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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Revolutionary 2023 Predictions

Elizabeth April 

Topic Timestamps: The Collective Level 2023 Predictions: 8:40 

The Individual Level 2023 Predictions: 31:25 

Themes & The Greatest Tool For 2023: 39:05 

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“Rules based world order” ends with Rothschilds trying to offer $ trillions in exchange for amnesty

December 26, 2022

It looks like 2022 will be known as the last year the Khazarian mafia’s “rules-based world order” actually controlled any part of the world. In a sign of how isolated the KM is, on December 18th, by a vote of 195 to 2, the countries of the world agreed to double the amount of protected land and ocean in the world and take other action to stop the extinction crisis caused by humanity.

The two countries that voted against this -the United States and the Vatican- thus revealed themselves as the last two places controlled by the Satanic Khazarian Mafia.

The reason the Vatican and its United States corporate subsidiary voted against protecting nature is because they still think of it as something to exploit. That is how they interpret these words from the book of Genesis:

have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth…every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

This writer has witnessed how Christian missionaries in the Amazon are followed by lumber companies that then cut down the forests, ranchers that turn them into meat factories and mining companies that suck the minerals out. The “converts” then find themselves living in third-world slums.

This means the entities at the very top of monotheism have been acting against earth life. That is why they need to be removed. Doing this will start a new age.

This would be such a historic event it would merit starting a new calendar. Remember, nobody knows when Christ was born so his birth was conflated with the solar New Year. This means Orthodox Christians could recalibrate Christmas so that it coincides with the solar New Year. The Muslims and Chinese could also coordinate their lunar calendars.

Ok, maybe we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Let us look at some of the here/now happenings on this planet during the past week.

The UN vote mentioned above means the KM power has been reduced to rubber-masked actors pretending to be “Pope Francis” and “President Joe Biden.”

Video Player
Video Player

Oh yeah, they also control a rubber-masked con artist called “Elon Musk,” who they claim is the “richest man in the world.”

We are hearing all three of them will be removed in the New Year.

As we noted last week, Latin media are reporting Pope Francis will resign “for health reasons.”

“Ya he firmado mi renuncia” en caso de impedimento médico: Papa Francisco (

The real reason, of course, is that Catholic Christians are in open revolt against his recent Satanic words and actions. Also, as we mentioned last week, the Jesuits finally figured out the real Pope Francis was killed and replaced with an impostor.

As for the so-called “President Joe Biden,” CIA and Pentagon sources say he and his entire fake regime will be removed in the New Year. This is fact: Every politician Rothschild agent Volodymyr Zelensky shook hands with is now gone. Now Biden shook his hand…

If the Supreme Court fails to rule against the fake Biden regime in January, then “kinetic action” will remove them, the CIA sources say.

Then of course there is the con man Musk who became “the richest man in the world” by acting as a money launderer for the FRB funny money pumped out by the Biden circus act.

That is now imploding as can be seen by the price of his stocks plummeting and the public rejection of his fake “free speech” Twitter show. Twitter still censors all real truth-tellers like Henry Makow. Now CIA sources are telling us Musk himself is a rubber-masked actor these days.

The other high-tech KM money launderers are also being cut off. Since the beginning of this year, US stocks have lost $11.7 trillion in market cap. Of that more than $5 trillion in losses come from just five companies – Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, Meta and Tesla.

Financial institutions that relied on Fiat money games are also going down the drain as their money laundering through tech firms ends.

They are also going to get hit big time on real estate. For example, home sales plunged a record-breaking 35% in November. This will eventually lead to the mother of all mortgage and real estate crises.

In a sign, the oligarchy knows it has been defeated, last week David René de Rothschild, (who according to Wikipedia is the head of the French and British branches of the Rothschild family)

approached a member of the White Dragon Society with an offer to hand over “many trillions of dollars,” in exchange for amnesty for his family.

While having “trillions of dollars” would help save the planet, the problem with accepting this offer is that it would acknowledge the Rothschilds have the right to input huge numbers into computers and pass it off as “money.”

Here is what the source who received the contact said:

“David René de Rothschild did contact me and sent a few messages but was very quiet and doesn’t say much at all. It may have been an attempt to open a back channel or simply to establish my current location with a view to assassination. In any case, the police and security / secret services were informed as a precaution…What the lawyers say is I will take over the Rothschild trillions en masse but…They say one thing and then shoot to kill at the last minute to get out of it. JFK et al.”

