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Saturday, October 7, 2023

Westerners Will “Scream In Horror” When “Deliberately-Provoked War” Real Truths Known

A thought-provoking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation reporting that the national debt reached $206 billion accounting for 16.7% of gross domestic product (GDP), says in comparison, socialist European Union national debt reached a staggering $14 trillion accounting for 84.36% of its GDP, while United States national debt reached a beyond all belief over $33 trillion accounting for 122.8% of its GDP.

Causing the socialist Western colonial powers led by the United States to commit economic suicide with crushing national debt, this report notes, is their unrestrained borrowing to fuel an offensive proxy war against Russia using its puppet state Ukraine—in response, Russia is waging a defensive military campaign against these socialist warmongers, as exampled by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) revealing today: “Battlegroup South units have repelled eight attacks by Ukrainian assault groups in the Artyomovsk and Avdeyevka areas…The enemy’s losses amounted to over 300 servicemen, one Krab self-propelled artillery system, a D-20 weapon, two tanks, a mechanized infantry fighting vehicle, two Strela-10 anti-aircraft missile launchers, a signals intelligence station, as well as seven vehicles and eight drones”—a Russian defensive military campaign that has cost the lives of over 83,000 Ukrainian soldiers since June, while also destroying over 10,300 pieces of Western military equipment worth hundreds-of-billions of dollars—and is a Russian defensive military campaign about which the leftist New York Times reported last week: “Only 0.2% of Ukraine's landmass has changed hands this year...From January 1 to September 25, Ukraine recaptured just 143 square miles of territory, while Russia took 331 square miles, resulting in a net gain of 188 miles for Russia”.

In the latest example of socialist Western colonial warmongering insanity, this report continues, former British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace released his unhinged lying screed “Ukraine Is Winning, Now Let’s Finish The Job” yesterday, wherein he screamed like the madman he truly is: “Whisper it if you need...Dare to think it...But champion it you must...Ukraine’s counteroffensive is succeeding...We need to give Ukraine the support it requires to see this war to the end...This war can be won...Vladimir Putin is failing...Putin is desperately grasping at the final two things that can save him – time and the splitting of the international community…Britain can do something about both...We must help Ukraine maintain its momentum – and that will require more munitions, ATACMSs and Storm Shadows...And the best way to keep the international community together is the demonstration of success...Ukraine can also play its part...The average age of the soldiers at the front is over 40...I understand President Zelensky’s desire to preserve the young for the future, but the fact is that Russia is mobilising the whole country by stealth...So just as Britain did in 1939 and 1941, perhaps it is time to reassess the scale of Ukraine’s mobilisation”.

Among those finding it repugnant that anyone would call for Ukraine to send children to replace the old men sent to die in a socialist Western colonial proxy war against Russia, this report details, are the sane peoples of European Union and NATO member nation Slovakia, who this weekend elected to power its new leader Robert Fico after he vowed “not a single round” from his country will be sent to Ukraine, and yesterday declared: “Slovakia and the people of Slovakia have bigger problems than Ukraine...We will do everything we can to start peace negotiations as quickly as possible...Further killing does not benefit anyone”—a declaration of peace joined with the news: “Fewer than half of EU citizens now totally agree with further financing of the Ukrainian war effort and receiving Ukrainian refugees into Europe”—all of which was followed by the leftist New York Times assessing today: “The victory of Robert Fico, a former prime minister who took a pro-Russian campaign stance, in Slovakia’s parliamentary elections is a further sign of eroding support for Ukraine in the West as the war drags on and the front line remains largely static...The election results come as disquiet over the billions of dollars in military aid that the West has provided to Ukraine over the past 19 months has grown more acute in the United States and the European Union, with demands increasing for the money to go to domestic priorities instead”. 

