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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Multiple Remote Viewers Warn of World Changing Event at Year’s End

If the powers that be can no longer trick us, then they will try and hurt us

If enough eyes are on the powers that be, maybe it will never happen

The counterculture is now aware of False Flags. Operations that are executed by the powers that be and blamed on someone else are now being called out in real-time on social media platforms despite the censorship. It’s becoming popular. And if the powers that be can no longer trick us, then they will try and hurt us.

According to the scientific data, nearly all humans have a certain degree of psychic awareness. And some of us become acutely aware of it. The term, Remote Viewing, was coined by the US Department of Defense when they began training people in this field. It is the art of viewing an unknown target at any distance within the mind’s eye and retrieving accurate data. To refine this data, Remote Viewers work together as a team and look for redundant data.

Remote Viewing teams such as, the Future Forecasting Group, work with a double-blind protocol. This means that they do not know where or what the target is. The information they are given is an arbitrarily designated number such as; A9I5-Q7K4. As they blindly view the target in a meditative state of focus, imagery is flashed in the mind and immediately sketched out and collected. The Future Forecasting Group has been successful at predicting the Panama Canal incident, the Destruction of the Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine, the Halloween stampede in South Korea, police violence at the Canadian Trucker protest, and many others. Which can all be found at Future Forecasting

The Future Forecasting Group was recently assigned the target of the next financial crisis. Because of their double-blind protocol, the only information they were given was an arbitrary number. But the Viewers were all distracted by overpowering images of a catastrophic event. They all saw the same thing. Massive explosions with multiple points of impact, small particles, and debris falling from the sky, people sick with Cesium, which is the most dangerous of all radioactive isotopes. Used in Dirty Bomb scenarios. They saw police checkpoints, people seeking shelter underground, and an exodus of sad-looking people.

Multiple Remote Viewers Warn of World Changing Event at Year’s End

Remote Viewing goes back in the written record for millennia. And has been repeated in the current scientific record for decades. According to this body of work, most people are able to do this. And this is why Clif High’s Predictive Linguistics program works.

By reading the entirety of human language across the World Wide Web, the program will list repeated words and phrases in all languages creating a macroscopic view of what everyone is talking about. So if all humans are psychic, whether they know it or not, then you would see it in the collective chatter. Especially for traumatic events. The bigger the trauma, the more people would be emoting their anxiety online. And key words can be found. Such as the word “ejecta”, which has been showing up in Clif High’s work. Which shows the same event.

Predictive Linguistics reveals a time frame of when a big event happens at the point in time when the tension language ends, and the release language begins. The tension language is the psychic awareness before an event. And the release language is the event itself as everyone is made aware. Based on this, Clif High sees this event happening near the end of this year.

Both the Predictive Linguistics and the Future Forecasting Group saw that this was a decision that was made by some faction of government. Several saw a button being pressed. And they propose that if enough eyes are on the powers that be, maybe it will never happen.


Thursday, September 21, 2023

Top EU Leader Declares WHO a ‘Terrorist Organization’: ‘Worse Than WEF’

A top European Union politician has declared the World Health Organization (WHO) is a “terrorist organization.”

Mislav Kolakusic, a Member of the European Parliament for Croatia, made the declaration in a stunning public statement.

The powerful lawmaker also publicly declared the globalist institution is “even worse than the World Economic Forum.”

Appearing at a press conference with other politicians and guests including Dr. Robert Malone, Kolakusic slammed the WHO’s plans to have all countries sign an agreement giving the agency sole authority to declare pandemics, override national sovereignty, and mandate vaccines and drugs.

“I would like to briefly make the people aware of the upcoming danger for humanity,” said Kolakusic.

“The World Health Organization wants all countries to sign an agreement on handing over the authority to declare a pandemic, procure vaccines, and drugs.

“It will be healthier and safer for humanity to sign an agreement with the Colombian drug cartel.

“They know all about drugs for sure.”


The World Health Organization should be declared a terrorist organization because of the damage it has caused and the lies it has spread. Today, it would be safer to sign contracts with the Colombian drug cartels than with the WHO.

— Mislav Kolakusic MEP 🇭🇷🇪🇺 (@mislavkolakusic) May 22, 2023

The Croatian parliamentarian went on to accuse the WHO of disseminating lies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said that the Bill Gates-funded organization misled the public by initially declaring the virus as new and unknown, falsely asserting the efficacy of vaccines, and making misleading statements about their ability to protect against serious illness and death.

