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Thursday, February 25, 2021

World Bank Waging War Against Indian Farmers

February 22, 2021

Dr. Vandana Shiva, the Founder and President of Navdanya, Technology and Natural Resource Policy who was awarded the Right Livelihood Award, also known as the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’ explains how the World Bank is waging a war against Indian farmers.

She discusses the recent avalanche in Uttarakhand which has left hundreds missing and the causes behind it, how the World Bank’s actions in the 1991 was arguably the start of the war between Indian farmers and global capitalism, why India’s farmers are organising en masse to oppose India’s neoliberal farming laws, 1 in 4 farmers on Earth being Indian, multinational farming corporations and their war on India’s independent farmers, the history of the spread of GMO technology such as ‘Roundup’, why a transition away from industrial farming back to small-scale farming is needed to fight climate change and much more!

Dr. Vandana Shiva on India’s🇮🇳 Farmers' Protests: Indian Farmers Are a Victim Of FOOD IMPERIALISM

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

RFK, Jr. Interviews Vandana Shiva: The Gates Empire ‘Will Own Everything’

Learn Why Bill Gates Official Said Get Rid Of All Whites

EXCLUSIVE: Drs. Buttar, Shiva & Mikovits BLAST Gates, Call to ARREST Fauci as Crisis CRUSHES Econo..

Big Pharma is rigging everything to make sure approved coronavirus “treatments” don’t actually work at all, while things that do work are discredited or criminalized


In an interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Vandana Shiva discusses how Bill Gates, along with Big Ag, Big Chemical, Big Food, Big Tech and Big Pharma are destroying Earth’s ecosystem and with it, our health.


Shiva, who has a Ph.D. in quantum physics, is founder of Navdanya International, an organization dedicated to protecting seed and food sovereignty, and small farmers around the world.

Kennedy, chairman and chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense, and Shiva discuss how the Gates empire aims to control the food system, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s quest to make this the Decade of Vaccines.

Watch the interview here:

Read the transcript:

RFK, Jr. : This is my hero, Vandana Shiva, whom I have known for many, many years, who has been a role model for me, really. She’s about 40 IQ points smarter than I am. I found out because I was reading your biography today, and I didn’t know that you did your doctoral thesis on quantum physics. Was that what you studied in school at some point?

Vandana Shiva: Yes, that’s still what guides my work, the non-separation and the potential. Those are the two things that will get the mechanistic thinking out of the world. Yes, we are connected, and we all have potential, including civil disobedience.

RFK, Jr.: So Vandana Shiva: Shiva is currently the head of Navdanya, right?

Vandana Shiva: Navdanya, which means nine seeds.

RFK, Jr.: But I first ran into you when you were running the Chipko movement back in the 1980s, that’s when I first heard about you, and this extraordinary leader in India who was organizing women to protect forests and trees and all of that.

Vandana Shiva: Bobby, I wasn’t a leader. I was a student, and I was volunteering, and the leaders were the women and they were my professors. I always say, I went to University of Western Ontario for my Ph.D. to figure out quantum theory better, but I went to the Chipko University to figure out biodiversity. And Bobby, just the other day, the mafia has taken hold of David Attenborough to launch portfolio management on biodiversity, like portfolios on land ownership, as if value to biodiversity was not recognized by the Chipko women. I think that is the clash we are living through. The billionaires wanting to turn everything into their portfolio, and the ordinary people saying, “No, we want to protect our land.” Our farmers have been protesting now for six months for the land. That’s what they’re saying.

RFK, Jr.: I’ve seen on the international news these huge, vast gatherings of farmers now in India are marching on the cities. And so tell us, because I know you’re right in the middle of that … let me just introduce a little bit more about you. Shiva is one of the great grassroots leaders on the planet today. She has won every prize that you can win from people who care about grassroots women’s rights, about intellectual property and seeds, particularly, in GMOs, in forest protection, in chemical agriculture versus the agriculture than Vandana Shiva fights for, and has led us all in the wars against Monsanto. Hanging out with you for many, many years, I don’t even remember the first time we met, but she’s just an extraordinary, extraordinary leader. So, I want to talk to you about Bill Gates and about his purchase of the land, and his move to create a new feudalism on this planet, and to get the farmers off the land, and the billionaires onto it. And let’s talk first about current events and about what’s happening in India with these marches that you’re involved in.

READ + SHARE my latest on #TheDefender as I dive deep on #BillGates quietly becoming the largest owner of farmland in the U.S. and the irresistible pull #Gates has to exert monopoly control over global food supplies.

— Robert F. Kennedy Jr (@RobertKennedyJr) February 4, 2021

Vandana Shiva: So Bobby, my life was around physics and quantum physics, and of course, the Chipko movement. I was, from a very young age, an ecological activist. But it was 1984 …

RFK, Jr.: Your dad was a forester, right?

Vandana Shiva: My father was a forest conservator. Yes, I learned a lot from him. And my mother was a refugee from the partition. When India was split by a line drawn on a map, and she said, “Well, I’ve done everything. I’ve broken every glass ceiling for women, and now I’ll be a farmer.” So she became a farmer, and my father was in the forest, and we lived between the farm and the forest. And they were wonderful people. I mean, their values, their life has given me all the values I live, of fearlessness, of truth, of never giving up, and loving nature very deeply. But my involvement in agriculture begins with 1984, when there were similar protests against the green revolution. Now, the green revolution was first implemented on Punjab …

RFK, Jr.: That was a program by the Rockefellers, originally, Rockefellers, right?

Vandana Shiva: Exactly, and the World Bank. So the World Bank, the USAID [U.S. Agency for International Development], the Rockefellers. They had a package working for a while on how do you get to move these huge amounts of chemicals, the fertilizers, the pesticides after the wars. Those factories should have just shut down, and instead, the Rockefellers, who were very much involved in the IG Farben and Hitler experiments. I mean, there’s so much reports on that. The oil came from the Rockefellers. The chemical agriculture is a fossil fuel agriculture. They provided the oil, and the Germans provided the science and the Rockefellers, also the private bankers, provided the finance. And so after the war, it should have been an end to chemical warfare on this planet, and instead they worked on saying, “How do we change agriculture to make it more adapted to chemical.?” So, we have tall wheats, and tall rices and even animals are dual purpose.

