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Monday, July 29, 2019

Nuremberg 2.0 hearings to be broadcast live on the Internet

The Distraction Game. Surveillance State and Pedos Freaking Out

July 22, 2019

The cleanup of the Khazarian satanist infection of the U.S. body politic took a dramatic new turn last week when the U.S. House of Representatives voted to broadcast live the tribunals taking place now in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and elsewhere.

Pentagon sources described these hearings as “Nuremberg 2.0” and said the U.S. Department of Defense is installing cameras at various bases to broadcast the ongoing military tribunals. The tribunals have started opening the over 110,000 sealed indictments from across the U.S., they say.

We are also now finding out that Jeffrey Epstein, the Mossad pedophile blackmailer, was both a member of the Committee on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

Since these organizations were created by the Rockefeller family, it looks like Epstein was their servant.

“The Zionists are panicking because the Jewish Federal Prosecutor for the Southern District of New York, Geoffrey Berman, and the Jewish Federal Judge Richard Berman [we do not know if they are related] appointed by Bill Clinton did not recuse, but denied $100M bail to Mossad’s Epstein,” the Pentagon sources note.

Prosecutor Berman agreed in November 2018 to present a petition by the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 to a grand jury. From Wikipedia: The petition outlines certain 9/11 related federal crimes committed within the Southern District of New York, including that the World Trade Center (WTC), the Twin Towers (WTC1 and WTC2), and WTC Building 7 (WTC7) collapsed on 9/11 due to the detonation of pre-planted explosives and/or incendiaries.

The prosecution of probable Rockefeller agent Epstein, together with the investigations of 9/11, are connected to an international effort to finally bankrupt the United States of America Corporation this autumn, according to Pentagon, MI6, and Asian secret society sources. The U.S. corporate government can use their printing press to lift stock prices and make payments within the U.S. However, they cannot use it to pay for external debts, and it looks like the Chinese are finally digging in their heels and deciding not to keep lending money to the U.S. Corporate government. This is the real reason why Trump tried to raise tariffs and attack Huawei, according to MI6 and other sources. This is also why the corporate news is once again filled with political Kabuki theater about “lifting the debt ceiling.”

If this latest attempt to bankrupt D.C. is successful, the entire fake show into which the U.S. political system has degenerated will be unplugged. This will end the manufactured media events like “building a wall on the Mexican border.” It now turns out, by the way, that U.S. President Donald Trump, for all his huffing and puffing, has not built even a single mile of new border wall.

The other thing that is looking likely is that the entire system of giving Fed funny money to insiders to goose the stock market is going to end. Since quantitative easing started in 2009 following the Lehman Brothers shock, U.S. stock prices have risen 350%. However, GDP has only risen by 46% since that time. That means it takes 7 dollars of stock market funny money to create 1 dollar of real economic activity. Also, if you factor in the fact that less than 10% of the population owns more than 84% of stocks, you realize the GDP growth is concentrated almost exclusively among the rich. Even this GDP growth for the rich is exaggerated by means of fake inflation data.

Because the source of Epstein’s money is likely to be the owners of the Federal Reserve Board, the Epstein scandal is a thread that is being pulled to unravel the whole system, Pentagon sources say.

So far, “New York Jewish billionaire, buyout king Apollo CEO Leon Black, may be charged with perjury, false statements, and filing false documents for lying about Epstein on his family foundation tax returns. He lives near Epstein’s New York mansion and may have benefited from blackmailed investors to his private equity fund, with Epstein getting a nice capital introduction fee,” the Pentagon sources note. The trail from Leon Black, assuming he doesn’t get “suicided,” will certainly lead further up the pyramid.

Since many editors of the controlled media are “probably being blackmailed by the Mossad,” they will not tell us that “not only were the CIA and FBI complicit in the Epstein-Maxwell Mossad pedophilia entrapment and blackmail operation from day one, but there are 49 other Mossad entrapment operations going on, one in each U.S. state, all protected by the FBI,” according to Robert David Steele, former CIA Operations Officer and U.S. Marine Intelligence Officer.

Meanwhile, the UK is also about to undergo a major purge as the secret services begin to dismantle the network behind Libor bid-rigging and other illegal market manipulation going on in the London financial district, MI6 sources say.

“The matter has now fully escalated at domestic and international law, resulting in the issuance of judicial arrest warrants to break up the entire case,” a senior MI5 source says. It is the result of “staggering levels of corruption and collusion that resulted in a cover-up spanning many years,” he adds.

At the same time, the panicking satanic Zionist fanatics are trying to start war with Iran like a kid trying to set fire to his school to avoid an exam he knows he is going to fail. In the latest ploy, an Israeli politician is bragging about “killing Iranians.”

Now that Theresa May is finally leaving office, the British are going to stop their ship-seizing provocations against Iran, MI6 sources say. “They are playing tit for tat with ships. We deployed assets to secure our interests, but not enough. The Gibraltar incident just created a retaliation, but they’re even now and will hand back in reciprocity. We know not to be drawn into a holy war with Iran,” an MI6 source said. In other words, the British military, like their U.S. counterparts, are refusing to be manipulated into war by the Zionist fanatics.