“During the COVID pandemic, World Health Organization only told lies. It should be declared a terroristic organization. They lied.

“That there is a new and unknown virus, that it is possible to make an effective vaccine, that the vaccine is 82% effective, that is protects against serious illness and deaths.

“That all of course were foolish and lies.”

Kolakusic further stated that the WHO’s actions during the crisis were more dangerous for humanity than Klaus Schwab’s notorious World Economic Forum (WEF).

Earlier this year, the Biden regime publicly affirmed its commitment to a “legally binding” accord in a press release.

The accord will give the World Health Organization (WHO) control over U.S. pandemic policies.

The WHO will be able to overrule the U.S. Constitution to enforce lockdowns, gun bans, and widespread censorship.

THE PLAN - WHO plans for 10 years of pandemics, from 2020 to 2030

THE PLAN shows the official agenda of the World Health Organization to have ten years of ongoing pandemics, from 2020 to 2030. This is revealed by a WHO virologist, Marion Koopmans. You will also see shocking evidence that the first pandemic was planned and abundantly announced right before it happened. Make sure to watch, and share this everywhere.

More information, and to see all the documents in THE PLAN, go to:

Thursday, September 14, 2023

The time between now and mid-October will be especially dangerous

September 11, 2023

Desperate KM try to seduce Bharat with ethnic Indian UK Prime Minister, US President

(Second Part of the Above Article)

If the US CORP does implode, we shall all know by mid-October. With its collapse will come the end of the World Bank, the IMF, the BIS, the WHO, the UN Security Council, etc.

As mentioned in previous newsletters, the plan to use the emergency broadcast system on October 4th to broadcast a message to all TVs, radios and portable devices in the US is a sign some sort of black swan event is likely then. The question is will it be the white hats or the KM who control any emergency that is declared?

There are many signs a vicious battle over just this is taking place behind the scenes. As a part of it, the head of MI6 says that James Bond 007 types have been sent out to deal with three high-level KM honchos. For operational security reasons, we are not allowed to publish their names.

The KM for its part is also desperately trying to kill independent journalists, disobedient politicians, etc. One prominent victim may be the journalist Jim Stone who posted the following before his site stopped renewing:

“I am obviously in deep trouble…So I am going to post my ‘fuckit page’ that I have been thinking about doing, ALL OF US are done for if “they” pulled the shit they just pulled, it won’t just be me.” Recently postings have reappeared on his page, but judging from the content, it looks like typical KM identity theft. I hope I am wrong.

Another example is the Mossad-linked site DEBKA shutting down after its founder and chief editor Giora Shamis “passed away.”

This writer has also been warned by various sources to take extra caution because attacks on truth-based journalists are intensifying.

This is part of a campaign to replace truth activists with hopium pushers.

One example we checked out is Michael Baxter of Real Raw News. He always writes about the Judge Advocate General at Guantanamo Bay having people like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi hung. Overall his feel good reports say: “The good guys are winning so, relax and go back to drinking beer and watching porn.”

After failed attempts to contact him, we called the JAG Public Affairs Officer in DC to ask about Baxter. They pointed us to the site CYF is a for-profit subsidiary wholly owned by The Daily Caller, Inc. This is funded by META. We know who that is… Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller et al.

The rabbit hole runs deep.

What all this means is the time between now and mid-October will be especially dangerous.

In addition to assassinations, the KM, like vicious cornered beasts, are using every other weapon in their arsenal: weather weapons, DEWs, propaganda lies, bribery, blackmail etc. in a desperate bid to stay in power and avoid war crimes trials.

They are also intensifying efforts to take guns away from the people. Governor Gavin Newsom is trying to push through amendments to the U.S. Constitution, one of which would severely neuter the Second Amendment or the right to bear arms.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is trying to ban guns while saying the US Constitution is “not absolute.” A CIA source says “I know her, she is a total KM-WEF-controlled minion.”

The KM are trying to take guns away because their puppet leaders Macron, Trudeau, Biden etc, cannot appear in public without being booed and attacked. They know it is only a matter of time before someone tries to shoot them.

This is especially true now that one of the KMs’ most successful weapons so far, -the bio-warfare pandemic and vaccine mass murder attempt- has failed.

The WHO has been trying to start up a new COVID fear campaign but only one out of 10 (20 out of 194) member countries is bothering to provide COVID hospitalization data to them this time. In other words, the boy who cried pandemic wolf is now being ignored.

As a result, the KM is being forced to use mannequins to portray people dying of Covid in hospitals again – More fear porn.

Video Player

Their lies are also becoming increasingly obvious and ridiculous. For example, they just announced Jill Biden “tested positive for Covid.” Then right after, they announced new Covid booster shots are set to be rolled out.

In another example, the Bill Gates-funded WHO is now saying mass vaccinations will be necessary to address the effects of “climate change,”

People are now finally resisting in meaningful ways. South Carolina, for example, is the latest state to say it will not comply with the COVID mandates.

Video Player

Also, the 5th Circuit Court has ruled that the Biden administration, the FBI & the CDC all violated the First Amendment by colluding with Big Tech to censor Americans. (45 seconds).

Video Player

To help, please show this photograph to anybody you know who is brainwashed enough to start putting a face diaper on again. During slavery, slaves were forced to wear masks as to symbolically mark them as not having a voice and to be owned and under the control of another person.

Video Player

As things stand, Africans appear to have more rights vis a vis the pharmacidical companies than Americans. For example, Pfizer is now compensating victims of its drug tests in Nigeria.

How about victims of its vaccine drug tests on hundreds of millions of people in the G7 etc.?

The situation has reached the point where even US President Donald “warp speed” Trump is calling for vaccine safety tests. Better late than never.

That is not enough. As Jewish liberation activist Dr. Henry Makow notes “reality show actor” Trump admits he was “not allowed to fire” Anthony Fauci.

Trump does not say who did “not allow him” to fire Fauci. However, if he was really Commander in Chief of the US military then surely he could have sent special forces to execute the mass murderer Fauci. While they were at it, they could have also gone after other mass murderers like Bill Gates, the WHOs’ Tedros and Klaus Schwab of the WEF. Trump promises this time it will be different. If he is serious, he needs to go after him and other mass murderers like him.

If you think that is too much, Dr. David Martin uses the criminal’s own words to expose the medical genocide for everyone to see.

Video Player

If you still don’t think Schwab Rothschild is a menace, watch him order government leaders to cooperate with the WEF or face losing power and influence. Schwab boasts that under his system, corporate elites will craft policies for sovereign countries

The attempt to revive the pandemic is coming because the KM climate change fear campaign is blowing up in their faces.

This is especially true in Maui. Almost nobody believes the fires there were natural. Now the military has moved in and begun making arrests.

Video Player

The weather warfare is now apparently being directed elsewhere. In the past week, catastrophic and seemingly unnatural floods have hit Greece, Turkey, Hong Kong, China, etc.

Video Player
Video Player

This appears to be part of a failing campaign to use “climate change” as the new fear porn to terrorize the people into submission.

This is failing because scientists are coming out to expose how they either follow the narrative or are erased. A good example can be found in the article below by a scientist who says he managed to get published in Nature only by hiding the truth. That’s not the way science should work.

An angry German reaction to climate protesters illustrates how this campaign is going.

Germans are fed up with climate protesters

There is also evidence of earthquake weapons being used around the world although the epicenters make it seem it is white hat operations against KM DUMBS.

The one that just hit Morocco had its epicenter in a remote area of the High Atlas Mountains. This is near Marrakesh, which is due to host the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in early October.

Other earthquakes in the same 24 period hit New Zealand, Northern California and Indonesia.

The one in Indonesia may be related to reports Indonesia is buying nuclear weapons from Israel.

CIA sources say all the earthquakes have epicenters 10 kilometers below the surface, indicating DUMBS were being destroyed.

The other thing that is being destroyed at last is the Anti-Defamation League.

See how Elon Musk blows their leader Alan Greenblatt away.

By the way, even though Musk appears to be a cabal white hat these days, his business model is doomed. As evidence, take a look at this invoice to replace the battery on a low-end electric car after only 70,000 miles: 30,000 dollars!

Musk problems aside, a Mossad source points out “Everyone knows the ADL is a corrupt mafioso type of nonprofit that hides behind ‘anti-Semitism’ to literally control the language people use, also to control political narratives.

A Clip from the 90s surfaces detailing how the ADL was caught red-handed creating fake Nazi groups to justify their existence & raise money.

Video Player

CIA sources say the outing of the ADL is one of many signs some sort of fundamental power shift has already taken place in the US.

This brings us back to Kamala Harris. She told the Asians last week that an important part of her job is the fact that she “may have to take over” if President Biden is unable to complete his term in office — and that she’s ready to do so if required.

Video Player

Harris also said “We will win the election. There’s too much at stake and the American people know it.” This is because they know Biden is toast.

Video Player

However, as mentioned above, putting Harris on as US Presidential actor is not going to be enough to pacify either the world or the American people.

The North Koreans and Asian secret societies are saying that if the US is not returned to the American people, and Japan to the Japanese people in October, they will take very serious action in East Asia.

The North Koreans have traded large amounts of artillery shells for a state-of-the-art Russian submarine equipped with 10 intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles, North Korean sources say. They say they will disperse their population underground and into the countryside and prepare to annihilate Washington DC. New York and Silicon Valley unless the Americans end their occupation of Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

This will be accompanied by a mobilization of the Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean underworld, police, military and the non-compromised bureaucracy, the sources say.


CIA Agent Confesses on Deathbed: 'Billions Will Die in 2024'

In the final months of his life, former CIA agent Joseph Spencer gathered his family and told them he had many secrets he needed to share with the world in the form of a deathbed confession.

At the time, he was dismissed by many as a conspiracy theorist peddling far-fetched theories about secret societies and their plans for humanity.

But in 2023 his deathbed confession is gaining attention because everything he predicted is happening as we speak, like clockwork – one chilling prediction after another.

The former CIA agent predicted some key things including the pedophilia and child trafficking epidemic, the elite’s obsession with depopulation, chemtrails, alien disclosure, and what he described as a “modified flu virus” that would be unleashed on humanity by the psychopathic elite.

Does any of that sound familiar?

But his predictions don’t stop there and it’s his predictions for the year 2024 that are shocking those who are familiar with his work.



Monday, September 11, 2023

Desperate KM try to seduce Bharat with ethnic Indian UK Prime Minister, US President

September 11, 2023

The Khazarian Mafia is trying desperately to seduce the Prime Minister of Bharat, Narendra Modi, by promising Kamala Harris, an ethnic Indian as US President to go along with ethnic Indian UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. 

In other words, the two leading Anglo countries would be headed by members of the small Indian minority in their countries. 

The problem is Modi is not being fooled. He knows the KM always tells people what they want to hear before stabbing them in the back. He also remembers these same people used to ban him from visiting the US.

The fact Modi called India by the native name of Bharat instead of the “India” preferred by Greek and Arab conquerors is a sign of the country’s determination to stay independent.

The KM also tried, and failed, to seduce Africa. Last week UN Secretary-General António Guterres, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, and United States Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry tried to stage an “African climate summit” in Kenya. The problem is less than a third of African leaders bothered to show up. It is a good bet those who did were reminded of skeletons in their closets and $ billions in their Swiss bank accounts.

The Africans have endured hundreds of years of genocide and resource theft and are now fighting for real independence. That is why KM transnationals are being kicked out of Africa.

Now it looks like South America is next. Colombia has just ordered a giant Glencore mine to shut its operations.

These failed attempts to seduce the world’s most popular regions to join the KM in a “fight against China and Russia,” took place at a series of international meetings including a G20 gathering and a BRICS 11 meeting. These meetings are all preliminaries to some sort of showdown expected at the UN General Assembly on September 18-19th.

What these meetings have shown is that the KM-controlled G7 puppet states are now internationally isolated. They now control just 9% of the world’s population and 29% of GDP. Not only that, they are deeply in debt and losing their ability to steal resources from the rest of the world.

As one example, the BRICS 11 now have 736 billion dollars worth of oil reserves, or more than triple the 205 billion the G7 has. The loss of the ability to steal oil is going to be financially fatal to the KM.

In a sign of what this may mean for the US dollar, the Iranian State Broadcasting Company displayed a 100 BRICS note it was shown at the meeting where Iran joined the BRICS.

After this announcement, Iranian sources say all US dollars have been removed from tourist foreign exchange services.

In other words, the 9/11 self-inflicted attack that took place 22 years ago today, as an excuse for a global oil grab, has failed spectacularly.

The other thing that has failed spectacularly is the Ukraine war. A Russian advert giving Ukrainian soldiers a last chance to surrender shows how this war is going.

Video Player

At the latest G20, the KM puppet states were forced to give up any statements condemning Russia for this war. The end result is the G20 nations agreed “Today’s era must not be of war.”

Attempts “to Ukrainianize anything and everything… are increasingly tiring for countries that want to engage in concrete affairs rather than support propaganda in favor of the Kyiv regime,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says.

The countries of the world want to talk about “sustainable development…solving problems in the field of food and energy security, improving emergency preparedness, the adoption of the digital economy and much more,” he adds.

Mossad sources say that “the KM puppet masters are finished with the avatar Zelensky; he is being tossed under the bus.” Zelensky is now being forced to hold presidential and parliamentary elections that will almost certainly remove his regime from power.

Video Player

The big question now is whether the world’s leading terrorist entity, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, will finally go bankrupt after the September 30th fiscal year-end.

In the latest sign the US financial system is imploding, there has been a 45% drop in US home purchases, a bigger fall than during the Lehman shock of 2008. Similar shocks are hitting credit card companies, small businesses, car loans, etc. as the entire economy is in freefall.

If the US CORP does implode, we shall all know by mid-October. With its collapse will come the end of the World Bank, the IMF, the BIS, the WHO, the UN Security Council, etc.

As mentioned in previous newsletters, the plan to use the emergency broadcast system on October 4th to broadcast a message to all TVs, radios and portable devices in the US is a sign some sort of black swan event is likely then. The question is will it be the white hats or the KM who control any emergency that is declared?

There are many signs a vicious battle over just this is taking place behind the scenes. As a part of it, the head of MI6 says that James Bond 007 types have been sent out to ... ... ...

The remainder of Monday's newsletter is only available to members of holding a paid subscription.

Friday, September 8, 2023

Agenda 2030 Is Almost Certainly Doomed Now

September 4, 2023

End game approaches as $500 billion dollar Rockefeller bribe attempt fails

(Second Part of the Above Article)

The biggest was the failure of a last-ditch attempt by the Rockefellers etc. to stay in power with a $500 billion bribe.

Here is how a North America based CIA source describes the situation;

“Many deep state people were expecting money from the Rockefellers today [September 1st] but NOBODY got a penny-they went all around the world to various banks and found out their accounts were either not there or drained of funds % of the money the IRS collects is supposed to go to Rocky’s banks but not anymore-that is the only way right now the US is barely floating-very many big boats may sink in the next while.”

Things are expected to come to a head on September 18th and 19th as the UN General Assembly convenes in a last-minute KM push to use “Agenda 2030” to create a totalitarian world government controlled by them.

The failure of the Rockefellers’ $500 billion bribe attempt means this agenda is almost certainly doomed now. The fact is the UN is a privately owned, unelected organization and most of the so-called leaders attending their events are bribed and blackmailed puppets, Asian secret society sources note. This is why they cut off funding for the UN, the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank and other KM-controlled institutions.

The lack of money is flushing out deep-state actors who have tried to stay hidden until now. One example is an individual by the name of Matthew Hornby contacted the White Dragon Society asking for help (a huge bribe offer was made) in getting Neil Keenan to cash gold-backed bonds in his possession. These are the seized $134.5 billion US Treasury bonds that were part of the 2009 Chiasso affair. Hornby’s people also tried to claim that Keenan was:

THE ONE AND ONLY – who has possession of the sealed Black Book and foisted by his predestined superior authority and pinnacle power over the world’s financial systems – inclusive of the eastern Dragon Family Financial Instruments

The problem is Keenans’ colleagues say he was murdered in 2014. He was replaced by a Rothschild impostor who did not even know Keenan had a son in Bulgaria. Hornby contacted the WDS because the Rothschilds were told by Asian secret societies to do so. The WDS, however, will only negotiate directly with the Rothschilds and not with one of their agents.

No matter what though, according to the Dragon family, the bonds in question are their property. The original Keenan had absconded with them, they say.

So, the Rothschilds stole stolen property and naively thought they would be able to use it to stay in control of the world’s financial system.

Another deep-state actor who needs to be exposed is Leo Zagami of the P2 Freemasons. For some reason, Zagami fails to mention Pope Francis was killed in 2020 and replaced with a mask-wearing impostor who takes orders from the Rothschilds. Why is that? Zagami did not respond to an email asking about this.

Zagami told me when I met him that his people put Barack Obama in power. He also said the P2 Freemasons created communism.

As former Speaker Newt Gingrich notes, Obama controls the “clearly cognitively disadvantaged,” Joe Biden, who is just “the tip of the iceberg” of the “real corruption” involving Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other deep state actors.

Since Biden is just a puppet for Obama and their actions are clearly communist; this implies Zagami is involved in supporting the horrific fake Biden regime.

Regardless, Obama is now being outed. His brother, Malik Obama, will be interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Tuesday, September 19th. “Will Malik Obama survive until the 19th? That is the billion-dollar question,” a Mossad source asks.

Video Player

Another KM power broker who has tried to stay hidden is UK Cabinet Secretary Simon Case. Two separate MI6 sources say Case and the KM tap all MPs’ phones and those of senior judges.

“The operation is run out by GO2, based at Vauxhall Cross. MI6 are powerless to shut them down. GO2 (director Sir John Scarlett, implicated in the Diana assassination) in turn supplies blackmail summaries to Case and the Cabinet Office. Sunak is gay but not out and GO2 has given Case the details of his gay partners,” the MI6 sources say.

They add Case and Sunak know about “two bribes paid by the EU to [former PM] Boris Johnson re the EU withdrawal treaties, each of 10m euros.”

This is why British defense secretary Ben Wallace resigned. Sunak replaced him with Grant Shapps and look who is lurking behind him.

Video Player

As soon as Shapps was announced, British arms company BAE Systems set up a legal entity in Ukraine to offer “more direct support” to the country at war with Russia. MI6 says this is just a massive money laundering operation.

Needless to say, the UK military is not going to follow orders from Shapps, Case or Sunak, MI6 sources say.

In any case, Keenan, Zagami and Case are just some of the many people vying for control of the world’s financial system. The problem is they are all Westerners.

The rest of the world wants to replace Western rule with something that actually represents the real world. As Russian Presidential avatar Vladimir Putin notes, the shift of the center of economic, political activity outside of the West is “a completely objective and inevitable process,” that is above and beyond the “current global political situation.”

Here are some recent signs of this process, which is especially evident in Africa.

In Gabon, the military seized power, following the re-election of President Ali Bongo.

Video Player

Bongo was an Obama protégé who was feted from Washington to Davos. He was a key player in the war on Libya by the KM. The huge cash stash Bongo was found with is typical of KM-controlled puppet leaders.

Meanwhile, in Niger, thousands rallied in the capital Niamey to demand that former colonial ruler France withdraw its troops from the country.

Video Player

This is part of an Africa-wide revolution against the KM. The map below shows African Countries where the military has seized power.

Since the countries form a line across Africa on the Southern edge of the Sahara it looks like some sort of major transport corridor is being prepared there, presumably as part of China’s belt and road initiative.

In East Asia, ex-PM Thaksin has returned to Thailand and asked for a royal pardon. His return last week coincided with political ally and fellow tycoon Srettha Thavisin winning a parliamentary vote to become prime minister that same day.

Thai royal family sources say a deal has been made with the military and the monarchy. This almost certainly means the Rothschilds and Rockefellers have now lost control of the Royal Thai gold that was helping keep them (barely) afloat.

North Korea chipped in with a simulated tactical nuclear strike against the US mainland.

Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)

A revolution is definitely needed in the US and Japan, North Korean sources say.

Meanwhile in Israel, more and more Jews are fleeing the country as it turns into a Satanic theocracy that is no longer capable of defending the country. Russia is trying to lure many of them back.

Video Player

The NATO defeat in Ukraine is accelerating this process because it is shutting down a money laundering operation that kept the KM going. “The Ukraine is [was] a cash cow for the uni party in Washington,” says Colonel Douglas MacGregor. He ads “The Ukrainians have admitted to 400,00 dead, that’s more dead than we suffered in 3 years of fighting World War II.

This war’s over it has been lost.”

With defeat comes finger-pointing and corruption investigations.

The Hungarian government is demanding EU and Ukrainian authorities provide a detailed report on how exactly the 50-70 billion euros previously allocated to Ukraine were spent, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto says.

In the US meanwhile, Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio), the chairman of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, wants to know what the U.S. Department of Justice is doing to recover an estimated $280 billion in U.S. COVID-19 relief spending that allegedly flowed to criminals inside and outside the United States.

Already, Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky -who is widely seen as President Vladimir Zelenskys’ puppet master- has been detained pending trial for alleged money laundering.

Also, Ukraine’s Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov has been dismissed from his post… His dismissal comes amid a wider anti-corruption drive,

Polish intelligence has also supplied evidence of the sort of atrocities this money laundering operation funded. They say 13 out of “15 Russian spies” who were detained in Poland turned out to be Ukrainians. From them, they found out about ads circulating on the darknet offering Ukrainian children for sale. One ad reads “There are 6/7/9 bunnies, we will bring them to Poland. Payment in bitcoins.” It says the children will be sent from Lviv. “Some advertisements even mention the blood type of children, suggesting that it is not just sexual slavery, but organ harvesting. Let us recall the existence of the website ‘Children of War’, created by the regime in Kyiv,” the sources say.

Now ask yourself, why did Netflix and Amazon Prime just turn down the anti-child trafficking movies Sound of Freedom (One of the most popular movies of the year)?

The Polish further also say their country is being destroyed by a KM “carbon sequestration” program covering 75 percent of their territory. This means the KM can seize without any compensation your house, flat, plot, etc. if it is located on the land intended for the construction of a carbon capture facility.

In a sign of just how absurd things have become, Bill Gates has invested in a project to chop down 70 million acres of forests mostly in the US. The cut trees will then be buried. “Scientists” on the rich parasites’ payroll falsely claim that burying the trees can reduce (the fake) global warming.

A total of 1,609 real scientists and professionals from around the world have signed a declaration dismissing the existence of a climate crisis and insisting that carbon dioxide is beneficial to Earth,

This sort of truth-based opposition is causing the KM to switch from global warming to “climate change.” This mid-summer snowstorm in Germany is a sign of this. One theory is that the weather manipulation attempts by the UN, trying to make it hotter by steering cooler weather up North, is now bouncing back.

Video Player

Another well-publicized KM “climate change” crime is the DEW attack on Maui. The videos below provide the latest details on this.

Video Player
Video Player

Note also that for some reason the

Video Player

Hungarian government has begun providing victims of the Maui DEW attacks with temporary housing. What has FEMA been doing? Nothing.

Video Player

In addition to these and other climate atrocities, the KM is still trying to promote a pandemic. Didn’t Bill Gates develop GMO mosquitoes in at least 3 different places around the world? Didn’t Bill Gates also invest heavily into malaria vaccines? Didn’t malaria and leprosy show up in the USA in recent months?

Video Player

Now Gates is saying experimental mRNA jabs are set to replace all of our medicines, according to Bill Gates and the globalist elite, who are warning that we will be forced to take hundreds of mRNA jabs every year if we wish to participate in society.

However, Gates is likely to fail in this forced vaccination campaign thanks in large part to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Del BigTree.

They proved the long-held statement that; “Vaccines don’t cause autism” is completely false. And they have forced the CDC to remove the statement from their website.

The CDC can no longer claim VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM because they do:

In 1980 autism was 1 in 10,000.

1986: Then vax industry lost liability and the massive increase in unsafe childhood immunizations began.

1990’s: autism 1 in 500.

2018: 1 in 36 children with autism.

2021: American children will get 72 doses of vaccines and there are over 250 in the pipeline.

At this increasing rate, autism is projected to be 1 in 2 children by 2030.

If you want a peek into the minds of the KM criminals who do such things listen to WEF agent Yuval Noah Harari say: “What do we need humans for? At the moment our best solution is to keep them happy with drugs and computer games”.

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Despite their arrogance, enough people are now awake to these monsters that they can no longer safely appear in public. A recent example can be seen here as avatar Nancy Pelosi gets totally humiliated by a group of young Latinos.

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It is obvious this is NOT the real Pelosi; this one is too young.

For another example watch a grade school child tell Jill Biden to “Shut the fuck up”.

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Finally, in a sign the KM are desperately reaching for their alien invasion card, the Pentagon has a new website to release declassified UFO photos, videos and reports.