The bullocks will pull the plow and the cows will give you milk. So we never do one dimensional thinking in India. And the fact that so many Indians are heading so many institutions is they’re living on the leftovers of multi-dimensional thinking, to push the world into one dimensional artificial intelligence thinking. But at that point, Barlow was picked up from DuPont defense labs to work on changing the plans. Now, the U.S. had stolen some wheat from Japan during the war, and there was rice from Indonesia, and they changed the plant, made the dwarf … I call it the civil disobedience of the plant. The plants were saying, “Don’t want you chemicals. Go away,” and they changed the plant. And this was all done by Norman Borlaug, who got a Nobel Peace Prize. In 1984, farmers are being shot. Farmers are being killed, and I’m seeing this was about to … It’s supposed to be about peace. He gets a Nobel Peace Prize. 20,000 people have died in Punjab.

So the protests of today are a continuity of protests we’ve had since 1991, which is a watershed for this neoliberal globalization imposed by the World Bank, which first got us into debt. I mean, that’s how the shylocks of the world work, right? Get it into debt, and then on the pound of flesh. And the laws that the farmers are fighting against are the pound of flesh that the World Bank had demanded in 1991, except that they were pushed back, and pushed back and pushed back. Right now, the protests are huge. Farmers aren’t stupid. Farmers know what they’re fighting against and they say, “We are fighting for the soul and the soil of India, because if we aren’t there as farmers, this civilization is dead. If we aren’t there as farmers, this soil is dead.” They’ve witnessed how the soil has been degraded with the chemical green revolution. They have witnessed the monoculture commodity farming for Pepsi, which is one model. So Pepsi came into India after 1984 and suicide started in the potato belts. Pepsi, for a 20 rupee package of potato, the farmer gets 0.04 paisa, which is an insignificant amount. So, when it’s chemical agriculture, GMO seeds and globalized trade by agribusiness and agro-processing industry, on average, farmers get 0.5 to 4% of what a consumer pays. But the consumer pays not just the price of that junk food in the package, they’re paying for the price of junk food in their health.

And that’s why the work you’re doing Bobby, on the issue of health, particularly children’s health. I see the industrial agriculture and industrial processing and the industrial mindset as invasions into our bodies. Earlier, it was happening indirectly, the cancers through the toxics. You’ve been fighting on the Monsanto cancer cases. All of that is an invasion into the body. But now there’s a conscious denial that there’s a harmony between the soils’ health, the plant health, our health. Our gut microbiome is a rain forest of diversity. And if it doesn’t receive diversity of food and it doesn’t receive fresh food, it is like a war against our gut microbiome, which is 90% of us in terms of biodiversity. We are 10% human, 90% other beings who keep us healthy, who make us. And the war against our bodies is at its last stages.

But it’s happening at a time when awareness on health is growing so much. Where awareness of biodiversity is growing so much. And now they’re thinking, “Oh, what we did when colonialism started, just change the mindset, call them barbarians, civilize them.” I mean, they’re basically carrying on the civilizing mission narrative. And that’s why I wrote my book, Oneness Vs. the 1%. I said, Bill Gates, keeps talking about innovation, all he’s doing is colonization. And I’ve basically shown how it’s colonization.

RFK, Jr.: Right. And that’s what I want to talk to you about. And I have a piece that I interviewed you for extensively that’s running in The Defender this week about Bill Gates’ new feudalism. The U.S. papers finally recognized the tip of the iceberg of what’s happening because they discovered suddenly that he was now the biggest owner of farmland in the United States of America. He did this health campaign to take over our farmland. Nobody knew he was doing it. He was buying it through shell companies, cascade investments and other means. And what I do in this article, with your help, is connect what he’s doing in this country. He’s also investing in Alphabet, which is a Google company and developing robotic farm workers that will replace farmers. He is developing artificial intelligence and stealing the knowledge as he did in India, from the little farmer. He put cameras in their homes, in their fields. He put sensors everywhere to figure out how they were using the seeds.

And then he took the seed banks, there’s 15 seed banks around the world that store all of the heritage seeds of humanity, 786,000 species of seeds. They’re there for humanity, for the commons, and he has taken over that seed bank, consolidated it and is now privatizing it and changing the genetic makeup of those seeds, making it so that they are chemically dependent so he can patent all of the life that has been developed over 20,000 years of agriculture on this planet.

I want to start telling this story about what happened during the green revolution, which was started by the Rockefellers, mainly in India and Mexico. Gates moved it in the early 2000s to Africa. Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation. And they started doing the same thing there. And it’s the same thing he did with vaccines. There’s a human problem, which he says is hunger or disease, and I’m going to solve it with my technology, which is GMO crops, patented seed, synthetic foods, chemical agriculture, pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizing monocultures.

And he went into 13 African nations and forced them to do commodity agriculture, to accept his inputs, built the supply chain and now there’s 131 million people starving in those nations. The starvation rate has gone up by 30%. And he is now trying to do the same thing to the rest of the world. And I know you’ve been active in Africa and fighting them there for many, many years. And that really helped alert the world about this. It’s not about farming, it’s not about food, it’s about taking over our land and giving us really unhealthy food.

Vandana Shiva: Bobby, you know better than anyone, how we are witnessing both the patterns of the old colonization of 500 years. And I think it’s very important that Black Lives Matter wakes up to the Gates empire, which is a racist empire. They might appoint at their heads or give a few jobs, but the mindset and the structural processes is where systems get decided.

While he’s using that old mindset, of course he’s using new tools, and the new tools are basically genetic engineering. And I’d started Navdanya, which means nine seeds, which is diversity, when I was called at a meeting in 1987 with the old poison cartel. “Now we own the seed, we’re not making enough money by selling chemicals, we’ve got to make it illegal for farmers to have seed. We will own seed as intellectual property and we’ll have an international cloak called the WTO Trade-Related Intellectual Property to force farmers to have GMO patency. I said, “But this is so wrong. This is an empire over life.” And I took a commitment, I’m going to save seeds. I want to work with our government on laws that say, plants, animals, seeds are not patentable.

RFK, Jr.: Let me interrupt you for a second because there’s a lot of people who listen to this who won’t understand why GMO seeds are connected to chemicals. And let me explain very briefly, what happened is, when DDT was banned in 1974, and it was Monsanto’s product, they bought another product called glyphosate. Somebody had taken this, it was a tank cleaner, somebody had thrown it out in the backyard and saw it killed all the grass. And Monsanto said, “This would be a good weedkiller.” It made it a weedkiller, marketed it as a wee killer. Farmers would have hundreds of farm workers wearing backpack sprayers, spraying the weeds in the cornfield before the corn got too big.

