It is impossible for one to be internationalist without being a nationalist. Internationalism is possible only when nationalism becomes a fact, i.e. when peoples belonging to different countries have organized themselves and are able to act as one man. It is not nationalism that is evil, it is the narrowness, selfishness, exclusiveness which is the bane of modern nations which is evil. Each wants to profit at the expense of, and rise on the ruin of, the other.

Indian nationalism has struck a different path. It wants to organize itself or to find full self-expression for the benefit and service of humanity at large … God having cast my lot in the midst of the people of India, I should be untrue to my Maker if I failed to serve them. If I do not know how to serve them I shall never know how to serve humanity. And I cannot possibly go wrong so long as I do not harm other nations in the act of serving my country.

Mahatma Gandhi (Young India, 18 June 1925, p211)






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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Democracy of Limited Choices is Not Democracy

APRIL 27, 2016

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have shell companies sharing the same Delaware address, while Bernie Sanders considers Syrian president Assad a dictator who needs to come down from political power, while being a known supporter of Zioniist Israel.

Green Party Stein is inviting Bernie to join her to increase both their winnability.

The bigger picture of course is that there are more than a hundred million Americans more qualified to run their country, and much better than what the aforementioned wannabes could ever do. But fluoride, lead and aluminum have taken its toll on the population which made them docile.

Scores are protesting chemtrails but nobody really is doing something to stop it beyond vibrating their vocal chords.

A docile mind will never accept that it is docile and incapable of doing something decisive, of course. Some of them are waiting for the promised Green Light and the Mass Arrests up to now, but is it really forthcoming?

The fact is: not everyone in the freedom movement agrees on a specific decisive action to put them all Khazarian Mafiosi in one FEMA camp. If they did, it would have been done by now.

Some of them want to use the legal channel, but the legal channel has been coopted long time ago. Are they really that naïve?

For their failure to act decisively, compromises were made with the Devil, i.e. Jesuits, UK Monarchy and the Rothschild. With these same groups on board, only the illusion of change could be possible.

The West needs to solve their problem on their own, at least that’s what their self-appointed leaders in the freedom movement want their people to do. But Asia will do whatever it takes to insulate itself from what’s to come to the Western population.

Now, the FBI White Hats are contemplating of going Anonymous in releasing their files on Hillary Clinton to shut this murdering bitch once and for all.

Where does this lead to?

Mere leaking of data doesn’t make the likes of Clinton go hiding.

Even the victims of the deliberate nuking of WTC 911 have yet to receive justice for their dead loved ones even with all the billboards about its true story were already displayed across the United States.

The Liars and Criminals don’t just go away, or put themselves to prison, or even hang themselves at the gallows. Somebody needs to do it.

The freedom movement is betting on Donald Trump as being anti-establishment. Well, Obama was also anti-Bush when he was still begging for your votes.

Trump may not be influenced by big corporate interests, but he is the Corporate Interest.

There aren’t many things upon which Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agree, especially as they court very different Delaware voters ahead of a primary on Tuesday. But the candidates for president share an affinity for the same nondescript two-storey office building in Wilmington. A building that has become famous for helping tens of thousands of companies avoid hundreds of millions of dollars in tax through the so-called “Delaware loophole”.

So, if Donald Trump is unclean himself, to whom should America vote for?

It’s not too late to look around for a man or woman of known political will, and whose public service record speaks for itself. Again, there are more than a hundred million Americans that should fit the bill.

If the same method is possible in a smaller country like ours, it should be possible in the United States, too.

This is what the Overseas Filipino Workers did to convince the mayor from “down under” to run for the presidency.

Here’s one OFW going the extra mile…

The problem is that the United States democratic system does not allow popular vote to decide its fate, and the counting machines themselves are hackable.

Indeed, it’s time for the people to establish a system which does not motivate people to lie, cheat, steal and kill just for the fun of being at the top.

It’s time for the Venus Project.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Psychological Warfare, NGO 'Organizational Weapons' and Regime Change

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is continuing an exclusive analytical series “Clandestine Warfare of the 21th Century”.

Written by Prof.Dr. Vladimir Prav exclusively for SouthFront

Today’s geopolitical struggles entail widespread use of psychological warfare against national elites, even from allied countries. This survey examines psychological techniques, including the use of informal NGO channels, which have been dubbed “organizational weapons.”

Psychological attacks attempt to take the target into veritable “pincers.” They are effective because the target, in the form of a national government, is subjected to pressure from both legitimate and “shadowy” actors, attacking from both above and below.

In order to carry out a pincer attack, the attacker must satisfy five conditions.

1) Establish a psychological pressure environment.

It entails two sets of activities. The first is establishing the pressure from above, in the form of planting “agents of influence” into the government and into associated organizations dealing with analysis and information dissemination, and pressure from below by creating a range of legal and shadowy societal and organization organizations to influence public opinion, organize mass protests, and coordinate anti-government activities.

2) Implementing the “pressure from below” scenario.