Following the United States Congress cutting off funding for Ukraine on Saturday, this report notes, Republican Party leader House Speaker Kevin McCarthy declared yesterday: “The priority for me is America and our borders...Now, I support being able to make sure Ukraine has the weapons they need, but I firmly support America’s border first”—a declaration joined by the article “Despite Growing Opposition And Serious Problems At Home, Democrats Make Ukraine Funding Their Top Priority”, wherein it observed: “Congress averted a government shutdown this weekend, agreeing to 45 days of funding to give members time to pass appropriations bills for the full year…Incredibly, Democrats seemed prepared to shut down the government over their desire for increases in Ukraine war funding”—an observation that followed top Republican Party lawmaker Senator J.D. Vance posting the message: “Sorry, this needs to be said...A lot of the anti-Russia obsession on the left has nothing to do with Ukraine...It’s a revenge fantasy over 2016...They blame Russia for Donald Trump’s election and they’ll bleed Ukraine dry for payback”—and in the just released leftist Politico article “Inside The Senate’s Looming Showdown Over The Future Of Ukraine”, sees it revealing: “From Mitch McConnell on down, the Senate’s pro-Ukraine coalition is trying to reassure the U.S. ally that help will soon be on the way — even after a bruising GOP confrontation over keeping the government open snuffed out billions in immediate new aid...But for that bipartisan group — which has served as a bulwark against growing House Republican opposition to continued aid — the past week has been a rude awakening...Not until now has the depth of division and tricky politics within the Republican Party been so apparent”.

Immediately prior to the United States Congress cutting off funding for Ukraine, this report continues, socialist Biden Regime official Under Secretary of Defense Michael McCord warned congressional leaders: “Without additional funding now, we would have to delay or curtail assistance to meet Ukraine’s urgent requirements, including for air defense and ammunition that are critical and urgent now as Russia prepares to conduct a winter offensive”—a warning now joined by an unnamed top Pentagon official warning the American media: "The Department of Defense has exhausted nearly all available security assistance funding for Ukraine”—are warnings that followed the State Department quietly releasing with little notice its 22 page public document “Integrated Country Strategy For Ukraine” last month—a document, however, whose full version of was just leaked, as revealed in the just released leftist Politico article “Leaked Doc Shows Biden Admin Is More Worried About Ukraine Corruption Than It Says Publicly”, wherein it reveals: “Biden administration officials are far more worried about corruption in Ukraine than they publicly admit, a confidential U.S. strategy document obtained by POLITICO suggests...The “sensitive but unclassified” version of the long-term U.S. plan lays out numerous steps Washington is taking to help Kyiv root out malfeasance and otherwise reform an array of Ukrainian sectors...It stresses that corruption could cause Western allies to abandon Ukraine’s fight against Russia’s invasion, and that Kyiv cannot put off the anti-graft effort”.

In response to the United States Congress cutting off funding for Ukraine, this report concludes, socialist European Union Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell traveled to Kiev and declared: “EU military aid to Ukraine will not depend on decisions taken by the United States...Our blocs military aid for Kiev is permanent structured and does not depend on the decisions of other nations or the results of Ukraine’s military efforts”—a socialist warmongering declaration that joined the news: “Ukraine hosted an international defense industry conference as part of a government effort to ramp up weapons production within the country...President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, speaking at the opening of the International Defense Industries Forum, said that around 250 defense companies from more than 30 countries had gathered Friday in Kyiv...Defense ministers and representatives of several countries also attended the event”—all of which caused world renowned Australian geopolitical analyst Caitlin Johnstone, in her just released open letter “The Mad Propaganda Push To Normalize War-Profiteering In Ukraine”, to warningly observe:

There’s been an astonishingly brazen propaganda push to normalize war profiteering in Ukraine as Kyiv coordinates with the arms industry and western governments to convert the war-ravaged nation into a major domestic weapons manufacturer, thereby turning Ukrainians into proxies of the military industrial complex as well as the Pentagon.

All this propaganda energy is going into normalizing the act of war profiteering because if you let the idea stand on its own, it would make people scream in horror.

The fact that a deliberately-provoked war is being used as a giant field demo to show prospective buyers and investors how effective various weapons systems can be at ripping apart human bodies in order to profit from all this death and destruction is more nightmarish than anything any dystopian novelist has ever come up with.

Ukraine is a giant advertisement for weapons of mass slaughter and the cost of that corporate ad is not money but human blood.

If you look right at this thing it absolutely chills you to the bone.

Which is why so much effort is being poured into making sure people don’t look at it.


White House And Media Have To Keep The Lie Going As Ukraine Army Nears Mutiny  

Americans Fail To Comprehend Russian “Holy War” Southern Border Invasion

The Destruction of the United States Is Intentional. Here's What Will Happen Next.

For just over two and a half years, Joe Biden and/or his puppet masters (see Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Klaus Schwab, etc.) have been successfully driving the United States to destruction. The plan took a four-year detour when President Trump was at the helm. Now, thanks to what many believe was a stolen election, the plan to enslave our comfy pants-clad bottoms is back on.