Then, in 1994, somebody put some of this glyphosate on the ground, and there was one weed that didn’t die. Monsanto took the gene out of that weed that made it resistant to glyphosate and they put it in corn. And now they had corn, that if you sprayed it with glyphosate it would not die. Well, now you can fire all those farm workers and you hire one airplane that saturates the entire landscape with glyphosate, and the only thing that lives is that GMO corn.

And that now is the biggest pesticide in the world. I think 80% of the pesticides in the world are that and they have now bred all kinds of all of our grains. And all of our food stuffs and fruits are now being genetically engineered so that they are resistant to Roundup, so that you can dump this stuff all over the landscape. What we find is the way that it kills plants is it sucks all the minerals out of them and destroys the building blocks of life. The foo that you get doesn’t have the minerals you need, you can have a full belly, but you can be dying of malnutrition. And that is one of the things that you really have articulated better than anybody.

Vandana Shiva: You’re so right. So whether it is the green revolution in India where Borlaug married chemical fertilizers to dwarf varieties of plants, or Monsanto steals basically already made Roundup glyphosate, makes it Roundup. And then they sued every company that was doing genetic engineering so they could buy them out. They never did any work. Monsanto, none of these companies have done any work. They’ve just sued, and sue, and sued. And the genetic engineering, and patents and chemicals go together.

And now the same Rockefellers that started the chemical industry with the IG Farben, and also started the entire irresponsible pharmaceuticals. You know, we’ve had medicine forever. And Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine.” Ayurveda says “that good food is the only medicine, and bad food has no medicine to cure the diseases it causes. It’s all known. A hundred years of bad … what is it called? There’s a lovely word for it, snake oil? Selling snake oil.

And now Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big IT, and big .. they call it FinTech, financial technology. It’s basically using digital speculative measures and portfolios, turning the land into a portfolio, the biodiversity into a portfolio, and thinking it’s some smart economics. And sadly, poor Attenborough went and said, “Ecologists don’t know biodiversity. Economists do.” because money-making … And Aristotle had said, “Economy is the art of living.” Chrematistics is the art of money making.


So now in the art of moneymaking is Big Ag, Big Food, Big Tech, Big Everyone wanting to get bigger like a cancer cell. And the new Gates Ag One is this convergence. It’s one year old. Last year in January, he announced it. And as he says, time is the enemy. When only stupid people think time is the enemy. Wise people know time is your friend that tests the best out of you. After all, Mr. Gates locked us all in for one year, and time has taught us what wonderful friendships and love is about. It has taught us about enoughness, and simplicity, what we can do without. They don’t realize there’s a living world out there. And I feel Mr. Gates, besides having the disease of the cancer cell, not knowing when to stop growing … Healthy cells know how to stop growing. I think he’s got a disease of power, and he has a disease of fear because … I said, why is this man so afraid of the tiniest microbe, and so afraid of the tiniest small farmer protesting on the Indian streets today? Why is he so afraid of a plant that breeds for free? And why is he so afraid of democracy that if India says no to GMO rice, the golden rice, a fake solution to gold blindness, or the Bt eggplant, which we threw out in 2001 through our government ministry, through seven public hearings, where the government listened to the farmers, and listened to the citizens and listened to the scientists.

RFK, Jr.: And those were GMO crops that he tried to force on India, and India threw them out. But he moved to Bangladesh and Pakistan with his GMO cotton. He doesn’t want anything except the GMOs.

Vandana Shiva: But he also moved the golden rice to the Philippines, for which there’s a huge movement, no golden rice. And this comes back to the seed issue. So when the green revolution was started and the Rockefellers and the World Bank were taking all the seeds from farmers to force them to have the green revolution seeds with chemicals, these 15 seed banks were created, and all our seeds lie in this. Now, Gates has taken control of this public system of seeds. And the rice seed bank in Philippines, where the work on golden rice was being done, the GMO golden rice, the reason it’s important for following that is one, all the seeds of rice are there. We have all 200,000 varieties of rice. And our top seed scientists refused to part with the seeds. They said, “This is our heritage. This was our civilization. We cannot let the World Bank get hold of it.” World Bank made sure he was removed from his position as the top scientists of his time, Dr. Richharia. He is my teacher. And so when Gates gets hold of the seed bank in the Philippines, and then he does golden rice, he’s now preparing. And this is where we need the civil disobedience, Bobby. We all need to join hands. This year World Food Day, Oct. 16, or before that Food Summit, which he has hijacked, let us do a civil disobedience against force feeding of bad food. Whether it be lab food, like Impossible Burger, or golden rice, because he’s preparing for biofortification to be made compulsory. And we’ve seen how he can make things compulsory.

RFK, Jr.: Let me explain what Vandana Shiva is saying about the Food Summit. Most of the people who watch this show know that in 2010, 2009, Bill Gates went in front of the United Nations, pledged $10 billion to the World Health Organization, and most of it ended up coming from government, not from him, but he put in a couple of billion. And he declared a decade of vaccines. Nobody paid much attention to him. But he was the first unelected official, with no diplomatic portfolio, who appeared before the United Nations and he made this declaration.

Immediately, he started putting all of these wheels spinning. He created all of these groups that fight anti-vaccination, and he started promoting vaccines all over the world … and he created all of these quasi-governmental organizations, CEPI [The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness] and PATH and GAVI, [the Vaccine Alliance] that everybody thinks are government, but they’re just Bill Gates. He took over the World Health Organization during this decade. Even the Financial Times said no decision is made at the World Health Organization that is not run through the Gates Foundation first. And in 2019, the World Health Organization comes out in January, and says that vaccine hesitancy is one of the 10 greatest threats to global health. Did they offer any scientific study to prove that? No. They just stated it. Immediately, the world fell in order. In 150 countries, legislatures, politicians who are on the payroll of big pharma and pushing vaccine mandates and abolishing exemptions.

In the United States, within three months, 100 bills in 50 states had been entered into the legislative process to mandate vaccines, and to ban exemptions … Adam Schiff, who’d been taking money from Gates, the head of the Intelligence Committee, comes forward and tells the social media CEOs, Pinterest, Facebook, Google, all of them, Instagram, YouTube, “You’ve got to start censoring vaccine misinformation.”