The objective is to provoke mass displeasure with the government through the formation of public opinion by emphasizing government’s failures, including imagined ones. This information campaign then leads to protests, civil disobedience, and other measures to provoke the government into suppressing the demonstrations through the use of violence, which in turn will persuade many individuals to demand the government’s resignation. The goal is to place the government into a stressful situation in which it has to make snap decisions in order to stabilize the political situation and to lessen the psychological assault.

3) Organizing “pressure from above”

This includes using agents of influence to lobby the government to adopt certain decisions. The lobbying accomplishes two things:

The target government leaders are flooded with false information on the unfolding events, with suh information coming from trusted and close sources including even relatives and good friends.

It impresses upon government members the unavoidability of adopting proposed measures.

4) Making the political decision.

Given growing pressure from above and below, the government falls under a psychological sense of emergency, in which it feels it has to make hasty decisions. If the decision does not satisfy the organizers, they step up the level of pressure. Once the government makes the expected decision, the organizers move to the next step.

5) Removing the pressure. Once the decision satisfies the organizers, its widespread and enthusiastic acceptance is organized. The situation returns to normal as the level of organizing activity drops off.

The pincer mechanism works on many levels. It assumes the use of internal and external political forces to exert pressure. It can work on three levels at once—international, internal elite, and regional elite.

The psychological pressure’s effectiveness depends on several factors:

-The population’s specific psychological factors which are being manipulated;

-Actual social conditions, including mass expectations;

-The level of cohesion and professionalism displayed by the “from below” pressure team exerting pressure on the region’s population.

The three-level pressure system includes the following:

a) The official international relations, including the totality of bi- and multi-lateral contacts which the state’s foreign policy organizations maintain, and which can be used to pressure the country’s highest officials responsible for national security and the military, through diplomatic notes, official statements, etc.

b) The “transnational geopolitical pluralism system”, consisting of:

– The global specialized network of international foundations, banks, and humanitarian organizations which provide an appearance of pluralism. This is initiates psychological pressure.

– Multi-national corporations which have offices in most countries.

– Transnational NGOs and unofficial political entities, such as the Trilateral Commission.

– International organized crime and terrorism.

– Interpersonal relations among senior government officials, or the so-called “social network of world elites.”

c) The global public opinion-forming system, including:

– International media and news agencies;

– National media and news services aimed at foreign audiences;

– The Internet.

This system can offer moral support to the protesters and separatists and also pressure national leaders by helping form a corresponding international public opinion.

The internal elite groups exerting psychological pressure include:

-Members of the ruling elite;

-The political anti-elite consisting of people who want to join the elite and change the country’s political, financial, legal policies;

-The political sub-elite, or secondary groups within the elite who are not happy with their status and want to move up.

External forces are far more effective at interfering in domestic politics under conditions of globalization. Terms such as “economics without borders” or “freedom of the press” assumes not only complete freedom for legitimate economic and media actors, but also for shadowy entities which can render financial and moral support of the anti-elites and sub-elites in their confrontation against the ruling elites.

The media play a key role in ensuring the “pincer”. They are used to magnify the political pressure on the leaders and to provide psychological support for the protesters.



The US Military’s Willful Slaughter Of Life In The Pacific Ocean

April 27, 2016

The United States military has become a runaway juggernaut of environmental devastation and destruction. From the global climate engineering assault (that is poisoning the entire planet and ripping Earth's climate and life support systems apart), to the insane, blatant, and willful slaughter of ocean life, the actions of our military are truly beyond rational comprehension. Though many have chosen to primarily blame Fukushima fallout for the shocking North American west coast marine life collapse,there is much more to the story. How bad is the die-off?

The recent headlines below should be a stark wakeup call.

Dead animals litter California beaches… Alarming phenomenon” — “Graveyard of washed-up sea life” — “Influx of malnourished sea creatures” — Experts: We’re really starting to worry… The animals are starving to death… Covered in sores… Stunted growth… Weak immune systems

As Pacific sardine collapse worsens, scientists worry about ecosystem ripple

Scientists: West Coast bird die-off “is biggest ever recorded” — Stomachs completely empty — “Staggering… Alarming… Unheard of… Never seen anything like it” — “Unprecedented in size, scope, duration” — “Deaths could reach many hundreds of thousands”

“Mind Blowing”: Die-off in Pacific far worse than anything ever seen before — Expert: Alarm over what’s happening in ocean — Deaths puzzling gov’t scientists, “I’ve never heard of such a thing anywhere in world” — Reports: Beaches full of bodies… Countless carcasses

Collapse of kelp forest imperils North Coast ocean ecosystem

What part has the US military likely played in the unfolding catastrophic die-off? The truth is beyond shocking. The important excerpts at the link below are from a just released report from The West Coast Action Alliance.

Two Party Election Politics is a Sham

April 28, 2016

As the democratic nomination draws nearer, the Sanders campaign has been forced to drop ‘hundreds’ of employees in a last-ditch effort for the white house. Due to the situation at hand, it looks like the race for the presidency will be between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Although many millennials support Bernie, the consensus is not clear exactly how many supporters of his would vote for Clinton in the primaries, especially with a stigmatized Donald Trump on the other side of the aisle.

In polls aggregated by the Huffington Post, Hillary is shown to be more ‘unfavorable’ than ‘favorable’ to the American public. Polls from CBS, USA Today and many more show Mrs. Clinton disliked by the majority almost every single time. In fact, out of 101 polls, 99 of them were unfavorable towards her, while the other two were only slightly more favorable by a degree of roughly one percent.

To be fair, internet polls aren’t necessarily representative of potential election results. Although they have been shown to be fairly accurate in some past elections, there are those who support Hillary simply because they consider her a democrat or because they desperately want Donald Trump ousted.

“I would vote for Hillary because I am a Democrat. But I have many friends who say it’s Bernie or bust. And that is the problem if we don’t want a Republican president.” – Larry Kosta, Retired Investor

A Hillary Presidency Means Less Liberty At Home And Abroad

Whatever you think about Trump, a Clinton presidency would be none the better, if not entirely disastrous.

During the George W. Bush era, some very lucrative business deals were made after the occupation and invasion caused widespread devastation to Iraq’s infrastructure. This resulted in Dick Cheney’s Halliburton ending up with the contracts to rebuild Iraq, thereby making a fortune from the military excursion. Similarly, when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state she also made some very lucrative deals, but instead of rebuilding, she approved $165 billion in arms sales to 20 foreign nations after receiving millions of dollars through the Clinton Foundation. Among these nations are Saudi Arabia, a major Clinton Foundation donor, which has a monumental track record of human rights abuse, especially concerning women’s rights.

Not only is she making lucrative deals with foreign nations, and as Bernie Sanders often points out isdeep in the pocket of big banks and special interests, but she is so unprincipled that even the progressive left is calling her out for supporting anti-free market trade deals like NAFTA and engaging in ‘chaotic’ military interventionism in the middle east, just as the Bush administration did.

Top Clinton Foundation donors who lobbied her State Department include the Microsoft/Gates Foundation at $26+ Million, Walmart at $2-10 Million, Coca-Cola at $5-10 Million, Qatar at roughly $1-6 Million, Goldman Sachs at roughly $1-5.5 Million, and the list goes on to include drug companies, biotech and chemical companies like Monsanto, oil and gas companies and more, most of which have “donated” at least one million dollars.

“The word was out to these groups that one of the best ways to gain access and influence with the Clinton’s was to give to this foundation… This shows why having public officials, or even spouses of public officials, connected with these nonprofits is problematic.” – Meredith McGehee, Policy Director at Campaign Legal Center

A Growing Need For Third Party Candidates

Each day of the presidential race brings into further clarity the drastic need of a third-party influence in American politics. The reason that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have grown so popular throughout this election cycle is because the American public is simply sick of being lied to by establishment politicians and bureaucrats.

A third-party might open up the debate in a way that could change the landscape of politics for years to come. To its credit, the country’s largest third-party, the Libertarian party, had it’s first ever televised debate on Fox Business in March of 2016. However, it is still being given far less attention by the mainstream media at large than the other two parties, which results in a biased election for alternative candidates.

In fact, when it comes to political parties, George Washington was one of the nation’s biggest critics. During his farewell address of 1976, he warned of the rise of political parties subverting American liberty.

“They are likely, in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.” – George Washington on Political Parties, Farwell Address 1796

The two parties have clearly subverted the power and will of the people, and the time has come to create a new paradigm of honest politics for the people.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

26/11 – What Really Happened At Nariman Chabad House

The 26/11 Mumbai Attacks of 2008 was as we have reported earlier were a sequel to Spanish Train Bombings which were coordinated with such sophistication where 2 parallel and distinct operations were carried out.

The attack on Taj, Oberoi, Trident, Leopold and Nariman House along the seashore.

The attack at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), Cama Hospital and Rangbhavan Lane in the heart of the city.

The two targets, the ATS Chief Hemant Karkare and the three buildings that were selected, are diagonally opposite in nature and texture. The former is definitely not in favour of either the underworld or the foreign intelligence agencies that want to penetrate into India using the cover of rightwing militant organizations. The latter mentioned targets, Taj and Oberoi hosted ‘distinguished guests’ during the last week of November 2008. Most of them were Diamond Merchants and coordinators of intelligence in South Asia.

Here is an exhaustive account of what really happened at the Nariman House, a centre for disseminating traditional Judaism by the Chabad movement also known as Chabad House, pieced together from facts reported in multiple mainstream news media outlets during the time but largely ignored during investigation and analysis.


Hack the plan, not the trees

28 April 2016

It's not the trees but the plan ­to build multilevel flyovers ­that has to be hacked! At the risk of sounding radical let me say it again. Hack the plan and not the trees.

Here's why.

Road widening and road building programmes are often proposed as a solution to traffic congestion, but there is clear evidence that these programmes are ineffective.

Case studies in the UK and the Netherlands have amply proved that the benefits from reduced congestion and shorter journey times are often short-lived as new road network capacity is taken up by new traffic growth. So build flyovers and promote use of private vehicles! Remember the Chennai story?

The city of Chennai earned the title 'city of flyovers', thanks to 21 elevated urban corridors which it hosts. It's common knowledge that despite the massive investment, the flyovers have failed to solve the problem of traffic congestion in the city .For the investment made, experts believe that the city could have strengthened its public transportation, or laid 2,000 km of dedicated cycle lanes across Chennai's streets or built an equivalent BRT (Bus rapid transit) network of 150 km.

