It is impossible for one to be internationalist without being a nationalist. Internationalism is possible only when nationalism becomes a fact, i.e. when peoples belonging to different countries have organized themselves and are able to act as one man. It is not nationalism that is evil, it is the narrowness, selfishness, exclusiveness which is the bane of modern nations which is evil. Each wants to profit at the expense of, and rise on the ruin of, the other.

Indian nationalism has struck a different path. It wants to organize itself or to find full self-expression for the benefit and service of humanity at large … God having cast my lot in the midst of the people of India, I should be untrue to my Maker if I failed to serve them. If I do not know how to serve them I shall never know how to serve humanity. And I cannot possibly go wrong so long as I do not harm other nations in the act of serving my country.

Mahatma Gandhi (Young India, 18 June 1925, p211)






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Monday, March 30, 2020

Spiritual Aikido is very relevant to what is going on right now

There Will Be Three Days Of Darkness (no internet) and Arrests Occur During These Days.

Shutdown between 4/1 – 4/10.

Fed has become nationalized!!

“The cabal” represents the “hidden darkness” in our own souls. By our going through this current Ascension process, we are healing all of humanity.

We Are Now On The Optimal Timeline For Humanity

Notes from David Wilcock 3-29-20 presentation/class… (“The Great Pandemic III: New Briefings, Restitution and the Big Picture!”)

Abe, Macron, Merkel and Prince Charles to be “coronavirused,” as Battle for Planet Earth intensifies

March 30, 2020

The Battle for Planet Earth is reaching a climax as opposing forces try to use the “coronavirus pandemic” to achieve their agendas. The liberation forces are using the lockdown as an opportunity to arrest senior Khazarian Mafiosi, while the Satanists are hoping to vaccinate and microchip the general public back into submission, multiple sources agree. It’s almost as if reality is bifurcating, with one version filled with fear and death and other in breathless anticipation of planetary liberation.

First, let’s look at what the white hats are saying. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prince Charles of the UK and many others will be or have been “coronavirused” (arrested), according to CIA and Pentagon white hats. One CIA source says:

“They are putting out disinformation to keep this as classified as possible.” Merkel is going to have a third test and Macron also tests positive. This is code for they are being removed.”

He adds, “Abe is going to collapse the country’s economy because he works directly for the cabal so he has to be removed. (Since this is the age of deep fake computer graphics, here in Japan I will keep in touch with press ID carrying colleagues to see if the real Abe vanishes).” Pentagon sources agree and say, “regime change may also happen in Japan as Shinzo was forced to delay the Tokyo Olympics for one year.”

Maybe it’s the fear of American assassins coming for Abe that has prompted Japan to consider an entry ban on all American citizens.

In any case, a purge has clearly accelerated inside the U.S. Pentagon sources say:

“The Navy hospital ship USNS Mercy arrived at LA on March 27th and its sister USNS Comfort to NYC on March 30th but they may provide neither mercy nor comfort for arrested Zionists and pedos. Also, truckers have been ordered to not deliver to New York as [U.S. President Donald] Trump personally went to Norfolk, Virginia to send off USNS Comfort to New York City.”

Now let us look at what the dark side is up to. In the video at the link below, starting around the 15:20 mark, Bill Gates is calling for only people who have a vaccination certificate to be allowed to travel.

NSA sources confirm this and say the cabal is hoping to get the sheeple to show up at the local Walmart to get vaccinated and micro-chipped in exchange for receiving “digital wallets.” This is serious folks, do not let them scare you into being vaccinated because I guarantee you any vaccine they provide will be worse than whatever it is they say they are going to protect you from. U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden was probably telling the truth when he said, “We have to take care of the cure, that will make the problem worse no matter what.”

The key battle to watch over the coming days will not be the one against the “pandemic” though, it will be the one over control of the financial system and thus the planet. On this front, any veteran market expert will tell you what is happening now is beyond a black swan event. The United States military did not call up one million reservists and move its headquarters to an underground bunker because of a mostly bogus coronavirus threat.

