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Thursday, November 30, 2023

China faces an imminent and colossal financial crisis

November 26, 2023

Amidst the deflation of the Chinese bubble gaining momentum, Beijing is responding with increasing desperation, resorting to extreme measures to salvage the nation’s financial stability.

The property market is at the epicenter of the storm, with policymakers applying unprecedented pressure on banks to address a monumental $446 billion funding shortfall. This funding is urgently needed to stabilize the industry and complete millions of unfinished apartments. A draft list of eligible developers, including industry giants like Country Garden Holdings Co. and Sino-Ocean Group, reveals a strategic pivot to aid some of the most distressed builders.

However, the challenges are far-reaching, encompassing millions of homes sold but left unfinished. More property developers defaulting on debt adds to construction delays and stalls residential projects, triggering a vicious circle of diminishing confidence in the housing market. Analysts estimate around 20 million units of uncompleted and delayed presold homes across China, necessitating over $440 billion to finish these homes.

In a desperate attempt to address the liquidity gap facing developers, China contemplates allowing banks to offer unsecured short-term loans. This move, though, is fraught with risks, as critics warn of the vulnerabilities of stretched banks engaging in unsecured developer lending.

As China grapples with the daunting task of rescuing its financial sector, a multi-trillion dollar black hole looms large. The challenge extends beyond the realm of developer debt, with local government debt exceeding $12 trillion and a $3 trillion trust industry. The unfolding crisis, marked by dwindling confidence, defaults, and liquidity shortfalls, paints a sobering picture of China’s economic teeter-totter, with global implications that echo far beyond its borders.


Credit Bubble Bulletin: Weekly Commentary: Really BIG


China's major shadow bank Zhongzhi declares 'severe insolvency' with a $36 billion shortfall, signaling liquidity problems in the $2.9 trillion Chinese shadow banking sector.

Known for real estate…

— Mario Nawfal (@MarioNawfal) November 25, 2023

China is ramping up pressure on banks to support struggling real estate developers, signaling President Xi Jinping’s tolerance for property sector pain is nearing its limit

— Win Smart, CFA (@WinfieldSmart) November 24, 2023

China 🇨🇳 home prices fell the most in eight years in October, signaling the property slump is worsening even after the government ramped up efforts to revive demand:

— Win Smart, CFA (@WinfieldSmart) November 25, 2023

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Three World Wars to Usher in a One World Religion

The infamous Albert Pike Letter to Mazzini known as; The Illuminati Plan for 3 World Wars, was allegedly written by Albert Pike in 1871. The letter outlines a plan to foment three world wars in an attempt to take over the world.

It is claimed that the letter was on display in the British Museum Library until 1977. But the British Museum denies this claim. Some suggest that the use of the word Nazism in 1871 proves that the letter is a fraud. And others say the same about Zionism. But Zionism existed back then.

Zionism was made official in the late 1800s as a non-religious nationalist movement arguing that the bible was proof that Jews had a lawful claim to the land of Palestine. An area that was currently inhabited by a population that has lived there, relatively peacefully, for centuries. Around the alleged writing of this Albert Pike letter, Jews began immigrating to Palestine with the intention of someday creating a state of Israel. Which didn’t happen until 1948 after World War II and the creation of the United Nations.

Albert Pike joined the fraternal Independent Order of Odd Fellows in 1840. By 1859 he was elected Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite's Southern Jurisdiction and remained Sovereign Grand Commander for the rest of his life. He was definitely aware of Zionism, and if this Illuminati plan is true, then his use of the word Nazi is plausible. Either way, the letter is worth a read. And the closer we get to the end game, the more accurate this letter appears to be.

The Illuminati Plan for 3 World Wars:

The First World War must be brought about in order to overthrow the Czars in Russia and make that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by agents of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. After the war, Communism will be used to destroy other governments and weaken the religions.

The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and political Zionism is strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine.

During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough to balance Christendom, which would be restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.

The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the agents of the Illuminati between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islam. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other.

Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economic exhaustion. We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.

Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.

Whoever wrote this letter had the vision to see where this is all going. By manipulating our beliefs and emotions, mankind has been herded into these wars like cattle to the slaughter. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

7 Reasons Why 'The China Crisis' Has Finally Arrived

As predicted in my book, “The China Crisis,” China’s economic structure is proving to be unsustainable.

In my last post, I argued why the China Evergrande bankruptcy is not the end of the economic crisis in China but just the beginning.

Knowing that such predictions have been made in the past by China observers, including yours truly, why should anyone think that it’s happening today?

A bit of historical context helps provide an answer to this question.

In 2012, I was asked by Wiley and Sons to write a book on China’s economic structure from my contrarian point of view. You may or may not recall that, at the time, China was the economic marvel of the world. Unlike most observers, I could see several critical problems with China’s political economy model and wrote about them in “The China Crisis.”

I identified seven key areas—given the basis upon which China or, more accurately, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) operated—that made China’s economic model unsustainable. I wasn’t the first to see this. Gordon Chang wrote about it in 2001 in his book, “The Coming Collapse of China.” Mr. Chang predicted a collapse by 2011, which, of course, did not occur. This is an update of sorts.

Instead, China’s economic clout and technological prowess continue to grow and develop. That explains why, at that time and for the next seven years, all kinds of terms were coined to describe China’s burgeoning economic status. There was the “Beijing Miracle,” “The China Model,” “Chinese State Capitalism,” and other glowing pronouncements that gave near-unanimous affirmation of China’s progress and prognosis for a bright future.