And then we had the roll up to 2020, and 2020 in January, right on time for his decade of vaccines, we get COVID. And Fauci, who’s his partner, puts $48 billion into pushing vaccines. Gates gets on TV every day saying, “Until everybody gets vaccinated, we have to stay locked down. We’re going to crash the global economy till all of you do what you’re told and get your vaccine.”

He paid for studies to kill ivermectin, to kill hydroxychloroquine, to discredit them. We’ve spent in our country $0 on any-virals, on off-the-shelf antivirals, researching them, vitamin D, all the things we know that reduce fatalities for COVID. None of that was studied. None of it was recommended. Instead, all of the money, $48 billion, went to vaccines.

Now, he’s reproducing that. He has succeeded with his Decade of Vaccines beyond anybody’s wildest dreams. And now, he’s gone on to part two, which he’s declared the Decade of Food, and he’s doing the same thing. It’s all chemical food. It’s synthetic food. He owns the Impossible Burgers, Beyond Beef all of these things, which are loaded with pesticides, and he’s trying to get the farmers off the farms, he’s taking over the farms with his robots and his artificial intelligence in India, in Africa, and now in the United States, and giving us unhealthy food, and it’s contributing to the chronic illnesses that are going to make us addicted to his medications. Oh, you know the rest of that story, Vandana Shiva, and you tell it better than anybody.

Vandana Shiva: Well, I think what people who love life and love freedom should be preparing for now is, A, the fact that yes, with this Gates Ag One, he wants one agriculture on a planet with so much diversity. Our wetlands with rice are very different from our dry lands with millets. Our barn systems of Bengali are very different from the desert systems of Rogerstown. And the one agriculture he wants is this externally driven system, where two of the chemicals after the wars are added, the GMOs, which became post 1990s with the WTO and they were spread and with the patenting. And now he wants to add digital agriculture farming without farmers. And of course the narrative today, just like then, it was, we grow great from air because we fixed nitrogen by burning fossil fuels. Well, that was a myth. They’ve ruined the land. They ruined the oceans. They ruined the climate, 300 times more deadly than carbon dioxide is the nitrous oxide that gets emitted from nitrogen fertilizers.

So they said the soil is empty. I call it terra nullius. That was the legal jurisprudence of the colonial time. Then they patented the seed and made it look like life is empty. I called it bio nullius. And Mr. Gates was creating his new empire. I call it mente nullius, empty minds. We’ll empty out the minds by mining data and patenting it and turning everyone into zombies and evaluating them and assigning them value. And as the research said, you will own nothing. They will own everything. You will own nothing. And it’ll all be theirs. So no commons, no public good, no shared values, just money, money, money in their hands, and them being an extractive machine.

So because since ’91, everything has been tried in the era that created Gates. He wasn’t as rich as he was ’til the deregulation of finance and deregulation of IT. The first WTO meeting he managed to become duty-free and tax-free for trade in information. That’s how all of these tech giants became so rich.

So now what, at that time, the WTO said seeds will be patented before that. And most seeds are not. The second thing was the Cargills will trade in agriculture and there’ll be no national sovereignty system to protect the rights to food. That’s what Armenian farmers are fighting against right now. And the third was what they called sanitary and phytosanitary measures, which is ban good food and make junk food the only option. This is why we have chronic diseases.

Now, Gates is taking all of this to the next step. Oh, there were laws created to prevent me from stealing. I’ll do digital genomic mapping and undercut all the international laws. And on international trade in food, if movements are growing for real food and food sovereignty, let me create fake food in the labs and create starvation and hunger through lockdown. So there is no food and destroy the farmers and do farming without farmers. And why worry only about Pepsi and junk food and Coca-Cola? We’re also the world’s biggest polluters in plastic. No, no, no. What we now do is make totally fake food and we’ll make the right to good food a crime, just like a right to know your health, the right to have the right medicine, the right for entire societies to have deep medical knowledge, that all that is turned into a crime. We’ve seen this happen.

RFK, Jr.: Let me give people an example of what you’re talking about. Gates owns a big stake in Philip Morris, which owns Kraft Foods and also owns General Foods. And they make processed foods and they make American cheese singles and Cheez Whiz. Those are so devoid of nutrition that the government makes those companies put in vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, et cetera. There’s some vitamins in them. What Gates is doing now all across Africa, all across the world, is he’s passing laws, he’s buying off politicians and forcing through mandates for fortified food so that you will not be able to sell food in markets in Africa, unless it’s fortified. Well, the food, the goat cheese that the farmer makes in Masai Mara in Kenya does not need fortification. It already has all the nutrients we want in it, but that farmer will not be able to sell that goat cheese in his local market. Instead Cheez Whiz will be the monopoly there. And that’s one of the ways that he’s using what Vandana Shiva’s saying about illegalizing health or outlawing healthy food to open up these markets and compel us to eat his dirty filthy poisonous food.

Vandana Shiva: Two quick things, Bobby. Phillip Morris was also responsible for the high fructose corn syrup, that starts as synthetic sugar. That has caused cirrhosis in the liver in babies and is added to every food because it’s addictive. The second is, India is such a land of diversity and richness. We always said, Hindustan, diversity is our way. We have so many snacks and so many foods, you can’t taste the same thing in three places. It’s all unique. They banned all of this. I have watched it disappear. They’ve banned our cold press virgin oil mills. Five million were shut down in ’98 when Cargill and Monsanto wanted to dump GM Musoya. We’ve watched this happen. So it’s important to learn the lessons of the green revolution of globalization. And now see how the concentration of all of this in the hands of a Bill Gates is accelerating what was put in place and we should do everything we can to prevent a total takeover of our seed, our food, our freedom.

RFK, Jr.: Vandana Shiva, we’re out of time. Thank you very much. Tell people how they can support you in your work.

Vandana Shiva: Well, for anyone who’s listening, the first is, earlier at the farm, we had learning experiences of how to learn from the earth and grow good food. But we right now are having these as zoom courses. And you can go to the website of navdanya You can become a seed warrior, a food warrior. Write to me at Vandana Shiva: And we also have an international program called Navdanya International, where we’ve just done a report, Gates to a Global Empire. You want to know more about what Gates is up to, read that report. It’s available for free download. And let us make this year the year of transition away from the Gates empire, to the freedom of all life on this planet and all people of this planet in all their freedoms and in all their diversity.


