Older is the pleasure in the herd than the pleasure in the ego: and as long as the good conscience is for the herd, the bad conscience only saith: ego. Verily, the crafty ego, the loveless one, that seeketh its advantage in the advantage of many — it is not the origin of the herd, but its ruin.




"And to this day, [those] who...know the self as I am Brahman [IS-ness], become all this universe. Even the gods [any other dimensional beings] cannot prevent his becoming this, for he has become their Self. ...if a man worships another deity thinking: He is one and I am another, he does not know. He [who does not know] is like a sacrificial animal to the gods. As many animals serve a man, so does each man serve the gods. Even if one animal is taken away, it causes anguish to the owner; how much more so when many are taken away! Therefore it is not pleasing to the gods that men should know this [that they are IS-ness]." (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, I.iv.1)

"Consciousness shines in various external and internal forms. There is no existence of objects apart from consciousness. Therefore the world is simply a form of consciousness."
(Shiva Sutra)



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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

World’s youngest reporter? 10-yo Palestinian girl storms internet covering anti-Israel protests

Israeli siege on Gaza hurts people, strangles economy: UN

Jun 28, 2016

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has condemned the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip, saying the siege inflicts pain on people and damages the economy of the Palestinian coastal enclave.

Ban made the criticism on Tuesday during his trip to Gaza in a press conference at the al-Zaytoun school run by the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

Tel Aviv’s blockade of Gaza “suffocates its people, stifles its economy, and impedes construction,” he said, warning that the siege fuels tensions between the Palestinians and Israelis.

The UN chief further highlighted the UN support for the people of Gaza, saying that the world body “will always be with you.”

The Gaza Strip has been under an Israeli siege since June 2007. The blockade has caused a decline in the standards of living as well as unprecedented levels of unemployment and unrelenting poverty.

Meanwhile, UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krahenbuhl, who accompanied Ban in his trip to Gaza, stressed that the visit “comes at a time of deep despair in Gaza,” calling on the world community “to pay far more attention” to the situation in the blockaded coastal sliver.

The pair are expected to visit a UN-run center for reconstruction works in the Gaza Strip.

Ban is also scheduled to speak at a news conference in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza City and meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West bank city of Ramallah.

The file photo shows a Palestinian man looking out over destruction caused by the 2014 Israeli offensive in part of Gaza City's al-Tufah neighborhood. ©AFP

Israel has waged three wars on Gaza since 2008, including the 2014 offensive, which left more than 2,200 Palestinians dead and over 11,100 others injured.

Ban had visited the Gaza Strip in late 2014 in the wake of the deadly Israeli onslaught.

In a relevant development on Tuesday, a senior official of the resistance movement of Hamas and deputy speaker of the Palestinian parliament released a statement, urging Ban and the UN to “work seriously” towards ending the decade-long siege imposed on Gaza.

Ahmad Bahar criticized Ban's visit as “part of the ongoing efforts to resume negotiations to reach a compromise that serves occupation and to contain the Al-Aqsa Intifada.”

The UN has “remained silent towards the Gaza siege crime for ten years” by trying to “treat the victim and the executioner evenly,” he added.

The occupied territories have also witnessed heightened tensions since August 2015, when Israel imposed restrictions on the entry of Palestinian worshipers into the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) in an alleged bid to change the status quo of the holy Muslim site.

Nearly 220 Palestinians have lost their lives at the hands of Israeli forces in what is regarded as the third Palestinian Intifada (uprising) since the beginning of last October.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ex-CIA Spy: A Global Open Source Revolution Is About To Begin

JUNE 26, 2016

When Robert David Steele speaks, people listen. Especially those within the military and intelligence communities around the world. With his continued rhetoric on the open source everything manifesto as a way to positively transform this world for all, Mr. Steele has additionally begun discussing the world’s largest financial/gold cover-up story which has ties to JFK’s assassination and 9/11: That is, the global collateral accounts.

Robert David Steele, former CIA spy and U.S. Marine

As a former CIA spy who has trained over 7,500 officers from over 66 countries, Robert Steele has over 18 years experience across the U.S. Intelligence community and an additional 20 years experience in commercial intelligence and training. He is also a former Marine and he is the co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity.

He has also written several books, which include, The Open Source Manifesto and Intelligence For Earth: Clarity, Diversity, Integrity and Sustainability, among others.

In accord to open source everything, Robert’s motto is: The truth at any cost, lowers all other costs.

Essentially, when information, technology and resources are opened up as the commons to all, the true cost plummets and the well-being of our planet and all living beings here begin to thrive, as well as our social, political and financial systems.

In Robert’s own words, the open source revolution will transform our world for the better and for all.

“Sharing, not secrecy, is the means by which we realize such a lofty destiny as well as create infinite wealth. The wealth of networks, the wealth of knowledge, revolutionary wealth- all can create a nonzero, win-win Earth that works for 100% of humanity. This is the ‘utopia’ that Buckminster Fuller foresaw, now within our reach.” 

“If a universe can be imagined, it exists.” – Professor M. R. Franks, Member, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Similar models to Steele’s open source everything also include The Venus Project: Beyond Politics, Poverty and War, which calls for a holistic approach to changing the systems on this planet in a way that utilizes technology and human ingenuity to provide a high standard of living for every person by opening the planet’s resources for the use of all– in a strategically sustainable and efficient manner.

