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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Heart Attack And Brain Stroke Main Causes Of Death After COVID-19 Vaccine Shot

March 27, 2021

After analysing the cases of death post COVID-19 vaccination, it was found that most of the hospitalized vaccine recipients suffered from heart attack and brain stroke after getting the jab, which led to their death.

Out of 79 people who died after getting vaccinated, almost 50% of them had brain strokes and heart attacks. The group of experts also analysed 273 vaccine recipients who recovered after being hospitalized. 15% of them suffered from severe allergies and anaphylaxis.

A member of the National Task Force on COVID-19, N K Arora said, “Of those who have died more than 50% had heart attacks and brain strokes. Out of those who were hospitalized and who recovered about 20%, too, had heart attack and brain stroke. More than 15% had severe allergy and anaphylaxis and all of them recovered.”

Arora said that practice of observing vaccine recipients for half an hour after getting the jab was very effective.

“The cases of anaphylaxis could be handled precisely because of this practice. If they were not observed the situation could have been worse.”

As usual, the investigations conducted by the government panel did not find any casual relationship regarding the association of the vaccine and deaths post-vaccination. They also didn’t find any relation of vaccine with the blood clots.

The National Adverse Event Following Immunisation (NAEFI) committee has till now examined a total 412 cases of severe adverse events (out of which 79 died).

V K Paul, a Niti Ayog member, said on Wednesday that CoviShield is safe.

“There is no signal whatsoever. CoviShield is safe and we want to tell people to proceed with the speed that is required. We want to ensure that there is no risk of blood clots-related complications that were suspected.”

However, the Chief Norwegian Investigator and Physician Pal Andre Holme who examined the three hospitalized health workers himself confirmed that it was indeed the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine which caused the rare blood clots due to unexpected immune reaction.

Almost a dozen public health experts and scientists have written to the Union Health Minister to get all the thorough, transparent and time-bound investigation of the adverse effects from COVID-19 vaccination.

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The Control Matrix Scrambles to Keep the Slaves on the Plantation

For decades now, independent journalists, researchers, thinkers and truth-seekers have been at work uncovering the ugly truth how about how our world is managed, manipulated and controlled by an unaccountable corporate and political elite.

Working to push the message into public consciousness, we’ve written countless books, bank-rolled radio, films and television programs, created organizations, newsletters and blogs, held public gatherings and rallies, and anything else possible to enlighten others with the knowledge and information being deliberately hidden from view of the mainstream.

The matrix, however, insists on driving the narrative, because, in order for the paradigm of war, debt, pollution, surveillance, and injustice to survive, we the people must be content to live our lives on their plantation of the mind. We must remain focused on their stories, distracted from our own. We must stay glued to their manufactured version of reality, so that we don’t get busy with the work of creating a new vision for ourselves.

READ: 16 Signs That You’re a Slave to the Matrix

But now the message of truth and freedom is moving into mainstream consciousness. It’s reaching critical mass, and predictably, the control matrix is scrambling to maintain its grip on reality and how we perceive the world.

It simply cannot allow us to venture out into the wilds of human imagination because if we up and walk off, then it goes the way of all empires… to the grave. All we have to do is withdraw our consent and retract our complicity, and it falls.

And so, you see, because so many of us have already shunned the corporate/state propaganda machine, and because so many of us have stepped out of Plato’s cave and have seen beyond the world of shadow fiction, the control matrix has been forced to play its predictable hand: censorship.

This is the rise of the fabled Ministry of Truth, as prophesied by George Orwell. The attempt to corral public consciousness via censorship of the web by appointment of a ludicrously biased board of corporate and media elite. They want the ability to gaslight humanity, to make it appear as though the reality we see, feel and experience everyday is unreal.

Pure lunacy. Arrogance of the highest order.

As the technocracy, or any other bureau of the control matrix, rises to battle the awakening it will be met with ever evolving and creative forms of resistance.

They may re-write Facebook algorithms so that people only see fluffy bunnies and flag-worshipping sports contests. They may call everything they don’t approve of ‘fake news.’ They may say every dissenting voice is sponsored by Russia, or whatever other ridiculous nonsense they contrive, but they are only sabotaging themselves.

We already know the truth. Desperation is the driving force behind their new attempts at censorship.

People want to be free, they want liberty, and they want choices. It’s better for everyone that the control matrix quit pretending this is what they offer humanity. It’s better we all move forward without any illusions as to the true purpose of their mission.

Socrates undermined the legitimacy and moral authority of the state with nothing but spoken word. For ‘refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the state,’ and for ‘corrupting the youth,’ he was sentenced to death.

As much as they would like us to believe otherwise, the power of awakened consciousness is far greater than even the threat of death. The human desire to be free in this material world is so strong, countless heroes and martyrs have sacrificed everything for the dream of freedom. This is why Socrates willingly drank the poison hemlock, why he carried out his own death sentence.

In a game of high strategy, forcing your opponent to reveal their hand and to play their cards is a win.

