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Tuesday, April 30, 2024


Covid "Vaccines" Injected Synthetic and Living Parasites

The claim that cancer is a micro parasitical infection and not some random overdevelopment of your bodies own healthy cells, go back centuries, more recently to the late 1800s where a German scientist named Dr. Alphonse Webber conducted experiments in the early 1860s in which he captured photos of cells being invaded by micro parasites and he also discovered that these cells were in the tumor tissue and blood of all cancer patients.

Experts in this area will tell you that not only is cancer a micro parasitic infection but that we all have it in us. Why would this be hidden from us? Because the current says that your cells just went crazy and that the treatments consisting of chemotherapy, and radiation, both highly toxic, is a $300 billion dollar industry. And given the revelation of the history of medicine in the United States and how it was hijacked by the oil barons, the architects of the private , inauditable federal reserve that's crushing our country currently, to create the pharmaceutical industry, a cash cow fed by the waste product of their processing plants, the story extends to their control over what really causes disease. This was designed to maintain control over the treatment of disease. You can't sell a multi billion dollar industry, if you don't control the etiology and the diagnosis of disease.

So the two current paradigms for cancer Our genetic meaning that uncle jeans are turned on, and the second is viral. Viral etiology is fast under scrutiny and being debunked after the Covid scam.

Countless experts now stand on cancer caused by micro parasites and that it is a micro parasite infection. That the stages of cancer progression are related to the lifecycle and proliferation of micro parasites and the ultimate incoming to cancer, wasting disease is the overpowering of these micro parasites or is Dr Lee Merritt calls them, intro cellular parasites. But clearly from some of the video clips I'm going to show you, you can see that these micro parasites in and out of various cells including our blood cells, depending on the stage of their life cycles.

These doctors go about treating cancer in a whole different way, which makes sense, if your positive factor is something other than viral or genetic, you approach parasites with anti-parasite medication. But more on that in the second half of the show.

The genetic dogma is blown apart by the reality that DNA does not exist, only chromosomes and chromosomes do not mutate. This is something that you can research on your own for validation. To the virus paradigm and cancer,, given the modern approaches to electronic magnifying microscopes , viruses have never and are not really characterized, isolated, identified, measured, or separated. The pictures you see in the media at all levels, mainstream and alternative are nothing more than cartoons created on a computer. It now appears that viruses are only tiny protein fragments resulting from the asexual micro parasites or bacterial proliferation. Another words what is being called "virus"is really a piece of dead flesh or genetic material proteins. It is the toxins from the waste matter as Dr. Merritt has said over and over, that creates the illness and disease state across many different diseases. You can see why at the turn of the century, while hijacking the medical model, to create the pharmaceutical industry, These criminals buried the parasitic condition in humans. After all you deworm your dog regularly, what makes you think you are not vulnerable to parasite invasion?

Dr. Weber's work is based on thousands of biological in vitro and in vivo experiments with tissues and blood samples collected from cancer patients during their lives and even after their deaths. Experts have found that all these blood and tissue tests were confirmed to have micro parasitic infections. Weber also emphasized that micro parasites are more pathogenic meaning disease causing than any bacteria and fungus and are the natural causes of cancer and other chronic diseases. This is mind blowing.

Here is a slide of a human blood smear normal red blood cells, with some of them damaged, but three large egg sacs full of parasites, these are in a mature stage called gametocytes, and these can cause a lot of human illness.

And as I said, micro parasites are the cause of many different human diseases. In 2011, Dr. Allen Cantwell published, "The Return of the Cancer Parasite: Bacteria and the Origin of the Cancer Cell".

Here are some interesting photos, from his incredible collection, relating to different types of cancers. This first picture is breast cancer tissue, this section of tissue shows an intracellular. Round magnified times 1000. And you can see this is a huge egg sac.

This next one is tissue from prostate cancer and it shows a cell packed with intracellular coccoid forms again at 1000 magnification.

The nest cancer biopsy was taken during an autopsy of someone with Hodgkin's lymphoma, it showed necrotic tissue sections from a fatal case and you can see intracellular and extracellular variably sized round coccoid forms bursting out of the cell in connective tissue, again at 1000 magnification.