And by the way, my name is Shiva because my parents fought caste. And they said, “We want to take a name that’s not a caste name.” And so they took a name of a divinity and in Christianity, there’s a trinity, but we have millions of divinities. The grass is a divinity, and the soil is a divinity and the rivers are divinities and the mother Ganges is our mother. And it’s beautiful. India is so beautiful in recognizing the divine forces in all life, and you must, therefore, protect them. But we also have a Trinity and there’s Brahma the creator, Vishnu, the maintainer, and Shiva, who destroys bad systems to create new ones. Let’s join hands to create new systems.

RFK, Jr.: Perfect name for you, Vandana Shiva. Thank you for joining me. Follow Vandana Shiva and you can read my article in The Defender this week about our collaboration with Vandana Shiva. Thank you very much for joining us.

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Watch the interview here:

By Children's Health Defense Team

Friday, May 3, 2019

Bayer and the ownership of all life

In a recent article, I explained how Bayer—with its $66 billion purchase of Monsanto—is “taking one for the team.”

The team consists of several biotech giants. Its agenda? The reconfiguring of all life under the rubric of radical genetic manipulation. Bayer aims, long-term, to swallow the universally hated Monsanto whole and make it disappear, as if it never existed. It’s called re-writing history. The goal in this case: protection of the evolving reputation of a genetic Brave New World.

Here is a very brief background sketch of Bayer—

After World War 2, the highest ranking scientist on the executive board of IG Farben, the infamous Nazi cartel, Dr. Fritz Ter Meer, was put on trial at Nuremberg. The charges? Mass slavery and murder.

Farben had built a rubber factory at Auschwitz. In fact, it built Auschwitz in order to ensure cheap labor in its adjoining rubber factory. Farben paid the SS to send over inmates every day of the week to work in that factory. Those who were too weak to make it through the day were killed.

Well, for all this, Fritz Ter Meer was given seven years in jail. A pathetic seven years.

…Sixteen years later, on August 1, 1963, the Bayer Corporation was celebrating its hundredth anniversary at Cologne. Big festivities.

The three largest original components of IG Farben—Bayer, Hoechst, and BASF—were back in business and roaring on profit highs. They were now sanitized separate corporations, no longer parts of an official Nazi-aiding IG Farben.

The keynote speaker at the Bayer celebration was the one and only Fritz Ter Meer.

Out of jail.


Mass murderer.

Anointed chairman of the supervisory board of Bayer.

Chairman. Of the Supervisory Board. Of Bayer.

by Jon Rappoport on May 1, 2019

Monday, October 15, 2018

The capture of Health Freedom

"So you start off in charge, you're an independent operator, you don't work inside the system, but then you figure out the system thinks it includes you, some moron must have slipped in that clause while you weren't looking, so you go talk to him, and it's a pretty congenial meeting, although he does come across like a company man, and then later on you get an engraved invitation to come to a party. The food is very good and the people seem reasonable in a sort of washed-out way, but the upshot is, you can come in out of the cold if you want to. They'll take you in. You can sit in an office and make twice as much as you were making on your own. That's what they tell you. The only thing is, you have to sign a piece of paper that says you were never born and you're actually a desk ornament. They assure you it's just a formality and they've signed the same paper, and look, it hasn't hurt them..." -- The Magician Awakes

When I was running for a Congressional seat in 1994, I was also in the middle of a fight to preserve access to alternative health care, against FDA attack-and during that process, I was enlightened through meeting various members of the Pod People species, who had their own ideas about what health freedom meant.

These were high-IQ idiots who had some sort of access to politicians and academics. They were expert compromisers and sell-out artists, who saw their mission in life as something on the order of "integrating" everything they could get their hands on.

In coming years, they would become hangers-on at Center for Alternative Medicine (CAM) (later renamed to Center for Complementary and Integrative Health), the new office of alternative health established at the National Institutes of Health. Think "seedy tout at the racetrack."

CAM was, for many people, the realization of a wet dream. Finally, the federal government, gripped in a new cloud of Love, was going to admit that alternative medicine existed and could be "integrated" into "real medicine."

Yes, yes. A new day was dawning. A day of recognition. A big gold star would be pinned to chests of chiropractors and naturopaths and acupuncturists. O joy.

"You like me! You really like me!"

In these meetings with the Pods, I observed their loafers, their pressed jeans, their safari jackets, their carefully arranged thinning hair, their casual smiles. Holy shit, these were recent incarnations of the frat boys I had gone to college with:

"Everything's good. All we have to do is craft language the politicians and bureaucrats can understand and accept, and they will reach their hands across the divide, because, in the final analysis, all that separates people is a diversity of background and experience. We can integrate that."

The sub-text was:

In the coming years, alt. medicine will be recognized. Professorships and bureaucratic jobs and positions at hospitals will spring up out of tax money, and we can dig into that stash and find cushy work, if we play our cards right. But don't rock the boat. Don't attack the feds. Don't go after the FDA. Don't be "negative." Love may not conquer all, but it can worm its way into government budgets.

And that was right and true. These days, the professions of chiropractic and naturopathy and acupuncture have, at the highest levels, sold their souls to allopathic medicine and federal regulators. Therefore, for them, the fight for health freedom is over. They think they've actually won.

In the 1960s, this whole process was called co-opting. Government or big business would find ways to absorb ("integrate") its opposition.

Whereas, once upon a time, the naturopaths were tough seasoned fighters who were holding government at bay and plowing ahead with the work of healing, now they have their own bureaucrats cashing checks and enlightening the young dewy-eyed generation of practitioners on how the game is played:

"Hey, it's all legal now, baby. Don't sweat it. (cough, cough) I mean, we are in conference with major players at NIH, and a task force has been created to elucidate the work of two prior study groups, and in this regard we have secured ex-officio membership on a sub-committee to examine the psychological effect, on medical doctors, of reading published studies on minimal supplementation with extremely low-dose Vitamin C during the first five hours of head colds which were preceded by a tingling sensation at the back of the throat and a genital twitching in fact, and you'll really like this, at the new complementary-medicine wing of a hospital in Northern Alaska, some of our fourth-year students here at the naturopathic college will be able to apply for positions as interns applying a citrus concentrate to toilets in the men's rooms on the third floor, to assess the results, vis-a-vis germ eradication, against the old toxic cleaning solutions..."

And that about sums up what will happen to the chiropractors and the naturopaths and the acupuncturists up the road. Chiros will adjust the spines of hard cases in homeless shelters who refuse Thorazine and then publish their findings on government-issued toilet paper.

Gradually, the great golden promise of integration will come true, only not in the way this new brand of alt. practitioner expects.

I have news for the New Age Pod alt. bureaucrats. Once you're in with the government, you're all the way in. You take the scraps they leave on the table. You learn how to love the scraps. You primp and pump up your pretended achievements and cash your checks. That's your role. When you're called on to sell out further, you do it with a smile. You kiss the ring. And you come to realize your profession of natural healing has become a cartoon of itself. You live in that cartoon and you make your little speeches and mount your plaques on the office wall. When you want more money, you stand in line at the federal trough and wait. Bullshit is thy name.

What the Pods never learned is that, when you negotiate with your your opponents, you are you and they are they. Since that is the case, especially when you are coming from a position of relative weakness, your "victories" are wholly a function of who your opponents are and what they really want and what they are willing to do to get it, in the long, long run. Can I make it any simpler?

In this context, integration means you will eventually find yourself in quicksand holding a long stick, and the person on the other end of the stick will be your enemy. Then, he can re-negotiate everything. Immediately.

Yes, Virginia, there are enemies. They exist. They aren't just an illusion fostered by "old discredited modes of thought." You don't make them vanish through some puerile trick. For starters, you don't put any stock in their promises. Instead, to begin with, you make public their bad deeds. Come on. Wake up. This strategy goes back to the cave men. The first time it was used, a guy stopped his girl friend from marrying some oaf when he said, "Hey, Oaf Dude rolled four boulders we use for bonfires into his own cave. I've got him in the act on video. Look."

This was my strategy when I was running for Congress. I went on the offensive against the FDA. The material at my disposal then, as now, was voluminous. It's in the public record.

The Pods castigated me for my approach. They saw this as a hindrance to, yes, integration. They told me we were in a new age, and now the preferred method was extensive negotiation. Conflict resolution.

One night in 1994, a few months before the passage of the so-called Health Freedom Bill in Congress, which I was assured would protect us against the FDA forever, I sat in a last-ditch meeting with a dozen other people. We wanted to draft an amendment to the Bill that would nail down the protections we really needed.

A towering hack from UCLA, whose specialty was apparently Brainstorming and Conflict Resolution, a fat domehead who was as interested in health freedom as a scuttle fish is interested in the orbit of the moon, chaired this meeting. He had been invited in as an expert.

So he asked us all to introduce ourselves, one by one, and after that little excruciating exercise, he said he would write, on the blackboard behind him, each of our ideas about why this amendment was important. Well, of course, we already knew why it was important. Otherwise, we wouldn't have come to the room in the first place.

I saw he was going to take a couple of hours, moving us through his hoops, to get to the heart of the matter, so I said, in my usual gracious style, "This is stupid."

He looked at me. He tried to smile.

I said, "Let me summarize. We're here to draft an amendment to the Hatch Bill that will give us more guarantees. We can write this sucker in twenty minutes. I will write it. Does anyone in the room want to go off and write his version? Then we can compare."

One hand was raised.

"Good," I said. "Do it. I'll go into this next room here and type out mine. Let's take a break and come back in twenty minutes."

So that's what happened, and we did hash out an amendment, and of course nobody in Washington wanted to give it three seconds of time, because all the elements of the Hatch Bill had already been agreed upon, behind closed doors.

After our meeting, a man in the room who knew the UCLA hack came up to me and said, "You were pretty harsh there."

"Really?" I said. "If we'd followed his little Chinese torture technique, it would have taken us six hours to come to the same place we are now. Who did he think he was dealing with, second graders?"

The man frowned.

"That's not the point," he said. "Brainstorming has its own style, and we needed to follow that."

"Why?" I said. "We already knew what we needed. We're not building a rocket ship here."

"Okay," he said, "but this meeting was supposed to be about integrating our ideas, so that, in Washington, the same spirit of integration might prevail and get us what we wanted."

"By osmosis?" I said. "That's quite a leap of logic. Do you have a church?"


"A church."

I looked him over. He was lean and bronzed. I imagined he did push-ups under a tanning lamp in his home gym. He was crinkled around the eyes, probably from forced smiling, a practice I don't normally advocate. His combover seemed to be threaded with minor extensions. I couldn't be sure. He was wearing one of those bush jackets with the many pockets. His nails were done with transparent polish.

He wasn't smiling now.

"I sense a church here," I repeated. "With a doctrine derived from As So Above, So Below. If we're nice here tonight, 'Washington' will mystically pick up the vibe and be nice. Anyway, you don't remember me, but I was with you at a meeting last month, and you were pushing for a committee to study the amendment, which would have put us so far behind schedule the Bill would have passed before we got our pencils correctly sharpened."

The man blushed.

"Don't worry," I said. "You're winning. You're going to get a gig in whatever structure comes out of this war we're waging. You'll always be the good guy in the room. The folks in Washington like that."

And by God, he did get a gig. Within the swelling bureaucracy of alt. medicine. A series of gigs. I was told he's a brainstorming expert, and when he holds meetings of his minions, he bores them so greatly a few of them want to push him out a window.

But he's simultaneously for health freedom and for "sensible government regulations," and he's for cooperating with the FDA and he's for integrating medical drugs and nutrients-judiciously, of course-and he's for increased government inspections of organic farms and he's for genetically modified food, with some (again, "sensible") restrictions, and he's for 15 rather than 49 doses of vaccines for babies, and he's for bringing naturopaths and chiropractors and acupuncturists into the fold, and drafting new "standards of practice and external monitoring" for them.

I believe he calls himself, on occasion, an ex-hippie who still applies the lessons of his youth to the exigencies and realities of our time. I'm thrilled. (Integral integration with integrity.)

With Pods like this working for us, our job is complete. We can take heart and look forward to a new century of love, during which our great-great grandchildren will be birthed in organic oak vats where, synthetic genes imparted, they'll bathe in a solution that delivers 60 or 70 vaccines at the moment of emergence into the world.

A chiropractor with an advanced degree will clean out the vat and dump the contents into a drain, mop the floor, and take out the garbage.

Outside the baby factory, a fully licensed government naturopath will be raking the leaves on the lawn.

A PhD acupuncturist who's done post-doc work at the Mayo Clinic will be smoothing out the sand and picking up candy wrappers in the kiddies' playpen.

They'll stop working and look up as the hospital dietitian, who researches processed-food injectables, rolls by in her Mercedes.

Jon Rappoport

(The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX)

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell

It is hardly surprising that the first thing Bayer did after completing their takeover of Monsanto earlier this month was to announce that they were dropping the Monsanto name, merging the two companies' agrichemical divisions under the Bayer CropScience name.

After all, as everyone knows, Monsanto is one of the most hated corporations in the world. But Bayer itself has an equally atrocious history of death and destruction...

Together they are a match made in hell...

June 23, 2018
from CorbettReport Website

Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell


Saturday, June 2, 2018

And You Think THIS Is NORMAL?

Our water, air, and food supplies are being poisoned, yet more people are concerned about who won the big sporting event or what happened on the latest reality show… and you think this is normal?

It’s been proven that genetically modified produce has substantially less nutrition than the same organic produce… and people think this is normal.

With an influx of leaky gut syndrome in conjunction with the innovation of GMO’s, is it possible that there’s a connection?

It is reported that 50% of all children will have autism by the year 2025 as more and more vaccinations are given to our children by the age of 5, yet this is considered normal.

Our skies are being infiltrated with chemtrails that contain barium sulfate, aluminum, etc…, and most people are oblivious as to why and consider this normal, even though chemtrails were never seen until the 1990’s.

Despite dentist commercials in the 1950’s bragging about how wonderful fluoride is for you, very few people will question where fluoride comes from or why the back of their toothpaste labels says to call the POISON control center if ingested.

I once asked my mother, “What would you do if there was no such thing as money?” She said that was a preposterous preposition and never answered the question. Too many people assume that we need to be economic slaves to a broken system of fiat currency because that’s that way it’s always been for generations, but is this normal?

In the past 3,400 years, we have only seen world peace for 268 years, or just 8 percent of recorded history. Is being in perpetual war, “normal”?

Our governments are run by millionaires who cannot possibly understand or represent, “We, the people”. Is this normal?

In 1987, Stanley Meyer developed a water powered car that could go from cost to coast in the United States on 22 gallons of water.

He was offered $1 billion by the automotive industry but turned it down because he wanted this invention to go out to the people, not corporations. Shortly afterwards, he was poisoned to death.

Nikola Tesla developed a system of free energy in the 1800’s. His financier, J.P. Morgan (one of the founding fathers of the Federal Reserve) asked Tesla how to charge people for this energy. Tesla stated that it was free energy and could not be regulated. From that point forward, Tesla’s invention was suppressed.

Since the 1800’s, we should have been using free energy.

Since the 1980’s, we should have been using water-powered cars.

Numerous other inventions have been suppressed in order to support the corrupted system that we live in today. Is this normal?

According to Dr. Leonard Caldwell, there are over 300 cures for cancer but most doctors are required by law to use surgery, radiation or chemotherapy before any proven holistic measures such as the Rife Machine, THC Oil, etc.. Is this normal?

Big Pharma hasn’t cured anything since polio because there’s no repeat business in finding a cure. Is this normal?

In the ideal world, all patents (both public and suppressed) would be released which would instantly transform this world into a new paradigm and would make the days we’re currently living in seem like the Stone Age.

We typically work 8+ hours every day, 5 days a week, just to get 2 days off. It might take us an additional 2 hours to get ready for work and to get back and forth to work. By the time we get home from a job we hate (and working for a boss who’s an a*hole), we’re exhausted and energetically drained.

The best years of our lives are lost because we’ve all bought into the system of economic slavery. Is this normal?

Many people will answer “Yes” because they’re unable to see outside the box and will defend a system of subservience, control, conformity, and corruption until the very end.

They’ll defend Big Pharma until their own children are autistic.

They’ll defend GMO’s until they get a tumor or leaky gut syndrome.

They’ll defend chemtrails, saying that they’ve always been there, yet they’re unable to find one photograph or pre 1990 movie with chemtrails in them (other than those that have been edited into them).

They’ll defend being economic slaves to a broken system of fiat currency because “This is the way it’s always been”.

It’s obvious that there’s a eugenics plan going on designed to cull the population through war, cancer, viruses, etc… yet many people think this is normal and do not question what’s going on in front of they very own eyes.

We’ve been dumbed down and exhausted to the point of being content as economic slaves. Just give us our little picture box (TV) and a cold one and it’ll help get us through another day while being literally programmed into what to think, eat, say, wear, etc…

When we see a television commercial from a beer company, it projects the notion that if I drink this beer, I’ll have all of these beautiful people around me and will be popular. Of course, the commercial won’t tell you anything about the GMO wheat being used or how it might lead to tumors, wheat belly, or leaky gut syndrome.

When a Big Pharma ad is shown on television, it is legally responsible for telling you the side effects of their product, which is either flashed on the screen in tiny font so fast that it’s impossible to read, or is spoken quickly while ambient music is playing in the background.

What is NOT normal these days is questioning EVERYTHING!

The following is a quote from Michael Ellner:

Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.

People talk about freedom but are we really free or do we simply have civil liberties that are being taken away from us?

Do our schools truly educate our children or are they being taught state sponsored propaganda that encourages them to support this corrupted system?

Both of my websites, In5D and Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit, encourage people to think outside the box and question everything. It’s easy to follow the flock because that’s the popular thing to do but if it ends up supporting a system of tyranny, oppression, and economic subservience, then is this normal?

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Sunday, February 11, 2018



India is steeped in synthesised controversy, created by Monsanto on the first GM crop supposedly-approved for commercialisation in India. Engaged in litigation on many fronts, Monsanto is trying to subvert our Patent Law, our Plant Variety and Farmers Rights Act, our Essential Commodities Act , our Anti Monopoly Act (Competition Act). It is behaving as if there is no Parliament, no Democracy, no Sovereign Laws in India to which it is subject. Or, it simply does not have any regard for them.

In another theatre, Monsanto and Bayer are merging. They were one as MOBAY (MonsantoBayer), part of the Poison Cartel of IG Farben. Controlling stakes of both Corporations lies with the same private equity firms.

I.G. Farben board member Fritz ter Meer (fifth from right) explains to Adolf Hitler the significance of synthetic rubber, Berlin, 1936, © National Archives, Washington, DC (image right)

The expertise of these companies are those of war. IG Farben – Hitler’s economic power and pre-war Germany’s highest foreign exchange earner – was also a foreign intelligence operation. Herman Shmitz was President of IG Farben, Shmitz’s nephew Max Ilgner was a Director of IG Farben, while Max’s brother Rudolph Ilgner handled the New York arm of the ‘VOWI‘ network as vice president of CHEMNYCO.

Paul Warburg – brother of Max Warburg (Board of Directors, Farben Aufsichsrat) – was one of the founding members of the Federal Reserve System in the United States. He was also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Max Warburg and Hermann Schmitz played a central role in the Farben empire. Other “guiding hands” of Farben Vorstand included Carl Bosch, Fritz ter Meer, Kurt Oppenheim and George von Schnitzler. Every one of them were adjudged ‘War Criminals’ after World War II, except Paul Warburg.

Monsanto and Bayer have a long history. They made explosives and lethally poisonous gases using shared technologies and sold them to both sides in both World Wars. The same war chemicals were bought by the Allied Powers and the Axis Powers, from the same manufacturers, with money borrowed from the same federated reserve bank.

MOBAY (MonsantoBayer) supplied ingredients for Agent Orange in the Vietnam War. 20 million gallons of MOBAY defoliants and herbicides were sprayed over South Vietnam. Children are still being born with birth defects, adults have chronic illnesses and cancers, due to their exposure to MOBAY’s chemicals. Monsanto and Bayer’s cross-licensed Agent Orange Resistance has also been cross-developed for decades.

Wars were fought, lives were lost, countries carved into holy lands – with artificial boundaries that suit colonisation and resource grab – while Bayer and Monsanto sold chemicals as bombs and poisons and their brothers provided the loans to buy those bombs.

More recently, according to Monsanto’s website Bayer CropScience AG and Monsanto Co. have “entered into a series of long-term business and licensing agreements related to key enabling agricultural technologies”. This gives Monsanto and Bayer free access to each other’s herbicide and the paired herbicide resistance technology. Through cross licensing agreements like these, mergers and acquisitions, the biotech industry has become the IG Farben of today, with Monsanto in the cockpit.

The Global Chemical and GMO industry – Bayer, Dow Agro, DuPont Pioneer, Mahyco, Monsanto and Syngenta – have come together to form Federation of Seed Industry of India (FSII) to try and become bigger bullies in this assault on India’s farmers, the environment , and democratically framed laws that protect the public and national interest.This is in addition to the lolly-group ABLE, the Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises, which tried to challenge India’s Seed Price Control order issued under the Essential commodities Act, in the High Court of Karnataka. The case was dismissed.

The new Group is not “seed Industry”, they produce no seeds. And they try to stretch patents on chemicals to claim ownership on seed, even in countries where patents on seeds and plants are not allowed by law. This is the case in India, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and many other countries.

All the Monsanto cases in India are related to Monsanto un-scientifically, illegally and illegitimately claiming patents on seed, in contempt of India’s laws, and trying to collect royalties from the Indian seed industry and Indian farmers. The FSII is an “IG Farben 100 Year Family Reunion”, a federation is a coming together of independent and autonomous entities.

The Farben family chemical cartel was responsible for exterminating people in concentration camps. They embody a century of ecocide and genocide, carried out in the name of scientific experimentation and innovation. Today the poison cartel is wearing G-Engineering clothes, and citing the mantra of “innovation” ad nauseum. Hitlers concentration camps were an “innovation” in killing. 100 years later, the Farben Family are carrying out the same extermination, silently, globally, much more efficiently.

Monsanto’s “innovation” of collecting illegal royalties and pushing Indian farmers to suicide is also an innovation in killing without liability, indirectly. Just because there is a new way to kill does not make killing right, or a right. “Innovation” like every human activity, has limits – limits set by ethics, justice, democracy, the rights of people, the rights of nature.

I G Farben was tried at Nuremburg. We have national laws to protect people, their right to life and public health, and the environment. India’s Biosafety laws and Patent, and Plant Variety Act are designed to regulate greedy owners of corporations – with a history of crimes against nature and humanity.

Industry is getting ready to push its next “gene” the GM-Mustard (DMH-11). The GM mustard being promoted as a public sector “innovation” is based on barnase/barstar/ gene system to create male-sterile plants and a bar gene for Glufosinate Resistance.In 2002 Pro-Agro’s (Bayer) application for approval for commercial planting of GM Mustard based on the same system was rejected.

Although banned in India, Bayer finds ways to sell Glufosinate, to the tea gardens of Assam and the apple orchards of Himachal Pradesh, illegally. Sales agents show the Glufosinate sales under the ‘other’ category to avoid regulation. These chemicals are finding their way into the bodies of our children without government approval. Essentially all key patents related to the bar gene are held by Bayer Crop Science which acquired Aventis Cropscience, which itself was created out of the Genetic Engineering divisions of Schering, Rhone Poulenc and Hoechst. Then Bayer acquired Plant Genetics Systems, and entered into cooperation agreement with Evogene – which has patents on genome mapping.

Before any approval is granted to the Genetically Engineered Mustard, the issue of limits to patentability needs to be resolved on the basis of Indian law, patents on plants and seeds and methods of agriculture must not be allowed, because they are not allowed.

Pental, a retired professor and GM-Operative, will not commercialise GM Mustard seed. His Commanding Officers at Bayer/Monsanto/MOBAY will.

Given our experience with GMO cotton, the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) is considering the option of putting in place guidelines for socio-economic assessment to judge proposed GM varieties on the basis of factors such as economy, health, environment, society and culture.

At the core of socio economic assessment is the issue of monopolies and cartels and impact on small farmers. Even though patents on seeds are not allowed, for more that one and a half decade Monsanto has extracted illegal royalties from Indian farmers, trapping them in debt, and triggering an epidemic of farmers suicides. Monsanto’s war on India’s foot soldiers – farmers – is a war being waged by the Farben Family, on our Earth Family.

DR. VANDANA SHIVA: Monsanto Merges with Bayer, “Their Expertise is War”. Shady Historical Origins, IG Farben, Part of Hitler’s Chemical Genetic Engineering Cartel.

Crimes agains Nature and Humanity / Global Research, September 18, 2016 / Award Winning Author and Scientist Dr. Vandana Shiva.