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Monday, June 29, 2020

Join the Global Mass Meditation & Activation on June 29th/30th – Guided Meditation Here!

June 29/30 - Age of Aquarius Activation II - Guided Audio Meditation

Meditation Instructions
(20 minutes)

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to co-create the trigger that will start the Age of Aquarius.

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.

4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining darkness on Earth, healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize soft pink Light of the Goddess embracing all beings on planet Earth and healing their emotional bodies. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

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Body half-burnt and stray dogs pulling at the funeral pyre, PV Narasimha Rao met the fate of Deng Xiaoping

In May 1995, his relationship with Sonia Gandhi in tatters, Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao asked the Intelligence Bureau (IB) a simple question. How many of his cabinet hopefuls were “pro-high command” (pro-Rao), how many were “pro-10 Janpath”?

The IB, tasked with protecting the nation from domestic enemies, replied with a list of names. Written in columns next to the name were the person’s ‘state’, ‘caste’, ‘age’, ‘loyalty’, ‘comments’. For example, next to “M S Aiyar” it was written “Tamil Nadu, Brahmin, 52, pro-10 Janpath, was critical of handling of Ayodhya issue by the PM. Took care of party interests in JPC on bank scam.” Next to “Margaret Alva” it was “Karnataka, Christian, 53, pro-high command, political lightweight, could be dropped if adjusted suitably in organisation otherwise Christians of Karnataka may react adversely”.

The list ends with the names of leaders to be considered for “appointment to organisational posts”. Topping the list was “Sharad Pawar… Maharashtra, Maratha, doubtful, a good organiser and influential leader. Could prove useful”.

This was not the first time Rao had used the IB to counter Sonia’s influence. On December 7, 1992, the day after the demolition of the Babri Masjid, Rao posted an IB official at 10, Janpath, to check which Congressmen were tattling on him. The IB report even mentioned a conversation within the bungalow: “During the course of discussions with Sonia Gandhi, Arjun Singh, Digvijay Singh, A K Jogi, Salamatullah and Ahmed Patel… reportedly expressed their unhappiness with the handling of the situation (Babri demolition) including by the Prime Minister”.

While the PM was using his government to keep tabs on Sonia Gandhi, she was using the Congress party to keep tabs on him.

Sonia had spent the first two years of Rao’s prime ministership grieving for her dead husband. But after 1992, Sonia began to cultivate Congressmen who opposed Rao. Arjun Singh,

N D Tiwari, K Natwar Singh and others routinely met Sonia to complain about the Prime Minister. Though there is no direct evidence, she likely blessed the Congress splinter group led by N D Tiwari. A minister of the time says: “Sonia Gandhi knew even what was discussed in cabinet meetings. Many (cabinet members) would go and tell her.”

These and other revelations, culled from exclusive access to cartons of Rao’s private papers as well as interviews with over a 100 people, form part of the forthcoming book Half-Lion: How P V Narasimha Rao Transformed India. The book will be available from June 27.

Rao was unloved by his people, hated by his party, a minority in Parliament, and beholden to 10, Janpath. He was nonetheless able to re-invent India’s economy, international relations, internal security, welfare schemes, and the nuclear programme. Through 318 pages and over 1,000 footnotes, the book chronicles how Rao’s ability to assess the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents — and play mouse, fox, or lion as need be — was central to his transformation of India.

Rao’s sophistication in dealing with Sonia Gandhi reflected his ability to play both mouse and lion. He never publicly criticised Sonia, not even when she accused him in August 1995 of going slow on the investigation into her husband’s assassination. But he kept tabs on her movements, and never allowed Sonia or those close to her to influence his government’s policies. Though Narasimha Rao, along with Manmohan Singh, ‘packaged’ economic liberalisation as an extension of Rajiv Gandhi’s vision, he never let that affect the substance of policies.

Where Rao failed in his management of Sonia Gandhi was after he resigned as Prime Minister. When Sonia returned to the party in 1998, she (along with advisors such as Arjun Singh) was determined to erase Rao from the Congress pantheon. Rao was blamed for complicity in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, letting Union Carbide’s Warren Anderson escape after the Bhopal gas leak, and, above all, for conspiring to demolish the Babri Masjid.

When Rao died in December 2004, his family wanted the body cremated in Delhi. “This is his karmabhoomi”, Rao’s son Prabhakara told Manmohan Singh. But Sonia’s closest aides ensured that the body was moved to Hyderabad. Prabhakara alleges, “Soniaji did not want… him to be seen as an all-India leader”.

The day after his death, Rao’s funeral procession left his Delhi house at 9, Motilal Nehru Marg for the airport to fly his body to Hyderabad. On the way, they stopped outside the Congress headquarters at 24, Akbar Road. The convention was that senior leaders, especially past presidents, would have their bodies taken inside, so that party workers could pay their respects. But Rao’s body was made to wait outside on the wintry pavement, while the gate remained locked. “Only one person could give that order (to open the gate),” a senior Congressman who was present remembers. “She did not give it.”

The night of Rao’s cremation in Hyderabad, TV channels showed visuals of the pyre. The man who transformed India, a 20th century reformer of the stature of Deng Xiaoping, had been left abandoned, body half-burnt. Stray dogs were pulling at the funeral pyre. 

June 24, 2016 Written by Vinay Sitapati 

PV Narasimha Rao Government slayed the wings of the Jain Commission of inquiry

Day after Babri Masjid demolition, Narasimha Rao kept tabs on Sonia Gandhi courtesy the IB

PV Narasimha Rao was a MOSSAD stooge

A week before the promised report on the conspiracy part of the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, the P.V. Narasimha Rao Government seems all set to clip the wings of the Jain Commission of inquiry. The Government filed a special leave petition (SLP) before the Supreme Court on December 22, its last working day of the year, seeking to restrain the Jain Commission from going into any aspect dealing with the role of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

If it gets the apex court's approval, the SLP would automatically render the Commission—set up specifically to look into the conspiracy angle—almost infructuous: it seeks to exclude from the scope of its inquiry the vital period from 1981 to June 1987. The 546-page document filed by Additional Solicitor General K.T.S. Tulsi also seeks to nullify the Commission's earlier order for CBI Special Investigation Team's (SIT) case diary, which pertains to the LTTE role.