He is not kidding. At the same time as these “trillions” were being offered to a colleague, this writer’s brand new Datsun Tanto cars’ brakes, accelerator and steering were all remotely hijacked to accelerate the car into oncoming traffic at a highway next to a store parking lot. If the car hadn’t been stopped by a fence, your correspondent would probably have had a fatal accident.

The same week our webmaster Windlander and his girlfriend were attacked and badly beaten up by seven men. Windlander is a martial arts expert and knocked one of them unconscious while bystanders intervened to help. The seven men have been arrested and hopefully, we will find out exactly who paid them to attack.

Despite such desperate moves, these thugs and con artists will not be able to lie, bribe or murder their way out of the trouble they are in.

Even as the KM horror show implodes, some real action is taking place with $5 trillion worth of physical gold. A Japanese diplomat will be heading to Switzerland soon to meet with the head of the Red Cross and negotiate on using the $5 trillion worth of Japanese imperial gold held under the name of Empress Emerita Michiko to set up a future planning organization. This organization would hire the smartest people on earth to figure out ways to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and colonize the universe.

At the same time China, Russia, India, the Middle East etc. are also still rejecting KM fiat money and linking all economic activity to the reality created by the creator.

In contrast “Western countries, by their actions, are undermining confidence to themselves and their legal institutions in the world and the anti-Russian sanctions are a vivid example of that,” Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev wrote.

“It is the last signal to other stets: it is impossible to deal with the Anglo Saxons like it is impossible to deal with thieves, fraudsters, cardsharps,” he emphasized.

Medvedev is wrong about the Anglo-Saxons though. A true Anglo-Saxon would sooner give up his life than his honor. The problem is the KM.

The news story below is an example of the fake Zionist Jewish greaseball scumbags- who have done so much harm to the reputation of the Anglo-Saxons and the Jews. These Satanists pretending to be Jews stole money meant to help handicapped people.

Video Player

The Anglo-Saxons are now in the process of removing the KM brain parasite that turned the United States into an instrument of evil.

For one thing, rule by fear and terror will end. Take a look at the fear porn put out to the world by the KM puppet masters and their minions since 1966.

Here is an example of the fake fear porn they churn out every day. Remember the photo of coffins from Bergamo, Italy, in March 2020, which terrified the world and started the lockdown frenzy? It was fake.

This sort of nonsense will end.

Of course, it is not entirely over yet. The religious zealot fanatics are still trying to start their Gog versus Magog war in order to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest as this Israeli Mossad-linked Debka report says:

Washington is moving to incorporate Israel in a new regional alliance after the US military decided to replace its “war on terror” strategy by “potential combat with China, Russia, North Korea and Iran.”

The P3 Freemasons reacted to this move by promising they will annihilate Tel Aviv unless Netanyahu is arrested.

Many other people are also going to be arrested. The Russian military has listed people carrying out illegal military biological research around the world. They include former DTRA [Defense Threat Reduction Agency] Director Kenneth Myers, Executive Vice President of the CIA-controlled In-Q-Tel venture fund Tara O’Toole, ex-Head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Thomas Frieden, ex-Director of the National Institutes of Health Francis Collins, ex-Executive Director of the Battelle Memorial Institute Jeffrey Wadsworth, the Pfizer chief scientific officer and many others.

These people are war criminals and they will face justice, CIA and Pentagon sources promise.

There is also legal action taking place against the KM in the US on multiple fronts. For example, America First Legal has launched an investigation into John Brennan, James Clapper and the Deep Security State over efforts to sabotage democracy and free elections

The photographs below show other people who will be arrested. In the first photo, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny and Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Moshe Rauven Azman. In the second photo, Zaluzhny is in front of a portrait of Nazi mass murderer Stepan Bandera in his office. Bandera and his people murdered an estimated 1.5-1.6 million people, that is, every fourth victim of the Holocaust lived on the territory of Ukraine.

The Russians are preparing a 1.5 million-man army to move into Ukraine and remove this Nazi filth once and forever.

The same sort of thing is happening all over the world. In Africa, patriotic Burkinabese military are following the path of their colleagues in Mali. The UN representative there was declared persona non grata and ordered to leave the country immediately while two French spies have been arrested.

In Brazil President Bolsonaro has signed the order to elevate the Superior Military Court over the corrupt left-wing Supreme Court, in a move that many believe may pave the way for a military intervention before Jan. 1, when corrupt Communist convict Lula da Silva is scheduled to take office as President.