The commies began the operation decades ago. As Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov warned, the college professors and civil rights leaders indoctrinated — or as Bezmenov calls it, demoralized — generations of Americans and convinced them to hate their nation and, frequently, themselves. The Soviets successfully infiltrated the black communities, convinced them they were less than, and let the anger seethe into subsequent generations. That is why we see highly educated and successful black folks like the Obamas, MSNBC’s  Joy Reid, and the deranged Cori Bush screaming about racism, even though they are one-percenters. If systemic racism were real, how did these poor, indentured serfs get so far?

FACT-O-RAMA! Bezmonov, a KGB defector, described the Soviets’ four-part plan to conquer the United States without firing a shot. Step 1 was “Demoralization”: Demoralize Americans to the point that they refuse to believe their eyes — like how your rabid, pink-haired sister-in-law refused to believe we were being inundated with illegal immigrant caravans when Trump was in office because NBC headlines told her it was all just a right-wing conspiracy. Two and a half years later, our major blue cities are getting crushed. She was lied to, but she still watches NBC and thinks it’s real. As Bezmenov described, she can’t tell what is real and what is not.

Watching Bezmenov lay out the communists’ plan to take over the United States — and understanding how close the plan is to being successful — may be the most important seven minutes of your life. Please watch and share this with everyone who doesn’t want to start their day with a cricket smoothie.

Bezemenov laid out the Soviet plan in four parts:

  1. Demoralize people until they can’t tell fact from fiction.
  2. Destabilize the target nation’s economy, defense systems, and foreign relations. (Bidenomics is a joke, the military is woke and suffering from a lack of volunteers, and our foreign relations are about to start WWIII.)
  3. Crisis: foment a major event that causes our system to implode (such as seven million immigrants crashing our welfare system and economy, or a sudden lack of gas/energy, as we have seen in Sri Lanka and Nigeria).
  4. Normalization: the government implements socialism to make it all “better.”

Then there’s the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

Cloward and Piven were nutjob professors at Columbia University (remember, Bezmenov mentioned professors as part of the Soviet plan to topple America) who came up with a scheme to bring socialism to the United States and a sense of fairness to the impecunious white trash caucasian debris who celebrate Christmas by smearing Cheese Whiz on celery and believe Little Debbie is a food group.

This four-part skulduggery somewhat mirrors what Bezmenov warned us about. Its steps are:

  • Overload the welfare system (the illegal immigrants are doing that as you read this);
  • Cause panic and chaos;
  • Watch the system get destroyed;
  • Replace it with socialism.

PINKO-RAMA! If you want to know which news outlets are run by fork-tongued commies, look for the ones that refute the damage being purposely wrought upon us by the crush of illegal immigrants coming over the borders.

According to the plan Bezmenov laid out, we are easily halfway through part two of the evil commie scheme to destroy America. Next up, we will have a major crisis. It could be something as calamitous as WWIII, a major power outage, a recession, or something the CIA has cooked up that may not even be real, like an invasion of little huge green men in Las Vegas. Whatever it is, it will be intentional.

MISS CLEO-RAMA! As I write this, there is an “alien fire” near Las Vegas. I should be a psychic!

Looking at the Cloward-Piven playbook, we are well into part three. Once the nation’s financial system is gutted, Biden will likely announce a plan to usher in socialism so that we don’t have to resort to eating our house pets. Anyway you slice it, something devastating — and intentional — is on the not-so-distant horizon, according to both of these strategies.

In my estimation, the fastest way to a crisis is to stop the production and distribution of food. Most people have, at best, seven days’ worth of chow in their pantries and refrigerators — that is if they just got home from Kroger minutes before reading this. In reality, we are about three days away from buck-shotting our marauding neighbors as they try to slit our throats for our last can of Dinty Moore Beef Stew.

Related: The Battle for Canada Is Heating up, and Americans Need to Pay Close Attention

I don’t know what kind of calamity our disaster masters are planning, but my inner Miss Cleo — who is batting 100% today — tells me it will occur before Election Day 2024.

By Kevin Downey Jr.


--- --- ---

Deep News October 2023 Jaimi Harrison and the DNC

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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Putin Enters Nuclear Bunker After “Sky Was Pulsating” Powerful Explosion Rocks Britain

October 3, 2023

A classified at the highest level “Of Special Importance” new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first notes President Putin has moved to one of his nuclear bunkers in various parts of the country, and he also has at his disposal a fleet of “Doomsday” Il-80 Maxdome aircraft that can act as an air control center, as part of an unprecedented one-day nationwide 11 time zone nuclear war drill ordered for 3 October to simulate a first strike on the Russian Federation by the socialist Western colonial powers.

According to the very limited portions of this classified at the highest level transcript permitted to openly commented on by various ministries, it sees Security Council Members discussing German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announcing plans to send thousands of troops to the Russian border in Lithuania, an announcement joined by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock vowing to extend the borders of the socialist European Union into Russian Federation territory.

This transcript next sees the Ministry of Defense (MoD) briefing Security Council Members on the successfully launch of a military satellite onboard the Soyuz-2.1b launch vehicle on 7 August—a briefing that notes President Putin saying in 2019 that laser technology will play a crucial role in the nation’s military might as he spoke about the “first practical results” of the country’s Peresvet combat laser system, and he declared: “Such types of weaponry will at large be defining the combat potential of the Russian Army and Navy throughout the whole of the 21st century”—and this transcript notes Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov announced in May-2022: “Yes, the first samples are already in use...Our physicists have developed and are now mass-producing laser systems”.

The admittedly sparse clues provided in the limited portions of this highly classified transcript strongly suggest that Security Council Members were discussing a space-based military laser weapon, which if demonstrated one of the most likely targets would be Oxford-England, which is situated between Britain’s two largest cities London and Birmingham and is considered nearly impregnable because of the NATO air defenses that would have to penetrated in order to strike it.

A demonstration hypothesis of a Russian military space-based laser weapon is brought into stark reality because this transcript is packed with open source articles about a massive explosion that took place in Oxford-England at near the exact same time President Putin entered one of his nuclear bunkers and Russia began its unprecedented nuclear war drill, about which was reported: “The explosion in the Oxford area was called the most powerful in recent decades in Britain” and “The fire itself was called a “fire funnel” and a “cooking pot””—a massive explosion that vaporized the power company Severn Trent Green Power, the largest producer of renewable energy from food waste in England and WalesBritish officials quickly suggested a lighting strike caused the massive explosion, though no storms were occurring in Oxford—and critical to notice, this transcript sees Security Council Members most intently focused on public source comments like: “One concerned citizen managed to grab footage of the "strange" event and noted that the "sky was pulsating"...Other users online also agreed that the sky was "glowing for two minutes" before suddenly disappearing”.

This transcript next notes that in the hours following the massive explosion that further crippled Britain’s vital energy needs prior to winter, it was reported: “The United Kingdom has run out of weapons which can be sent to Ukraine, and should encourage other countries to boost their efforts, UK media reported, citing a senior military official”—quickly after which it was reported: “European Union countries no longer can give weapons to Ukraine from their stockpiles without endangering their own security, Politico reports, citing a European official..."We cannot keep on giving from our own stockpiles", the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity”.

This transcript concludes with the revelation that Ukraine has lost $24 billion because the United States has refused to include aid to Kiev in its short-term spending bill—top socialist Biden Regime official State Department spokesman Matthew Miller announced yesterday: “The United States has suspended Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) and Foreign Military Financing (FMF) contracting programs for Ukraine”—also yesterday, Republican Party leader House Speaker Kevin McCarthy denied the existence of a secret deal on Ukraine aid between him and Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden declaring: “No, that's not true at all…There is no side deal with President Biden”—and this morning, top Republican Party lawmakers United States Senator Mike Lee and United States Congressman Warren Davidson released their scathing open letter “Ukraine Is Officially America’s New Forever War. President Biden, How Does This End?”, wherein it warningly assessed:

Ukraine is the new obsession for Washington’s war hawks.

"As long as it takes" remains the mantra of the Biden administration regarding support for Ukraine.

According to reports from September's U.N. General Assembly meeting, U.S. and G-7 allies expect the war in Ukraine to continue for at least six to seven years.  Of course, the other implication is "as much as it takes".  No price tag is too high.  No weapons system is off the table.  All questions of risk and tradeoffs, along with those who raise them, are causally dismissed.

Ukraine is officially America's new endless war.

The deep state’s memory is short and rose-tinted.  The Biden administration employs the same rhetoric and tactics that the Bush and Obama administrations used to conduct indefinite military engagement in Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention undeclared intervention in Libya, Syria, and beyond.  With billions flowing from the U.S. to the Ukrainian government in "economic support", long-term security guarantees, and the reconstruction effort already underway, we can't help but feel a sense of deja vu.

The United States is heading down the same path that mired us in Middle Eastern conflicts for over two decades, all without clearly articulating the objective or how victory is achieved.

Last month, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit to the U.S. prompted members of Congress to ask "how he plans to win the conflict".  Such deference to the interests of one foreign leader on the receiving end of a massive payday from the American taxpayers should be raising more eyebrows.  The Biden administration extends President Zelenskyy unlimited access to America’s checkbook without accountability or communicating U.S. objectives and expectations for success.

When pressed on accountability concerns, the Biden administration heralds the Offices of Inspector General from the Department of Defense, State, and USAID now overseeing the $113 billion in appropriated funds for Ukraine.  They point to "a decade of shared experience gained from joint oversight of eight different overseas contingency operations".

The administration conveniently forgets to mention the spectacular failure of oversight of these overseas contingency operations, and how the same agencies in charge covered up instances of waste, at times deliberately misleading the American public on the progress made in Afghanistan and Iraq.  They also fail to mention their opposition to a more formal structure of establishing a Special Inspector General.

Thus far, Congress has been content to placate Ukraine by punting on any conversation regarding an actual strategy.  But the winds are shifting.  Skepticism from some, and outright opposition from others, continues to grow among fiscal conservatives and foreign policy realists on additional supplemental appropriations.  The time is ripe for a national conversation regarding a real strategy for Ukraine.

The American people deserve answers before more of their money is sent to Ukraine.  To that end, we are introducing the Define the Mission Act, legislation that would require President Biden to submit a comprehensive strategy to Congress regarding U.S. involvement in Ukraine.

Further, it would require the president to be upfront with Congress and the American people by explaining how Ukraine fits into our national interest, how much more time and money will be expected to achieve our objectives, and how much Europe plans to contribute to the war taking place in their backyard.

Congress owes it to the American people, who are fatigued from decades of war in the Middle East, to hear from their president, not President Zelenskyy, the plan for U.S. engagement in Ukraine moving forward.

"As long as it takes" will no longer suffice.

Source: WhatDoesItMean.Com.


Thursday, September 21, 2023

War is a Racket… U.S. and NATO Arms Industries Make Record $400 BILLION in Sales from Proxy War With Russia

Western capitalism is at once a sponsor and an addict of war.

Western weapons manufacturers are popping champagne corks over record sales with total revenues hitting $400 billion for last year. According to media reports, this coming year-end will see that record figure exceeded by another salivating $50 billion.

Ukraine may be resembling a bloodbath, as we noted in last week’s editorial. But apparently, Western military corporations are swimming in a bonanza of profits and stock market investments.

Most of this lucrative new business stems from NATO’s proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, which is heading toward its second year. There is no sign of a diplomatic effort from the West or the Kiev regime it sponsors to end the bloodshed.

The main corporate beneficiaries making a financial killing from Ukraine are by far the American firms. They include such behemoths as Lockheed Martin, Boeing and RTX (formerly Raytheon). But also enjoying soaring profits are arms makers in other NATO countries: BAE in the United Kingdom, Airbus in France, Netherlands and Spain, Leonardo in Italy, and Germany’s Rheinmetall.

This week the Joe Biden administration requested another $24 billion in U.S. taxpayer-funded aid to Ukraine. It’s hard to keep track of the money flowing from NATO countries to prop up the Nazi regime in Kiev. Even the NATO authorities don’t seem to know the precise figures, such is the rampant corruption that is inevitably associated with the vast doling of funds. But estimates of total U.S. and NATO aid to Ukraine range from $150 billion to $200 billion over the past year alone.

What we are seeing is an audacious racket whereby the American and European public are subsidizing the funneling of their own taxpayers’ money into the coffers of weapons firms. And there is no democratic choice in the matter. It’s a fait accompli. Or, put another way, extortion.

Of course, too, part of this huge scam is the hefty financial cuts for the inner circle of the Kiev regime, including its puppet president, Vladimir Zelensky, and the brazenly sleazy defense chief Aleksy Reznikov. It is reckoned that at least $400 million has been grafted by the top members of the regime from the arms bazaar flowing into Ukraine. Reznikov has even boasted that his country serves as a testing ground for NATO weaponry.

Nearly a century ago, former U.S. Marine Corps General Smedley D Butler popularized the phrase, “war is a racket” as the title of his classic book in which he condemned how American capitalism profits obscenely from military invasions and killing.

Butler’s critique is as relevant today, perhaps more so, as evinced by the conflict in Ukraine.

Western media reports are increasingly admitting – albeit coyly – that the war is a disaster for the Kiev regime and, by extension, the NATO powers. The death toll among Ukrainian forces may be as high as 400,000 since the conflict erupted last February. The much-anticipated Ukrainian counteroffensive launched in early June has resulted in no territorial gains despite the horrendous casualties and despite the gargantuan supply of NATO weapons, training and logistical support.

A report in the Washington Post this week shows that most Ukrainian people are despairing of the grinding war and endless casualties. They see no point in the continuation of hostilities given the failure of the NATO-backed forces to make any advance against well-fortified Russian defense lines.

Yet against this grim reality, the U.S. and European officials keep running the taps of blood.

We see NATO leaders like Polish President Andrzej Duda this week urging for more weapons to be sent to Ukraine even while he concedes the military defeat so far.

Zelensky and his cronies are, not surprisingly, also demanding more NATO arms and claiming with bravado they will never negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Some people want this conflict to keep going because of their irrational Russophobia and simply because it is too lucrative for their own personal gain.

Where does democracy come into this? It doesn’t, whatsoever. Polls show that most Americans are opposed to the continuing supply of military aid to Ukraine. There are sound reasons to believe that most European citizens are also firmly against the fueling of a bloody war in which Ukrainian corpses keep piling higher. In addition, the perpetuation of this conflict runs the outrageous risk of spiraling out of control into an all-out war between the United States and Russia, the world’s biggest nuclear powers.

Against the backdrop of monstrous profiteering from violence and death are the mounting social and economic crises from poverty and deprivation in Western nations. Last year, saw a record number of suicides in the United States, some 49,000 people, caused by growing acute material and psychological distress. Despite the massive unmet basic human needs in their own societies, elite Western leaders chose to prioritize fueling a proxy war with Russia. The aid for Ukraine this week requested by the Biden administration exceeds what his administration is earmarking to help the U.S. Pacific state of Hawaii and other American homeland states devastated by storms and wildfires this summer.

What is even more despicable, the conflict in Ukraine could have been avoided if Western states had engaged with Russia to resolve its geo-strategic security concerns regarding the decades-long expansion of NATO and the U.S.-led deterioration in arms control treaties. It is still possible to end this conflict promptly if diplomacy were prioritized.

But the United States and its European lackeys have shown no impetus for diplomacy. They have become intoxicated by their delusional propaganda narratives about “defending Ukraine from Russian aggression”. The Russophobia among Western politicians and media has become so endemic that it seems impossible for any reasonable thinking to prevail. Western media blatantly censor any reports showing the Nazi nature of the Kiev regime, including its so-called Jewish president who lauds World War Two Ukrainian collaborators in the Nazi holocaust.

Lamentably, too, the astronomical profits from the war in Ukraine are a primary impediment to any peaceful settlement. Western arms corporations are among the most influential lobby groups that can buy the votes of lawmakers. The military-industrial complex (MIC) effectively controls government policy and media narratives in Western states. The nefarious influence as observed by Smedley Butler in the 1930s and later by Dwight Eisenhower in the 1960s is even more powerful and insidious today. The MIC has manifold more layers and dimensions to it now. And that goes not just for the United States but all Western capitalist economies. These economies are in effect war economies, run by and for weapons companies who dominate policy and public discourse via advertising in corporate media and financing think-tanks. In short, Western capitalism is at once a sponsor and an addict of war.

The continuation of the bloodletting and destruction in Ukraine is depravity. But, shamefully, it will go on because the Western forces driving it know of no other way. They are locked into an addictive slaughterhouse that defies all morality, legality and democratic principle.

There seems to be no other way than to finish this war by Russia eradicating completely the Nazi regime in Kiev. When the NATO counteroffensive finally falters soon, Russia needs to crush the Nazi regime once and for all. The Western powers and their Kiev cabal are incapable – and undeserving – of any other way.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Sea Breeze Black Sea Naval Exercise Could be Ground Zero for a False Flag Event to Ignite World War III

There is a military exercise in the Black Sea that is being conducted from September 11-15, 2023

This is being used as a cover for a massive false flag event that’s going to be carried out by the United States either during the exercise or in the following months, whereby the exercise will be used as a cover to plant the weapons system, which is exactly what had happened with BaltOps — the Baltic Sea Operations whereby several months later, the Nord Stream pipeline was attacked.

Listen carefully to Mike Adams.

Dangerous Crossroads: A False Flag is Contemplated by US-NATO. We are at the Threshold of World War III

Spread the word. Say No To World War Three

Michel. Ch. Global Research, September 13, 2023

Thursday, September 14, 2023

The time between now and mid-October will be especially dangerous

September 11, 2023

Desperate KM try to seduce Bharat with ethnic Indian UK Prime Minister, US President

(Second Part of the Above Article)

If the US CORP does implode, we shall all know by mid-October. With its collapse will come the end of the World Bank, the IMF, the BIS, the WHO, the UN Security Council, etc.

As mentioned in previous newsletters, the plan to use the emergency broadcast system on October 4th to broadcast a message to all TVs, radios and portable devices in the US is a sign some sort of black swan event is likely then. The question is will it be the white hats or the KM who control any emergency that is declared?

There are many signs a vicious battle over just this is taking place behind the scenes. As a part of it, the head of MI6 says that James Bond 007 types have been sent out to deal with three high-level KM honchos. For operational security reasons, we are not allowed to publish their names.

The KM for its part is also desperately trying to kill independent journalists, disobedient politicians, etc. One prominent victim may be the journalist Jim Stone who posted the following before his site stopped renewing:

“I am obviously in deep trouble…So I am going to post my ‘fuckit page’ that I have been thinking about doing, ALL OF US are done for if “they” pulled the shit they just pulled, it won’t just be me.” Recently postings have reappeared on his page, but judging from the content, it looks like typical KM identity theft. I hope I am wrong.

Another example is the Mossad-linked site DEBKA shutting down after its founder and chief editor Giora Shamis “passed away.”

This writer has also been warned by various sources to take extra caution because attacks on truth-based journalists are intensifying.

This is part of a campaign to replace truth activists with hopium pushers.

One example we checked out is Michael Baxter of Real Raw News. He always writes about the Judge Advocate General at Guantanamo Bay having people like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi hung. Overall his feel good reports say: “The good guys are winning so, relax and go back to drinking beer and watching porn.”

After failed attempts to contact him, we called the JAG Public Affairs Officer in DC to ask about Baxter. They pointed us to the site CYF is a for-profit subsidiary wholly owned by The Daily Caller, Inc. This is funded by META. We know who that is… Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller et al.

The rabbit hole runs deep.

What all this means is the time between now and mid-October will be especially dangerous.

In addition to assassinations, the KM, like vicious cornered beasts, are using every other weapon in their arsenal: weather weapons, DEWs, propaganda lies, bribery, blackmail etc. in a desperate bid to stay in power and avoid war crimes trials.

They are also intensifying efforts to take guns away from the people. Governor Gavin Newsom is trying to push through amendments to the U.S. Constitution, one of which would severely neuter the Second Amendment or the right to bear arms.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is trying to ban guns while saying the US Constitution is “not absolute.” A CIA source says “I know her, she is a total KM-WEF-controlled minion.”

The KM are trying to take guns away because their puppet leaders Macron, Trudeau, Biden etc, cannot appear in public without being booed and attacked. They know it is only a matter of time before someone tries to shoot them.

This is especially true now that one of the KMs’ most successful weapons so far, -the bio-warfare pandemic and vaccine mass murder attempt- has failed.

The WHO has been trying to start up a new COVID fear campaign but only one out of 10 (20 out of 194) member countries is bothering to provide COVID hospitalization data to them this time. In other words, the boy who cried pandemic wolf is now being ignored.

As a result, the KM is being forced to use mannequins to portray people dying of Covid in hospitals again – More fear porn.

Video Player

Their lies are also becoming increasingly obvious and ridiculous. For example, they just announced Jill Biden “tested positive for Covid.” Then right after, they announced new Covid booster shots are set to be rolled out.

In another example, the Bill Gates-funded WHO is now saying mass vaccinations will be necessary to address the effects of “climate change,”

People are now finally resisting in meaningful ways. South Carolina, for example, is the latest state to say it will not comply with the COVID mandates.

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Also, the 5th Circuit Court has ruled that the Biden administration, the FBI & the CDC all violated the First Amendment by colluding with Big Tech to censor Americans. (45 seconds).

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To help, please show this photograph to anybody you know who is brainwashed enough to start putting a face diaper on again. During slavery, slaves were forced to wear masks as to symbolically mark them as not having a voice and to be owned and under the control of another person.

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As things stand, Africans appear to have more rights vis a vis the pharmacidical companies than Americans. For example, Pfizer is now compensating victims of its drug tests in Nigeria.

How about victims of its vaccine drug tests on hundreds of millions of people in the G7 etc.?

The situation has reached the point where even US President Donald “warp speed” Trump is calling for vaccine safety tests. Better late than never.

That is not enough. As Jewish liberation activist Dr. Henry Makow notes “reality show actor” Trump admits he was “not allowed to fire” Anthony Fauci.

Trump does not say who did “not allow him” to fire Fauci. However, if he was really Commander in Chief of the US military then surely he could have sent special forces to execute the mass murderer Fauci. While they were at it, they could have also gone after other mass murderers like Bill Gates, the WHOs’ Tedros and Klaus Schwab of the WEF. Trump promises this time it will be different. If he is serious, he needs to go after him and other mass murderers like him.

If you think that is too much, Dr. David Martin uses the criminal’s own words to expose the medical genocide for everyone to see.

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If you still don’t think Schwab Rothschild is a menace, watch him order government leaders to cooperate with the WEF or face losing power and influence. Schwab boasts that under his system, corporate elites will craft policies for sovereign countries

The attempt to revive the pandemic is coming because the KM climate change fear campaign is blowing up in their faces.

This is especially true in Maui. Almost nobody believes the fires there were natural. Now the military has moved in and begun making arrests.

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The weather warfare is now apparently being directed elsewhere. In the past week, catastrophic and seemingly unnatural floods have hit Greece, Turkey, Hong Kong, China, etc.

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This appears to be part of a failing campaign to use “climate change” as the new fear porn to terrorize the people into submission.

This is failing because scientists are coming out to expose how they either follow the narrative or are erased. A good example can be found in the article below by a scientist who says he managed to get published in Nature only by hiding the truth. That’s not the way science should work.

An angry German reaction to climate protesters illustrates how this campaign is going.

Germans are fed up with climate protesters

There is also evidence of earthquake weapons being used around the world although the epicenters make it seem it is white hat operations against KM DUMBS.

The one that just hit Morocco had its epicenter in a remote area of the High Atlas Mountains. This is near Marrakesh, which is due to host the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in early October.

Other earthquakes in the same 24 period hit New Zealand, Northern California and Indonesia.

The one in Indonesia may be related to reports Indonesia is buying nuclear weapons from Israel.

CIA sources say all the earthquakes have epicenters 10 kilometers below the surface, indicating DUMBS were being destroyed.

The other thing that is being destroyed at last is the Anti-Defamation League.

See how Elon Musk blows their leader Alan Greenblatt away.

By the way, even though Musk appears to be a cabal white hat these days, his business model is doomed. As evidence, take a look at this invoice to replace the battery on a low-end electric car after only 70,000 miles: 30,000 dollars!

Musk problems aside, a Mossad source points out “Everyone knows the ADL is a corrupt mafioso type of nonprofit that hides behind ‘anti-Semitism’ to literally control the language people use, also to control political narratives.

A Clip from the 90s surfaces detailing how the ADL was caught red-handed creating fake Nazi groups to justify their existence & raise money.

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CIA sources say the outing of the ADL is one of many signs some sort of fundamental power shift has already taken place in the US.

This brings us back to Kamala Harris. She told the Asians last week that an important part of her job is the fact that she “may have to take over” if President Biden is unable to complete his term in office — and that she’s ready to do so if required.

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Harris also said “We will win the election. There’s too much at stake and the American people know it.” This is because they know Biden is toast.

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However, as mentioned above, putting Harris on as US Presidential actor is not going to be enough to pacify either the world or the American people.

The North Koreans and Asian secret societies are saying that if the US is not returned to the American people, and Japan to the Japanese people in October, they will take very serious action in East Asia.

The North Koreans have traded large amounts of artillery shells for a state-of-the-art Russian submarine equipped with 10 intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles, North Korean sources say. They say they will disperse their population underground and into the countryside and prepare to annihilate Washington DC. New York and Silicon Valley unless the Americans end their occupation of Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

This will be accompanied by a mobilization of the Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean underworld, police, military and the non-compromised bureaucracy, the sources say.