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Monday, December 4, 2023

US President, Pope, King of England and Emperor of Japan all about to fall

December 4, 2023

The world is undergoing the biggest changes in centuries if not millennia. When the dust settles, the US President, the Pope, the King of England and the Emperor of Japan are all likely to be removed. 

Also, the last of the Satanists will be hunted down and brought to justice and their remaining Swiss, Israeli and US fortresses will suffer a Masada-like fall. This is what senior Asian secret society sources predict.

The signs of this are everywhere. Last week for example saw leaders from nearly 200 countries and around 100,000 delegates gather in Dubai for COP 28 with begging cups in their hands. EU Chief Ursula von der Leyen tweeted “In climate finance, we have to move from billions to trillions.” King Charles demanded that taxpayers around the globe cough up $5 trillion every year in order to advance the globalist “Net Zero” agenda.

Their attempts to grab “green” money from Western countries has already led Canada’s Alberta Province to openly revolt against the Castrudeau KM proxy government.

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All the “green” money they managed to get was about $500 million, or 1/200th of the $100 billion pledged during China’s October Belt and Road party.

This too was far from the trillions of dollars expected by many.

This is because before she was killed, Queen Elizabeth reached an agreement with Asian secret societies that instead of the fraudulent “carbon causes global warming,” humanity’s goal would be to increase the amount and variety of life, including human life.

Her successor as head of the committee of 300 agrees. He is a European royal who is not descended from William the Conqueror. This individual claims he will go public in the new year.

In any case, when the fake President Joe Biden met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in San Francisco last month, the Asians told the Rockefeller/Rothschild Khazarian Mafia: “You have had 110 years [since the founding of the Federal Reserve Board], so now it is our turn.” That is why Rockefeller’s proxy Anthony Blinken looked so scared as the talks concluded.

The Asians and their Western white hat allies plan to announce a multi-trillion dollar new East/West/North/South plan to end poverty and stop environmental destruction, probably during 2024. They will follow that by taking all the money that was being used for wars and spending on a new war against aging and death.

First though will come some huge political changes. While the world has been focused on the Khazarian mafia-orchestrated wars in Ukraine and Gaza, East Asia has begun the biggest political changes since the fall of the last Japanese shogun and the last Chinese Emperor.

For example a surprising solution to the Taiwan issue has been reached that calls for ... ... ...

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Sunday, December 3, 2023

The Antisemitism Hoax has Officially Collapsed. Jews Don’t Know It Yet, But It’s Over.

The transformation has happened so fast that I don’t think people have yet grasped it:

  • The official definition of “antisemitism” before October 7, 2023 was “hating Jews for no reason.”
  • The post-7/10 definition of “antisemitism” is “saying Jews should stop killing babies.”

It’s a really massive transformation.

I know that most non-Jews don’t understand it, but what is even crazier is that most Jews don’t appear to understand it.

Jews have a psychosis where they view any criticism of their behavior as “hate.” I am supposed to be the world’s top anti-Semite, but all I ever did was criticize their behavior. However, Jews had some degree of plausible deniability with regards to their agenda to push homosexuality on children, or their agenda to flood white countries with poor, illiterate nonwhite immigrants. They could also claim that these things were good.

Now, they’re taking the same tack (“if you criticize our behavior, it means you hate us, and therefore you are evil”), but they are taking this position in the context of “we slaughter children.”

Basically, they’ve destroyed the entire anti-Semitism racket, permanently.

It’s really irresponsible of them. This gave them so, so much power, and they’ve just pissed it away.

“People hate us for no reason because we murder children” is simply not a viable PR strategy.

New York Post:

Jewish students have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit accusing the University of California of allowing the “longstanding, unchecked spread of antisemitism” at its Berkeley campus.

The lawsuit claims Jew-hatred has “boiled over” following the terror group Hamas’ sneak attack against Israel on Oct. 7 — even citing statements in the complaint from Cal-Berkeley’s own law school dean, Erwin Chemerinsky.

In the suit filed Tuesday in Northern California District Court in San Francisco, the plaintiffs representing Jewish students — the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law and Jewish Americans for Fairness in Education — noted that some two dozen student groups ban Zionist speakers.

The ban is blatant discrimination since nearly all Jews identify as Zionists or believers in the Jewish state of Israel, the complaint said.

Yeah, that’s… it’s very confusing. Belief in Zionism is not an intrinsic trait, such as having black skin. It’s a choice, and support for Zionism is a behavior. Therefore, if being against Zionism is “antisemitism,” then by definition, “antisemitism” does not mean “hating Jews for no reason.”

They were able to get away with this stuff when they could hide behind the Holocaust. It didn’t have to make sense, because they could just show a picture of a guy with a tattoo and say “my uncle was turned into a lampshade.” They were able to use emotional exploitation to bully people into silence.

The whole thing is now coming unraveled.

Since Oct. 7, antisemitism has run rampant at the school, the complaint said, citing numerous incidents of intimidation, harassment and physical violence against Jewish students.

For example, during one of the numerous rallies held at UC Berkeley celebrating Hamas, a Jewish undergraduate draped in an Israeli flag was set upon by two protesters who struck him in the head with a metal water bottle.

But he was attacked because he was draped in an Israeli flag, a flag which is now equated to the mass murder of children. He wasn’t attacked because “people hate him for no reason.”

Jewish students and professors are also receiving hate mail calling for their gassing and murder. Many Jewish students report feeling afraid to go to class, the suit said.

Pro-Palestinian protesters — who frequently chant “Intifada, Intifada” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” — disrupted a prayer gathering by Jewish students, according to the suit.


People think the Jews should give back the stolen land. That’s a political position. It has nothing to do with “hate.”

The term “antisemitism” never had any meaning. It was always just a way to protect Jews from criticism by saying that anyone who criticized the Jews hated them for no reason.

Again, I have been labeled by the ADL as “the most prominent American anti-Semite.” I have not hated the Jews for no reason. I would actually take issue with the word “hate,” as I hope that the Jews find Jesus and repent of this evil they do. I earned this “anti-Semite” label because I criticized the Jews.

Here are a few examples of Jewish behavior I took issue with:

  • Working to undermine and destroy the Christian religion
  • Controlling the news media and using it to undermine the United States
  • Controlling the entertainment media and using it to undermine family values and basic morals
  • Infiltrating the US government and using our foreign policy to push the agenda of the Jews, including sending Americans to many wars in the Middle East
  • Producing and distributing pornography
  • Pushing feminism as a way to undermine the family
  • Promoting and normalizing homosexuality
  • Pushing the tranny and child tranny agenda
  • Using the “civil rights movement” to promote racial strife
  • Pushing mass immigration with the explicit goal of making whites minorities in their own countries
  • Pushing mass censorship, not just of criticism of the Jews directly, but of all Jewish agendas
  • Pushing abortion
  • Pushing for gun control
  • Creating communism
  • Engaging in usury-oriented financial swindles through the Federal Reserve system and Wall Street
  • Engaging in widespread political corruption, including through AIPAC, which bribes politicians who pledge allegiance to Israel and destroys politicians who don’t

The list obviously goes on.

And of course, we could talk about these issues. I am open to talking to the Jews about these issues, and hearing their explanations as to why they are engaged in these behaviors.

However, the Jews have no interest in talking about any of these issues. Instead, they simply want to silence anyone who asks why they are engaged in these behaviors, so they label them “antisemite.” This works because they evoke the Holocaust, and claim that anyone who disagrees with their behavior is planning to exterminate them. After all, Hitler disagreed with their behavior.

I mean, just look at what that nasty old Hitler did to that poor old Magnus Hirschfeld, a gay Jew who was pioneering genital mutilation surgeries!

That mean old nasty Hitler hated Hirschfeld for no reason because he was promoting pederasty and genital mutilation.

Everyone Sees the Antisemitism Hoax Now

I have been saying for over a decade that “antisemitism” is a hoax. People criticize Jews for their behavior, and Jews then claim that all criticism is “hate” and exists for no reason.

This thing that the Jews are doing in Gaza, however, is too extreme. It is the most extreme thing anyone has ever done. Maybe this kind of mass child slaughter happened in history (though I seriously doubt it), but it certainly never happened on TV like this.

If Jews were not completely unhinged, they would be trying to mitigate this. Every American Jew would be out in the public space saying “American Jews do not stand with Israel and their barbaric slaughter.” Even if they do agree with it, they should be saying they don’t.

Instead, Jews are circling the wagons and vowing to destroy anyone who questions the Jewish right to slaughter children. They are saying anyone who supports Palestinian kids is evil.

The problem here is: Jews can’t go to war with the whole world. There are not enough of them.

The only non-Jews who support the Jews are baby boomers, and they are quickly dying out.

The polls say that over 40% of Americans still support the Jews. But among young people, that number is less than 20%.

The thing is: with more than half not supporting the Jews, we are now in a situation where we can talk about the Jews. We can criticize them without being totally shut down. The Jew supporters are “conservative” retards who think these Jews have something to do with Christianity (beyond murdering Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ). Now that we can talk about the Jews, these “Zionist Christians” are going to be forced to confront the fact that Jews are behind child trannies, mass immigration, gay rights, BLM, and every other thing I listed above.

A good portion of Zionist Christians are simply satanic, and actually revel in slaughtering innocent people. But another portion of them are legitimately confused, because they are stupid, and when they find out what these Jews have been up to, they are going to be less than happy about it.

Then, of course, you have the rest of the world, where this whole “Zionist Christian” thing does not exist.

The Jews have really dug their own grave.


Is this the real Emperor of Japan?

 Naoshi Onodera holding what he claims is an 8000 year old Sumerian object, the Japanese imperial “Jewel.”