Another model that is similar is Sustainable Human’s gift-based community in which all who participate are volunteers and everything created is done to “spread knowledge, ideas and alternative ways of living that enable humanity to live in harmony with the rest of life on Earth. ”

All of these models are wonderful and appropriate to envision, and what is certain is that most of the social systems we have in place currently, must go. Fundamental change is necessary.

In an interview with The Guardian, Robert David Steele was asked his opinion on the idea that the U.S. is on the verge of revolting against the elitist 1%:

Mr. Steele’s matrix on the pre-conditions for revolution. Click to enlarge.

The preconditions for revolution exist in the UK, and most Western countries [including the U.S]. The number of active pre-conditions is quite stunning, from elite isolation to concentrated wealth to inadequate socialization and education, to concentrated land-holdings to loss of authority to repression of new technologies, especially in relation to energy, to the atrophy of the public sector and spread of corruption, to media dishonesty, to mass unemployment of young men and on and on and on.” 

What then needs to happen for this to begin? Steele says:

Preconditions are not the same as precipitants. We are waiting for our Tunisian fruit seller. The public will endure great repression, especially when most media outlets and schools are actively aiding the repressive meme of ‘you are helpless, this is the order of things.’ When we have a scandal so powerful that it cannot be ignored by the average Briton or American, we will have a revolution that overturns the corrupt political systems in both countries, and perhaps puts many banks out of business. Vaclav Handel calls this ‘The Power of the Powerless.’ One spark, one massive fire.” 

Interestingly, this interview was conducted almost exactly 2 years ago. Have we not seen the divide between the 99% and the 1% continue to grow in that time? Humanity will not remain quiet for much longer. We are indeed close to some big and positive changes.

Perhaps this massive scandal/event we are waiting for is the conclusion of the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation or maybe it is Britain’s vote to leave the EU, potentially triggering a cascade of revolts throughout Europe and then the world, or perhaps it will be a large enough group of people becoming aware of the global collateral accounts, the world’s largest financial/gold cover-up which has relation to JFK’s death and the events of 9/11; a story which just three weeks ago Robert David Steele started to write about publicly:

It never occurred to me that accidentally becoming the top Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, partially associated with my being the lead for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for 25 years across 66+ countries, would be vastly more important than everything I ever learned across multiple graduate degrees, as a former spy, and as co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA).

As I encounter disbelief about Neil Keenan and his role as the main juncture between the Dragon Society and the West as we move toward a global economic re-set, I have to remind myself that 80% of the public still thinks JFK was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald; J. Edgar Hoover was a moral man; the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty by accident, and 9/11 was carried out by a bunch of “rag heads” armed with box cutters. 

I must emphasize that it was not the books that underlay my absolute confidence in Neil Keenan and the Dragon Society and the broad outlines of the coming global re-set, but rather the people behind the books that I have taken the trouble to meet, sometimes under quasi-clandestine circumstances. Sterling and Peggy Seagrave — Peggy has passed — stand out. Their book, Gold Warriors–America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold, came with a CD containing 60,000 additional documents including maps and photographs. That led me to a quasi-clandestine meeting in France to interview them for the 2004 offering of my international conference — the transcript is online — and a deep continuing relationship of trust. 

The public endorsement of Neil Keenan and his team’s efforts to open the global collateral accounts from Robert David Steele is another clear indication that these accounts are indeed real and that those who are working with Neil Keenan (positive factions within The Pentagon and CIA, Russian Intelligence, presidents and prime ministers of multiple South American countries and several Asian countries, among many other political, financial and intelligence and military groups who are all quietly and sometimes openly working for humanity’s best interest) are legitimate.

The global collateral accounts have such a deep and complex history, which can be read in great detail here. In short, they are off-ledger accounts backed by gold, silver and many other assets which were originally intended for humanitarian projects. JFK signed what is known as the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement with President Sukarno of Indonesia, which was to use these accounts to issue a new US Treasury Note (backed by gold and silver) and end the Federal Reserve’s control over the global financial system.

Neil Keenan is now getting very close to opening these accounts for the intended purposes of transforming our world for the better through many humanitarian projects as well as the release of free energy technologies and an overhaul in the global financial system. Russia, China, Iran, Indonesia and almost the entire Eastern hemisphere is supporting this plan in one way or another.

Perhaps Robert David Steele’s ideas on an open source world will be part of the coming humanitarian projects.

As almost anyone can see when they look around either at their own lives or the world at large, everything is changing. Everything is in flux. Everything happens in cycles. The time for positive global change is now.

***For more information on some of the topics mentioned above, check out these articles: 

PM's 'very clear' message to Swamy: Publicity stunts won't benefit nation

'Nobody's Bigger Than System'

PM Narendra Modi has sent a direct message of disapproval to Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy over the MP's attacks on RBI governor Raghuram Rajan and senior finance mini stry officials questioning their loyalty to India's interests, saying such comments were inappropriate and that Rajan's patriotism is beyond doubt. In an interview to Times Now editor Arnab Goswami, the PM said: “Whether it is someone from my party or not, I believe that such things (Swamy's remarks) are inappropriate. The nation won't benefit from such publicity stunts. People should be more responsible while conducting themselves. Anyone who believes he is bigger than the system is wrong.“ Asked that this seemed to be a clear message, the PM said, “I have a very clear message. I have no two minds about it. “Swamy's attacks on chief economic adviser Arvind Subramanian and economic affairs secretary Shaktikanta Das were seen to be aimed at finance minister Arun Jaitley, who said the attacks were unfair and false. Modi's sharp put-down signals his view that Swamy overstepped his limits and the MP's free-flowing commentary on Rajan, Jaitley and officials does not have the backing of the BJP leadership .