Video Player

In Peru, a year-end truce is underway. However, in the New Year special forces will help the Inca people by hunting down any military officer who orders the murder of unarmed civilians.

These are just a small sample of moves by native earth people against alien forces stealing resources and destroying life are happening in all parts of the planet.

With that segue into alien talk, let us look at what the secret space program people sent us this week.

First, they drew our attention to this article from 11/25/2021 that many of us may have missed.

The General Secretary of the Soviet Union Built a Secret “Prison” For Aliens

The history of the Soviet department of “men in black” is still hidden from ordinary people. Those who served there, even after many years, are reluctant to talk about their work in the “alien” unit of the GRU, reports

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, abbreviated G.R.U., formerly the Main Intelligence Directorate, and still commonly known by its previous abbreviation GRU, is the foreign military intelligence agency of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. GRU controls the military intelligence service and maintains its own special forces units.

Our own Russian men in black sources confirm they believe they are dealing with aliens referred to in the bible as “fallen angels.” The P3 Freemasons and Jesuits have similar views. They say the war with the fallen angels is ending which is why there are so many weird apparitions in the skies these days.

Here are some of the latest.

1. Project Blue Beam Terrestrial UAP

2. Several Plasma energy UFO’s over Wisconsin

Video Player

3. Crash Scene UFO

4. Several On and Off-world UAP’s

5. Multi-colored UFO near area 51 Nevada-USA

Video Player

Let’s see if the aliens land on the White House lawn in the New Year.

So Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all, even the proverbial “little green men.”


Comet impacts, pre-Adamic civilization, lost worlds and the Luciferian WAR against humanity

(Natural News) An ancient, advanced civilization that existed before the Biblical account of Adam was wiped out by a comet strike around 12,800 years ago. This Younger Dryas era strike impacted the ice sheet of present-day North America, causing the Great Flood, a global deluge of flooding and ocean level rise that buried land masses, islands and coastal cities under hundreds of feet of water.

The impact ejected unimaginable quantities of water vapor and particulate matter into the stratosphere, blocking the sun and causing a planetary die-off of plants, animals and humans, bringing an end to many species and the advanced human civilization that existed at the time. Ancient megaliths — large monuments built by previous civilizations — recorded the timing of these events through their alignment with constellations. This alignment is datable due to the 26,000 year precession (wobble) in Earth’s rotational axis. It allows archaeoastronomists — experts in archaeology and astronomy — to identify the construction dates of these ancient artifacts.

They show that advanced human civilization — complete with architectural knowledge, astronomy, mathematics, language, culture, agriculture and more — existed over 12,000 years ago, long before modern (mainstream) archeologists admit humans possessed such knowledge.

Meet author Timothy Alberino

All this and more is the focus of my 90-minute bombshell interview with author and researcher Timothy Alberino. His newest book, available on Amazon and other retailers, is: Birthright: The Coming Posthuman Apocalypse and the Usurpation of Adam’s Dominion on Planet Earth.

Alberino also has a YouTube channel called TimothyAlberinoTV. He will soon upload his lecture series to and establish and channel there as well.

Alberino is a meticulous researcher whose work encompasses scripture, ancient civilizations, cataclysms, transhumanism, spiritual warfare and the coming posthuman apocalypse (among other topics). His knowledge of the big (very big) picture is critical for humanity.

While Graham Hancock (of Ancient Apocalypse fame / Fingerprints of the Gods) rarely touches on scripture or Biblical topics directly, Timothy Alberino integrates Biblical scripture into the full timeline of known human history, including “pre-history” / pre-Adamic times when another advanced civilization existed on planet Earth, thousands of years before our own.

To understand the future, we must know the past

Why does any of this matter? Because if we hope to understand where we are going, we must fully grasp our past. This includes hidden history which has been maliciously buried by modern-day “science” because the real narrative of human history doesn’t fit the modern narratives preferred by the fraudulent establishment. This same tendency to cover up evidence that doesn’t fit the current narrative is found in geology, archaeology, anthropology, physics, astronomy, medicine, immunology, virology and nearly every field of science you can think of. There’s always hidden evidence that’s discarded by the high priests of the “current consensus” because that evidence contradicts their story line.

As a result, modern humans are living in a kind of Truman Show artificial world, with fake history narratives, fake climate science, fake vaccine science, fake news, rigged elections, fiat currency and more. To get to the real truth about any subject, we must look beyond the convenient, “consensus” narratives of the high priesthood and delve deeper into the genuine evidence. And when it comes to ancient civilizations and the Younger Dryas comet impact that destroyed human civilization before our known history, the evidence is overwhelming.