Instead, China’s economic clout and technological prowess continue to grow and develop. That explains why, at that time and for the next seven years, all kinds of terms were coined to describe China’s burgeoning economic status. There was the “Beijing Miracle,” “The China Model,” “Chinese State Capitalism,” and other glowing pronouncements that gave near-unanimous affirmation of China’s progress and prognosis for a bright future.

In fact, many experts, economists, and observers were predicting that China’s state capitalism would be the model for emerging nations around the world because of how fast it had transformed China’s economy. It was also predicted that China would soon eclipse the United States in GDP and replace it as the global hegemon.

Regarding this last prediction, it’s important to acknowledge that it appears as if it's actually coming to fruition. In that regard, however, keep in mind that it's mostly due to U.S. policy failures rather than what China is doing.

But even our leaders' traitorous actions that have aided our adversaries in Beijing can’t compete with or prevent the venal nature and deleterious policies that the CCP has inflicted upon the Chinese people for many decades. The United States and other Western nations’ financial and technological investments have certainly delayed the inevitable but won’t stop it.

At its root, of course, is the corrosive nature of corruption. For the CCP, corruption in the form of political graft, wholesale theft from the private sector, and abuse of the financial system are the means to maintain control and gain wealth. Obtaining absolute power is the end goal, not a healthy economy.

Below is a brief look at how seven factors erode the social and economic sustainability in China.

1. Excessive Overuse of Factors of Production

When greasing the palms of Party officials is the main requirement for a project or policy, waste and fraud are not only unavoidable but lead to inefficiency in leveraging factors of production. In 2013, China used 10 times more factors of production than the United States to produce the same product. Has that improved? It’s hard to say, as accurate statistics that reflect poorly on the CCP and Xi Jinping, in particular, are difficult to find.

2. Inefficient Allocation of Economic Goods, Activity

This is related to No. 1 and is manifested in many ways, such as the theft of profitable companies by the Party and turning them into inefficient, debt-ridden "zombie" state-owned enterprises that destroy value and efficiency. It also transfers wealth from the middle class to the Party elite.

3. Stifling Innovation in Middle Class

Lack of freedom of information and the punishment of violators stifles innovation and creativity. Individuals are not allowed to solve problems by themselves. Successful private firms can count on being confiscated by the state at some point. Successful entrepreneurs who speak out about the abuses of the CCP are disappeared and reeducated. This engenders total fear of and reliance upon the state, both of which are what the CCP wants. Crushing individual creativity and innovation stifles a nation’s greatest resource—its people.

Developed economies are based on a broad middle class—precisely what has not been attained in China.

4. Lack of Enforcement of Regulations, Standards

From critical areas such as food production to pharmaceuticals, corners are cut, and quality is compromised. Over the years, this not only negatively impacts the health and safety of the people, but it undercuts the authority and legitimacy of the Party.

5. A False Economy: Debt-based 'Growth' Is a Cancer on Economy

In a capitalist economy, most development is based on market need, which is determined by local prices and market conditions, which then attract capital. Distorted “development” driven by political expediency isn’t development but a waste of time, money, and resources.

The Evergrande collapse is a prime example of the CCP’s distortion of the economy. China’s overreliance on overdevelopment could be compared to healthy growth in muscle tissue from working out versus that of a cancerous tumor from exposure to toxicity. The former builds up strength and vitality; the latter destroys it. Thus, at some point, even state-owned debt from a state-owned central bank becomes unsustainable.

6. Rampant Pollution Making China Unlivable, Causing Social Unrest

China is one of the worst polluters in the world. For example, it is rapidly losing its arable land to toxicity from mining, manufacturing, and desertification. This is happening because decades of state ownership have led to indifference about what happens to the natural resources, also known as the “tragedy of the commons.” Losing arable land by either toxicity or desertification is not easily reversible and leads to greater dependence on external food sources to feed itself.

Water pollution is another environmental disaster brought about by the CCP. When I wrote “The China Crisis,” about 40 percent of China’s waterways either could not sustain life or were unsafe for human consumption. Today, that number is up to 70 percent. Moreover, 80-90 percent of its groundwater is undrinkable.

China’s air pollution is known for being the worst in the world, responsible for millions of premature deaths. State officials claim that air pollution is decreasing in China. Yet, at the same time, China is adding more coal mines for energy production, leading to more pollution, not less. The CCP’s inability to address its pollution crisis reveals its economic model's failures, adding to civil unrest rather than social support.

7. Dystopian Depression Among Young Generation

When young people lose faith in their nation, they lose faith in their future. One outcome of that pessimism is the decision not to have children. China is not alone in this phenomenon, but like South Korea and Japan, it’s a big problem. Without the energy, drive, creativity, and belief of the young, the fall in population and its effects on consumption, taxes, and other economic factors make China’s economic future bleak.

Unfortunately, its unbalanced social and economic structure will lead to more excessive actions, internally and externally, as economic and social conditions worsen.

James R. Gorrie is the author of “The China Crisis” (Wiley, 2013) and writes on his blog, He is based in Southern California.

Friday, May 19, 2023

Leadership of the Global Mafia


The African American Mafia are currently on a ruthless attack in retaliation for the recent mass arrests of Ndrangheta members. Both organized crime groups are owned by the Nero Aristocrazia.

