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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Dwarka: Atlantis of the East


Welcome to the home of Dwaraka: Atlantis of the East. In just 54 hours, over 28,000 viewers across 7 continents uncovered answers to this ancient mystery.


These truths, as you are about to discover, may force humankind to reconsider everything we know about historic civilizations, ancient technology, and what lies in store for our uncertain future. 

IN DWARKA: ATLANTIS OF THE EAST, YOU'LL DISCOVER... A look at the strange ancient artifacts that regularly wash up on the shores of modern-day Dwaraka... and what they could mean. Astronomical expert Dr. Narahari achar's irrefutable evidence that Dwaraka could be one of the oldest civilizations in human history. Did 

Dwarka possess futuristic flying machines and nuclear weapons thousands of years before the rest of the world? This compelling evidence is impossible to ignore. 

Why the Indian government abruptly forced the original Dwarka excavation team to halt all exploration of its ruins on the Arabian sea bed. and much more.

Dwarka: Atlantis of the East (FULL MOVIE)



Aldebarans are a star race that has chosen to be the main race being introduced to surface Earth humanity for the First Contact, replacing the role the Pleiadians had before.

Aldebarans are a sister race to Pleiadians and are quite similar to them, with a little more focus on technology and a little more masculine energy.

After the fall of Atlantis, Aldebarans have assisted the surface humanity many times throughout human history by bringing them technology and improving their genetic code:

They have maintained their vibrational frequency in the hostile surface Earth environment through the institution of harem (meaning sacred, enclosed, protected space):

They assisted Pleiadians in building the Xian pyramid complex in China and were also quite active in predynastic Egypt:

They have founded Vedic civilization in Tamil Nadu and another one in Rajasthan and Gujarat. They have formed the Rama empire in ancient India and the city of Dwarka:

And Sumerian empire with the city of Uruk, now known as Warka:

They were fighting with Draconians in a nuclear war and lost:

After that war and subsequent deluge in 3114 BCE, their influence on the surface of the planet greatly diminished.

Most of them were then ordered by the masters of the quarantine to leave the Solar system and some were able to go underground to join, strengthen and enlarge the Agartha network. They were active there since then until 1996, when all of the underground Aldebarans were taken prisoner by the dark forces or forced to leave the Solar system: 

In later history, their influence on the surface was limited.

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Henry Kissinger and his derision for India and former PM Indira Gandhi

In India, the domineering Henry Kissinger, who died on Wednesday at 100, is inextricably linked with his bête noire Indira Gandhi.

Much has changed in Indo-US relations since 1971 and Kissinger had even publicly apologised for his derisive remarks about her, including calling her a "b****" and Indians "b*******", but those words followed him to the grave while India made the US eat humble pie by helping Bangladesh get its independence at the expense of Washington-backed Pakistan.

"Lauded for his strategic insights, the former secretary of state is better remembered for his callousness towards the victims of global conflict," Gary J. Bass, author of The Blood Telegram, wrote in The Atlantic on Kissinger’s death, adding that "his policies are noteworthy for his callousness towards the most helpless people in the world", listing Bangladesh among them.

Using White House tapes — which were declassified years after the Bangladesh War — The Blood Telegram describes the genocide carried out in East Pakistan by the West Pakistan army with US-supplied weapons. These tapes — partly bleeped — revealed how "US policy towards South Asia under (Richard) Nixon was influenced by his hatred of, and sexual repulsion towards, Indians".

And Kissinger, according to Bass, did precious little to discourage it. "On Nov. 4, 1971, during a private break from a contentious White House summit with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of India — a rare woman leader at the time — the president harangued Mr Kissinger about his sexual disgust at Indians. Mr Nixon said: 'To me, they turn me off. How the hell do they turn other people on, Henry? Tell me.' Mr Kissinger’s response is inaudible, but it did not discourage the president from his theme," Bass had written in an opinion piece in The New York Times in 2020 during his efforts to get more of the tapes unbleeped.

It's during this conversation between Nixon and Kissinger that the President was heard referring to Indira Gandhi as a "witch" ("We really slobbered over the old witch").

“Kissinger pandered to the sentiment and went a step further and called her a ‘b****’; adding that ‘Indians are bastards anyway’,” Bass wrote.

Kissinger apologised for these remarks once the White House tapes were declassified in 2005, by when he had had a rethink on India-US relations as a keen practitioner of realpolitik.

Stating that he had high regard for Indira Gandhi, Kissinger then told NDTV in an interview: “(The foul language has) to be seen in the context of a Cold War atmosphere 35 years ago, when I had paid a secret visit to China when President Nixon had not yet been there and India had made a kind of an alliance with the Soviet Union.”

In his memoirs, Kissinger admits that he found Indira Gandhi formidable and condescending while conceding that she outwitted him and Nixon in 1971. “Mrs Gandhi was a strong personality relentlessly pursuing India’s national interest with single-mindedness and finesse. I respected her strength even when her policies were hurtful to our national interest,” he has been quoted as saying.