This is what Graham Hancock reveals in his new Netflix documentary series, Ancient Apocalypse, as well as his recent book Magicians of the Gods. Because of dedicated, courageous researchers like Hancock, Timothy Alberino, Allen West, Randall Carlson and many others, humanity is now beginning to unlock the secrets of its own past. These secrets, once fully understood and embraced, may finally allow humanity to face our shared future with a sense of honesty and certainty rather than being brainwashed with fairytale science narratives rooted in suppression of knowledge rather than its sharing.

And be sure you understand that Google is a knowledge suppression engine, not a search engine. Big Tech is run by the CIA, as we’ve all learned recently with the shocking release of the Twitter Files, and the CIA has been running cover-ups for generations. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, LinkedIn and all the other large tech platforms exist to both surveil users and suppress knowledge (while rigging elections and urging the gullible to commit vaccine suicide, of course).

Learn more about all this and more in today’s mind-expanding podcast, largely featuring my interview with Timothy Alberino:

– Human voice mastery and what this teaches us about our gifts and capabilities
– Dozens of people died, FROZEN in their cars or on the streets during freeze wave
– Even with a clear forecast, people still did not plan or prep
– Most people can’t see the storms coming in 2023
– Full interview with Timothy Alberino, author of “Birthright”
– Transhumanism and the SURRENDER of dominion over Earth
– Pre-Adamic civilization and its destruction
– Younger Dryas Boundary comet impact event
– The Great Flood and water inundation of ancient cities
– Ancient megaliths, and astroarchaeology time dating
– Athiests vs. Luciferians (theists)
– The coming KINETIC war with Christ upon his return
– How Luciferians are RECRUITING gullible humans to join the side of Satan
– Extraterrestrials are referenced in the Bible
– The “Elders” as cosmic architects who celebrated the creation of Earth
– Globalists think they can become gods through technology
– Spiritual implications of taking mRNA (transhumanism) jabs
– Surviving Hell on Earth as we await the return
– Every conscious human has the power to make a CHOICE between God vs. Lucifer





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YALDABOATH (He Thought he was God)

Gnostic Text: The Second Discourse of Great Seth

Information on the Second Treatise of the Great Seth

Marvin Meyer writes, “The Second Discourse of Great Seth, traditionally entitled the ‘Second Treatise (or Logos) of the Great Seth,’ is a speech or message of Jesus about salvific knowledge and the true meaning of the crucifixion in the face of the theology of the emerging orthodox church. The title of the text, given entirely in Greek at the end of the document (deuteros logos tou megalou seth), calls the text the second logos, apparently in contrast to the first discourse, which may be referred to near the opening of the text: ‘I have uttered a discourse for the glory of the Father . . .’ (49,20-22). Apart from this inference, we know nothing more about a ‘First Discourse of Great Seth.’ In both instances the discourse may be a spoken word – here a spoken word that has been written down. If that interpretation is correct, this text consists of a second speech or message of great Seth. The title may also refer to the personified logos, the divine word, as in John 1 and many Gnostic texts. Great Seth, mentioned only in the title of the text, is a leading character in other Gnostic texts, especially Sethian texts, such as the Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit. In Christian Sethian traditions the heavenly figure of Seth can come to expression in the person of Christ, who may conceivably be the incarnation of Seth. Thus, the Second Discourse of Great Seth may be understood to be the second speech or message delivered by Jesus, the manifestation of heavenly Seth.” (The Nag Hammadi Scriptures, p. 473)

Birger A. Pearson writes, “In an extensive polemic, Christ refers to the world and the archons as ‘laughingstocks.’ Included among the laughingstocks are the heroes of the Old Testament, from Adam and the patriarchs to Moses, the prophets, and John the Baptist. Those who are ignorant and blind try to harm Christ and his followers (60,13 – 65,18). Addressing his perfect brethren, Christ exhorts them not to ‘become female,’ and encourages them to remain united in their gnosis because they are ‘from a single spirit’ (65,18-68,24).” (Ancient Gnosticism, p. 241)