The British Crown controls China through Hong Kong and the British banks HSBC and Standard Chartered. The Kadoories and Sassoons are wealthy merchant banking agents of the British Crown operating in China and Asia.

A group of extremely satanic bisexual murderous gang stalker creeps are in a destructive and cannibalistic state of madness. They are indescribably relentless and on a current rampage of mindless hate, sadistic lust, and psychotic hatred. This always happens when the human sacrifices and human flesh and blood trafficking increases. They are 100% pure evil and purely disgusting in every way possible. This has been going on now for about 8 years and they are getting worse and more desperate. 

These gang stalkers include Erik Alexander Hofemeister, Seth Rozman, Ergest Mati, Matthew Ayasse, Tyler Mullen, Jose Francisco Ruiz, Paul Lallier, Derek Warriner, Andrew Bonneau, Robert Nadeau, and Carey Cowles. They are the worst of the worst. They are genuinely tormentors, liars, malignant narcissists, slanderers, perverts, destroyers, vandals, trespassers, murderers, voyeurs, rapists, cannibals, blood drinkers, sadists, enviers, fiends, and thieves. Gang stalkers are programmed to be the most evil to be used as weapons.


These international criminals and royal and noble crime bloodlines are threatening society with more fake epidemics, weaponized forced vaccinations, wars based on lies, civil war, world war, martial law, and genocides. 

They are attacking society with secret societies, organized crime, corporate fraud, and electronic weapons. These bloodlines spread plagues and have been doing that for hundreds of years. These families are behind all the major wars including World War I and World War II. 

When real people stand up to tyrants like them they infiltrate opposition such as the American Revolutionary War which was hijacked by Freemasons. These criminals collectively have trillions of dollars in offshore accounts in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg and they are controlling the Bank for International Settlements. 

They extort governments and people and make hundreds of billions per year through organized crime. They torment people with electronic weapons. The entire electronic grid has been weaponized with neuro-bio hacking programs. They finance continual lying in society through the media and entertainment. 

Their primary tactics are lying, making false accusations against people who expose them, and using phony arrogance to appear like they are in control at all times. The royals and nobles run all the religious organizations, secret societies and covert organizations like the Jesuits, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Scientologists, Skull and Bones, Kabbalists, Wiccans, Five Percenters, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Malta, Shriners etc. 

They own the organized crime syndicates including all mafias, drug cartels, street gangs, and biker gangs. They oversee the global organizations like the United Nations, NATO, World Bank, IMF, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, CERN, Maritime Law, INTERPOL, Conference on Disarmament, Red Cross, Geneva Conventions, etc. 

These criminals have infiltrated every government agency in the world through pedophilia, child sacrifices, criminal financing, bribery, secret organizations, and mafia tactics. They have designed all governments as corporate entities and chartered subsidiaries of their corporate houses and monarchies. 

These international criminals have billions of associates and supporters of their NWO agenda. They are mass human traffickers, mass murderers, and war criminals who commit crimes against humanity at all times.


World Crime Syndicate 

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Deep State Absolutely Wants to Kill You

Deep State Absolutely Wants to Kill You – Alex Newman

Award-winning journalist Alex Newman, author of the popular books “Deep State” and “Crimes of the Educators,” predicted at the beginning is this year that the Deep State demons will have one crisis after another to keep people confused and afraid.  The latest crisis is the economic and ecological disaster in East Palestine, Ohio.  Newman says expect many more disasters and explains, “All across the country we are seeing very bizarre things happen.  Factories and chemical plants going up in flames, food processing facilities blowing up, airplanes crashing in mysterious ways, and I think we are heading into an era of really serious crisis.  Last summer, I was putting together the wave of crises that the Deep State was preparing for us, and one of the terms I used was ‘polycrisis.’  Then, right before the World Economic Forum meeting this year, they actually put on their website is 2023 the year of the polycrisis?  Of course, it will be the year of the polycrisis.  I think we are prepared and being groomed for cyber-attacks, currency crisis, economic crisis and, of course, Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan.  I think all of this is going to be used for a series of never-ending crises until we are ready to give up our freedoms, give up our national sovereignty and self-government, and move towards this crazy totalitarian, technocratic system they want.”

Newman says it’s not going to be a kind transition for most people.  Newman says, “The thing that is so hard for people to understand is that there are very powerful people that are working together, and they absolutely want to kill you.  That is not speculation.  These people have been openly saying for a century that they believe there are too many people on this planet. . . .  The eugenics movement never died.  Margaret Sanger, the Rockefellers, Dr. Joseph Mengele was funded by the Rockefeller dynasty.  These people are very much still around.  Bill Gates is the perfect example.  His dad was on the board of Planned Parenthood, the largest butcher of unborn babies in America. . . . Bill Gates says openly and frequently that there are too many people on this planet.  He wants to use vaccines and healthcare to reduce the number of people on the planet.”

Newman has a dark warning for America and explains, “Now that they are done with America and we are no longer useful and an obstacle to this global agenda, they need to knock us out.  They may not want to resort to nuclear bombs, but if they did, it would not surprise me. . . .  America is founded on very important ideals, and these are, once again, making a resurgence.  Our self-evident truths that are enshrined in our Constitution, that God created us equally, that God gave us the right to property.  God gave us our right to life.  Government exists to protect these rights.  These are Biblical ideas distilled into a political document. . . . These are ideals that are fundamental to liberty, and as long as the United States exists in its present form . . . . America is a major threat to this agenda.  I don’t think we should put it past them that they would use nuclear bombs against us.  I also think there is a fifth column in Washington that would be more than happy to collaborate.

There is much more in the 35-min interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with hard hitting journalist Alex Newman, founder of and author of the book “Deep State” for 3.1.23.

Newman’s website is called

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

The Hidden History of the Khazarian Mafia

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia w/ VT Editor Mike Harris (1of3)

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia w/ VT Editor Mike Harris (2of3)

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia w/ VT Editor Mike Harris (3of3)

Mike Harris, Financial Editor of Veterans Today, rejoins the program to discuss his research and article titled "The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia". His research and article, which he co-authored with Dr. Preston James, catapulted the Khazarian Mafia into the consciousness of the world. The article has had over 100 million views and the Khazarian Mafia is now a concept and term used by many independent journalists worldwide. It is past time that we understand who this group is and what they have done to humanity. 

You can learn more about Mike Harris and his work at

Read the article at

Note: Mike Harris wants to correct a mistake - he mistakenly stated that Sonia Sotomayor is Jewish, she is Catholic.

Solutions to keep from getting sick and to reverse mRNA damage - Dr. Joe Nieusma:

Thursday, February 23, 2023

US State Department explains cutting ties with Soros-funded group

The US State Department said on Tuesday that it has pulled funding from the George Soros-backed Global Disinformation Index (GDI), after it was revealed that the organization was working to deprive conservative media outlets of advertising revenue.

GDI is a UK-based nonprofit that describes its mission as “disrupting the business of disinformation.” It does this by compiling lists of “high-risk” news and information outlets – predominantly right-leaning and anti-liberal – and passing these on to advertisers, which in turn refuse to run ads on the sites. 

According to a recent investigation by the Washington Examiner, GDI received more than $200,000 from the National Endowment for Democracy and around $100,000 from the Global Engagement Center, both entities of the US State Department. The funding is in addition to undisclosed amounts from billionaire financier Soros and the UK Foreign Office, both of which are listed as donors on its website.

This is the second part of a Washington Examiner investigative series about self-styled 'disinformation' tracking groups that are cracking down on conservative media and part of a lucrative operation that aims to defund disfavored speech. To read part one, click here.

The Department of State has funded a deep-pocketed "disinformation" tracking group that is secretly blacklisting and trying to defund conservative media, likely costing the news organizations vital advertising dollars, the Washington Examiner can confirm. 

 The Global Disinformation Index, a British organization with two affiliated U.S. nonprofit groups, is feeding blacklists to ad companies with the intent of defunding and shutting down websites peddling alleged "disinformation," the Washington Examiner reported . This same "disinformation" group has received $330,000 from two State Department-backed entities linked to the highest levels of government, raising concerns from First Amendment lawyers and members of Congress.


"Any outfit like that engaged in censorship shouldn't have any contact with the government because they're tainted by association with a group that is doing something fundamentally against American values," Jeffrey Clark, ex-acting head of the Justice Department's Civil Division, told the Washington Examiner. "The government or any private entity shouldn't be involved with this entity that's engaged in conduct that is either legally questionable or at least morally questionable."

GDI compiles a "dynamic exclusion list" that it feeds to corporate entities, such as the Microsoft -owned advertising company Xandr, emails show. Xandr and other companies are, in turn, declining to place ads on websites that GDI flags as peddling disinformation.

The Washington Examiner revealed on Thursday that it is on this exclusion list. The list includes at least 2,000 websites and has "had a significant impact on the advertising revenue that has gone to those sites," said GDI's CEO Clare Melford on a March 2022 podcast.

GDI has identified that the 10 "riskiest" news outlets for disinformation are the American Spectator, Newsmax, the Federalist, the American Conservative, One America News, the Blaze, the Daily Wire, RealClearPolitics, Reason, and the New York Post.

"They might consider TAC a ‘high-risk’ publication because we have consistently taken on the bipartisan establishment’s sacred cows, whether it's the war in Iraq, nation-building in Afghanistan, or the harm done by free trade and open borders — and we’ve been proven right time and time again," Emile Doak, executive director of the American Conservative, told the Washington Examiner. "They know they can't say we're wrong, only that we're biased and 'high-risk,' so we will wear that designation as a badge of honor."

One member of GDI's advisory panel, who was granted anonymity to speak candidly, told the Washington Examiner it "sounds plausible" that any website on the "riskiest" list is also on the exclusion list. The member claimed they haven't helped craft the exclusion list and said "disinformation" labeling could potentially be seen as censorship.

The first State Department-backed group that has supported GDI is the National Endowment for Democracy, a nonprofit group that receives nearly all of its funding from annual congressional appropriations.

According to financial statements, the NED received over $300 million from the State Department in 2021. Critics have argued that the endowment, which Congress authorized in 1983, is essentially a government grantmaking body despite its legal status as a private entity.

In 2020, the NED granted $230,000 to the AN Foundation, GDI's group that also goes by the Disinformation Index Foundation, documents show.

The grant was to "deepen understanding of the challenges to information integrity in the digital space" in Africa , Asia, and other foreign countries, to "assess disinformation risks of local online media ecosystems," according to the NED, which noted that GDI would compile "risk ratings" for ad companies and others to assess "risks that arise from funding disinformation."