By the way, if you still do not think this pandemic is mostly hype take note of one thing: fewer people are dying now than before the so-called pandemic started.

Anyway, to understand why the planet is now moving into historically uncharted territory take a look at this NASA…

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Corona/CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus

Coronavirus: Why is China Scared of the Truth? [Part 1]

Coronavirus: China's Monstrous Deep State Disaster [Part 2]

Coronavirus: Identity of Patient Zero and Severe Censorship [Part 3]

Coronavirus: Did the CCP Just Call The Coronavirus a Bio-Weapon? [Part 4]

Coronavirus: Immunity, Vaccinations, Propaganda & Prophecies [Part 5]

The CCPVirus Updates: The Opening of Pandora's Box [Part 6]

The CCPVirus Updates: "What do you mean the U.S. started the Virus?!" [Part 7]

Bill Gates and George Soros are behind coronavirus

Jeremy Corbyn's brother Piers claims Bill Gates and George Soros are behind coronavirus in bid to cull world's population with poisoned antidote

The 72-year-old told followers on Twitter that the illness is an attempt to cull the world's population with a poisoned antidote.



The climate sceptic and weather forecaster hit headlines in September when he referred to the European Union as the Fourth Reich.

Piers (left) accused Bill Gates and George Soros of being behind coronavirus and his the brother Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (right)

He linked to a video which blames the billionaire financier and the Microsoft founder for Covid-19, which has killed 36 people in Britain, where there have been 1,543 cases.

16 March 2020

George Soros


Queen Elizabeth ‘Is Not Human’ - Confirmed By Buckingham Palace

Confirmed: The Queen is Reptilian

A shocking document was released to the public through the internet.
Queen and other members of the Royal Household are ‘different’ to humans

Queen Elizabeth’s administration leaked a letter stating that the Queen is not, in fact, human. The speculation around the Queen actually being a reptilian has been prevalent for quite some time now. If the videos are pointing out pieces of her scaly skin and the eye witnesses of her transformation were not enough, the document that was released should be.

Snapshot of the official Royal website suggesting that Queen Elizabeth ‘is not human’ (courtesy of

The official royal website had this statement shown on it, and then the statement was quickly taken down, but not before many people had the opportunity to screenshot the page. Although the website never uses the word “reptilian, ” it does elude to the Queen being different and separate from the human race.


Top 7 Coronavirus Conspiracies

Since the first victims of the Coronavirus were diagnosed, we have seen globalized panic, quarantines, restrictions to our lives and livelihoods, and plenty of Coronavirus conspiracy theories surrounding the outbreak.

There are many people who seem to be following what state, federal, and local governments are telling them to do, and very few seem to be asking questions and getting clear answers. This is not to say that there is no danger from a pandemic, nor does this article advocate acting as if nothing is going on of import. But lack of clear answers and confusion has given rise to several Coronavirus conspiracy theories about what is really happening. Here, some of the more prominent ideas are being briefly summarized, along with links of interest.

1. The Coronavirus isn’t a virus at all.

There are a few who are advancing the idea that the Coronavirus is not real.

This is by far the most extreme of the current Coronavirus conspiracy theories.

Those who question the validity of the event argue that this is nothing more than a government power-grab, and an exercise in evaluating the ease of putting in place a police state, or martial law.

The group “Oregonians for Health Choice” on Facebook have posted a video made by a man on YouTube which seems to cast doubt on the reality of the virus. This man’s channel, called “Divine Truth 1,” posted a video of him in New York City, looking for virus victims.

He goes to a hospital and questions workers and staff but seems to find no one infected.

To learn more of this Coronavirus conspiracy theory, click the following links:

What do you think? Do you know of anyone who has coronavirus? Let us know in the comments.

2. The Coronavirus is not nearly as bad as it seems.

The second most extreme Coronavirus conspiracy theory argues that yes, there is a sickness spreading over the world, but that it is more akin to influenza.

