Older is the pleasure in the herd than the pleasure in the ego: and as long as the good conscience is for the herd, the bad conscience only saith: ego. Verily, the crafty ego, the loveless one, that seeketh its advantage in the advantage of many — it is not the origin of the herd, but its ruin.




"And to this day, [those] who...know the self as I am Brahman [IS-ness], become all this universe. Even the gods [any other dimensional beings] cannot prevent his becoming this, for he has become their Self. ...if a man worships another deity thinking: He is one and I am another, he does not know. He [who does not know] is like a sacrificial animal to the gods. As many animals serve a man, so does each man serve the gods. Even if one animal is taken away, it causes anguish to the owner; how much more so when many are taken away! Therefore it is not pleasing to the gods that men should know this [that they are IS-ness]." (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, I.iv.1)

"Consciousness shines in various external and internal forms. There is no existence of objects apart from consciousness. Therefore the world is simply a form of consciousness."
(Shiva Sutra)



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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Operation Seashell – How Israel Secretly Armed Iran and Later India

July 12, 2019

Operation Seashell was a clandestine Israeli operation to secretly arm Iran in exchange for continued access to Iranian oil. Later in 2009, the same Israeli arms company used as a conduit for secret arms sales to Iran was found to be involved in a major arms scandal in India.

1981 Mystery of Armenia mid-air collision


A huge, scorched black crater gaped at the rescue team, which immediately understood there was no one left for them to rescue. All they could do was extricate the remains of eight unidentifiable bodies. The aircraft that had been carrying them had been loaded so full of munitions and fuel that when it exploded in the air and crashed into a mountainside, there was almost nothing left of it or its crew.

Media reports said that the plane had lost its way and entered Soviet airspace over Azerbaijan. One of the Soviet air force jets sent to intercept it was said to have mistakenly collided with it, causing the crash. The truth is much more sinister, and shadowy.

Canadair CL-44 of TAR at Basle Airport in October 1976. The same aircraft was involved in the 1981 Armenia mid-air collision during Operation Seashell

The Argentinean ambassador in Moscow at the time, Leopoldo Bravo, was with the rescue team. Authorities had informed him that an aircraft belonging to the Argentinean cargo airline TAR had penetrated Soviet airspace and collided with another plane. The embassy ran a quick check which revealed that, in fact, a Canadair jet belonging to the company had vanished from radar screens near the Soviet-Turkish border on July 18. But the ambassador had not been able to figure out why an Argentine plane was in that area and what cargo it was carrying. Inquiries in Argentina had turned up nothing.

Israeli arms to Khomeini

In fact, the plane’s mission was well known at the time among a close circle in Israeli intelligence, and certain arms dealers. The aircraft was ferrying Israeli arms to Ayatollah Khomeini’s regime, in secret, to assist in Iran’s war with Iraq.

Saddam Hussein’s invasion was only ten months old. The war would last for eight years, and cost over a million lives, but at the time it seemed likely that Saddam’s superior forces would soon be parading through Tehran. The newly purged Iranian military was dominated by the Revolutionary Guards, and Khomeini badly needed weapons and supplies. Iran’s stockpiles were running low. During the Shah’s regime, Israel and America had kept Iran well armed; but now, following the seizure of the U.S. Embassy and the subsequent hostage crisis, America had declared a general boycott of Iran, and demanded that its allies do the same.

Ayatollah Khomeini in exile at Bursa, Turkey without clerical dress

Not everyone complied with the U.S. demands. The French, for one, weren’t averse to bending the embargo. One French firm, apparently under the protection of a high official in French intelligence, signed a contract with a British firm to supply engines for Scorpion light tanks to Iran. On the bills of lading they claimed the engines were bound for Jordan, although the Jordanian army had no Scorpion tanks. ‘They also approached the Israel Defense Ministry’s representative in Paris, offering to act as Intermediary for sales of Israeli supplies.

Amazingly, Israel responded. Khomeini’s regime openly endorsed the destruction of Israel, yet there were enough people in Israel who thought they should sell arms to him, in secret, for the operation code-named “Seashell” to be born. It puts the later Iran-contra scandal to shame.

Operation Seashell

There were four main reasons why Operation Seashell went forward. First, Israel could not come to terms with the military, intelligence, and diplomatic losses that it had sustained with the disruption of relations with Iran after the revolution. Arms exports would at least give it a foothold in Tehran. In Israel’s defense establishment, the lesson had been learned from many cases over the years that swiftly supplying weaponry and military know-how to a totalitarian state will bring the supplier as close as possible to the rulers, because the weapons are their means of holding on to power.

Second, it was hoped that the infusion of weaponry would intensify the Iran-Iraq War and lead to the mutual destruction or, at least weakening, of two enemies.

An Iranian soldier wearing a gas mask during the Iran-Iraq War

Third, Israeli officials feared a victorious Saddam Hussein. Finally, more than anything else, the weapons industry wanted to make money. As one Israeli Defense Ministry official, a key figure in Operation Seashell, recalls: “I do not remember even one discussion about the ethics of the matter. All that interested us was to sell, sell, sell more and more Israeli weapons, and let them kill each other with them.”

The Front Companies

Iran’s appeal for arms came through various front companies. The Zurich-based Center for Logistic Support Corporation wrote to SIBAT, the arm of the Israeli Defense Ministry that deals with defense exports, in January 1981. The letter explained that

The continuing war between Iran and Iraq has created an immediate requirement for a continuous and organized supply of spare pans and weapons to back up the anent needs of the Iranian Defense forces. As a result of the Iranians’ initiative, we are in the process of establishing a center for Logistic Support in Europe (US) which will serve the Iranian requirements in the aerospace anti defense fields. This organization is directly connected to the Iranian Ministry of War who would like to use them in its reorganization procedures for future purchases from the Western World...

The Indian Connection

In 2009 a major arms scandal broke out in India. It was revealed that a controversial Israeli arms agent has been playing a crucial role in swinging several defence deals in India. David Kolitz, his partner Israel Yaniv, and their Elul Group are key to many arms deals in India, according to several sources in India and abroad. It was reported that they work as agents for Israeli firms and operate in India through a prominent Indian arms dealer who is related to a Union minister.

That Elul takes commissions on its India deals is no secret. That the costs are loaded on to the Indian taxpayer are less known. In an article as far back as September 2001, Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper quoted Elul Group vice-president Joseph Ravkaie as confirming that the “company has had a commercial agreement with Rafael for five or six years”. He did not give details about the level of commissions paid in deals beyond saying that it was “not 5%”.

The ongoing plot for an Anglo-American Air Base in Kashmir.  
— GreatGameIndia (@GreatGameIndia) July 12, 2019

Sources among private players in the Indian defence sector told DNA that they were aware of the power of Kolitz in swinging defence deals. In fact, one of them said Kolitz may have had a significant role in firming up a strong partnership between an Indian industrial house and a leading Israeli defence firm.

According to DNA’s investigation, the Israelis engaged Sudhir Choudhary to handle local political, bureaucratic, and military contacts. Choudhary is related to a prominent Union minister.

Choudhary replaced Suresh Nanda, Israel’s earlier arms dealer, against whom the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) instituted a case. Nanda, son of a former navy chief SM Nanda, came under scrutiny for handling the purchase of Barak missiles from IAI and Rafael in 2000.

The above article is excerpted from the book The Secret War with Iran by Ronen Bergman an Israeli investigative journalist and author. He is a senior political and military analyst for Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel’s largest-circulation daily. The last section on the Indian Connection is excerpted from the investigation by DNA, an English broadsheet daily.
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For more than 2000 years a war is being waged for the control of India and the access routes connected to it. The Turkey Coup is the beginning of the end of the Great Game, as it is known. With Russia slipping out of their hands, the eyes were set on an unfathomably resource-rich country, which even after thousand years of non-stop plunder and looting still captures the imagination of one and all, thugs, thieves and robber-barons alike with her yet-unknown massive economic resources potential — that country is India.

India in Cognitive Dissonance is a hard-hitting myth-buster from GreatGameIndia. A timely reminder for the decadent Indian society; a masterpiece on Geopolitics and International Relations from an Indian perspective – it lays bare the hypocrisy taken root in the Indian psyche because of the falsehoods that Indian society has come to accept as eternal truth.


Fake Wars and Big Lies: The Muslim Brotherhood as Assassins

The new book by Thierry Meyssan, 'Right Before Our Eyes' is an ambitious narration of the History of the last eighteen years, taken from the experience of the author in the service of several Peoples.
This book has no equivalent, and can not have one, since no other person has participated in these successive events in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East alongside governments which have been blamed by the Western powers.

“Every State has the duty to refrain from organizing, instigating, assisting or participating in acts of civil strife or terrorist acts in another State, or acquiescing in organized activities within its territory directed towards the commission of such acts, when the acts referred to in the present paragraph involve a threat or use of force.” (Resolution 2625 of the General Assembly of the United Nations)


Knowledge is never definitive. History, like any other science, questions what we have believed to be true but which, in the light of new factors, must be modified, and even refuted.

I reject the choice we are given between the dogmas and intellectual orthodoxy of the ivory towers and think tanks on one hand, and the “post-truth” era of manipulating emotional messages on the other. I am working on another level – I seek to distinguish facts from appearances, and truth from propaganda. Above all, as long as some people continue to exploit others, I do not believe that international relations can be completely democratic or truly transparent.

Consequently, it is by nature impossible to see through all the tricks in real time and interpret international events with certainty as they are occurring. Truth can only come to light with the passage of time. I must accept the risk of inaccuracy in the first moment, but I never give up reviewing my first impressions and seeking to get at the truth. This is all the more difficult since the world is now plagued with wars which demand that we take sides immediately.

For my part, I have sided with the innocent people who watch strangers enter their cities and impose their alien laws there, innocent people who hear international television echoing the mantra that their leaders are tyrants and must relinquish their place to Westerners, innocent people who rebel and are quickly smashed under the bombs of NATO. I claim the role of an analyst who is attempting to see things objectively, and that of a man offering as much help as he can to those who suffer.

In writing this book, I will try to go further than current documents and witness statements. However, unlike the authors who have preceded me, I am not trying to justify my country’s policies, but to understand the chain of events in which I myself have been involved, both as actor and observer.

Some will object that, contrary to my profession of good faith, I am actually trying to justify my actions, and that consciously or unconsciously, I am revealing my bias. I hope that they will participate in the search for truth and publish any documents of which I am unaware.

It so happens that my role in these events enabled me to learn and verify a number of things which are as yet unknown to the general public, and often to many of the other participants. I learned these things empirically, by direct experience. It is only over time that I have come to understand the logic behind these events.

In order to enable the reader to follow my intellectual progression, I have not written a General History of the Arab Spring, but three partial histories of the last eighteen years, from three different points of view – that of the Muslim Brotherhood, that of successive French governments, and that of the United States authorities. For this edition, I have inverted the order of these parts as compared with previous editions in which I began by describing the actions of France in first place. Of course, the goal here is to reach an international public.

Seeking power, the Muslim Brotherhood placed themselves in the service of the United Kingdom and the United States, all the while looking for a way to rally France to their fight to dominate the People. Pursuing their own objectives, the French leaders made no effort to understand the logic of the Muslim Brotherhood, nor that of their US overlord, but only to regain the advantages of colonisation and amass wealth. Only Washington and London were in possession of all the information concerning what they were preparing and what in fact actually happened.

It is something like an onion or a Russian Matryoshka doll – it is only one layer at a time that we may uncover the organisation of events that appear spontaneous, as the origins and outcomes of certain decisions.

My own story is so different from what readers will have heard on the subject that some may become afraid of the implications of what I am writing. Others, on the contrary, will examine and understand this gigantic manipulation and begin thinking about how to put an end to it.

It is probable that this book, which exposes hundreds of facts, will contain a few errors which I shall be obliged to correct later on. It is possible that one or other of the correlations I bring to light may be due only to chance, but this will not be the case when the accumulation of facts is overwhelming.

Several minor additions have been included in the context of successive revelations concerning this period.

There is no doubt that the partisans of imperialism will miss no opportunity to accuse me of spinning “conspiracy theories”, to use their pet expression. It’s a cheap insult which they roll out constantly. They have used it extensively ever since I contested the official version of the attacks of 11 September 2001. They persist in their denials and their lies, yet betray themselves when they publicly support al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria, while accusing it of the massacres in the United States, in France, in Belgium, etc. Finally, once the minor errors are corrected, it is to this preponderance of the facts that all sincere readers will have to respond by proposing their own logical and coherent explanation.

Thierry Meyssan Political consultant, President-founder of the RĂ©seau Voltaire (Voltaire Network). Latest work in English – Before Our Very Eyes, Fake Wars and Big Lies: From 9/11 to Donald Trump, Progressive Press, 2019.

Translation Pete Kimberley
The Muslim Brotherhood as Assassins
by Thierry Meyssan

… In this episode, he describes the creation of an Egyptian secret society, the Muslim Brotherhood, and then its re-creation after the Second World War by the British secret services. Finally, the use of the group by MI6 to carry out political assassinations in this ex-Crown colony.

Hassan el-Banna, founder of the secret society the Muslim Brotherhood. We know little about his family, except that they were watchmakers – a trade reserved for the Jewish community in Egypt.

The “Arab Spring” as experienced by the Muslim Brotherhood

In 1951, building on the foundations of the old organisation of the same name, the Anglo-Saxon secret services put together a secret political society called the Muslim Brotherhood. At first they used it to assassinate personalities who resisted them, and then, starting in 1979, as mercenaries against the Soviets. At the beginning of the 1990’s, they incorporated the Brotherhood into NATO, and in 2010, attempted to force it into power in the Arab countries. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Sufi Order of the Naqshbandi were financed with at least $80 billion annually by the ruling Saudi family, which made them one of the most powerful armies in the world. All jihadist leaders, including the leaders of Daesh, belong to this military structure.


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Major victory as all three power obelisks fall: Washington, London and Rome

July 8, 2019

Last week saw a major victory for humanity as the Khazarian mafia lost its grip on all three centers of Western power—Washington D.C., London, and Rome, according to Pentagon and other sources. Each of these capitals has an obelisk, variously symbolizing military, financial, and religious power.

“Trump declared America’s independence from the Deep State on July 4, as Russian President Vladimir Putin meets the Pope and Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister of the UK in a no-deal Brexit, giving white hats control over the three obelisks of global power,” was how Pentagon sources summed up the situation.

This means the undeclared civil war in the West is mostly over. Now a unified West will negotiate with the rest of the world, especially Asia, on how to improve the way we run our planet, multiple sources agree. Of course, this will take time, so don’t expect any sudden, dramatic announcement yet, the sources warn.

The battle that led to this victory in the undeclared Western civil war was seen in the news in the form of various seemingly unrelated news events. These included the sinking of a Russian submarine, earthquakes at a U.S. naval base, the arrest of pedophile blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein, and more.

Let’s start with the Russian submarine. Fourteen senior Russian naval officers, including seven admirals, were killed aboard a top-secret Russian submarine last week, according to news reports and official Russian government sources.

What is not being reported is that the submarine was attacked in revenge for the sinking of an Israeli submarine in the Persian Gulf, according to Russian and U.S. military sources. Early reports, since deleted, on the Mossad-linked Debka site tried to blame the sinking of the Russian sub on the Americans, in yet another obvious Israeli attempt to start World War III.

Pentagon sources say, “The special-purpose nuclear Russian submarine Losharik may have been fried by a directed energy weapon that failed to trigger WW3, but its cabal controllers may have reaped instant karma with not just one but two quakes at China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station in Southern California.” Seismographs of the California quakes bear the distinctive signs of being the result of explosions and not natural forces. Please start at the 2:28 second mark on this video to confirm.

The Russian submarine controlled a Russian doomsday nuclear unmanned underwater drone, and the officers died preventing it from being launched, Russian sources say. That’s why the families of the dead Russian soldiers were told their relatives averted a “planetary disaster.”

The base that was attacked was part of the Nazi Paperclip base complex that includes the notorious Area 51, Pentagon sources say.

It is interesting in this context that Nazi Jeb Bush put out the following Tweet just hours before Trump announced victory of the Deep State:

“It is a fact of American history that three of the five Founding Father Presidents died on the Independence Day anniversary. But was it just a coincidence?”

Bush was undoubtedly angry and scared, since his parents Barbara and Herbert Walker Bush were executed and his brother George Bush Jr. arrested. One can assume Jeb has also been arrested following this treasonous Tweet.

“The takedown of Israel, pedos, and Zionist blackmail operation began July 6 with Mossad agent Jeff Epstein arrested for the sex trafficking of minors, and this may lead to many more arrests,” Pentagon sources say.

A look at Epstein’s little black book reveals, among many others, the following names: Tony Blair, Richard Branson, Edgar Bronfman, Bill Clinton, Prince Pierre d’Arrenberg, Steve Forbes, Dustin Hoffman, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Senator Edward Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Rupert Murdoch, Jessica and Hannah Rothschild (English side) and Evelyn and Edward de Rothschild (French side), Prince Salman Saud, Larry Summers, and Ivanka Trump.

While being in Epstein’s black book itself is not a crime, it is a good indicator that people in the book were tempted with underage sexual partners and subsequently filmed and blackmailed if they succumbed to this temptation. Donald Trump was also a visitor to this island, and presumably time will tell if he resisted temptation or not.

Since Trump’s Russia investigator Robert Mueller was close to Epstein, and since fired FBI director James Comey’s daughter is part of the team that arrested Epstein, we can be sure Trump’s involvement (if any) will not be glossed over.

The fallout from the Epstein arrest is likely to continue for some time. However, the fact that he was arrested and 2,000 pages of information related to his previous arrest and conviction have been made public means this will not be swept under the carpet. Thus, it is a major victory against the cabal.

In any case, despite victory in the West, the battle for the planet as whole is far from over. It now looks like the Khazarians are activating their Iranian sleeper cells to start World War III. Remember, Marc Rich of Glencore Commodities (pardoned by Bill Clinton) was paying both Iranian and Israeli government officials from the profits of the “bomb Iran” oil futures manipulation scam for decades.

What this scandal has revealed is that there are Khazarian mafia fifth columnists at the highest level of the Iranian government. That’s probably why certain Iranian government officials are now suddenly making nuclear threats in tandem with their Khazarian counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel.

The German Khazarian faction and their EUSSR are still probably going to try to stir up trouble in the Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe as well. Last week they showed the whole world that the EU was not a democratic institution by ignoring the EU Parliament and imposing German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leven as President of the European Commission.

Meanwhile, last week the British chose to remind the Europeans that they still have the technical ability to shut off the Baltic and Mediterranean seas. They did this by sending the largest UK naval squadron since World War I to the Baltic Sea along with ships from seven allied nations.

Around the same time, the British seized an Iranian tanker going through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Brittania may no longer rule the waves, but apparently they can still rule the Eastern Atlantic. We assume this posturing is linked to ongoing Brexit negotiations.

The U.S. military, in contrast to the saber-rattling British, is forming a budding alliance with Russia. Apparently, handing a U.S. F-35 fighter plane to the Russians helped seal the deal. This is the Christian alliance they have long been asking of Russia. That’s what was behind last week’s meeting between the Pope and Putin, say Pentagon sources.

This will be visible to the public in weapons deals. “To shake up the military-industrial complex even further, Trump may not sanction Turkey, India, and China for buying Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missiles, and Egypt, Iraq, Qatar, Korea, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco may follow,” the Pentagon sources explain.

Also, “In a G20-led boycott, 2020 host Saudi Arabia cancelled fifty 737 MAX planes in a major blow to Boeing,” the sources say. “Many airlines and aircraft lessors like Korean Air, Air Canada, Malaysian Airlines, Lion Air, Aeromexico, Flydubai, GOL, Virgin Australia, TUI, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, SpiceJet, GE, Mitsubishi (MUFG), Sumitomo (SMBC), Bank of China, and China Development Bank may follow suit,” they add.

There is also going to be Special Forces action taken against the major tech giants Google, Facebook, and PayPal, promise CIA and P2 Freemason sources. This, combined with the above-mentioned attacks against the China Lake facility, are part of an ongoing offensive against the California-based satanic nexus, they say.

For some background on this, watch the following interview of a witness to satanic infiltration of the U.S. military in California. It talks about a Colonel Michael A. Aquino, whose name we have frequently run across when investigating the link between high finance and satanism.

Speaking of satanists, we would like to inform readers that our website troubles last week were caused because our webmaster became, according to the technical/medical term, “crazy as a fruit bat.” (Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against fruit bats; some of my best friends are fruit bats, but… you know what I mean.) Seriously, though, it appears he was poisoned with PCP or angel dust by a honey trap sent by Japanese gangsters subcontracting for the Khazarian mafia. The PCP was apparently contained in a skin cream he was given. He is recovering now.

This is not the first time this has happened. Previously, the Gnostic Illuminati agent “Alexander Romanov” was poisoned with PCP-laced marijuana after contacting us. In both cases, they suddenly became paranoid and megalomaniac. They also started to see everyday objects, like playground equipment, as “Earth-destroying superweapons,” or “alien artifacts.” Romanov also eventually recovered, but was involuntarily confined to mental hospitals three times in the meanwhile.

We know exactly who did this and what their chain of command is. The trail leads to Zug, Switzerland via certain known agents like Leo Zagami, Rothschild lawyer Michael Greenberg of the CSIS, agent Michael Cottrell, certain members of the Sumiyoshi crime family, etc. There are other names we are aware of but are withholding for now for operational reasons.

However, we would like to end our report this week on a more upbeat note by pointing out some good news items. One was the launch of an African trade bloc uniting 55 nations and 1.3 billion people.

Demographics make it clear that, while the Asian age is beginning, India and Africa, with their much younger and growing populations, will be next.

Finally, we were encouraged by a report that identifies an area the size of China and the U.S. combined which is not being used for agriculture that could be easily reforested with native trees. The report calls for the planting of 1.2 trillion trees in these areas as the cheapest way to stop environmental destruction.

This may seem like a lot, but this writer has personally planted over 300,000 trees (roughly 1,300 trees a day over four spring planting seasons totaling 240 days). This means it would only take 4 million people less than a year to reforest 11% of the world’s land area. It shows how easily we could solve the planet’s problems if we had competent leadership.

That’s why it’s so important to defeat the cabal of religious fanatics who are trying to start World War III. That’s why we must fight until victory.

Epstein Arrest Supports Q Anon Claims of Global Satanic Cult blackmailing Political Elites

July 10, 2019

The arrest of billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein on child sex trafficking charges threatens to unmask a far deeper layer of crimes that involved the ritualistic abuse of children on Epstein’s private island, and the many political elites that were flown there to participate. The arrest directly supports repeated claims made by the military intelligence group Q Anon that Epstein was part of a global Satanic cult that blackmailed political elites who were compromised at Epstein’s island through the sexual exploitation of children, and more serious physical abuses.

As US Federal prosecutors investigate the full extent of the crimes committed by Epstein through his child sex trafficking ring, the sinister activities that occurred on his island will receive closer scrutiny, as will the involvement of those elites that participated.

News of Epstein’s arrest was first broken by the Daily Beast, which revealed that he was to be formally charged with sex trafficking of children. On Monday, July 8, Epstein’s sealed indictment was unsealed and publicly released. It states:
As set forth herein, over the course of many hears, JEFFREY EPSTEIN, the de3fendant, sexually exploited and abused dozens of minor girls at his homes in Manhattan, New York, and Palm Beach, Florida, among other locations. Source.

In the unsealed indictment, the focus is on two of Epstein’s properties, those in Manhattan and Palm Beach. The indictment opens the door to further changes of similar sex trafficking at “other locations” including his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands called “Little Saint James.” In addition to a mansion and guest houses, Little Saint James includes a temple-like structure, which I will discuss later (see Wikipedia).

At a press conference, prosecutors invited other victims to come forward and share their testimonies with investigators from the FBI and the Southern District of New York. The invitation is expected to open the floodgates to many new witnesses coming forward with their accounts of what they witnessed or participated in at the various residences owned by Epstein, especially his private island that was a popular retreat for elites as evidenced by flight records.

Among the first to draw attention to Epstein and the crimes being committed on his private island was the military intelligence group Q Anon. In a November 11, 2017 post, Q Anon laid out the big picture of how a Satanic cult controls social and political elites through the sexual exploitation and abuse of minors, and how Epstein’s Little Saint James was a key part of this global network.

Q began (post 133) by laying out who were the “puppet masters” atop this Satanic network and how they control more than seven trillion dollars in assets to manipulate governments and political elites through slush funds, war, and various global agreements:

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: gO/UntOB No.149063235
Who are the puppet masters?
House of Saud (6+++) – $4 Trillion+
Rothschild (6++) – $2 Trillion+
Soros (6+) – $1 Trillion+
Focus on above (3).
Public wealth disclosures – False.
Many governments of the world feed the ‘Eye’.
Think slush funds (feeder).
Think war (feeder).
Think environmental pacts (feeder).

Q goes on to describe how at the pinnacle of global power structure lay different families (bloodlines) that are part of a global Satanic cult:

Triangle has (3) sides.
Eye of Providence.
Follow the bloodlines.
What is the keystone?

Does Satan exist?
Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?
Who worships Satan?
What is a cult?

Q next describes Epstein island and how it is an integral part of this global Satanic cult

Epstein island.
What is a temple?
What occurs in a temple?
Why is the temple on top of a mountain?
How many levels might exist below?
What is the significance of the colors, design and symbol above the dome?
Why is this relevant?
Who are the puppet masters?
Have the puppet masters traveled to this island?
When? How often? Why?
“Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan”

The temple on Epstein’s island was situated atop a small hill on Little Saint James, and appeared to be the top level of a multilayered structure comprising tunnels and rooms situated deep beneath it, as illustrated by the following image. Q’s post alluded to the temple being part of a global network of Satanic worshippers.

By “puppet masters”, Q was referring to the Rothschild Family, the House of Saud, and the Soros Group, and asking supporters to investigate how many members of these elite families had visited Epstein’s Little Saint James.

It’s important to keep in mind that Q made the above post in November 2017, and has referred to Epstein many times since as attempting to hide the activities that occurred on his private island. In an April 3, 2018 post (#999), Q said:

Why is Epstein spending $29mm to bury the tunnels underneath is temple on Epstein Island?
Phones were allowed in.
These people are stupid.

So even though the tunnels under the temple on Epstein’s island were being destroyed to hide evidence of Satanic ritual abuses that occurred there, Q was alluding to phones that covertly recorded what had happened through backdoor hacking tools used by the NSA. Apparently, the NSA was able to monitor and record activities inside the temple through the phones brought in by elites who never thought they would be caught.

Q’s repeated posts mentioning Epstein, and the existence of thousands of sealed indictments targeting corrupt elites/Deep State have long been examined by supporters and critics alike. Critics have vehemently attempted to debunk the existence of thousands of sealed indictments even though court records show an unusually high number of sealed Federal cases that have accrued since October 2017.

The current estimate is over 100,000 sealed cases, a significant proportion of which are sealed indictments such as Epstein’s. Another recently unsealed indictment involved Keith Raniere, founder of the sex cult, NXIM who on June 19, 2019, was found guilty of sex trafficking by a Brooklyn jury.

Many major media sources are giving Epstein’s arrest prominent coverage, but are spinning the information in a way that is damaging to the Trump administration through his current Labor Secretary, Alex Acosta, who had negotiated a sweetheart deal for Epstein under previous Federal charges brought forward in Florida. Acosta is expected to soon resign or be sacked by the Trump White House.

Presently, the mainstream news is focused firmly on child sex trafficking abuses that occurred at Epstein’s Manhattan and Palm Beach residences. Yet, Q Anon has been telling us for over 1.5 years about even more sinister abuses occurring at Epstein’s private island, and the many elites that directly participated.

Given the current charges brought against Epstein, it’s all but certain that similar sexual exploitation of children was occurring at Epstein’s Little Saint James, and this will likely lead to further charges as victims come forward identifying those who abused them. However, it’s the far more sinister Satanic ritual abuses that occurred at Epstein’s island that Q Anon is telling us to pay close attention to, since this involved elites that would subsequently be blackmailed by the “puppet masters” (Rothschilds, Saudis, and Soros).

Epstein’s arrest is not the first time that evidence has emerged of political elites being compromised through sexual liaisons with minors and/or being involved in Satanic ritual abuse. The 1992 book, The Franklin Coverup, by John DeCamp, a former State Senator for Nebraska (1971-1987), presented much evidence of such practices.

Additionally, a former Dutch banker, Ronald Bernard, has given his firsthand testimony about how the pyramid structure of the Illuminati (aka Deep State) operates, and how the progression to higher levels requires participation in Satanic ritual abuse of children.

Unfortunately, both DeCamp’s book and Bernard’s revelations were widely ignored by the mainstream media, which, as Q repeatedly tells us, is controlled by the Deep State.

As Federal investigators dig deeper into the elite figures involved in the manipulation and abuse of minors in a sex trafficking ring, there will be many more sealed indictments being publicly unsealed for upcoming arrests and trials. This will ultimately lead to the exposure of abuses that occurred at Epstein’s other residences, particularly at Little Saint James.

The unsealing of the sealed indictment against Epstein comes as a powerful vindication for what Q has been revealing for well over a year about thousands of sealed indictments secretly put in place against Deep State figures. As more sealed indictments are released to the public, we will learn about the Satanic practices that lie at the core of how the Deep State operates and is run by leading families.

In previous articles, I have shown the connections between Satanism, ruling bloodline families, extraterrestrial life, and the suppression of advanced technologies. As the collapse of the Deep State accelerates with Epstein’s arrest, we are destined to learn much about many previously kept secrets and can thank Q Anon for having been a catalyst for the events we are presently witnessing.

Further Reading

The Kashmir Problem: An Anglo-American Operation

July 10, 2019

The Kashmir problem, an Anglo-American operation against India provides the culminating illustration of the hostility between India and Pakistan and the determination to satisfy their imperialistic ambition to rule over the entire sub-continent once again by the use of modern military forces with generous defense support by the Anglo-American bloc under the trusteeship of the United Nations.

Chester Bowles, the former US Ambassador to India in his book An Ambassador Reports, commented on the use of Kashmir as the American forward military outpost in Central Asia:

“When I was in Kashmir in the fall of 1952, some two-thirds of the officers on the cease-fire line were Americans, and not all of them handled themselves with discretion. The last negotiator appointed by the United Nations was a distinguished American, Frank Graham, and the Administrator who was selected by the United Nations to take charge of the Plebiscite, if and when it was concluded, was still another American, Admiral Chester Nimitz.

Despite the high caliber of these men, and all the goodwill in the world, the UN efforts to achieve a Kashmir settlement took on the character of an American operation. In a situation where passions ran high, we have not only failed to achieve settlement, but have come in for sharp criticism.”

What disturbed the peace of Kashmir most was the Anglo-American desire to utilize its unique position surrounded by four countries: to the North-East and North, it is bounded by the People’s Republic of China (Tibet and Sinkiang); to the North West by Afghanistan; to the West by Pakistan and to the South by India and to the North by the Russians. The Anglo-American interest was to achieve colonial interests in Asia with a base in Kashmir – a land of magnificent beauty and hospitality.



1 The Kashmir Problem – An Anglo-American Operation

2 3 Stages of Military Strategic Designs

2.1 The First Stage – Policy of Savage Repression

2.2 The Second Stage – Capture the Valley

2.3 The Third Stage – Entry of United Nations

3 Foreign Troops on Kashmiri Soil

4 An Anglo-American Air-Base in Kashmir

4.1 Kashmir – Switzerland of the East

5 Strategic penetration of India

6 Divide and Rule – The Destabilizing Force

7 The Russian Vetoes

8 Suspicions of SEATO and CENTO

9 Military Aid – A Threat to Peace

9.1 American Arms against India

10 The Non-Alignment Strategy

For more than 2000 years a war is being waged for the control of India and the access routes connected to it. The Turkey Coup is the beginning of the end of the Great Game, as it is known. With Russia slipping out of their hands, the eyes were set on an unfathomably resource-rich country, which even after thousand years of non-stop plunder and looting still captures the imagination of one and all, thugs, thieves and robber-barons alike with her yet-unknown massive economic resources potential — that country is India.

India in Cognitive Dissonance is a hard-hitting myth-buster from GreatGameIndia. A timely reminder for the decadent Indian society; a masterpiece on Geopolitics and International Relations from an Indian perspective – it lays bare the hypocrisy taken root in the Indian psyche because of the falsehoods that Indian society has come to accept as eternal truth.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Vladimir Putin says liberalism has ‘become obsolete’


In an exclusive interview with the FT, the Russian president trumpets growth of national populism

June 28, 2019

Vladimir Putin has trumpeted the growth of national populist movements in Europe and America, crowing that liberalism is spent as an ideological force.

In an FT interview in the Kremlin on the eve of the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, the Russian president said “the liberal idea” had “outlived its purpose” as the public turned against immigration, open borders and multiculturalism.

Mr Putin’s evisceration of liberalism — the dominant western ideology since the end of the second world war in 1945 — chimes with anti-establishment leaders from US president Donald Trump to Hungary’s Viktor Orban, Matteo Salvini in Italy, and the Brexit insurgency in the UK.

“[Liberals] cannot simply dictate anything to anyone just like they have been attempting to do over the recent decades,” he said.

Mr Putin branded Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to admit more than 1m refugees to Germany, mainly from war-ravaged Syria, as a “cardinal mistake”. But he praised Donald Trump for trying to stop the flow of migrants and drugs from Mexico.

“This liberal idea presupposes that nothing needs to be done. That migrants can kill, plunder and rape with impunity because their rights as migrants have to be protected.”

He added: “Every crime must have its punishment. The liberal idea has become obsolete. It has come into conflict with the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population.”

Donald Tusk, the European Council president, said he “strongly disagreed” with Mr Putin.

“What I find really obsolete is authoritarianism, personality cults and the rule of oligarchs,” he said.

As the de facto ruler of Russia for almost two decades, Mr Putin, 66, has been regularly accused of covertly supporting populist movements through financial aid and social media, notably in the 2016 US presidential election, the Brexit referendum and the recent European Parliament elections.

Mr Putin emphatically denied this. He dismissed the conclusion by special counsel Robert Mueller that Russia had systemically interfered in the 2016 US presidential election as “mythical interference”.

Turning to the US-China trade war and geopolitical tensions in the Gulf between the US and Iran, Mr Putin said the situation had become “explosive”. The problem, he said, stemmed from American unilateralism and the lack of rules underpinning world order.

He expressed concern about the threat of a renewed nuclear arms race between the US and Russia. “The cold war was a bad thing . . . but there were at least some rules that all participants in international communication more or less adhered to or tried to follow. Now, it seems that there are no rules at all,” he said.

On a positive note, Mr Putin said there were tentative signs of a thaw in Anglo-Russian relations ahead of his meeting in Osaka with Theresa May, her farewell summit as UK prime minister.

“I think Russia and UK are both interested in fully restoring our relations, at least I hope a few preliminary steps will be made.”

Relations between London and Moscow have been frozen after the attempted assassination of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, England.

Treason is the gravest crime possible and traitors must be punished. I am not saying that the Salisbury incident is the way to do it . . . but traitors must be punished

The UK government blames the Russian government for the nerve agent attack, but Mr Putin said there was no evidence to support this. Mr Skripal had served a sentence in Russia before being released in a spy swap with the UK, he noted.

Mr Putin made clear, however, that he had zero tolerance for spies who betrayed their country. “Treason is the gravest crime possible and traitors must be punished. I am not saying that the Salisbury incident is the way to do it . . . but traitors must be punished.”

Theresa May, the UK prime minister, said she will demand the suspects in the attack are extradited and “brought to justice” when she sees Mr Putin on Friday — their first face-to-face meeting since the incident.

“We would be open to a different relationship with Russia but if that is going to happen then Russia needs to stop its activity that undermines international treaties and undermines our collective security like what happened on the streets of Salisbury,” she told journalists en route to Osaka.

In recent years, Mr Putin has become emboldened, presiding over the annexation of Crimea, a pro-Russian revolt in eastern Ukraine and a military intervention in Syria which he described as a clear-cut success.

Apart from killing thousands of radical Islamists and shoring up President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, Mr Putin said the exercise had given Russia’s armed forces invaluable fighting experience.

He made no mention of the fact the seven-year-old war has resulted in more than 5m refugees and 500,000 dead. However, he did point to the waves of immigration from conflict zones in Africa and the Middle East which had fostered crime and social strains, in turn fuelling an anti-establishment backlash in Europe.

Echoing nationalist populists such as Mr Salvini and France’s Marine Le Pen, Mr Putin said liberal governments had not acted to reassure citizens. Instead they had pursued a mindless multiculturalism embracing, among other things, sexual diversity.

“I am not trying to insult anyone because we have been condemned for our alleged homophobia. But we have no problem with LGBT persons. God forbid, let them live as they wish,” he said. “But some things do appear excessive to us. They claim now that children can play five or six gender roles.”

“Let everyone be happy, we have no problem with that,” he added. “But this must not be allowed to overshadow the culture, traditions and traditional family values of millions of people making up the core population.”

Read more at https://on.ft.com/2ISuvpm

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks to FT editor Lionel Barber about foreign affairs and relations with the UK in an exclusive interview at the Kremlin