If the public no longer believes in and obeys the propaganda, the control matrix loses their authority and power. This is happening now, and while the journey might be harrowing, there simply is no return to slavery.

December 20, 2016 Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times

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An Invisible Government Controls Our Minds with a Thought Prison

After A Year Under Lockdown, Will Our Freedoms Survive The Tyranny Of COVID-19?

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Extraterrestrial Life About to Be Revealed

Press Release

"This will be the biggest news in all of human history."

This press release was orginally distributed by SBWire

New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2021 -- For the first time in history, indisputable proof of extraterrestrial life is about to be made public, according to royal family psychic advisor, Rex Winston (

"The revelations are coming in a series of disclosures from secret documents, and from extraterrestrials themselves, beginning in 2021. Additional, astonishing things will slowly be revealed over the next four years," said Mr. Winston from his New York City office.

"Until now, secret knowledge about extraterrestrials and their involvement with Earth has been closely held by a small number of highly-privileged humans. Not even political leaders have been allowed to know about this."

Mr. Winston, whose VIP and celebrity clients pay $700 for telephone consultations and $15,000 for one-on-one weekend retreats, explained the reason for the timing of this incredible news. "It has taken a long time to prepare humans for this. There will be some who still have a hard time grasping it, but the extraterrestrials are convinced that most humans are now ready."

Mr. Winston also explained that he, and several others have been officially contacted and asked to assist with the gentle dissemination of what is about to occur.

About Pikitsa Ltd
Pikitsa Ltd is a content discovery service based in Shanghai, China and Oregon, USA.

For more information on this press release visit:


UFOs, ETs and Alien Disclosure - Now is The Time

Breaking: Container ship Evergreen consists of children and uranium

The Great Awakening is upon us


Container ship Evergreen story

Logical thinking and connecting all known dots, learns the following conclusion;

This operation, is a false flag but this time by the White Heads. The ship ‘Ever Green,’ pseudonym of Hillary, is owned by the Clintons, HRC – Hillary Rodham Clinton is listed on it.

The cargo consists of containers containing children and uranium, the route from the Suez Canal onward is Rotterdam to Baltimore.

Every ship that sails through the Suez Canal has a recognised and experienced pilot on board who takes over the captain’s authority. The pilot is in the WH plot to ground the boat. And the tub boats’ name is Barak 1! Is that a coincidence? Presumably not.

Now, all or many containers have to be taken off board to re-float the boat by losing weight. Meanwhile, the MSM has also reported, and when soon children come out of the containers, all hell will have broken loose and the public masses will wake up in disgust.

They see the crime against humanity live and are then informed that the whole pandemic is too. And through bribery the hospitals and doctors are in on the virus plot, which is also a crime against humanity.

That will be the moment of our massive awakening and victory over the Deep State. Every puppet Clinton, Bush, Boris Johnson, Merkel, Macron, Rutte, Sanchez, etc. can be rounded up and tried.


March 27, 2021

A truck carrying an "Evergreen" shipping container is going viral on social media for its marked similarity to the colossal container ship (also emblazoned with "Evergreen") that got stuck in the Suez Canal earlier this week. The photo appears to be taken from surveillance footage, with text on the image's header stating the location of the incident to be the Changshen Expressway (长深高速), with the date and time of the photo indicated as 9:55am on Mar. 27.

Truck with 'Evergreen' container on Changshen Expressway (长深高速) blocks highway, goes viral for resembling Suez Canal situation

Truth over fear: COVID-19, the vaccine, and the Great Reset


Ecce nova facio omnia -Rev 21:5

"This is a religious war." 

"In practice, it is the passage from the Kingdom of Christ to the Kingdom of the Antichrist, from a virtuous society that punishes evildoers to the impious and wicked society that punishes the good."

Pope Francis' satanic apostasy has given rise to a new Pope, Archbishop Carlos Maria Vigano, based on the legitimacy of his teaching. Francis is just as phoney as Biden. Time to eschew both men.

by Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

(excerpts by original is five times this length

The pseudo-pandemic gives us the picture ... of a ... disturbing criminal conspiracy hatched by misguided minds... 

It must be recognized that the apparent illogicality of what we see happening - the boycotting of preventative treatments, erroneous therapies, ineffective vaccines, lockdowns with no usefulness, the use of masks that are absolutely useless - makes perfect sense as soon as we understand that the declared purpose - defeating the alleged pandemic - is a lie, and that the real purpose is the planning of an economic, social, and religious crisis using an artfully provoked pseudo-pandemic as a tool.

Only in this way can we understand that the simultaneity and [universality] of the provisions adopted by various Nations, the aligned narration of the media, and the behavior of political leaders. 

There is a single script under a single direction, which makes use of the collaboration and complicity of politicians and rulers, doctors and scientists, Bishops and priests, journalists and intellectuals, actors and influencers, multinationals and bankers, public employees and speculators. Profits and gains are instrumental to this, because they purchase and assure the loyalty of subordinates, but this war - may we never forget this! - is an ideological and religious war.

Masonry consists precisely in usurping the primacy of God to give it to Satan, with the apparent pretext - which is in any case erroneous and immoral - of placing God and Satan on the same level in such a way as to allow an alleged freedom of choice that morally does not exist.


This crisis serves to create the conditions necessary to make the Great Reset inevitable, that is, the transition from the world based on Greco-Roman civilization and Christianity to a world without a soul, without roots, without ideals.


In practice, it is the passage from the Kingdom of Christ to the Kingdom of the Antichrist, from a virtuous society that punishes evildoers to the impious and wicked society that punishes the good.

That detestable idea of "equality" that was earlier instilled in us by freethinkers has now been used to equate good and evil, right and wrong, beautiful and ugly, under the pretext of recognizing freedom of expression; today it serves to promote evil, injustice, and what is wrong, and even make them obligatory, in order to delegitimize and prohibit goodness, justice, and beauty. ...

...We therefore ought to understand that, if we passively witness the changes underway and allow the globalist ideology to be imposed on us in all of its most abject forms, we will soon be considered criminals, hostes publici because we are faithful to a jealous God who does not tolerate mixing with idols and prostitution. 

The deception of liberty, equality, and fraternity propagated by Masonry consists precisely in usurping the primacy of God to give it to Satan, with the apparent pretext - which is in any case erroneous and immoral - of placing God and Satan on the same level in such a way as to allow an alleged freedom of choice that morally does not exist. But the final purpose, the true and unconfessable one, is fundamentally theological, because the author of the rebellion is always the same, the eternally Defeated One.


Of course, what we see happening today before our eyes could have been understood and predicted for years, if we had only paid attention to what the theorizers of the Great Reset declared with impunity. 

In reality those who denounced this plan, which is currently underway, were called conspiracy theorists, ridiculed, or passed off as crazy, ostracized by mainstream information and criminalized, driven out of university professorships and the scientific community. 

Today we understand how far-sighted were the alarms that were raised, and how powerful is the organizational mechanism that has been put in place by our adversaries. In the name of freedom, we have become accustomed to seeing ourselves deprived of the right to speak and to think, and the effort to pathologize dissent in order to legitimize detention camps and to constrain movement based on the health passport is already taking place. 


Faced with reality, however, it is difficult to understand the reason for which the entire world population has allowed itself to be convinced of the existence of a pandemic virus that has yet to be isolated and that it has supinely accepted limitations to personal freedom that at other times would have led to revolution and barricades in the streets. 

Even more incomprehensible is not so much the absence of a true and proper social and political reaction, but the inability to see reality in all of its crude evidence. But this is due, as we know, to the scientific action of manipulation of the masses that inevitably led to the phenomenon that social psychology calls "cognitive dissonance," that is, the tension or discomfort we feel in the face of two opposing and incompatible ideas. 

The psychologist and sociologist Leon Festinger has demonstrated that this discomfort leads us to elaborate these convictions in three ways, in order to reduce the psychological incongruence that dissonance determines: changing one's attitude, changing the context, or changing one's behavior. 

Ordinary people, unable to comprehend or even recognize any rationality in what the media obsessively says about Covid, accept the absurdity of an influenzal virus presented as being more devastating than ebola, because they do not want to accept that their political leaders are lying shamelessly, with the goal of obtaining the social, economic, moral and religious destruction of a world that someone has decided to cancel. 

They do not know how to accept that the lie can be passed off as truth, that doctors are not curing and indeed are killing their patients, that civil authorities are not intervening to stop crimes and blatant violations, that politicians are all obeying a faceless lobby, that Bergoglio wants to demolish the Church of Christ to replace it with an infernal Masonic parody. 

Thus, out of this desire to not accept the deception and thus to not want to take a position against it and against those who promote it, they take refuge in the convenient mainstream narrative, suspending judgment and letting others tell them what to think, even if it is irrational and contradictory. 

Billions of people have voluntarily made themselves slaves, sacrificial victims to the globalist Moloch, allowing themselves to be persuaded of the inevitability of such a surreal and absurd situation. ...

There is, however, an element that the conspirators have not taken into account: human weakness on the one hand, and the power of God on the other...


There is, however, an element that the conspirators have not taken into account: human weakness on the one hand, and the power of God on the other... A little bit at a time, this clay-footed colossus will collapse, inexorably, on its own lies and its own crimes.

...In the face of the evidence that there is no pandemic and that the deaths were deliberately caused to exaggerate the effects on the population, we must consider Covid as a scourge, not in itself, but for all that it has revealed: the plan of Satan for the establishment of the New World Order, which is meant to lead to the reign of the Antichrist. 

The Lord shows us, with the severity of a Father, that He still wants to admonish His children and misled humanity about the consequences of sin. He shows us what world awaits us if we will not know how to convert, abandoning the way of perdition and returning to Him, to obedience to His holy Law, and to the life of Grace.


Ecce nova facio omnia -Rev 21:5

Vandana Shiva on the Taking Down of Bill Gates' Empires

The Empires Of Gates, Dr. Joseph Mercola Interviews Vandana Shiva, Ph.D.

March 28, 2021

Story at-a-glance

-Bill Gates is entering every field that has to do with sustaining life and, for over a decade, has undermined vitality in all its forms, in an effort to seize control over and profit from it
-By funding research and financing public institutions, Gates is able to force those institutions down a path where they can only use his patented intellectual property
-While pretending to save the world through philanthropy, Gates’ solutions perpetuate and worsen the world’s problems. They may even threaten the future of humanity, as they’re driving us closer to extinction
-Through his company, Gates Ag One, Gates is pushing for one type of agriculture for the whole world, organized top, down. This includes digital farming, in which farmers are surveilled and mined for their agricultural data, which is then repackaged and sold back to them
-The answer to the environmental problems we face is not more of the very things that created the problems in the first place, which is what Gates proposes. The answer is regenerative agriculture and real food

In this interview, Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., discusses the importance and benefits of regenerative agriculture and a future Regeneration International project that we'll be collaborating on.

We're currently facing enormously powerful technocrats who are hell-bent on ushering in the Great Reset, which will complete the ongoing transfer of wealth and resource ownership from the poor and middle classes to the ultra-rich. Perhaps the most well-known of the individuals pushing for this is Bill Gates who, like John Rockefeller a century before him, rehabilitated his sorely tarnished image by turning to philanthropy.

However, Gates' brand of philanthropy, so far, has helped few and harmed many. While his PR machine has managed to turn public opinion about him such that many now view him as a global savior who donates his wealth for the good of the planet, nothing could be further from the truth

Vandana Shiva on the Taking Down of Bill Gates' Empires
Download Interview Transcript Download my FREE Podcast
You can learn more about Shiva's work and her many projects on During the first week of April every year, Navdanya gives a five-day course called Annam, Food as Health, via Zoom. In this course, you'll learn about soil and plant biodiversity and healthy eating for optimal health.

You can also learn more by reading the report "Earth Rising, Women Rising: Regenerating the Earth, Seeding the Future," written by female farmers. And, again, mark your calendars and plan your participation in the food freedom campaign, starting October 2, 2021.

"When all the spiritual forces, all of nature's forces and most of people's forces are aligned together, what can [a few] billionaires, technocrats — who want to be richer than they are, greedier than they are, more violent than they are — do?" Shiva says. "They don't count in the long run, really. It's just that we cannot afford to not do the things that we can do."


"Oneness vs. The 1%" Dr. Vandana Shiva Interviewed by Dr. Joseph Mercola (1:10:03)

Divide And Rule The Plan Of The 1% To Make You Disposable by Vandana Shiva (12:01)

Farmer Bill And The Great Reset
by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Meet Bill Gates by Corbett Report (38:45)

Bill Gates And The Population Control Grid by Corbett Report (36:47)

Bill Gates' Plan To Vaccinate The World by Corbett Report (28:01)

How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health by Corbett Report (23:57)

Who Controls The Gates Family? by Really Graceful (16:02)

I Was Too Easy On Bill by Really Graceful (12:52)

Who Was Bill Gates Before Microsoft? by Really Graceful (15:07)

Why Is Bill Gates Buying All The Farmland? by Really Graceful (8:36)

Just A Little Prick (Part 1) by Dr. Vernon Coleman (30:53)

Just A Little Prick (Part 2) by Dr. Vernon Coleman (18:16)

Knowing The Plans Of Our Enemies + Bill Gates Video by Good Patriot (10:15)

Paul Allen On Bill Gates (14:14)
When Paul Allen had cancer, behind his back Bill Gates wanted to dilute his shares in Microsoft down to almost nothing. That says it all about the evil Bill Gates.

Microsoft Pulled Ad Of Satanist Marina Abramovic Presenting "The Life" On Hololens 2 (1:58)

The Great Reset: Is Bill Gates Too Powerful? by Russell Brand (15:26)

Creepy, Evil Bill (0:22)

Alexa - Does Bill Gates Kill People? by Marnos (2:08)

Duping Delight Of Evil Bill Gates (0:58)

On March 26, 2020, patent WO/2020/060606 was given. It is a Microsoft patent for cryptocurrency technology that's connected to the movements of a human body. Is this the first step in a satanic plan to control the entire global population through technology? The patent number 060606 is not merely an unbelievable coincidence but intentionally selected, it is the number of the beast, 666, from Revelation in the Bible.

WO2020060606 - Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data

The Mark Of The Beast Microsoft Patent W02020060606 (14:40) 

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wants to make sure all 7 billion of us have taken the new mRNA injection. So, they funded a Massachusetts Institute of Technology team using a technology called quantum dots to track who was vaccinated. They would inject us with a bit of dye that is invisible to the naked eye but easily seen with a special cell-phone filter combined with an app that shines near-infrared light onto the skin. The injected dye would be like a tattoo expected to last up to five years, according to tests on pig and rat skin and human skin in a dish. So, the elites have come out of the closet, and are now out in the open about vaccinating, and branding their 7 billion human farm animals. In a blog post on April 30, 2020, Bill Gates wrote, "We need to manufacture at least 7 billion doses of the vaccine." He also said the vaccines should be used, "as soon as the first batch is ready to go." Why is this known eugenicist pushing so hard for almost all humanity to receive an inadequately tested mRNA injection which has never been used before on humans? Bill Gates has been the point man who controls many of the levers behind this unprecedented manufactured pandemic.

ID 2020
A digital identity for the world.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Chenchus of Nallamala (Children Of The Forest) Are Forcibly Being Displaced


March 24, 2021 NAGARKURNOOL

Is the stage set to displace children of the forest Chenchus from Nallamala forest to the plains? Is this conspiracy going on without the notice quietly? Is a new 'package' promised with the hope of collecting consent from people?

The answer is 'yes'.

The forest department officials have recently been able to collect consent documents to move the Chenchus from the Amrabad Tiger Reserve Sanctuary in Nagarkurnool district. The public bodies have been strongly opposed to the efforts of the central and state governments for two decades to move the Chenchus living in the Nallamala forest area. However, the issue has come up again with a fresh collection of consent documents.

Nallamala forest area is spread over 2.75 lakh hectares in Nagarkurnool, Nalgonda, Guntur, Prakasam and Kurnool districts in both Telugu states. About ten thousand families live in 1077 chenchu pentas making forest products a livelihood. In 1999, when the Naxal movement was intense, some Chenchu families in Nallamala were moved to the plains. A special rehabilitation centre was established at Amargiri.

However, displacement of Chenchus became very controversial when two deaths were reported as the Chenchus were not able to adjust with the new environment. Later, in the name of the uranium excavations in Nallamala and on the pretext of sanctuary rules, Chenchus were asked to move to the plains. Each family was promised a cash package of Rs.10 lakhs and a house in Tukkuguda, Ranga Reddy district, but the children of the forest did not agree. That is why a new package proposal was brought to the fore with the cash of Rs.15 lakhs and a house or three acres of agricultural land for each Chenchu family. 175 Chenchu families are living in Vatavarlapalli, Charlapalli, Pulichintalabayalu, Kummanpenta, Kollampenta, Mallapur, Appapur, Bairapur, Rampur, Thangidigundala, Medimalakala and Eeralpenta in Nallamala and 80 per cent of the families are forced to sign on the consent papers. Meanwhile, SC and BC families in Vatavarlapalli, Sarlapalli and Pulichintala Bayalu are forced to leave their homes and cattle without any package.


Chenchus stand guard to save the forests of Nallamala



De Beers’ 450 Year Hunt For The Hidden Treasures Of Indian Kingdoms


The Nature Of Knowledge leaves One no Alternative But To Become A Warrior


The frightening nature of knowledge leaves one no alternative but to become a warrior. (Tribal wisdom)


Message to the World Court

March 23, 2021

Public Notice

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America

The United States of America --- our Federation of States --- was never incorporated. It is a Lawful Person.


The present crisis is nothing but the end result of a national-level identity theft and credit fraud racket, with multiple bankruptcy frauds added on top of that, all implemented via a double-impersonation scheme, and washed down with more attempts to latch onto living people as private property. 

Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Anthony Fauci, and their European compatriots have endeavored to convert innocent people into property by injecting patented mRNA into our gene codes, and claiming that they have thereby created new genetically modified organisms (GMO's) at a cellular level --- thus trying to take advantage of a loophole in the Patent Laws administered illegally and improperly by SERCO, INC. allowing this outrage. 

Our State Assemblies which have been summoned into Session have taken emergency action to outlaw these repugnant, immoral, and unlawful claims which would otherwise result in the enslavement and further securitization of living people as chattel for the debts of these monsters. 

The American States and People, and our lawful unincorporated American Government doing business as The United States of America --- are still alive and are the Persons of Interest owed all right title and interest in everything on our soil, including all US CORPORATIONS and USA, Inc. holdings, all land and mineral assets, all mortgages, all land assets, and everything else that is ours by principle and right. 

We are not missing; we were never absent. 

We didn't volunteer to be the Administrators or Executors of our own estates and we don't agree to be the victims of obvious identity theft, fraud, deceit, and Breach of Trust. 

It's true that every corporation chartered in this country owes us money, but it is also true that these facts were not fully disclosed to the American Public, and that our estates have been established and administered by Territorial and Municipal Executors de Son Torte in the face of our living presence for decades without proper action by the international community, including those Principals named as Defendants and Debtors. 

Corpus Juris Secundum Estate and Trust Law: “ANY administration on the Estate of a LIVING person is VOID; if it is made to appear that the person was in fact ALIVE at the time such administration was granted, the administration is absolutely VOID”. [Emphasis added.]

This means that every action brought by every Territorial Court and every Municipal COURT Officer acting against average Americans under color of law and the presumptions of the foreign corporation bankruptcies ever since March of 1863 is absolutely void. 

This means that all the actual silver and gold, all land, all the actual homes and businesses mortgaged, all the theft of our labor through bondage and fraudulent taxation, all of it is required to be returned free and unencumbered and unharmed to the lawful living owners. 

We are not the ones at fault, and those who did this were not acting as our agents. 

This ongoing saga is a crime of genocide on paper promoted by self-interested con artists, public employees, who have been acting under color of law and impersonating us, their employers.


The Nazis have a history of paying their bills by killing off their Priority Creditors, and judging from the 800 FEMA Camps that have been built on our shores using our money, this is precisely the fate they have planned for us. 

The time has come for everyone on Earth who has a face and a soul to awaken and to take determined, effective, and systemic action to obliterate this threat to mankind and to the Earth once and forever. It's time for everyone to remember the dark days of World War II and the endless outpouring of aid given to virtually every country on Earth by the Americans.


The American People were never anyone's enemy. They never sought to cheat anyone. It was "the" US --- foreign, incorporated, privately owned and operated commercial corporations in the business of providing "governmental services" that are responsible for the war-mongering, false flags, press-ganging, and other evils that we and the rest of the world have all suffered. 

It's time to realize the parasitic nature of this "beast" made of paper and lies, and it's time for China to know that it is next on the menu, with Iran for a second course, if we are not assisted in our efforts to bring sanity back and an end to this lawlessness and depravity. 

They are our runaway employees. Help us to fire them. They have commandeered our assets. Help us to regain them. 

Everyone worldwide who gives a Flying Finger of Fate for their lives and property must wake up. Everyone needs to show their support for our government. Everyone needs to send us prayers and money and skills and everything else that can be mustered to end the incipient Reign of Terror and Theft before it begins---- lawfully and peacefully. 

If it is to have any credibility at all, the International Court of Justice must move in our favor. The Vatican Chancery Court must move in our favor. The Court of the Lord High Steward must move in our favor. 

We must all take a stand in defense of the Public Law of this country, the International Laws that apply to Fraud, Identity Theft, and Human Trafficking, the Ecclesiastical and Commercial Law concerning the disciplining of corporations and those running corporations, and all Trust Law known to Man. 

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America 


March 20,2021 


The Nazi's All Moved West 


IG Farben was one of the biggest chemical and drug producers in the world. It was a major German Defense Contractor.  It was the manufacturer of the Zyklon-B gas used to kill people in the concentration camps. 

After the end of the Second World War:

IG Farben is liquidated by George Soros, rebranded as Moderna.

Jeffrey Epstein the largest single shareholder in Moderna

Anthony Fauci was the first President of Moderna.

Fauci was Bill Gates's roommate at Cornell.

Bill Gates designed RFID at Cornell.

Patent US 2006257852.

They are all Nazis.

Wake up!



Often my readers get overwhelmed with too many words. 

This one is short and sweet. 

Take in the information. 

Think, think, think. 

All Nazis


Gates stole his ideas and patented ancient technologies

Discovered in Africa, the Middle East, and Serbia

Serbia is the connection to Tesla, too. 

Soros the Money Man. 

Gates the Patent Man.

Epstein the Pusher. 

GHWB the Killer. 

Fauci the Face. 

Pigeons all. 

For Wettin. 

House of. 


Oppenheimer - I am become death - Death Cult Member 

Warburgs and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg /Vaduz

Dutch East India Company "lost at sea"

Bottomry Bond Fraud of 1702 is key.

Benvenistes of Aragon/Castille

Royal Baillies & Templar Nasi:

House of David Princes

Mendes of Antwerp

Flanders Empire

Paris Central

French Third




Vichy French

Swiss Connection Davos

UN CORP 1943 French Incorporation

The United Nations Organization Charter 1945

The Hidden Flanders/Swiss/Vichy Empire in 1946

The British Raj in India "Om Rajasthani Sutra" of Kashmir

Lost Holy Family of the North Gate Kashmir

The Tomb of Our Mother, Mary.

The Mirror of Destiny

Lost Israel / Disraeli

Empress of India

Many waters




To know the life of a crystal is to know the life of all. 

Order out of chaos: the energetic templates.

Magick, pure and impure, before the Romans.

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 March 13, 2021


Land Grants and "Presumed" Donors -- Notice to the Holy See

Despite much gossip and misunderstanding, we, the American Government, are still here, still operating our unincorporated Federation of States and our individual State Assemblies.  We are not absent, and since 1998, have been in Session at the level of the Federation of States; as of 2017, our States have been called into Session, and as of 2020, all fifty (50) of our State Assemblies are in Session.


It has come to our attention that Joe Biden has been elected President of a new Municipal Corporation by our Municipal Employees, and that he is attempting to assert a continuance or successor-ship to contract which we have refused for cause, and that he is also attempting to bond our land and soil assets to promote a 1.9 Trillion dollar spending spree, most of it destined to benefit China. 

As the presumed donors of the Public Trust he is attempting to administer, we act as the donors and collapse the trust and demand the return of the assets to the owners of record-- to our unincorporated Federation of States, and to the unincorporated American States and People. 

This issue rests squarely on the honor of the Holy See. 

The banks and other investors including the British Crown Corp who may have an interest in loaning Mr. Biden money are, of course, free to loan him as much money as they wish --- without any pretense that he has any authority related to us or any power to attach our land and soil assets, or to claim that our land and soil assets are in any way encumbered by their joint actions or serving to as assets subject to any commercial bonding process whatsoever. 



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Irrefutable Evidence of Who is Responsible for 5G and COVID19

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Decree Over Mandate

10142019 Decree Over Mandate (pdf)

Second Decree Over Mandate (pdf)Download

Thursday, March 25, 2021

BIS Crime Syndicate Clings to Power with Murders and Bribes


March 22, 2021

The source of the ongoing dystopia in the West has been traced to the Bank for International Sins in Basle, Switzerland. This Nazi Khazarian Mafia institution has been murdering European Royals and others while simultaneously trying to bribe the Asian Dragon families into cooperation, according to NSA and Asian Secret Society sources. These are the criminals behind the fake Joe Biden presidency and the probable murder of Queen Elizabeth II, the sources say.

In specific, a senior Nazi agent by the name of Michael Cottrell has emerged as a key figure behind these crimes, the sources say. Now that the Bush family and most other senior Nazis have been killed, Cottrell has been murdering his way into becoming the top-ranking Nazi, they say. He is also probably now the most senior active agent of the opium and drug money-funded Skull and Bones Society.

Cottrell himself came out of hiding on March 19th to try to publicly lay claim to control of the Western financial system. Skip to 14:00 for his interview comments.

To understand why arresting this man and bringing him in for detailed questioning or, if that is not possible, killing him outright, is key to ending the financial crisis, some background information is needed.

This writer has a personal history with Cottrell and his fellow Nazis since they have tried to drug me, frame, and poison me at various times over the years. The reason I got involved was that I tried to convince the Japanese to use the $7 trillion they had earned since WWII to finance a huge campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. They earned this money by exporting cars, TVs, etc. to the rest of the world and so I figured they had the right to decide how to spend it.

What I had failed to realize is that ever since the opium wars the Asians have been sending stuff to the rest of the world and were not getting paid for it.

Instead, their dynasties were overthrown and their gold was systematically looted and sent to Switzerland by the Western Skull and Bones murderers and drug dealers. The Skull and Bones, in turn, reports to the Satanists in the Vatican. So I inadvertently stepped into a war that had been raging secretly for hundreds of years.

Getting back to Cottrell, his fellow Vatican Satanic agent Michael Greenberg slandered me by telling Asian Secret Society bosses I was a woman beater and drug addict. The idea was to alienate me from the Asian elders who have a deep-seated disgust of drug users because of the Asian experience with opium.

The big story behind all this is that the BIS and the Federal Reserve Board were founded with Asian gold. The Asians were promised eventual control of the world in exchange for this gold.

When the Asians sued the owners of the BIS and FRB in the World Court for either the return of their gold or control of Western currency backed by this gold, they won. The Western oligarchs were supposed to hand over the gold on September 12, 2001. Instead, as we all now know, they gave them the finger with 9.11 and tried to kill them off with bioweapons like SARS. The U.S. meanwhile, became a Nazi fascist state via stolen elections and the Patriot Act.

Anyway, to get back to Cottrell and his fellow Nazis, under their Fuhrer George Bush Sr., in addition to their “war on terror,” they began a campaign to systematically steal control of the Western financial system from the European Royals.

This is why Christopher Story started publicly accusing George Bush Sr. of stealing $7 trillion from Queen Elizabeth. The Bushes sent Cottrell to visit Story in an attempt to further infiltrate her inner circle. However, before long Christopher Story accused Cottrell of poisoning him with a cancer-causing agent. Cottrell himself says that on July 14th, 2010 Christopher Story died of a “very fast-moving cancer,” but that “there was no violence involved.”

This writer and two of my staff were also poisoned with a weaponized cancer-causing agent. However, colleagues of Story told me that if I immediately began taking 5000 IUs of vitamin D every day and one gram of vitamin C every hour I could survive the cancer, which I did. Unfortunately, my assistants both developed lymphatic cancer and only one survived after multiple surgeries and years of expensive treatments.

In any case, Cottrell is now claiming ownership of British Royal financial instruments that were under the control of Story.

Cottrell also claims ownership of the $500-Trillion Delmara Timber Trust. This is very interesting because V.K. Durham of the Delmara Timber Trust repeatedly claimed Bush Sr. & crew snatched her husband from his lawn, hung him on meat hooks, and tortured him in order to gain access to this trust.

Any mention of this has been carefully scrubbed from the Internet, which means Cottrell and his colleagues are in cahoots with the people carrying out Google censorship and staging the fake Biden presidency.

Cottrell decided to throw his former Boss George Bush Sr. and crew under the bus, because they have all been executed for treason and he does not want to join them in the gallows.

Do we really want this murderer and slanderer put in charge of the Western Financial System? Cottrell needs to be arrested and brought in for questioning ASAP, he knows where a lot of bodies are buried.

Finding Cottrell is also essential because Texas police have all been issued military-grade M4 rifles and vast amounts of ammunition to prepare for an expected huge onslaught of the Sinaloa drug cartel and their gang members this summer now that “Biden,” has thrown open the U.S. border with Mexico. As a Pentagon source notes, the Sinaloa cartel is a CIA front that used to be controlled by George Bush Sr.

Since Cottrell is claiming the leadership of the CIA Nazis, it means he is a key reason why Mexican drug gangs are being invited into the U.S. A Peoria Arizona police sergeant told us his department alone had been given 50-million rounds of ammunition to prepare for the expected violence and civil unrest. Finding Cottrell will be a key to identifying and neutralizing the leaders of this anti-American war.

On a different but related front, last week senior MI6 sources asked us to pass the following message to Mossad: “Tell them 0000 –they will understand if they Google the code and look at the images.”

Actually, Mossad came back and said they did not understand, so here is an explanation:

The Angel Number 0000 means a new beginning, which will empower life. It also refers to ending your bad habits, problems, and a depressing period of your life.

There was also a related hint put out to the French and Swiss branches of the Rothschild family by the British Branch. This came in a cover story on the Wall Street journal allegedly written by Tom Hanks, whose real name, according to Mossad, is Michael Rothschild. The essence of this message appears to be “Don’t ever play solitaire again.”

The timing of this is also interesting because of news reports last year, now scrubbed from the internet, announcing that Tom Hanks had died “of Covid-19.”

To understand this a bit better, let us take a look at headlines on the Iranian Tasnim News agency from a random day last week:

Iran’s Top General: Capacity Developed for Annihilation of Zionist Regime

Iran Unveils New Vaccine for COVID-19

Over 8,300 New Coronavirus Cases Detected in Iran

These fear-mongering headlines make it clear the Iranians take orders from the same people as the Israelis do. Stories full of such things as “The Russians/North Koreans/Chinese etc. are coming to get us” or “the plague is killing us!” are typical of how the current ruling class tries to control us with fear. The antidote to this is love and that is the message the British branch of the Rothschilds appears to have finally gotten.

By the way, it appears the Communist Chinese are also part of the same control structure as seen by this quote from the official Xinhua News Agency:

“The Chinese delegation made it clear to the U.S. side that China has no intention to challenge or replace the U.S. status and influence,”

Since the U.S. government no longer exists, it is clear they are referring to the controllers in Switzerland. If you look at the accompanying picture, you can also see both delegations to the recent fake U.S./China talks in Alaska were wearing slave masks as a symbol of blind obedience.

However, at least the Chinese delegates at this meeting made some good points. For example, CCP foreign affairs chief Yang Jiechi told U.S. delegates:

“We don’t believe in invading through use of force, toppling other regimes or massacring people of other countries. Countries should come united together to contribute to the future of humanity.”

Speaking about the future of humanity, we need to start copying the French, who blew up the .fr part of the internet and start worrying about a rogue AI.

There are more and more signs this is a real threat. For example, last week Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a challenge to meet U.S. Resident Joe Biden in person. However, any mention of this has been deleted from the Internet and all we see now – even on the official Russian Tass news agency – are proposals for a teleconference. All the so-called world leaders are being replaced before our eyes by computer graphic representations that only meet online.

As an example of damage control when the wheels fall off, in response to Resident Joe’s green screen viral video we highlighted last week, Mick West of proudly re-enacted the key scene of microphone magic.

Unfortunately, it only serves to remind everyone that focus and lighting are the dead giveaways, even as he trie$ his be$t to claim all is as it should be. Even looking at the side view things don’t add up. The soundman’s mask strap and Joe’s hand are both in sharp focus yet the microphone is out of focus. In addition, the front angle shows the white microphone at level with or above the dark microphone. Yet the side view is missing the white microphone altogether and since debunker Mick has gone to the trouble of matching up the scene for us we can see that the Cabal should be looking for new FX staff who know something about continuity.

As an example of what a real president talking to the media looks like we can see how the microphones’ lighting and focus match Trump’s hand and sleeve.

Closer to home, the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan has been too cowardly to take up my debate challenge on the facts about the provably fake pandemic. Instead, they are trying to hold a virtual general meeting. Interestingly enough, all my emails telling me about this meeting were deleted from my computer and I only heard about it by talking to a colleague on a landline.

In a sign people are waking up; protesters in London, Germany, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Japan, Vienna, Canada, the U.S., and elsewhere came out for the Worldwide Rally for Freedom.

Our advice is to not only throw away your mask and avoid DNA altering vaccines but also limit the amount of time you spend in front of a screen.

Finally, this week, we have been talking to Russian FSB sources as well as sources in the U.S. Secret Space program. Both say the Secret Space Force may be revealed to the public soon. We are hoping to go to the Thule air force base in Greenland soon to see the secret Space Force with our own eyes. Stay tuned.

Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis
by Benjamin Fulford