Citing mortality figures padded by the deaths of the old and those who were already sick, websites like “The Vaccine Reaction,” state that the numbers are lying.

They also cite quotes from Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health in the United States and other officials which they claim to support this perspective.

Overall, the article on the site seems to indicate that this Coronavirus conspiracy theory has to do with causing more people to rethink anti-vaxxing positions, and less to do with an epidemic of huge proportions.

For more on this article, see the following link:

And many pro-vaxxers are saying this is why we need to make vaccination mandatory. In response, anti-vaxxers suggest that the pandemic is an excuse to further the vaccine agenda.

What do you think? Should we make vaccines mandatory to stop the spread? Is there any proof vaccines would work to stop the spread? Or that vaccines work at all?

Let us know in the comments.

3. The Coronavirus was released from a Virology Institute in Wuhan, China.

This Coronavirus conspiracy theory lays blame for the virus squarely in the laps of the Chinese. Senator Tom Cotten essentially agrees with this theory.

.@nytimes "reporter" @jotted lied when she said that I claimed the Wuhan coronavirus was a "Chinese bioweapon run amok" (her words, not mine). I simply said we couldn't rule out any possibility yet for the virus' origin, including a laboratory accident.

— Tom Cotton (@SenTomCotton) February 18, 2020

Theorists charge that poor handling and faulty regulations gave way to the Coronavirus being leaked from the Wuhan Institute for Virology.

The New York Post printed an article just days ago alleging that this is not the first time China has had problems keeping deadly pathogens under wraps.

It even goes so far as to argue that some virologists working at the institute sell their testing animals to vendors on the street for resale, and that careless measures and practices led directly to the spread of COVID-19.

Did the virus get released by poor handling on the part of the Chinese?

Let us know in the comments.

4. Bill Gates engineered the virus for profit.

Bill Gates seems to have some sort of influence in every area of society, these days.

This Coronavirus conspiracy theory holds that this outbreak is no different.

Proponents of this idea argue that back in 2018, Gates warned of a global epidemic while giving a speech at the Malaria Summit in London.

Gates added that the world was not prepared for a widespread viral attack, and should make preparations quickly and as if war was looming on the horizon.

Further, theorists allege that Gates’s foundation is working on the vaccine that it engineered, in order to make billions in profit by selling the cure.

And moreover, Gates funded the Pirbright Institute, which owns a patent on the coronavirus.

For more on this see this link which summarizes Gates’s 2018 speech in London, and a link alleging Bill Gates is complicit in the Coronavirus cure:

Is this part of Bill Gates depopulation agenda using vaccines? What evidence have you seen to confirm or deny this theory?

Let us know in the comments.

5. Dean Koontz knew something was going to happen.

This Coronavirus conspiracy theory is not so much a theory, as it is rather a foreboding and doom-filled prediction from years ago that is now coming true with creepy accuracy.

Back in 1981, in his book, The Eyes of Darkness, Koontz, with eerie precision predicted that in 2020 a virus would spread about the world, affecting the lungs and bronchial tubes.

Further, he predicted that the virus would come from China. He even ominously called it the “Wuhan-400,” because the strain would be the 400th viral creation by a lab in Wuhan, China.

Of all the Coronavirus conspiracy ideas, this is perhaps the oddest and the most frightening.

To see a photograph of the pages predicting Coronavirus, see the following:

6. Coronavirus is a cover for mass arrests of the Deep State and part of the plan to save the world.

This theory has a positive overtone. It comes from those who follow the QAnon movement, with some cross over into the truth movement in general.

The theory states that the world is governed by criminal syndicates who are satanic pedophiles. These elite regularly rape, torture and murder children as part of their religious practice. And that these insidious tastes also allow them to keep blackmail files on those in their ranks to keep them in line.

Anons also claim that the elite harvest Adrenochrome from victims, using the drug to enhance vitality and prolong their lives.

The Plan to Save the World, as it has been called, is a multiple-stage effort, of which, the cutting off of the elite with their coveted adrenochrome is a key part. In addition, the global response to the coronavirus pandemic is itself a cover for a mass arrest of the Deep State and the satanic elite.

Some say that Trump is a key figure in this alliance to take down the deep state and that on April first, the mass arrest scenario will go into an active phase, wherein the internet will be shut down for 10 days. Afterward, the world will be rebooted with a new economy free of deep state manipulation.

If that wasn’t a lot to swallow, it gets better.

Another aspect to this cover theory is that a reset of the global financial system will also take place.

One man claimed to have overheard a conversation with a JP Morgan Chase bank employee who said the virus was a cover to reset the financial system.

Coronavirus…It’s a cover up! Confirmed! Please Share!!

— QAnon John🇺🇸🐸 (@QStorm1111) March 12, 2020

What do you think? Is there a satanic global elite that is about to be taken down? Is the coronavirus being used as a pretext for mass arrests?

Another side of this theory is that the virus is a cover to push for the so-called NWO take over, which will usher in a global digital currency.

7. Coronavirus and 5G Connection

Last in our list is the theory that the coronavirus is connected to the rollout of 5G.

Here, proponents argue that the locations where most people are are infected are also where 5G is the most active. Read more about this theory here:

Final Thoughts

While all of these Coronavirus conspiracy theories have varying empirical data supporting credibility, the one that seems to stand out as the most in need of further research is the Koontz link.

It is the only one that, to this author, has undeniable evidence as to its validity.

Indeed, one is forced to wonder how Koontz knew way back in 1981 that in 2020, we would be facing a virus that specifically attacks the lungs and bronchial tubes.

Further, it begs the question as to how he knew that the origins of the virus would be arguably traced to China.

At the very least, Koontz needs to explain why he predicted such events and how he knew.

The world awaits an explanation.

About The Author

Will Justice is an independent researcher, writer, and truth activist dedicated to sharing his groundbreaking findings with the world. Over the course of several decades, he discovered the causes of worldly corruption, human suffering, and spiritual decline, which gave him the eyes to see the solutions hidden from view. He is passionate about unity, authenticity, and healing the world by forming effective grassroots initiatives.

Sunday, March 29, 2020


The global elite are now in the process of unveiling that which they have been hiding for centuries. There is a spiritual war taking place on planet earth at this very moment.

Look no further than the Goothard Tunnel opening ceremony on June 1st in Switzerland. The nearly $9 million dollar occult riddled ritual featured Baphomet copulating with human women, the bride of satan giving birth, all seeing eyes and an endless amount of other Satanic symbology.

Meanwhile over at CERN's Large Hadron Collider project in the same country we see Shiva the God of Destruction standing proudly in front of CERN's headquarters. And the CERN movie 'Symmetry' makes their aims perfectly clear, they are actively trying to break the barrier between that which is seen and unseen.

Again, the elite seem Hell bent on ushering in their NWO Beast system and at this point they have stopped hiding it. Would it really surprise any of you who understand this information if you were to find out the Darwin's theories on the Origins of Species are also nothing more than lies based on deplorably bad "science" in order to get the world's population to dismiss the notion of a Creator altogether?

If the elite could get the whole world to believe this beautiful planet and all who inhabit are nothing more than a random accident, they could get humanity to lower its spiritual shields thereby making it far easier to usher in the global system they seek, helmed by the one they secretly serve, Satan. Spiritual warfare on planet earth is alive and well - and you have been lied to. Author James Perloff joins me to deconstruct Darwin. and share proof that God is real..

Locked Down

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Man is is a bridge and not a goal

“A thousand goals have there been hitherto, for a thousand peoples have there been. Only the fetter for the thousand necks is still lacking; there is lacking the one goal. As yet humanity hath not a goal. 
But pray tell me, my brethren, if the goal of humanity be still lacking, is there not also still lacking—humanity itself?—”

“Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman—a rope over an abyss.

A dangerous crossing, a dangerous wayfaring, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous trembling and halting.

What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal: what is lovable in man is that he is an OVER-GOING and a DOWN-GOING.

I love those that know not how to live except as down-goers, for they are the over-goers.

I love the great despisers, because they are the great adorers, and arrows of longing for the other shore.

I love those who do not first seek a reason beyond the stars for going down and being sacrifices, but sacrifice themselves to the earth, that the earth of the Superman may hereafter arrive.

I love him who liveth in order to know, and seeketh to know in order that the Superman may hereafter live. Thus seeketh he his own down-going.”

“I love him who laboureth and inventeth, that he may build the house for the Superman, and prepare for him earth, animal, and plant: for thus seeketh he his own down-going.

I love him who loveth his virtue: for virtue is the will to down-going, and an arrow of longing.

I love him who reserveth no share of spirit for himself, but wanteth to be wholly the spirit of his virtue: thus walketh he as spirit over the bridge.

I love him who maketh his virtue his inclination and destiny: thus, for the sake of his virtue, he is willing to live on, or live no more.

I love him who desireth not too many virtues. One virtue is more of a virtue than two, because it is more of a knot for one’s destiny to cling to.

I love him whose soul is lavish, who wanteth no thanks and doth not give back: for he always bestoweth, and desireth not to keep for himself.

I love him who is ashamed when the dice fall in his favour, and who then asketh: “Am I a dishonest player?”—for he is willing to succumb.”

“I love him who scattereth golden words in advance of his deeds, and always doeth more than he promiseth: for he seeketh his own down-going.

I love him who justifieth the future ones, and redeemeth the past ones: for he is willing to succumb through the present ones.

I love him who chasteneth his God, because he loveth his God: for he must succumb through the wrath of his God.

I love him whose soul is deep even in the wounding, and may succumb through a small matter: thus goeth he willingly over the bridge.

I love him whose soul is so overfull that he forgetteth himself, and all things are in him: thus all things become his down-going.

I love him who is of a free spirit and a free heart: thus is his head only the bowels of his heart; his heart, however, causeth his down-going.

I love all who are like heavy drops falling one by one out of the dark cloud that lowereth over man: ”
“they herald the coming of the lightning, and succumb as heralds.

Lo, I am a herald of the lightning, and a heavy drop out of the cloud: the lightning, however, is the SUPERMAN.—”

(Excerpt From: “Thus Spake Zarathustra: A Book for All and None.”)

COVID-19 (Carona)


A documentary about Covid-19, by Janet Ossebaard 

The Final Battle


The universe is teeming with life, and many alien civilizations are millions of years ahead of us in their technological and spiritual development.

Alien visitors have been coming to Earth longer than humans have been living here, but a universal law dictates that a lower civilization should be left alone.

Some higher technology, like free energy, anti-gravity techniques and vibrational techniques that cure diseases or make matter unsteady, are also known on Earth. But this is kept secret.

The most powerful people in the world form a criminal cabal that practices devil-worship and is actively abusing the people, keeping them ignorant, frightening them and poisoning them.

Our Earth is about 600 billion years old (including the gas phase). She is, like most other planets and moons, hollow on the inside and is (also) inhabited on the inside. Because of the centrifugal force of the Earth's rotation she annually grows a few inches, making the continents drift apart.

Everything is made by, and is part of, the Creator who experiences itself through countless different forms of life and universes. Each universe has at least one God who co-created that universe and manages it.

All matter is light-energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. Full consciousness exists in this energy and this is why matter can be influenced by DNA or the human brain for example. All knowledge, thoughts and intentions on a planet together form the collective consciousness. Our society is a reflection of our collective consciousness.

Modern man is the result of genetical experiments performed a long time ago by a negative alien race on the indigenous people in the south of Africa. The adjustments in their DNA made us slavish, prone to diseases and they limited our consciousness.

The soul of a human being passes through hundreds of lifetimes in which it experiences all aspects of life and the moral spectrum, making it develop spiritually. In between, souls reside in heaven, where they evaluate completed lives and plan new lives, with the help of their spirit guides.

All life is moving in cycles of different lengths. Currently, Earth is in a process that's called Ascension, in which a cycle of duality is coming to an end and an harmonious era begins in a higher dimension.


Ascension Timeline/End of Coronavirus Meditation

Please click the following link for the meditation start time for your location:

Guided meditation video:

More information about this meditation: It is time to take action again!

It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands!

We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long, and the current timeline is not going in the right direction. Here is our chance to collectively shift the timeline back into our optimal timeline for planetary liberation.

Therefore we are using the opportunity of the massive astrological configuration of Jupiter Pluto conjunction on April 4th/5th to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and trigger the process that will solidify the optimal Ascension timeline for the planet.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Post it on your websites and blogs! If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook event for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube. However, this time, only people following my blog will not be enough. We need a more worldwide cooperation with more large influencers involved.

This activation is a test for the surface population whether it will be able to manifest unity or not. The Light Forces will be monitoring the level of cooperation and will use that as one of the determining factors for the immediate future plans for the Event.

There are many spiritual leaders with large following and I sincerely hope they would like the coronavirus to be erased and that they would like the planet to shift into the most positive timeline. If they wish to join this meditation, they can contact [email protected] .

Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations and activations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this activation can actually help bringing the Age of Aquarius closer to us:

This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to completely remove the coronavirus, to help removing all the fear this epidemic has created, to counteract all plans dark forces had with triggering this epidemic, and to help shifting the planetary evolution back into the most positive Ascension timeline that will lead us into the Age of Aquarius.

Number of people doing that activation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up this process.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this activation!

This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide. We will be doing this meditation in the exact moment of Jupiter Pluto conjunction on April 4th/5th which will be the first moment when a truly powerful energy of Age of Aquarius will hit the surface of the planet:


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to shift the planet into the most optimal timeline and as a tool to completely remove the coronavirus.

3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining coronavirus on Earth, disinfecting all infected areas on the planet, healing all patients, removing all fear associated with this epidemic and restoring stability.

5. Visualize the course of events on planet Earth shifting into the most positive timeline possible, shifting away from all epidemics, away from all wars, away from all global domination. Visualize white, pink, blue and golden Light healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

The Last Rebellion

The surface population is awakening more and more to the real intentions and actions of governments and businesses, and therefore are beginning to resist these structures and systems. Their trust in these long controlling organizations, banks, and economic entities continues to decrease to such an extent that almost every election cycle is tainted with accusations and suspicions of legitimacy. In some countries there are indications that the votes during elections are no longer counted.

The public must openly reclaim their birth-right to be “heard” – and actively participate in all processes, especially when their own fate is decided.

Slowly we are starting to see resistance of the surface population to these old oppressive structures via groups such as the “yellow vests” and others, both silent and loud ones. Groups, individuals and even micro-nations are being formed to exist independently from the old structures. Of course, there is little information or mention of such groups in any kind of media or market support. The surface population has begun to actively seek ways out of these systems – they want to be free from all suppression, oppression, false information, lies, fraud. The people yearn for a peaceful solution.

The calls and demands of the surface population have now become very loud and persistent such that it is hard to ignore if you are paying attention. Thus, those of the dark see their only possible response as to initiate an open war against the people of this planet along with the animals, ecosystems and the planet itself. We can now see this cosmic war emerging on the surface of the planet.

Ironically part of the conflict to maintain the power structures is to institute a deliberate and complete collapse of all systems. This will include the annulment of all rights of the peoples and everyone and everything that resists or rebels against these old structures will be declared an enemy. Such enemies will be publicly and socially identified and persecuted, sometimes through the use of military forces, as that is one reason the military and police were originally created.

It must be remembered that our governments have immense investments in military and weapon systems, with as much as 70-80% of all budget allocations being used for such purposes. Sadly, the majority of researchers, inventors and experts who work for companies that support the military industrial complex are not aware that they are actually participating and being used by dark elements of these power structures.

So it comes as no surprise that there are reports now revealing that in some countries special forces have started to maltreat opposing splinter and grassroots groups when mere defamation via the mass media or other campaigns no longer suffices. These actions are always done behind the scenes of a current distraction, and in this case, it is the “Corona Virus”. But these practices have always existed. The only difference is that it is now occurring on a global scale all at the same time – which is part of the overall plan of the dark side.

Fortunately for us the Light Forces have been working relentlessly these last weeks and months with extreme care and attention as they pursue their mission of liberation in spite of the plans and threats from the dark side.


The threat of a pandemic was all but removed from our minds for many decades. A robust supply chain is well organized worldwide, with various fruits and vegetables made available to people in many countries from all parts of the world. Our water supplies have improved, and the general living conditions and hygiene has greatly enhanced. Along with these and other increasingly modern accommodations, we are experiencing an increase in various different healing methods.

People live more and more consciously; they visit each other in different countries and continents, they play football (soccer) and socialize together, attend large events, eat together, vacation more, etc.. They help each other in countless charitable projects worldwide (some of them are very successful) – they are interested in each other’s fate, have become more compassionate, attentive, heal and support each other. They actually are moving and living in tighter quarters and communities. The image of your neighbour as your adversary is quickly disappearing. These are all factors that have brought and are bringing change to our quality of life. Naturally these things do not affect everyone – but compared to the past century or millennia of human history, much has changed.

Societies health conscious habits have created entire new markets based on active and healthy living and eating. As we begin to see the benefits of organic and clean living the pharmaceutical lobby, among others, seems to be losing more and more justification for having purpose. Profits and revenues of such companies are decreasing along with their influence and power.

While we have learned to become healthier in our living habits, the health insurance companies seem to be offering fewer and less benefits as their support services decline and get eliminated. At the same time, however, the expenses or taxes have often increased. People have had to look for alternative ideas and methods and have found that they get healthy or feel much better without the need for drugs from the pharmaceutical industry. They are also finding that making connections with nature and the earth have more numerous and successful benefits.

Such continued practices will inevitably lead to the fact that some members of society are slowly detaching themselves from some of these oppressive and debilitating structures. They will become more and more independent. As this continues to happen, they unintentionally will show others that it is possible to exist without certain forms of control. Thus, they are beginning to step outside of what we call the Matrix.

Of course, only those who choose this path are affected, all others remain trapped in the matrix systems.

Dissolution of the Matrix

In recent years many people have been feeling the need to downsize and simplify their lives. Many have started to separate from their old things, be it clothes, furniture, dishes, books, papers, decorations, etc.. Cellars, attics and sheds have been cleared out. More and more people noticed the ballast of consumption and started to separate from it. The same thing is also occurring with our relationships to friends, families, partners, employers. People noticed that it became easier – some couldn’t explain it, but it became easier for them. Some started to look more and more for what they really desired and needed … everything else became less and less important. And the more they let go, the more their lives changed. The old distorted and artificially created structures began to dissolve more and new possibilities opened up – as they started to gain better control over their own lives.

The overall result of such actions and attitudes means that governments, the economy, banks, police and military are continuing to lose their influence and/or authority.

No enemy – no war.

No disease – no expenses.

No consumption pressure – no money shortage.

No shortage – no fear.

No aggressiveness – no limitations.

No prejudice – no isolation.

No cluelessness – no separation.

No lies – no false information.

No fraud – no disadvantage.

It is therefore difficult in these times to find a logical reason for further continued restrictive measures, control structures, coercive tactics, false information, personal monitorization, elimination or removal of rights and/or elimination of persons, groups or other sovereign entities.

Corona-Virus from a World Perspective

We likely are experiencing a pandemic far worse than the medical version…and that is a pandemic of fear. With a virus that has existed in every cold, flu or influenza for ages, and not only at the turn of each year, but also throughout the year. It must be taken into account that all diseases are artificial in nature. They are artificially created. Every healthy immune system can handle them, and our bodies are designed to combat them. The virus represents a traffic light function and indicates the stability of the immune system. If the immune system is intact, it is no problem for the body – and the body does not have to suffer from it under any circumstances – it can be a carrier – but does not have to suffer from it under any circumstances.

Furthermore we distinguish between the difference of being a carrier of a disease and actually being ill from a disease. Therefore, in a normal diagnosis of a pandemic, it is rather the disease and its course that is decisive, not the number of carriers. Because potentially we are all carriers.

Therefore, the question has to be asked, with such a “normal” virus, which has existed for ages and which is not purported to be of any consequential danger, why such fear and panic? The focus seems to be on the detection of carrier types of certain anti-bodies in the test runs that are being made. It is not being tested for disease which would seem to be the most critical factor. Furthermore, these test runs cost 150 EUR in Europe. Costs which are not covered by the statutory health insurance policies. Naturally there will shortly be no shortage of available vaccines which will create huge profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

Contents of many vaccines include a host of elements which purely by themselves are quite toxic. These include heavy metals such as aluminium and mercury. Mercury in the smallest of amounts can be deadly. One of the greatest effects of keeping a society in a desired unstable health condition is to administer these vaccines to children in their earliest years. Children are usually still very pure and sensitive – they are still in the process of building up their physical systems and immunities – so protecting these children is the most important thing we can and must do for them.

Intentional contamination with poisons or similarly equipped vaccines can cause considerable damage to children – various damages that are demonstrable. However, children cannot defend themselves and if parents are kept in constant fear, they are more likely to succumb to the lure of these vaccinations. Thus, it is possible to breed a sickly and weakened society which becomes bound to the drugs developed for them from their earliest days of childhood.

The “Nuremberg Code”

After World War II the Nuremberg Trials were held to address the numerous human abuses and violations that resulted from the extensive human experimentation on prisoners of war. From that trial came the Nuremberg Code, a list of ten points meant to address consentual rights of humans who might be subject to “permissible medical experiments”.

The “Nuremberg Code” (Link: requires “actual voluntary informed consent” for all medical interventions, which vaccinations would certainly be categorized.

Short comment: According to criminal law vaccinations are injuries of the body, it is confirmed for example through the ministry for families in Germany (2005), therefore, vaccinations are governed through the Nuremberg Code. (source: )

Therefore, we propose to recommend making the following request to the vaccine consultants:

I/ we strongly urge Vaccine Choice Advocates to assert their right of Informed Consent.

Conditioning access to free public education (or paid private education) on surrendering the right of Informed Consent violates the Nuremberg Code.

This right arises from the Subsequent Nuremberg Trials after WWII and specifically from the infamous Nazi Doctors’ Trial.

The Nuremberg Code requires actual voluntary Informed Consent for all medical interventions, includingvaccination:

“… voluntary consent… is absolutely essential… the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion…”

Informed Consent is a Fundamental Human Right Protected Against Diminishment Through Legislative and Administrative Agency Denial of Philosophical or Religious Conscientious Objections to Mandated Vaccination. Informed Consent is Separate from Statutory Exemptions and May Not Be Abolished.

The Right to Informed Consent is Meaningless Without the Right to Refuse Any Medical Intervention, Including Mandated Vaccination. Government Agents and Those Acting Under Color of Law are Forbidden by Long-Standing National and International Law from Coercing Vaccination.

In order to vindicate International Humanitarian Law regarding Informed Consent to any and all medical interventions, including vaccination, even during any declared local, national or international Health Emergency, the right to refuse any vaccination must be respected, whether that refusal is grounded in philosophical, medical, religious or no reasons at all.

Attached is an example of a possible consent form: Consent-Form.pdf (192 downloads)

The following is a video made by Robert F. Kennedy addressing a trip to Germany he was to make in September 2019. He starts the video in English at the 00:40 second mark in the video. The rest of the video is subtitled in German but you can listen in English. There is some relevant information in this video related to vaccinations.

Robert F. Kennedy has done a lot of other work regarding vaccinations. You can find more on his website Childrens Health Defense at


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