But then, as a practitioner of realpolitik, he always knew which side his bread was buttered and, as Bass underlined in The Atlantic, “burnished his own reputation through his memoirs and books, by cultivating the press and foreign-policy elites, and winning the adulation of politicians as varied as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump”.

This, according to Rolling Stone, was evident in the reactions to his death as “media, conservatives team up to lionise war criminal Henry Kissinger” whose death “finally” the US publication described as “good riddance”.



Henry Kissinger is a WAR CRIMINAL

Henry Kissinger has been responsible for some of the worst and most hideous atrocities in the history of the world. 


The Trial of Henry Kissinger: 

Kissinger's Shadow:


Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Some Facts About Indian Independence Day Every Indian Needs To Know

No matter how much we’ve read about our country, it’s never enough. But ours is a generation that likes reading things that are short, quick and informative. Thus, on our Independence Day, summed up some unknown and undisclosed facts about India’s independence that every Indian should know. Take a look.

Our current national flag had a number of iterations. The version you know today was made by Pingali Venkayya at Bezwada in 1921.

Initially, the two dominant colours, saffron and green, represented the two prominent communities. The idea of the white strip in the middle and the Ashok Chakra was given by Mahatama Gandhi. The white shade represented other communities and the Chakra was seen as a symbol of progress. According to another theory, it is believed that saffron stands for courage and sacrifice, green represents faith and chivalry, and white is the symbol of peace. The current national flag was adopted by India on July 22, 1947.

Only Khadi Development and village industries have the license to produce or supply our national flag.

We did not have a national anthem on our first Independence day.
The Bengali version of ‘Jana Gana Mana’ was written in 1911. But it was adopted as our national anthem only in 1950.

It's hard to believe this one, but Mahatama Gandhi was not a part of the first Independence Day celebration.

Gandhiji was fasting in protest against the Hindu-Muslim riots that were taking place in Bengal.

Lord Mountbatten was forced to attend the Independence Day of both India and Pakistan, which is why he brought forward Pakistan’s Independence Day to 14th August. 

Lord Mountbatten chose 15th August as India’s Independence Day because it honoured the second anniversary of Japan’s surrender to the Allied forces. 

Mahatama Gandhi wanted the Congress Party to disband as its objective to attain freedom had been achieved.

A day before Gandhi’s assassination, he had written a ‘draft constitution of Congress’. 


Imran Khan and the ‘Successful’ Outcome of U.S. ‘Interference’ in Pakistan: Fascism Under a Totalitarian Military Dictatorship

August 14, 2023

So, my friends and comrades in virtually the entire Pakistani Left spent more than a year mocking at least 80 percent of the country’s population for believing former Prime Minister Imran Khan about American ‘interference’ (to put it mildly) in Pakistan’s internal politics, and more specifically about removing him from office.

My comrades’ contributions to political life since Khan was ousted from power in April of 2022 have been a fanatical obsession with the man, an understandable deeply emotional envy of the tens of millions of people he was mobilizing, and a crazed fixation to convince the ‘Western Left’ that Khan isn’t really that popular (Democracy Now) and is no ‘anti-imperialist hero’ (Jacobin) – who cares about engaging other outsiders like suffering Kashmiris or Palestinians under occupation for whom Khan took a strong stand (apparently the ‘Western Left’ is just much more important). I guess my comrades thought that these were the most productive strategies to ‘liberate’ the Pakistani ‘working class.’

Ultimately, the Left with which I’ve always identified has facilitated not merely the return of the ‘ancient regime’ of kleptocratic politicians and an all-powerful military establishment, but the most fascist face of these two forces that the country has ever witnessed. We are now in a ruthless military dictatorship which is wholeheartedly supported by the two dynastic political parties akin to more like personal feudal fiefdoms which have taken turns in plundering and impoverishing the country since the late 1980s/early 1990s.

The new fascist regime has decimated the, by far and away, largest and most popular political party in the country, disappeared, arrested, illegally detained, tortured, sexually abused, and killed tens of thousands of not primarily men, but women, children, and the elderly – anyone that even remotely had any association with Khan’s political party, which included mothers, grand-mothers, children, neighbors, friends, etc. All of this was done in a deliberate and calculated way, and even though Democracy Now informed us that Khan’s views on women are identical to the Taliban, the majority of supporters of Khan are women, not men.

Do We Understand Each Other? What Future Are We Leaving to Our Children?

Pakistani journalists have been hunted down and killed as far away as in Kenya, forget about their mass disappearances, torture, and killing within Pakistan itself. And the final act being, since they failed in their assassination attempts, to throw Khan in a remote, wretched jail cell in which he can barely fit – to thoroughly and barbarically humiliate him.

The point was to strike so much terror in the population, and to show us that if this can be done to Imran Khan, then anyone and everyone is fair game to be disappeared, tortured, or killed.

Where has our Left been during all of this? Why were my comrades not confronting the ‘establishment’ we’ve always railed against? You had the most direct and persistent people’s confrontation with the sadistic military elite in the nation’s history (joined by many soldiers and junior and mid-rank officers, many former students of mine), and there was an astonishing absence of any of our Left in this struggle of many months.

This has and has not been about Khan. This is about Khan because he helped to politicize a society, the level of mass politicization not seen since the late 1960s/early 1970s. The popular reaction to his ouster from power, unlike any previous ouster of the country’s prime ministers (all of which elicited absolute indifference from the population precisely because civilian rule was not different for them from military rule – both were equally corrupt and repressive), literally shocked everyone (including Khan himself): tens of millions of people mobilizing and demonstrating in every corner of the country of 240 million.

And it is not about Khan because, since April 2022, each month you could see a population (the vast majority demonstrating were not card-carrying members of Khan’s party and had myriad criticisms of his term in power) becoming even more radically opposed to the cruelties and injustices of the social and political order – a situation which the Left could have completely taken advantage of to sharpen popular analysis and help organize and mobilize more effectively. There has been no moment more opportune for the country’s Left to help radically undermine the political status quo that has been the norm virtually since the nation’s birth in 1947, and have popular engagement – to make the case for more progressive values – as they struggle in solidarity with the bulk of the country’s population.

But that was not to be since, from the beginning, the Left dismissed Khan as the ‘military’s puppet’ simply because he and the military high command, at ONE particular moment in 2018, agreed on ONE single issue: ending the US occupation of Afghanistan. It was an absurd analysis of the most popular political and public personality – by far – in the country. And it was a convenient way to not only do nothing, but ridicule and mock (especially the youth and students) who were involved in these mobilizations.

Finally, the silence of Western governments and Western media on this barbaric period of military brutality in the fifth largest country in the world, nuclear-armed, contrasted with the obsession with a bloodless coup in Niger which seems either welcomed or just shown indifference by the majority of that country’s population, tells you everything how the Deepest State made sure its vassal Deep State resolve the ‘Khan problem’ once and for all.

Friends, imperialism and its domestic enforcers/torturers have taken my country to a period of darkness that I have never witnessed.

(The government in Pakistan has now blocked access to The Intercept for this exposé. This 20 minute video (see below) by the Intercept’s co-author Ryan Grim is an attempt at a workaround.)

سائفر کے مطالق مکمل کہانی منظر عام پے آگئی، شکر ہے کہ سلیم صافی صاحب سے جان چھوٹ گیئ، وعدے کے مطابق وہ صحافت سے دستبرداری کا اعلام کرنگے کہ نہیں؟
زیادہ سے زیادہ شئر کرے

— Aqssss (@AqssssFajr) August 9, 2023

Prof. Junaid S. Ahmad teaches Religion and Global Politics, and is the Director of the Center for the Study of Islam and Decoloniality, Islamabad, Pakistan. He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

By Junaid S. Ahmad
Global Research, August 14, 2023

Thursday, June 29, 2023

“We live by the motto of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbam’ - the world is one family,” Modi explained

26 June 2023

Black Sun group calls for emergency world military summit after failure of first act of Wagner opera

(Second Part of the Above Article) 

However, the Wagner opera is not over yet and part II has begun unfolding even as this report was about to go live. The story of Prigozhin going to Belarus is meant to carry out a plotline involving him taking over Belarus, invading Poland and starting a nuclear war with NATO, the FSB sources say.

There is a lot of Western propaganda news indicating this scenario is underway. First Belarusian “opposition leader,” Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya told the military and civilians in Belarus to “wait for a signal”.

This signal has now come as Ukrainian border guards used loudspeakers to call for the overthrow of “their dictator.”

Now the Ukrainian propaganda site Pravda reports a plane used by top Belarusian officials and members of Alexander Lukashenko’s family landed in Türkiye.

Mossad sources warn this is part of an attempt by the KM to start a nuclear war with NATO. However, Russian FSB sources say the nuclear weapons in Belarus are under Russian control and will not be used. In other words, do not be fooled by any new AI-generated nuclear war story “coming out of Belarus.”

The Russians are actually more worried about some sort of “climate event.” They note an organization called the Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change (GMACCC) is calling for a massive NATO and EU project to fight “Climate Emergencies.”

In Canada, for example, the Ministry of Climate Change is building a facility with interrogation rooms, armories, biological laboratories etc. “to fight climate change.”

Apparently, the recently set forest fires in Canada are just the initial phase of this new attempt by NATO to grab large amounts of money.

The World Health Organization is also now linking diseases with climate change.

To get this going WHO named Vanessa Kerry, daughter of former US Secretary of State John Kerry and the US President’s Special Envoy for Climate, as “Director General for Climate Change and Health.

Meanwhile, the German Ethics Council is calling for “One Health” to combat the global “Climate Crisis.” The GEC says “Only collectives can be ‘healthy’ not individuals.”

In Poland, the slave government there voted on “fundamental changes to the geological and mining law, which threatens the health and life of people and animals, takes away our basic rights and property, and leads our country to a complete collapse.” Polish intelligence warns.

All this comes as the World Economic Forum calls for religious scripture to be “rewritten” by artificial intelligence to create a globalized “new Bible.”

Yuval Noah Harari, who serves as Klaus Schwab’s right-hand man at the WEF, argues that the Bible is “fake news” and full of hate speech, and the elites can use AI to replace the Bible and create a unified “religion that is actually correct.” According to the WEF, God, Jesus and Christianity is “fake news” that must be dismissed by humanity.

Meanwhile, Italian fascist leader Giorgia Meloni, who came into power on an anti-immigration pledge, has allowed more than 100,000 illegal immigrants to land in the past 9 months, all of them military-aged men.

No wonder the Russian government is unilaterally withdrawing from a series of international bodies, including the World Trade Organization and the World Health Organization, the Russian Duma’s Deputy Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy said on Tuesday.

The Russians also point to a huge series of unnatural earthquakes from around the world in the past month and think this may be a prelude to some sort of massive, possibly volcanic, “climate event.”

The KM are desperately trying to trigger something dramatic enough to get them a big payday because they are running out of money.

The US money supply has now fallen by $2.6 trillion (or 12.0 percent) since the peak in April 2022. Two-thirds of the money created by US since its’ founding in 1776 was created after Asians foolishly allowed them to do so in 2009 with the promise of a communist black president. This Asian money was cut off in January 2020, triggering a massive $7.4 trillion KM money laundering operation disguised as a pandemic. This was cut off in April of 2022 as the chart below illustrates.

The entire fake Biden presidency is now running on vapor as well as money earned by selling off Ukrainian organs, slaves and drugs along with obsolete weapons.

That’s why Rockefeller slave Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau and German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock gathered last week to ask for $750 billion “for the reconstruction of Ukraine”

Blinken was sent to China where he said whatever he thought the Chinese wanted to hear including: “Taiwan belongs to China, the US does not want a new Cold War or to change China’s system” etc. to try to con them out of more money.

This was a quick turn-around from Biden comparing Taiwan to Ukraine recently. Take a look at the body language of Blinken next to Xi Look to confirm he is an errand boy.

  The Chinese were not fooled:

“Beijing will not buy its double-dealing ploy of seeking cooperation and communication while containing China in the name of ‘competition.’”

This prompted the fake Biden to insult China as soon as Blinken returned empty-handed by saying:

“The reason why Xi Jinping got very upset in terms of when I shot that balloon down with two box cars full of spy equipment is he didn’t know it was there…I’m serious. That was a great embarrassment for dictators when they didn’t know what happened…”

The KM propaganda press then started putting out stories about how “China has real economic difficulties”.

The truth is the opposite. Raytheon Chief Executive Greg Hayes admitted Beijing effectively has the US military’s supply chain by the balls thanks to its reliance on rare earths and other materials which come from or are processed in China.

With the move to suck up to China ending in failure, the KM next tried to butter up Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Here is what Modi had to say to US politicians:

When I first visited the US as a PM, India was the 10th largest economy in the world. Today, India is the 5th largest economy. India will be the 3rd largest economy soon. We became the only G20 country to meet its Paris commitment. We made renewables account for over 40% of our energy sources 9 years ahead of the target of 2030.

Modi was offered all sorts of goodies when he visited the fake Biden but, he refused to promise not to share them with Russia and China. “We live by the motto of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbam’- the world is one family,” Modi explained. So, the attempt to induce him to join the KM failed.

The result was propaganda stories attacking him in places like Reuters.

Even worse for the fake Biden presidency than not getting money from China or India, they are about to lose their biggest existing cash cow: Japan. Last week Japan’s Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako visited a cemetery dedicated to people, including Japanese military, who fought for Indonesia’s independence against the Dutch after the end of World War II.

Japanese right-wingers close to the emperor say the Japanese establishment used this visit to show their intent to break with the KM.

This visit comes immediately after the Dutch royals tried to extort resources from Indonesia by threatening it with earthquake weapons before being forced to back down by the BRICS alliance, CIA sources say.

The Europeans themselves are now getting ready to dump the fake Biden administration and its’ KM puppet masters.

As Geographer Manlio Dinucci notes “The recession that is rearing its head in the European Union was caused by high energy prices resulting from the [Rockefeller-ordered] sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines.”

Rockefeller slave Antony Blinken called the Nord Stream blockade “a tremendous opportunity” that has made the United States the leading supplier of liquefied natural gas to Europe. As a result, Exxon, Chevron and other Rockefeller companies “have made record profits” by impoverishing the Europeans.

Polish intelligence for their part note the country was able to increase GDP by 2.5 times between 1971 and 1976 by investing $3 trillion to build 557 new enterprises. This was the sort of thing that was possible before the KM impoverished the Polish people by putting them under a regime of debt slavery. That is why Poland is turning against the KM.

France for its part has already asked to join the BRICS alliance. The rest of Europe is soon to follow, P3 Freemason sources say.

Inside the US itself:

The “Joe Biden” presidency is whirling around the drain in plain sight, and with it, likely, the Globalist hopes and dreams of making everybody eat bugs while they take away everything you own.

For example, in a move that alienated many “President Biden” missed a key deadline set by a bipartisan law he signed that called for the declassification and release of intelligence on the Wuhan lab and its possible links to the origins of COVID-19.

Even the corporate propaganda media is turning against the fake Biden show now as these videos show. In the first one Biden walks about after being asked if his son was getting special treatment.

In the next, the White House National Security Council Coordinator WALKS OUT after being asked about Hunter Biden’s WhatsApp messages with China implicating President Biden.

This sort of performance has led to former establishment supporters like Lawyer and Legal Analyst Margot Cleveland to say:

“In the wake of the Hunter Biden sweetheart plea deal, calling D.C. a swamp is an insult to swamps…”

The mainstream is also now waking up to the true controllers of the Biden swamp. James O’Keefe’s new undercover media venture got a BlackRock executive to brag on tape that:

BlackRock is able to “run the world,” It’s not who is the president it’s who is controlling the wallet of the president. You could buy your candidates. senators are fuckin cheap. Got 10 grand you can buy a senator It doesn’t matter who wins they’re in my pocket.

The mass murder of children by the KM is also now being exposed for all to see. The passion of the Christ Actor Jim Caviezel exposed the institutional sex trafficking of children in his new film Sound of Freedom. It is based on a true story of a former government agent on a mission to rescue children from sex traffickers in Colombia.

“The three-letter agencies, they’re all involved…adrenochrome is ten times more potent than heroin…A barrel of Adrenochrome and children’s body parts…it’s $77,000…which gets sent to Ukrainian Bioweapons Labs…all organized by the three-letter agencies… There are multiple Epstein Islands run by intelligence agencies/governments, Who is NATO? Who is the UN? Who are the Central Banks? They are the Rothschilds banks.”

The Jewish lobby is also turning against the KM as their links to the holocaust and Nazis are being exposed for all to see. Last week for example, Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Brodsky referred to fascist leaders like Stepan Bandera as Ukrainian “national heroes.”

The Jewish newspaper “The Forward” in 2021 said the Ukraine had 362 monuments around the world dedicated to Nazis and Nazi collaborators. This is the most of any country.

Even though Bandera and his group presided over the death of about 1.4 million Jews “not a single organization for protecting the memory of Holocaust survivors raised an eyebrow” at Brodsky’s remarks.

The French have provided us with actionable intelligence by listing Satanists pretending to be Zionists who are working with the genocidal Ukrainian Nazi faction. These are:

-Benyamin Netanyahu whose father Bension Netanyahu was a Nazi

-Former Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky

-Andriy Yermak, chief of staff to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky

-Rabbi David Niederman, president of the United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg

-Oligarch Boris Lozhkin, former chief of staff to President Petro Poroshenko and current president of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine

-Professor Hannah Lessing, Secretary General of the General Fund for Compensation of Victims of National Socialism

-Lubavitch Rabbi Raphael Rutman, executive chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine

-Israeli Attorney General Gali Baharav Miyara and the state prosecution have already taken action by refusing to back down on the 4000 file bribery charges against crime minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

With the KM realizing they are about to face justice. Many are trying to escape. For example, they staged a media event where the submarine “Titan” imploded near the Titanic wreck. “The entire show was probably faked to allow Epstein perpetrators to escape justice by faking their deaths,” a Canadian intelligence officer says. For example, Hamish Harding a key contributor to the World Economic Forum (WEF) since its inception in 1971 is one of the people who disappeared.

Meanwhile, traitors like Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley are being promised personal security details to protect them from threats — including “embarrassment.”

There is also increased space opera activity and “disclosure” going on. For example, a video has been released of former senator Barry Goldwater speaking about UFOs at Wright Patterson air base.

As a part of this disclosure, the Secret Space Program has sent us an “exclusive” video of a reverse-engineered SSP craft.

They also sent us this:

1. UFOS over Malaysia and Indonesia 

2. UAP over Florida. USA 20-05-2023

3. UFO over the ocean of S. California, USA 

4. UFO over Arizona USA 23-01-2023

As usual with this stuff, we urge readers to fully believe in flying saucers when they actually get a chance to ride one.


Monday, June 26, 2023

'Didn't Bombings Happen In 6 Countries?'

25 June 2023

Nirmala Sitharaman Hits Back At Barack Obama's Remarks On India: 'Didn't Bombings Happen In 6 Countries?' 

The finance minister alleged that "organised campaigns" were being run to level "baseless" allegations on the treatment meted out to minorities at the behest of the Opposition.

Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday slammed former US president Barack Obama's statement about minority rights in India, saying his remarks were surprising as six Muslim-majority countries had faced US "bombing" during his tenure.

She said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has received the highest civilian awards from 13 countries, including six with predominantly Muslim population.

The finance minister alleged that "organised campaigns" were being run to level "baseless" allegations on the treatment meted out to minorities at the behest of the Opposition as it cannot defeat the BJP electorally under Modi.

What Obama said in CNN interview and Sitharaman's response

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, Obama reportedly said if India does not protect the rights of "ethnic minorities", there is a strong possibility at some point that the country starts pulling apart.

"I was surprised when Prime Minister Modi was... talking about India in front of everyone, a former US president was giving statements about Indian Muslims at that time," Sitharaman said at a press conference at the BJP headquarters here.

"Didn't bombings happen in six countries - Syria, Yemen, Saudi and Iraq and other Muslim countries - during his term (as US President)?" she asked.

"When he makes such allegations, will the people trust him," she said.

FM surprised to hear such comments from US

Sitharaman also took exception to the allegations by U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), saying India wants to maintain a good relationship with the US but she is "surprised" to hear such statements.

"We want good friendship with the US. But from there also, USCIRF's comments about religious tolerance in India comes and the former president is also saying something," she added.

She said it is also important to see who are the people behind them.

The minister alleged that the Congress is "deliberately" raising "non-issues" and levelling allegations "without facts" to vitiate the country's atmosphere because the opposition party cannot defeat the BJP under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership.

'Congress went to Pakistan to seek help'

"The Congress party is running such campaigns and it was clearly visible in the last election and the previous elections where they went to Pakistan seeking their help to change the government in India," she charged while replying to questions on allegations of discrimination against minorities.

She said whenever there is an issue, it is addressed at the state level as law and order is a state subject.

'Deliberate attempt to vitiate the atmosphere'

"I find this deliberate attempt to vitiate the atmosphere in the country because they think they cannot win against the development policies of prime minister Modi," she alleged, adding "They (Congress) have deployed their tool kits which operate abroad."

"Going abroad, our Opposition do not talk in India's interest because they cannot defeat Prime Minister Modi."

"They bring up these people who go to these debates without ground-level details," she charged.

Sitharaman said Prime Minister Modi has received the highest civilian awards from 13 countries and six of them have the highest Muslim population.

"These (targeting of Modi government over minority issues) are organised campaigns . Otherwise, why would countries accord such an honour to PM Modi and why would there be a distortion in understanding about how the minority population is part of the Indian mainstream," she said.


Indian FM Nirmala Sitharaman hits back at Barack Obama

Black Sun group calls for emergency world military summit after failure of first act of Wagner opera

26 June 2023

The P3 Freemasons -who control the Black Sun organization, the Vatican and large parts of the Pentagon- are calling for the world’s military forces to take action because “all the politicians are corrupted by the financial system.” 

This call comes after the Khazarian Mafia failed in the first phase of their plan to use the Wagner mercenary group to overthrow the Christian government of Russia. Russian FSB sources say The second phase will be worse, they warn.

The recent attempt by the Wagner militia to take over Russia actually originated with an Artificial Intelligence located in Silicon Valley, both the P3 and the Russians say. The P3 say it may be necessary to destroy Silicon Valley to end the ongoing madness. The Russians say the key is to arrest the leadership of the Chabad death cult.

This is the Russian FSB analysis of the Wagner move against Russia:

It was a psy-war using an AI generated voice and story. First, they took all media data and fed it to a system like Chat GPT. They also used behavioral experts to create a psy-profile of Wagner head Yevgeny Prigozhin. Also, a psy-operation was done on Prigozgin, he seems to have been fed with heavy narcotics to alter his brain and behavior. Nobody has seen him for the past two days.
The accounts of Wagner were hacked, then it blocked all content. All voice messages from there were recorded once at 19.45 on June 24th as an mp3 file and then released over time as a kind of scenario.
The Ukrainians were saying they had some sort of surprise in store. Everybody thought it was about blowing up a dam or pipelines or an atomic power plant and blaming it on the Russians.
Instead, they came up with an AI deep fake story in an attempt to destabilize the Russian army. Please tell the people this was a fake and secret operation using AI-generated voice and scenario.

CIA sources agree with the Russian analysis and say “It is all a psy-ops.” Basically, the CIA tried to pay off the Wagner Group $6.2 billion to turn against Russia. That is what is behind this headline:

“$6.2 Billion accounting error discovered by the Pentagon last week.”


Russia and Wagner ended up shaking hands and pocketing the money. The FSB reminded us of a Russian saying “Promising to marry someone is not the same as marrying them.”

The FSB say that unlike the fake Wagner in the Western media propaganda campaign “The real Wagner is going to turn towards Fascistngton and not Moscow.”


However, the Wagner opera is not over yet and part II has begun unfolding even as this report was about to go live. The story of Prigozhin going to Belarus is meant to carry out a plotline involving ... ... ...

Note: We will update this article with the remainder when it becomes publicly available, usually on Thursday. If you would like to read it now you can go to Benjamin's site in the link below.

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Criminal Oligarchs Like Bill Gates Have Only Communist China Left To Flee To Now

19 June 2023

Blinken offers control of US political theater to China

(Second Part of the Above Article)

... We urge the white hats never to underestimate the Khazarian Mafia. In a sign of their power even as Blinken was being given the cold shoulder, the Chinese official Xinhua News Agency posted a picture of President Xi Jinping shaking hands with the wanted mass murderer Bill Gates.

Gates was likely asking for Chinese protection in exchange for giving them control of US biological warfare technology inherited from the notorious Japanese Unit 731. This was hinted at when Gates announced a $50 million collaboration with Chinese Communist Party-controlled Tsinghua University which conducts research for the nation’s military. The “partnership” with Tsinghua, -where Xi graduated from in 2002- “involves studying potent viruses.”

It is clear from this announcement the KM want to sell their bio-weapons research to China ASAP because China is about to take over Taiwan and all the bio-weapons research there will fall into their hands anyway.

The other thing Gates probably offered China in exchange for protection is a vast satellite network, As Robert F Kennedy Jr. (who leads Trump in opinion polls) notes “One of Bill Gates companies has 61,000 satellites that will be able to watch every square inch of the planet.”

Video Player

Needless to say, Gates is also almost certainly offering the Chinese control of the Microsoft computer technology.

Clearly, criminal oligarchs like Gates have only communist China left to flee to now because their control of Israel, Ukraine and the US is falling apart big time.

This is especially true of Ukraine where both the fake president Vladimir Zelensky and his top general Valery Zaluzhny have gone missing.

This is good news for the Jewish and Ukrainian people. “Zelensky is not Jewish, but a disgrace to the Jewish people…This is not a joke and not an attempt at irony, because today neo-Nazis, Hitler’s disciples, have been put on a pedestal as heroes of Ukraine,” Russian President Vladimir Putin says, quoting his Jewish friends.

The disappearance of his top lieutenants (yes they will probably produce CG to make this appear wrong) has flushed out the real leader of the genocidal government of the Ukraine: “Chief Rabbi” Moshe Reuben Azman.

Azman claims to be a Jewish rabbi but his public support of the genocidal regime in the Ukraine makes it clear he is a Satanist. He is now being actively hunted by White Hat special forces. They are most likely to find him hiding in the basement of this giant Synagogue of Satan that was built by the KM as headquarters for their planned world Satanic human animal farm.

If you doubt that is true, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has confirmed what we have previously reported and that is that the Ukrainian government is trading “the organs of its people for Western military assistance.” The Ukrainian government “passed law 5831 on “Regulating the Transplantation of Human Anatomical Materialism” which allowed them to transplant organs without “notarized consent from the living donor or his relatives,” she told the world.

More evidence the Ukrainian regime is satanic is the ongoing genocide of Ukrainian men disguised as war. So far over 350,000 Ukrainian men have been slaughtered, many by having their organs removed after being injured. Now ALL Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 to 60 are being drafted and sent to their deaths.

Since the world figured out untrained men were being killed within four hours of being sent to the front, now they are pretending to use “NATO trained troops,” using countless billions of dollars worth of Western tanks, artillery, and infantry fighting vehicles. These are all being sent into kill zones though, so it is still slaughter.

“Either General Milley is an idiot of he is purposely slaughtering Ukrainian Troops,” an Iraq war veteran notes. “I used these tactics and set up the KILL LANES myself as a Combat Engineer…In 1980 we had truck-mounted lasers punching holes in M60 tanks 7 miles away,” he says.

This military reality is why Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov says “The objective of Ukraine’s demilitarization has actually been mostly achieved.”

This “checkmate” not only marks the end of Ukraine as we have known it, but of Western domination that had staked its future on its lies.

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The multipolar world may be born this summer at several international summits. A new way of thinking which might no longer makes right, says French journalist Thierry Meyssan.

In another sign, the defeat in Ukraine means the defeat of the US Corporation, take a look at this photo of the fake US Secretary of State Blinken when he went on a failed begging mission to Saudi Arabia recently.

Notice the Saudi Flag is behind Saudi leader Mohammed Bin Salman but the US flag is not behind Blinken. This is a sign to the world he is not considered a representative of the US people.

Saudi Arabia has also now formed a military alliance with former arch-enemy Iran as well as with Pakistan, the Gulf States, Turkey and Egypt. China has also now come out to firmly support statehood for Palestine.

This means Israel now has no choice but to overthrow its KM leadership and make peace with its neighbors if it is to survive.

The KM have lost because the biggest instrument of their power, the control of the US dollar, is slipping out of their hands.

Saudi Arabia is just part of a growing list of countries that are quarantining any new dollars created by the US Corporations from the dollars owned by the rest of the world. Egypt, for example, has just announced they are doing the same thing.,been%20the%20prominent%20currency%20for%20international%20trade%20settlements.

This is also happening in Africa as the President of Kenya, Williams Ruto, calls on African nations to dump the US dollar for intercontinental trade.

Video Player

What is true of Africa is true of most of the rest of the world. To understand just how isolated the KM is, take a look at what just happened at last week’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF)s in Russia. Despite calls for a boycott by KM G7 slave countries, 17,000 people from 130 countries showed up, Executive Secretary of the SPIEF Organizing Committee Anton Kobyakov told a press conference on Saturday. This included “Some 150 companies from 25 unfriendly countries,” he said. A total of $46 billion in deals was reached.

Even within the G7 countries, the disgust of the citizens with their government is widespread. In Canada, for example, 81% of the people want puppet leader Justin Castreau removed.

This comment about Canada by Henry Makow reflects common views about government throughout the West:

Led by Justin Castreau, the government takes orders from the WEF. The Canadian Broadcasting Commission, once a national stalwart, is now the state propaganda agency. No one watches or listens. The rest of the “legacy media” is also a joke. The universities are all controlled by Communists. The medical profession is totally discredited.

Speaking about a “totally discredited medical profession” A spike in deaths corresponding to the COVID vaccine rollout has been found in peer-reviewed analysis of Japan and Germany.

With evidence like this coming up, no wonder Prof Peter Hotez MD PhD -a propaganda writer for the The Atlantic- claims that doctors should never debate “conspiracy theorists”.

This propagandist turned down an offer of $100,000 to debate RFK Jr. about a topic the KM claim he is wrong about.

“Only a propagandist hack who knows they can’t defend their position would turn down $100,000 to debate on the most listened-to podcast on Earth,” a Mossad Doctor comments. The pot has now been raised to $1.5 million but still, he refuses…

Truth is winning.

After more than 230 million Americans were vaccinated against covid-19, which is 70% (230,637,348 total considered fully vaccinated), now all three Covid vaccines have been recalled in the US. This means war crimes trials for the vaccinators are inevitable.

However, we are dealing with cornered rats who are literally fighting for their lives.

“The next 3-6 months will be the greatest extreme, spiritual warfare against [the people] by the planet’s ruling elites. They are preparing a new pandemic, catastrophes, fires, scaring everything possible. They say what they want to do in commercials, music, fashion, etc.,” Polish intelligence sources warn.

They are also going to try something financial. The Federal Reserve staff is putting out research papers talking about “bank friction”, which means stopping people from removing their money from banks, and preventing bank runs. It means they could be preparing to seize your money.

Also, in a sign of their desperation, you can watch a recent TV broadcast by Stephen Colbert where he “sacrifices” a human infant. As a Mossad source comments. “Colbert is a Satanist. This attached video is sick, not funny. And there is laughter in the audience. Maybe it’s fake ?” The thing about these people is that it could actually be real sacrifice included.

Video Player

In another sign of just how degenerate things are getting in the West, a man was caught having sex with a tree in Wiltshire, England. His pronouns are root and leaf.

Video Player

Weird for sure.

And finally, we are seeing more and more preparation for some sort of “Alien” event. Former FBI Special Agent John DeSouza warns “It’s not aliens that will be attacking us. It will be your own governments with man-made crafts.”

Video Player

Also, below you can see testimony by Eric Hecker on South Pole Station, DOMS and off-world vehicles. Notice that for some reason he only has hand-drawn illustrations as evidence.

This was part of a massive press event sponsored by Lawrence Rockefeller.

We have many sources saying he is a white hat but, in my years of experience in dealing with these people I can tell you they try to discredit you by dragging you into the whole alien space opera business.

Nonetheless, we keep providing our readers with the latest UFO evidence from around the world because we know trillions of dollars have been spent over decades for some sort of space opera and think our readers need to be aware of this.

So, here are the latest UFO appearances from around the world.

1. UFO seen over Nevada

Video Player

2. Same UFO seen by 5 different witnesses in Jalisco, Mexico

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3. UFO seen over California USA

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4. UAP seen over Canada 2023

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5. Plasma energy craft over USA 01-03-2023

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We will issue emergency updates this week if events warrant.