Modi's remarks are significant as this is the first time he has so emphatically expressed his displeasure over Swamy's controversial references.

Defending Rajan, but on ly after he quit, the PM strongly countered Swamy's allegation that the RBI governor was not “fully Indian“, saying “I believe Raghuram Rajan's patriotism is no less than any of ours. It will be doing injustice to him if one says that he will serve the country only if he is at a particular post...Those who speak such language are doing great injustice to him.“

The PM also made detailed and significant references to Pakistan when asked about what will be the “Lakshman Rekha“ when dealing with the neighbour. “The first thing is that with Pakistan, to whom do we talk to decide about the 'Lakshman Rekha'. Will it be with the elected government or with other actors?

That is why India will have to be on alert all the time.“

“But the government only engages with a democratically elected system. Our effort for that engagement is continuing. Our supreme objective is peace,“ he said.


Controller Houses Of The East India Company: EIC Series Part IV

East India Company’s trade was divided into many parts and a particular family owned each part. They were given full control over a nation under consideration. They developed local industrial/business house, through which they exploited the independent nations. So for people of any nation, it is the local industrial house that comes to light as the exploiter and not EICs. Even today these Houses control most of the MNCs we see and follow the same Ideology & Methodology as the EICs.

In the previous parts of this ongoing East India Company Series we examined the origin of these EICs, their motives and the motives of Multi National Corporations (MNCs). We also examined thecommodities EICs dealt with and MNCs plan to deal with or are already dealing with along with theunique philosophical outlook that determined their ideology and methodology and gave them the opportunity to trade in goods like narcotics, which can destroy human civilization.

With this background we now study the EICs and MNCs operatives or controller families. EIC trade as mentioned earlier was divided into many parts and a particular family owned a particular part. For example, the growing of opium and collecting taxes in India was owned by EIC and its paid officials or after 1837 by the British government itself. But the House of Sassoon’s handled the trading in opium and other goods in India. Thereafter, the House of Jardine and Matheson handled their distribution in China and the House of Inchapes handled the shipping of these goods. House of Openheimers/Rhodes handled the gold and diamond mining business. The American operations were handled by the House of Rockefellers, Seagrams, Sassoons, Japhets, Jardine – Mathesons etc. The Houses of Rothschilds and Warburgs coordinated the banking aspect of this trade. Apart from theses, Houses of Lloyds, Abes and Astors assisted these operations by insuring the business of EICs. Even today these houses control most of the MNCS we see. We do an in-depth study of Rothschilds and Rockefellers and at the end give a list of Indian MNCs, only to show how most of these belong to only one single group run by a single family which was associated with the EIC owners, by either business or marriage.

East India Companies had a unique managerial style. In any particular country, all trading, business and commerce was always handed over to one or at the most two business houses. They were given full control over a nation under consideration. From 1800 to 1947, the House of Sassoon controlled most of the trade within India: banking, trading, shipping, insurance etc., from their Mumbai headquarters. Most of them started moving out of India and to England from 1900. Wherever the MNCs were in operation, they followed the above rule. They developed local industrial/business house (India is a large nation so we may encounter multiplicity in case of India), through which they exploited the independent nations. So for people of any nation, it is the local industrial house that comes to light as the exploiter and not MNCs. (During EICs the poor zamindaars were blamed for exploitation of farmers with huge taxes, whereas the fact was that the British under the EIC exploited the farmers). And these business houses will be ready to move out of the country once the MNCs finish their job and leave. At the end of the section we try to show that this unique feature of EICs is retained by MNCs in India under the current wave of liberalization and privatization as well. We will try to trace the modern equivalent of these EIC Houses at the end of the article.

Controller Houses of East India Company and various Multinationals
Jardine & Matheson: Noble Opium Knights
House of Inchapes: Lords of Seas
House of Sassoon: Masters of India and China
House of Rockefeller: Princes of North America
Rhodes & Openheimers: African Elite-Monopolists of Gold and Diamonds
House of Rothschild: Uncrowned Kings of Europe

Read the entire history of these Ancient Family Bloodlines controlling the East India Company and their operations in India only in this exclusive Apr-Jun 2016 issue of GreatGameIndia – India’s only quarterly magazine on Geopolitics & International Relations.

Ideology & Methodology: East India Company Series Part III

In the first part of this East India Company Seires: Noble Motives we examined the origin of these EICs, their motives and the motives of Multi National Corporations (MNCs). In the second partGlorified Commodities we examined the commodities EICs dealt with and MNCs plan to deal with or are already dealing with. In this part we will study the unique philosophical outlook that gave these EICs the opportunity to trade in goods like narcotics, which can destroy human civilization.

As indicated earlier in this East India Company Series, it has not been easy to find out who the owners of EICs are, except three names that are available for public consumption. We first start by studying the houses that controlled the day-to-day operations of EICs, the persons involved and their interrelationships. These operations were majorly: manufacturing, trading, transporting & shipping, warehousing and banking. The houses that controlled these operations were the same wherever the EICs did business, across the world. The process of this study will lead to an ownership enigma regarding these EICs and MNCs linking back to London, so we study the EIC operations in England itself. Who runs these operations in London? With this we can draw a conclusion that the EICs were controlled by a handful of families (not exceeding 20); all related to each other by marriage, analogous to a huge joint family with overlapping economic and commercial interests.

We can further see how even Indian MNCs are controlled by only few of the above houses. Then we study the structure of MNCs and see how the same personalities and operational houses of EICs, through their later generations reappear to be controlling the MNCs after 400 years, thus completing the cycle of domination. What is more glaring is that the ideology of EICs and MNCs and the methodology of domination are same for both.

EIC Ideology and Methodology

EIC was a huge trading company. The owners were called ‘Merchants of adventure’. Being merchants, these owners held their ultimate motto to be profit and maximization of wealth. These merchants belonged to Judeo-Christian traditions and religions; hence they never believed that their actions would have any reaction or that they are responsible for their actions, as they did not believe in rebirth or the theory of karma. This unique philosophical outlook gave them the opportunity to trade in goods like narcotics, which can destroy human civilization.

EICs and thus the British bought spices, opium, precious metals, and minerals from India. But how did they pay for it? They paid for it from ‘taxes collected from poor Indians’; Indians who paid extremely high taxes even on salt that was naturally available. EICs paid ‘taxes collected from Indians’ as ‘price for the goods’ they bought from Indian traders. The taxes were so high that EICs had surplus monies left after paying for the goods. This surplus was used to maintain personal armies to subjugate India. So in effect, the British under EIC got everything from India for ‘Free’. This is the definition of ‘Free Trade’. When this concept was extended ‘globally’ to all countries, it became ‘Globalization of Trade’. For example, from China they bought silks, tea, and porcelain. How did they pay for it? They paid for it with the opium they got under ‘Free Trade’ from India.

The two noble concepts adopted by the British and EIC, for which they fought with everybody who opposed those concept in the name of defending it are ‘Free Trade and Globalization’. This paved the way for ruthless exploitation of India for more than 150 years, from the clutches of which we came out only under seven decades ago due to the sacrifices of many great leaders.

Now under Privatization and Liberalization, we were told that MNCs are coming to uplift India to a first world country, and we set a goal of becoming an industrialized nation by 2020. So what do these MNCs want in return for this upliftment? – Liberalized trade. Meaning that the MNCs should have freedom to decide what to trade in, how to trade in it and where to trade in India. MNCs want to trade in Diamonds (while nobody in India knew that there are trillions of dollars’ worth of diamond mines in India for the last 50 odd years, but the MNCs knew.), Oil, Natural Gas, Minerals, Fertilizers and Chemicals, Genetically modified products and cosmetics. (Here we are mentioning only few products that they want to deal with. We are omitting other minor products as their inclusion would make this part unending). How do the MNCs trade in them? They want the state monopoly to be broken and to privatize every aspect mentioned under the above fields. They further want to abolish the Indian Monopoly Trade Restrictive Practices Act, so that one or two MNC sponsored companies can buy all the state owned corporations.

The funniest thing is that even in America, the champion of Liberalized and Privatized Free Trade; there are laws to control such practices, called Anti-Trust Acts. No single individual or corporation can attain a position of controlling the entire industry and holding monopoly power to dictate the political philosophy of USA. Under this act De Beers was not permitted to do business in USA. Also the giant Standard Oil Corporation was broken into 10 or so subsidiaries and giant Bell Corporation was broken in to 15 or so smaller baby Bell corporations to allow competition to survive. Although only three corporations find mention here, there are several such cases. We see how these corporations above, even in America, abused the Anti-Trust Act to control whole of a particular market in USA. The same corporations now want to come to India under liberalization. And these same corporations are the EICs masquerading as MNCs.

MNCs are bringing their capital into India to invest in the above ventures. Indians are led to believe that…

Read full article in the Apr-Jun 2016 issue – Subscribe to GreatGameIndia – India’s only quarterly magazine on Geopolitics & International Affairs.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Breaking: FBI Will Make A HUGE Move Against Hillary Rodham Clinton

This is bombshell announcement! Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) shared damning news for Hillary Clinton on The Steve Malzberg Show :

The FBI is ready to indict Hillary Clinton and if its recommendation isn’t followed by the U.S. attorney general, the agency’s investigators plan to blow the whistle and go public with their findings, former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay tells Newsmax TV.

“I have friends that are in the FBI and they tell me they’re ready to indict,” DeLay said Monday on “The Steve Malzberg Show.”

“They’re ready to recommend an indictment and they also say that if the attorney general does not indict, they’re going public.”

Clinton is under FBI investigation for her use of a private server to conduct confidential government business while she was secretary of state. But some Republicans fear any FBI recommendation that hurts Clinton will be squashed by the Obama administration.

DeLay, a Texas Republican and Washington Times radio host, said:

“One way or another either she’s going to be indicted and that process begins, or we try her in the public eye with her campaign. One way or another she’s going to have to face these charges.”

Team Hillary is already admitting this will likely happen. Amazingly, the Clinton campaign has been busy accusing Obama’s intelligence Inspector General, Charles McCullough, of coordinating releases of information to help Republicans. (!) McCullough’s investigations found Clinton was sharing documents which were “beyond top secret”… a crime that should not only disqualify Hillary Clinton from the White House, but should carry a lengthy prison sentence!

Here is Tom DeLay sharing the major news:

The vaccine matrix: covert birth control, female sterility

“Part of the vaccine covert op involves turning humans into social constructs who can only think, in the most shallow terms, about ‘protecting the group’. Such people would lose any semblance of individuality, as well as the ability to analyze vaccines and understand what harm they do.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

In the vaccine research community, it’s an open secret that the Rockefeller Fund, the UN, and other groups have been backing the development of vaccines that function as agents of population control. This work has been going on for decades.

We’re talking about inducing female sterility.

Through which vaccine? Tetanus, for example, which is given with the diphtheria and pertussis vaccines in a one-shot combination.

The combination has a number of names (and the contents of the vaccines may vary to some degree): DPT, DTP, DTwP, DTaP, Tdap. Tdap is the version currently recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.

Note: The recently mandated vaccine bill (SB277) passed in California lists the tetanus vaccine on its schedule of shots that must be given to every public and private school child.

Here, from BBC News (13/10/2014) is a bland denial that there is a serious problem with the tetanus vaccine. “Kenya Catholic Church tetanus fears ‘unfounded’”:

“Kenya’s government has dismissed allegations made by the country’s Catholic Church that a tetanus vaccine can cause sterility in women.”

“‘It’s a safe certified vaccine,’ Health Minister James Macharia told the BBC.”

On the other hand—“‘The [health] ministry must stop making noise and allow the Church to sample the vaccines before they are given,’ Dr Stephen Karanja, the chair of the Catholic Doctors Association in Kenya, told the BBC. He said tetanus vaccines tested earlier in the year contained an antigen – an agent that triggers antibody production by the body’s immune system – which could cause sterility in women.”

“But Mr Macharia [Health Minister] said the vaccine had been approved by the World Health Organization and Unicef.”

Let’s dig a little deeper. In fact, a lot deeper.

Here is a blockbuster article published at lifesitenews, a month after the BBC article posted above. Written by Steve Weatherbe, it reveals, among other things, that the Kenyan government and a teacher’s union were taking the Catholic Doctors Association charges very seriously. The headline reads: “Kenyan gymt [government] launches probe into claim UN is using vaccines for ‘mass sterilization’”:

“The health committee of Kenya’s National Assembly has ordered an independent inquiry into the Catholic Church’s claims that a national anti-tetanus vaccination campaign is covering for a sterilization scheme aimed at suppressing the country’s population.

“The news comes as health ministry officials have called for professional discipline against Dr. Stephen Karanja, head of Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association, who raised the alarm about the vaccine.

“At the same time, a teacher’s union has called for a boycott of the vaccination campaign until Catholic claims are disproven.

“The Health Ministry, which is conducting the five-injection, two-year vaccination project on female Kenyans aged 14-49, and the vaccine’s supplier, the World Health Organization, deny the claims of the Church, which has called all along for an independent inquiry.

“Robert Pukose, the government MP who is vice-chairman of the National Assembly’s health committee, explained, ‘We are at loss about who to believe since both sides have tabled [submitted] conflicting results. That is why we need new tests conducted jointly for us to give final and conclusive results,’ according to the Nairobi Standard.

“The inquiry will consist of submitting vaccine samples to a committee of Catholic, government, and independent medical experts. What they will be looking for are traces of HCG, a female hormone produced during pregnancy, which if injected along with traces of tetanus, will produce antibodies. And just as these antibodies will react to a real tetanus infection, so will they react to a pregnancy, causing a miscarriage.

“The Health Ministry submitted its test results on the tetanus vaccine to the committee last week, showing no trace of HCG.

“This week the Catholic bishops’ doctors presented their own test results, all of which showed traces of HCG. Karanja told the committee, ‘The hormone, Beta HCG, is neither a byproduct of, nor a component required for, the manufacture of the tetanus vaccine. It being part of the vaccine is nothing short of a scheme to forcefully render our women incapable of bearing children.’

“The Health Ministry’s Immunization Technical Group, Dr. Collins Tabu, challenged the validity of the Catholic doctors’ test results, asking, ‘Were the samples sent to the labs indeed vaccines? Were they sent in their primary containers and what was the condition of storage? What types of tests were run on them?’

“Unless the tests were done at either of two specialized government labs, they could not be valid, he added.

“But the Kenyan Catholic doctors have told LifeSiteNews via email that the government won’t let anyone get samples of the vaccine for tests—the ones used had to be obtained surreptitiously by devout Catholics. All along the doctors wanted to conduct tests jointly with the government but could not get co-operation.

“Dr. Karanja also told the committee the tests were simple and could be conducted at any lab. Dr. Pukose further undermined Tabu’s argument, noting that both the Health Ministry and the Catholics had submitted results from the Lancet Kenya lab—with contradictory findings.

“Meanwhile Akello Misori, secretary general of the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education (Kuppet), advised women to avoid the tetanus shots…

“One big reason for the Church’s concern is that the vaccines are provided by the World Health Organization and UNICEF, two United Nations organizations with a documented involvement in developing a sterilization vaccine using the HCG hormone as an antigen.

“Karanja’s colleague Dr. Wahome Ngare told LifeSiteNews, ‘WHO conducted massive vaccinations campaigns using the tetanus vaccine laced with HCG in Mexico in 1993 and Nicaragua and Philippines in 1994.’ The opposition of the Catholic Church stopped those drives. [emphasis added]

“’What is downright immoral and evil,’ said Ngare, ‘is that the tetanus laced with HCG was given as a fertility-regulating vaccine without disclosing its contraceptive effect to the girls and the mothers. As far as they were concerned, they had gone for an innocent injection to prevent neonatal tetanus.’

“…The [Kenya] National Assembly’s Dr. Pukose issued a stern warning after announcing the joint investigation, saying, ‘Those found to have been misleading Kenyans, whether it is the experts advising the Catholic Church or the Ministry of Health, will be held individually accountable. Playing with the safety and health of Kenyans is a criminal matter.’”

I have made inquiries about the final disposition of the Kenyan government inquiry, and so far I’ve received no answers. It’s possible that the government has left the matter unresolved.

Here is additional background on attempts to develop a vaccine that would cause pregnant women to miscarry.

An astonishing journal paper. November, 1993. FASEB Journal, volume 7, pp.1381-1385. Authors—Stephan Dirnhofer et al. Dirnhofer was a member of the Institute for Biomedical Aging Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

A quote from the paper:

“Our study provides insights into possible modes of action of the birth control vaccine promoted by the Task Force on Birth Control Vaccines of the WHO (World Health Organization).”

A birth control vaccine?


A vaccine whose purpose is to achieve miscarriages. This particular vaccine was apparently just one of several anti-fertility vaccines the Task Force was promoting.

Yes. There is a Task Force on Birth Control Vaccines at WHO. This journal paper focuses on a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin B (hCG). There is a heading in the FASEB paper (p.1382) called “Ability of antibodies to neutralize the biological activity of hCG.” The authors are trying to discover whether a state of non-fertility can be achieved by blocking the normal activity of hCG.

Another journal paper. The British Medical Bulletin, volume 49, 1993. “Contraceptive Vaccines.” The authors—RJ Aitken et al. From the MRC Reproductive Biology Unit, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK.

“Three major approaches to contraceptive vaccine development are being pursued at the present time. The most advanced approach, which has already reached the stage of phase 2 clinical trials, involves the induction of immunity against human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG). Vaccines are being engineered … incorporating tetanus or diptheria toxoid linked to a variety of hCG-based peptides … Clinical trials have revealed that such preparations are capable of stimulating the production of anti-hCG antibodies…” [emphasis added]

The authors are talking about creating an immune response against a female hormone. Training a woman’s body to react against one of its own secreted hormones. The authors state, “The fundamental principle behind this approach to contraceptive vaccine development is to prevent the maternal recognition of pregnancy by inducing a state of immunity against hGC, the hormone that signals the presence of the embryo to the maternal endocrine system.”

Stop the female body from recognizing a state of pregnancy. Get the body to treat the natural hormone hCG as an intruder, a disease agent, and mobilize the forces of the immune system against it. Create a synthetic effect, an engineered effect, by which the mother’s “maternal endocrine system” does not swing into gear when pregnancy occurs. The result? The embryo in the mother is swept away by her next period—since hGC, which signals the existence of the pregnancy and halts menstruation cycles, is now treated as a disease entity.

The authors put it this way: “In principle, the induction of immunity against hGC should lead to a sequence of normal, or slightly extended, menstrual cycles during which any pregnancies would be terminated…”

Miscarriage would then be the “normal” state of affairs. These authors leave no doubt about who the target of this vaccine would be:

“During the next decade the world’s population is set to rise by around 500 million. Moreover, because the rates of population growth in the developing countries of Africa, South America, and Asia will be so much greater than the rest of the world, the distribution of this dramatic population growth will be uneven…”

Two other vaccine methods are described. They “aim to prevent conception by interfering with the intricate cascade of interactive events that characterize the union of male and female gametes at fertilization.”

The diphtheria and tetanus vaccines would function as a social and political mask—to hide the sterilizing intent, as millions of women in the Third World would receive vaccines they’re told would protect them against infections and disease.

A letter to a medical journal, The Lancet, p.1222, Volume 339, May 16, 1992. “Cameroon: Vaccination and politics.” Peter Ndumbe and Emmanuel Yenshu, the authors of this letter, report on their efforts to analyze widespread popular resistance to a tetanus vaccine given in the northwest province of Cameroon.

Two of the reasons women rejected the vaccine: it was given only to “females of childbearing age,” and people heard that a “sterilizing agent” was present in the vaccine.

The late well-known journalist, Alexander Cockburn, on the op ed page of the LA Times on September 8, 1994, in his piece “Real U.S. Policy in Third World: Sterilization : Disregard the ’empowerment’ shoe polish—the goal is to keep the natives from breeding,”reviewed the infamous Kissinger-commissioned 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200, “which addressed population issues.”

“… the true concern of Kissinger analysts [in Memorandum 200] was maintenance of US access to Third World resources. They worried that the ‘political consequences’ of population growth [in the Third World] could produce internal instability … With famine and food riots and the breakdown of social order in such countries, [the Kissinger memo warns that] ‘the smooth flow of needed materials will be jeopardized.’”

In other words, too many people equals disruption for the transnational corporations, who steal nations from those very people. Therefore, reduce the population.

Therefore, develop a vaccine that does that job.

June 23, 2016

Indian Ocean Tsunami - Why Did The Information Not Get Out?

One of the most destructive and powerful earthquakes in recorded history, more than a quarter of a million recorded deaths, local economies destroyed, the lives of entire communities shattered, and no serious investigation into the flaws of the global seismic warning system is contemplated.

According to Columbia University’s Earth Institute the M-9.0 Sumatra – Andaman Island earthquake on December 26th released energy, equivalent roughly to 700 million Hiroshima bombs.

Seismic information regarding what scientists identify as a “rare great earthquake”, was available in near real time (i.e. almost immediately) to seismic centers around the World.

Other types of data, including satellite imagery were also available in near real time.

The advanced global seismic information and communications systems were fully operational.

Why then, did the information not get out on the morning of December 26th?

Ten of thousands of lives could have been saved.

The issue has been skirted by the Western media, sidestepped by the governments and the UN, not to mention the international scientific community.

The blame was casually placed on the Indian Ocean countries, described as having “inadequate communications systems”, not to mention the local people who “have to be trained to know what to do…If the people don’t respond, don’t understand what the communication is all about, it is for naught.” (Washington Times, 30Dec 2004)

What Happened on the Morning of December 26th?

The tsunami was triggered within minutes of the earthquake, prior to the release of the first tsunami advisory bulletin by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) in Hawaii, so it was no longer a question of emitting “a warning” of an imminent danger. The catastrophe had already happened.

In other words, by the time the first tsunami bulletin had been issued at 01.14 GMT, the deadly seismic wave was already sweeping Banda, the capital of Aceh province in Northern Sumatra, causing thousands of deaths.

Moreover, this ex post facto bulletin emitted by the PTWC, not only failed to acknowledge an ongoing disaster, it did not even warn of the potential danger of a tsunami, when the deadly seismic wave had already started, devastating densely populated areas. (PTWC bulletins apply to the Pacific as well as regions adjacent to the Pacific. For details, see:Discrepancies in the Tsunami Warning System )

Inconsistencies in the Tsunami Bulletins

Three days earlier, on the 23d of December, a M-7.9 earthquake was recorded with an epicenter off the South Pacific MacQuarie islands The PTWC issued the following routine tsunami advisory:


Why then in the case of a M-9.0 earthquake, which is more than ten times greater in magnitude than a M-7.9 earthquake, did the PTWC authorities fail to even issue a tsunami warning?

An event of this type and magnitude is known as a “megathrust,” which in its specific Indian Ocean location is said to occur “approximately every few hundred years.” (See Columbia University Earth Institute ).

Scientists in fact suggested that the quake had unleashed enough energy that “it could have rocked the earth off its axis.” (See: Huge quake resonates, Carolyn Y. Johnson, Boston Globe)

In other words, the least one would have expected in the case of a “megathrust” was a similar routine statement to that issued in relation to the McQuarie islands earthquake, three days earlier, on December 23. (see:Discrepancies in the Tsunami Warning System )

The first bulletin emitted on the 26th not only failed to conform to established criteria used in previous and subsequent seismic occurrences, it casually dismissed an established and scientifically accepted relationship. According to

“If it were a 9 earthquake … with the thrusting in an ocean basin margin, the likelihood is almost 1:1 that it would generate a tsunami” (Dr. Charles Groat, Director, US Geological Survey in testimony to the Science Committee of the US House of Representatives, 26 Jan 2005).

The Earthquake took place at 00.58.50 GMT on the 26th of December. Roughly five minutes later it had hit the coast of Northern Sumatra, 11 minutes after the earthquake it devastated Banda, capital of Aceh. Fifteen minutes after the earthquake, at 01.14 GMT the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii confirmed in its bulletin:


Moreover, both official and news reports out of Aceh province, following the disaster, were either delayed or were not transmitted on time.

In other words, despite the dramatic nature of the quake, the seismic information, which was available in real time, failed to reach the countries affected by the seismic wave.

Why were the countries not informed of an impending disaster?

In the words of Maine Senator Olympia Snowe:

“… what efforts, if any, were made to contact those other nations in the region that were also in harm’s way? If NOAA did not have the appropriate contacts, as has been reported, why was this the case? Was an attempt made to obtain that contact information – and if not, why not? These are questions that must be answered.”

The Western media not only failed to address the failures in the warning system, they admonished those who raised the issue.

In fact, any serious analysis of the warning system was dismissed outright.

A few press reports, nonetheless, confirmed that, with the exception of Indonesia and Australia, the Indian Ocean countries had not been informed. These same reports, largely based on statements of the Pacific Tsunami Warning system (PTWC) in Hawaii, also acknowledged that the US State Department and the Military, including the US Navy base on the island of Diego Garcia in the Chagos Archipelago had been duly notified.

In retrospect, however, these earlier press reports (including our own analysis ) need to be qualified. Published in the immediate wake of the disaster, they quote official statements to the effect that the US government and military had been informed by the PTWC, when in fact the PTWC was on the “receiving end” of the flow of seismic data. (See Foreknowledge of a Natural Disaster , Richard Norton Taylor, US island base given warning: Bulletins sent to Diego Garcia ‘could have saved lives’, The Guardian, Jan 2005).

The Information was Known to an Entire Network of Organizations


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

If Universal Healthcare Can Be Implemented In Countries Like Thailand, Why Not India?

Award-winning novelist Dr Arun Gadre has made it his life's mission to combat unethical medical practices in India. He was in Hyderabad on Sunday to deliver a talk in the city as part of his ongoing campaign to revive the “endangered species of ethical doctors from the rot of commercialisation“.

Commenting about the state of affairs in the city, he says, “Hyderabad is no different from any other city . Here, doctors are just as corrupt and driven by the commission they get from corporate hospitals, rather than the well being of their patients. Ever since I began exposing malpractices, offers to work here stopped coming in. But as a city at the forefront of medicine, Hyderabad is at the crossroads to decide whether we're going to continue the commodification of medicine, or change it.“

But Dr. Arun decided to stand up against this commodification over two decades ago. As a young doctor, he came in with a fair amount of idealism and romantic perceptions about the field. “I went into practice along with my wife Jyothi in a tribal area across Adilabad, but had to leave because of financial troubles,“ recalls Arun, who went on to work as a private gynaecologist. “Initially, it was all fine, but gradually, I began to feel suffocated with the rampant malpractices. For example, I would normally charge only `6,000 for a C-section -the entire process, including medication -but others would charge `5,000 as commission,“ he says.

This was an everyday fight. Disenchanted with medical consumerism, Arun decided to resettle in a small town, Lasalgaon, Nashik, which had no gynaecologist for 70 kilometres.“Most people ask how we've survived in Nashik for over 20 years providing cheap healthcare services. My wife and I would rather do justice to the profession. The fact is that we do this so that we can survive. It's ridiculous for a doctor to think about money while treating his patients,“ says Arun, adding, “We were happy that neither of our daughters chose medicine. Many doctors have deliberately pushed their children out, but luckily, we didn't have to.“

Listing out the top three problems ailing the healthcare sector in the country, Arun points out, “Firstly, it's the pharmaceutical companies coaxing doctors into swindling patients by prescribing costly medicines. Secondly, doctors don't fight against the virus of commission practices. Thirdly, private medical colleges encourage fraudulent medical practices themselves.“

In India, the private sector has grown catastrophically, and healthcare has become inequitable, rues Arun. “The middle class is getting poorer at the hands of corporate bigwigs -it's a toxic circus. We must take a leaf out of the universal health care policies in countries like UK, Canada, Brazil, and Thailand. In Thailand, if a labourer meets with an accident, he is taken to a hospital nearby, shifted to a major hospital where he stays even for 20-30 days, signs a form and leaves. If this can happen in Thailand, why not India?“ Definitely some food for thought from a “medical whistleblower“ fighting against corruption in the healthcare industry .

Anisha Sircar

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Foreign Countries Dictating India

The Rothschild Plan To Develop India – FDI Series Part III

In the previous parts of this ongoing Foreign countries Dictating India Series we saw how after the collapse of the US economy in 2008, the Dubai Economic Miracle experiment was hatched to get rid of the Dubai FLU via Foreign Direct Investment in India routed through the tax-havens; whereby the Nathan Mayer Rothschild Group was able to suck money out of India to bail the UAE economy out. With incredible amusement, the western world watched Indian State Governments and the Union (Indian) Government succumb silently, one after the other, to NMR Group and Emmar Properties, Dubai, all falling for a single catch phrase: ‘FDI is development and will create (temporary) jobs’. What is more surprising is that still 90% of Indians do not even know that this very House of Rothschild was one of the families that controlled the East India Company that in turn exercised control over India.

Last September, at a law firm overlooking San Francisco Bay, Andrew Penney, a managing director at Rothschild & Co., gave a talk on how the world’s wealthy elite can avoid paying taxes. His message was clear: You can help your clients move their fortunes to the United States, free of taxes and hidden from their governments. Some are calling it the new Switzerland. In the last issue we asked our readers how is this new policy going to affect India in reference to the FDI funds flowing to and fro the Safe Havens? In this part we will analyze this entire process in detail and also assess the impact it will have on India in progressive steps.

Read full article in the Apr-Jun 2016 issue – Subscribe to GreatGameIndia – India’s only quarterly magazine on Geopolitics & International Affairs.


Friday, June 17, 2016

High Court To Telangana Government: How can you cut trees? How can you even think of doing that?

Ticking off the state government for planning to fell trees in and around the KBR National Park for the Strategic Road Development Plan project, the Hyderabad high court on Wednesday said the park was a national asset and sought to know how the government could think in terms of shrinking the green space in the heart of the city.

The bench of acting Chief Justice Dilip B Bhosale and Justice P Naveen Rao was hearing a public interest litigation petition filed by senior advocate K Pratap Reddy on increasing green cover in Hyderabad and in all major towns and cities of Telangana. During the course of the hearing, Justice Naveen Rao referred to the park which is in the news because of the government's controversial SRDP project.

“I have read an article in a newspaper on the state's intention to make some changes to the KBR Park and its vicinity,“ the judge told the government's special counsel S Sarat Kumar.

Intervening, the acting CJ said he too was hearing about plans to cut trees at the park and commented: 

“How can you even think of doing that?

KBR Park is a national asset and it belongs to people. It doesn't belong to any individual or government ? “While the bench had directed the state on April 27, 2016 to furnish details about the total number of parks in all the towns and called for the master plan copy of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority, the HMDA authorities have not furnished anything to the court so far. When the matter was taken up for hearing on Wednesday, Justice Naveen Rao sought to know from the special counsel their plans on KBR Park. A cornered Sarat Kumar then sought a week's time to file reply detailing the government's plans.

Later, the petitioner's counsel S Niranjan Reddy, told the court about two ancillary pleas he had filed seeking the details of land allotments made by the state in the last 20 ye ars to various projects and parks in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy districts.The bench directed the state to file its counter furnishing all the details within three weeks.

“There are industrial parks, textile parks, software parks and IT parks, but there are no green parks,“ the counsel said. The bench agreed with him and underlined the need for developing new parks. He also urged the court to set up a court-monitored expert committee to identify areas for developing parks.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Attention: Vaccination Fraud in Hyderabad, India and the World

Jun 15 2016 : The Times of India (Hyderabad)


After P2 Strain Found, Massive Immunisation Drive From June 20 To 26 l 3L Kids In Hyd, Ranga Reddy To Be Covered As `Preventive Measure'

The Telangana government on Tuesday sounded a `global emergency' after a strain of wild polio virus (P2 strain), that has not been seen in the country for over five years, was traced to the city.

The detection of the Vaccine Derived Polio Virus (VDPV) strain sent the government into a tizzy and prompted the airlifting of two lakh vaccines from Geneva for a massive immunisation programme to be started from June 20. Leaving nothing to chance, officials said that three lakh children in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy district would be part of the immunisation drive, which they claimed was a `preventive measure'.

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