December 3, 2023 

Remember this post from 2012? 

We believe he may now truly become emperor.

Naoshi Onodera claims he is the legal and rightful emperor of Japan and that Emperor Akihito is descended from a group of illegitimate pretenders who were put up as puppet rulers by foreign cabalists who use the Satanic star as their symbol. He says the sitting emperor is using fake replicas of the three ancient imperial treasures used to justify his position on the throne. These items are known as the jewel, the sword and the mirror and are said to be the oldest inherited items on earth. The real ones are in his possession and he is willing to have scholars and legal experts verify this and other evidence, Onodera says. This is an extremely important claim because it is intimately connected to the start-up of the new financial system and the possibility of fundamental regime change in Japan.

[restrict paid=”true”] In recent years Japan has been controlled by a small clique centered around Hiroaki Fushimi, a distant imperial relative who has been trying to seize the throne and thus take control of the Japanese financial system. As a part of this plot, Fushimi arranged the murder of Princess Masako’s fiancée Katsuhiko Oku in order to force her to marry the crown prince so that he could substitute one of his own children as Masako’s child and heir to the throne, according to several imperial family members. Oku, who worked for the North America Number 2 Division at the Japanese foreign ministry was sent to Iraq where he was murdered, they claim. Fushimi has been an agent for George Bush Senior and has provided the Bushes with fraudulent financial documents, they say. Emperor Akihito has been a powerless puppet manipulated by this clique which includes the Prince Hitachi, the imperial family sources say. Fushimi refused to confirm or deny these claims when reached through his secretary.

This clique is now isolated and hiding in the Imperial Palace behind 6,000 uniformed guards. However, since White Dragon Society members are part of the inner staff of the Imperial palace, they must surrender and allow Eijiro Katsu, the senior Ministry of Finance Bureaucrat and Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa to open up the BOJ Black Screens and release the funding for the new financial system. Japan’s Ministry of Finance will then receive an initial payment of $10 trillion to be used fort post-earthquake rebuilding and to set up a new International Economic Planning Agency.

The issue of who has the ultimate legal claim to ownership of the vast hoards of Japanese Imperial Treasure that helps back up the new financial system will have to be decided by scholars and jurists at a later date because the new financial system needs to be started up ASAP. The man on the spot with the actual legal signing rights is Eijiro Katsu so for now the sword of global destiny is hanging over his head.

In any case, Onodera is undeniably in possession of some extremely unique and historically valuable artifacts. The “Jewel” he holds above has an eight petalled flower carved on it. Onodera says this object has been in his family for 8,000 years and has its origins in ancient Sumer. The flower is the oldest known example of the eight pointed star or the seal of the prophets, he says.

The other object he showed was the “sword.” The sword has an inscription on it saying it belongs to a king.

Onodera says it dates back to his Zhou dynasty royal ancestor from 1000 BCE. The sword is the oldest known Chinese sword, he says, and it is badly eroded.

The third treasure, the “mirror,” dates back 2100 years and is originally from Korea, he says.

Apart from holding what he claims are three treasures of the Japanese Imperial throne, Onodera had many other interesting items such as this item:

Tibetan Kings used this to sacrifice virgins until Tibet was conquered by China a thousand years ago and the Chinese emperors put an end to the practice, he says.

The other point to be made about Onodera’s claims is that many of Japan’s Yakuza gangs and right wing organizations support him. Onodera has been under the protection of the Nichiren Buddhist sect and has kept his identity, and claims, secret until now.

According to Onodera, when foreign armies invaded Japan in the 1850’s and 1860’s, they found the Japanese government owned 3/4ths of the world’s known supply of silver. In order to get their hands on it, they supplied an impoverished Northern lineage with rifles that could shoot 400 meters while they sold the richer Southern “legitimate” lineage rifles that could only shoot 100 meters. The symbol of the Northern Army’s flag was a 5-pointed star, the symbol of Lucifer, also known as Satan. The Southerners were massacred and foreign banking families got their hands on some of the treasure. Ever since then, he claims, Japan has been run by these puppets of foreign financiers.

Onodera also makes a more startling claim. He says his family is directly descended from the biblical Abraham. His claims are backed up by the fact that the family tree of Abraham corresponds exactly with the family tree in the Japanese foundation myths. To confirm this Onodera produced what he claims is the original stone tablet of the 10 commandments. He says it was given to his ancestor by “celestial beings.”

Onodera says all of the items in his possession are available for expert scrutiny so long as he and his staff are able to monitor the objects at all times.

Needless to say, Onodera also has complex genealogical tables, documents and other evidence to back his claim to being the heir of the oldest known, still extant, royal lineage on earth. [/restrict]


New Zealand Whistleblower Raided by Police

DEC 3, 2023

Journalist Liz Gunn releases an official statement advising the NZ Ministry of Health Whistleblower and person working with him have both been raided by police.