Marvin Meyer writes, “What makes the crucifixion laughable [in Second Discourse of Great Seth 81,15-24] is the ignorance of the powers who think they can execute the real, living Jesus. The mention made of Simon in the text is reminiscent of the role of Simon the Cyrene in the New Testament (Matthew 27:32; Mark 15:21; Luke 23:26), where it is said that he carries the cross for Jesus, or it may call to mind the observations of Irenaeus (Against Heresies 1.24.4) and Epiphanius (Panarion 24.3), who claim that according to the Gnostic teacher Basilides, Simon of Cyrene was crucified in place of Jesus. Yet in the Second Discourse of Great Seth Simon is never actually crucified, and Jesus says that it is ‘their man’ that the world rulers put to death – the physical body that the heavenly Savior borrowed. Further, the comment by Jesus in the Second Discourse, ‘Though they punished me, I did not die in actuality (hen outajro) but only in appearance (hem petouoneh)’ (55,16-19), may recall classic formulations of docetic views of the crucifixion and even the position of the Qur’an, which states in Sura 4 that the opponents of ‘Isa – Jesus – did not kill him for sure, but ‘he was made to resemble another for them’ or ‘they thought they did.'” (The Nag Hammadi Scriptures, p. 475)

Birger A. Pearson writes, “The tractate reflects a good deal of tension between the perfect addressed in it and other Christians who are blindly persecuting them. This implies a situation in which leaders of a growing catholic church are attempting to root out heresy, something that was happening in Alexandria, Egypt, during the episcopacy of Demetrius (189-232). So we can with considerable confidence assign the composition of our tractate to late second- or early third-century Alexandria. We know nothing of its author, but we can surmise that he was leader of a Gnostic conventicle in Alexandria.” (Ancient Gnosticism, pp. 241-242)



A spider towers above the man bound in the sticky silver strands of a silent web. He struggles to escape, while empty, indifferent, uncaring eyes fix upon him coldly watching his terror. His writhing and twisting bind him, ever more tightly deeper into the spun web of a slow death. 

The fate of men in the Kali Yuga has been no better than that of the women. In spite of the appearance of greater freedom, men in their own way have been just as oppressed and limited. Tyrants are never happy and all men have suffered greatly as a consequence of the suppression of women. None can be whole when cut off from memory of Spirit — of Source.

For the past 6,000 years men have been forced to choose between becoming tyrants or the slaves of tyrants. With endless wars raging around the planet, men have been subjected to the horrors of military life. They have been trained to reject emotional information, to endure pain in silence, and never cry. A man separated from his mother at an early age has little opportunity to cultivate tender feelings and makes a better warrior. Just as a woman separated from her father is more easily dominated, manipulated, and always seeking the lost father, she makes a better whore.

As cannon fodder the motto of men was often, “Ours is not to question why. Ours is but to do or die.” I sometimes wonder how many 1000’s of men have spent days, wounded, lying on battlefields fighting off vultures and praying for the mercy of death – lifetime after lifetime.

The ancient Sanskrit PURANAS tell us that in the Kali Yuga: ‘Men will devote themselves to earning money; the richest will hold power’ – as if this is something bizarre, an anomaly. In today’s world a man is measured by the size of his bank account.

Young men, who do not have the opportunities that come with money, continue to join the armed forces. For a man the choice still lies somewhere between being a beggar and becoming a tyrant. But spending a lifetime in a giant corporation for a pile of possessions and a mortgage just doesn’t appeal to every man. Some dare to wonder why they should work all their lives at a job they hate and that bores them, only to acquire stuff.

The purpose of life could not be merely acquiring things. There has to be something more than consumption. One might aspire to create beauty, to contemplate the universe or the meaning of life. Surely there are other pursuits just as valuable to a civilization than making mountains of money. A man who felt inspired to think, even driven to contemplate and meditate on the meaning of existence is out of luck.

The bitter truth these days is that, more and more, there are only two choices: join the corporate work force, or what is euphemistically termed the ‘service industry’. The millions who join the herd and get a job working for a corporation end up commuting for hours in toxic traffic to then sit in a cubicle in front of a computer all day. Most decide it is better to give up their right to choose how they spend their time, their life, than to go hungry. And of course there is the great compulsion of consumption.

Where in the Bible or any Sanskrit text, Hindu or Buddhist, or in the Torah or the Koran is the command that mankind must go forth and consume vast quantities of things? Why would any man give up every shred of individual expression and conform to a Borg-like existence in order to consume?

Is the world moving away from democracy? Are the giant corporations, who flagrantly control political parties with the big bucks that finance election campaigns, creating an environment tending toward plutocracy and oligarchy? Rule by and for the Rich!