In detail, the SLP seeks mainly to:

-exclude the LTTE from the purview of the Commission;

-nullify the Commission's order demanding SIT documents;

-exclude the case being tried in the designated TADA court from the purview of the Commission; and
 -restrict the scope of the inquiry to the period from July 29, 1987, to May 21, 1991—signifying the post-Sri Lanka accord period and leaving out six years of the LTTE's intensified activities (1981-July '87) when it had free access to and patronage from India. Incidentally, Rao was foreign minister in between this period and was involved in Indo-Sri Lankan affairs.

Undeterred by the government move, Justice M.C. Jain has taken a confrontationist attitude. On December 28, he asked CBI Director K. Vijaya Rama Rao to hand over the crime register, which forms the basis of the case diary, by January 6. Apart from Jain's tough stance, the Government's unprecedented move to have changed, midway, the terms of reference of a probe panel constituted under the Commission of Inquiry Act has raised questions—both on its intent and legal validity.

In fact, this is the third move by the Rao Government to either wind up or min-imise the Jain Commission's role. On February 10, 1993, a cabinet agenda seeking to wind up the Commission was withdrawn following protests by members of the Cabinet, including Arjun Singh. Later, the Government backed a private petition filed by Mushtaq Ahmed, a little-known lawyer from Uttar Pradesh, pleading that the Commission be wound up as it was not serving any purpose. The petition, which cited almost the same reasons as the present SLP, was rejected by the Delhi High Court on November 16, 1995.

True to his style, the Prime Minister has fielded P. Chidambaram, minister-in-charge of the probe and a close family friend of the Gandhis, to propose the move. But Chidambaram has put on record Rao's role. His noting on the file says he discussed the matter with Rao twice. "The PM has approved it." Ironically, Chidambaram was assigned the task of ensuring a speedy probe into the assassination in September—a month after Sonia Gandhi publicly complained of the probe's slow pace in Amethi. Subsequently, Chidambaram made statements in Parliament and outside that the Government would fully cooperate with the Jain Commission and come out with its report by the end of December.

With this, the Prime Minister also seems to have taken a calculated gamble—risking trouble from the pro-Rajiv section within the Congress, who would receive a much-needed boost in the election year if Sonia Gandhi makes it an issue. Arjun Singh and other Congress rebels have personally accused the Prime Minister of trying to scuttle the probe, with reports of the missing file from the Prime Minister's Office only giving credence to the charge.

Interestingly, it was Rao as the AICC president who had suggested to the then prime minister Chandra Shekhar on June 2, 1991, that the conspiracy angle should be looked into separately as the scope of the J.S. Verma Commission probing security lapses was too limited. Chandra Shekhar promptly accepted Rao's suggestion in toto and constituted the Jain Commission. After Rao took over as prime minister in June 1991, his government vowed to complete the probe at the earliest. Four years and seven months later, Rao clearly seems to have changed his mind. But unlike on previous occasions, this time he has sought judicial endorsement of the controversial move.

The SLP argues that the proceedings of the Commission on the LTTE aspect might prejudice the ongoing trial of the 41 accused before the designated court. This argument chimes well with the tone adopted by the latter—the TADA court had earlier upheld the SIT plea against making available the case diary and related documents to the Jain Commission. The SIT-Jain Commission tussle had spilled into the open earlier as well. Through its order on July 2, 1993, the Jain Commission had conceded that "for the present" it would not go into "the areas covered by the chargesheet and to hold an inquiry in respect of persons and agencies, other than those against whom a chargesheet has been filed in the designated court, who are responsible for conceiving, preparing and planning the assassination". But, it also insisted on the SIT making the case diary, documents, records and materials available to the Commission so that its own inquiry is not hampered or delayed.

The SIT, headed by D.R. Kartikeyan, on the other hand, has its own reasons for not being cooperative with the Commission: it would expose the large-scale slip-ups and loose ends in the investigation. It has all along been resisting the Commission's demand for the case diary, first made in November 1991—pleading (at different stages) that the investigation/trial was in progress. As opposed to this stonewalling, Kartikeyan not only deposed before the Verma Commission orally, but even supplied to it some important pieces of evidence. They included part of the case property consisting of three videotapes, 10 photographs shot by Haribabu (hired by the killers) and a sketch of the belt-bomb.

As the tussle went on, Ahmed's petition had provided an ideal opportunity to the Government to push the Jain Commission into the dustbin. But the high court's ruling came as blighter. The SLP, in effect, also seeks to nullify the court ruling: "We do not find any need to restrict the Commission to matters other than the role of LTTE." Curiously, Ahmed did not challenge the high court's order in the apex court. "We have already raked up the matter and earned enough bad name, but the Government is free to pursue the matter," says C.S. Vaidyanathan, Ahmed's counsel.

And the Government has just done that. It rationalises the SLP in a fashion similar to Ahmed's. Official sources cite the fact that the SIT has already gathered enough evidence to nail the LTTE. Hence, they say, it makes no sense for another commission of inquiry to duplicate the entire effort all over again. As for the SLP, the Government plans to keep ita well-guarded secret till it comes up for hearing in early January '96—indeed, the manner in which it was filed on the year's last working day was almost furtive. The SIT took a fortnight to prepare the 546-page document (including annexures running into 400-odd pages). It was later examined and approved by Gopal Subramaniam, advisor to Chidambaram, and Tulsi, and ultimately got Rao's nod.