In the U.S., “the Neocons have been sidelined as Rand Paul has been appointed Trump’s envoy to Iran,” Pentagon sources say

These Pentagon sources have been asked to examine why Trump appears to be so zealously sucking up to mass-murdering war criminal Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Here is part of his latest flattering tweet to this monster:

“Congratulations to Bibi @Netanyahu on becoming the longest serving PM in the history of Israel… you have led Israel with a commitment to the values of democracy, freedom, and equal opportunity.”

We can only assume Netanyahu is holding something over Trump’s head. The trail is likely to ultimately lead to the French branch of the Rothschild family and Fukushima, Japanese military intelligence sources say.

The Japanese military intelligence sources told recently that Japan was turned into a foreign-owned corporation in 2003 after its government was blackmailed with earthquake weapons during the Bush Jr. regime. The following registration of Japan’s annual report with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission was provided as evidence.

The foreign managers of the Japanese corporate government, who have offices on the 5th floor of the Japanese Prime Minister’s residence, will be hunted down and killed this autumn if they do not leave the country before then, Asian secret society sources say.

In any case, the rest of the world is waiting for the West, especially the Untied [sic] States of America, to purge itself of the criminals who infiltrated the top levels of its power structure. When this is over, new and better methods for running the planet will then be negotiated, Asian secret society sources say.

On a final note with week, we wish to inform readers that we will be going off the grid in Canada for our annual holiday. This means the next three reports will be pre-written unless some extraordinary event takes place.

In the meantime, we would like to urge our readers to become citizen reporters, watch the live broadcasts from the military tribunals, and provide summaries for people, because you can be sure the corporate media won’t be doing it.

Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis
by Benjamin Fulford

Global Currency Reset 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Skies With Healthy Chemtrails? Endless ‘earthquakes’ at China Lake

A huge show this week … thanks to:

*SerialBrain2 claiming (with some supporting evidence too) the White Hats have taken over the chemtrails, and are now spraying ‘healthy’ chemtrails designed to reverse the damage to us & the environment, whilst harming those with negative ET DNA.

**the normal aftershocks common with big earthquakes have continued with China Lake/Cabal base to ‘more than double the record of 4,000 aftershocks’ after a big earthquake … and haven’t stopped. Could these be underground explosions from a massive offensive the White Hats launched?

***the startling energetic reasons why I’m seeing military MV-22 Osprey (below) and military helicopters every day … all of a sudden - since last Thursday (when ‘something BIG’ was removed – which I mentioned in my last email to you) and the mind-blowing connections to SerialBrain2’s emphasis on the transforming MV-22 Osprey in his recent video report on the ‘transformation of America and the Pheonix principle.

...and I'll also get into the possible false flag attempt on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco planned for this coming August 11th....

… all of which come after Fulford’s sources saying the “3 Power Obelisks Fall: Washington … Rome and London”!

Major victory as all three power obelisks fall: Washington, London and Rome

Nuremberg 2.0 hearings to be broadcast live on the Internet

So clearly we’re in the realm of – “is this too good to be true??”.

And that’s exactly what I’ll get into on this week’s huge episode of Ground Crew Command … as the 144k is preparing for whatever task the Upper Realms will give it next.


Tune in to this week’s show to learn about … how the 144k helped in bringing about the following:

-Clinton Foundation raided by Special Forces (white Hats) during Manhattan ‘power outage’

-Deutsche Bank under DOJ investigation for links to Epstein

-JP Morgan owned ship seized with 1.3b worth of cocaine on it

-Angela Merkel seen visibly shaking in public for the 3rd time in three weeks!

-US military installing cameras for live broadcasts of ongoing military tribunals

-why the White Hats have chosen ‘the Epstein route’ to bring down the Cabal

-Judge in Epstein case denies $100 bail for Epstein, despite being an appointee of Bill Clinton

… learn how we’ve helped the above manifest, as we all march on to freedom, here on Ground Crew Command - (live, every Wed night 9pm EDT)

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The Unknown Lightwarrior on July 23, 2019


The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors and Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) ... clearing ... energy surgery ... DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings to return to your power ... go to: and/or

Mathematics In Ancient India and How It Reached Europe

The story of Mathematics in Ancient India and how it reached Europe laying the foundations of modern mathematics enlightening the entire world in what is known as the ‘world event’.


1 Foundations of Modern Mathematics

2 Origin of Mathematics in India

3 Significance of the Invention of Place-value System

4 The European Puzzle

5 Not just Genius of a High Order

6 The Great Indian Mathematicians

7 Indian Mathematics influence the Muslim World

8 Indian Mathematics reach Europe

9 Mystery of Srinivasa Ramanujan

Highly intellectual and given to abstract thinking as they were, one would expect the ancient Indians to excel in mathematics. Europe got its early arithmetic and algebra from the Arabs — hence the ‘Arabic numerals’ — but the Arabs themselves had previously taken them from India. The astonishing progress that the Indians had made in mathematics is now well known and it is recognized that the foundations of modern arithmetic and algebra were laid long ago in India.

The clumsy method of using a counting frame and the use of Roman and such like numerals had long retarded progress when the ten Indian numerals, including the zero sign, liberated the human mind from these restrictions and threw a flood of light on the behaviour of numbers. These number symbols were unique and entirely different from all other symbols that had been in use in other countries. They are common enough to-day and we take them for granted, yet they contained the germs of revolutionary progress in them. It took many centuries for them to travel from India, via Baghdad, to the western world.

Why the #BritishEmpire and the East India Company created India’s Central Bank – the Reserve Bank Of India?
— GreatGameIndia (@GreatGameIndia) July 4, 2019

A hundred and fifty years ago, during Napoleon’s time, La Place wrote: ‘It is India that gave us the ingenious method of expressing all numbers by means of ten symbols, each symbol receiving a value of position, as well as an absolute value; a pro-found and important idea which appears so simple to us now that we ignore its true merit, but its very simplicity, the great ease which it has lent to all computations, puts our arithmetic in the first rank of useful inventions; and we shall appreciate the grandeur of this achievement when we remember that it escaped the genius of Archimedes and Apollonius, two of the greatest men produced by antiquity.’ Quoted in Hogben’s ‘Mathematics for the Million’, (London, 1942).

The origins of geometry, arithmetic, and algebra in India go back to remote periods. Probably to begin with there was some kind of geometrical algebra used for making figures for Vedic altars. Mention is made in the most ancient books of the geometrical method for the transformation of a square into a rectangle having a given side: ax = c. Geometrical figures are even now commonly used in Hindu ceremonies. Geometry made progress in India but in this respect Greece and Alexandria went ahead.


Ramanujan’s brief life and death are symbolic of conditions in India. Of our millions how few get any education at all, how many live on the verge of starvation; of even those who get some education how many have nothing to look forward to but a clerkship in some office on a pay that is usually far less than the unemployment dole in England. If life opened its gates to them and offered them food and healthy conditions of living and education and opportunities of growth, how many among these millions would be eminent scientists, educationists, technicians, industrialists, writers and artists, helping to build a new India and a new world?

For more than 2000 years a war is being waged for the control of India and the access routes connected to it. The Turkey Coup is the beginning of the end of the Great Game, as it is known. With Russia slipping out of their hands, the eyes were set on an unfathomably resource-rich country, which even after thousand years of non-stop plunder and looting still captures the imagination of one and all, thugs, thieves and robber-barons alike with her yet-unknown massive economic resources potential — that country is India.

India in Cognitive Dissonance is a hard-hitting myth-buster from GreatGameIndia. A timely reminder for the decadent Indian society; a masterpiece on Geopolitics and International Relations from an Indian perspective – it lays bare the hypocrisy taken root in the Indian psyche because of the falsehoods that Indian society has come to accept as eternal truth.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Execution of George Bush Sr. doomed JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Merkel

July 15, 2019

The execution of George Bush Sr. and his wife Barbara is finally opening doors to a real takedown of the satanic Khazarian mafia cabal, multiple sources agree. This is seen in all sorts of news events being reported even by the corporate slave media. The resignation of Trump’s Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta over his involvement in covering up for Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein is just another domino to fall. At least 110,000 others will follow, including a wide swathe of politicians, celebrities, and billionaires, promise Pentagon sources.

This purge at the top of world power will go hand-in-hand with a massive campaign to fix up the planet. “A letter of recommendation for a world future planning agency has been distributed to all sovereign heads of state,” according to a high-level European royal family source. The plan to reforest an area the size of the U.S. and China combined has been added to this proposal, the source also said.

This proposal is under a diplomatic corporate/associated press embargo until the market-moving details of its structure are worked out, the source says. However, he says it has already been decided that the project will dwarf even the multi-trillion-dollar Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.

World financial markets, which are becoming a giant hallucination with negative interest rates and soaring stock prices, may be shut down and rebooted as a part of the preparations, the source adds.

However, a complete purge of the satanic elements of the world power structure will be needed before this is possible, Pentagon and CIA sources note. This has continued with a Special Forces raid on the Clinton Foundation and other satanic infrastructures that took place during a power outage in Manhattan last week, the sources say.

“While China may get media attention, an extreme prejudice counterintelligence task force aided by the NSA, the military, and Russia is ridding America of the [satanic] Zionist parasite, as the CIA and FBI atone for their crimes and protection of Epstein,” Pentagon sources say.

“With 110,000 indictments that are being unsealed with Epstein, a Twitter outage and California quakes, ICE raids with federal troops may lead to mass arrests, as Trump knows that it is now or never if he is to win in 2020,” one Pentagon source says.

Clearly, even if Trump is a Zionist agent, the push from the lower and middle ranks of the military-industrial complex will pop him out of power like a cork from a champagne bottle if he tries to stop it.

The Pentagon sources add, “Israel is under siege as former Prime Minister Ehud Barak may have commanded Epstein blackmail operations as well as 9/11.” Barak appears to have been ratted on by war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, and internecine fighting in Israel intensifies, MI6 sources note.

Israel is also feeling the heat because “Turkey is getting Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missiles to break up NATO, project power, protect its offshore gas in Cyprus, and put Israel back in its sandbox,” the Pentagon sources say.

When in trouble, the fake Jews attack themselves in order to appear persecuted and justify aggression, Mossad sources say. That is why the Mossad-created Hamas organization is now calling for Jews to be killed around the world, they say.

Message to the Jews: Relax, nobody is going to kill you; you are just being liberated from thousands of years of satanic Babylonian tyranny.

This imminent liberation can be seen as pressure against the satanists is intensifying from all directions, with pushes for “FISA disclosure, 9/11, 3/11 [Fukushima], and Malaysian Air Flight 370/17 declassification,” Pentagon sources confirm.

This can be seen with investigations of Deutsche Bank, which indicate it was involved not only with financing Epstein, but also with drug-money laundering and with the Malaysian 1MDB scandal, multiple sources agree.

Former Prime Minister Najib Razak, who has been arrested in this scandal involving the embezzlement of billions of dollars, has been singing like a canary, CIA sources in Southeast Asia say. Razak is negotiating a plea bargain in which he will trade his secret files on Malaysian Air Flight 370/17 for leniency, the sources say. As long-time readers of this newsletter know, Flight 370/17 was used by former U.S. President Barack Obama for nuclear blackmail against world leaders, among other things.

Another sign that Bush Sr. is no longer around to sweep things under the carpet came when a ship owned by Bush-linked JP Morgan was busted with $1.3 billion worth of cocaine on it.

The fall of Bush has also exposed the German-led EUSSR. The British, as we mentioned last week, have shown they can cut off European access to the Baltic and Mediterranean as well as the Suez Canal as they start playing Brexit hardball.

The European Galileo GPS system was also taken out of commission as part of a pressure campaign to get the EU to surrender, Pentagon sources say.

No wonder Angela Hitler was seen trembling in public for the third time in three weeks.

German right-wing sources say if Merkel is not being attacked with electronic weapons, then “she has serious health problems based on a neurological or even neurodegenerative disorder like Parkinson’s disease or even a prion disease like Kuru. The public is entitled to know the exact reasons for her tremors,” the source adds. It may just be stress.

The firing of the British Ambassador to the U.S. last week was also part of the high-level infighting, a British royal family source says. “We fired our envoy to Washington for insulting the Farnese [Pentagon] family. Don’t pay attention to the rubbish they publish, common a day tittle tattle.”

This source also provided insight in the infiltration by Satanists of the highest ranks of European power:

“Really, it is quite horrid, but it is a cult and as we know, a religious fanatical one at that. All fanatics are deadly and dangerous outside very advanced psychiatry to deal with them. [Former UK Prime Minister] Tony Blair, by the way, was compromised to be totally controlled by the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult at the Mothers of Darkness site in Europe. We believe it was that incident that was used in the illegal Anglo-American Iraq war. A lot of what you report is symptomatic of the total rot at the very highest levels of world government, which I have had to meet face on.”

Remember, Tony Blair and George Bush Jr. both went for private talks with Pope Maledict (Benedict XVI) after leaving office, apparently seeking protection from prosecution for their crimes in Iraq. Take a look at this picture of Maledict (or any picture of him) and you can see pure evil. It looks like he is under the control of some sort of malign entity.

World institutions were “very dysfunctional and hugely compromised by the Western families who, to be very honest, either simply gave up or found their new generations to be completely inept, as happened with Rothschild, whom I replaced,” the royal source said.

“There was an element in the world ruling class that was very rotten—really it was a mafia—and things have changed now, or at least the trajectory has pivoted,” he added.

The power transfer at the very highest level of Western institutions is what is making all the public disclosure and arrests possible, as this and other sources agree.

The last domino to fall may well be Japan. Here, a criminal government that rules through fake opinion polls, fake elections, fake economic statistics, murder, and bribery is clinging to power. They are probably going to get away with another election theft in the July 21st upper house election. However, the person who put this government in power, Richard Armitage, is a dead man walking. This murderer and drug dealer, a cousin of Barbara Bush and bagman to Bush Sr., has lost his high-level patrons. When the move comes on Japan, “it will be sudden and absolute,” Asian secret society sources say.

The U.S. military, who control Japan, are about to dump criminal Japan handlers like Armitage, Michael Greenberg, and Gerald Curtis, Pentagon sources say. However, this will only happen after the U.S. is cleaned up, they note.

Meanwhile, the U.S. military is making public preparations to stay in operation even if the U.S. corporate government goes bankrupt. They have already convinced Kuwait to help finance them, together with Saudi Arabia. Now they are working on getting Japan to pay more, too.

The end game involves a Russian/U.S. military alliance to replace NATO, Pentagon sources say. This unified “Christian” alliance would then negotiate world peace with the Asians, they say. British royal family sources agree and add, “Usually things happen very fast when the deal is done, so hang on to your hat.”

As usual, though, we warn our readers to only believe it when you see it. Trump, for example, has yet to make good on his promise to disclose 9/11 truth. The world expects and demands a Nuremberg-style public trial of the high-level criminals. Seeing people like Hillary and Bill Clinton dragged off in handcuffs would be a good start.

Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis
by Benjamin Fulford

Whether You Know It Or Not, You’re Being Prepared For Contact With Extraterrestrials

In Brief The Facts:

-In 2019 UFOs became mainstream. But this truth had already been known for many decades. Collective consciousness is ready now more than ever for contact, and you're being prepared for that.

Reflect On:

-Why is humanity so deeply interested in the UFO and ET subject. Sure, you might say there is an 'agenda' with ET disclosure, but is there more to this picture? Why has this subject become the most sought after information out there?

UFOs became mainstream in 2019, the next question is who’s manning them? The mainstream media, and the agencies that direct them, have hidden the truth about UFOs for decades and they finally changed their story on that this year. Given we had known UFOs were real for many decades prior, and that we also have known ETs are involved in this whole phenomenon, are we really going to wait many more decades for the mainstream to admit ETs are real too? Or are we going to start listening to what independent media has been saying for decades?

Humanity is preparing for contact on a mass level. This is a blunt truth but one that is undeniable when you look at how interested and hungry the masses are for content related to this subject. Some of the most watched, read, and searched content on the internet, Netflix and YouTube all relate to ETs and UFOs. Sure, some might still be in the closet about it, but that’s changing QUICK!

But why has this been a secret for so long? The truth is, the biggest secret behind why ET and UFO disclosure has been suppressed is something that isn’t discussed all that much. We typically hear about things like technology suppression, specifically energy systems. How do these crafts get here? What propulsion systems do they use? These questions lead people towards the reality that the technologies of UFO craft ultimately would disrupt our fossil fuel energy oligarchy so much that it would also collapse our economies in some ways.

Of course, this would not be such a bad thing. Why? Because when you consider that this would mean having endless and ‘free’ energy, cost for goods would drop dramatically. Not just that but, when you begin to examine the ease in creating systems based around abundance, it becomes incredible to consider what is truly possible.

An endless supply of food grown locally, everywhere! Endless energy, installed everywhere! Cars and building facilities that do not create pollution. We could essentially live in a society built such that we do not need to be enslaved by money or debt because abundance would simply become a natural happening of a society built with abundant technology, that’s harmonious, in place.

We can all see the value of such disclosures, and the reason why this would be covered but. But there is something even deeper.

The Biggest Secret

The question is, if we know these technologies exist, and they are being suppressed. And if we know that whistleblowers and people have already reverse engineered or built these things, and not all have been killed or threatened, what is the reason why these things are held back? Why do we still deny these realities en masse?

The truth is, it comes down to consciousness. We’ve been saying this since the inception of CE in 2009: solutions are there, but they won’t come until humanity is ready. What does this ACTUALLY mean to be ready? It means growing up enough as a race, that we can actually be responsible for what it is we will have access to. Not just that, but to be able to say we have ‘graduated’ in a sense, to say we are beyond our old ways.

While that sounds like a loaded few sentences, and they are in a sense, all that is really being said here is, humanity has been stuck in a cycle of experience where we continually see everything, and everyone as separate from us. We are individuals, living out our identities and lives and we are simply here to survive. We believe the limiting ideas of what our reality is and should be and thus we create that reality consciously. Our collective belief about how our world should be is directly tied to what actually happens.

But there is this feeling deep within us at this time, and I know you feel it, where we are beginning to deeply question our ways. How we treat one another, our political systems, the elite manipulation and control that exists, the existential reality of who we are and how we are truly just consciousness, all connected. These deep questions are asking us to explore who we truly are and why we are truly here. And many of us are doing so. This is beginning to create instability and change in our system because the consciousness that holds up our old world, is beginning to crack, and a new one is emerging.
Contact: It’s On Us

WE are preparing ourselves fro contact. This is not happening through someone else, it’s a collective phenomenon that is simply the next stage of humanity’s journey. As our consciousness continues to shift, through us truly doing our own questioning, changing our own patterns, habits, thoughts, and actions, we will begin to truly create the solutions necessary to create a world where we can thrive. And disclosure of technologies will come forth. It comes down to US having to do this work, not governments, not someone else coming to save us. It’s about creating an entire populace with the mentality of truly being empowered and self-responsible, as opposed to needed governance and feeling helpless.

This is why the greatest reason why ET reality is so suppressed comes down to consciousness because with an introduction to ET life, comes an entire myriad of experience we have not been exposed to.

Our CETV platform is designed to help prepare us for the stages of the personal transformation that is occurring in people’s lives. From information, to techniques, to how to guides, CETV is here as a tool to help us move through these confusing and yet expansive times. You can check out CETV here.