For many years now there have been reports that the human race is poisoning the planet, the water, land, air, and food. Uncontrolled consumption is inadvertently killing animals, the fish and the coral reefs. The Earth is warming, the ice is melting, and no one has any real idea what this will mean for the future – or if there will be a future.

Only a few have ever dared question the fact that getting money has completely surpassed every other motivation. The old tyrant-priest caste has been replaced with tyrannical modern economists – all screaming their doctrines over the airwaves. Specific television stations are solely devoted to financial markets and many hang on every word spoken by the high priests of money.

Strangely the true genius of the most esteemed high priest of economics is his tireless ability to drone on and on in monotony, while he reveals almost nothing – just like a priest! Mysteriously and perhaps quite correctly, the Federal Reserve Building in Washington DC is decorated with rather sinister wrought iron black griffins.

Is our current Economic Era a subversion of a more natural cosmic order? The Age of Conflict and Confusion is the densest and most deluded cycle of time. Most people have no knowledge of the Cycles of Time, even though they are living within the fourth one. If this knowledge had not been intentionally hidden, everyone would remember that in other Eras, life on planet Earth was very different – better.

Contrary to blinded-by-science propaganda, the human race has not continually and constantly evolved as we have been told. The truth is just the opposite. The fact that economists have become priests is itself an excellent, if somewhat darkly humorous, leading indicator of a devolved state.

People have come to measure human progress by the systems of the distribution of wealth. We have become so lost, so clueless we no longer ask the essential question: What is the meaning of life?

The entire civilization seems to be in some kind of mass hypnosis. The altar of materialism brings forth more density, more delusion, as people’s thoughts have become solidified into the holographic reality. The more people embrace the religion of economics and its priesthood, and the more of their time they surrender to the pursuit of money, the more Mammon devours their lives — until its power becomes so great people cease to ask why.

The idea of economics as a ‘sublime and sacred destiny’ would have been an absurd joke in another cycle of time. Humans with a higher consciousness would have never considered the current obsession with the hierarchies of money as their destiny and dharma.

People continually argue about which economic system will bring them more money and more things. The culture now worships any fool, any blackguard and thief who can amass ridiculously enormous fortunes – when every day 34,000 children on this overpopulated planet starve to death.

The fractious arguments, asserting that one system is better than another, miss the point. People need to realize that they are under a spell, choking in a miasma of amnesia. The delusional myths of economics dominate our lives, to the exclusion of meaning.

There are very few places left on the planet that have not been intruded upon and have not yet experienced corporate hegemony. These few remote areas have yet to be inundated with consumer propaganda, raped and pillaged. Small pockets of consciousness, isolated tribes, remain free from the tentacles of consumption.

However, these may also vanish from the planet — and soon, at the rate the multinationals are taking over the world. As predicted, the entire world population will find itself in an invisible prison – a prison of waveforms, thought frequencies, controlling and limiting human experience.

The human body contains seven energy centers of power, the chakras. These seven centers of power contain unlimited possibilities, now unknown to most. In previous cycles of time, we experienced far more than is currently programmed on our TVs.

In the time before Forgetting, when we were all still conscious of our being ONE, the birth of the galaxies, nebulae, stars and planets was experienced as if we were those cosmic creations. The experience of being the birth of the cosmos was surely a sublimely transcendental ecstatic orgasm!

All our lives we had been told that thanks to the miracles of production and capitalism everything is getting better for us. But every improvement seems to bring another, even deeper form of enslavement. Human consciousness is so completely inundated with propaganda that most no longer bother to question. Questioning the benefits of consumption today could be considered unpatriotic.

But is life better? No one has any time and everyone is busy-busy-busy working, participating in the economy. The family for better or worse seems to be disintegrating. If people really are happier now, then why are so many chronically depressed and why are 1 in 4 people in the United States obese? Not fat – obese. Including children.

Fast food is actually a symptom of the Kali Yuga, as predicted in the ancient Sanskrit Puranas!

The same food people ate before the 1950’s is now called organic and costs a lot more. People who care and understand are forced to seek out food that is hopefully not toxic. The ingenuity of modern chemistry has produced a scary food supply generously inundated with insecticides, preservatives, growth hormones, antibiotics, and EDCs, endocrine disrupting chemicals.

The best in people often emerges only under duress. Heroes simply do not thrive in a culture of numb, narcotized, passive, fat couch-potatoes. Millions consume what are deceptively called life-style-drugs. Not only do these man-made molecules weaken the individual will, they also successfully prevent individuals from the experiencing their lives and being able to grow from these experiences. However, they do keep the pharmaceuticals rolling in money.

The world seems chained to the machinery of economics. Even the entrepreneurs, the Type-A guys, the CEOs who run things have no true freedom. Like all tyrant-warriors over the past 6,000 years, people with huge levels of ambition are only ‘happy’ when they are winning and trouncing their opponents. Material ambition is like a drug, and just like a drug it leaves people empty, fearing old age, weakness, and death.

The fear of death drives men to leave their wives, to seduce and marry younger women. The rich and the powerful today insist that their females, who they see as trophies of their success and as property, remain young-looking so they won’t be reminded of their own mortality. Plastic surgery is flourishing in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga.

Can any amount of material possessions be worth sacrificing one’s independence for? Is the quest for the means of subsistence meant to consume one’s entire life? When did people come to value things more than their freedom, more than their dignity – more than love, kindness and compassion?

At some point the goal of life became the production and consumption of more-more-more — no matter what the cost to the environment, to people all around the world, and to the planet herself. The Earth apparently cannot sustain what the West has conditioned people to desire.

The trap is set and unlimited growth is the grail. Unlimited growth sounds more like a sort of cancer. Every day environmental scientists are warning that the planet will not sustain the ongoing impact of consumption. And yet these warnings go on – unheard.

When men begin to see beyond the choice between being a beggar and becoming a tyrant, and when once again we all begin to look within for insight, answers and an understanding of our relationship to the Cosmos, there will be hope on the horizon for the emergence of a higher consciousness, Love, and the soft golden light of the next cycle of time.

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times

About the Author

V. Susan Ferguson is the author of Inanna Returns, Inanna Hyper-Luminal; her own commentary on the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras; and Colony Earth & the Rig Veda. Her website is Metaphysical Musing.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Khazarian Mafia Funnels Minerals and Slaves To Switzerland For Off-World Smuggling

December 19, 2022 

Second Part of the Article:

... ... ... There is a common thread to the events in China, Russia, Yugoslavia, Peru Brazil etc. that involves the removal of the Earths’ mineral resources to entities located off world. The attacks on native governments around the world created regimes controlled by KM agents who funnel minerals and human slaves to Switzerland. Former Libyan strongman Gaddafi understood this as you can see from the video below:

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P3 Freemasons and other sources insist these minerals and slaves are then taken off-world.

What we know for sure, for example, is that all the gold held by the Manchu dynasty of China and the Tokugawa Shogunate of Japan was taken to Switzerland. We have repeatedly sent documents showing proof of ownership of this gold to the Swiss on behalf of the rightful owners only to be ignored.

The forensic trail leads to Mirjana Spoljaric Egger, head of the Red Cross. According to CIA sources, she is “part of the Swiss Federal Intelligence Service. She has been built up over the years in various government roles, including being Deputy Secretary General of the UN. She is associated with the Octagon Group…her Twitter account reads:

Mirjana Spoljaric @ICRCPresident…Be careful with her.”

Well Ms. Egger, can you even prove that the Asian gold your people stole is still on this planet and are you willing to let it be used for humanitarian purposes? If not, we will arrest you.

In any case, we are sure that neither NATO nor KM, entrenched in their underground base complex on Lake Geneva, can get American forces to protect them.

In any case, we are sure that neither NATO nor KM, entrenched in their underground base complex on Lake Geneva, will be able to manipulate American forces into protecting them.

The Pentagon is far too preoccupied with the implosion of social order in the US:

The mayors of New York, Los Angeles, Denver, etc. have declared states of emergency due to rising crime and homelessness.

Jeremy Cross, the president of International Recovery Systems in Pennsylvania, says he can’t find enough repo men or space to house all the cars his company has been hired to recover.”

Hyperinflation is picking up speed: vegetable prices have risen by over 80% in the last 12 months, up 38% in November alone. The price of eggs has increased by 244%. The result is that 83% of Americans struggled to afford groceries.

Food is plentiful in the US, but the KM does things like kill chickens to squeeze more money out of the sheep.

Here’s why:

The monthly federal deficit was a record $249 billion in November, up $57 billion from the same month last year. html

This is happening while China, Japan and other countries are dumping US Treasuries at record prices.

As the people who control the real economy stop spending, it is a mathematical certainty that the current financial system will collapse. According to the Institute of International Finance (IIF), the global debt-to-GDP ratio will reach 352% by the end of 2022. With over 90 central banks raising interest rates to an average of 5.5%, it means a complete global default as there is no money to pay off the debt.

As this happens, the KM increases their suppression and mind control in a desperate attempt to stay in power.

The US and other governments have been captured by 5th Column enemies and are waging a hybrid/unconventional war against their own citizens. “High-level targets” are typically activists, dissidents, whistleblowers, patriots, intellectuals, people of conscience and integrity, constitutionalists, Christians, veterans, or anyone else whom the DHS-FBI fusion centers covertly identify as extremists, white supremacists “and/ or potential terrorist threat” and included in the “Program” out of court. The “Program” employs military-grade psychological and electronic warfare techniques and technologies against the “Targetes” to covertly destroy/kill/kill them imprison/”suicide”

Here’s an example of how your tax dollars are being used;

The FBI paid the leader of a satanic pedophile death cult $82,000 to take over the Nuclear Weapons Division and brainwash, drug and trap the young members

FBI agents used the media, illegal psychedelic drugs, and brainwashing techniques to turn a small group of friends in their teens to early 20s into boogeymen in what can only be described as psychological warfare. order-to-brainwash-drug-and-entrap-its-young-members/

Censorship has also reached levels I have never seen before.

Also, the censorship has reached a level I’ve never experienced before.

For example, Gordon Duff’s (Inteldrop) website was shut down to prevent this from happening:

to prevent, as well as to suppress the truth about Ukraine. Skype, Tutanota and Hotmail would not let me open the email from him with the link above. Eventually I was able to read them through Gmail. Google censors u-tube etc and is the enemy but in this case it looks like they’ve nailed it.

The reason the KM has tried so hard to censor this story is because it shows an organized attempt to take over and control the anti-vax and anti-pandemic narrative and get the opposition to acknowledge supporting “anti-establishment” characters who still take orders from the KM.

The KM also uses a fake Trump as part of an elaborate psyop against the real President and Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces Donald J. Trump.

Here are some examples of how the fake Trump is used to tarnish the real Trump’s reputation:

We’re fighting for the gay community, and we’re fighting and fighting hard,” Trump said. -… WHILE AMERICA GOES UP ON FIRE.

Donald J. Trump’s political opponents have long criticized him as something of a caricature. On Thursday, the former president made himself one – albeit with the aim of making a profit. In his first significant public move since opening his 2024 presidential campaign last month, Trump announced an online store that will sell $99 worth of digital trading cards featuring him as a superhero, an astronaut, a wild west sheriff, and a series show other fantastic characters .

To be absolutely clear, the real, publicly visible Trump was replaced by a fake, opposition-controlled Trump after January 31, 2020. The real Trump, who has always been against Vax, is gearing up for his return.

A question I’m often asked by readers – many of whom are Trump supporters – is what they personally can do to help. Here’s one thing they can do: Write a letter to the Supreme Court to support the case that the entire fake Biden regime is charged with treason:

1. Gather 2 envelopes, 2 stamps, and 2 sheets of paper.

2. Write the “9 Supreme Court Justices” on each piece of paper. Strongly support the Brunson v. Alma S. Adams et al lawsuit, No: 22-380. Sign your name and date. You can write more. As simple as that.

Here is a link to a letter template that you can personalize/print out:

Here is a link to a letter template that you can personalize/print out:

3. You now have either 2 handwritten copies or 2 printed copies.

4. One copy will be placed in a postage-paid envelope addressed: Supreme Court of the United States, 1 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20543.

5. One copy should be addressed in a stamped envelope to: Loy & Raland Brunson, 4287 South Harrison Blvd, Apt. 132, Ogden, Utah 84403. Your letters are being counted! *Add $1 dollars as a thank you.

6. URGENT, case scheduled for JANUARY 6th. Send off your letters!

7. Share them with friends and family.

As we try to force the Supreme Court into action, we also hope that the Secret Space Program folks will finally come out of the blue and help liberate the planet.

The SSP this week showed us further evidence that we are dealing with extraterrestrials with elongated heads by pointing out that a Notre Dame sarcophagus was recently opened to reveal a knight with an elongated skull.

They also sent us the following pictures:

1. Project Blue Beam craft over Israel 12-2022

Video Player

2. Off-world spherical plasma energy craft

Video Player

3. Numerous plasma energy off-world craft

Video Player

4. Area 51 hanger with a Blue Beam ship exposed

5. Unusual celestial phenomena observed around the world.

I personally place more hope in the Supreme Court than in flying saucers coming to the rescue, but who knows?