THE original terms of reference for the Commission, notified on August 23, 1991, were to go into "the sequence of events leading to, and all the facts and circumstances relating to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi at Sriperumbudur (other than the matters covered by the terms of reference for the Commission headed by J.S. Verma)". It was also to find out "whether any person or persons or agencies were responsible for conceiving, preparing and planning the assassination and whether there was any conspiracy in this behalf and, if so, all its ramifications". And the LTTE activities from 1981 up to the 1987 Sri Lanka accord, obviously, formed an essential aspect of the probe.

The clash of jurisdiction with the SIT was raked up several times, but Jain remained unrelenting. Way back on July 2, 1993, he passed an order overruling such government objections. The order said: "The Central Government should stand by the terms of reference embodied in the notification. The scope has to be understood in the light of the terms of reference themselves. The terms of reference cannot be changed or altered or interpreted differently by any affidavit or written submission."

This hardly persuaded the Government. And its predicament in the light of the Congress' pro-LTTE stance—especially during Rajiv Gandhi's regime, which would be borne out by official records of the 1981-91 period—is understandable.

The only way to avoid scrutiny leading back to itself is to narrow the Jain Commission's scope. That the LTTE was being provided with training facilities in camps run by the RAW became obvious, ironically, when Doordarshan telecast a programme on it in October 1985.

An indication that the Government was not keen to part with such information to the Commission had come a few months ago when Home Minister S.B. Chavan refused to give immunity to the Commission, saying "it may embarrass a family". And the embarrassment would be no less for the present government. A favo-urable verdict from the court might save it, but then to achieve this Rao would have to stick his neck out as an anti-Rajiv figure politically.

Rajesh Joshi 10 January 1996 

PV Narasimha Rao was a MOSSAD stooge

The decision to establish diplomatic relations with Israel was taken by P V Narasimha Rao in 1992, on the advice of Chandraswami—a known Mossad supporter. Chandraswami – a 25 year old friend was almost a VIP with special access to Rao's official residence, 7 Race Course Road.

Chandraswami’s other admirers included Chandrasekhar, Laloo Prasad Yadav, Romesh Bhandari, Sultan of Brunei, arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi, former Miss-India Pamella Bordes and Elizabeth Taylor.

Till 1991 every Prime Minister- Nehru, Indira and Rajiv had opposed the idea of giving a freehand to Mossad-CIA in India. Both Indira and her son Rajiv had put their foot down on Mossad and Israel. As a result Israel and South Africa were the only two places on the map where Indian passport holders were not allowed. This remained so till Rao became PM after Rajiv’ assassination.

Mossad meaning "Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations” is Israel’s intelligence agency for covert operations and counter terrorism. Mossad, Aman (military intelligence) and Shin Bet (internal security) are the three domestic and external intelligence agencies directly under Israeli Prime Minister. Indira Gandhi who had voted against Israel in international forums, shot down several proposals to allow Mossad and RAW to work together. Prior to 1992, Indira Gandhi had denied friendship status to Israel, voted against it in international forums and reject proposals to allow Mossad and RAW to work together. Indira Gandhi, allegedly warned Srilankan President J.R. Jayewardene of his mistake of allowing Mossad to interfere in Sri Lanka. In a telephone conversation on 5 August Indira Gandhi described this as an attempt to ‘isolate India’ in the region and strongly disapproved of Sri Lanka seeking external military support. She was concerned that Tamil militants should not find ‘patrons’ inimical to India's interests, or did not start making their secessionist demand a reality which would have had avoidable, disastrous consequences in Tamil Nadu. But within two months she was killed by her bodyguards. Assassinations are sanctioned in the Mossad and IDF ideology as targeted killings. The justification is that it’s better to kill one person than to let 100 people get killed in future. It is said to be used only when there is no way of preventing the future acts of violence. Even then it is to be practiced with minimal risk to the soldiers or civilians, after properly identifying the target and ensuring minimum harm to people nearby. This is what theory preaches.

Mossad and CIA have a reputation of causing chaos and inflaming subversive activities in several countries. Mossad had secretly planned a strike on Pakistan’s nuclear base at Kahuta near Islamabad from India’s Jamnagar base in 1983-84. The plan had to abandoned when Gen Zia ul Haq got Munir Ahmed, Chairman, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission to warn Dr Raja Ramanna, Director, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre that if Kahuta was hit, Islamabad would retaliate by attacking Trombay. Indira immediately ordered everything to stop, though there were people who did not like it.

Around this time, Jonathan Pollard, a civilian in U.S. Navy was arrested for spying by FBI. Ben-ami Kadish who retired from Armament Research and Development Center also admitted to passing classified documents on F-15 jets and Patriot missile air defense system to Yosef Yagur in the Israeli consulate. Yagur was the handler for both Pollard and Kadish. America was shocked by the technological espionage ring-- under its very nose. Rafi Eytan -- the mastermind, was a close friend of Ariel Sharon and head of Israeli intelligence agency LEKEM and Scientific Relations Office. Americans feared that a larger spy ring and more people might be compromised by the Israelis. It was an eye-opener as to what really happens between friendly countries. After Pollard’s arrest Eitan resigned; Scientific Relations Office was disbanded and Israel promised never to involve in any intelligence activity on American soil. Rafi Eytan- was dispatched to Sri Lanka as an employee of Israeli Chemical Industries. In actuality he was to take over Mossad operations in Sri Lanka.

Rajiv’s death is attributed to a sinister conspiracy hatched between Chandraswami, Adnan Khashoggi, Mossad and CIA. The MC Jain commission report relied on evidence provided by former cabinet secretary Zafar Saiffullah and wireless communication intercepts between Israel and Jaffna to establish Chandraswami's involvement. Chandraswami’s grudge was that Rajiv Gandhi did not give him as much importance as he used to get in PMO during Chandrasekhar’s rule. AICC counsel R.N. Mittal added that the self-styled god man was arrested during Rajiv Gandhi’s regime and refused permission to go abroad; hence he wanted to ensure that Chandrasekhar remained in power. So he contacted militant groups in London, Pakistan and Canada as well as CIA and Mossad. Chandraswami also approached Khashoggi who was supplying arms to LTTE. Chandraswami`s diary recovered in a IT raid revealed a payment of Rs 10 lakh to Nirmala Anuara Fernando- a Sri Lankan involved in gem trade and forged currency notes. These payments were routed through the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) - one of the world’s biggest money-laundering hubs catering to the rich, gangsters, terrorists and intelligence agents in 78 countries. BCCI involved in funding Black September and Abu Nidal terrorist operations. Its customers also included Mossad, ISI, MI6, CIA and people all over the world who had things to hide but didn’t like publicity. According to a US Senate investigations report $84 million was transferred to the LTTE from these accounts for Rajiv’s assassination. Mossad, CIA and LTTE all had accounts in BCCI.

Five weeks before Rajiv’s assassination Palestine Chief Yasser Arafat tried to warn him about an assassination plot. Arafat categorically mentioned that Rajiv's enemies would try to get rid of him during the elections. His information from inside Israel and European sources was that LTTE and Sikh extremists besides three other hostile forces from outside India might try to harm Rajiv Gandhi. Arafat tasked the Palestine ambassador in Delhi, Khalid El Sheikh to convey this message from Arafat – who was a close family friend of the Gandhi’s. Khalid El Sheikh told Rajiv so on several occasions. Rajiv had also received similar information from other sources but still chose to ignore these warnings while seeming to be more concerned about the safety of his family. He reportedly told both Priyanka and Rahul, who was studying in the U.S. to be extra careful and alert. Rajiv Gandhi, 46 was assassinated on May 21, 1991. This makes Sri Lankans the world’s leading practitioners of human or suicide bombing. LTTE is the only group in the world to have killed two top leaders almost identically. LTTE wanted to prevent Rajiv from coming back to power so he was killed by Dhanu-- a female who was also blown to bits by the live bomb tied to her abdomen. The bomb that killed Rajiv Gandhi was reportedly composed of explosives manufactured in Israel. Similarly Premadasa got into trouble when he ordered the Israeli Interests Section at the U.S. embassy to wind up and two Israeli diplomats to leave Colombo. He was assassinated in Colombo by a male suicide bomber.

Israel had been using Sri Lanka as a laboratory of death and destruction since early 70’s when Sri Lanka snapped the diplomatic ties over Palestine. Israel didn’t want to loosen its grip over Sri Lanka so it stayed on in the pretext of providing military advise and raising a special commando unit for Sri Lankan police. In 2000, a day after India refused to provide military assistance in the war against Tamil Tigers-- Israel and Sri Lanka resumed diplomatic relations. Israeli military advisers and technician started flooding Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka became a favorite destination for Mossad, Shabak and Shin Bet agents. To make big gains in the business of war -- Israelis started supplying arms and weapons in the war ravaged nation. Sri Lankan nationals working in Gulf countries were recruited to sell weapons and train one and all -- security forces, armed militia, mercenaries and private armies in Sri Lanka. Besides Israeli weapons – Lankans were offered a choice of smuggled Cambodian and Chinese weapons. Mossad managed to transform Sri Lanka into the bloodiest place on earth where massacres and killings were routine and entire villages got wiped out-- "Lebanon of South Asia."

The Jews had taken great pains to train batches of Tamil, Singhalese and the Indian security force personnel at Kfar Sirkin base and Atlit -- a top-secret naval commando base at Haifa –without letting one know about the other’s existence. Like a game of musical chair –this required meticulous planning of their day training schedules and night training exercises so that they didn’t accidentally bump into each other. The Singhalese were charged close to $300 per day for the three-month course. In addition they had to shell out extra money for helicopter rental, special training ammunition, bazooka shells and heavy mortars separately. But interestingly the Tamil splinter group TELO was not charged any fee as an investment for larger gains in future. Having planned the whole thing, so meticulously the Jews wanted - fighting in Sri Lanka to escalate into a full-scale war. This was the game plan that Rajiv wanted to foil. So he signed the peace accord and sent 3,000 Indian troops for peacekeeping in Jaffna. Here the IPKF stumbled upon large quantities of arms meant for Tamils with Israeli markings on them. It was that IPKF was not going to allow Mossad to sell its arms. This would mean end of the arms business. So it started pumping in more arms to both sides to make life hot for Indian troops. Later Premadasa started romancing with Mossad to arm the Tamils – hoping that they would wipe out the JVP Buddhists and make the Indian troops vanish from Sri Lanka. Rajiv Gandhi responded by sending 97,000 strong IPKF which unfortunately suffered a heavy toll in the unconventional warfare in Sri Lanka. Rajiv pulled out the Army under pressure from home but left the navy to block the arms supply routes. The Navy seized an Israeli ship coming from Singapore carrying amounts of arms and ammunition. The Jews were furious and wanted to teach Rajiv Gandhi a lesson. After his assassination Subramanian Swamy wrote numerous articles to mislead everyone by blaming the LTTE.

According to R. Velusami, president of Tamil Nadu Janata Party on May 21 -- the day of Rajiv’s assassination Subramanian Swamy was booked at Trident Hotel in Madras while Chandraswami was at Sindoori Hotel owned by Apollo Hospitals. Both left for Bangalore by car to see M. Chandrasekhar— for whose campaigning Rajiv had gone to Sriperumbudur-- before reaching Delhi on a special flight. One JP Builders had persuaded M. handrasekhar to select the ill-fated site for the Rajiv meeting. Before leaving Swamy had an hour-long meeting with S.C. Chandrahasan, a Sri Lankan Tamil ideologue at Hotel Trident. Curiously there is no record of Chandraswami’s stay at Sindoori where he stayed as a personal guest of Prathap Reddy. Narasimha Rao’s men tried every trick to allegedly deny and destroy evidence. Many highly sensitive intelligence reports and wireless intercepts simply went missing. Among such ‘missing documents’ was a wireless intercept dated April 20, 1991 asking the question—should Rajiv be killed in Delhi or Madras?