In the video below I explain what this means deeply, and how we can begin opening up the doors to mass contact with ET’s.

By Joe Martino

You Can Help Stop The 5G Infrastructure

We plan to investigate the telecom industry, it’s ties to politics, and expose its efforts to push 5G while ignoring the dangers and without proper safety testing, but we can't do it without your support.

We've launched a funding campaign to fuel our efforts on this matter as we are confident we can make a difference and have a strong plan to get it done.

Check out our plan and join our campaign here.

US Navy Disclosing Secret Space Program Technologies through Patents System

July 13, 2019

The US Navy has arranged for one of its scientists to openly apply for patents of advanced technologies that are allegedly under experimental development, but according to multiple insiders have been covertly developed and used in secret space programs for decades. In four patent applications lodged since 2015, the applicant, Dr. Salvator Cezar Pais, who filed on behalf of the Secretary of the Navy as the Assignee, has proposed revolutionary inventions that use principles such as electromagnetic propulsion rather than more conventional liquid fuel propulsion.

In one application, Philip J. Bonzell, a Primary Patent Examiner for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) believed the proposed invention of “A Craft Using an inertial Mass Reduction Device” was so outlandish and scientifically unfeasible that he rejected it on November 28, 2017.

The rejection led to an immediate appeal by a Navy attorney who provided a supporting letter dated December 15, 2017, by Dr. James Sheehy, the Chief Technology Officer for the Naval Aviation Enterprise. Sheehy pointed out that Pais was employed by the Navy, and was currently working on proving the feasibility of the revolutionary propulsion system for a hybrid aerospace undersea craft described in the application.

Illustration of a craft using an Inertial Mass Reduction Device

Sheehy furthermore asserted that China was seriously researching similar technologies and the Navy would face high costs if the patent weren’t granted:

2…. Dr. Pais is currently funded by NAWCAD [Naval Air War Center Aircraft Division] to design a test article instrumentation to demonstrate the experimental feasibility of achieving high electromagnetic (EM) field-energy and flux values… He is currently one year into the project and has already begun a series of experiments to design and demonstrate advanced High energy Density / High Power propulsion systems.

3… If successful the realization of this result demonstrates that this patent documents the future state of the possible and moves propulsion technology beyond gas dynamic systems to field-induced propulsion based hybrid aerospace-undersea craft…

5. Based on these initial findings I would assert this will become a reality. China is already investing significantly in this area and I would prefer we hold the patent as opposed to paying forever more to use this revolutionary technology.­

Bonzell decided to reverse his decision and granted the patent on December 4, 2018. Other patents awarded to Pais involved the creation of a “High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator”(2019), a “Piezoelectricity-induced Room Temperature Superconductor” (2019) and an “Electromagnetic Field Generator and method to generate an Electromagnetic Field” (2018).

In the four patents granted to Dr. Pais, on behalf of the Department of the Navy, there is little data on his background. In a detailed article titled, “Docs Show Navy Got ‘UFO’ Patent Granted By Warning Of Similar Chinese Tech Advances”, the authors, Brett Tingly and Tyler Rogoway, delved into Pais’ background and found the following:

Little information can be found about Salvatore Cezar Pais; he has virtually no web presence. What is known is that he received a PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in 1999 and that he currently works as an aerospace engineer for NAWCAD at Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland – the Navy’s top aircraft test base. Pais has published several articles and presented papers at American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics conferences over the years describing his work in electromagnetic propulsion, revolutionary room temperature superconductors, and topics like his PhD dissertation: “Bubble generation under reduced gravity conditions for both co-flow and cross-flow configurations.”

One of the key observations of Tingly and Rogoway was that none of the patent applications were marked for classification, even though that was an option the Navy could easily have chosen if they wanted to maintain secrecy for national security purposes. Instead, the Pais applications ignored the option to keep the technologies secret as evidenced by his application for “A Craft Using an Inertia Mass Reduction Device” where the “Request Not Publish” option is unchecked.

Tingly and Rogoway speculated about the Navy’s intentions:

If such a propulsion technology was so revolutionary and if the Navy indeed wanted to keep this technology out of others’ hands, it’s curious that they would choose to make the patent public. Maybe the Navy is signaling to its adversaries that it, too, is aware of this revolutionary capability and to whom it belongs.

Given what we know about secret space programs developed by the US Navy and Air Force respectively, electromagnetic propulsion systems have been used for decades in several crafts that operate both in space and underwater. The reason why Dr. Pais chose not to mark the patent applications secret was that senior Navy officials have decided the time had come for the disclosure of advanced electromagnetic propulsion technologies that were already in operation, rather than merely innovative proposals for future development as suggested in the patent application.

By arranging for one of its scientists to not only publicly apply for patents on revolutionary propulsion technologies, but to actually intervene when the application was turned down marks an extraordinary turn of events. The US Navy is moving forward with the disclosure process and is using the US patents system as the mechanism for the general public and scientific community awakening to the revolutionary potential of propulsion and energy storage systems using electromagnetic principles.

What adds further credence to this conclusion is the role of the Navy in leaking graphic videos of US Navy jets encountering Tic Tc shaped UFOs over the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in 2004 and 2014, and of the tradition breaking practice of allowing fighter pilots to give interviews of the encounters.

Tingly and Rogoway further speculated about the remarkable similarity between the craft in Dr. Pais’ patent applications and the Tic Tac sightings:

Normally, I would agree with others that these patents are likely just the Navy ensuring that when or if this technology does become available, the U.S. will be able to control it. However, these are not normal times. Thanks to To the Stars Academy (TTSA), the Department of Defense, and the media at large, not only are we now being told that Navy pilots have witnessed aircraft behaving exactly like the craft these patents describe, but some of the pilots’ visual descriptions of those anomalous aircraft even seem to be uncannily similar to the drawings of the aircraft as depicted in Pais’ patents.

The similarities between the technologies described in Pais’ patent applications and the Tic Tac UFO sightings clearly encourages speculation that the technologies proposed by Pais have already been developed, and that is what the Navy pilots have been witnessing. It’s worth repeating that Sheehy acknowledged in his appeal letter supporting Pais that the Chinese were already investing in such revolutionary technologies.

Indeed, Tingly and Rogoway speculated that Navy might be playing catch up to Chinese SSP who may be further along in the development of such technologies:

As striking as the similarity between the claimed capabilities of the hybrid craft and those of the objects described by Navy personnel, it’s still unknown whether these patents are related to the ongoing UFO revelations…. Perhaps the few pieces of footage that have trickled out over the last several years that some claim to show advanced craft could be the Navy’s way of subtly hinting that this concept actually works and is being tested in the field by either the U.S. or the Chinese. The fact that Sheehy would lean so heavily on the Chinese threat in the last bullet point of his appeal letter to the USPTO seems to suggest that the Navy may already be playing catch-up to a terrestrial foe.

I deeply doubt that the Navy is playing catch-up to what the Chinese have secret developed. Tingly and Rogoway do not appear to be aware of the many insiders who have come forward with their startling testimonies about U.S. reverse engineering programs involving captured flying saucer technologies that go back as far back as the 1940s.

The recent developments in the cases of Bob Lazar and Admiral Thomas Wilson who respectively described reverse engineering programs of captured alien technologies dating from the 1980s and 1990s, indicates how much public awareness has grown in understanding such programs.

Nor do Tingly and Rogoway appear aware of the Navy and Air Force having developed parallel secret space programs using advanced electromagnetic technologies as a result of their reverse engineering efforts. My latest book, the US Air Force Secret Space Program: Shifting Extraterrestrial Alliances and Space Force, provides historical documents and testimonies outlining the origins of the parallel programs, and the aerospace technologies that were covertly developed.

There is a great cause for optimism that Dr. Pais’ patents are part of an officially sanctioned disclosure process by the US Navy wanting previously suppressed technologies to be released into the public arena. The revolutionary potential of electromagnetic technologies for the aerospace industry is enormous. We are on the verge of witnessing the kind of rapid advances in the aerospace industry when it comes to energy storage and propulsion, which has become a norm in the telecommunications industry, thanks to microprocessor storage capacities doubling every two years.

Written by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Operation Seashell – How Israel Secretly Armed Iran and Later India

July 12, 2019

Operation Seashell was a clandestine Israeli operation to secretly arm Iran in exchange for continued access to Iranian oil. Later in 2009, the same Israeli arms company used as a conduit for secret arms sales to Iran was found to be involved in a major arms scandal in India.

1981 Mystery of Armenia mid-air collision


A huge, scorched black crater gaped at the rescue team, which immediately understood there was no one left for them to rescue. All they could do was extricate the remains of eight unidentifiable bodies. The aircraft that had been carrying them had been loaded so full of munitions and fuel that when it exploded in the air and crashed into a mountainside, there was almost nothing left of it or its crew.

Media reports said that the plane had lost its way and entered Soviet airspace over Azerbaijan. One of the Soviet air force jets sent to intercept it was said to have mistakenly collided with it, causing the crash. The truth is much more sinister, and shadowy.

Canadair CL-44 of TAR at Basle Airport in October 1976. The same aircraft was involved in the 1981 Armenia mid-air collision during Operation Seashell

The Argentinean ambassador in Moscow at the time, Leopoldo Bravo, was with the rescue team. Authorities had informed him that an aircraft belonging to the Argentinean cargo airline TAR had penetrated Soviet airspace and collided with another plane. The embassy ran a quick check which revealed that, in fact, a Canadair jet belonging to the company had vanished from radar screens near the Soviet-Turkish border on July 18. But the ambassador had not been able to figure out why an Argentine plane was in that area and what cargo it was carrying. Inquiries in Argentina had turned up nothing.

Israeli arms to Khomeini

In fact, the plane’s mission was well known at the time among a close circle in Israeli intelligence, and certain arms dealers. The aircraft was ferrying Israeli arms to Ayatollah Khomeini’s regime, in secret, to assist in Iran’s war with Iraq.

Saddam Hussein’s invasion was only ten months old. The war would last for eight years, and cost over a million lives, but at the time it seemed likely that Saddam’s superior forces would soon be parading through Tehran. The newly purged Iranian military was dominated by the Revolutionary Guards, and Khomeini badly needed weapons and supplies. Iran’s stockpiles were running low. During the Shah’s regime, Israel and America had kept Iran well armed; but now, following the seizure of the U.S. Embassy and the subsequent hostage crisis, America had declared a general boycott of Iran, and demanded that its allies do the same.

Ayatollah Khomeini in exile at Bursa, Turkey without clerical dress

Not everyone complied with the U.S. demands. The French, for one, weren’t averse to bending the embargo. One French firm, apparently under the protection of a high official in French intelligence, signed a contract with a British firm to supply engines for Scorpion light tanks to Iran. On the bills of lading they claimed the engines were bound for Jordan, although the Jordanian army had no Scorpion tanks. ‘They also approached the Israel Defense Ministry’s representative in Paris, offering to act as Intermediary for sales of Israeli supplies.

Amazingly, Israel responded. Khomeini’s regime openly endorsed the destruction of Israel, yet there were enough people in Israel who thought they should sell arms to him, in secret, for the operation code-named “Seashell” to be born. It puts the later Iran-contra scandal to shame.

Operation Seashell

There were four main reasons why Operation Seashell went forward. First, Israel could not come to terms with the military, intelligence, and diplomatic losses that it had sustained with the disruption of relations with Iran after the revolution. Arms exports would at least give it a foothold in Tehran. In Israel’s defense establishment, the lesson had been learned from many cases over the years that swiftly supplying weaponry and military know-how to a totalitarian state will bring the supplier as close as possible to the rulers, because the weapons are their means of holding on to power.

Second, it was hoped that the infusion of weaponry would intensify the Iran-Iraq War and lead to the mutual destruction or, at least weakening, of two enemies.

An Iranian soldier wearing a gas mask during the Iran-Iraq War

Third, Israeli officials feared a victorious Saddam Hussein. Finally, more than anything else, the weapons industry wanted to make money. As one Israeli Defense Ministry official, a key figure in Operation Seashell, recalls: “I do not remember even one discussion about the ethics of the matter. All that interested us was to sell, sell, sell more and more Israeli weapons, and let them kill each other with them.”

The Front Companies

Iran’s appeal for arms came through various front companies. The Zurich-based Center for Logistic Support Corporation wrote to SIBAT, the arm of the Israeli Defense Ministry that deals with defense exports, in January 1981. The letter explained that

The continuing war between Iran and Iraq has created an immediate requirement for a continuous and organized supply of spare pans and weapons to back up the anent needs of the Iranian Defense forces. As a result of the Iranians’ initiative, we are in the process of establishing a center for Logistic Support in Europe (US) which will serve the Iranian requirements in the aerospace anti defense fields. This organization is directly connected to the Iranian Ministry of War who would like to use them in its reorganization procedures for future purchases from the Western World...

The Indian Connection

In 2009 a major arms scandal broke out in India. It was revealed that a controversial Israeli arms agent has been playing a crucial role in swinging several defence deals in India. David Kolitz, his partner Israel Yaniv, and their Elul Group are key to many arms deals in India, according to several sources in India and abroad. It was reported that they work as agents for Israeli firms and operate in India through a prominent Indian arms dealer who is related to a Union minister.

That Elul takes commissions on its India deals is no secret. That the costs are loaded on to the Indian taxpayer are less known. In an article as far back as September 2001, Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper quoted Elul Group vice-president Joseph Ravkaie as confirming that the “company has had a commercial agreement with Rafael for five or six years”. He did not give details about the level of commissions paid in deals beyond saying that it was “not 5%”.

The ongoing plot for an Anglo-American Air Base in Kashmir.
— GreatGameIndia (@GreatGameIndia) July 12, 2019

Sources among private players in the Indian defence sector told DNA that they were aware of the power of Kolitz in swinging defence deals. In fact, one of them said Kolitz may have had a significant role in firming up a strong partnership between an Indian industrial house and a leading Israeli defence firm.

According to DNA’s investigation, the Israelis engaged Sudhir Choudhary to handle local political, bureaucratic, and military contacts. Choudhary is related to a prominent Union minister.

Choudhary replaced Suresh Nanda, Israel’s earlier arms dealer, against whom the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) instituted a case. Nanda, son of a former navy chief SM Nanda, came under scrutiny for handling the purchase of Barak missiles from IAI and Rafael in 2000.

The above article is excerpted from the book The Secret War with Iran by Ronen Bergman an Israeli investigative journalist and author. He is a senior political and military analyst for Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel’s largest-circulation daily. The last section on the Indian Connection is excerpted from the investigation by DNA, an English broadsheet daily.
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