And lastly, here is a slide that will blow your mind. Remember, I've been in this war since March 2020. I broke the story of graphene oxide in Pfizer and Moderna vials, first found by La Quinta Columna in Spain, and then I broke the first embalmer story of the white fibrous clots. But before those two big stories, I was getting contacted over and over by practicing doctors, researchers, forensic specialists, and microscopy experts from all over the world, They showed me countless photos of their patients’ blood stains, and pictures of Pfizer and Moderna vials, and many biological samples. Most of them didn't make sense to me (or them) at the time, but now they're starting to ring a bell. Have they been injecting people with parasites, synthetic parasites, and their eggs under the guise of a “vaccine?” Take a look at this compilation from my collection.

The top row appears to be various magnifications of living things, and the second row, a bit further out, shows multiple foreign objects. In then bottom row, we can see what looks like egg sacs and all of these pictures are from Pfizer and Moderna vials taken from injection centers.

Now we turn to thoughts on how this all ties in and why the mRNA story and the dreaded spike protein narrative may be the hoax upon the hoax of the Covid scam and a look at recommendations from some of the great experts, on how to remove this cause of disease from your body. Here is a brief montage of my recent discussions with former Navy surgeon, Dr. Lee Merritt.

It is taken me several months to tie together different pieces of information, sort through the claims of numerous experts in the front line of this public health hoax pulled on humanity the fake documentaries, the moneymaking scams, it takes a lot of time and effort to sort through so much information, but it's starting to become clear that we have been lied to about just about everything, and while the Covid pandemic scam was a horrific attack on all of us, it was also the gift that ripped open our eyes to the depth and breath of the corruption and how it goes back centuries. What you just saw was Dr Lee Merritt the best job of anyone I know to put these thousand pieces together and she does it with evidence, scientific reason, and outstanding credibility. She also emphasizes the need to understand the lifecycle of parasites and while there can be much variation across parasites that infect human beings, the general tenants of egg sac, maturity, adulthood, merging with other parasites to blend genetic material and not only proliferate, but grow in size and power, until some human or animal bodies fall pray, become physically and chemically overwhelmed, and die from resulting diseases. They have hidden parasites and parasitical infection from us, as the main cause, and likely in conjunction with other things but as the main cause of human disease in chronic conditions.

Of this would be meaningful without also exploring what we are quickly learning to be the treatment, the proper treatment for parasite infections. And we got a clue during Covid didn't we? I immediately questioned the governments overreach and obviously nefarious blocking of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, Because it was having a rapid and powerful effect on reversing the scorch of what they told us was a deadly dangerous viral respiratory infection. my original thinking was that ivermectin and HCQ likely had different mechanisms of action that were unrelated and that they could be anti-parasitics but at the same time be antivirals. How na├»ve but… It was the beginning of my processing, my digestion of what I was being fed, and it's taken me a while and others, to figure this out. 

If they're feeding us, and infecting us with parasites, and they want to take control, it is now obvious why they were blocking anti-parasitic medication because it would've shut down their whole hoax of a program to get to the emergency use authorizations, and the injection of hundreds of millions of human beings, couple of billions most likely, with their toxic, synthetic parasites and other poisons, God knows what else they have put in these shots across the last three years. So much of this makes sense so for those of you who are injected, and the rest of us who are not, the fact remains that the best thing we can do at this point is to support the miracle of our human body design, a gift from God. And so we turn to various remedies, yes there are pharmaceuticals like ivermectin, HCC, fenbendazole, but there are also natural substances that are good for maintenance and possibly treatment, but for diagnosis and treatment I want to emphasize that you should seek the advice of a trusted, and competent naturopath and specialist in parasitic infections. The general traditional standard medical doctor or practice, is going to laugh you out of the office and now we know why. there's no money in it. So let's take a quick look as I promised, at some of the natural materials and herbs for parasites.


This is an incredible list that begins with black walnut hull extract, wormwood, and clove oil, which has been recommended in combination. Let's stop trying to rely on fake replicas of the pharmaceutical industry calling themselves natural health organizations when they're just more of the corporate Big money shysters just funneling you right back into pharma. Make your own combination of black walnut wormwood and clove oil. Frequently highlighted are Artemesia, raw garlic, olive leaf extract, ginger root, and pumpkin seeds which we're going to see in another slide for anti-parasitic foods. Most of the pungent essential oils are helpful, long fasting, and turpentine, but again I recommend the guidance of a trained naturopath for guidance in the use of these.

There are many anti-parasitic foods that can be added to the diet: papaya seeds as these kill intestinal worms and other parasitic organisms. I would imagine grinding them up into the fruit in a smoothie is a good way to incorporate it. Cayenne pepper which is a potent parasite and repellent, is a great addition. Pumpkin seeds are known to paralyze parasites so that they can be expelled from the body and we can use pomegranate that kills worms in the intestinal system. One of my personal favorites is coconut because it helps eliminate parasites from the body too and don’t forget some of the many herbs like thyme which helps to cleanse the body of worms.

Please engage in your own search and seek out books and publications like Dr. Hulda Clark, and another great author in this area is Hanna Kroeger, who wrote, "Parasites: The Enemy Within,” along with many other great researchers and natural practicing experts. We are in a transition after the Covid hoax. God has reopened the door to this incredible earth, that yields for us everything we need to be healthy, and happy. If you've enjoyed this topic and if you think it will help others I urge you to pass it on to your friends and family, take notes and then add your own investigative reading and learning to it. Please follow me on Twitter and Telegram, and please continue to support the Dr Jane Ruby Show so that I can bring you the best in Truth In Medicine. 

God bless you all.

Dr Jane Ruby Apr 30, 2024


ICC Will Issue Arrest Warrants For Netanyahu and Other Top Israeli Officials This Week

April 29, 2024

TEL AVIV — Israel is greatly concerned that the International Criminal Court may issue arrest warrants for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and senior military officials as early as this week, an Israeli official told NBC News. 

Israel is working through diplomatic channels to try to stop the warrants being issued, the official said Monday. 

When asked about media reports of the arrest warrants, the ICC told NBC News that it “has an ongoing independent investigation in relation to the Situation in the State of Palestine" and that "we have no further comment to make at this stage."

The court launched an investigation three years ago into possible war crimes committed by both Israel and Palestinian militants going back to the Israel-Hamas war in 2014. It has given no public indication that arrest warrants are imminent, and it was not clear whether Israel was also expecting arrest warrants for any Hamas leaders.

The news comes as pressure mounts on Israel to halt its military offensive in Gaza, which officials in the Palestinian enclave say has killed more than 34,000 people since it was launched in the wake of the Hamas-led Oct. 7 terror attacks.

Netanyahu spoke with President Joe Biden on Sunday night, and Israel is awaiting a response from Hamas on a new cease-fire proposal.

Karim Khan, who serves as chief prosecutor of the ICC, visited the region in December and said that his investigation was “moving forward at pace, with rigor, with determination and with an insistence that we act not on emotion but on solid evidence.”

The Israeli government has come under increasing pressure from protests at home, as well as abroad, over its handling of the war.

RT reports: Citing an Israeli official, the American network claimed that warrants could be issued for Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and unnamed senior military officers. The official said that “Israel is working through diplomatic channels to try to stop the warrants being issued,” in NBC’s words.

According to Israeli media, army chief Herzl Halevi is among the military officials facing charges.

The ICC did not confirm or deny the report, telling NBC that it “has an ongoing independent investigation in relation to the situation in the State of Palestine” and has “no further comment to make at this stage.”

The ICC’s investigation was launched in 2021, and concerns alleged war crimes by the Israeli military and Palestinian militant groups in the West Bank and Gaza since 2014, when Israel fought a month-long war against Hamas. 

The probe is separate to South Africa’s genocide case against Israel, which is currently being heard by the International Court of Juctice (ICJ). Pretoria alleges that Israeli forces have committed genocide and crimes against humanity during their ongoing operation against Hamas in Gaza.

The ICC and ICJ are both based in the Dutch city of The Hague. Under the 2002 Rome Statute, the ICC is tasked with prosecuting individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the ‘crime of aggression’. The ICJ on the other hand is an organ of the UN tasked with settling disputes between nations.

Should the ICC issue a warrant for Netanyahu’s arrest, the Israeli PM is unlikely to be hauled to The Hague to face trial. Israel – like the US, Russia, and China – is not a party to the Rome Statute and does not recognize the court’s jurisdiction. 

A warrant could, however, place Netanyahu at risk of arrest if he were to travel to any of the 124 countries that recognize the court.

The New Clone/Double/Avatar of Justin Castro aka Trudeau

Justin Castro is a communist Manchurian candidate whose job was to turn Canada into a Khazarian slave camp

A decapitation operation against the Khazarian Mafia is continuing. We have confirmed that Klaus Schwab Rothschild, the head of the World Economic Forum and the UN has been removed as part of this battle. The other people targeted for termination include Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton Rockefeller, John Podesta Rockefeller, Barack Obama Hitler, Mike Pompeo and the other usual suspects, according to MI6, Russian FSB and Asian secret society sources.

It will continue until the Khazarian Mafia loses the ability to replace these people with avatars and thus control the power centers they represent.

Gates Insider Admits Elite Planning to Euthanise BILLIONS via Bird Flu Vaccine

29 April 2024

A Gates Foundation insider has revealed America’s food supply will be deliberately infected with bird flu to spark the next pandemic and pave the way for Bill Gates’ next money-spinning vaccine to conquer the global market.

As mainstream media reports on the fear of a mass contagion event this week after bird flu fragments were mysteriously found in grocery store milk, it just so happens that Gates has a lucrative bird flu vaccine entering trials.

And it also just so happens that the Gates Foundation is already working behind the scenes to organize urgent global distribution of the bird flu vaxx.

Gates is doubling down on his attack on the global food supply, manufacturing another crisis and ordering his bought-and-paid for media outlets to generate the fear necessary to further the globalist agenda.

The elite are using the tried and tested Problem Reaction Solution matrix. They intentionally cause a problem, use the media to provoke a terrified reaction from the public, and then they roll out the solution.

Remember the Covid pandemic? By the time the elite rolled out the vaccines, after months of media hype, the brainwashed public were desperately rolling up their sleeves to get their does of poison pumped into their arms.

We have identified the problem of bird flu in the pasteurized milk supply and we have seen the reaction of the mainstream media as they instill terror in the minds of the gullible public.

So what is the solution? According to Gates, the solution is a new experimental H5N1 mRNA vaccine that he just so happens to be pushing through the trial phase as we speak.

There are four vaccines licensed for avian influenza, however none are currently approved for the more dangerous H5N1 bird flu strain.

Gates appears set to cash in on the crisis, publishing a disturbing statement on a global agreement to distribute his vaccine around the world, before the vaccine has even been approved.

But Gates has every right to be smugly confident. Let’s face it. He isn’t only paying off the media. He owns the regulators too.

The globalist billionaire with the uncanny timing is set to reap another massive windfall with the bird flu vaccine, but if you are still unconvinced Gates is behind the crisis, wait until you hear who has been working on gain-of-function experiments to make bird flu more lethal to humans.

The fact is the usual suspects have left their fingerprints all over this crime scene.

The Biden administration through the USDA has been exposed collaborating with a Chinese military lab working on enhancing the lethality of bird flu viruses and increasing their transmission rate to humans.

Paying attention now?

Eighteen Congressional members have questioned the Department of Agriculture regarding this initiative, which was first reported by Daily Mail.

SHOCK REPORT: ⚠️ USDA and Chinese CCP Laboratory Collaborated on $1 Million Project CREATING LETHAL BIRD FLU VIRUSES, Funded by Taxpayer Dollars..


Lawmakers are seeking explanations following revelations that the US is funding a project at a Chinese…

— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) April 19, 2024

This project is part of a $1 million partnership between the USDA and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which just so happens to manage the Wuhan laboratory implicated in the Covid lab leak.

It is an election year after all.

What are the odds that Gates, the Biden administration, and Fauci before his retirement just so happened to be funding gain-of-function experiments into bird flu just before it jumped to humans through the US food supply – and Gates just so happened to have a vaccine ready?

Honestly, they are getting sloppy now. They really think we are stupid.

But it gets even worse.

The manufactured bird flu crisis is the perfect storm for Gates and the globalists and if we are not careful historians of the future will identify it as the moment the elite locked the door on the prison planet and threw away the key.

First, they want to kill millions of cows. The elite began the cull in recent years, however they have been frustrated by the public’s unwillingness to allow them to continue.

We the people love our beef. It has provided high quality nutrition to the human race since time began. We have no interest in consuming Bill Gates’ carcinogenic synthetic beef.

The elite are gambling that the fear instilled in the public will allow them to move ahead with slaughtering hundreds of millions of cows around the world on the pretext of public health and safety.

Mad cow disease was the test run to see how the public would react to the tainted beef supply. The gullible public failed that collective IQ test and now the elite are convinced we will fail again.

But it’s not just about beef. It’s about birds too – chickens, specifically.

Gates has already made plans to vaccinate 33 billion chickens around the world with mRNA. That’s a fortune in terms of vaccine revenue for Gates – but it’s also the first phase of a multi-step plan that has been in the works for years.

33 is obviously a very symbolic number for the elite and we see it all the time. The reality is, the so-called bird flu or H5N1 is vaccine-induced illness and nothing more.

The illness becomes a perpetual circle that leads to further injections and antibiotics which cause more illness, both in the birds themselves and the humans who consume them.

It’s blatantly obvious what’s happening here. The pharmaceutical industrial complex continues to do the work of the anti-humanists to trial run a fun technocratic takeover of mankind.

They utilize fake PCR tests to tell people the chickens are sick. They then inject the chickens with poison that the public then eats which leads to more people getting sick.

This leads them to take further dystopian measures as they mass depopulate chickens, cows and other animals.

This leads to a collapse of the food supply on top of the already existing climate restrictions, World War 3, false flags and economic collapse.

This all then leads to further lockdowns and the public eating mRNA and bug-infused ration foods based on a carbon credit score attached to a central bank digital currency or CBDC.

This new currency and food reset is connected to a unified ledger which tracks and traces everyone to determine their WEF-approved social credit score.

This new dystopian reality forces people to own nothing while living in 15 Minute Cities, better described as techno ghettoes, while facing the conundrum: comply or starve.

There are solutions to this problem right before our eyes, but will enough people wake up in time to take these solutions seriously?

That’s the question.


Here at the People’s Voice, we are determined to continue waking people up. Join us in our mission by subscribing to the channel and joining the People’s Voice Locals community and check out the new free speech forum. I hope to see you there.

Monday, April 29, 2024

Golden Age Is Near!

43 million billion = more than 29 million tons of gold in US dollars from the gold recovered from the tunnel not including other places (gold price at 1800 usd/oz) Gcv Pi = $ 314159 has been set up. 
The total pi supply is 100 billion Pi, which has reached ISO 20022 and legal requirements that no other coin has ever achieved. Suppose the world's total amount of gold is 70 million billion dollars, then pi is backed by gold and is the world's gold, then 1 pi = ? gcv price $314159 is minimum please note. xrp is the bank's gold and the total gold of the world bank is only 40 000 tons and all the gold of the world's banks is only a few hundred thousand tons. 

White helmets transported 650 military flights to be stored on a mountain. 

From this tunnel, thousands of children and women who had had their limbs cut off and were forced into sexual slavery were rescued.

"The limbs they sell into handbags, leather shoes and beef at McDonald's" have children who have never seen the light of day.

This 43 quadrillion + the world's existing gold will be distributed to humanity through Pi mining.

Each government is given 2 million pi worth of pi wallets for free, and some humanitarian organizations have up to 10,000 pi wallets for these purposes. Please follow why Pi Network's progress gradually follows political progress?  
pi was planned since the 90s to be distributed to humanity, but was interrupted by the events of 9/11.


The Astonishing 1500-Mile Tunnel Vatican to Jerusalem Reveals Mind-Boggling Gold Stash

One last battle and the Rockefeller/Hitler branch of the Khazarian Mafia will go down

April 29, 2024

The global white hat alliance scored major victories last week in the ongoing secret battle for the planet Earth. 

Klaus Schwab Rothschild, the Battenbergs (British Royals), Hillary Clinton Rockefeller, Barack Obama Hitler, Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci were all executed at Guantanamo Bay, according to Pascal Najadi the son of the co-founder of the World Economic Forum who claims to be directly involved.

We have independently confirmed with MI6 that Schwab is gone and know the others listed have all been placed on an execution list.

Mossad sources confirm the British royals have also been killed. This is why riderless horses – one of them is painted red to look like blood- are galloping around London. In Revelations 6:2, John describes seeing the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and describes how he “looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.

Video Player

This came after the Head of Israeli Intelligence Major General Aharon Haliva resigned due to the failure of the October 7th false flag in Gaza. His resignation triggered “a wholesale tsunami or clear out at Director General of Military Intelligence around the world… they are all gone,” says the head of MI6.

In other proof, Israeli Minister of National Security, Ben Gvir was involved in a horrific traffic accident while leaving Ramala.

Video Player

Next Israeli Minister Haim Biton’s father was seriously injured in a Jerusalem car crash.

Video Player

Now the International Criminal Court is issuing arrest warrants for Benyamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials.

We also know the surviving members of the Rothschild family have agreed to work with the alliance. This means one last big battle against the Hitler/Rockefeller bloodline should end this war and liberate humanity.

The surviving Rockefellers under David Rockefeller Jr. are definitely desperate and dangerous cornered beasts now.

This is especially true now that Rockefeller Secretary of State Anthony Blinken returned home empty handed from his beg/threaten mission to China last week. Take a look at his expression as he poses with Chinese President Xi Jinping and you can see he is deeply disappointed and scared.

Blinken started the meeting by sucking up to China saying: “The United States does not seek a new Cold War, does not seek to change China’s system, does not seek to suppress China’s development, does not seek to revitalize its alliances against China, and has no intention to have a conflict with China.”

Xi responded by saying “Honor words with actions rather than say one thing but do another…Today, as I see it, dwellers of the same planet should help each other. We live in an interdependent world and rise and fall together. With their interests deeply intertwined, all countries need to build maximum consensus for win-win and all-win outcomes. This is the basic starting point for China to view the world and the China-U.S. relationship,” Xi said.

Behind the scenes, Blinken asked for trillions of dollars of loans in exchange for promises to fight “climate change,” while simultaneously threatening to attack China with weather warfare weapons, Asian secret society sources say.

The Chinese told him to buzz off and the meeting was cut short as this video shows:

Xi Jinping: When will he [Blinken] leave?

Assistant: He’s leaving this evening.

That is why Blinken outright threatened Beijing over what Washington describes as China’s support for the Russian army in a press conference after the talks.

Video Player

Since he left empty-handed, the Rockefeller faction is definitely running out of money fast. As a reminder in 2007, just before the US went bankrupt during the “Lehman shock” and was bailed out by China, the U.S. national debt was below $10 trillion, the budget deficit was about $160 billion and interest payments were approximately $400 billion. Now the debt has surpassed 34 trillion, is growing by $1 trillion every hundred days and debt servicing costs have topped $1 trillion.

They are definitely going to try to steal your money to keep in business. The IRS has been using AI to access bank accounts of American Citizens without any kind of a search warrant…they have access to every single persons bank account. This is a blatant violation of the fourth amendment; This administration is LAWLESS!”

They have already stolen so much from the people that 17 million US households are suffering from a lack of food.—reports-1118077054.html

The result is a collapse of the social order in the US. The amount of people reporting they have been the victim of a crime has risen by 42.4% between 2021 and 2022. The fake Biden administration is trying to say crime is down 2% because people have given up calling the police who are unable to respond.

Former Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan once said : “The U.S. can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that. There is zero probability of default”

Video Player

Did you get that? It begs the question… why do we pay taxes if they can just print money? The fact is the rest of the world has stopped accepting their funny money and so they cannot print their way out of this.

The Rockefellers bought time with cryptocurrency fraud and by stealing Russian assets. They may have also extorted money from the United Arab Emirates. It was pummeled with roughly a year’s worth of rain in less than a day on April 16th and French intelligence sources say the UAE now seems to have run out of money.

Regardless, this is unlikely to keep the Rockefellers in business past June. That means we can expect them to stage some major events to try to cover for their bankruptcy and systems collapse.

This may be why AirBnB is expecting large-scale government actions and lockdowns to begin on June 6, 2024, according to a newly obtained email.

Their email shows they expect the following in June:

Declared public health emergencies and epidemics.

Government travel restrictions

Military actions and other hostilities

Large-scale outages of essential utilities

Natural Disasters

The video below shows 25 ways the US is being destroyed by these people.

Video Player

We will look more into this below but first, we want to talk about a massive secret battle raging in Japan. The German branch of the Khazarian Mafia tried to kill the Japanese imperial family by pretending King Charles was still alive and using him to invite the royals to visit England in June. MI6 warned the royals it was a trap set by UK civil service head Simon Case and former MI6 head John Scarlett. A source close to the imperial family said they knew it was a trap and were not planning to go.

This invitation came after a major white hat victory in the battle for control of the Bank of Japan. The yen is now plunging to multi-decade lows because ... ... ...

The remainder of Monday's newsletter is only available to members of holding a paid subscription.
Benjamin Fulford Update April 26, 2024

Edward Snowden Just Revealed Terrifying Government Secrets In A New Chilling Message

Apr 27, 2024

Edward Snowden Just Revealed Terrifying Government Secrets In A New Chilling Message

This is Future space!

Where we cover science and technology news, from unanswered historical mysteries and the inner workings of the human body, to scientists shocking discoveries hidden in sand and findings frozen in snow, to stunning and terrifying trips to space, new instruments and technological advances used to uncover the secrets of the world around us.

Short Situation Update - 24 April 2024

The Light Forces are removing the dark Atlantean network according to the plan. They are involved in very sensitive and risky operations behind the scenes, and nothing more can be said about that at this moment.

I was surprised when the existence of other universes was revealed to me. The Light Forces have given me intel about 25 years ago that all other Universes have been integrated into this one. In the meantime, new Universes were discovered to exist and very recently I was made aware of these.

The Light Forces have communicated that they need to release intel gradually, only as fast as it can be safely integrated without provoking too much anomaly which could then not be processed fast enough and would cause trouble.

The presence of darkness in those other Universes is minimal and much less than it currently exists on this planet. The main stronghold Reptilian planet in the most problematic of the other Universes was liberated recently in extremely heavy battles with many casualties on both sides. All remaining darkness in those Universes is expected to be cleared soon.

None of the dark entities present in other Universes can travel into this Universe anymore. The only beings traveling from other Universes are the Light Forces bringing reinforcements for the final liberation.

Negative quantum wormholes between this Universe and other Universes still exist, but they will be cleared shortly.

An enormous Ascension portal that I have already briefly mentioned in one of my past updates has begun to make its presence felt in other Universes. More precisely, that is the beginning of the process of bubble nucleation as part of the transition from false vacuum to true vacuum in the Multiverse:

Our planet remains to be the main stronghold of the dark in the Multiverse and the main problem to be resolved. Hopefully I will be able to release more concrete intel about the planetary situation in a few weeks after certain situations get resolved.

In the meantime, you are more than welcome to join our New Atlantis workshop in Bogota, Colombia:

There, I will be able to reveal for the first time the true meaning of the Emerald tablets and the use of emeralds as portals to Agartha.

Victory of the Light!

COBRA (Compression Breakthrough)

Jews Warned To Flee After United States Passes “Hitler Birthday War Bill”

April 23, 2024

A thought-provoking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu revealing: “The Russian armed forces have the initiative along the entire contact line and are pushing the enemy away from the occupied borders...In total, the losses of the Ukrainian armed forces amounted to almost 500,000 military personnel since the beginning of the special military operation...Our servicemen have also dispelled the myth about the superiority of Western weapons”, says this revelation was joined by the leftist New York Times article “In Ukraine, New American Technology Won The Day. Until It Was Overwhelmed”, wherein it observed: “Project Maven was meant to revolutionize modern warfare...But the conflict in Ukraine has underscored how difficult it is to get 21st-century data into 19th-century trenches...American, British and Ukrainian officers, along with some of Silicon Valley’s top military contractors, are exploring new ways of finding and exploiting Russian vulnerabilities, even while U.S. officials try to navigate legal restraints about how deeply they can become involved in targeting and killing Russian troops”.

Along with the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announcing: “As a result of successful actions, military units from the Battlegroup Yug completely liberated the settlement of Novomikhailovka in the Donetsk People’s Republic and improved the tactical situation along the front line...Battlegroup Yug has also repelled three Ukrainian counterattacks in the region, while Ukraine has lost up to 410 soldiers”, this report notes, the eventual triumph of Russian military forces over the socialist Western colonial powers was clearly predicted last year in the American geopolitical article “Why Is The West So Weak And Russia So Strong?”, wherein it assessed:

It is becoming increasingly clear to more and more people in the West that something has gone terribly wrong with the Ukraine project.

Predictions and projections didn’t pan out and the West doesn’t seem to know what to do. The Russian economy wasn’t a house of cards as predicted, Russian weapons weren’t inferior as predicted, Russian soldiers and commanders weren’t incompetent as predicted, and Russian technology wasn‘t inferior as predicted.

In some respects the Russians even seem to be superior to the West. Their weapons are effective and in many cases outright technologically superior, as clearly demonstrated by their hypersonic missiles, SAM systems and electronic warfare systems. Their economy appears to be surprisingly advanced and diversified and based on real wealth creation rather than financialization and debt like the West’s. Their strategic and tactical thinking also seems to work, while the West‘s clearly doesn‘t.

The whole mess is often explained as a result of a miscalculation by the western elites – they underestimated Russia and overestimated the West.

The situation, however, is far worse than that. Every day that passes reveals the impotence of the West more and more and the situation is becoming outright humiliating.

At this point the rest of the world either shakes their heads or simply laughs at the West and its politicians and diplomats – not to mention its crazed populations.

Causing the world to further shake their heads in fearful bemusement, this report continues, was the United States House passing a massive $95 billion war bill this past Saturday on 20 April, about which the Wall Street Journal just observed: “With his courageous and principled efforts to secure support for a vital legislative package of aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, House Speaker Mike Johnson not only has strengthened U.S. allies and sent a powerful warning to our adversaries...He is making America great again...No country on Earth has anywhere near the ability to project power around the world at so little cost”—as to the actual “powerful warning” sent, however, the entire world quickly noticed in horror that this massive war bill was passed on the 135th anniversary of the 20 April 1889 birth of Nazi German leader Adolph Hitler, who likewise mistakenly believed he had “the ability to project power around the world at so little cost”—and whose namesake Ukrainian Nazi Regime is today upholding white master race ideology by exterminating Christianity.

Since the passing of the “Hitler Birthday War Bill”, this report details, an avalanche of horrifying articles are now appearing like “America’s Campuses Reach Boiling Point”, “Pro-Palestinian Protests Grow On College Campuses As Tensions Rise”, “Antisemitism On Campus Surges As Agitators Take Over”, “Anti-Israel Agitators Hurl Bottles At NYPD, Form Human Chain Amid Mass Arrests”, and the Wall Street Journal gravely warned today: “Anyone who thinks concerns about antisemitism are overdone isn’t paying attention to the scenes at elite universities...Anti-Israel, antisemitic protests at Columbia, Yale and elsewhere are getting uglier, and it isn’t clear the progressives in charge of these institutions are up to the job of enforcing order or protecting Jewish students”.

On 9 November 1938, this report notes, radical leftist university students indoctrinated by the National Socialist German Workers' Party (aka Nazi Party) erupted from their campuses to unleash a series of pogroms against the Jewish population in Germany infamously known as “Kristallnacht” (aka “The Night Of Broken Glass”)—is a terrifying history well remembered by Jewish Professor Shai Davidai, who yesterday posted the beyond chilling message: “Earlier today, @Columbia University refused to let me onto campus...Why?...Because they cannot protect my safety as a Jewish professor...This is 1938”—and was a beyond chilling message joined by Rabbi Elie Buechler sending out the warning: “What we are witnessing in and around campus is terrible and tragic...The events of the last few days, especially last night, have made it clear that Columbia University’s Public Safety and the NYPD cannot guarantee Jewish students safety in the face of extreme antisemitism, and anarchy...It deeply pains me to say that I would strongly recommend you return home as soon as possible and remain home until the reality in and around campus has dramatically improved”.

Along with former Columbia University president Dwight Eisenhower, who aided in the defeat of Nazi Germany during World War II as Supreme Allied Commander, and later became the President of the United States, warning that the world would forget the Nazi German horrors against Jews, this report concludes, the American peoples should have paid more attention to a Saturday Night Live television comedy skit that aired in 2015, wherein it accurately described that American parents leaving their children in the care of their nation’s elite universities was no different then turning them over to demonic and murderous ISIS terrorists.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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[Note: Many governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagree with in believing that it is every human being’s right to know the truth. Due to our mission’s conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit us, and others like us, that is exampled in numerous places, including HERE.]

[Note: The website was created for and donated to the Sisters of Sorcha Faal in 2003 by a small group of American computer experts led by the late global technology guru Wayne Green (1922-2013) to counter the propaganda being used by the West to promote their illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq.]

[Note: The word Kremlin (fortress inside a city) as used in this report refers to Russian citadels, including in Moscow, having cathedrals wherein female Schema monks (Orthodox nuns) reside, many of whom are devoted to the mission of the Sisters of Sorcha Faal.]

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