Rao wanted to pursue a new policy towards Israel. J.N. Dixit Foreign Secretary was the first senior Indian diplomat to visit Israel. Another such visit saw Abdul Kalam a leading defense scientist in Israel.

India’s first defense attaché to Israel Norman Anil Kumar Browne-- "Charlie" Browne was appointed Chief of Indian Air Force. Till this stage both India and Israel were denying any military cooperation. Mani Shankar Aiyer – MP, who tried to raise a question in parliament, was told that it was state secret. This hide and seek went on till the Jane's Defense Weekly disclosed that Sibat, responsible for Israeli Defense Exports had appointed over fifty agents to sell various defense items in New Delhi.

Loyal friend or Opportunist?

Many analysts insist that Israel supplied arms and ammunition to Indian Army during Sino-Indian conflict in 1962 and Indo-Pakistani wars in 1965 and 1971 – but was it out of sheer love for India or a desire to profit from a fight between two neighbors and make money in the process? This issue is relevant as many of the RPVs supplied by Israel have later found to be defective.Another example of Israeli generosity is how case President Ezer Weizmann a former combat pilot offered the obsolete Kfir aircraft as a gift to the Indian air force. The Kfir an unauthorized copy of the French Mirage III would have been a poor replacement for the aging MiG-21s. But this did not prevent the smart Weizmann from trying to dispose of the junk in his own backyard to India. Similarly Israel hyped the sale of Phalcon radar as a state-of-art system though its own IDF—had rejected it. Since the winding up of Lavi fighter project – the recession-ridden Israeli military industry – was suffering from colossal losses and was in the process of dismissing a third of the work force. Even after earning billions from exports, the Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) had to depend on government assistance to pay the salaries. The orders from the Indian defense and security services – proved to be real life savers. The starting point of the military relations was a demand by Israel to be allowed to use the Indian Air Force bases in Gujarat or Rajasthan for staging and refueling due to strategic compulsions.

These initial understandings paved the way for formal diplomatic relations and gave a toe hold for Israeli defense industry in India. Mosaad came along uninvited—like the troublesome blood-sucking flea on the animal’s back. In the garb of friendship, Mossad’s main objective is to tame India, control its leadership and make India think and behave the way it wants. As a result Israel is not just the largest supplier offloading almost 50% of arms produced by its defense industries but also controls the nerve, heart and brain of India. RAW and IB have been infiltrated by CIA and Mossad. Rabinder Singh –a RAW officer and suspected CIA 'mole' escaped to Nepal before flying to USA with the help of his CIA handlers. He used to photocopy document and take them home to email them his handlers. Brijesh Mishra allegedly refused to authorize his arrest. He was not the first or only RAW operative to be compromised. Pro-Israel lobbies in Congress and other parties ensure that nothing happens here that Israel doesn’t want. Today many Army, Police, IB, RAW as well as other intelligence, counter-terrorism or security forces personnel—are either directly trained by Mossad or Shabak another Israeli Security Service or heavily dependent on Israel for equipment, spares and advise. All this started when DG National Security Guards (NSG) Ashok Tandon and an elite commando unit received training from Israel in VIP protection.

Narasimha Rao’s pro-Israel policies initially seemed to get the Clinton administration to declare Pakistan as a sponsor of terrorism in 1993 and sack Lt Gen Javed Nasir, DG, ISI with the support of the American Jewish lobby. The inside story has an altogether different angle as it is said that the actual reason why Javed Nasir was removed was that CIA was angry with ISI over the unused Stinger missiles in Kabul. But in the long run Rao has transformed India from an anti-imperialist to a CIA-Mossad laboratory with institutionalized persecution of Muslims. Things mostly began to change after Rajiv’s death – Mossad was able to infiltrate and indoctrinate top people in IB and RAW. Mosaad today has dug it’s heals in all States of India. Apart from government serving and retired Mossad agents and sympathizers have penetrated top PSUs, Corporate Houses, Media, PR, Advertising, academics, IT, healthcare, insurance companies, think tanks, consultancies, banks, financial institutions and even NGOs. The idea is that one well placed CIA or Mossad agent in a big organization can completely control it and all its stakeholders at a much lesser cost – than what United States or Israel might need to spend to promote their interest. . From monitoring the Prime Minister's security systems, fencing the 1500 km border, or deciding which electronic surveillance and intelligence equipment needs to be purchased from Israel—there is an Israeli security advisors calling the shots. Israeli fingerprints and footprint are to be found – on almost every weapon, missiles or satellite.

Lohamah Psichlogit or LAP of Mossad is its psychological warfare operations wing involved with negative portrayal of Muslims, demonizing Islam and discrediting the `Islamic terrorist’. It has been instrumental behind creation of many Hindu Dharma Senas and training their volunteers in Israel in the pretext of giving training in agriculture. Bajrang Dal also called desi Mossad preaches “elimination of Islam from India, hindus unity to drive the Muslims out of India and suggest that no Hindu should employ any Muslim no matter how cheaply he is available”. The result is that communal polarization is a rising phenomenon which started with Babri Masjid being demolished within months of recognizing Israel. Communal riots have ripped Gujarat, Mumbai and Kerala—something unheard of till 1992. The whole country is now divided into ghettoes and badlands. This is the price India is paying.

By Neeraj Mahajan

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Friday, June 26, 2020

The Spiritual Truth About Solar Storms

You have heard the term “solar storms” and how they affect our electromagnetic field, but what does that mean? What goes on during a solar storm, and how are affected by it? Find out the meaning behind these magnetic disruptions and their valid role in our spiritual ascension.

During a solar storm, the sun emanates high energy blasts that hit the earth and affect its vibration. Quoting from Nasa:

Solar storms are a variety of eruptions of mass and energy from the solar surface. Flares, prominences, sunspots, coronal mass ejections are the common harbingers of solar activity. They all involve sudden releases of stored magnetic energy, which accelerates the hot gases near the surface or in the corona of the Sun. Sometimes these particles make it all the way to the Earth and beyond by flowing along the Sun’s magnetic field into interplanetary space. The same ‘charged’ particles can produce their own magnetic fields which can modify the Earth’s magnetic field and affect compass readings… (

What you don’t know is that the sun is in such close proximity to the earth, because it is meant to help the natural elevation of its frequency by broadcasting these spikes.

You see, the sun holds 9-dimensional energy while the earth used to have only 3-dimensional energy. This caused the earth to vibrate much lower than its original intent and that is why the earth felt so “heavy” and challenging. The lower the dimensional energy, the denser it is and the more it supports low vibrational programs, intentions, beings, attachments, and thought-forms. Read this article to better understand the difference in the frequency of dimensions.

The spiritual meaning of solar storms

In 2012 however, there was a big disturbance on the earth’s shield, that caused it to allow more frequency from the sun to penetrate its energetic fabric. This is when the earth received a big boost of light that caused so many souls to “awaken” spiritually. Many souls were filled with so much pure light that they began to ascend initiating the first wave of Lightworkers, or the “front-runners” to awake. Those are the people that could help anchor higher vibrational energy on earth. Read more about lightworkers here.

As the solar storms continued, they began affecting the earth’s magnetic field slowly. The earth’s shield, however, was blocking much of the sun’s impact on the earth, and for a good reason. You see everything is so perfectly orchestrated to work at the right time, in the right way, and that means that the ascension will occur slowly. You can’t teach someone to swim if you throw him in deep waters from the early beginning, right? Similarly, the progression of the earth’s magnetic field elevation started slowly, allowing time for people to process the new profound energy. So, the earth’s shield downgraded the intensity from the solar storms and altered it into 5D energy to be better sustained and processed by all on earth.

In 2019 we went through massive ascension growth, and the earth’s magnetic field finally achieved a jump in 5D energy. This caused the shield that was blocking the suns’ impact to be completely cleared! You see we didn’t need that shield anymore because earth could sustain higher energy.

As a result of the earth’s shield clearing however, the solar storms affected us to a greater degree, and we also felt them more intensely than ever before! As the 9D energy hits the earth, it causes profound shifts in our energy fields and rapid growth towards our ascension (read all about ascension here). We can no longer deny that our re-shaping towards light beings has officially begun. With each solar blast, we become a little more lighted, a little more elevated, a little more aligned with our divine capabilities.

It is true that the earth now is able to sustain 5D energy, but we still have 3D interference on earth causing us to downgrade and experience lower emotions more frequency that we were supposed to. The way we use to observe and react to anything around us, caused by lifetimes of hardships on earth, still exists in our DNA and that is what is causing a delay in our complete transformation.

The benefits of Solar storms

During the solar storms, the 9D energy that comes directly from the sun, enters the earth’s energy field and cleanses any lower vibrations and density still attached here. Usually, we feel fear rise, flashbacks occur, anxiety or depression show up and that is because they are clearing from within us, and from within the earth.

Moreover, the high energy that joined us from the sun re-forms our energy fields, or auras strengthening and re-balancing them.

Our cells receive their own cleansing as our DNA reforms with the crystalline energy from the sun, reprogramming us with “light codes” (read about the light codes here).

Symptoms from solar storms

Perhaps you have noticed that every time there is an ongoing solar storm, you feel disoriented, anxious, restless or fearful. This goes without saying that the disruption in the magnetic field of the earth causes you to experience a variety of symptoms, as the frequency on earth becomes affected by the high energy transmissions from the sun.

-For this, you might notice negativity show up from within as certain programs and blockages clear from within you.

-Shortness of breath is a very common symptom as the atmosphere has elevated and the breath vibrates much higher causing you to feel heaviness until your own energy field adjusts.

-Anxiety is a very common symptom as you sense the different shifts occurring within you. Read here how to handle the anxiety.

-Headaches and migraines occur from exposure to direct sunlight as your crown chakra charges with energy. You need some time to process and anchor that energy into your whole body. Grounding helps a lot here.

-After a solar storm, you will feel drained as your chakras overwork to implement these high vibration energies within. Take it easy for a day or two and you will feel much better after you have adjusted to the new frequency.

-Many times you will feel elevated and happy as the solar storms hit, but then as the body anchors the energy and goes through clearing you will notice the exact opposite emotions. Let the old clear and do not resist what comes up.

The truth is that there are many more symptoms that might come during a solar storm, and each time they might differ. Usually, you experience them in waves, as the solar storms come and go within a few days.

Summing up, the sun plays a major part in our ascension, and these solar storms initiate the earth’s shift to higher dimensions. Yes, we might feel the intensity of the energy waves and their negative symptoms, but in the long run, we benefit tremendously.

The Solar Flash (Galactic Wave of Love) 432Hz

Is The ‘Second Wave’ Another Coronavirus Hoax?

June 15, 2020

Just a week or so ago the mainstream media and thousands representing the “medical community” told us we must throw out the “stay-at-home” orders and go to the streets to protest the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police. The Covid-19 virus will not bother people who are protesting this injustice, they said. The virus only attacks people leaving their homes to protest the stay-at-home orders.

Now, after thousands of businesses – many of them black-owned – have been reduced to rubble and innocent people in the inner cities no longer have anywhere to shop for the basic necessities of life, the mainstream media has backed off of its non-stop coverage of the protests. Suddenly last week they all simultaneously embraced a new fear story to terrify the masses: a “second wave” of coronavirus was among us. It was targeting those states that dared to “open up” their economies and begin a return to relatively normal lives.

Texas, Florida, and California were singled out to scare the rest of the country into thinking that if you dare leave your homes you will catch coronavirus and die. There was a “spike” in coronavirus “cases” they claimed. Funny, just a month or so ago they were demanding that we massively increase testing, which would produce just that “spike” in coronavirus cases they are now using to scare authorities into reinstating the incredibly destructive stay-at-home orders.

In the county here in Texas that includes Houston, the young judge who somehow seized the power to shut down the third largest city in the United States warns us that she may again shut down Harris County to fight this “second wave” of cases. She even threatened to again pour millions of dollars into a “field hospital” at a Houston football stadium that did not see a single patient in the “first wave” of coronavirus. It’s hard not to wonder which politically-connected companies are reaping millions in contracts for an obviously un-needed hospital. Thousands of hospital beds in Houston are vacant, while cancer patients have been refused their screenings and desperately needed treatments.

As former Congressman David Stockman points out, the actual coronavirus numbers do not in any way support the media assertion that a “second wave” of infection is cresting over Texas. Stockman informs us that in Texas the “reported infected case rate of 256 per 100,000 is just 10 percent of the real ‘hot spot’ rate of 2,477 per 100,000 in the five boroughs of New York City; and its mortality rate of 6.2 per 100,000 population is just 3 percent of New York City’s 196 per 100,000 rate.”

There are no “hot spots” in Texas. It’s just more media hype.

It’s funny that they don’t dare mention Georgia, which has also opened its economy and has seen no “spike” at all.

The same people who were demanding more testing are now screaming that we must shut the economy down again because these tests – which are notoriously unreliable – are showing more coronavirus cases. This is a disease that 99.9 percent of the people who are infected with survive! But 40 million people out of work and the thousands of lives that will end due to the shutdown are never mentioned.

There is something else going on here and it is in no way related to public health.

By RonPaul Institute. 

Antifa and the Muslim Brotherhood: Birds of a Feather
The Hard Left Antifa And Their Call To Arms

“There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.”

So wrote Vladimir Lenin. The Communist Revolution which he engineered did seem to pack many decades of change into a relatively short time. The old tsarist order was quickly overthrown, and, almost overnight, Russia was transformed from a Christian country to an officially atheist state.

The year 2020 may well be one of those times in which decades’ worth of change are compressed into a short time-frame. The Covid-19 pandemic brought with it a great deal of unexpected and unwelcome change. Many of those changes may turn out to be permanent.

What’s more, the economic effects of the epidemic (which have not yet fully unfolded) may be the chief factor in deciding the crucial 2020 election. That election is now shaping up as a contest between two parties with radically different views of life—perhaps not as radically opposed as monarchist Christians and communist revolutionaries, but somewhere in the same vicinity.

Should the party of the liberal-left come to power, the changes we can expect will be almost as sweeping and as swift as those that followed the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. That’s not an unreasonable prediction. The liberal-leftists of today share many of the same ideological, political, and economic views as the Leninists. For example, even though many on the left claim to believe in God, they are actually functional atheists. They act and legislate as though God does not exist, and they see traditional Christians as a threat to the secular heaven they hope to create on earth.

The leftists in our midst are a dangerous lot. Witness the role that various leftist groups such as Antifa are playing in organizing and encouraging violent riots in dozens of American cities. But even if the worst fears about leftists in power don’t materialize, another danger is close at hand. Even if America’s progressive socialists turn out to be as mild as the Swedish variety, they will—as the ever naïve Swedes have already done—pave the way for an even more dangerous and oppressive ideology—namely, Islam.

Although the left understands that Christianity is a competitor for the hearts and minds of people, it fails to realize that Islam is also. Why is that? Well, primarily because the left seems to have fallen for its own multicultural propaganda. It looks upon Muslims as a victim class which has been held back by capitalism, colonialism, racism, and, of course, “Islamophobia.” Left-liberals may even believe that Islam is a religion of peace which has gotten a bad press. A poll of Democrat voters taken a few years ago revealed that they believed Islam to be no more violent than Christianity. Leftists do, however, understand that Islam is no friend of Christianity. So they believe that they can work together with Islamic groups to achieve mutual goals.

For their part, radical Muslims tend to see leftists as useful idiots. They are willing to play the oppressed victim role that leftists have assigned to them if it will further their own interests. So, it’s not surprising that some of the most radical Democrats in Congress, such as Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, are also activist Muslims. Likewise, Linda Sasour, who is considered one of the leaders of the Women’s Movement in America, never appears in public without a hijab.

The fact that Sasour, a strong advocate of sharia law, is considered to be a champion of women’s rights reveals a lot about the liberal left’s inability to come to grips with the realities of Islam. So does the fact that Phyllis Chesler, the only prominent feminist who has criticized Islam’s treatment of women, is now shunned by her former feminist colleagues.

Extremist views of the Islamic variety are no bar to moving up the ladder in liberal social and political circles. Take Keith Ellison, for example. He embodies both the extremes of liberalism and the extremes of Islamism. Yet this didn’t prevent him from being elected several times to the House of Representatives, and after that to be named the Deputy Director of the Democratic National Committee.

Currently, Ellison is Attorney General for the State of Minnesota, and, as might be expected, he has had a few things to say about the riots in Minneapolis. Among other things, he has been retweeting theories that white supremacist groups may be responsible for the violence.

Well, actually, there is one, largely white group that is responsible for organizing much of the violence. But it’s mostly made up of left-wing college grads, not right-wing rednecks. But Antifa is not the white group Ellison suspects. In fact, he seems to favor it. Indeed, he once posed with a copy of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook—today’s equivalent of Mao’s Little Red Book.

Ellison is very much a man of the left. His candidacy for Congress was supported by the Communist Party USA; he praised Fidel Castro and other leftist heroes; and he was a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

On the other hand, his radical Islamist credentials are just as solid. A convert to Islam, Ellison took his oath of office on the Koran at the photo-op re-enactment of his swearing-in ceremony. And he has disparaged moderate Muslims as “Uncle Toms,” which suggests that Ellison himself could, perhaps, be categorized as an immoderate Muslim.

His immoderation is confirmed by looking at the groups he has associated with over the years. He started off as a supporter of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. Later, he found it politically expedient to get the endorsement of more “respectable” groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Muslim American Society (MAS), and a half-dozen other Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups. Over the years, Ellison has been the keynote speaker or featured speaker at dozens of conventions and conferences sponsored by what one commentator calls “suit-wearing jihadists.”

You can’t very well call Ellison an “infiltrator” of the liberal political establishment. He didn’t make much of an effort to conceal his leftist and Islamist leanings. In fact, he often flaunted them. The Democratic Party knew what it was getting when it appointed him the co-chair of the Democratic National Committee.

That doesn’t mean, however, that there hasn’t been genuine infiltration of the party. Take the case of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Ellison’s predecessor at the DNC. In 2005, after being elected to the House, Wasserman Schultz hired Imran Awan as an IT aide. To make a long story short, Awan and his two brothers were soon working as information technology managers for dozens of Democrat members of the House. Over the course of several years, they worked for three members of the House Committee on Intelligence, five members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and for various Democrat members of the Homeland Security Committee and the Armed Services Committee. In short, the Pakistani brothers had access to highly sensitive government information.

Doesn’t that require a security clearance? Well, yes. Did the brothers have one? Well, no. That requirement would have been Islamophobic. Finally, in 2016, in order to keep up appearances, the House Intelligence Committee Democrats requested “Top Secret” clearance for the Awan brothers. Yet the brothers were involved in various forms of financial fraud, and one of them had been twice arrested for public drunkenness. In addition, they had numerous close relatives in Pakistan—which alone would raise red flags in the security clearance process. Despite all this, Wasserman Schultz retained Imran Awan on her staff right up to the moment he was arrested at Dulles Airport for trying to flee the country.

There are numerous other examples of lax security in the government and the military. To name just a few:

In 2008, when Major Stephen Coughlin, the Pentagon’s top authority on Islamic war doctrine, reported on the connection between Islamic law and violence, he was fired at the behest of Hesham Islam, a special assistant to the deputy secretary of defense.

A year later, as if to prove Coughlin’s point, Major Nidal Hasan, who once lectured his colleagues on Islamic law, killed fourteen people at Fort Hood after successfully infiltrating the Army.

One might think that the Army would have tightened up its vetting procedure after that, but one would be wrong. Instead, the military tightened up its Islamophobia watch. One result was the penetration of Pensacola Naval Air Station in 2019 by a jihadist Saudi officer who killed three and wounded eight before he was shot and killed.

We tend to assume that our military and security establishment are always on high alert, but too often national security takes a back seat to diversity. One could be forgiven for thinking that the kitchen help at Downton Abbey are more carefully vetted than the people entering sensitive security positions in our politically correct government.

The idea that vetting is somehow discriminatory may help to explain why there hasn’t been much investigation of Antifa—even though it’s been around for two decades in the U.S. and for much longer than that in Europe (where it often launches violent attacks on critics of Islam). Looking too closely into the activities of Antifa and into its sources of funding would be, well, downright “Antifa-phobic.” Sure, Antifa “leans” to the left, as one news outlet recently put it, but everyone knows there are no enemies on the left. On the other hand, if you’re anti-Antifa, you’re probably a conspiracy theorist, and ought to be investigated yourself.

Being pro-Antifa, however, is no problem. Just the other day, Jeremiah Ellison (son of Keith), a Minneapolis City Council member, declared “my support for Antifa.” He added: “I’ll keep focusing on stopping the white power terrorist[s that] are actually attacking us.”

Once again, if you’re an Ellison, you don’t have to hide what you believe. That’s because much of the media share the same beliefs. And if, perchance, there is anything to hide, they’ll hide it for you. I first read about Jeremiah Ellison on the Understanding the Threat (UTT) site in connection with a short video report by UTT president John Guandolo regarding the recent attacks across America. I clicked “Here” to see the video report, but all I was allowed to see was a black screen with the message “this video has been removed for violating YouTube’s terms of service.”

The internet giants have become like the school librarians of yore who decided what books you should and shouldn’t read. Meanwhile, TV news plays a similar role by telling you how to interpret the current disturbances. The screen shows you rows of broken store windows and streets lit up by burning cars, but the news commentator assures you that this only proves that the vast majority of protesters are peaceful.

Because our society is already flush with leftists in media, in politics, in academia, and in the streets, we are closer than most think to one of those tipping points in history where accepted norms are suddenly swept away.

And the left doesn’t stand alone. Islamic cultural jihadists are also interested in encouraging radical social change. It’s not exactly the same change that the left wants, but for the time being the two groups are willing to reinforce each other.

The possibility that we now stand on the brink of revolutionary change is difficult to entertain. In America, we have grown accustomed to long periods of internal peace and prosperity. When disruptions occur, we assume that we will soon return to normalcy. But that’s not always the case in history. “Current trends” are often replaced by new, radically different trends.

It’s said that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. But it’s difficult to be vigilant in a time of eternal distractions. The fact that many think of a return to normalcy as simply a return to shopping, sports, and mindless entertainments suggests that we are ill-prepared to cope with those single-minded people who have revolution, not normalcy, on their minds.

June 9, 2020
William Kilpatrick

Dragons messege to Antifa and MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD