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Friday, July 28, 2023

A Guide to Freeing Your Mind

The Matrix Ending Explained: A Guide to Freeing Your Mind

The Take

The Matrix is far more than a sci-fi action classic - it's a practical guide to freeing your mind and fulfilling your potential, to becoming "The One" yourself. The Wachowskis ground-breaker - now celebrating its 20th anniversary - shows us how to follow the 7 steps of Neo's journey to Enlightenment.


The Hero's Journey of Self-Discovery


The cycle of the hero’s journey is a tale that is told over and over again, calling us to change by pushing us out of our comfort zone. These lessons are repeated over and over again, as one learns from their mistakes and improves upon life. 

Jonathan Young, PhD reveals the secrets of the hero’s journey as it can be applied to improve our lives in the modern world. Jonathan Young, PhD, is a psychologist and storyteller who assisted mythologist Joseph Campbell for several years and went on to serve as the founding curator of the Joseph Campbell Archive and Library.

We have alien bodies and they are hiding it from you

"We have alien bodies and they are hiding it from you" Bombshell UFO testimony w Dr. Steven Greer


Jul 28, 2023

On Wednesday, Congress held a hearing about UAP’s or “unidentified aerial phenomena.” This is government speak for UFO. During the hearing, U.S. intelligence official David Grusch, a whistleblower, testified under oath before Congress that the United States has the bodies of alien pilots who were recovered from crashed UFO’s. He also said that we have crashed craft and that he will give more details about that in separate closed-door hearings. We speak to physician and ufologist Steven Greer on the matter.


What Edward Snowden just said about UFO’s is TERRIFYING and should concern all of us


Edward Snowden now has access to some of the most closely kept secrets in the country as a former CIA employee and NSA contractor. And so, as any inquisitive mind with access to the CIA's equivalent of Google might do, he looked for solutions to some of the most important questions asked by society. Attention Area 51 Stormers, chemtrail believers, and doubters of climate change: Edward Snowden has discovered information regarding UFOs that should worry us all.

Anyone Caught Child Trafficking Will Be Put to Death

Sound of Freedom Official Trailer

Angel Studios


Anyone Caught Child Trafficking Will Be Put to Death

TRUMP: "I will use Title 42 to end the child trafficking crisis by returning all trafficked children to their families in their home countries and without delay, and I will urge Congress to ensure that anyone caught trafficking children across our border receives the death penalty immediately and that includes also for women, because women as you know are number one in trafficking. Children are actually number two."

Opium War In North Eastern India

A "war on drugs" poster on one of the abandoned homes in Leitangpokpi

Its not about Christians vs Hindus or Hill vs Valley - they have lived peacefully together for ages.


Here is a report:

The underlying tensions in Manipur stem from a complex interplay of various factors, one of which is a crackdown on drugs in recent years. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led state government, under Chief Minister N Biren Singh, who is a Meitei, launched a controversial campaign targeting poppy farming. Since 2017, his government claims to have destroyed more than 18,600 acres of poppy farms, the majority of them in Kuki-inhabited areas. (Manipur has long battled a drug-addiction crisis and is among four north-eastern Indian states bordering Myanmar, the world's second-largest opium producer.)

But Mr Singh's campaign also became a flashpoint between the two groups. He cautioned that villages growing poppy - mostly Kuki homelands - would be stripped of their welfare benefits, and accused Kukis of doing "drugs business". Kukis accused Mr Singh of "selective targeting and vilification" of the community - an allegation he denies.

In Leitangpokpi, villagers talk about farms in the hills above being cleared to grow poppy. Most Meitei men here were farmers or firewood traders. They would take Kuki-owned land in the hills on three-year leases, chop down trees and sell firewood in the market, said Tarun Ngangom, a local former teacher. "But this has slowed down in recent years, because we hear many of the villages have begun growing poppy," he said, a claim that could not be independently verified.

The scale of poppy farming in these parts is unclear. According to official figures, more than 730 acres of poppy farms in Imphal East district - home to 16% of Manipur's estimated 3.3 million people, and including Naga, Meitei and Nepali inhabited villages - have been destroyed since 2017.

Then there's the brewing fault line over undocumented illegal immigrants from Myanmar, a country with which Manipur shares a near-400km (248-mile) border. Stickers bearing the message "go back, Burmese refugees" have begun appearing on storefronts and residences across Meitei villages.

Mr Singh has repeatedly spoken of concerns about the civil war in Mynamar prompting an influx of refugees, who are ethnically close to the Kukis. (The majority of these refugees - more than 40,000 - have entered and taken refuge in neighbouring Mizoram.) A state government panel identified 2,187 immigrants from Myanmar in four districts of Manipur until end-April. An official note spoke of a "large number of illegal migrants" and said the "recent violence was fuelled by influential illegal poppy cultivators and drug lords from Myanmar settling in Manipur".

'How did our friends and neighbours become enemies overnight?,' says Khunaijam Shanti

But life among the ordinary people appeared to have been largely without friction before the recent violence. In villages nestled against the foothills, Meiteis have travelled uphill to gather firewood and employ excavators for road construction. And Kukis have come down to do business.

"We have been living peacefully with our Kuki neighbours for years," said Ms Shanti. "We would go to their villages, they would come to ours and do their shopping. Some of us have even jointly invested in [local] small savings funds.

"How did our friends and neighbours become enemies overnight? Were they instigated by outsiders?" she asks.


Manipur: The abandoned villages in the crosshairs of India violence

This is the second of a two-part series of ground reports from violence-hit Kuki and Meitei areas. You can read the first one here.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Fall of the Chimera

Time has come to release more intel about the Chimera group. Parts of this intel may seem unbelievable for some people, but truth is stranger than fiction. 

This group includes the leaders of the dark forces from the Andromeda galaxy. They came to Earth in humanoid physical bodies 25,000 years ago and quarantined the planet. They have built a scalar electromagnetic fence around the Earth (the Veil), effectively preventing positive ET contact and thus isolating humanity. Then they constructed a vast network of subterranean cities, using Draconians as slave handlers and Reptilians as slaves and controlled the human population on the surface of the planet from there.

Their main strongholds at that time were under Africa, China and Tibet. They had no direct contact with the surface civilization until the early 20th century. That timeframe has seen interesting occult developments.

First, in 1917 the Light forces have formed the Thule society in Germany. Very soon it was infiltrated by the Archon-controlled Rothschild agent named Adolf Schicklgruber (Hitler) and became an instrument of the dark and it further morphed into the Vril society which was developing secret German space program:

When the Chimera group saw this, they realized that the surface human population has reached sufficient technological development to reach for the stars and pierce the Veil. To suppress that, they have made their first contact with the surface population through Karl Haushofer on his travels to Tibet. After that contact was made, Chimera-controlled Haushofer was the main occult force behind the Nazi Germany:

After the Nazis have lost WW2, they have been imported into the United States through Operation Paperclip, where they formed the backbone of the military-industrial complex, continued to develop their secret space program and started to build deep underground military bases, financed with Yamashita gold. The Chimera group was behind the scenes, carefully watching the moves of the US military-industrial complex and making sure that the quarantine status of the planet was maintained and kept intact. The growing nuclear arsenal of the Negative Military was a great concern for the Galactic Confederation forces and they made an experiment to minimize the yield of the thermonuclear bomb at the Castle Koon nuclear test in 1954:

After the Confederation has successfully decreased the yield of the bomb by almost 90%, the military-industrial complex became afraid and united their forces against the perceived threat from the »tall whites« . This was exactly as Chimera wanted, because now they had Negative Military united worldwide, working on the common goal of maintaining the quarantine. Very strict secrecy protocols were established and no leaks about »deep events« which could disrupt the quarantine status were tolerated. This is the reason why you can find no real proof about the existence of ET civilizations anywhere and most »evidence« is fabricated by CIA to further confuse the issue. This is also the reason why you can not find any deep intel on internet but just endless recycling of well-known facts instead. You might already have noticed that almost all intel about UFOs and deep underground military bases is decades old. 

You can find the only mention of the Chimera group in a James Casbolt's interview. He is one of the very few people with access to deep intel who went public. Although not everything in here is correct, it is worth reading:

The Chimera group worships the Black Sun, which is their symbol for the Galactic Central Sun. Their leader is still in a possession of a single piece of the Black Stone, which is a lump of heavy top/antitop quark condensate. It was brought to Earth from Rigel in 1996. The Black Stone is the center of the primary cosmic anomaly of darkness and is far more dangerous than the strangelet bomb, as top quarks are much heavier than strange quarks:

Leaders of the Chimera group are the guardians of the electromagnetic null zone.

The Chimera group had their own network of underground bases until they were recently cleared out by the Resistance. These bases were connected with a high speed train system. To clarify the situation, until recently there were three underground train systems: the one connecting deep underground military bases of the Negative Military, the one connecting the Chimera bases and the one connecting the Resistance bases. The Resistance train system was the one I have seen back in 1977. The existence of the underground train system of the Negative Military has been leaked to the surface population through this RAND document:

Now only the underground train system of the Resistance is fully operational. The Chimera group is mostly contained in the uppermost underground sections of the surface military bases, closer than 100 feet (30 meters) to the surface. Their main current strongholds, through which they control the surface of the planet, are:

*Borgo Santo Spirito, Rome, Italy

*Aviano NATO base, Italy

*A certain classified location, Central Europe

*Another classified location, Central Europe

*Ramstein NATO base, Germany

*Fairford RAF base, UK

*Montauk, NY

*Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

*Sandia / Los Alamos, NM

*White Sands / Area 6413, UT

*Nellis AFB / Area 51, NV

*Edwards AFB, CA

Each of those locations has their own strangelet bomb on its territory. Those strangelet bombs are quite dangerous and they are the main reason why the Positive Military is not yet making their move for the Event:

A location near Montauk entry/exit point is Cold Spring Harbor, a genetics laboratory where the Chimera produces top Cabal members clones, according to some unconfirmed sources:

Galactic Confederation forces are constantly monitoring the facility and will terminate the cloning program when the situation will be ready for that:

The Chimera group has hijacked the global financial system from the hands of the central bankers in the last decade through the PROMIS software and through high speed trading programs. The Resistance and the Organization (its forerunner) were aware of those programs for quite some time and were able to siphon off about 70 trillion dollars away from the black funds of the Cabal. That money will be given back to humanity after the Reset through the collateral accounts.

The Chimera group must not be confused with the breakaway civilization. The breakaway civilization originated in Nazi occult space program and evolved into a military-industrial complex with many black projects, whereas the Chimera group is the driving force behind the breakaway civilization, manipulating it to help maintaining the quarantine status of planet Earth. The demarcation line between the Chimera group and the breakaway civilization is called the phase boundary, of which nothing more can be said publicly, and the Event / the Compression Breakthrough can also be called the phase transition.

The Light forces have developed a protocol for the defeat of the Chimera group and the protocol is being carried out.

The Victory of the Light is near!

COBRA (Compression Breakthrough)

Whenever There Is A Decisive Military Defeat, Regime Change Follows

July 24, 2023

Ukraine peace deal reached between NATO and Russia

(Second Part of the Above Article)

History shows that whenever there is a decisive military defeat, regime change follows. The parade of Rockefeller stooges from the fake Biden administration visiting China recently has been part of a desperate attempt by the old US regime to stay in power. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Anthony Blinken and Janet Yellen all went to China on begging missions and returned empty-handed. This led to top Rockefeller bagman, the hundred-year-old Henry Kissinger himself, being sent to China. Chinese government sources say they told Kissinger they respected him as an “old friend,” who helped normalize relations between the US and China in the 1970s. However, they also told him they knew he ordered the murder of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Abe was a member of the Chinese Li royal family. For this and other reasons, they would not support his Rockefeller masters and their fake Biden.

Also -in a very clear sign Taiwan does not intend to go along with any KM plot to turn that island into a new Ukraine- Chiu Kuo-cheng, head of Taiwan’s defense said “Taiwan does not plan on reselling Hawk surface-to-air missile systems (SAMS) to the US just so they can turn around and send them to Ukraine.” He added “Deadlines have already been set in accordance with which the Hawk SAMS will be got rid of every year; they will be replaced with Tien Kung (Sky Bow – TASS) SAMS. After that, they will be destroyed.”

In other words, they are telling the Rockefellers, “We are not going to trade used weapons for your fake dollars so that you can buy time by selling them to other countries.”

By the way, if the US really wants to fight China, they should start with schools. According to the Department of Education’s own report scores in every subject and grade level have been declining over the years, especially in reading and mathematics. Things would be worse without immigrants.

Polish intelligence pointed out that at the just-ended International Mathematical Olympiad in Japan, the team win was won by the Chinese team composed of: Shi, Liang, Zhang, Sun and Chang. The second place was taken by the USA team composed of: Lin, Liu, Lu, Shen, Wang and Zhao.

They add there were 6 Poles at IMO in Japan who won one silver and five bronze medals.

As things stand, if the ethnic Chinese are attacked in the US, that would probably pull the plug on much of the US tech industry.

The Chinese are already pulling the plug on the current Rockefeller/Rothschild-dominated financial system. Last week China’s one-time property giant Evergrande reported long-delayed results showing that in 2021 and 2022, the company generated losses of $113 billion on $340 billion in liabilities.

A similar implosion is happening in the US. A 30-story building in downtown Baltimore was sold in June for $24 million, a 63.6% discount versus the tower’s 2015 sale of $66 million, according to The Baltimore Sun

This is just the beginning. In Japan, commercial real estate prices fell 90% from their bubble peak and it is a mathematical certainty the same will happen in the US. Since the Chinese are not going to help, this will definitely wipe out the Federal Reserve Board.

The FRB is already long past bankruptcy. The amount of federal debt is so extreme that even a return of interest rates to their historical average would mean paying an interest expense that would consume more than half of tax revenues. Interest expense would eclipse Social Security and defense spending and become the largest item in the federal budget. In short, allowing interest rates to rise high enough to entice natural buyers would bankrupt the US government because of the higher interest costs.

This means that without Chinese support the Rockefellers will not have the funds they need to bribe and murder their way out of the frontal assault on their Joe Biden avatar that is now unfolding in Congress. By the way, if any readers believe that “Joe Biden” is still alive, they need to check out the evidence below to confirm he is just an avatar.

  Nonetheless, publicly taking down the avatar will expose the puppet masters behind him. The reason the long-anticipated mass arrests have still not concluded is because the US military is going by the book. The wheels of justice grind slowly but they grind to dust. Now, they are finally grinding their way to the top people.

For example, Senator Chuck Grassley released an FD-1023 form, alleging that Mykola Zlochevsky, Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma’s founder, paid a $5 mil bribe each to Vice President Biden and Hunter Biden to have Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired.

Also, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said “The Democrats kept saying, ‘Oh, we don’t have any evidence. You don’t have any evidence.’ Well, [Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene] showed them evidence,…“She showed them evidence of the president’s son committing a crime, violating the Mann Act. She showed the plane tickets, she showed the pictures, she showed the evidence. You know, there’s no question he violated it. That’s another thing that he could have been charged with.”

More importantly, Sen. Ted Cruz said if the “damning” whistleblower testimony before the House “is truthful, it means Merrick Garland, Joe Biden’s Attorney General, committed multiple felonies.”

PIA Press Release 16 JUL 2023

Impeaching Garland would remove the main legal obstacle to the prosecution of “Biden,” and the exposure of his handlers.

That is why the “Biden” people are circling the wagons by putting CIA Director William Burns in his Cabinet last Friday. Burns, of course, is one of the chief architects of the entire Ukraine disaster.

CIA sources say the “Biden” people are going to try to avoid prosecution by announcing the “death” of the long-dead Biden. They will then find an excuse to avoid the no-brain Vice President Kamala Harris taking over and jump straight to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy, of course, would be the person who would have to hand over controls of government to an entirely new group, presumably centered around US President Donald Trump and vaccine truther Robert F., Kennedy Jr.

When asked if he’s thought about RFK Jr. as a running mate Trump said

“No, but people have suggested it… there are a lot of people suggesting it… I’ve known him over the years. He’s a smart guy and well-intentioned.”

That was not a definite ‘no’…

Of course, a Trump/Kennedy regime would go after both the child traffickers and the vaccine pushers.

After screening the movie Sound of Freedom Trump said you “have to see it,” and added, “The Biden administration has done absolutely nothing to protect these children.”

He could have gone further and said the Biden administration has been actively involved in the trafficking of children. They are even coming out of the closet now with HBO trying to normalize pedophilia. 

Warning: This is extremely disturbing.

We also have a letter from Barack Obama supporting pornography for children. 

The facts are these children aren’t being “loved;” they are being tortured to death to harvest adrenochrome. During the “Biden” administration 60,000 children were sold in the Ukraine and 85,000 children were taken from Latin America. This is in addition to the 40,000 children who go missing each year in the United States. These children will finally get justice because the whole world now knows about these crimes by the Western KM elite.

This will also mean the liberation of the Jewish people from thousands of years of Satanic control. A Mossad source said a sign of this could be seen when Israel’s President Herzog told Congress: “America is irreplaceable to Israel, and Israel is irreplaceable to America.”

“It’s interesting that I didn’t see a single man in the crowd wearing a yarmulke. Very unusual,” he said. This is a public sign that the Jews do not want to be seen as separate from other people.

In Israel, meanwhile, crowds of protesters march daily to the Parliament building in Jerusalem to express their opposition to the Netanyahu government’s attempt to turn the country into a dictatorship. Military veterans, intelligence officials, pilots, etc. have also spoken out against this takeover.

Meanwhile, Benyamin Netanyahu, the would-be god-king of Israel, is nowhere to be seen. First it was said that he had suffered heat stroke, now it is said that he had heart surgery and was fitted with a pacemaker. “They want to keep the story alive for as long as possible. There’s definitely CGI, holograms and doubles involved,” Mossad said.

Another KM leader who is on his last ropes is Justin Castrudeau in Canada. The videos below speak for themselves. The man is so hated by Canadians it is surprising he is still clinging to power. He is definitely on his way to jail and possibly execution for war crimes.

Video Player
Video Player
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Video Player
The cornered KM are now desperately trying to use a combination of “climate change” and UFOs to try to cling to power.

The “climate change” hysteria is being fueled by placing temperature monitoring stations in hot spots like airport runways and changing weather reports to make it appear like we’re all burning up. The problem is that this is all just a big lie and people know it.

The UFO thing is perhaps even more interesting. Last week, White House national security chief John Kirby was subpoenaed to say that UFOs “are having an impact on our training grounds” and must be treated as a “legitimate problem.”

“In late August or the first week of September, the real UFO government record will be released. They have no more cards to play,” says a Secret Space Program source.

Other suppressed technologies are already emerging. After decades of waiting, the US has finally approved its first all-electric flying car. The $300,000 Model A is a real flying car – it can drive on the road as well as be flown in the air. And it’s one step closer to your garage. By the logic of business, it won’t be long before the $20,000 models are available and the future of our Jetsons will finally arrive.

More importantly, we are about to live thousands of years. The latest sign of this is that Harvard scientists have discovered a “drug cocktail” that can reverse aging in less than a week.

A long and prosperous life awaits.

They Are Here!

26 July 2023

UFO hearing likely to be limited disclosure. 

Get the real UFO scoop here!

The world should never go back to normal with the Congressional UFO hearings and their 3 handpicked intel providers – if key points come out: 

1. Most UFOs are of off-planet origin. 

2. The government already knows this, and 

3. We’re not alone in the Universe and our MIC are already working with non-terrestrial beings.

As we are going through revelations now, aka as the Quickening, the end of the age, the Great Reset, or other names…once we pass the bridge that we accept we’re not alone in the universe, we need to elevate the conversation. Or it will quickly devolve into pandemonium.

The simple lesson behind the ages old UFO misinformation campaign comes down to power. If you control the message, you control the people. 

1. The government will never come clean about this information as it implicates them in high crimes. 

2. The revelation that we’re not alone in the Universe changes society structure regarding religion and politics.

Also available on Rumble:

See many UFOs from this year alone in a quick survey of UFO/UAP reports from the public domain. 

And get more information about global control, planetary liberation, and human empowerment at

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Gerry Gomez

US Congress FINALLY Showed UFO Evidence Previously Hidden From Us


US Congress FINALLY Showed UFO Evidence Previously Hidden From Us


Live: Congress holds hearing on UFOs after whistleblowers claim government kept information secret 
Watch live as Congress holds a hearing on UFOs on Wednesday (26 July) after whistleblowers claimed that the US government has kept information about aliens secret for years. 
Lawmakers will appear on Capitol Hill where several Pentagon whistleblowers will present testimony about the existence of extraterrestrial life. 
The three witnesses, who previously served in the US military, have already come forward with claims that the government has kept information about UFOs secret for years. They are likely to testify about what they know about alien life. Today's witnesses include David Grusch, former US Air Force intelligence officer, former US Navy commander David Fravor, and former US Navy pilot Ryan Graves. 
The hearing titled “Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Implications on National Security, Public Safety, and Government Transparency" will “explore firsthand accounts of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) and assess the federal government’s transparency and accountability regarding UAPs’ possible threats to US national security," the House Oversight Committee said. 
For more visit Independent TV:

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Ascension Tool

Dear beloved ones,

The clock is ticking. Today, while the future awaits, we can choose what it will be like. The only way you can fully appreciate the 24-hour window is by living with it.

You must live with it. Your day, your life, your happiness, your sanity, it all depends on it. You must live it. You must make it count.

Every day we are confronted with new challenges, new scenarios, new decisions, new goals, new accomplishments, new relationships, new dreams, new successes, new failures, new opportunities, new obstacles, new chances, new mistakes, new regret, and new wisdom. Nothing ever stays the same.

Life changes so fast, we barely have time to catch our breath.

Every minute we spend waiting for the next big opportunity is a wasted one. It’s all about living in the present and focusing on what we can do RIGHT NOW to make our lives better. That’s exactly the reason why today is the only day that matters-because we can take advantage of it right now.

And it’s true. Today is the only day you have to ask yourself: What will I do to bring meaning and purpose into my life?

There are no do-overs in life, so it’s important to take advantage of the hours, minutes, and seconds you have in front of you.

Ask yourself, what’s most important to me? If the answer is, “I want to be rich” or “I want to be happy,” then do what you need to do to make that happen. If the answer is, “I want to raise my consciousness or I want to save the world,” then do that.

It won’t be easy. It will be hard. It will be filled with setbacks, challenges, and obstacles. This is not just a matter of putting in the effort. It’s a matter of deciding what’s important and sticking to it, no matter what.

What’s most important is getting what you want. Everything else is less important than that. Even your family and friends. Even your job. Even your ego.

You have the freedom to make today different. You have the freedom to do what you want to do. What will you do today?

But we are always thinking about the past and future. But the future is not coming. It is here, today. The future is here and now.

Because the future is here today, we are free to choose it. We can choose to accept the future as inevitable, or we can fight it. We can fight it by finding new ways to carry on our lives, or we can choose to destroy it by giving up, giving in, and accepting it.

Life has distractions. I’m not always in complete control of it, but one thing I do have control over is my attitude toward the day. I can choose focus instead of a distraction. When I feel scattered, overwhelmed, or frustrated, I try to remember my intent. It’s always better to start your day with intent. This means finding the one specific thing you want to accomplish for that day and working on it until you are finished.

Do you know the power of intention? It is the single most important aspect of getting things done. You have to know what you are trying to get done for that day, week, month, or year. The intention that you have for that day should be written down at the start of the day so you can track your progress.

Starting today, stop thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. Make today your only thought. You’ll find that you start completing your goals faster because you are focused on the present. The power of today is huge!

We do this a lot. We live in the past. We dwell in the future. We constantly feel like we have to overcome something from yesterday or achieve something new tomorrow. Or we think that it’s going to be a good day when in fact, today is all we have.

Life is too short to worry about the past and worry about tomorrow.

It’s not about what you’ve done in the past or how great your plans are for tomorrow. It’s about right now. It’s about getting up early, doing the work, and seeing the result of what you do today because that is more important than everything else.

How often do you find yourself thinking about the past? The past is an essential part of our lives, but it can also be our downfall. We’ve spent too much time reliving our previous mistakes.

Then we start thinking about tomorrow, how we’ll do this and that, and how we’ll accomplish a lot. But when tomorrow comes, we’ll repeat the process. We are deferring our actions until the next day and remaining unchanged.

The secret is taking control of your day. This seemingly simple behavior has large consequences. Have you ever wondered why successful people appear to be so successful? It’s because they’ve figured this secret out and use it consistently. The same goes for successful people in business or sports or any other field you can think of.

Each day, you have to decide how hard to push yourself. You have to decide whether today will be the day that you change what you’re doing or not. You decide how far you want to go with your life and your business. Your habits and actions help determine where you end up in life and within your business.

We have one day to live-today. Tomorrow is uncertain. It is a chance to be a better person. But it is still an unknown. Let’s take today as a chance to grow and become the future version of us.

There is power in RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow or two weeks from now.

Today is your day. You are off to great places! You are ready for an exciting journey! You are full of energy, hope, and determination.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray



The mind is holographic in nature, and exists outside of the body, distributed across the infinite sub-quantum infrastructure of the universe. 

And while it is one thing to simply make such a statement, this book will actually elucidate the underlying sub-quantum physics demonstrating how this is possible. 

Further, it will show how sub-quantum physics provides a rational framework which explains such so-called “paranormal” phenomena as Precognition, Psychometry, Telepathy, Reincarnation, Mediumship, Out-Of-Body Experience, The Akashic Records, and many more.

Holographic Sub-Quantum Mind

by Louis Malklaka


Quantum Reality: Space, Time, and Entanglement

World Science Festival 

Brian Greene moderates this fascinating program exploring the fundamental principles of Quantum Physics. 

Anyone with an interest in science will enjoy this thought-provoking and highly entertaining show. 

PARTICIPANTS: Mark Van Raamsdonk, Gerard ’t Hooft, David Wallace, Birgitta Whaley


Inside the DARK DECEPTION Behind CERN and the LHC



James Webb Telescope Just Detected First Ever Evidence Of Dark Matter

What fills every space in the universe yet remains unseen by anyone? As astronomers will tell you, the answer is dark matter. But recently, the James Webb Space Telescope has discovered dark matter, leaving scientists scratching their heads because the true nature of dark matter defies all explanations. 

This discovery has challenged all the scientific theories explaining the mystery of Dark Matter. 


A galaxy without dark matter? The discovery leaves scientists baffled


Galaxies have always been characterised by dark matter. Dark matter is the mysterious stuff that fills the universe. Over 80% of matter in the universe is made up of material scientists have never seen. 

But wait! There is a galaxy out there that is devoid of any dark matter. A distant galaxy has baffled astronomers.


NASA: "North Americas Worst Disaster in 300 Years About To Happen in 2023!"

From 2020 until now, we've seen the worst of the worst natural disasters and pandemics. Ranging from deadly hurricanes and wildfires to massive earthquakes, it's as though the Earth is angry for some reason. 
Well, things may get worse because NASA has just raised an alarm that North America is about to witness the worst disaster ever in 300 years.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023


Planetary Situation Update and Kyoto Ascension Conference Report

यो अस्याध्यक्षः परमे व्योमन्त्सो अङ्ग वेद यदि वा न वेद ॥७॥

Nasadiya Sukta -The Hymn of Creation from Rig Veda

1. Then even non-existence was not there, nor existence, There was no air then, nor the space beyond it. What covered it? Where was it? In whose keeping? Was there then cosmic fluid, in depths unfathomed?

2. Then there was neither death nor immortality nor was there then the torch of night and day. The One breathed windlessly and self-sustaining. There was that One then, and there was no other.

3. At first there was only darkness wrapped in darkness. All this was only unillumined cosmic water. That One which came to be, enclosed in nothing,
arose at last, born of the power of knowledge.

4. In the beginning desire descended on it - that was the primal seed, born of the mind. The sages who have searched their hearts with wisdom
know that which is, is kin to that which is not.

5. And they have stretched their cord across the void, and know what was above, and what below. Seminal powers made fertile mighty forces. Below was strength, and over it was impulse.

6. But, after all, who knows, and who can say Whence it all came, and how creation happened? The gods themselves are later than creation, so who knows truly whence it has arisen?

7. Whence all creation had its origin, the creator, whether he fashioned it or whether he did not, the creator, who surveys it all from highest heaven, he knows — or maybe even he does not know.

Contrary to the popular belief, this Universe was NOT created by the Source, it emerged as a result of dynamic tension between the Source and the subquantum anomaly. This Universe at the present state of evolution is still quite unevolved, as it is clearly seen in the ridiculously slow speed of light in the ordinary spacetime. The Source steers the evolution of this Universe into the Light through actions of the Light forces, who are still learning to understand the Creation, hence their many mistakes.

Ancient nations knew this, and in Rigveda there is the famous Hymn of Creation:

which clearly states that the Light forces and the Source may not understand the Creation. Because of its importance I will quote the verse in its original in Sanskrit:

यो अस्याध्यक्षः परमे व्योमन्त्सो अङ्ग वेद यदि वा न वेद ॥७॥

You can translate it here:

During the Archon invasion in the late 4th century, the dark forces tried to erase all traces of that knowledge in order to prevent the clearing of cosmic darkness. This is the reason they have burnt the Alexandria library and destroyed Gnostic and Manichean texts. In India, this was the time of the Gupta dynasty which was out of the reach of the Archon invasion and this is the reason many important ancient Indian texts survived:

Since the Portal of Light activation, the Light forces are reactivating ancient vortexes in India to assist in the process of returning the true spiritual energy to the surface population.

Their main focus are ancient temples of Chola, Chera and Pandya dynasties in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Many of these temples have a powerful Goddess vortex:

In many of those temples, Goddess mysteries were transmitted to the people by devadasis:

Some of them are connected with underground tunnels to the Agartha network and some of them have treasuries of gold, worth hundreds of billions of dollars. This gold is now being energetically activated by Saint Germain for the future benefit of humanity:

Southern India was once a part of an old Atlantean colony:

Where many Pleiadian women were anchoring Goddess mysteries:

In southern India, people carried on the tradition of ancient knowledge after the deluge of Atlantis for many thousand years:

The other focus of the Light forces are the Mughal architecture sites in northern India. The court of Akbar, Jahangir and Shah Jahan was under the direct influence of the Galactic Central race and a focal point of Sufi Goddess mysteries:

Taj Mahal is currently the most powerful anchor of the energies of the Galactic Central Sun and the M 87 galaxy on the planet:

The main focus of the Light forces is now clearing of the subquantum anomaly.

Subquantum anomaly is not as innocent as it was previously believed, and the Lurker entity poses quite a challenge. More intel about the Lurker is now available. In the previous cosmic cycle, some entities wanted to survive the big crunch as the universe was collapsing into a singularity, and the only possible way to survive this (except Ascension) was to forcefully project consciousness into the subquantum anomaly.

Those entities from the previous cosmic cycle used a very advanced technology with extreme energies to push their consciousness into the subquantum unspace. Through this process they were extremely traumatized, they lost their individuality and merged into a rabid, amorphous, revengeful subquantum blob named the Lurker, as hinted at in these sci-fi novels:

The Lurker was hidden for the majority of this cosmic cycle in the subquantum unspace, and only recently, in the last few million years, nudged the dark forces into greater and greater anomaly and distortion. The Lurker fully emerged during the Archon invasion in 1996 to try to prevent the cosmic Ascension process and the final removal of evil.

Since 1996, it plagues the spacetime quantum fluctuations indirectly from subquantum unspace, which the Light forces continuously clear with Mjolnir technology. Lurker is the underbelly of the Universe which drains through quarantine Earth tumor / cyst. Physical biochips of the surface population are subquantum/quantum portals through which the Lurker emerges into the quantum fluctuations.

Mjolnir technology continuously sublimates parts of the Lurker from subquantum unspace into the quantum fluctuations, which mostly cancel each other out, and then dissolve into nothingness. Those fluctuations that do not cancel themselves out continue to produce small amounts of anomalous proton plasma.

Subquantum anomaly near Earth is so dense that can descend Ascended beings who would project part of their consciousness on the mental, astral, etheric or physical plane to create a mayavirupa:

Subquantum anomaly also seeps through the walls of Light forces motherships due to Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

For those reasons the Light forces have a great difficulty directly intervening on the surface of the planet until enough subquantum anomaly is removed. Inability to physically intervene maintains the Lurker and this creates a negative feedback loop which maintains the quarantine. This negative feedback loop is being dissolved with the use of Mjolnir technology.

Mandalas, buildings and objects based on sacred geometry clear the subquantum anomaly. Especially effective and positive is the octagon:

Another focus of the Light forces is the city of Suzhou in China, where Tanyangzi ascended and achieved immortality in 1580 and created an Ascension vortex for that city:

It is here interesting to note that the Jesuits entered China through Guanghzou and Suzhou only a few months later in 1580 to suppress that vortex:

All these activations of vortexes are giving a strong energetic push towards Disclosure:

Goddess Temples on the surface of the planet are being activated:

And you can still add your temple here:

We will end the situation update with this quite interesting channeling:

Kyoto conference was a huge success. Our strong and harmonious group has created conditions through which the healing of dragon vortexes can finally begin, starting with the Kyoto dragon vortex. Our group has also made an important connection with the Ashtar Command through which the development of Mjolnir and ATVOR technologies will be greatly accelerated.

You can read notes from the Kyoto conference in English here:

In French here:

And in Spanish here:

Victory of the Light!

COBRA (Compression Breakthrough)