Liz Gunn reports police are still surrounding the Whistleblowers’ home after several hours following the raid.

Gunn calls for the New Zealand government to call off this tyrannical response and give the Whistleblower the honour and respect he deserves as a national hero.

Please share this video everywhere for the sake of the safety of all involved in bringing this crucial COVID injection data to the world!

Watch the full Whistleblower report here:

M.O.A.R (Mother Of All Revelations)


A Lifetime of Silence



Dwarka: Atlantis of the East


Welcome to the home of Dwaraka: Atlantis of the East. In just 54 hours, over 28,000 viewers across 7 continents uncovered answers to this ancient mystery.


These truths, as you are about to discover, may force humankind to reconsider everything we know about historic civilizations, ancient technology, and what lies in store for our uncertain future. 

IN DWARKA: ATLANTIS OF THE EAST, YOU'LL DISCOVER... A look at the strange ancient artifacts that regularly wash up on the shores of modern-day Dwaraka... and what they could mean. Astronomical expert Dr. Narahari achar's irrefutable evidence that Dwaraka could be one of the oldest civilizations in human history. Did 

Dwarka possess futuristic flying machines and nuclear weapons thousands of years before the rest of the world? This compelling evidence is impossible to ignore. 

Why the Indian government abruptly forced the original Dwarka excavation team to halt all exploration of its ruins on the Arabian sea bed. and much more.

Dwarka: Atlantis of the East (FULL MOVIE)



Aldebarans are a star race that has chosen to be the main race being introduced to surface Earth humanity for the First Contact, replacing the role the Pleiadians had before.

Aldebarans are a sister race to Pleiadians and are quite similar to them, with a little more focus on technology and a little more masculine energy.

After the fall of Atlantis, Aldebarans have assisted the surface humanity many times throughout human history by bringing them technology and improving their genetic code:

They have maintained their vibrational frequency in the hostile surface Earth environment through the institution of harem (meaning sacred, enclosed, protected space):

They assisted Pleiadians in building the Xian pyramid complex in China and were also quite active in predynastic Egypt:

They have founded Vedic civilization in Tamil Nadu and another one in Rajasthan and Gujarat. They have formed the Rama empire in ancient India and the city of Dwarka:

And Sumerian empire with the city of Uruk, now known as Warka:

They were fighting with Draconians in a nuclear war and lost:

After that war and subsequent deluge in 3114 BCE, their influence on the surface of the planet greatly diminished.

Most of them were then ordered by the masters of the quarantine to leave the Solar system and some were able to go underground to join, strengthen and enlarge the Agartha network. They were active there since then until 1996, when all of the underground Aldebarans were taken prisoner by the dark forces or forced to leave the Solar system: 

In later history, their influence on the surface was limited.

CIA, DoD and Rockefeller Foundation are exposed as Masterminds behind 2025 Depopulaton Forecast

CIA, DoD & Rockefeller Foundation exposed as Masterminds behind Deagel’s eerie 2025 Depopulaton Forecast; COVID Vaccine Death Data confirms they’re right on track!

In a world where reality often seems stranger than fiction, the machinations behind global events can be an enigma wrapped in mystery.

One such intrigue revolves around, an obscure online entity known for its exhaustive data on military capabilities and eyebrow-raising depopulation forecasts for 2025.

We can reveal that recent findings appear to link Deagel directly to significant players on the world stage: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)/ The Pentagon, and The Rockefeller Foundation.

And current real-world data on excess deaths in the West strongly suggest Deagel’s depopulation forecast is not just an estimation but in fact, a target that is on track to be hit thanks to the deadly effects of Covid-19 vaccination.


CIA, DoD & Rockefeller Foundation exposed as Masterminds behind Deagel’s eerie 2025 Depopulaton Forecast; COVID Vaccine Death Data confirms they’re right on track!

In the final months of his life, former CIA agent Joseph Spencer gathered his family and told them he had many secrets he needed to share with the world in the form of a deathbed confession.

At the time, he was dismissed by many as a conspiracy theorist peddling far-fetched theories about secret societies and their plans for humanity.

But in 2023 his deathbed confession is gaining attention because everything he predicted is happening as we speak, like clockwork – one chilling prediction after another.

The former CIA agent predicted some key things including the pedophilia and child trafficking epidemic, the elite’s obsession with depopulation, chemtrails, alien disclosure, and what he described as a “modified flu virus” that would be unleashed on humanity by the psychopathic elite.

Does any of that sound familiar?

But his predictions don’t stop there and it’s his predictions for the year 2024 that are shocking those who are familiar with his work. 

Targeted Individuals: Frozen In Time and Forged In Fire


An intense, unusual and eye-opening new Age Of Truth TV interview and a new episode in our “LIFE-STORIES” series on the channel, featuring an American couple who claim to be TARGETED INDIVIDUALS, and heavily targeted by non-entities, and they use their deep faith to survive some extraordinary other-worldly and mind-blowing experiences, having been attacked physically and mentally by Satanic forces and maybe secret intelligence services. 

BREE MARPES and EDGAR FRENCH Jr. are both Authors and Truth Researchers and join Age Of Truth TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander, for a rather extreme account of their experiences and what they believe is the truth about faith and religion - and the global conspiracy! They are the authors of the book “FORGED IN FIRE! 

AOT TV on Bitchute: 

AOT TV on Brighteon:



Stop Mind-Invasion+Directed-Energy-Tortures+Organized Gang-Stalking In India


Zionic Mind Control

The Role of Henry Kissinger in Managing the UFO/ET Cover Up

November 30, 2023

Henry Kissinger’s passing on November 29 will have an important impact on the UFO disclosure process. He was an influential figure in managing the UFO cover up going back to WW2 when he was part of the US Army’s Counter Intelligence Corps operations in Occupied Germany and then worked under Nelson Rockefeller in setting up the PI 40 Special Studies Group in the Eisenhower administration that was closely associated with the Majestic 12 Special Studies Group. Kissinger was therefore a key part of the cover up and his passing means the truth about extraterrestrial visitation can finally be revealed.

I included a lengthy section on Kissinger in a 2003 Study Paper that is titled “Political Management of the Extraterrestrial Presence: The Challenge to Democracy and Liberty in America.” The paper was included in my 2004 book, Exopolitics: The Political Implcatons of the Extraterrestrial Presence. In the paper I wrote:

“There is strong evidence from whistleblower sources that the master strategist of the Special Studies Group that made up the outer layer of MJ-12/PI-40, was a key Rockefeller protégé, Dr Henry Kissinger whose experience in managing the ET presence went further back than is commonly appreciated.”

Here’s the full section on Kissinger in my 2003 Study Paper and 2004 Book.

The Prominence of Henry Kissinger as PI-40’s Master Strategist

There is significant evidence that Nazi Germany had partially succeeded in reverse engineering downed extraterrestrial craft that had been discovered by Nazi authorities in the mid 1930’s. [38] The partly successful efforts by top Nazi scientists in understanding and reverse engineering this ET technology was a major factor in Nazi Germany’s advanced weapons technology program and prolongation of the war effort in order to fully deploy these new weapons systems. At the conclusion of the Second World War, a top secret effort to repatriate the same Nazi scientists in order to utilize their expertise was begun by US Army’s Counter Intelligence Corps. ‘Operation Paperclip’, as this secret effort was called, involved the removal of hundreds of Nazi scientists to the well funded military-scientific laboratories created to produce weapons for the war effort. [39] A little known figure in ‘Operation Paperclip’ was a young German speaking US Army intelligence officer with a German Jewish background – Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger was born in Fuerth Germany on May 27, 1923, and served in the Army Counterintelligence Corps from 1943-46. At the close of World War II, he stayed on active duty in occupied West Germany. He was assigned to the 970th Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment, among whose ‘official’ functions included the recruitment of ex-Nazi intelligence officers for anti-Soviet operations inside the Soviet bloc. [40] Kissinger’s detachment, in reality, was playing a key role in ‘Operation Paperclip’ – a role that would mark him out in military intelligence circles as someone who had the keen intellect and strategic thinking abilities that could handle the most important strategic policy issue facing the US – how best to respond to the ET presence. [41]

Kissinger returned to the US, and in 1947 began his university education as an undergraduate at Harvard University. Kissinger, however, retained his ties to the military, as a Captain in the Military Intelligence Reserves. This enabled him to continue to play a role in issues pertaining to the ET presence as the policy at the highest level of the Truman administration was being developed. By 1950, Kissinger was now a graduate student and was working part time for the Department of Defense. He regularly commuted to Washington – as a consultant to its Operations Research Office which was under the direct control of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Operations Research Office ‘officially’ conducted highly classified studies on such topics as the utilization of former German operatives and Nazi partisan supporters in CIA clandestine activities. Kissinger’s official duties were once again a cover for his role in coordinating the recruitment and utilization of former Nazi scientists in clandestine projects involving the reverse engineering of ET technology, and dealing with a range of intelligence and strategic issues surrounding the ET presence.

In I952, after completing his PhD, Kissinger became a consultant to the director of the Psychological Strategy Board, an operating arm of the National Security Council for covert psychological and paramilitary operations. Thus Kissinger’s role expanded to dealing with the extensive policy issues surrounding the ET presence. Kissinger’s inside knowledge of Operation Paperclip and the ET presence, combined with his strategic thinking abilities, marked him as someone who would rapidly assume a prominent position in the decision making hierarchy surrounding the ET presence. As a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, Kissinger would undoubtedly have come to the attention of its most prominent members as someone who could provide leadership on how to respond to the ET presence.

In 1954, President Eisenhower appointed Nelson Rockefeller his Special Assistant for Cold War Planning, a position that officially involved the ‘monitoring and approval of covert CIA operations’. This was a cover for Rockefeller’s true role as head of MJ-12; and most importantly, directing US foreign policy in the wake of a ‘secret treaty’ signed between an ET race from the Orion Constellation and the US. [42] The ‘treaty’ has been a source of much speculation but its existence and content has been revealed by a number of former military and government intelligence ‘whistleblowers’. [43]

In 1955, Kissinger became a consultant to the National Security Council’s Operations Coordinating Board – the highest policy-making board for implementing clandestine operations against foreign governments. Kissinger’s analytical and strategic skills were used not only for coordinating US policy in clandestine operations against foreign governments, but also for the clandestine operations against ET races. [44] Kissinger’s role in the clandestine operations, his close relationship with Nelson Rockefeller, his intellectual abilities, all combined to lead to a steady increase in his influence. Rockefeller and others running clandestine organizations understood the danger in not coordinating clandestine policy towards ET races and reverse engineering, with the more conventional foreign policy issues that were the focus of public attention.

Coordinating the extensive range of issues and problems would require someone with the strategic thinking abilities to coordinate these two arenas. Kissinger’s abilities marked him out in the mind of Rockefeller, the Executive Committee from the Council of Foreign Relations, and military intelligence, as the person best qualified for this critical role. Rockefeller was instrumental in appointing Kissinger as one of the two Directors of PI-40, the Study Group that would provide policy advice to MJ-12 in response to the Treaty signed with the ET race from Orion in particular, and the ET presence more generally. [45]

As a Director and key strategist of PI-40, Kissinger would certainly have been aware of the need to politically manage the ET presence through ensuring the autonomy of MJ-12 and PI-40 and to render efforts of executive oversight ineffective. More importantly, MJ-12/PI-40 had steadily grown in institutional authority and power to the extent that it could now exert political influence over the executive branch of government. Strongly influencing, if not outright control of, successive Presidential administrations was viewed to be a critical part of how the ET presence had to be politically managed, effectively dismantling the executive oversight that was such a prominent feature of the Roosevelt and Truman administrations.

What contributed to this need for MJ-12 to control/influence future administrations is the irony that while most policy national security officials, politicians, the news media and the public, believed that the Soviet Union was the primary threat to US Security, in fact the US was secretly cooperating extensively with the Soviet Union in responding to the ET presence. This meant that beneath the official Cold War rhetoric and armed conflicts that consumed public attention and resources, clandestine cooperation was occurring against what was perceived to be a common threat. [46] In short, the US and USSR were strategic allies as far as addressing the ET presence was concerned, while simultaneously being strategic competitors in the geo-politics of the Cold War. This meant that much of the animosity that characterized the Cold War was a charade that helped divert the general public away from what was really happening. Such a charade could only work if the most senior officials within the Presidential administration were familiar with the ET presence, so as to moderate more bellicose policy makers who believed the Cold War was for real, and were fully ready to use nuclear weapons against the Soviet Union in response to a perceived attack.

Influencing successive Presidential administrations could be achieved by embedding key PI-40 members in senior policy positions of incoming Presidential administrations so as to ensure non-disclosure of the ET presence, and moderating Cold War hostilities. For the Kennedy/Johnson administrations, this individual was McGeorge Bundy, one of the original members of PI-40, who upon becoming National Security Advisor would have become the chair of MJ-12. [47] In the case of the future Nixon administration, this would be achieved by embedding within it an even more prominent PI-40 member who could control President Nixon when necessary.

For the Nixon administration, this person would be no other than Henry Kissinger who was plucked out of public obscurity in 1968 to be appointed National Security Advisor of President-elect Nixon. The instrumental figure in Kissinger’s appointment was Nelson Rockefeller who had lost to Nixon in the 1968 Republican convention, and subsequently arranged for his protégé to become part of Nixon’s team. [48] Kissinger was intent on centralizing foreign policy making in the White House and the National Security Council, thereby ensuring him a central role in shaping not only US foreign policy, but also clandestine policy towards ET races in his new role as Director of MJ-12. Given his long history as a Director of the Special Studies Group/PI-40 since its formation, Kissinger would have been the most experienced and powerful head of MJ-12 since Nelson Rockefeller. [49]

In Seymour Hersh’s critical biography of Kissinger’s political managerial style during the Vietnam era, what emerges is that Kissinger was intent on amassing as much power as possible in managing international affairs. [50] Kissinger systematically undermined the positions of others who could pose a threat to his control of international affairs, especially that of the new Secretary of State, William Rogers, and other key policy makers in the Nixon administration. [51] Kissinger emerges in Hershe’s biography as a political figure paranoid about ceding power to others who in his view lacked the subtlety and acumen in dealing with critical foreign policy issues. Kissinger’s managerial style was to ensure that all information passed through him as the principal filter for shaping Nixon’s priorities and thinking on foreign policy. A passage from a former Kissinger aide, Morton Halperin, reveals Kissinger’s political managerial style:

On January 25, 1969, five days into the administration, the NSC was convened for its first meeting. The issue was Vietnam, and Halperin, now clearly Kissinger’s top aide, was assigned to summarize all the papers and prepare a covering memorandum for the President. He carefully listed the various options in the two- or three-page summary, leaving boxes for the President to initial his choices. The idea was to reduce the President’s workload: If Nixon chose not to read the attached documents, he could merely review Halperin’s summary (which, of course, came with Kissinger’s imprimatur) and make his decision. Henry loved summary and thought it was terrific. But, ‘Mort,’ he said, ‘you haven’t told the President what options we should choose.’”

“I thought to myself,” Halperin recalls, “we’re not supposed to be giving positions; we’re just supposed to send summaries of the options.” Years later, Halperin would realize how naïve he had been: “Henry had been publicly saying that we were just going to sort out the issues for the President. I didn’t know that Henry wanted to give him the decisions he should take. I was surprised—because I still believed what Henry had said.” The Kissinger summary papers, with their recommendations, would become the most secret documents in the Nixon White House. [52]

Kissinger’s political managerial style while in government is very significant since it provides insight into how decision making in PI-40 was conducted under Kissinger as the Study group director, and later in MJ-12 when he become its head during the Nixon/Ford administrations. [53]

Kissinger’s role in guiding US foreign policy was dictated by his philosophy of ‘realpolitik’. Realpolitik was modelled after his favorite international statesman, 19th century German Chancellor, Otto Von Bismark, who skillfully managed international alliances and limited wars to transform Prussia/Germany into a great power without provoking an international alliance against Germany. [54] For Bismark, international politics was a grand chess board where morality and sentiment played at best a secondary role, and what really mattered was the skillful use of one’s resources in achieving one’s strategic objective of maximizing power. [55]‘Realpolitik’ dominated Kissinger’s approach to international politics as evidenced in places such as Laos, Cambodia, Chile and East Timor where morality and sentiment played no role in these countries treatment as pawns in the grand game of international chess where the US competed with the Soviet Union to maximize its geo-political power, while simultaneously cooperating strategically in responding to the ET presence.

Little known to the general public, however, Kissinger adopted the same role in steering US policy in how it would respond to the ET presence. Morality and sentiment would play at best a secondary role as the US gradually improved its resources in order to increase its strategic position vis-à-vis the ET races visiting Earth. The moral orientation of these ET races that interacted with humanity and the clandestine organizations that were aware of ET activities were not given great emphasis in Kissinger’s realpolitik concerning the ET presence. What mattered was the extent to which ET races would provide resources for US clandestine organizations to improve their weapons technology and thus improve the US’s strategic position vis-à-vis different ET races. Kissinger’s realpolitik was the way in which the complex political, social, economic and environment issues would be managed vis-à-vis the ET presence. Kissinger’s role would be similar to his 19th century hero, Bismark, Kissinger would play a key role in transforming the US into the dominant global power that could deal with ET races as an equal, without sparking a damaging interplanetary war with one or more of the ET races that would spell the end for US sovereignty and freedom. Kissinger’s close association with the Rockefeller family ensured that Corporate America would continue to play a prominent role in the political management of the ET presence.

With Kissinger, during the Nixon administration, simultaneously playing prominent roles in US foreign policy and its clandestine ‘interplanetary policy’ through MJ-12/PI-40, what emerges is that the political management of the ET presence was dominated by a few individuals intent on amassing as much institutional power as possible, and not delegating authority to those outside of MJ-12/PI-40 who were viewed to lack the necessary experience, political sophistication and intellect in dealing with the complexities of the ET presence. Eisenhower’s warning that the political management of the ET presence was “not in the best hands” now appeared prophetic.

NOTE: The above extract with all endnotes is available online at:

The Exopolitical State of the Planet - Ukraine and Israel-Palestine Wars, Manufacturing WWIII, Consciousness and ET Disclosure

In his first “State of the Planet” webinar, Dr. Michael Salla will review major geopolitical hotspots around the world and how these connect with extraterrestrial visitation and official disclosure initiatives. It is becoming abundantly clear to more and more observers that violent conflicts worldwide are engineered by a sinister behind-the-scenes group of powerful global interests called the Cabal, Illuminati, or Deep State. This global cabal has long planned such conflicts for its nefarious agenda to divide and conquer humanity.

Historically, the Deep State has worked with the regressive extraterrestrial groups who have now largely vacated our solar system due to the arrival of more senior intergalactic visitors who are currently monitoring the Earth’s transition into a 5th-density global civilization. In his final 2023 webinar, Dr Salla will explain the Big Picture of how attempts are being made to disrupt humanity’s burgeoning consciousness by manufacturing the threat of WWIII and delaying the momentum of extraterrestrial disclosure.

Dr. Michael Salla is uniquely suited to give an Exopolitical State of the Planet due to his more than three decades background as a researcher and professor in international peace and conflict resolution since 1989 and as a pioneer in the field of Exopolitics.

The Exopolitical State of the Planet - Ukraine & Israel-Palestine Wars, Manufacturing WWIII, Consciousness & ET Disclosure from EXOPOLITICS.ORG on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 2, 2023

The ‘Elites’ Panicked When They Saw the Future

‘Project Looking Glass technology saw that the Great Awakening cannot be stopped’, says military insider.

Watch below:

As whistleblowers/insiders have explained last year, the current plandemic was actually scheduled for 2050, but the “elites” are in panic mode because of the Great Awakening and they’ve rushed it. The New World Order is not even remotely perfected and it is already failing.

According to insiders, the “elites” have deployed this operation without the approval of their dark masters, hence why they used the name “Build Back Better” instead of the original “New World Order.”

Now more than ever, it is important that you remain calm and in a place of LOVE. Instead of focusing on the violent distractions that are being pushed non-stop by the MSM, you should instead focus your creative intention on Love, Oneness, and the Great Awakening.

“Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion.” – David Icke

A message from David Icke on the subject:

“As I have been saying the outcome is written by levels of consciousness way beyond the village idiots of the Cult – the people win as they awaken to the truth. We are in the darkest days in 2021, 2022 and into 2023 before dawn breaks and a whole new reality emerges based on love and freedom. Stay strong, don’t submit to tyranny – freedom IS coming and the ‘all-powerful’ Cult is in its last desperate death throes.”

Project Aquarius and the Story of Dr. Dan Burisch

Henry Kissinger and his derision for India and former PM Indira Gandhi

In India, the domineering Henry Kissinger, who died on Wednesday at 100, is inextricably linked with his bête noire Indira Gandhi.

Much has changed in Indo-US relations since 1971 and Kissinger had even publicly apologised for his derisive remarks about her, including calling her a "b****" and Indians "b*******", but those words followed him to the grave while India made the US eat humble pie by helping Bangladesh get its independence at the expense of Washington-backed Pakistan.

"Lauded for his strategic insights, the former secretary of state is better remembered for his callousness towards the victims of global conflict," Gary J. Bass, author of The Blood Telegram, wrote in The Atlantic on Kissinger’s death, adding that "his policies are noteworthy for his callousness towards the most helpless people in the world", listing Bangladesh among them.

Using White House tapes — which were declassified years after the Bangladesh War — The Blood Telegram describes the genocide carried out in East Pakistan by the West Pakistan army with US-supplied weapons. These tapes — partly bleeped — revealed how "US policy towards South Asia under (Richard) Nixon was influenced by his hatred of, and sexual repulsion towards, Indians".

And Kissinger, according to Bass, did precious little to discourage it. "On Nov. 4, 1971, during a private break from a contentious White House summit with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of India — a rare woman leader at the time — the president harangued Mr Kissinger about his sexual disgust at Indians. Mr Nixon said: 'To me, they turn me off. How the hell do they turn other people on, Henry? Tell me.' Mr Kissinger’s response is inaudible, but it did not discourage the president from his theme," Bass had written in an opinion piece in The New York Times in 2020 during his efforts to get more of the tapes unbleeped.

It's during this conversation between Nixon and Kissinger that the President was heard referring to Indira Gandhi as a "witch" ("We really slobbered over the old witch").

“Kissinger pandered to the sentiment and went a step further and called her a ‘b****’; adding that ‘Indians are bastards anyway’,” Bass wrote.

Kissinger apologised for these remarks once the White House tapes were declassified in 2005, by when he had had a rethink on India-US relations as a keen practitioner of realpolitik.

Stating that he had high regard for Indira Gandhi, Kissinger then told NDTV in an interview: “(The foul language has) to be seen in the context of a Cold War atmosphere 35 years ago, when I had paid a secret visit to China when President Nixon had not yet been there and India had made a kind of an alliance with the Soviet Union.”

In his memoirs, Kissinger admits that he found Indira Gandhi formidable and condescending while conceding that she outwitted him and Nixon in 1971. “Mrs Gandhi was a strong personality relentlessly pursuing India’s national interest with single-mindedness and finesse. I respected her strength even when her policies were hurtful to our national interest,” he has been quoted as saying.

But then, as a practitioner of realpolitik, he always knew which side his bread was buttered and, as Bass underlined in The Atlantic, “burnished his own reputation through his memoirs and books, by cultivating the press and foreign-policy elites, and winning the adulation of politicians as varied as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump”.

This, according to Rolling Stone, was evident in the reactions to his death as “media, conservatives team up to lionise war criminal Henry Kissinger” whose death “finally” the US publication described as “good riddance”.



Henry Kissinger is a WAR CRIMINAL

Henry Kissinger has been responsible for some of the worst and most hideous atrocities in the history of the world. 


The Trial of Henry Kissinger: 

Kissinger's Shadow: