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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Interdimensional Intervention on Earth


Gaia's shift into the Fifth Density has been timed not just for earth's continued evolution, but also to deal with an Opposing Consciousness that has intervened in the natural evolutionary path of the planet. Never has this been more evident than in the escalating agenda of the last two years. Fortunately, many more people are now prepared to consider what has previously been a taboo subject. I have had many close encounters. It's essential to understand what's going on so we may equalise with it and emerge out.

The Original Mistake

Are we alone in the universe? It's a question that's challenged both the most brilliant and the most skeptical of minds; the subject of seemingly endless debate - sometimes even ridicule. So I ask you to consider this...

We live on a relatively small planet, in a relatively small solar system, within a relatively small galaxy; a galaxy that has billions of solar systems; one which exists in a universe that is teaming with galaxies; a universe of multiple dimensions. So then, knowing this, I ask you: is it crazy to consider that there IS other sophisticated life out there? Or that there isn't?

For many of us expanding into multiple dimensions, the debate has long since ended. Yes, there most definitely IS sophisticated life out there, acting inter-dimensionally. We can feel it all around us in the field. And it is most definitely not all benevolent. It's becoming abundantly clear, to a wider audience, that there is some controlling Intervention going on across our planet right now. What is its agenda, and where did it come from? What is its purpose? Connection with Benevolent Consciousness has drawn my attention to what I call 'the original mistake'. It's something that happened in the dawning of the physical universe where consciousness took on form, became self aware and able to read the flow of manifestation.

There's a problem with this. Because at those higher frequencies manifestation happens at the speed of thought, then the risk is you shape reality before what's meant to happen truly unfolds by itself. Lack of trust, control, 'playing God', being too heavily invested in the material was for me the 'original sin' (speaking metaphorically - there are no 'sins' - the only 'mistake' is failing to learn by it). It is this dynamic of distortion that has created a powerful karmic effect through the manifested universe that we are all living with now:

The exploration of divine creation yet not getting caught up within desire led intention.

It's been a core theme of creation. Here on Earth, it's manifested in the classic "Adam and Eve" story - getting too heavily invested in the physicality; lost as we consume of the apple. For quite some time now, elements of the mainstream spiritual community have been caught up in trying to manifest 'more abundant realities' or to intention and envision what they desire. To me, this is clearly a reflection of this 'original mistake', being played out through the manifested universe. This latent desire for control plays right into the hands of the Intervention. The time has come to explore this deeper - to peel away the veiling illusion.

An ancient colonising race

On Earth, the universe has manifested this karmic mirror in the form of an ancient colonising alliance - an Opposing Consciousness - that has emerged from other constellations in the cosmos. It is their inherent pattern to colonise, ethnically cleanse, exploit and control other species just as humanity does sheep, pigs and cattle. Working surreptitiously in the shadows, it is well versed in advanced deception techniques. For those who care to explore, delving deeply beyond denial, you can see the rippling effects right across our exploitative and unjust society (it's covertly influencing leadership in many areas from politics to business).

In fact society is so unjust, so inequitable and so destructive to our environment, you'd have to ask was it purposefully designed that way? How can it be anything other than a conspiracy, when just one percent of the population own most of the wealth at the expense of the other ninety nine percent? Is there an alternative, synthetic agenda this Opposing Consciousness has in mind? To me there is only one answer: resoundingly Yes!

Considering themselves more advanced and having the ability to intervene almost at will, they have shaped the very fabric of society, showing about as much consideration for humanity as our industrial food chain does for animals. It's a mirror that we are all invited to thoroughly digest. 

Mankind is not alone in the universe and is as yet, immature in a cosmic sense. What now needs to be digested with a sense of urgency, is that Humanity is facing a grave threat, a challenge to its very sovereignty and freedom as integral beings. An unholy, inter dimensional alliance has been working behind the scenes, in the shadows, pulling the strings of authority, its agenda to hybridise new physical forms here on earth. Although vigorously rejected by Gaia, the ET Intervention still very much exists in the energy field around us - they are the 'mechanics' of the matrix in which we live.

Although there's been much speculation about their purpose being to acquire important resources such as gold, this is only in part true. In my direct experience, their overriding agenda has been to synthesise a physical vehicle which they could incarnate here on Earth, this being a very challenging environment to their current interdimensional form. Homo Sapiens has been one stage within that agenda. Their purpose would seem to be to create a subtlely subservient species that can be controlled and further hybridised. At least that is the undeniable effect and within society, their agenda is gathering pace with each passing day.

The intervention is being engaged

Fortunately, there is a vast array of cosmic energy now gathering on and around Planet Earth, to bring awareness to humanity, to challenge and break the intervention. The message is being willfully transmitted that such control and manipulation has no ultimate future; realignment with the source and the natural flow is the only way to achieve lasting peace and harmony with life.

Having connected through 'the ether' many times with leading higher dimensional elements of this intervention, I observe a definite realignment has happened at the higher levels of consciousness. Success has caused those elements to realign and they now seem quite gentle and benign. That said, lower down, there's still resistance that needs to be softened.

A leopard does not change its spots overnight. And there are many layers of the intervention. Every system we have come to depend upon in society is sustained by this energetic grid matrix. It will take time to confront the various layers and unwind them, but benevolence is now strongly bringing its energies to bear. And people can each help by confronting the intervention within their own being, by connecting to their higher self and working to fully embody it. So with the culmination of 2012 and Gaia's centering in the 5th Density, it is perfectly timely that the intervention is starting to be broken down and at least some of the Opposing Consciousness is now starting to leave, which is a very positive sign. However, there is much yet to be done. Although the roots of the Intervention have been broken and peeled off, it is still intimately interwoven through the human psyche, which each ascending person must work to unravel.

Taking full responsibility

It's also vitally important to realise that whilst it would be entirely understandable to judge, blame and project anger, that would be completely counterproductive. Humanity only drew this Opposing Consciousness in the first place because of its inability to accept life as it was on Earth without trying to control, manifest, colonise and industrialise. It is humanity's own karma of non-acceptance and lack of trust which drew the intervention. It's a mirror of the 'original mistake' I spoke of earlier, but played out in a very human, "Adam and Eve" way: becoming too engrossed in the manifestation - the physicality - and therefore disconnecting oneself from the sense of eternal spirit.

So people are invited to take full responsibility and ownership of their predicament, to realign and walk the spiritual path. Ascension is the solution. Whilst human DNA can be repaired over time and evolve into new form, an unsustainable situation has been created here on 3D Earth. Gaia's solution has been to centre in the 5D and now cleanse her third density.

The question is how can humanity benefit from and work with this realignment? In short, I feel the impulsion for humanity to ascend into the 5th Density (as we outlined in 5GATEWAYS). Within that, a more complete understanding of the limitation that has been imposed should help accelerate the situation.

Energy implants

I introduced the topic of energy implants in this article...Removing Energy Implants. Most, if not all people carry these to some degree. The reptilian implant affects the consciousness of the digestive system, linking into the core of humanity's 'lizard brain'. Through this energy field implantation, it is possible to shape a landscape agenda which the soul gets fragmented and diverted into. An illusionary reality filter is created. We take on behaviours and addictions, which because are so widespread, most accept as normality. Humanity has been programmed to accept exploitative consumeristic behaviour that serves neither us nor the natural eco-systems of our planet.

Try this powerful meditation for removing Implants and Entities

Increasingly, people are now becoming aware of these implants as they raise their vibration, reintegrate the soul and thereby increase internal sensitivity. The implants can be experienced as headaches, migraines or 'buzzing' in the head during meditation; an ungrounding spinning vortex over the crown; a tightening contraction in the solar plexus; conflicting directive impulses that mask the authentic pull of the soul; and by incongruent eating disorders to name just the key symptoms. It's why for example when we walk the path of the soul, we're strongly guided to fast, cleanse and purify internally in order that we may raise our vibration, increase energetic sensitivity and thus regain personal sovereignty.

Crucially, once you become aware of these implants, you are already empowered to remove them. It happens naturally by following the increasingly insistent inner voice of the soul. If we follow the path of purification and realign with the soul, then there comes a point where the entities can no longer be sustained in your field. Once you become conscious of how they're working, the application of willful intent to remove them usually works by itself. You simply have to open your heart to the assistance of benevolence - especially the angelic realms - and ask for them to go. The key is to realise they'll go when we're totally accepting and non-judgmental, that we actually don't need them to leave. Thus the karmic attachment is broken. Forgiveness happens and there's no longer anything for them to grasp onto.

Cosmic assistance

Fortunately, humanity is not alone in its epic journey. Cosmic energies of benevolence have gathered in great strength at this crucial juncture to help. The Christ Consciousness (not of a religious kind) is activating in people's hearts. It's the pull to a higher truth, a sense of rightness and non-judgmental discernment. And people can intensify the effect of this benevolence by bringing attention out of the mind and into the heart: by feeling what wants to really happen next and aligning with that.

Humanity has reached a crucial juncture in its history. The future for many hangs in the balance. Now is the time to shake off the sleepy delusions of the past. Despite what's happened up to this point, everyone who can summon the inner will to emerge out is capable of success.

Ascension into the 5D is open to everyone with the courage and conviction to truly choose it:

Explore the Work of Openhand Ascension Academy

In loving support
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Full article series:

Space Arks and the Arriving ET Seeders

March 27, 2022

This is a Short Film/Trailer for the upcoming April 9, 2022 Webinar: “ET Seeders, Space Arks and the Great Reveal.” Covers origins of ancient space arks used in past Earth catastrophes, the planetary evacuation of Mars, how the arks have been hidden throughout our solar system, how a plan for the Seeders to publicly emerge in the 1970s were sabotaged by a Luciferian alliance, how the arks are activating all over the Earth with the arrival of extraterrestrial Seeder races, and much more.

Available on YouTube and Rumble

Michael Salla, Ph.D.


April 9, 2022 / 1 pm US Eastern Time (10 am Pacific Time)

2.5-hr including 30 min. Q&A


Putin sets deadline for dropping the dollar

March 29, 2022
The future of MONEY pivots this Friday as Putin sets deadline for dropping the dollar, requiring rubles for energy exports

(Natural News) Regardless of what you think about Putin’s morals or ethics, he is a genius strategist whose intellect is vastly superior to Joe Biden’s. Putin latest move threatens the very future of the dollar (fiat) currency and may spell the beginning of the end for the dollar.

Beginning this Friday, Russia will only accept rubles, gold or bitcoin as payment for energy exports to “unfriendly” countries. No dollars or euros will be accepted. And why should Putin accept dollars or euros anyway, given that the western financial system has told Putin he can no longer use dollars or euros to purchase anything.

As a result, Putin is demanding rubles, gold or bitcoin. And that means the Russian ruble is now backed by commodities exports, making it a currency backed by something real. If you buy rubles, in other words, you can trade those rubles for natural gas or oil.

As Natural News previously reported:

In a video posted to social media, Putin blasted the “theft” of Moscow’s resources and mocked the notion that first-world currency reserve holders are “reliable.”

“Let me reiterate, the whole global economy and trade have suffered a major blow, as did the trust in the U.S. dollar as the main reserve currency” of the world, the Russian leader says in a translated clip.

“The illegitimate freezing of some of the currency reserves of the Bank of Russia marks the end of the reliability of so-called first-class assets,” he added. “In fact, the U.S. and EU have defaulted on their obligations to Russia. Now everybody knows that financial reserves can simply be stolen.”

He added: “And many countries in the immediate future may begin — I am sure this is what will happen — to convert their paper and digital assets into raw reserves of raw materials” such as “land, food, gold, and other real assets.”

Putin predicting dollar and euros demise and everyone moving to “real reserves of raw materials” like “land, food, and gold”

— Wall Street Silver (@WallStreetSilv) March 27, 2022

Astute economic analysts foresee a world coming soon which will once again be dominated by hard currencies like gold and silver, as well as other precious metals, in addition to physical assets like land and food because paper fiat currencies and ‘virtual’ currencies like bitcoin are not just increasingly unreliable, they can be — as Putin said — simply stolen from the owner as if they never really belonged to someone else.

If Putin enforces the new requirement this Friday, the future of money is instantly transformed… and the dollar no longer enjoys currency supremacy

The point in all this is that if Putin enforces his demand of accepting only rubles, gold or bitcoin for energy exports, the dollar instantly loses significant utility in the world. Those nations that wish to buy energy from Russia — which includes most European nations — will need to first buy rubles, then trade rubles for energy. This gives rubles instant commodities backing.

The dollar, meanwhile, is bring printed by the trillions and controlled by a cabal of criminal banksters and corrupt government officials who think money comes from nowhere. Every nation around the world must now be pondering the obvious question: Do you bet on dollars which are backed by nothing other than a bunch of pedophile lunatics and criminal hucksters that run America’s corrupt government and clueless central bank? Or do you bet on rubles which are backed by gold, commodities and energy that every country needs?

The answer becomes rather obvious. Rubles have a future; the dollar does not. At least not with current economic policies in place. This could change quickly if someone like Trump were to come back into office, but until that day comes, the dollar is being systematically destroyed. And with it, the future of America is being rapidly eroded by the day, ultimately leaving the American people impoverished. From there, the riots will be unstoppable.

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Why did Vladimir Putin (Probably) Save Volodymyr Zelensky’s Life?

March 13, 2022

Today, the dangers of military escalation are beyond description.

What is now happening in Ukraine has serious geopolitical implications. It could lead us into a World War III Scenario.

It is important that a peace process be initiated with a view to preventing escalation. 

Global Research condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The history of this war must be understood.

The bombing and shelling led by Ukraine’s Armed Forces directed against the people of Donbass started eight years ago, resulting in the destruction of residential areas and more than 10,000 civilian casualties.

A  bilateral Peace Agreement is required.

According to Ukrainian Government officials, a Chechen team led by Chechnya’s leader, an ardent supporter of Vladimir Putin, was about to assassinate Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, but Russia’s Government passed along to Ukraine’s Government the information that this team were in Ukraine and were intending to assassinate him; and, so, that team were killed by Ukraine’s Government forces.

On February 26th, Reuters headlined “Chechen leader, a close Putin ally, says his forces have deployed to Ukraine” and reported that,

Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Russia’s Chechnya region and an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said on Saturday that Chechen fighters had been deployed to Ukraine and urged Ukrainians to overthrow their government.”

On 1 March, Axios headlined “Zelensky assassination plot foiled, Ukrainian authorities say”, and reported that:

Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council chief Oleksiy Danilov announced during a briefing Tuesday that Ukrainian forces had foiled an assassination plot against President Volodymyr Zelensky, according to a Telegram post from Ukrainian authorities. …

According to the Telegram message, Danilov said that a unit of elite Chechen special forces, known as Kadyrovites, had been behind the plot and had subsequently been “eliminated.”

“We are well aware of the special operation that was to take place directly by the Kadyrovites to eliminate our president,” Danilov said, per the post.

Ukrainian authorities had been tipped off about the plot by members of Russia’s Federal Security Service who do not support the war, he added.

On 2 March, the Washington Post headlined an extremely brief (150-word) news-report “Assassination plot against Zelensky foiled and unit sent to kill him ‘destroyed,’ Ukraine says”, and reported that,

“A recent alleged assassination plot against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was foiled over the weekend and the Chechen servicemen sent from Russia were ‘destroyed,’ a Ukrainian security leader said.”

Danilov is quoted there as having asserted that he could reveal only “that we have received information from the FSB, who today do not want to take part in this bloody war.”

The Washington Post’s modifying the source Ukrainian news-account by referring to it as having been about an “alleged assassination plot” (i.e., expressing doubt regarding the truthfulness of what this Ukrainian official had said) was quite striking for a newspaper (such as the WP) that had previously accepted unquestioningly the statements that the Ukrainian Government has been making about the Russian Government ever since February 2014.

On March 7th, the London Times bannered “This war will be a total failure, FSB whistleblower says”, and reported:

Spies in Russia’s infamous security apparatus were kept in the dark about President Putin’s plan to invade Ukraine, according to a whistleblower who described the war as a “total failure” that could be compared only to the collapse of Nazi Germany. … The report said the FSB was being blamed for the failure of the invasion but had been given no warning of it and was unprepared to deal with the effects of crippling sanctions.

There are two very different plausible ways to interpret (or explain) all of this. Neither way fits the standard press-accounts about Russia’s Government, and about Vladimir Putin in particular. (And that might be the reason why the WP was reluctant to believe this Ukrainian official’s statement there.)

One such possibility is that what has been quoted from the official is entirely true, and that Russia’s FSB (Federal Security Bureau), which is the successor to the Soviet Union’s KGB, was actually violating Putin’s command.

Putin had “spent 16 years in the Soviet security service, rising to the rank of KGB lieutenant colonel before the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991”, so that Yuri Andropov had been heading the KGB at the time when Putin first entered the organization, and Vladimir Kryuchkov was heading it at the time when an FSB Lieutenant Colonel, Mr. Putin, quit it.

(Kryuchkov had just then led the coup-attempt to overthrow the nation’s leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Putin has said that this was the reason why Putin had quit the organization: he rejected what his organization’s leader was trying to do.)

Consequently, if the news-accounts of this recent assassination-attempt against Zelensky are entirely true, then Putin would, on March 1st, have been actually defeating an FSB action that was in violation of his own command, and, if that is so, then it would have been followed immediately by Putin’s accusing of having committed treason, the FSB’s organization, the management who were above the assassination-attempt’s direct perpetrators, all the way up to the organization’s very top, Alexander Bortnikov, about whom Wikipedia says:

On 22 February 2022, in response to Russia recognising the independence of separatist regions in eastern Ukraine during the 2021–2022 Russo-Ukrainian crisis, US President Joe Biden announced he was imposing sanctions on several Russian individuals and banks, including Bortnikov and his son, Denis, who also serves as deputy president of VTB Bank.[9]

U.S. media portray Bortnikov as the man who has “delivered the goods for Putin,” and even as being “Putin’s Top Enabler.” And the BBC headlined on March 3rd “Who’s in Putin’s inner circle and running the war?” and they asserted there that 

“Kremlin watchers say the president trusts information he receives from the security services more than any other source, and Alexander Bortnikov is seen as being part of the Putin inner sanctum.”

There has been no news-report that Putin has, in any way, demoted or otherwise acted against him (far less accuse him of treason) — nor against Ramzan Kadyrov.

So: how likely is it that this interpretation of the Ukrainian Government’s public statements about the assassination-attempt is correct, true?

The other (and, in my opinion, far likelier) interpretation is that Putin (and the FSB hierarchy) had saved Zelensky’s life, but had done it in a way that enables Zelensky’s Government to present the matter as having, instead, been a ‘Russian’ attempt to kill him, and therefore as Zelensky’s heroically leading Ukrainians against Russia, and against Putin’s invasion of Zelensky’s country.

This interpretation makes sense to me because the actual overwhelmingly top source of the assassination-danger to Zelensky has been — not only now, but ever since he became elected — Ukraine’s racist-fascist or nazi anti-Russian forces, which have been demanding that Ukraine invade Donbass, and which have supplied the troops to do it.

Here is how this danger, the real one, developed, even before Zelensky became President:

On 13 July 2015, the Ukraine Human Rights organization headlined “BLOODY STRUGGLE FOR POWER IN UKRAINE – RIGHT SECTOR PROVIDES ULTIMATUM TO POROSHENKO” and reported: 

In the last few days, the Right Sector, under the leadership of Dmitry Yarosh, attempted to assassinate a political personality, as well as tried political storms. Specially in the Western Ukraine city of Mukachevo the situation was worse. The Right Sector continued on Sunday, 12, July 2015, several police cars were set on fire as they tried to murder the member of the Ukrainian Rada (Parliament) Mikhailo Lanyo. Three people were killed (two of them were members of Right Sector) and thirteen injured (four of them were members of Right Sector).

According to reports, barricades and checkpoints were erected by the “right sector” in several parts of the Ukraine and around Kiev. Around 100 of the right-wing battalions “Azov” and “Aidar” have surrounded the administration building of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry in the central Ukrainian city of Poltava.

On 27 May 2019, the “Weapon News” website headlined “Yarosh has threatened the new President of Ukraine, Zelensky”, and reported that:

Verkhovna Rada Deputy and leader of the “Ukrainian volunteer army” (UDA), formed on the basis of the banned-in-Russia “Right sector,” Dmitry Yarosh, said that the new President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky “can lose life if you betray your country and those [of Yarosh’s forces who were] killed in the Donbass”. About this Jarosch said in an interview with “Obozrevatel”:

“Zelensky in his inaugural speech said that he was ready to lose ratings, popularity, position [by reaching a peaceful settlement with the breakaway Donbass]. No, he will lose his life — will be hanging on some tree on Khreshchatyk, if we betray Ukraine and those people [Yaroshe’s forces] who are in revolution, and the war dead [the Right Sector troops that had been killed fighting against Donbass].”

The leader of the nationalists said that he had several times tried to contact Zelensky, but wasn’t able to. Yarosh said that he is very willing to drive with the new President to the front, where, in the past five years, he’d told him about the fighting.

Tatiana Chornovil said that Zelensky is an agent of Yanukovych [the democratically elected President of Ukraine whom the Right Sector had led in overthrowing in February 2014], and called for a new Maidan [a new Presidential overthrow]. The same statement was made by Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Paruby.

On 17 July 2015, I had headlined “THE WHO’S WHO AT THE TOP OF THE COUP”and wrote:

U.S. President Barack Obama (via his State Department official Victoria Nuland, and Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt) relied chiefly upon Andrei Parubiy (“the Commandant of Maidan”) to be the CEO of the Ukrainian coup in February 2014, and upon Dmitriy Yarosh to be the coup’s COO — its Chief Operating Officer, which in this case was not so much an executive function as a military-organizing function.

Yarosh subsequently emerged to be the COO of Ukraine’s “ATO” or ‘Anti Terrorist Operation,’ the Government’s operation to eliminate the residents in the areas of Ukraine that had voted 90%+ for the man whom Obama’s coup overthrew: Ukraine’s democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych. (If those residents were to vote in future Ukrainian national elections, then a Ukrainian leader like Yanukovych could easily be elected again; so, eliminating the residents in those areas was essential in order to make Obama’s coup stick.) Yarosh was not only the enforcer during the coup itself, but he became the enforcer in its essential follow-through, the “ATO.” (It’s known also as the war against Donbass, or Ukraine’s civil war, among other names or titles of reference.)

Yarosh, who has been the top enforcer during the Maidan demonstrations, and throughout the coup, and in its aftermath through to the ongoing Ukrainian war against the ‘Terrorists’ who reject the Obama-imposed regime, has long been considered one of the top racist-fascists, or ideological nazis, in Ukraine; but, until now, no one has presented any serious case that he’s also an anti-Semite (like the original nazi political party, Hitler’s Nazi Party, were); his public racism has instead always been solely against Russians — which type of racism has become far more acceptable to Europeans and to Americans than is anti-Semitism. …

I previously had headlined about the Russian-hating Yarosh, “Meet Ukraine’s Master Mass-Murderer: Dmitriy Yarosh,” and I described there his key role both during both the February 2014 Ukrainian coup and also the 2 May 2014 massacre of anti-coup demonstrators inside the Odessa Trade Unions Building, as well as in the ongoing ethnic cleansing campaign in Ukraine’s former Donbass region by the regime that Obama, with Yarosh’s key assistance, had brought to power in Ukraine.

However, I mentioned nothing regarding the possibility of Yarosh’s being not just anti-Russian but also possibly anti-Semitic, because I had found nothing to indicate that he is anti-Semitic, except an alleged transcribed conversation that he had had in Turgenef Restaurant in Kiev on 25 February 2014, which conversation, if it occurred, was held while the February 20-26 coup d’etat that overthrew Yanukovych was ending.

Like virtually all top Ukrainian politicians have been, Yanukovych was corrupt, but he had been democratically elected with support from 90%+ of Donbass’s voters, and 75% of Odessa’s and Crimea’s — which is the reason why those regions rejected the coup-regime, and which is also the reason why the post-coup Government wants desperately to kill those people.

Yarosh’s highly trained and disciplined paramilitaries had dressed during the coup as if they were state security troops, and they fired down upon the Maidan demonstrators and police, in what’s called in the trade a “false flag” attack — one that’s designed to appear to have been perpetrated by the side you’re intending to defeat, so as to deceive the public about who had caused the violence and thus get your enemy to be blamed (by your own electorate) for the bloodshed, and thereby unite your country to fear your chosen (typically foreign) enemy and so to be willing to invade them. Adolf Hitler had most prominently pioneered the false-flag technique, both in his burning of the Reichstag, and in his setting up the incident that became his excuse to invade Poland in 1939. Dmitriy Yarosh is a proven master of this craft.

That conversation, as transcribed, was between Yarosh, who is the head of the Right Sector party, and his friend Oleg Tyagnibok, who, along with Andreiy Parubiy, headed the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine, which had changed its name in 2004 to the “Freedom” or Svoboda Party, at the suggestion of the U.S. CIA, in order to make its members (the members of Ukraine’s leading nazi party) more acceptable to U.S. and European publics, which (because of WW II) don’t have a favorable opinion of its model: Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party of Germany. (However, both the Right Sector party and the Svoboda party are often quite blatant about their admiration of Adolf Hitler and of his Party.) In this alleged conversation, which occurred (if it did) two days prior to Parubiy becoming appointed as the coup-regime’s chief of State Security (the SBU) and Yarosh becoming Parubiy’s #2, Tyagnibok suggested to Yarosh that because EU officials “called me an anti-Semite and a Russophobe,” Yarosh would be a good person to enter the Presidential contest instead of Tyagnibok, but Yarosh said he didn’t want that, because he already had all the weapons and his real aim was to be in the position to control Ukraine backstage by virtue of the Right Sector’s military force that he had trained, organized, and controlled.

(The major sources of his organization’s funding are unknown, but he must have gotten lots of support from the CIA and associated sources, as well as from billionaires such as George Soros and Ihor Kolomoysky who were big backers of the coup.)

He said that his objective was that, “my guys have the SBU.” As things turned out afterward, this is precisely what he became, because Parubiy was quite happy to have his militarily more competent subordinate, Yarosh, actually run paramilitary matters: Yarosh had had decades of experience training and commanding paramilitaries.

As for Parubiy himself, wikipedia notes his key political importance to the Maidan and its aftermath: “He was coordinator of the volunteer security corps for the mainstream protesters.[17] He was then appointed Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine.[6]”

So: without both Parubiy (the co-head of Ukraine’s main nazi party) as the political coordinator, and Yarosh (the head of the other, more military, of Ukraine’s two nazi parties) as the military coordinator, Obama wouldn’t have been able to do it; but Obama also needed the State Department’s Victoria Nuland, who gave instructions to America’s Ukraine Ambassador Geoffery Pyatt.

And that’s how the coup was done — plus the CIA, of course, working from the U.S. Embassy.

So, that is where the real threat to assassinate Zelensky actually comes from.

This is known to Zelensky. But still the question exists as to WHY Putin would want to protect Zelensky’s life. I think that there is a very reasonable explanation of that:

As everyone knows, Putin has said and repeated, many times, that his invasion of Ukraine is in order to re-establish Ukraine as being a neutral nation, not as being a potential launch-site for U.S. missiles less than 7-minute-flight-time from nuking Moscow. He doesn’t want U.S. missiles in Ukraine any more than America’s President JFK had wanted Soviet missiles in Cuba only 20-minute flight-time from nuking Washington. So, this is Putin’s way of stopping it from happening (given that both the U.S. and its NATO have refused even so much as to merely considerprohibiting Ukraine from joining NATO).

But, ever since Obama’s coup grabbing Ukraine in 2014 (in which Yarosh’s forces were used as the leaders], the propaganda against Russia, and against Russians, has been almost as intense in Ukraine, as the propaganda against Jews was in Nazi Germany, and has been very effective.

For example: During 2003-2009, only around 20% of Ukrainians wanted NATO membership, while around 55% opposed it. In 2010, Gallup found that whereas 17% of Ukrainians considered NATO to mean “protection of your country,” 40% said it’s “a threat to your country.” Ukrainians predominantly saw NATO as an enemy, not a friend. But after Obama’sFebruary 2014 Ukrainian coup, “Ukraine’s NATO membership would get 53.4% of the votes, one third of Ukrainians (33.6%) would oppose it.” That ceaseless and intense post-coup propaganda against Russia had a profound effect.

Putin therefore knows that he will have no other choice than to retain as much of Ukraine’s existing leadership as will be possible consistent with denazifying that country. Consequently, Zelensky himself would probably be the best person to lead such a restored Ukraine.

It would free Zelensky from what he knows to be the biggest threat against him — and from what had always been prohibiting him from complying with the Minsk II accords.

The nazis had always made clear that they’d kill him if he did any such thing. And this is the reason why Putin has protected Zelensky’s life. But, then, the question arises: Did Putin really allow some of his Government’s own forces to be sacrificed, killed, in order to protect Zelensky?

It would be a small price to pay, for the potential gains that are to be won. Similarly, the anti-nazi U.S. President FDR had sacrificed America’s naval forces at Pearl Harbor in order to be able to get America into WW II in time to become able to prevent Hitler from conquering, ultimately, the entire world. This is the way wars are. And the post-WW-II nazi America had started, even as early as 24 February 1990, to make clear to its vassal-nation leaders that though the Soviet Union and its communism and its Warsaw Pact would soon all end, the Cold War on America’s side would secretly continue until Russia itself becomes conquered. Putin knows this; he has mentioned it often.

Regarding the post-war Ukraine: The nazi forces in Ukraine come mainly from the country’s far northwest (around Lviv — the city to which America just recently relocated its Ukrainian Embassy), bordering and near to Poland; and, so, that area will probably become a new country, which will be firmly in America’s orbit (the long-term Obama win from all of this). However, as much of Ukraine as is reliably NOT nazi will probably be the country that Zelensky — or whomever is to lead the post-war Ukraine’s Government — will then be leading. Almost certainly, those borders, and those two new parts of the former Ukraine, will be central topics in the negotiations to establish a peaceful Ukraine — unless, of course, Russia loses this war, in which case the entire world will lose, and U.S.-led nazism (the post-WW-II form of nazism) will ultimately end up consuming everyone.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s next book (soon to be published) will be AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change. It’s about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Major Cosmic Alert Addendum

28 March, 2022

1:47 PM (Eastern Daylight Savings Time)

Major Cosmic Alert Addendum

NASA has reported that the “M4” Solar Flare and CME of this morning, 3/28/2022. at 7:29 AM, was a “Solar Tsunami” (extremely high proton particle waves caused by a solar explosion) which has powerfully ionized the upper atmosphere of our planet more than ordinary causing extensive radio black-outs.

Other interferences to technological devices can also occur with this type of cosmic energy.

Airplanes in flight are also reporting challenges with radio devices.

If your computers, cell phones, etc. have problems (more than usual), this is the likely cause.

These energies will be in session for several days to come as back-to-back solar flares (“C-Class” and “M-Class” levels), CMEs, and increased winds arrive.

NASA and other science organizations around the world are monitoring the Sun’s behavior for further high activity.

It seems that the Sun is not just speaking out with encodings, downloads, and messages to our DNA; it is shouting them!

Energy of Consciousness Currents


Liminal Events of New Earth - An Anthropology of GAIA

March 28, 2022

High-level sources in both Eastern and Western secret societies say the fake show going on is just part of a process to wake up the deeply brainwashed people of the West. It is being set up as a sort of initiation ceremony for the West. 

In anthropology, such ceremonies are called “liminal events” and refer to things like weddings or coming of age ceremonies that mark a major transition in life. 

In this case, the ceremony is being carried out to start a new age of love, progress and harmony with nature, the sources say. This will be made clear soon, the sources promise.

However, before that can happen a very real international military, agency and police crackdown on an ancient Satanic cult that seized the top levels of power in most Western countries needs to be completed.

This campaign is reaching an end as most of the top leaders of this cult, including Hillary Rockefeller (Clinton), Jens Psaki (aka Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller) and Klaus Rothschild (Schwab) have been arrested. These arrests appear in the form of announcements they have contracted Covid 19 (despite being fully vaccinated) and are “self-isolating.”

Of course, the Khazarian mafia will try to pretend this is not happening by presenting fake versions of their leaders to the public, Below for example are three different versions of Killary.

This is what a Mossad source had to say about Psaki:

She has been taken in again repairing the glitch in her programming. We both have the feeling that the original is “out of service”. After the last round of testing positive 5 months ago and she disappeared for like 10 days. Look at her eyes. They are blank. Like without a soul. A sign of an avatar AI construct.

The members of this cult, also known as Sabbatean-Frankist Jews or the Khazarian Mafia who for years really have been trying to carry out a fake Armageddon.

There are growing signs we in the West are all watching a giant fake show and that the show is about to end. This came up in a conversation last week between a senior Russian FSB agent and a member of the White Dragon Society. “My guess is that we don’t actually have any presidents and all of this is a kind of staged reality show created before our eyes,” noted the FSB member. There is plenty of evidence to back this up.

Did you know, for example, that according to the official Russian Tass News Agency that Ukraine has not declared war on Russia? Also that the Russian gas still being sent through that country is still the main source of revenue for the government of Ukraine?

Also, did you know that Rothschild family-owned trading companies in Switzerland were still selling Russian commodities to the rest of the world?

Furthermore, despite the “embargo,” Russian oil exports to the US continue and are even increasing. For example, in the week of March 12-18, the US bought 70,000 barrels of Russian oil per day, 80% more than the previous week.

Then of course there is all the obviously fake footage about the Ukrainian “war” that is flooding Western TV screens. In the latest example, CNN is reporting a fire in Edmonton, Canada is in Ukraine.

Video Player

The screenshot below (taken before CNN blurred it out), clearly shows it is the Edmonton fire department that is on the scene.

The Rita Katz studios (of fake Bin Laden fame) are also working overtime filming Rothschild employee and so-called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is working out of his $34M mansion in Florida. The Russian FSB says he appears to be stoned on cocaine, and the footage below certainly makes it seem that way.

Video Player

We will not delve too deeply into the fake pandemic except to note that mortality rates around the world are the same as in pre-pandemic years. We also note the pandemic does not exist in Africa and other regions whose governments refused to go along with the entire fake event.

A Short Message to the Surface Population

March 28, 2022

Blogger has unpublished my article "War and Peace" against my free will and without my approval. I have received the following email from them, as published below:

The deleted article is still available here:

Now I understand what the Light forces meant by "internet disruptions" when they asked printed copies of my articles to be made.

Inside the deleted article, the following peace proposal was suggested:

And obviously, diplomats from both sides have read it:

The most important part of the deleted article was the following:

Meditation for peace in Ukraine every 4 hours is still urgently needed and the Light Forces are asking as many people as possible to participate:

Goddess wants peace and peace it will be!

COBRA (Compression Breakthrough) 



The Tragic Pseudoscience of SARS-CoV-2 and The Madness of Modern Virology

In Episode One, the doctors, scientists and journalists featured in THE VIRAL DELUSION examine in detail the scientific papers that were used to justify the pandemic, and what they find is shattering: they explode every single major claim, from the "isolation" of the virus to its so-called genetic sequencing, from the discovery of how to "test" for SARS-CoV2 to the emergence of "variants" that in reality, they explain, exist only on a computer. Their point: that the so-called SARS-CoV-2 virus exists only as a mental construct whose existence in the real world has been disproven by the science itself.

They then go back through history to reveal how the birth and growth of virology has led to massive misunderstanding and misdiagnosis of disease: from Smallpox to the Spanish Flu, Polio to AIDS, to COVID itself - putting the pandemic in a whole new context better understood not as settled science, but the tragic culmination of misunderstood biology by the growing cult of virology, built on pseudoscience, to which much of the rest of the medical profession defers without understanding or examination, and the tragic consequences that have been wrought in its name.

Featuring: Andrew Kaufman, MD; Tom Cowan, MD; Stefan Lanka, Virologist; Torsten Engelbrecht, journalist; Claus Kohnlein, MD; Kevin Corbett, PhD RN; David Rasnick, Biochemist PhD; Mark Bailey, MD; Dawn Lester and David Parker, Authors; Stefano Scoglio, Biochemist PhD; Saeed Qureeshi, Chemist PhD; Celia Farber, Journalist; Harold Wallach, PhD; Pam Popper, PhD, ND; Charles Geshekter, PhD; Amandha Vollmer ND, Jim West, and more.

See the documentary series at: