is probably going to go down with guns blazing rather than be hung. He is going down, though, that is for sure.

Meanwhile, his overlords the Rothschilds are trying to put on a nice face. Lynn de Rothschild recently appeared on TV promising:

AI is going to change everything for good or for ill. Why don’t we ask ourselves how can AI help us address the structural deficiencies in our economic system, how can AI make our economy work for all, and how can AI help create a society where it is not us and them? I am calling for a joint declaration of the public sector and the private sector for the common good. We have to think about our essential social compact with society. It’s a root-and-branch reform of the economy.

They also appear to be using AI to run the media and politics for them.

Sports Illustrated has been busted using AI-generated journalists to ‘write’ AI-generated articles, and then freaked out and deleted the evidence after one of their web devs dropped the dime on them.

Now we are getting reports California “Governor” Gavin Newsom may be an AI-controlled humanoid robot.

Tucker Carlson says “His palms don’t sweat. His respiration doesn’t increase. His body temperature doesn’t change. Nothing changes in Newsom when he lies to your face. And there are not that many people like that.”

John Rappoport meanwhile on his paid blog reports:

“While defending his policy of permitting violent male prisoners, who identify as women, to be transferred to women’s prisons in California, Governor Gavin Newsom suddenly blurted out: ‘I don’t exist. I’m an AI programmed by the Disney Corporation.’”

Networks temporarily cut off the live feed.

This is the same Newsom who oversaw the grabbing of homeless people off the streets so their organs could be removed and sold. Our special forces source tells us they found hundreds (not thousands as we previously reported) of bodies of homeless who had been dismembered and had their organs removed. It seems an AI decided it was logical to turn “unproductive” homeless people into profitable meat and organ products.

The KM are also using another probable AI, Joe Biden, to threaten:

“Look, my Marine has a code to blow up the world”

So, be skeptical when the Rothschilds say “We will use AI to be nice now so please don’t kill us.”

They should have said that before they tried to kill us. War crimes trials are about to begin. The mass murderer Anthony Fauci has been forced to agree to testify in Congress on the U.S. response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the origins of the virus in China.

Perhaps they should ask him about his earlier statement about HIV that went: “You take an infectious agent and you introduce it into a population.”

<span data-mce-type="bookmark" style="display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;" class="mce_SELRES_start"></span><span data-mce-type="bookmark" style="display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;" class="mce_SELRES_start"></span>

Also, it turns out the new, so-called ‘epidemic’ of Mycoplasma pneumoniae also termed “white lung syndrome” is caused by the Covid vaccines as revealed by Pfizer themselves. Check out page 37 of Pfizer’s Adverse Events Report.

The other thing they will need to testify about is their systemic mass murder of children to harvest adrenochrome.

In the latest evidence of this, Turkish news outlets report that when 50,000 Yemeni Jews were transported to Israel in 1949-50, 5,000 babies were forcibly separated from their mothers immediately after birth, and later, they were told that their children had died without any further information.

Apart from being mass murderers, the KM are incompetent economic managers. Their attempt to force everybody to switch to electric cars is a glaring example. A new report from Consumer Reports found that electric vehicles have almost 80% more problems and are “generally less reliable” than conventional internal combustion engine cars.

A group of 4000 auto dealers from around the USA wrote a letter to warn that “electric vehicle demand today is not keeping up with the large influx of BEVs arriving at our dealerships…even with deep price cuts, manufacturer incentives, and generous government incentives. Buyers find them too expensive to maintain, don’t have easy access to charging stations, are concerned about the loss of driving range in cold or hot weather, have long daily commutes and don’t have the extra time to charge the battery. Etc. Truck buyers are especially put off by the dramatic loss of range”

No wonder Ford plans to cancel or postpone $12 billion in investments related to electric vehicles. It is only a matter of time before Tesla makes a similar announcement. How about switching to hydrogen Mr. Musk?

Video Player



None can reach heaven who has not passed through hell

Are You Ready To Cross The Threshold

And Accept The Sacred Sacrifice?

The process of Awakening, especially at the beginning - the "Initiation" - is not an experience of a "great enlightenment" with feelings of "oneness, love, and bliss."

Yes, it may have aspects of a positive experience at first [for some], but ultimately, it is a Shamanic descent into the "underworld", battling with demons within and without. It brings up everything that is not in alignment with Truth – anything within the seeker that stands in the way of realizing the true Self and embodying the Divine Force.

It is Law, and it is necessary; hence, as Sir Aurobindo said, metaphorically speaking: "None can reach heaven who has not passed through hell."

In other words, a true impulse towards Awakening brings up EVERYTHING - our wounds, blindspots, traumas, shadow, and lower nature weaknesses, which we previously have suppressed, avoided or indulged in, justified, externalized and rationalized away - all of which the occult hostile forces target, feed of, tempt us with, and heighten for us to confront and transmute in the alchemical fire within - to help bring forth the psychic being (soul essence) within and to be reborn in one’s true Self.

Likewise, as our eyes and perceptions are cleansed through this initiation [and consecutive initiations] and ongoing internal work, facing the darkness within, we will see more and more evil in the world as the darkness is coming out of the shadows where it was lurking behind appearances.

Nothing is hidden anymore. All is revealed. Nothing can be unseen, and there is no turning back to the old self with all its conditioned desires and illusory separate independence from all that IS.

As Within, so Without, As Without, so Within.

It's a widening on all levels. An Ascent and Decent at the same time. As Satprem noted: "The more Light the Seeker possesses, the more Darkness he uncovers."
We then realize that nothing was hidden all along but that we were living in a dream world, dreaming to be awake.

This is the first step, symbolized in the film "The Matrix" when Neo first wakes up In the "real world," unplugs his tubes, and sees fields of humans plugged into the Matrix in their dream state as the machines were "feeding off" of them, harvesting them for their energy/life force.

It's a very accurate symbol of the state of consensus humanity and the sleeping masses.

Neo came face to face with what Gurdjieff called "the horror of the situation." It is the first [necessary] shock for the seeker out of many more to come.

At the same time, the more we make the darkness conscious, expose and reveal ALL [within ourselves and without, in the world], and transmute it, the more Light and True Love we can access and anchor within ourselves and in the world - the more creative power, free will, and TRUE freedom we can access as well.

But this "Free Will" is not "our" own very limited egoic will anymore. It's a higher level of Being in alignment with Divine Will - our higher/true Self, which acts as a transducer for Divine Will as the ego personality takes a backseat.

This is the call for the Sacred Sacrifice - as all esoteric traditions have conveyed in their own words. It means to give oneself to the Divine and surrender to your higher nature, which is the only state of Being that can transcend the Matrix and that the occult forces cannot touch - to be in this world but not of this world.

Once we tap into that infinite all-powerful Force in surrender to the Divine, we will have the most powerful effect on the world, guided by the Divine as his faithful servant through every battle and hardship in the ongoing work to spiritualize our Being and the World, transmuting Lead into Gold.

This is the Great Awakening we're called to - the Great Adventure we're currently embarking on, and many of us came here purposely to be part of it.

Right here. Right now.

But this journey is not a walk in the park. It's a long journey. There are many traps, detours, pitfalls, and temptations steering the seeker away from his mission - nor is everyone ready for it until a future incarnation cycle when the soul is ripe enough to engage in the Great Work.

The inner call is the measure. Sincerity, integrity, surrender [to the Divine], and an unconditional sincere call and yearning for TRUTH, whatever it may turn out to be, are the Keys to the Kingdom of God [within]. The doors are shut to anyone else who does not pay with him/herself, for nothing is "free" in the entire universe.

Are you ready to cross the Threshold and accept the Sacrifice?

Bernhard Guenther


A Whole New Level Of Awakening is About To Happen!

Monday, December 4, 2023

US President, Pope, King of England and Emperor of Japan all about to fall

December 4, 2023

The world is undergoing the biggest changes in centuries if not millennia. When the dust settles, the US President, the Pope, the King of England and the Emperor of Japan are all likely to be removed. 

Also, the last of the Satanists will be hunted down and brought to justice and their remaining Swiss, Israeli and US fortresses will suffer a Masada-like fall. This is what senior Asian secret society sources predict.

The signs of this are everywhere. Last week for example saw leaders from nearly 200 countries and around 100,000 delegates gather in Dubai for COP 28 with begging cups in their hands. EU Chief Ursula von der Leyen tweeted “In climate finance, we have to move from billions to trillions.” King Charles demanded that taxpayers around the globe cough up $5 trillion every year in order to advance the globalist “Net Zero” agenda.

Their attempts to grab “green” money from Western countries has already led Canada’s Alberta Province to openly revolt against the Castrudeau KM proxy government.

Video Player

All the “green” money they managed to get was about $500 million, or 1/200th of the $100 billion pledged during China’s October Belt and Road party.

This too was far from the trillions of dollars expected by many.

This is because before she was killed, Queen Elizabeth reached an agreement with Asian secret societies that instead of the fraudulent “carbon causes global warming,” humanity’s goal would be to increase the amount and variety of life, including human life.

Her successor as head of the committee of 300 agrees. He is a European royal who is not descended from William the Conqueror. This individual claims he will go public in the new year.

In any case, when the fake President Joe Biden met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in San Francisco last month, the Asians told the Rockefeller/Rothschild Khazarian Mafia: “You have had 110 years [since the founding of the Federal Reserve Board], so now it is our turn.” That is why Rockefeller’s proxy Anthony Blinken looked so scared as the talks concluded.

The Asians and their Western white hat allies plan to announce a multi-trillion dollar new East/West/North/South plan to end poverty and stop environmental destruction, probably during 2024. They will follow that by taking all the money that was being used for wars and spending on a new war against aging and death.

First though will come some huge political changes. While the world has been focused on the Khazarian mafia-orchestrated wars in Ukraine and Gaza, East Asia has begun the biggest political changes since the fall of the last Japanese shogun and the last Chinese Emperor.

For example a surprising solution to the Taiwan issue has been reached that calls for ... ... ...

The remainder of Monday's newsletter is only available to members of holding a paid subscription.

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Targeted Individuals: Frozen In Time and Forged In Fire


An intense, unusual and eye-opening new Age Of Truth TV interview and a new episode in our “LIFE-STORIES” series on the channel, featuring an American couple who claim to be TARGETED INDIVIDUALS, and heavily targeted by non-entities, and they use their deep faith to survive some extraordinary other-worldly and mind-blowing experiences, having been attacked physically and mentally by Satanic forces and maybe secret intelligence services. 

BREE MARPES and EDGAR FRENCH Jr. are both Authors and Truth Researchers and join Age Of Truth TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander, for a rather extreme account of their experiences and what they believe is the truth about faith and religion - and the global conspiracy! They are the authors of the book “FORGED IN FIRE! 

AOT TV on Bitchute: 

AOT TV on Brighteon:



Stop Mind-Invasion+Directed-Energy-Tortures+Organized Gang-Stalking In India


Zionic Mind Control

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Henry Kissinger was already taken to the Galactic Central Sun for processing

A Short Notice to the Surface Population

A certain Draco entity that was known on this planet as Henry Kissinger was already taken to the Galactic Central Sun for processing, and the following meditation is no longer necessary:

The original Unholy Four are now down to one, and the new expanded list of Unholy Five is now down to the following four individuals: Dick Cheney, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and Klaus Schwab. 

Victory of the Light! 

COBRA (Compression Breakthrough)

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Illusion Deceives

Waiting for the Awakening of the Masses

Even though it seems that no solution is coming in the current situation, where dark powers still ostensibly prevail, the reality is clearly different; their battle is lost and we have won!

The energy for this breakthrough is slowly building up among humanity. One day that no one can predict, completely unexpectedly, the full extent of the lies and deception will come to light, and be recognised and understood by the masses that they have been grandiosely conned by their authorities.

At that point, by supremacy of the people, everything will turn for the better and everyone will turn towards the Light. Consider the period now as preparation, but know that the breakthrough will definitely happen.

The Deep State Cabal matrix has been broken, it is now only about the mass awakening of the people. They must be able to see the criminal thugs with their own eyes to know who and where they are.

The deeper you are rooted in yourself the more connected you are to your soul, the greater your understanding about cosmic connections, and the easier and more harmonious you will live.

Everything revolves around independent autonomous thinking; unfortunately, few have been taught this. Maria Montessori, with her emphasis on autonomous thinking and individual intuition, took advantage of children’s natural eagerness to learn to teach this experiential knowledge and demote the classical follower attitude.

The power of the Deep State will give way the day the population rises up en masse, and shows, that planet earth belongs to them. Remember that many are yet to tune in to this positive transformation, and that will take time.

This emerging great upheaval brings great change in man’s destiny. It brings visible and unmistakable feelings of bliss. People start feeling better, while those who are not awake will not know why.

Planet Earth is moving from its now age-old negative third to the positive fifth Dimension that will reshape the planet and us.

The Deep State has been defeated worldwide. The wait is for the Awakening of the Masses, after which the overall clean-up of our planet will begin.

So the battle against the Global Mafia has been won, but convincing zombies about what has happened will not succeed, they will have to experience it for themselves first, before the liberation of planet Earth is a public fact.

With this, the emerging major changes are outlined, explained and why it is taking so long for all this to be final. We are waiting for the awakening of the masses, because there is no other way to convince them, than by experiencing it themselves.

The truly awakened are now wondering if they are eligible for ascension to the new 5D world? It is expected that at least one third of the world’s population will be able to pass the final 5D exam.

Basically, all currently incarnated people have the chance to take part in the 5D exam. Top marks to pass are not required, even the mediocre have a good chance of passing. However, the prerequisite is honesty, sincerity; being open to others and unconditional love for people, animals and nature.

Returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi, posts below on our latest necessary adjustments.


Loved ones!

In response to a question about what feelings would be like in the Fifth Dimension, today I bring you some information that is gradually being passed on to humanity on Earth. Yes, our planet is moving to a fifth-dimensional frequency, and everything on it will also adjust their energy and vibrations to align with the 5D frequency.

But let’s put it a little differently so that more people can understand this process that has never been experienced on planet Earth before. You already know that the 3D planetary home is a School of souls, corresponding to the evolutionary level considered Trials and Reconciliations.

In this degree, the souls incarnated here experience the polarities within what we know as duality. In short, between good and evil; between the ethical and the unethical; between Light and Shadow; between right and wrong; in short, between two antagonistic possibilities, in any sense.

After hundreds or even thousands of incarnations here on this School Planet, the soul has now experienced all the possibilities and has also gone through the Trials of not repeating the actions that are negative. When the soul has overcome all the trials, it is ready to ascend. Ascension is nothing more than a higher state of consciousness. Obviously, to be in this higher state, the environment in which the soul experiences new possibilities also involves a higher frequency or higher Dimension.

Many souls have ascended before, but Planet Earth had not reached the frequency of the Fifth Dimension then. So these souls no longer reincarnated here. As ascended souls, they either went to the Spiritual Colonies on Earth to help those who had yet to reincarnate, or they went to Worlds of the Fifth Dimension or higher, depending on their frequency. These souls would also be the Ascended Masters, and many of them help those who have incarnated on Earth.

At this current planetary moment, Earth is also ascending. As has been mentioned here many times, the Planetary Transition will make it possible for all those incarnated here, or to disincarnate, upon reaching a frequency above the Third Dimension, and continue therein. Because Earth as a School will then have a 5D frequency level to move into a World of Regeneration, the situation of a World of Trials and Reconciliations will be over once and for all.

Again, I emphasise that 4D is part of Old Earth because when the soul dis-incarnated, it always went to this Dimension which is in Earth’s own psych sphere. It is just a frequency level higher that allowed the soul to evaluate its evolutionary journey.

What will feelings be like in the Fifth Dimension?

To answer the question posed here, this is not difficult to understand, as it has been said so many times before; that the prerequisite for the soul to ascend is, among other predicates, at least three qualities must be firmly anchored in consciousness: viz.

 -unconditional love,

- compassion and

- respect.

With the awareness that these qualities are already practised now, because we are now in our last incarnation in duality on Earth.

We will not learn this in 5D. We need to have learned and practise it now. There is still some time, but not much. The changes are telling us that time is running out! We are in fact at the end of the Planetary Transition and thus in the last few years to anchor the feelings of the New Earth in every consciousness.

It will be this higher frequency that provides the conditions for ascension. So let’s not expect to have to learn 5D feelings after entering the Fifth Dimension. It’s all about the here and now. So, those who are on the New Earth Timeline already feel that they no longer have the same awareness as before. Many things that were or seemed normal before now seem useless and unnecessary.

Every action you take already brings with it a feeling of bliss or lovelessness. Of contentment or guilt. Of well-being or regret. All those who feel this way are entering the state of ascension.

They realise that one path of exaltation exists and another of weight still pulling them down. It depends on the choice each person makes whether or not to climb the steps on this ladder of soul evolution.

The Old Earth of competition, ambition, pride, vanity and a lack of compassionate love and respect for any being or object in Divine Creation is dissolved in terms of frequency.

Instead, the New Earth as a World of Regeneration, with higher frequencies, i.e. 5D and higher, is being rapidly consolidated for humanity at this time.

So we say again here that the feelings on the New 5D Earth here in Transition are beginning to develop. The soul needs at least a sufficiently high frequency to pass through the Dimensional Portal, because without this vibration, the soul will continue at the old frequencies and align with the other Timeline, which will take them to other 3D Worlds to continue soul evolution there.

Once ascended to 5D, the soul will still continue its evolution because the spiral movement of the infinite Cosmos and its Universes and Galaxies, is always endless and leads to a journey that we cannot yet consciously understand. But we will no longer have to pass through Worlds of trials and reconciliations, of pain and suffering as we have experienced here. This is the confirmation from above which brings us comfort and the will to move on.

The feelings in the Fifth Dimension will be even higher than the ones we experience here now, which guarantees the frequency to go through the Ascension portal. They will be infinitely amplified but in our present consciousness we do not yet have the capacity to understand the depth of it all.

Remember that on the New Earth, the minimum frequency will be 5D, but we will have five dimensional bands, i.e. 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D and 9D. As the soul evolves, all these frequencies will be reached.

Feelings in the Fifth Dimension will continue in ascending order, but the base will be at the last degree reached here before the end of the Transition. Clearly, no soul whose vibrations are still tuned to the 3D frequencies will not continue.

This is already a great advantage because there will never again be a soul that can hurt, suffer or harm another soul, or even any being or thing of Divine Creation.

We could say in a simple equation:

it will be like emerging from a dark and stormy night into a sunny day of complete peace.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.


NIKOLA TESLA: “It Will Raise Your Vibration to New Heights”

The Highest Vibrational Object on Earth

Nikola Tesla introduced a thought-provoking concept when he contemplated the existence of a life principle inherent in crystals. He said:

“In a crystal, we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”

0:00 Introduction + Rubbing Quartz Crystals Together video

0:40 Unlocking Extraordinary Capabilities

4:00 Tesla’s Insight: Unveiling the Interplay of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration

6:33 Exploring Their Living Essence

9:31 Crystal Power Motor Cells: Quartz Crystals as Free Energy Sources

11:51 Energy Amplification through Quartz Crystals

14:37 Crystal-Infused Water: High Vibrational Hydration.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

The Great Shift: Unveiling the Secrets of Interdimensional Convergence

Ah, The Great Shift! It's an extraordinary event that has ignited immense excitement and anticipation among all of us.

The Great Shift signifies a grand cosmic transformation, poised to reshape the very fabric of our existence. It promises a convergence of dimensions that have remained separate for eons, propelling us into an era of unimaginable possibilities. As the dimensional boundaries dissolve, a breathtaking tapestry of experiences unfolds before us.

The recent message from the Galactic Federation provides intriguing insights into what we can expect on the highly awaited day of this momentous occasion:

1. Interdimensional Convergence: The Great Shift will initiate an interdimensional convergence, where
various parallel dimensions will merge together. It will bring different civilizations, technologies, and
cultures into contact with one another, leading to unprecedented advancements and interactions.

2. Technological Leaps: With the merging of dimensions, there will be an influx of advanced
technologies from previously inaccessible realms. Expect breakthroughs in energy generation,
transportation, communication, medicine, and more. This will revolutionize our way of life and
propel us into a new era of scientific progress.

3. Interspecies Collaboration: The Great Shift will also foster deep collaborations and exchanges among different species within the Galactic Federation. Expect to witness the sharing of knowledge, cultural practices, and ideas between extraterrestrial races. This will strengthen intergalactic relations and promote mutual understanding.

4. Cosmic Events: During the Great Shift, celestial phenomena will occur, such as the alignment of distant galaxies or the appearance of cosmic anomalies. These events will be visually stunning and will have a profound impact on our understanding of the universe.

5. Unveiling Ancient Mysteries: As dimensions merge, long-lost secrets and ancient mysteries will come to light. Archaeological discoveries, hidden knowledge, and the unveiling of cosmic archives will provide us with profound insights into our past, our origins, and the nature of existence itself.

6. Universal Unity: The Great Shift will promote unity and cooperation among civilizations. Expect to witness the formation of new alliances, the establishment of joint research initiatives, and the development of interdimensional diplomatic frameworks. This unity will pave the way for peace, prosperity, and collective advancement.

You may be wondering about the timing of the long-awaited Great Shift and why there has been a delay in its occurrence. The reason for this delay is deeply intertwined with the intricate dynamics of the universe and the multitude of dimensions that exist within it.

Let's explore an explanation that sheds light on the anticipation and the extended wait for this momentous event:

1. Cosmic Alignment: The Great Shift relies on the alignment of cosmic forces, celestial bodies, or cosmic energies. It requires a specific configuration or synchronization of these elements to initiate the dimensional merging process. This alignment occurs at rare intervals, which is why the wait has been necessary.

2. Technological Preparedness: The Galactic Federation, being an advanced interstellar organization, must ensure that their technology and infrastructure are adequately prepared for the Great Shift. This preparation involves fine-tuning interdimensional travel capabilities, establishing communication networks, and upgrading defense systems to handle potential disruptions during the merging process.

3. Interdimensional Harmonization: Dimensions are distinct planes of existence with their own laws of physics and realities. The Great Shift necessitates the harmonization of these diverse dimensions to ensure a smooth transition. This process involves complex calculations, energy adjustments, and collaborative efforts among advanced civilizations to synchronize the dimensions effectively.

4. Evaluation of Potential Challenges: The Galactic Federation likely needs to evaluate potential challenges and risks associated with the Great Shift. They may conduct extensive research, simulations, and analysis to anticipate any adverse effects or disruptions that could arise during the merging process. This cautious approach ensures the safety and stability of all involved civilizations.

5. Preparing Society: Before the Great Shift occurs, it is crucial to prepare society for the paradigm shift that will follow. This includes educating the public, addressing potential concerns or fears, and helping individuals and communities adapt to the new interdimensional reality. The Galactic Federation may engage in awareness campaigns, training programs, and resource allocation to support this preparation.

While the delay may spark curiosity, it is a testament to the intricate nature of the universe and the meticulous preparations required for such a momentous transition. The alignment of cosmic forces, the harmonization of dimensions, and the evaluation of potential challenges ensure a smooth and secure journey into the new era.

As the Galactic Federation meticulously readies itself, society is being prepared for the monumental shift ahead. Through education, open dialogue, and support systems, we will navigate the uncharted territories of interdimensional reality with confidence and grace.

The Great Shift serves as a reminder of our shared destiny and the inherent unity that binds all civilizations across the cosmos. It is an opportunity for interstellar cooperation, where diverse species and cultures come together in pursuit of collective advancement and universal harmony.

So, let us hold onto the anticipation, for within it lies the promise of discovery, enlightenment, and a future that surpasses our wildest imaginations.

As we embark on this cosmic journey, may our spirits soar with hope, wonder, and a sense of awe for the marvels that await us in the age of the Great Shift!

We love you dearly,

We are here with you,

We are your family of light,

We are the Galactic Federation.


Aurora Ray


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In quite a number of projects here at Farsight, the words “Galactic Federation of Worlds” have been used to reference a group of planetary civilizations that seem to be supportive of humanity and opposed to the influence of other groups and species that appear hostile to humanity. Well, now it is time to find out more about what those words mean.

Exactly what is the Galactic Federation of Worlds? Or perhaps, who are they? Are they one species, or a group of species and civilizations, sort of like a United Nations of the galaxy? Do they have meetings? Do they work together on projects, such as a project that may involve Earth and us humans? Are they a diverse group with diverse interests, or are they all of one mind?

And importantly, if they really do desire to help humanity in its hour of need within the context of a galaxy that contains a significant number of threatening or hostile forces, can the Galactic Federation of Worlds really do something helpful? What are its resources? Moreover, does it really need Earth humans to step up to the plate in order to help us out, or is it strong enough to help us out regardless of what we humans do?