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Wednesday, May 22, 2024












Tuesday, May 21, 2024

“Sign Of God” Warning Followed By Iran Leader Death And Arrest Warrant For Israel Leader

May 20, 2024

An extremely concerning to all peoples in the world new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin received confirmation of the death of Iranian President Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi, says immediately afterwards, he sent the official message to the Islamic Republic of Iran: “Please accept my deepest condolences over the enormous tragedy that befell the Islamic Republic of Iran - a helicopter crash that claimed the lives of President Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi and a number of other prominent officials of your country”, then he personally observed: “The Iranian people have lost a treasured leader in President Ebrahim Raisi and need spiritual resolve to overcome the tragedy”. 

Earlier today, this report notes, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei extended his condolences to the Iranian nation over the martyrdom of President Ebrahim Raeisi and his companions in a helicopter crash and announced five days of national mourningFirst Vice President Mohammad Mokhber will serve as Iran’s interim president, and is part of a three-person council, along with the speaker of parliament and the head of the judiciary, that will organize a new presidential election within 50 days.

Along with world leaders extending condolences following the death of Iranian President Raeisi, this report continues, was the news: “An Israeli official told Reuters that Israel was not involved in the death of the Iranian president...The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said “it wasn’t us””—is an Israel whose government is on the “verge of collapse” following the 19 April massive strike on it by Iran—and this morning, Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan of the International Criminal Court applied for arrest warrants against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other top Israeli government officials, along with Hamas officials, for committing crimes against humanity.

Also earlier today, this report details, independent military analysts tracking the deployment of Russian warplanes issued the warning: “Russia is preparing for a massive missile strike”—a warning joined by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov announcing this morning: “Russia is closely monitoring the situation following a subcritical nuclear test conducted at an underground nuclear site in the US state of Nevada last week”.

With warning articles like “We’re Reliving The Beginnings Of World War I And Just Don’t Realize It Yet” having already appeared, this report concludes, the most significant religious event that occurred during this global conflict that upended the world order and claimed nearly 40 million lives occurred on on 13 May 1917, which was when six apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary were reported by three shepherd children in Fatima-Portugal—the “Our Lady of Fatima” miracle apparitions are celebrated by the Catholic Church every 13 May in Fatima-Portugal, but whose week of religious celebration this year was preceded on 10 May by “jaw-dropping auroras around the world” and ended when a blue meteorite streaked across the skies of Portugal and Spain on 18 May—Our Lady of Fatima warned that global war would be foreshadowed by the “night illumined by an unknown light”—and prior to the outbreak of World War II, history records: “On the night of January 25-26, 1938 – during the reign of Pope Pius XI (1922-1939) – the sky became a brilliant blood-red...Likened to the blaze of a gigantic fire and filling the evening sky, it was seen across Europe and even in parts of North America and North Africa”.


By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers


Benjamin Netanyahu and Yaya Sinwar, head of Hamas, could be wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity and an international arrest warrant could soon hang on them from today. The International Criminal Court (ICC) will have to decide whether to accept the requests of chief prosecutor Karim Khan, who announced this today in an exclusive interview with CNN.

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court wants to arrest Netanyahu

The British judge told the American broadcaster that the ICC prosecutor’s office has decided to extend the charges to both sides of the conflict that broke out on 7 October 2023 with the Hamas massacres on Israeli territory.

Those under investigation at Hamas are Sinwar, leader of the movement, together with those responsible for the attacks, massacres, kidnappings of people and the violence of 7 October: Ismael Hanyieh, political leader of Hamas, and Mohammed Diab Ibrahim al-Masri, the leader of the Al Qassem Brigades sadly made known in the intrusion into Israeli territory.

Together with Netanyahu, however, the Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, is currently under investigation in Israel, on whom hangs the responsibility of the command of the armed forces which since 7 October have violently attacked the Gaza Strip, causing over 35 thousand deaths, 70% of such as women and children.

42 Survivors of the Nova Rave Massacre sue Israeli Defense Establishment for Negligence

Let us remember that the International Criminal Court is a body separate from the International Court of Justice before which Israel is facing the trial for the risk of genocide in the Strip promoted by South Africa. Established by the Treaty of Rome in 2002, the ICC analyzes the responsibilities of individuals, before that of States, in cases of violation of international law.

Jordan calls for indictment of Israel for war crimes

Jordan demands an international investigation into what it says were many war crimes committed during Israel’s military campaign against Hamas in Gaza. This was stated by Amman’s Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi.

Zionists’ Kids-Genocide as Never in the Wars! Jew US Senator: “Is not Antisemitism to Point out the Racist Netanyahu Govt Killings’

In a press conference with the head of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees UNRWA, Safadi said that those responsible for the documented crimes should be brought to justice. Israel strenuously denies that its troops committed war crimes.

Zionist bombs on Palestinian refugee camps kill more children

An Israeli airstrike on Nuseirat, a Palestinian refugee camp in central Gaza dating back to the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, killed 27 people, including 10 women and seven children, sources at the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Hospital in nearby Deir al-Balah, which received the bodies.

Another attack, again on Nuseirat, killed 5 people, the Palestinian Red Crescent emergency service said.



Monday, May 20, 2024

Paper work for new international system being drawn up as Satanic rule implodes

Lawyers and bankers are drawing up documents for a new international system that will be phased in starting this autumn and going into 2025. This work is necessary because, if the details are not worked out properly, huge problems will emerge as things snowball into massive world changes. This fine-tuning requires time. 

What needs to be made clear though is that this is not going to be a transfer of power from one secret group to another, The new system will be handed over to the people so that “the meek shall inherit the earth.”

In the meantime, the Satanic “rules-based world order” will continue to implode. This means were are going to experience a lot of turbulence as the last of the Satanists struggle desperately to keep control of the planet and avoid war crimes tribunals.

The latest sign of this was the murder of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his companions. Multiple Israeli accounts & other well-known accounts now report it was an assassination done by Israeli Mossad.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei says that “if we find evidence that Israel is involved in the helicopter crash of the President of Iran, we will respond beyond the imagination of Israel and its allies.”

With Raisi dead, Iranian sources say the next Supreme Leader is most likely Ali Khamenei’s son, Mojtaba Khamenei. This means a return to dynastic rule in Persia. Whose dynastic rule is yet to be decided though.

What is clear is this is yet another desperate attempt by the Satanic Zionists to start World War III in order to murder most of humanity. Remember, Khameini was installed by the Rothschilds to play his role in their planned Gog (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) versus Magog (G7) Armageddon war.

As a part of this planned show, Brigadier General Esmail Qa’ani, commander of the Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) sent a warning to the UK, Germany, and France after the trio deployed their warplanes to defend the Israeli regime against a retaliatory operation staged by Iran last month. In other words, since Israel has been stopped from starting an all-out war with Iran, they will try to use European countries instead.

Planetary liberation alliance sources in the Pentagon say what will happen instead is Israel will cease to be a State and Israeli puppets will be removed. “We are in the end game now for Netanyahu and his close associates,” the source says adding “Persia may return to the Pahlavi dynasty.  Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi is being groomed. He is working with the WH Alliance.” Here you can watch his father King Pahlavi try to enlighten the American people about their Zionist controllers.

Video Player

“The Persian people are definitely shifting away from the current rulers,” the source says.

A shift away from current leaders is needed in most Western countries as well. This means is the white hat military still has a lot of house cleaning to do before the new financial system and new international architecture start.

This cannot be done under current Western leadership. In an example of this, fake Canadian opposition leader Pierre Poilievre can be seen lying below about Israel. How about his statement that the Jews have lived there for 3,000 years? It is a lie. This is the land of Judea. Remember, Poilievre has been bribed with money stolen from Canadians via fraudulent PRC tests. It is a safe bet he is also being blackmailed. The same of course is true of vaccine mass murderer Justin Castrudeau.

Video Player

What people in the West need to realize is that the holocaust was a mass sacrifice to Satan in order to initiate Satanic rule over the world. The Temple the Satanists planned to build was to be a place of human and animal sacrifice. As a part of their plan, the Satanists forced brainwashed Europeans into Israel and convinced them to expropriate and murder the Judeans, whom they misleadingly call Palestinians.   

This press release from the US military central command shows this is no longer going to be tolerated. It says that -with the backing of US troops- an international relief effort has begun to support the Judeans.

In Israel and the US meanwhile, the Jews have begun to wake up. Lily Greenberg Call, a Jewish staffer in the Department of Interior, resigned saying Biden “has the blood of innocent people on his hands….What I have learned from my Jewish tradition is that every life is precious. That we are obligated to stand up for those facing violence and oppression and to question authority in the face of injustice,” she said.

Awakened Jews like her are staging massive daily demonstrations to call for the removal of would-be dictator Benyamin Satanyahu. The provocation against Iran will not stop his removal from this earth.

His removal will be part of a lot of removal work to be done in the West before it is completely cured of its Satanic infestation.

One example is the revealing of a portrait of King Charles that set the internet on fire with its’ Satanic images. 

Video Player

Charles was installed 6 months, 6 weeks and 6 days after the murder of Queen Elizabeth. This satirical video of him unveiling the portrait is basically true. Even though we have been told repeatedly the original Charles is dead; as long as avatars or CGs are presented to the world’s media, the fight is not over.

Video Player

BBC also reports King Charles has handed over a prestigious army role to his son Prince William in “a symbolic handing over of the baton.” This is a German attempt to take control of the UK military and it will fail, MI6 warns.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton, who friends of Princess Diana say was sacrificed to Satan, will not be appearing at Charles’ Wimbledon parade. She has not been seen in public since Christmas.

MI6 sources say they are fighting hard to remove the German-linked Satanists from power in England and Ireland and that it will happen sooner, rather than later.

There is also a crisis in Australia where the government has just passed a Satanic mark of the beast digital ID law. Labor Minister Stephen Jones says it’s completely “optional,” but then inadvertently reveals that businesses could “mandate” it.

Video Player

In what was likely a related move, “Google Cloud ‘accidentally deleted’ the private cloud account of the Australian pension fund worth $125 billion…Although service restoration commenced on Thursday, it may take some time for investment balances to reflect accurate figures. (translation: the money is gone).”

Looks like the Rockefellers are looting Australian pensions in addition to Japanese pensions to try to stay in business.

This is linked to vaccine passports and COVID-19 shots. The government knows the vaccines are killing people, and they are “deliberately suppressing doctors” from reporting vaccine deaths, warns Senator Malcolm Roberts.

MI6 informs us a top Satanist in Australia and a high-priority white hat target is ... ... ...

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Q – White Hats Intel 5.18.2Q24

In the following video, Benjamin Fulford discusses the ongoing power struggle between the so-called “White Hats” and “Black Hats” within global political and financial systems. 

He claims that the “White Hats,” a group of military and intelligence insiders, are working to dismantle a corrupt network of elites who have long manipulated global events for their benefit. 

Fulford outlines recent developments and actions taken by the “White Hats,” including arrests and financial interventions, to restore justice and transparency. He emphasizes the importance of public awareness and support for these efforts to ensure their success.

Benjamin Fulford Q - White Hats Intel 5.18.2Q24








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pRAy for iRAn … 





Saturday, May 18, 2024

Biden Commits “Blunder Of The Highest Order” On “The Grand Chessboard”

May 17, 2024

A thought-provoking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, in furtherance of the Russia-China “no limits partnership”, issued a joint statement yesterday, wherein Moscow and Beijing agreed to take the acknowledgment of cultural and civilizational diversity as the basis for furthering dialogue, cooperation and experience exchange, says they also vowed to counter the deviant socialist Western colonial practice of politicization of culture and attempts at canceling the culture of certain countries and peoples.

Following the collapse of the former Soviet Union, this report notes, the United States needed a new global strategy to maintain its hegemony over the world, which was provided by the late White House National Security Advisor and global strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski, who, in his 1997 treatise “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives”, methodically detailed the American master plan to take total control over Eurasia and its vital to the world natural resources, but warned: “A grand coalition of China and Russia united not by ideology but by complementary grievances would pose the most dangerous scenario as far as threats to United States hegemony are concerned”—are “complementary grievances” Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden provided by his warmongering and economic sanction policies against both Russia and China—which caused world-renowned American foreign policy strategist Michael Pillsbury at the Heritage Foundation think tank to just exclaim in horror about what Socialist Leader Biden has done: “To draw, to push together two nuclear powers, Russia and China, it’s really a blunder of the highest order...It’s one of the biggest blunders we’ll see in my lifetime”.

While “blundering” Socialist Leader Biden keeps upending “The Grand Chessboard” strategy of global American hegemony, this report continues, President Putin factually revealed to Chinese reporters: “Moscow never refused to negotiate, it was politicians in Kiev who withdrew from the negotiation process as soon as Russian troops were pulled back from Kiev...The next day they threw our agreements into the dustbin and said, 'Well, now we will fight to the end’...And their Western handlers took the position now known to the whole world: Russia is to be defeated on the battlefield, to be made suffer a strategic defeat...We are not the ones who behaved this way”—a factual revelation joined by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin declaring: “The United States, with its Cold War-era mentality, bears an irremediable responsibility for the emergence and escalation of the Ukrainian crisis”.

Unlike the former Soviet Union able to discuss and negotiate critical issues with sane and rational Western officials to successfully avert a global nuclear war catastrophe, this report details, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov observed about what Russia faces today: “There are plenty of people among those in power in the United States and other key Western states, who are de facto provocateurs...They’ve made testing Moscow’s resolve the goal of their existence...Such individuals are political bullies, delinquents and members of teen gangs who reject any kind of rules...They are preoccupied with crossing any red line drawn by Moscow, regardless of the risk of this brinkmanship...As they please their own geopolitical notions, they bring closer the phase, in which holding control of events and preventing a catastrophic collapse would be very difficult...They live in a bubble and do not perceive outside signals that go against their preconceptions”.

Among those socialist Western colonial officials who “live in a bubble and do not perceive outside signals that go against their preconceptions”, this report notes, is NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe United States General Christopher Cavoli, who yesterday comically proclaimed about the new Russian offensive in the Kharkov Region: “The Russians don't have the numbers necessary to do a strategic breakthrough...More to the point they don't have the skill and the ability to do it”—a comical proclamation quickly followed by Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-In-Chief General Oleksandr Syrsky grimly revealing: “Russian troops have extended the front line of active combat operations by almost 70 kilometers in the Kharkov region to force Ukraine to use additional brigades from the reserves”—and was a “strategic breakthrough” of Russian military forces that caused American State Department spokesman Vedant Patel to factually observe: “Obviously the situation is incredibly dire”.

Following the “strategic breakthrough” of Russian military forces in the Kharkov Region, about whom living in a bubble of his own delusions NATO Supreme Allied Commander General Cavoli comically proclaimed “They don't have the skill and the ability to do it”, this report continues, President Putin declared: “Ukraine is to blame for recent fighting in the area, as it unfortunately continues to shell residential blocks in the border areas, including Belgorod...Civilians are dying out there...Everything is crystal clear...They are firing directly at the center of the city...We publicly warned Kiev that Russia would be forced to establish a cordon sanitaire in the areas under Kiev’s control if the attacks continued...This is what we are doing...As for the capture of] Kharkov, there are no such plans for today”.

As for why the Russian military has no plans to capture Kharkov, this report concludes, is because it’s not fighting a war for territorial gain, but is waging a campaign of “aggressive attrition” to systematically deplete the military forces of the Ukraine Nazi Regime and obliterate its billions-of-dollars worth of socialist Western colonial supplied weapons—a campaign of “aggressive attrition” the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced about today that over 1,330 Ukrainian soldiers on all battle front have been killed during the past 24 hours, then revealed: “In all, the following Ukrainian targets have been destroyed since the start of the special military operation: 600 warplanes, 274 helicopters, 24,111 unmanned aerial vehicles, 521 surface-to-air missile systems, 16,053 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 1,300 multiple rocket launchers, 9,607 field artillery guns and mortars and 21,753 special military motor vehicle”—is a campaign of “aggressive attrition” that follows President Putin proclaiming: “Today we hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield...Well, what can you say here?...Let them try...Russia by and large hasn't started anything seriously yet”, and yesterday he declared: “Russia will not yield to ultimatums from Ukraine and its Western backers as they try to gain diplomatically what they have failed to gain militarily”.

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers.

"The Middle East does not need more weapons, it needs more peace"

Madrid’s foreign minister says this will become policy as ‘the Middle East does not need more weapons, it needs more peace’

Spain denies port of call to ship carrying arms to Israel

Spain refused permission for a ship carrying arms to Israel to dock at a Spanish port, Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares said on Thursday.

“This is the first time we have done this because it is the first time we have detected a ship carrying a shipment of arms to Israel that wants to call at a Spanish port,” he told reporters in Brussels.

“This will be a consistent policy with any ship carrying arms to Israel that wants to call at Spanish ports. The foreign ministry will systematically reject such stopovers for one obvious reason. The Middle East does not need more weapons, it needs more peace,” he added.

The Spanish minister did not provide details on the ship but Transport Minister Oscar Puente said it was the Marianne Danica that had requested permission to call at the southeastern port of Cartagena on May 21.

El Pais newspaper said the Danish-flagged ship was carrying 27 tons of explosive material from Madras in India to the port of Haifa in Israel.

The announcement that permission had been denied comes amid a row between Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s Socialists and his coalition partners, the hard-left Sumar party, over another ship, the Borkum, which is due to dock in Cartagena on Friday.

Pro-Palestinian groups say the Borkum is carrying arms to Israel, prompting Sumar to demand that it be turned away. But Puente said the Borkum was transporting military material to the Czech Republic, not Israel.

Spain has been one of Europe’s most critical voices about Israel’s Gaza offensive and is working to rally other European capitals behind the idea of recognizing a Palestinian state.

The Gaza war began on October 7 when Hamas terrorists stormed into southern Israel, murdering some 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and taking 253 hostages.

The Hamas-run Gaza health ministry says more than 35,000 people in the Strip have been killed or are presumed dead in the fighting so far, though only some 24,000 fatalities have been identified at hospitals. The toll, which cannot be verified as it does not differentiate between terrorists and civilians, includes some 15,000 terror operatives Israel says it has killed in battle. Israel also says it killed some 1,000 terrorists inside Israel on October 7.


Spain's Transport Ministry has reportedly banned the bulk carrier Marianne Danica from anchoring in its territorial waters. / Archival Photo: X

Spain denies port of call to ship carrying arms 'from India' to Israel

Spain has refused permission for a ship carrying arms to Israel to dock at a Spanish port, Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares has said. The ship is reportedly loaded with 27 tonnes of explosive material from India and may have avoided entering Israel through Red Sea where Yemen's Houthis hold sway.

"This is the first time we have done this because it is the first time we have detected a ship carrying a shipment of arms to Israel that wants to call at a Spanish port," Albares told reporters in Brussels on Thursday.

"This will be a consistent policy with any ship carrying arms to Israel that wants to call at Spanish ports. The foreign ministry will systematically reject such stopovers for one obvious reason. The Middle East does not need more weapons, it needs more peace," he added.

The Spanish minister did not provide details on the ship but Transport Minister Oscar Puente said it was the Marianne Danica which had requested permission to call at the southeastern port of Cartagena on May 21.

India-Israel arms nexus

El Pais newspaper said the Danish-flagged ship is carrying 27 tonnes of explosive material from Madras [Chennai] in India to the port of Haifa in Israel.

India is largest buyer of Israeli weapons, some of which are used in troubled spots of eastern and central India and disputed Kashmir.

Over the last 10 years, India has reportedly imported $2.9 billion in military equipment from Israel. The sales include combat drones, missiles, radars and other surveillance systems. India and Israel normalised diplomatic ties in 1992 but Tel Aviv's military exports to New Delhi date back to the 1960s.

Israeli arms helped arm India in wars against China and Pakistan. Elbit Systems, one of Israel’s largest military companies, in 2018 agreed to work with Indian conglomerate Adani Group to make Hermes 900 drones at a facility in southern India, which are exported back to Israel for its own use.

Some of these killer drones have reportedly been dispatched by India to Israel in its ongoing invasion of Gaza.

The announcement that permission had been denied comes amid a row between Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's Socialists and his coalition partners, the hard-left Sumar party, over another ship, the Borkum, which is due to dock in Cartagena on Friday.

Pro-Palestine groups say the Borkum is carrying arms to Israel, prompting Sumar to demand that it be turned away. But Puente said the Borkum was transporting military material to the Czech Republic, not Israel.

Spain has been one of Europe's most critical voices about Israel's Gaza offensive and is working to rally other European capitals behind the idea of recognising a Palestinian state. Spain halted arms sales to Israel after it launched a military onslaught against besieged Gaza.

Genocidal war

The Palestinian resistance group Hamas says its October 7 blitz on Israel that surprised its arch-enemy was orchestrated in response to Israeli attacks on Al Aqsa Mosque, illegal settler violence in occupied West Bank and to put Palestine question "back on the table."

In an assault of startling breadth, Hamas fighters rolled into as many as 22 locations outside Gaza, including towns and other communities as far as 24 kilometres from the Gaza fence.

In some places they are said to have gunned down many soldiers as Israel's military scrambled to muster response. And upon return to Gaza, they also took along some 240 hostages, including Israeli military personnel and civilians.

Dozens of the captives were later exchanged for Palestinians incarcerating in Israeli dungeons.

Since then, Israel has heavily bombarded Gaza from air, land and sea, killing more than 35,000 Palestinians, mostly children and women, wounding nearly 80,000 and displacing most of 2.4 million people in the tiny coastal enclave.

Israel is accused of genocide at the International Court of Justice, which has ordered Tel Aviv to ensure that its forces do not commit acts of genocide and take measures to guarantee that humanitarian assistance is provided to civilians in the enclave. 


Thursday, May 16, 2024

The Jewish Plot to Enslave Humanity

At the Roots of Political Judaism

With a lie you can go very far, but there is no turning back. (Jewish proverb)

Globalist Jews and their vassals have a nasty habit of smearing their opponents with accusations of “conspiracy theorists,” implying by this slur that conspiracies exist only in the fertile imagination of their critics, who are commonly portrayed as a bunch of lying crazies. However, according to Harvard University biological anthropology professor Richard Wrangham,

The vital innovation that has given rise to a new kind of political system is the plot. The ability to plot [conspire] rather than the ability to make weapons is what balanced the forces between the classical alpha males and the coalition of the weak. The ability to plot is an example of what psychologist Michael Tomasello has termed “shared intentionality,” a type of collaboration in which participants have psychological states in common. This ability has recently been deemed by psychologist Michael Tomasello to be unique to the human species. Humans excel in shared intentionality, which is already present in children as young as one year old, whereas chimpanzees show almost no signs of it. According to Tomasello, the typically human development of shared intentionality explains why humans can do many special things, from using mathematics to building skyscrapers and from playing a symphony to forming governments.[1]

If, as Richard Wrangham believes, selection against reactive aggression in impulsive people who have difficulty with frustration has indeed led to the self-domestication of humans, globalism and its off-shoot Zionism would in this sense be an attempt to domesticate humanity a step further into slavery. This attempt is only made possible by the shared intentionality of the main belligerents. It’s a conspiracy in the purest sense of the word. One of globalism’s most prominent conspirators, Jewish vassal, David Rockefeller, makes no secret of the fact:

Some people even think that we [the Rockefeller family] are part of a secret Cabala working against the best interests of the United States that we are internationalists conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I am guilty, and proud of it.[2]

This Jewish plot against humanity is also vindicated in a book by Joseph W. Bendersky called The Jewish Threat. Antisemitic Politics in the US Army. “Put simply,” writes Ron Unz, the Jewish editor in chief and owner of one of America’s most trusted information websites, The Unz Review, “U.S. military leaders in those decades widely believed that the world faced a direct threat from organized Jewry, which had seized control of Russia and similarly sought to subvert and gain mastery over America and the rest of Western civilization.”[3]

Humans are made that way, to carry out a project, they need a master plan, a strategy, a method, and to avoid alerting their opponents, they must necessarily plan in secret, i.e., plot. Shared intentionality is indeed one of our instincts. Whether it’s a sports team, an army, a political party, or the globalist hydra, without a game plan or a playbook, you will fail.

If you want, in other words, to exterminate 6 million Jews in gas chambers, you need a plan, it won’t happen by telepathy or by “an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus—mind reading by a far-flung bureaucracy,” as the most prestigious Holocaust specialist Raul Hilberg puts it in what is considered the bible of the Holocaust: The Destruction of the European Jews.[4]

What else could he say! Contrary to Jewish claims, as conclusively shown in both Zundel trials[5] and in a huge number of contradictory books and articles,[6] there are no documents, no signed order by Hitler or anyone else for that matter, no plans for the construction of gas chambers, no pictures of a homicidal gas chamber, no traces of gas in the alleged gas chambers presented to the public, no bills for the hundreds of tons of coal needed to incinerate millions of bodies, no mass graves, no ashes anywhere, just witness accounts and Hollywood fictions that don’t prove a thing.[7] Circular statements like the following one is what Holocaust fanatics such as Deborah Lipstadt consider as sufficient proof:

It is not necessary to ask how, technically, such a mass murder was possible. It was technically possible because it took place. This is the obligatory starting point of any historical investigation on this subject. It was our duty to simply remind you of this truth: there is not, nor can there be, any debate about the existence of gas chambers.[8]

But beware, Ms. Lipstadt, with the advent of artificial intelligence, this kind of “overwhelming” evidence may no longer be enough. For example, if you ask infoChatbot the following questions, as Catholic intellectual Dr. E. Michael Jones did, you get the following answers:

How many Jews died in Auschwitz?

The chatbot answered: “It is estimated that at least 1.1 million people died in Auschwitz, the majority of whom were Jews.

Were the Jews murdered in Auschwitz cremated?

Yes, the bodies of those murdered at Auschwitz were cremated.

How many crematoria were there in Auschwitz?

There was a total of four crematoria in Auschwitz.

How long does it take for a crematorium to cremate a body?

It usually takes between two and three hours to cremate a body in a crematorium.

Is it possible to cremate 1.1 million bodies using only four crematoria in four years?”


How many years would it take?”

It would take over 78 years to cremate 1.1 million bodies using only four crematoria.[9]

Let’s leave it up to Ms. Lipstadt to work through the infoChatbot quagmire while we get back to our topic: The Jewish plot to enslave humanity. So, what is the master plan that is used by the Jewish Globo-Zionists to achieve their goal of hegemonic domination? There are several, as we shall see below, but one is more important than the others.


The Pentateuch or the Hebrew Bible called the Torah, which is composed of the five books, Genesis, Exile, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy is not the master plan as such, but it is placed first because it contains a recurring theme in political Judaism: the world belongs to the Jews and all non-Jews on the planet are at the mercy and whim of Jewish interests. The following passage from chapter 7 of Deuteronomy is pretty chilling, to say the least:

For you are a people sacred to the LORD, your god; he has chosen you from all the nations on the face of the earth to be a people peculiarly his own.

You shall consume all the nations which the LORD, your god, will deliver up to you.

Rout them utterly until they are annihilated.

He will deliver their kings into your hand, that you may make their names perish from under the heavens.

No man will be able to stand up against you, till you have put an end to them.

The Torah, in other words, is the foundation on which all the following expressions of political Judaism are built. “Its central ideology is summed up in Yahweh, the national god of the Israelites, who, through the Mosaic covenant, promised his people dominion over the nations on condition that they be separated,” notes the French historian and essayist Laurent Guyénot in his book Our God Is Your God Too, But He Has Chosen Us.[10]

The Torah is thus one of the blueprints that the Jewish race uses to enslave humanity. The playbook of the Open Society of George Soros, born Schwartz, for example, is in fact derived from the Torah, more specifically from Deuteronomy 20-10 and 20-11:

When you go near a city to fight against it, then proclaim an offer of peace to it. And it shall be that if they accept your offer of peace, and open to you, then all the people who are found in it shall be placed under tribute to you, and serve you.[11]

As noted by Doctor of Philosophy Lucien Cerise,

the phraseology of openness is in fact designed to disarm human communities by making them feel guilty about being closed. In 2007, the German government and the Council of Europe launched a project called Days of Tolerance in Ukraine’s intercultural cities, designed to open Ukrainians’ minds and prepare them to welcome non-European immigrants. Opening doors and making doors open are principles of social engineering, destroying a system not by piercing its defences, but by making them open, with its consent and abusing its trust after having usurped the identity of the victim or saviour.[12]


This compilation of continuously updated comments is the common Jewish law, the religious-legal code, which serves as the unifying force and the spiritual rallying point of the Jewish people. The Talmud gave birth to the universally adaptable Jew, providing him with “an invisible framework for the governance of man” says Jewish historian Max Dimont.[13] The philosophy of this book is the primary foundation of political Judaism today and the virtual guidebook for the Jewish goal of a global imperium.

Simply put, the Talmud can be viewed as “a group evolutionary strategy used by Jews in their competition for social, political, and cultural dominance with non-Jews,” notes evolutionary psychologist Dr. Kevin MacDonald in his landmark book, The Culture of Critique. An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements.[14]

In his work, Zionism and Apartheid (1975), Russian writer Valery Skurlatov asserts that “both Judaism and Zionism have the same socio-economic class basis — and thus a common purpose — world domination. Judaism contains in coded form the strategy, universal in class-oriented societies, of the ‘chosen people.’ Only ‘their own’ are initiated into this secret strategy.”[15]

It was the Spanish-born Rabbi Moses ben Maimon (1135-1204), now remembered as Maimonides and as Ramban who, in the 12th century,

helped institutionalize the Talmud as the driving force behind worldwide Jewish thinking. No serious student of the New World Order can dispute the fact that what the Talmud and other pivotal writing put forth is precisely the concept that is brought into being today as a consequence of global Jewish power in the hands of the Rothschild Empire. While the Rothschild Empire initially opposed establishing a Jewish state, once they recognized the benefit of a strategically placed Jewish state in Palestine as a base for global machinations, they became Zionism’s greatest patrons. As such, Edmond Rothschild is hailed as “the Father of Israel” and honoured on Israeli currency today.[16]

Isaac Luria’s Cabala

According to a concept in the Cabala of Isaac Luria called tikkun olam or “repair of the world” in Hebrew, the creation of the Tree of Life, the Kabbalistic symbol of the universe, was an accident that produced a great disorder that only the Jewish people have the power to repair by hastening the coming of their Messiah to the Holy Land through social, political, and military actions.[17]

In the 16th century, this religious belief, which originated in the 13th century, became part of the Jewish orthodoxy. Thus, since that time, a number of Jewish elites have been working tirelessly from morning to night, directly or indirectly, with the help of their non-Jewish vassals, for the realization of this messianic utopia born in the fertile imagination of a handful of Jewish mystics such as Moses Nahmanide, Abraham Abulafia, Solomon Molcho, David Reubeni, Isaac Luria, Sabbataï Tsevi, and Jacob Frank.[18]

Jewish oligarch Jacques Attali, the multifaceted eminence grise of several French presidents, repeatedly condemned for plagiarism[19] is an ardent follower of the Lurianic Cabala and of tikkun olam:

Why should the world be repaired? God is there for that, if the world needs repairing, it is because God has decided not to do it anymore, so this opens up dizzying perspectives and one must have read and understood something in Luria at least to be able to reflect on this subject, so it refers to the responsibility of the human condition, and in the forefront of human responsibility, to Jewish responsibility. We are alone, and Auschwitz confirmed it to us, for all those who did not want to hear it, the repair of the world is us and nobody else. I think that this mission refers fundamentally to the Jewish expectation that “we are here to repair the world.”[20]

Jewish billionaire and busy warmonger Bernard-Henri Lévy (BHL) also swears by tikkun olam:

No more saving the world. Never mind starting it again. But just to repair it, the way one repairs broken vases. The word “repair” is very beautiful. It is modest. It is wise. But it is also dizzying. It was Isaac Luria’s, of course.[21]

And Jewish vaccine promoter Peter Hotez is also convinced that he is doing his part to repair the world. In his essay Science Tikkun: Repairing the World through the Science of Neglected Diseases, Science Diplomacy, and Public Engagement, Hotez claims, as noted by Karl Hamaers the author of Covert Covid Culprits. An Inquest Chronicle, that

one of the ways the world is broken is in the human immune system, and that one of the ways Jews are going to fix that for the benefit of the rest of us Gentiles is through vaccines.[22]

But don’t be fooled by appearances. Under the guise of holy intentions, writes Karl Haemers, “Mr. Hofez is part of a vast cabal bent on protecting the pharmaceutical industry and the global public health infrastructure from scrutiny.”[23]
As for Bernard-Henri Lévy, who has always publicly asserted that his fight is part of a universalist approach to human rights, he admitted in a speech given during a Jewish convention that as a “representative of the tribe of Israel,” he had committed himself to the overthrow of Khadafi “under the banner” of his “loyalty to Zionism and Israel,” adding that it was “as a Jew” that he had “taken part in this political adventure.”[24] Always ahead of his time, Jacques Attali’s way of repairing the world is to promote universalism and planetary race-mixing for everyone except Jews.[25] When Jews such Hofez, BHL, and Attali “repair the world,” they are repairing it to better suit themselves and their Jewish agenda.

Sabbateï Tsevi’s Cabala

But if the tikkun olam of J. Attali, BHL, and Hofez seems rather positive and innocent on the surface, since it is simply a matter of metaphorically gluing back together the broken pieces of the vase of the universe, there is also a dark side to the Cabala, that of the Jewish cabalist Sabbataï Tsevi (1626-1676) the enfant terrible of the Cabala. In his version of things, instead of repairing broken vessels by gluing them back together, one must destroy the vessels that are judged to be defective by the parties involved.[26]

This is the principle of redemption through sin preached by the disgraced Weinstein who believes that he can save humanity in his own particular way by taking on the burden of sexual assault. According to sources close to the famously fallen producer (now redeemed by the wave of a magic wand), he has indeed resigned himself to being punished as a martyr for social change. “Weinstein could be seen as a disciple of Sabbataï Tsevi who declared himself the Messiah in 1666,” quips the Jewish philosopher and jazz musician Gilad Atzmon, “and the transition from all-round sinner to new messianic figure was certainly swift for serial sexual predator Weinstein. But this should not surprise us. The fact that Weinstein sees himself as a martyr for social change is perfectly in keeping with tikkun olam, the misguided Jewish belief that it is up to Jews to fix the world.”[27]

The Sabbataist doctrine was also preached by the Canadian Jewish singer Leonard Cohen (1934-2016) in his last album released in October 2016. In that record’s eponymous song, You Want It Darker, Cohen declares his belief in the doctrine of Sabbataï Tsevi, a manic-depressive who thought he was the Messiah of the Jews. During one of his manic phases, Tsevi proclaimed the abolition of God’s commandments and his belief in Satan, “the one who allows what is forbidden.” In his sick mind, sin becomes virtue and the normal becomes abnormal. What was at first only a serious mental pathology became the central dogma of globalism and its off-shoot Zionism: in order to do good, to purify oneself from the impure, one must first do evil.[28]

Jacob Frank’s Cabala

The Sabbataist antinomianism would later be taken up by Tsevi’s disciple Jacob Frank (1726–1791), who declared that the end of time and the destruction of all laws will not be complete until depravity has spread to the whole of society: “I have not come to elevate, I have come to destroy and bring down all things until everything is swallowed up so deep that it cannot sink any lower… There is no ascension without first descending.”[29]

There is a familiar nihilistic aspect to the Sabbato-Frankist conception of things that one cannot fail to recognize in today’s Western society, where things such as blasphemous desacralizations à la Charlie Hebdo, pedophilia, zoophilia, transgenderism, homosexuality, adultery, feminism, abortion on demand, and pornography are encouraged, even exalted. In this clean slate policy, all traditional values and religions are annihilated, paving the way for atheism and the secular, anticlerical tendencies embodied in Freemasonry, liberalism, and Jacobinism [communism]. This is what Leonard Cohen metaphorically declares in the line of his song that he repeats like a mantra, “You want it darker we kill the flame.”

Thus, to rebuild back better on the ruins of the impure, one must destroy the kellipot, those impure barks of the Tree of Life that stand in the way of the redemption of humanity: territorial borders, nations, patriotism, identity, order, law, family, marriage, patriarchy, biological sex, the ethnic and racial diversity that nature has created, morality and religion, government, property, and inheritance rights, economic, social, and cultural protectionism, everything, absolutely everything.

A strategy of birth in pain and chaos that will essentially result in the resurrection of the Hebrew world not only on the ruins of the order established on the principles of Christian civilization, as Mgr. Henri Delassus rightly claimed, at a time when Christianity was dominant,[30] but on the ruins of all non-Jewish races, religions, and civilizations.

It is these ideas from the Torah, the Talmud, and the Cabala that animate the Likud party, the Tsahal army, as well as the Jewish media, academics, banks, financiers, corporations, and the tens of thousands of synagogues, Jewish associations, foundations, and think tanks spread out in a spider web fashion all over the world. These ideas are the blueprints or protocols that the Jewish race follows to impose its will on the world and to enslave humanity. As stated by the greatly beloved Sephardic rabbi of Israel, Ovadia Yosef, who passed away in 2013,

goyim [non-Jews] were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world—only to serve the people of Israel.

In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With Gentiles, it will be like any person—they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money.

This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.

Why are Gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why Gentiles were created.

— Weekly Saturday night sermon in October 2010.[31]

These are not just empty words. This great Jewish sage is simply following a passage from the Hebrew Bible found in the book of Isaiah (61:5-6). Until his death in 2013, Ovadia Yosef, who was for thirty years a highly respected religious authority and listened to by Israeli leaders, including the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, was the embodiment par excellence of the ideas that prevail today in Israel and the Jewish Diaspora.[32] When Yosef died in 2003, 800,000 Israelis attended his funeral, the largest in Israel’s history. In its October 7, 2013, issue, The Times of Israel called Yosef a “giant of Jewish thought.”

To recap: Globalism and its off-shoot Zionism is basically a multifaceted mystico-political project whose stated aim is the redemption of mankind but whose secret aim is the enslavement of mankind. The real goal of the Globo-Zionists is a “Jewish utopia” where all the wealth of the world will be held by the Jews and all the nations of the earth will be subservient to them and their “God.”[33] In other words, globalism and its off-shoot Zionism is not only about a Jewish state, it is about a Jewish-Based World Order. As prominent Jewish writer, Israel Shamir, says,

Palestine is not the ultimate goal of the Jews, the world is. Palestine is just the place for world state headquarters. The Jews intend to turn Jerusalem into the supreme capital of the world, and its rebuilt temple into the focal point of the earth […] .[34]

Should we be concerned about the hegemonic, revolutionary, even tyrannical, and genocidal character of globalism and its off-shoot Zionism? To watch the “most moral army in the world,” of the “only democracy in the Middle East,” unabashedly torture, rape, and exterminate the Palestinian children, women, and the elderly of Gaza, without a shred of human remorse, in front of the entire planet, and with the consent of the Jewish-controlled Western governments, it’s high time to ask some serious questions.

Please, Mr. Bernard-Henry Levy, reassure us on this matter, it turns out that your tribe when captured by their ill will for power “can become great murderers, among the greatest known in modern history.”[35],[36]



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