For some of us who love Hyderabad for its beauty , here's some bad news. Flyovers can scar the urban fabric! Cairo is one sad example of flyovers marring the beauty of a city and please remember, it's just one example.

It is not just the beauty of the city or the wasted investment or the enhanced congestion, but it's also about health. Dust and other air pollution from construction can impact greatly the health and quality of life of people, with some studies reporting an increase in mortality due to chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and cancer. Cities in China have seen a rapid rise in neurological diseases like Alzheimers and stress-induced bipolar disorders due to noise and air pollution.

The phenomenon of flyover construction is best understood from the book 'Road to Ruin'. It says that roads are an invention that humans have come up with (short of aerial carpet bombing) to destroy community quality of life. As mentioned before, roads do promote auto-dependency and as communities do not interact closely like they do in 'walkable neighbourhoods', the quality of life hits a downward spiral. And that, in my opinion, is toxic to the health of a city.

In short, you as a citizen are getting ready for the future ­ with solar rooftops, rainwater harvesting pits, kitchen garden in balconies, locally-sourced material for your homes, bamboo furni ture, conservation classes, ozonized vegetables and pranayama for quality of life... And, the city is killing green, inviting concrete, ruining the thermostat, polluting air, smogging your lungs. Case studies prove it wrong. 'Science of City' does not support it. Citizens don't want it. Then why I pray this plan?

By Karuna Gopal 
(The author is President, Foundation for Futuristic Cities)

Monday, April 25, 2016

A small action can be amplified to become a large one, even if you are unaware of it

A domino can knock over another domino about 1.5x larger than itself. A chain of dominos of increasing size makes a kind of mechanical chain reaction that starts with a tiny push and knocks down an impressively large domino.

Original idea by Lorne Whitehead, American Journal of Physics, Vol. 51, page 182 (1983).

for sophisticated discussions of the physics.

As seen on QI in the "kinetic" episode. I was contacted by those Elves.

Behind the massive vaccine scandal in China

April 24, 2016

A vaccine scandal has erupted in China.

Time Magazine reports ("China Vaccine Scandal Prompts Angry Backlash From Parents and Doctors," 3/22/2016):

"Furious parents and health care professionals in China are demanding to know how almost $90 million of improperly stored and potentially fatal vaccines were distributed across some two-thirds of the country over the past five years, in the latest public-health scandal to raise serious questions over the efficacy of the Chinese Communist Party's rule.

"According to state media, a mother and daughter from eastern China's Shandong province have been caught peddling 25 kinds of unrefrigerated vaccines - including for polio, mumps, rabies, hepatitis B, encephalitis and meningococcal diseases - to medical facilities across 24 Chinese provinces since 2010.

"Inflaming the public backlash, authorities had apparently known about the case since last April, though only publicized the news late Friday in a belated attempt to trace potential victims. Moreover, the elder suspect, a 47-year-old woman surnamed Pang, had apparently been convicted of the same offense in 2009 but only received a suspended sentence. State media admitted the compromised inoculations could have resulted in paralysis and even death.

"'Twenty-four provinces, five years already, and how many children! It's been nearly a year and then they reveal this! Isn't this genocide? Words cannot express how angry I am!' posted one user of China's Twitter-like microblog Weibo, reports the BBC."

"'This is a matter of life and death,'" one Beijing-based doctor told Radio Free Asia. 'They should make an announcement about this as soon as possible ... so we can locate these items and cut off the supply, so no more people are harmed.'"

Just to show how panicked the vaccine establishment is about the current wave of public awakening---sparked in part by revelations in the movieVaxxed---major media can't even keep their stories straight.

The NY Times, reporting on the China scandal, and relying on the World Health Organization (a PR front for the vaccine industry) takes an assuring tone ("China's Vaccine Scandal Threatens Public Faith in Immunizations," 4/18/2016):

"Despite such fears, the tainted vaccines are more likely to be ineffective than harmful...The World Health Organization has said that outdated or poorly stored vaccines rarely if ever trigger illness or toxic reactions. Chinese government investigators said last week that they had not found any cases of adverse reactions or spikes in infections linked to ineffective vaccines."


Perhaps editors at the NY Times and the World Health Organization would like to prove their faith and confidence by taking shots in the arm of those spoiled vaccines.

Besides, here in America, nothing like that could happen.


Here are excerpts from a series of articles I wrote, in 2004, about the "Chiron disaster," in which a British company shipped millions of tainted flu-vaccine doses to the US.

No one in the British or American regulatory system seemed to be overly concerned. Of course, no one really knew whether Chiron vaccines, once they were stored in US warehouses, had already gone out the door to doctors--- or whether, in a parallel to the current China scandal, sales of those dangerous and illegal vaccines were being made in the US for profit.

Rather, the US authorities simply said the millions of doses stored here were "outside the legal chain of regulation." The doses were in limbo. They belonged to Chiron---but even Chiron was not controlling them.

My 2004 excerpts follow. As you read on, notice how the US regulatory system failed, and how it can be failing in the same ways now, under our noses:

It turns out that a great deal of the Chiron flu vaccine that was banned and held under lock and key in England WAS ACTUALLY SHIPPED TO THE US, WHERE IT IS NOW SITTING IN DISTRIBUTORS' WAREHOUSES. 

There is one simple question here. When the US government announced this week that Chiron vaccines were unsafe, why didn't they mention that a great deal of the vaccine was already inside the US? 

Where unscrupulous people could sell it.... 

Will the office of Tommy Thompson, the head of the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, receive ANY calls from mainstream reporters demanding to know why he didn't tell the American people, when he announced the ban on Chiron's flu vaccine, that a great deal of that vaccine was ALREADY in the US? 

I think not. 

Because I know how lazy or brain-dead most medical reporters are. Only when a story kicks them in the face like a mule do they respond, and then only when it's an approved mule. 

There are lots of implications here. Although it may be standard practice for a vaccine manufacturer to ship out huge numbers of doses to distributors before doing its own final safety check on the vaccine, it's insane. 

The Chiron doses are in the US already. People who work for these US distributors could have already sold off some of the stocks. The SF Chronicle mentions doses were sent from England to the US in July. Why should we assume they have been sitting in warehouses all this time? 

And now that all Chiron flu vaccine is banned as dangerous, the black market will take over. People at those US warehouses could be making deals with Mexico and South America and Canada and, yes, America, and who knows where else, before all the vials are destroyed. 

This is a major scandal and health threat in progress, and the US Dept. of Health and Human Services seems to be doing nothing about it. 

So it is buyer beware. If the buyer is determined to get a flu shot, how is he to know whether it comes from Chiron? 

What is contaminating Chiron's flu vaccine is the serratia bacteria. It is now cited as a cause of pneumonia and infections in hospitals. 

Remember, when germs in a vaccine are introduced into the body, they are injected, which means that several working portals of immune defense are bypassed through the direct injection route. Ditto for nasal-inhalation. 

"[Chiron vaccines are] sitting in US distributor warehouses, outside the direct control of the company or US [FDA] regulators," according to, the San Francisco Chronicle's online outlet. 

We could be talking about something on the order of 20 million doses... 

So, which flu vaccine are people in the US going to be getting this fall and winter?? 

...The San Francisco Chronicle reports mind-boggling details. Read carefully: 

"The Chronicle has learned that vaccine shipped across the Atlantic has been sitting since August in the warehouses of American drug distributors, under a Chiron-imposed 'quarantine,'' but outside the direct control of the company or U.S. regulators." 

"In this case, Chiron employed the little-known quarantine process under which drugmakers can ship products to distributors before final safety tests are completed." [!] 

"Norman Baylor, deputy director for the FDA's vaccine unit, said it was not unusual for manufacturers to ship vaccine under quarantine. The quarantine is lifted by the manufacturer when the company's final tests confirm that the product is safe and the distributor is free to sell it." [Unless the product remains dangerous, because it is dangerous, and it is being sold out the door.]" 

"'I think the system works,'' Baylor said in an interview in September shortly after Chiron's contamination problem first surfaced. 'The system did what it was supposed to do.''' [Yes, it allowed dangerous vaccines in the door...and potentially out the door.] 

"Baylor also confirmed that 27 bulk lots -- nearly half of the 60 produced by the Chiron plant -- had been 'released' by the FDA prior to the company's discovery that some finished product was contaminated. The actual number of doses that can be produced from each lot varies." [Released? In other words, unleashed on the American people.] 

"Although the federal agency does not conduct tests on the final product, companies are liable for the safety of their medicines and have powerful incentive to test them thoroughly before releasing them from quarantine, Baylor explained." [I see. Let the companies decide whether their vaccines are safe. No problem. How could there be a problem?] 

"...the initial crisis had been triggered when tests detected serratia bacteria in a small number of lots. Serratia bacteria are often implicated in episodes of hospital-acquired infection and can be deadly in the bloodstream."

"The company has yet to reveal when it discovered the contaminated lots, but having found a problem, Chiron never lifted its quarantine. Although no Chiron vaccine was shipped to clinics, some drug industry experts acknowledge that its presence at multiple U.S. distributor warehouses poses a potential security problem." [Indeed it does.] 

"'Because of the shortage, the spot market for flu vaccines is going to go through the roof,' said David Webster, a health care consultant in Lehigh Valley, Penn. 'Any time there is an extremely valuable commodity, the potential exists that it will work its way on to the black market. It is a legitimate cause for concern.'''

---But don't worry. These days, in 2016, things are different: meaning the authorities do better PR and propaganda. Although the extremely lax regulations may still be in force, the assurances of safety are broadcast more convincingly.

And that's what matters.

It's all good. 

Take your shot. Love your vaccine.

By Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.

You can find this article and more at

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hacking Democracy in Less than 60 Seconds

APRIL 24, 2016

Surely, there are many ways to hack the elections, whether electronic or otherwise.

For manual elections, vote buying and physical intimidation are just some of them.

Vote buying comes in different flavors, i.e. from distribution of canned sardines and few kilos of rice in rural areas, to promises of temporary employment in more developed areas.

For electronic voting, you can hack the machines used during Election Day, or even prior, in as easy as twisting a screw driver. This only involves swapping of memory cards, or ROM chips, containing predetermined results.

Changing the ROM chips, to manipulate how each vote is counted, takes less than a minute.

Here’s how to bypass the “security seal” of the voting machines to replace memory cards with new ones with predetermined results.

Prior to a carefully planned rigging of the elections, poll surveys will be used to precondition the mind of the electorate to the intended outcome. The rest will be done through the media.

Above all, the best indication that the whole system is rigged is when the population realized that their economic condition continues to worsen in spite of democracy.

The best way to conduct a fool proof election is to physically divide the people on Election Day in such a way that everyone could see who’s voting whom, forcing everyone to make a stand for one’s choice.

Another alternative is to wear the campaign color of the candidate to signify support of that candidate.

Secrecy will always open the opportunity for rigging, and the cowards always deserve the kind of government they have.

India's Electronic Voting Machines ( EVM ) are vulnerable to fraud

US Lab Says Electronic Voting Machines Easy to Hack

Preparing for a world where existence of extraterrestrial life is common knowledge

We are on the verge of the biggest paradigm shift in human history. A world where the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life becomes common knowledge. The signs are evident to all who are willing to see the changes that lie ahead. Soon, it will be common knowledge that extraterrestrial life exists and preparing can benefit you in many ways. You can prepare by doing something NOW to educate yourself. The Exopolitics Institute offers courses designed to educate you about extraterrestrial life, its various aspects and impact on human society. Watch this ExoNews TV Special to learn more!

To learn more about the Exopolitics Institute courses, click here.

Unprecedented Access

By Preston James, Ph.D on April 22, 2016

Never before in history have the masses had instant access to information about the dark side of the Evil Establishment Hierarchy and the Select Few wrinkled up old mass-murderers and perverts that run it.

“For the first time in history deep state secrets and previously hidden information about the secret Babylonian Talmudic Occult Network has been made readily available to the common man. This has occurred because of the Worldwide Internet and its Alternative Media. These disclosures are only going to increase…

“And right now several powerful groups inside and some nations outside of America are now going after the Hierarchy with a vengeance for all the evil that has been uncovered and linked to their top Policy-makers, who are wrinkled-up old demon-possessed, mass-murders and pedophiles. This is being done by deploying sophisticated covert operations and psyops to take the Hierarchy apart at the seams by exposing their money fraud and war crimes, and by instituting powerful but subtle rear-guard actions to restore the US Constitution inside America.

“That is now rapidly changing due to the emergence of the Worldwide Internet, the New Electronic Gutenberg Press, where information is transmitted at the speed of light to millions all around the world… The advent of the cell phone and iPod-type handheld devices have just added to this instant access to information and have produced the ability to gain and maintain constant communication with others, which was not possible before.

“There have been numerous deathbed confessions of high USG officials and scientists involved in the Alien ET matters. More and more individuals are coming forth by the day and telling about the secret crimes of the USG cutouts who serve the Hierarchy. We are now seeing an unprecedented number of federal whistle-blowers who are disclosing a great deal about USG and Hierarchy crimes.

“As the Hierarchy is deconstructed and as many of their deep secrets of unimaginable evil are revealed to lower level members, a significant number will side with the populist forces that are emerging and will quickly sell out the Select Few and the top Hierarchy command structure.

“Because of the increasing popularity of the alternative media on the Worldwide Internet, the World’s New Gutenberg press, we are seeing an end to secrecy in progressive steps. This is being orchestrated by the new kid on the block, the Third Force, which could perhaps soon take over and crush the Hierarchy, the Select Few and their Cutouts and the Satanic, pedophilic, child-sacrificing Babylonian Talmudic Khazarian Mafia (Zionists, aka Sionists), of which it is a byproduct.”

Almost everything major that occurs in government and society is a byproduct of the secret policies mandated to be fulfilled by the Hierarchy by the Select Few who occupy the top leadership positions of the Hierarchy.

These are usually wrinkled up old Satan worshipers that have been creating and spreading evil, chaos, disease, suffering and mass death in order to make vast profits for the Hierarchy for many years.

When they set a new policy such as “we must disarm all Americans”, this order is passed down through the whole Hierarchy at each level until it reaches the street level in your neighborhood.

The Hierarchy’s ability to create as many debt-notes as it needs to set up and finance sophisticated Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to apply massive social pressure to susceptible members of the public to support such efforts gives the Hierarchy massive persuasive power.

It is important to understand the various layers of the Hierarchy, which are arranged to be progressively more powerful as one reaches the next higher level. Criminal initiation rites are associated with appointment to any level, and these initiations become increasingly deviant and feloniously criminal as one rises to each higher level by successfully completing the base requirements and the initiation rites, which are videoed to use for later blackmail if ever needed to keep a recruit within their allowed parameters.

Members at each level report to a superior who functions as their handler and they have only been given information about the Hierarchy that is relevant to that specific level; therefore, any secret information given to them about the Hierarchy is always based on need to know. The extreme compartmenting is similar to all Intel Agencies and keeps many low to mid-level members from observing the evil the Hierarchy produces or the evil the Top Leaders enact at their secret Satanic rituals — rituals which often involve pedophilic sex magic and child sacrifice.

As the Hierarchy is deconstructed and as many of their deep secrets of unimaginable evil are revealed to lower level members, a significant number will side with the populist forces that are emerging and will quickly sell out the Select Few and the top Hierarchy command structure.

In addition, various Hierarchy money fronts and lobbyists are used to funnel vast bribes to Members of Congress to get their intended legislation passed to promote increasingly unConstitutional gun laws in progression, which are intended to eventually lead to complete disarmament.

Of course, new false-flags in gun-free zones will probably be deployed to create mass fear to motivate the masses to support unConstitutional new laws to disarm the American People.

Because these top Hierarchy leaders, the Select Few, are old and losing their reasoning ability, they are falling into a serious trap with efforts to disarm the American people.

This would never be accepted, and if pushed too hard would set off massive rebellion of We The People, a certain civil war, and a major military coup d’etat. If a civil war would erupt, many in the military would defect and join We The People, and the same would go for many American Police and even many who work for the DHS which is really little more than an Israeli secret police occupation army.

The contractors and guards who are supposed to be keeping USG and DHS armories and ammunition supplies secure would open the doors to We The People. Right now, at least 5-10% of all such munitions and armaments are being ripped off and sold for money on the black market.

Numerous shipments exist only on paper and are never shipped but only billed, much like that which occurred in the Korean, Vietnam and Mideast wars. This has made some contractors and the bloodline families that own their stock very wealthy.

Because of the increasing popularity of the alternative media on the Worldwide Internet, the World’s New Gutenberg press, we are seeing an end to secrecy in progressive steps.

This is being orchestrated by the new kid on the block, the Third Force, which could perhaps soon take over and crush the Hierarchy, the Select Few and their Cutouts and the Satanic, pedophilic, child-sacrificing Babylonian Talmudic Khazarian Mafia (Zionists, aka Sionists), of which it is a byproduct.


Washington Launches Its Attack Against BRICS - The Destabilization of Brazil and Argentina

April 23, 2016

Having removed the reformist President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Washington is now disposing of the reformist President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff.

Washington used a federal judge to order Argentina to sacrifice its debt restructuring program in order to pay US vulture funds the full value of defaulted Argentine bonds that the vulture funds had bought for a few pennies on the dollar.

These vultures were called “creditors” who had made “loans” regardless of the fact that they were not creditors and had made no loans. They were opportunists after easy money and were used by Washington to get rid of a reformist government.

President Kirchner resisted and, thus, she had to go. Washington concocted a story that Kirchner covered up an alleged Iranian bombing in Buenos Aires in 1994. This implausible fantasy, for which there is no evidence of Iranian involvement, was fed to one of Washington’s agents in the state prosecutor’s office, and a dubious event of 22 years ago was used to clear Cristina Kirchner (image right) out of the way of the American looting of Argentina.

In Brazil, Washington has used corruption insinuations to get President Rousseff impeached by the lower house. Evidence is not necessary, just allegations. It is no different from “Iranian nukes,” Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” Assad’s “use of chemical weapons,” or in Rousseff’s case merely insinuations. The Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, notes that Rousseff “hasn’t been accused of anything.” The American-backed elites are simply using impeachment to remove a president who they cannot defeat electorally.

In short, this is Washington’s move against the BRICS. Washington is moving to put into political power a rightwing party that Washington controls in order to terminate Brazil’s growing relationships with China and Russia.

The great irony is that the impeachment bill was presided over by the corrupt lower house speaker, Eduardo Cunha, who was recently discovered to have stashed millions of dollars in secret Swiss bank accounts (perhaps his pay-off from Washington) and who lied under oath when he denied having foreign bank accounts. You can read the sordid story here:

Kirchner and Rousseff’s “crimes” are their efforts to have the governments of Argentina and Brazil represent the Argentine and Brazilian peoples rather than the elites and Wall Street. In Washington these are serious offenses as Washington uses the elites to control South American countries. Whenever Latin Americans elect a government that represents them, Washington overthrows the government or assassinates the president.

Washington is close to returning Venezuela to the control of the Spanish elite allied with Washington.

The presidents of Ecuador and Bolivia are also targeted. One reason Washington will not permit its British lapdog to honor the asylum Ecuador granted to Julian Assange is that Washington expects to have its own agent back in as President of Ecuador, at which time Assange’s asylum will be repealed.

Washington has always blocked reform in Latin America. Latin American peoples will remain American serfs until they elect governments by such large majorities that the governments can exile the traitorous elites, close the US embassies, and expel all US corporations. Every Latin American country that has an American presence has no future other than serfdom.

The original source of this article is Paul Craig Roberts.

What Hillary Clinton Really Represents

Published on Apr 17, 2016

Digging deep into Hillary's connections to Wall Street, Abby Martin reveals how the Clinton's multi-million-dollar political machine operates.

This episode chronicles the Clinton's rise to power in the 90s on a right-wing agenda, the Clinton Foundation's revolving door with Gulf state monarchies, corporations and the world's biggest financial institutions, and the establishment of the hyper-aggressive "Hillary Doctrine" while Secretary of State. Learn the essential facts about the great danger she poses, and why she's the US Empire's choice for its next CEO.

A single video could not possibly cover all about the dark sides of one Hillary Clinton, so that if one murder conviction is enough to send one to a lifetime of incarceration, surely Hillary deserves a multiple of that capital punishment.

Will FBI’s move lead to that conclusion?

DeLay: FBI Has Threatened Attorney General Lynch, ‘Indict Hillary Clinton, Or Else’

There’s something about the words “Hillary Clinton” and “jail time” that’s really soothing to the ears. And the visual it brings of a corrupt old crow sitting behind bars really gives you hope for America’s future. While we’ve been hearing those words quite a bit in the media lately, the past couple of weeks have been relatively silent on the matter.

However, according to reports that came in at the end of January, it would seem that the FBI is ready to indict Hillary, and if it’s recommendation to do so isn’t followed by the United States Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, the agency’s investigators are planning on blowing the whistle and going public. Ah . . . justice.

Speaking of justice, this case could show exactly what kind of justice system we have. Will Hillary Clinton be held accountable for her actions, as she should? Or will the Obama Administration snuff this flame before it grows? This American ideal that the citizens should be held accountable while politicians get a free pass is tiresome. Who watches the watchmen?

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Global Bankster Mafia Caught Rigging Markets to Destroy Middle Class

April 22, 2016

Billion dollar lawsuits are nothing to gold-rigging banks like Deutsche, but the proposition of spending time in jail might just have motivated the notorious criminal institution’s executives to rat on its peers. This isjust the beginning of disclosure in the financial industry which the world has never before seen.

Deutsche was fined just over $2.5 billion barely a year ago for rigging interest rates, and now they are admitting in settled U.S. lawsuits this week that they manipulation gold and silver prices on international markets. Part of the settlement involved the naming of co-conspirators in the manipulation of these markets.

The scam is being called ‘the London Gold Fix’, and in addition to Deutsche Bank, Canada’s Bank of Nova Scotia, the U.K.’s Barclays and HSBC, and France’s Société Générale are involved. More than likely hundreds of banks participated in illegally setting prices for gold and silver – but this isn’t really news to those familiar with the ministrations of the elite banking cabal.

Cushy banking jobs are only given to those deemed worthy by the ‘Four Horsemen’ of banking who are among the top ten stock holders of practically every Fortune 500 company and who come from only eight families. According to Global Finance magazine the world’s five biggest banks are all based in Rothschild fiefdoms in the UK and France, though Chinese banks are gaining power.

They are the French BNP ($3 trillion in assets), Royal Bank of Scotland ($2.7 trillion), the UK-based HSBC Holdings ($2.4 trillion), the French Credit Agricole ($2.2 trillion) and the British Barclays ($2.2 trillion).

In the US, a combination of deregulation and merger-mania has left four mega-banks ruling the financial world: Bank of America ($2.2 trillion), JP Morgan Chase ($2 trillion), Citigroup ($1.9 trillion) and Wells Fargo ($1.25 trillion). That’s your four. So, any gold rigging, libor scandal, price fixing, mortgage rate ridiculousness, etc. is going to trickle down from these banking elite.

John Merrill, founder of Merrill Lynch, exited the stock market in 1928, as did insiders at Lehman Brothers, but merger mania left us with just a handful of conspirators that could control entire markets – including the lucrative gold and silver markets.

“If this type of blatant rigging of financial markets is allowed to continue, the world economy will soon face a crisis more devastating to the middle class than anything we’ve seen since the great depression.” – Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch

Is it any real surprise, then, that the first class action alleges that the defendants, including The Bank of Nova Scotia, conspired to manipulate prices in the silver market under the guise of the benchmark fixing process, known as the London Silver Fixing, for a fifteen-year period? Or that an identical class action suit was filed for manipulating gold prices? Or that plaintiffs accuse Deutsche Bank of conspiring with Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS.TO), Barclays Plc (BARC.L), HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA.L) and Societe Generale (SOGN.PA) to manipulate prices of gold, gold futures and options, and gold derivatives through twice-a-day meetings to set the so-called London Gold Fixing. Old news – but of course the corporate, bank owned media is just now setting us all straight.

The lawsuits are just a few of the many in Manhattan federal court in which investors accuse banks of conspiring to rig rates or prices in financial and commodities markets. The banks are ‘too big to fail’ because they rigged it all – oil prices, gold prices, silver prices, interest rates, the US stock market,foreign exchange markets – EVERYTHING. As Matt Taibi has said in a Rolling Stone article, “The illuminati were amateurs.”

As Preston James and Mike Harris explain, “the history of the Khazarians, specifically the Khazarian Mafia (KM), the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate that the Khazarian oligarchy morphed into by their deployment of Babylonian Money-Magick, has been nearly completely excised from the history books.” They are talking about this rank and file banking cartel. The full history of this perpetuating fraud can be perused, here.