The NED's board of directors "controls" how it spends congressional appropriations, according to the nonprofit group's website. That 23-member board includes liberal journalist Anne Applebaum, who also sits on GDI's advisory panel, ex-Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun, House Republican Conference Chairwoman Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), and Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX).

Former NED directors also include Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass , a Democrat, as well as ex-Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (D-FL) and Peter Roskam (R-IL), according to tax forms filed in 2020.

The federal government could run into legal trouble depending on the extent to which it’s paying or directing GDI to "censor information, pressure publications to censor, or pressure advertisers not to publish, in a way that harms U.S. citizens or companies," Ilya Shapiro, director of constitutional studies at the Manhattan Institute, told the Washington Examiner.

But GDI's ties to the government extend far beyond the NED.

GDI has also disclosed taking money from Disinfo Cloud, an unclassified and defunct platform through the State Department's Global Engagement Center. Disinfo Cloud was used between 2018 and 2021 by Congress and over a dozen federal agencies, including the Departments of Defense, Energy, Treasury, and the FBI , according to the State Department.

The GEC aims to "counter foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining or influencing the policies, security, or stability of the United States, its allies, and partner nations," according to its website.

In 2018, the GEC began funding Disinfo Cloud, a State Department spokesperson told the Washington Examiner. The GEC awarded roughly $300,000 to an investment group called Park Advisers, which fights "disinformation, terrorism, violent extremism, hate speech" to manage Disinfo Cloud, the spokesperson said.

Park Advisers implemented Disinfo Cloud "to provide the U.S. government and its partners with a database of the tools and technologies available to help push back against foreign propaganda and disinformation," according to its website, which links to Disinfo Cloud's former landing page that has since been pulled off the internet.

In September 2021, the GEC and Disinfo Cloud announced that the Global Disinformation Index and two groups would split a $250,000 grant award as part of the U.S-Paris Tech Challenge. The challenge aimed "to advance the development of promising and innovative technologies against disinformation and propaganda" overseas, records show.

The Washington Examiner was unable to locate public documents reflecting the precise sum that GDI pocketed from this award. However, a State Department spokesperson said that GDI received $100,000 of the $250,000 award, which the GEC first paid to Park Advisers.

"If the Department of State, or any other government agency, is giving taxpayer money to shadowy organizations who are putting their thumbs on the scale of who gets heard and who doesn’t, it is a significant First Amendment violation," said David Warrington, an attorney for Dhillon Law Group. "The government is not supposed to be picking winners and losers in the free speech arena, regardless of whether they do it directly or by proxy, as appears to be the case here."

Two members of Congress told the Washington Examiner that they intend to investigate how the federal government is using taxpayer dollars when it comes to "disinformation" initiatives.

"Last year, under tremendous bipartisan pressure, I refused to reauthorize the Global Engagement Center because such a step seemed premature," said Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. "The most recent allegations, if verified, confirm the need for a strict accounting of all U.S. taxpayer funds going to the GEC."

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), similarly, said in a statement that the Biden administration is "knee deep" in left-leaning efforts to "crack down" on speech.


"House Republicans will be hauling these bad actors before Congress, and I absolutely support legislation to ban federal funding of anti-free speech groups," he told the Washington Examiner, referring to private sector actors and certain federal officials.

Monday, February 20, 2023

Profile of the Sociopath

This website summarizes some of the common features of descriptions of the behavior of sociopaths.

-Glibness and Superficial Charm

-Manipulative and Conning

-They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

-Grandiose Sense of Self

-Feels entitled to certain things as "their right."

-Pathological Lying

-Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.

-Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt

-A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.

-Shallow Emotions

-When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.

-Incapacity for Love

-Need for Stimulation

-Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.

-Callousness/Lack of Empathy

-Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others' feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.

-Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature

-Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.

-Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency

-Usually has a history of behavioral and academic difficulties, yet "gets by" by conning others. Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviors such as cruelty to people or animals, stealing, etc.


-Not concerned about wrecking others' lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.

-Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity

-Promiscuity, child sexual abuse, rape and sexual acting out of all sorts.

-Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle

-Tends to move around a lot or makes all encompassing promises for the future, poor work ethic but exploits others effectively.

-Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility

-Changes their image as needed to avoid prosecution. Changes life story readily.

Other Related Qualities:

-Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them

-Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them




-Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired

-Conventional appearance

-Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)

-Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim's life

-Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim's affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)

-Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim

-Incapable of real human attachment to another

-Unable to feel remorse or guilt

-Extreme narcissism and grandiose

-May state readily that their goal is to rule the world

(The above traits are based on the psychopathy checklists of H. Cleckley and R. Hare.)

NOTE: In the 1830's this disorder was called "moral insanity." By 1900 it was changed to "psychopathic personality." More recently it has been termed "antisocial personality disorder" in the DSM-III and DSM-IV. Some critics have complained that, in the attempt to rely only on 'objective' criteria, the DSM has broadened the concept to include too many individuals. The APD category includes people who commit illegal, immoral or self-serving acts for a variety of reasons and are not necessarily psychopaths.

DSM-IV Definition

Antisocial personality disorder is characterized by a lack of regard for the moral or legal standards in the local culture. There is a marked inability to get along with others or abide by societal rules. Individuals with this disorder are sometimes called psychopaths or sociopaths.

Diagnostic Criteria (DSM-IV)

1. Since the age of fifteen there has been a disregard for and violation of the right's of others, those right's considered normal by the local culture, as indicated by at least three of the following:

A. Repeated acts that could lead to arrest.

B. Conning for pleasure or profit, repeated lying, or the use of aliases.

C. Failure to plan ahead or being impulsive.

D. Repeated assaults on others.

E. Reckless when it comes to their or others safety.

F. Poor work behavior or failure to honor financial obligations.

G. Rationalizing the pain they inflict on others.

2. At least eighteen years in age.

3. Evidence of a Conduct Disorder, with its onset before the age of fifteen.

4. Symptoms not due to another mental disorder.

Antisocial Personality Disorder Overview 

(Written by Derek Wood, RN, BSN, PhD Candidate)

Antisocial Personality Disorder results in what is commonly known as a Sociopath. The criteria for this disorder require an ongoing disregard for the rights of others, since the age of 15 years. Some examples of this disregard are reckless disregard for the safety of themselves or others, failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors, deceitfulness such as repeated lying or deceit for personal profit or pleasure, and lack of remorse for actions that hurt other people in any way. Additionally, they must have evidenced a Conduct Disorder before the age of 15 years, and must be at least 18 years old to receive this diagnosis.

People with this disorder appear to be charming at times, and make relationships, but to them, these are relationships in name only. They are ended whenever necessary or when it suits them, and the relationships are without depth or meaning, including marriages. They seem to have an innate ability to find the weakness in people, and are ready to use these weaknesses to their own ends through deceit, manipulation, or intimidation, and gain pleasure from doing so.

They appear to be incapable of any true emotions, from love to shame to guilt. They are quick to anger, but just as quick to let it go, without holding grudges. No matter what emotion they state they have, it has no bearing on their future actions or attitudes.

They rarely are able to have jobs that last for any length of time, as they become easily bored, instead needing constant change. They live for the moment, forgetting the past, and not planning the future, not thinking ahead what consequences their actions will have. They want immediate rewards and gratification. There currently is no form of psychotherapy that works with those with antisocial personality disorder, as those with this disorder have no desire to change themselves, which is a prerequisite. No medication is available either. The only treatment is the prevention of the disorder in the early stages, when a child first begins to show the symptoms of conduct disorder.




Sunday, February 19, 2023

The globalist elites orchested the deadly earthquake in Turkey

February 17, 2023

Turkish Senator Diana Iovanovici Șoșoacă has accused the globalist elites of orchestrating the deadly earthquake in Turkey, which has so far killed 33,000 people.

In a dramatic speech to Parliament on Friday Senator Sosoaca said President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, had upset World Economic Forum chairman Klaus Schwab by leaving halfway through a press conference and blocking Sweden from joining NATO.

“We have lived to witness production of earthquakes on demand. NATO disliked being set up by President Erdogan,” a furious Sosoaca stated.

“Moreover his position of neutrality and mediator in the Ukranian-Russian war deeply disturbed them. His position to block Sweden’s accession to NATO and his speech in Davos as well as the gesture of leaving in the middle of a press conference defying Schwab did not remain without an echo in the cold world leaders of the world.

“But no one thought that people would have to die so many in such a terrible way.

“But ten seconds before the occurrence of the so-called earthquakes the Turks closed these (oil and gas) pipelines.

“In addition 24 hours before the earthquakes 10 countries withdrew their ambassadors from Turkey.

“Five days before its occurrence the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel warning for Romanian citizens in Turkey.”

These damning accusations are prima facie evidence of a deliberate attack on Turkey by Deep State using HAARP technology.

Senator Sosoaca’s speech will reverberate around the free press of the world but don’t expect to hear it on the ABC, News Ltd or Fairfax media in Australia.

The WEF tentacles stretch far and wide and now it seems no nation state is immune from retaliation or attack by the New World Order with help from the WEF if they step out of line.

Australian citizens have been killed in this earthquake, what will the Labor, Liberal duopoly do about this terrible advice from the Romanian Parliament?




‘New 9/11’: Cancer Cloud Spreading Across US After Massive Biological Attack – Media Blackout

Friday, February 17, 2023

Russia-Ukraine Coming to a Head - Major "Historic" Speech by Putin on February 21

NATO Lawmaker Reveals “Earthquake Weapon” Killed Over 35,000 In Turkey

World Warned “To Think Of The Unthinkable” As Russia Deploys Tactical Nukes

15 February 2023

Global tension is off the scale

All Russian TV outlets have been told to drop everything and broadcast a speech by President Vladimir Putin, live, on 21st February. The speech is to the Russian Federation Assembly. Sources tell me this could be "it."

TV stations have been told to expect the speech to last about an hour.  I am also told all radio stations in Russia are to carry the speech live.  This seems unprecedented.

Between this and Ukraine's Foreign Minister Kuleba boasting that "something is going to take place on February 23 and 24 that Russia will not like, it will affect the whole world" it is appearing more and more likely that the crap is going to get real for all of us; maybe the formal outbreak of WW3.

Today, Russia called for an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council over US destruction of Nord Stream pipe line.

The Russians will get nothing out of the US-controlled UN other than obstruction.

This afternoon in Russia, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, a guy named Tolstoy, announced new denunciations of international treaties by Russia: "There is no possibility and no desire to work with the Europeans on any issues." 

Yesterday, this web site reported Covert Intel that Norwegian Intelligence Services reported, for the first time since the Cold War, Russia has started deploying tactical nuclear weapons to their Northern Fleet warships.

Today, it came out that The U.S military ordered depleted uranium (DU) munitions designed for the Abrams tanks that Biden is sending to Ukraine. DU caused cancer and birth defects in Iraq, Afghanistan, and former Yugoslavia. Russia considers these to be a “dirty bomb” and, as reported by this web site weeks ago, Russia will respond to being hit with a "dirty nuclear bomb" exactly the way anyone would expect them to -- with nukes.

Right now Nukes and their delivery systems -- Ships/Subs/Mobile Launcher Trucks are on the move everywhere.

Global tension is off the scale.

Putin's speech on 21st February might be simultaneous with the Nukes being launched.   In my gut, I pesonally believe (and this is only my personal view) I'd expect Putin to give the West an Ultimatum and a date. After that a State of War will exist with the West...

I bet all those Russian ships that sailed out of port have attack orders. Once the go signal is sent, they will unleash their nuclear missiles...

We are so close.

He may announce that Russia will in the future interdict war supplies being sent to Ukraine. This could involve the seizure of ships.

He may announce that Russia now regards certain countries as being co belligerents with Ukraine, and that Russia may strike at weapons and training facilities in Europe. This is extreme though.

My money is that this is about Nordstream and the US. He may try to peel apart the US and some European countries. Then join forces with China saying there will be no peace treaty until Russia wins Ukraine and China wins Taiwan.

Russia doesn't want to face Nato. It's a losing situation. But if he can divide NATO over Nordstream and if he can ally with China he might go for it.

Nukes are reserved for when you've lost. But even then you don't use them. You insist that even in defeat you retain the reins of your country, your country retains it's sovereignty or you're going to launch your nukes. This is damned believable and anybody will settle for that. 

Make preparations.  Food, water, medicines, generator with fuel, communications gear, a plan for the family that everyone knows by heart where to meet, how to get there, what to do if some don't make it.

If you can, try to avoid being around high risk targets.

For all the very latest developments, tune-in to the Hal Turner Radio Show tonight at 9:00 PM eastern time (GMT-0500) on worldwide radio stations as follows:

WBCQ on 7490 or 6160 MHz

WRMI 5950 MHz

Or here on the internet at this link:


Ukraine war: Russia planning 24 February offensive, Ukrainian defence minister says

Fire The Grid Worldwide Meditation and Celebration Event on February 21, 2023

NATO Lawmaker Reveals “Earthquake Weapon” Killed Over 35,000 In Turkey

February 13, 2023

A gobsmacking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov observing that the socialist Biden Regimebasically admitted” they blew up the Nord Stream undersea pipelines, with him stating: “The United States decided that we have been cooperating too well with Germany over the past 20 or 30 years; or rather, the Germans cooperated with us too well...The powerful alliance based on Russian energy resources and German technology began to threaten the monopoly position of many American corporations...So, Washington decided to destroy this alliance between Moscow and Berlin, and did it literally by attacking the pipelines, which were built to deliver Russian gas to Europe through Germany”, says due to this deliberate act of war, European countries have racked up a staggering $1.2-trillion in energy crisis costs—and is a staggering cost that explains why the political party of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz suffered a historic defeat in yesterday’s election. 

While socialist Western colonial leader Chancellor Scholz views the wasteland of his political party, this report notes, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) revealed this morning that Russian military forces are continuing to slaughter Ukrainian troops by the hundreds every day, and reported: “In all, the Russian Armed Forces have destroyed 384 Ukrainian combat aircraft, 207 helicopters, 3,114 unmanned aerial vehicles, 404 surface-to-air missile systems, 7,852 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 1,017 multiple rocket launchers, 4,082 field artillery guns and mortars and 8,363 special military motor vehicles since the beginning of the special military operation in Ukraine”.

In knowing the truth that Russian military forces are systematically obliterating Ukraine, this report continues, it caused NATO member leader Polish President Andrzej Duda to sound the alarm: “Russia may win the conflict in Ukraine if the Kiev government isn’t supplied with Western weapons in the coming weeks.. Putin can win and we don’t know where he’ll stop”—and was an alarm joined by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic warning: “The fighting to date will feel like almost nothing, compared to what’s coming”.

For “what’s coming” in this war against Russia instigated and fueled by the godless socialist Western colonial powers, this report details, it joins a European diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealing to Reuters News Service the contents of a secret NATO survey that found: “If Europe were to fight Russia, some countries would run out of ammunition in days”—and in the just published leftist New York Times article “The All-Volunteer Force Turns 50 — And Faces Its Worst Crisis Yet”, sees it revealing: “The AVF is facing its most serious crisis since Nixon created it...All of the services are struggling with recruiting...The crisis has been especially acute in the Army...Last year, it missed its recruiting goals by 15,000 soldiers — an entire division’s worth...That is a particularly ominous development given the growing threats from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea”.

With the American military unable to recruit enough soldiers willing to sacrifice their lives on the altar of godless global socialism, this report notes, it bears noticing the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) revealing today: “The United States military is actively recruiting militants from jihadist groups affiliated with Islamic State and Al-Qaeda to commit terrorist attacks in Russia and members of the Commonwealth of Independent States”—and was a revelation swiftly followed by the American Embassy in Moscow posting the warning: “Do not travel to Russia due to the unpredictable consequences of the unprovoked full-scale invasion of the Russian Armed Forces into Ukraine”.

Most critical to notice about the “Do not travel to Russia” warning sent out this morning by the United States, this report continues, is that it follows what occurred on 3 February, which was when nine socialist Western colonial nations suddenly closed down their consulates in Istanbul or issued travel warnings to citizens visiting Turkey—were “travel warnings” followed three days later, on 6 February, by a massive earthquake striking Turkey, which to date has killed over 35,000 and left over 1 million homeless—a massive earthquake followed by Turkish media sources posting messages like: “The earthquake in Turkey looks like a punitive operation (HAARP) by NATO or the US against Turkey...The video shows lightning strikes, which are not normal in earthquakes, but always happen in harp operations”—were Turkish media messages quickly joined by articles around the world like “HAARP? Conspiracy Theories Link Controversial US Weapon To Earthquake In Turkiye, Syria”—but far from HAARP being a “conspiracy theory”, the unclassified final document of findings and determinations released by the State Duma in 2002 about this American earthquake weapon warned:

Under the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), the U.S. is creating a new integral geophysical weapon that may influence the near-Earth medium with high-frequency radio waves.

The significance of this qualitative leap could be compared to the transition from cold steel to fire arms, or from conventional weapons to nuclear weapons.

This new type of weapons differs from previous types in that the near-Earth medium becomes at once an object of direct influence and its component.

The U.S. is planning to test three facilities of this kind.

One of them is located on the military testing ground in Alaska and its full-scale tests are to begin in early 2003.  The second one is in Greenland and the third one in Norway. 

When these facilities are launched into space from Norway, Alaska and Greenland, a closed contour will be created with a truly fantastic integral potential for influencing the near-Earth medium. 

Among those knowing the truth about the HAARP earthquake weapon, this report concludes, is NATO and European Union member lawmaker Romanian Senator Diana Iovanovici Șoșoacă, who just horrifyingly revealed to the entire world:  

For three years, we have been experiencing a real campaign of mass killing worldwide, either through alleged pandemics and the imminent need to inject untested vaccines that kill people, or through wars that reduce the world’s population, but rearranges international politics, realigns power poles and alters borders.

We have lived to witness the production of earthquakes on command which is actually an attack on Turkey by the greatest nation of the world who totally disliked being set up by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey.

Moreover, his position of neutrality and mediator in the Ukrainian-Russian war deeply disturbed them, especially since.

Turkey is the second great power from a military point of view within NATO.  His position to block Sweden’s accession to NATO, his speech in Davos, as well as the gesture of leaving in the middle of the press conference, defying Schwab, did not remain without an echo in the cold world of leaders the world.

But, no one thought that people would have to die, so many people, and in such a terrible way.  And it’s just a warning, because it wasn’t the most populated area of Turkey.

150 aftershocks of a devastating earthquake, the second larger than the first, without the existence of an epicenter, the area being artificially stimulated, geological weapons having existed for a very long time, being used so far without causing too many casualties, probably for experiments.  Now, it has been put into practice. If we look carefully at the map of Turkey, we will see that it is furrowed by gas and oil pipelines, this being actually one of the goals: their destruction.

But, 10 seconds before the occurrence of the so-called earthquake, the Turks closed these pipelines.

In addition, 24 hours before the earthquake, 10 countries withdrew their ambassadors from Turkey.  5 days before its occurrence, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel warning for Romanian citizens in Turkey, although there was no danger, as did other countries.

By killing people, they served their interests.  The maps shown on all the television channels show that there was no epicenter, but a line with thousands of earthquakes.

The Turkish secret services are investigating “a possible criminal intervention”, (read an involvement of another state in triggering the first earthquake), what followed later being a chain reaction after the destabilization of the tectonic plates in the region.

It is very clear that President Erdogan was punished for his courage, dignity and honor and for his closeness to the Russian Federation, in fact a position of neutrality and mediation for peace.

In addition, it is desired to divert people’s attention from Ukraine, where representatives of many countries have already begun to shout against the despotism and orders given by President Zelensky, as if he is ruling the world and someone is obliged to send weapons and participate in his war, in a war where he sacrificed his own people and destroyed his entire country.  Anyone who speaks of peace is put on the pole of infamy and attacked from all sides.

It is very clear to me that at this point, things at the international level have gotten out of hand, the fools are playing as God, and they think they have won the game.

Because of these demented and psychopathic people who cause wars and cataclysms using unconventional weapons, we, humans, are just numbers they can get rid of.


HAARP and Turkey/Syria Earthquake? What's going on? NATO, UN and USA?



Biden “Constitutional Hypocrisy” Creates “The World’s Largest Construction Site!”

Russia Reveals “No Turning Back” Policy To Crush Socialist Western Powers

World Warned “To Think Of The Unthinkable” As Russia Deploys Tactical Nukes

NATO Lawmaker Reveals “Earthquake Weapon” Killed Over 35,000 In Turkey

Biden Ignores “What’s Happening In Ukraine Won’t Stay In Ukraine” Holy War Warning

American “Message To The World” ICBM Launch Followed By “Not A Balloon” Shootdown

New Russian “TrUMP” Strike Drone Enters “Already Underway” World War III

Russia Brands Biden “Terrorist” As “Direct Confrontation” With America No Longer In Doubt

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