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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Who has the courage to stand up for the children?

You are invited to a global unmasking of a worldwide operation to normalize pedophilia through primary education. 

Protect Yourself

The world is under attack! Multibillionaire criminals are setting up a New World Order that will impose worldwide tyranny.

“Little children are sexual beings who must have sexual partners, and begin with sex as soon as possible. Having sex is a human right regardless of age. For this reason kindergartens and elementary schools must teach children to develop lust and sexual desire, learn masturbation, build same-sex relationships, use online pornography, and learn different sexual techniques such as oral sex.”

That is a limited summary of the official guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and the United Nations to educational authorities worldwide. 

Meanwhile, international judicial organizations are issuing statements that sex between little children and adults should be legalized, while media outlets are calling for the acceptance of pedophilia as a normal sexual orientation.

Evidence report will be
revealed on May 6th

The past months we have been working intensely on an in depth report that reveals all the evidence how the World Health Organization and United Nations are pushing the agenda of normalizing pedophilia, through kindergartens and elementary schools in every nation of the world.

We invite you to see this evidence report
on May 6th at

Besides an overwhelming amount of evidence, including many official documents of the WHO, UN, the report also includes videos of parents crying out to the world, about what is happening in their schools, as a result of these international guidelines:

toddlers are masturbating one another in class, their are playing oral sex games, naked transgender adults are parading in front of them, girls receive 3D clitorises to help them start with masturbation, kids are encouraged to have same-sex relationships, and a whole lot more.

Example of the evidence
in the report
The amount of evidence that will be revealed on May 6th is overwhelming. But we want to show one example by means of a teaser, to show we are not making anything up. Below you can see a page from the United Nations document that was sent to all the nations of the world. It instructs all education authorities and policy makers to make sure that little children will have sexual relationships.

Another example is this document from the World Health Organization that instructs teachers in kindergartens and elementary schools to teach toddlers to masturbate. The report contains many similar documents, as well as an enormous amount of other evidence. All the evidence is made available as download.

Prominent pedophilia
The report will reveal how the WHO and UN have partnered with an organization that has been at the forefront of promoting pedophilia for the past decades. This organization collaborates with foundations that own vast collections of child pornography, and whose founders have been arrested for child molestation.

They published magazines calling for the destruction of the natural family, while promoting the mision of pedophiles to liberate children from the “prison” of families.

The WHO and UN chose the world’s most prominent pedophilia clubs to create school programs for extreme sexualization of all the children of the world. All historic references, archives, publications and connections will be revealed.

We invite you to see this report
on May 6th at

Distribute this announcement far and wide, invite school directors and teachers, health authorities, civil authorities, local media (newspapers, radiostations,…) etc. Download the following full color meme for distribution on social media and via email.

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Planetary Liberation

The battle against the world mafia has been won

The Light Forces bombard the planet with one powerful wave of high-frequency light after another, steadily increasing the vibration around the earth. This powerful incoming light is sent to earth by high intelligences with the best intention, and purpose to activate all the dormant DNA strands of us humans.

This super DNA activation moves the planet further along the new 5D gamma timeline towards the five-dimensional new Earth!

Despite the usual complaints that nothing changes, nothing gets better, chaos increases, and so many other stories from those who have no eyes to see or ears to hear. But, this year 2023 will be generous, especially to those who have done their homework for the New-5D Earth.

Those who have sown wheat will reap wheat. But those who sowed weeds will reap from their own seed.

Previous FWC articles have written many times that each person builds their own reality. So don’t expect others to do it for you.

Change always happens from within because everyone has their own key to initiate the change. Waiting for someone else to do it for you is not an option. The cry is always the same:

“they talk and talk but nothing happens”.

And in fact, for these people, nothing will change.

The battle against the global mafia has been secured, but convincing zombies of what has happened is practically impossible; they will first have to experience it for themselves, after the liberation of planet Earth has become a reality.

Huge changes with major improvements

All these sweeping changes bring significant improvements to the fate of humanity. It offers visible and undeniable feelings of bliss. People start feeling better, while those who are not awake will not know why.

This outlines and explains the emerging major changes, which is why it takes so long before experiencing liberation. The wait is for the awakening of the masses they cannot be convinced any other way than by experiencing it for themselves.

One of the major changes will be GESARA, which will be an extremely important event in human history on Earth, and is being experienced now during our lifetime!

When asked when this will happen? Is the answer; when the masses revolt against the murder by toxic injections of most of humanity because of the non-existent Covid Pandemic. Or, through hyperinflation, when it turns out they don’t have enough money to buy food. Full stop!

Planet Earth is now moving into the 5th Dimension, which is a positive dimension for Environment, Food and Happiness.

5D creates more jobs for conservation and purification of planet Earth. The ‘gross revenue’ – sales – metric no longer applies for spending money. This metric is nothing more than an illusion, like figures for the value of shares or real estate, etc.

People are going to realise their actual life purpose, forgotten by the majority.

Below, our Exterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi continues with the latest developments and educates on how to transition to 5D.



Light is the creative Source of all that exists in the infinity of the Cosmos. From the SOURCE itself, which is the Cosmic Central Sun, this creative energy spreads through every Central Solar System of the Multiverse. Through again mirroring each Central Sun in each Universe, and then through the Central Sun of the entire Galaxy.

Thus, the origin of life arose in the movement of each Star, which in turn also represents a Sun called the Local Solar System. The Local Solar System has a series of Planets and Moons. And this is easier to understand because we are in one of them.

We are actually on this Planet Earth, where life, as known to mankind, was introduced by the Light reaching us here. The Light not only produces life as we know it; it also created all the minerals, gas, water, air and everything else that exists on this Planet.

So we can say that all the changes that have taken place and will take place depend on the frequency of this Light emitted by the Local Sun, which actually acts like a changing mirror. It only reflects the light and energy it receives from other Suns mentioned at the beginning of this message.

All creation within this infinity, not yet understood by the limited mind of man, depends on the frequency and vibrations of Light received in each sidereal sphere – period when the Earth makes a complete rotation. As, if within each Sun is a device that filters and regulates the intensity and composition of this energy according to the needs of each Planetary House.

Within the Divine Plans that govern the Worlds, there is always a defined purpose for each. Here on Earth, it is not different. Within the movement of Evolution, everything was already foreseen even before creation, that is, formation from the origin through cosmic dust.

And now, we, as humanity on Earth have the opportunity to witness a Planetary Transition. An event that has never been observed here before, as it is only the first Transition of this young Planet. And, as if this Galactic event were not enough, humanity on Earth can also make its ascension as souls.

We are living in epic times here, in a way that has its repercussion within the entire Galaxy. Our beautiful Blue Planet is about to celebrate its existential coming of age, now that it too is part of the Galactic Federation of Light.

We have left behind the energy produced by Photons, and are now receiving the energy produced by Gamma Light. This causes a radical change in everything that exists on this planet, as Gamma Light changes the carbon energy base to a crystalline energy base of silicon.

All these changes take place because of the continuous increase in Gamma Light. This Light comes by reflection from our Local Sun, for it comes from the Central Sun. It is a programme recommended by intelligent consciousness forms, not belonging to Earth’s humanity, which control this frequency to maintain existing life on our Planet.

This control can be likened to a valve, but many know it as a DOOR. These Portals began to open gradually from 2012 onwards. According to an increasing scale in terms of frequencies, they intensified in accordance with the absorptive capacity of living beings on Earth.

Each Portal opened is an Event. Each Event intensifies its potential at shorter intervals. This means that, as the months go by, it brings about faster and clearer changes.

We are now entering the season of the most intense Events. Each Gate will let through more and more energy to create the New Earth. We are in fact very close to the climax, also called the Great Event, which is nothing less than the opening of the biggest Portal this Planet will ever experience.

Each Portal that opens also opens a little more each one’s consciousness readying for the changes. And this is easy to observe. You yourselves can see how your capacity of understanding today is not the same as before. Every day your consciousness can absorb more and more information, because it is expanding faster now.

But not everything is rosy in life. The process also causes a lot of discomfort as it is part of the great change. While most of these discomforts are caused by resistance to change, there is also the energetic adjustment of the body, both physical and mental. There is also the change in human DNA and the activation of other helices that were previously inactive.

According to the information coming in via transmission from our Arcturian Brothers, the next Portals will already activate the fifth helix, or the fifth ribbon, as they say. In short, it is immeasurable progress within this Transition.

Our physical bodies are now going through extraordinary changes in terms of frequency and vibration. And in the near future, even biological changes will be noticed and recognised by Human Science.

The main Portals of this year 2023 will open, which was already foreseen as the year of great changes, because it has number 7. It follows the Cosmic scheme for worlds, and nothing and no one can change or stop it that is already foreseen in the Universal Ciranda.

The time of limited consciousness is coming to an end.  It is an event to celebrate, not to lament. Live this moment to the fullest, for life is truly beautiful and should be lived to the fullest.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


The Great Collapse! Be Ready!! 

The Great Real Estate COLLAPSE!

In his latest interview with Dave Scarlet, Bo Polny reveals the great collapse that’s about to hit the world! He also shares Intel about that and other important issues..

Project Bluebeam about to be unleashed

John DeSouza, J.D., was an FBI Special Agent working on Counter-Terrorism and Paranormal Cases for 25 years. He conducted many investigations and collected the real X-FILES used on the top-rated television show: THE X-FILES. DeSouza has written three books, one of which, The Extra-Dimensionals: True Tales and Concepts of Alien Visitors (2016), contains predictions about how a false flag Project Blue Beam event will play out.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, DeSouza explains his decades of research and experiences that led to the information inside The Extra-Dimensionals. He outlines several predictions and how these are being fulfilled by contemporary events that point to a false flag event involving a mix of holographic technologies, and actual reverse-engineered spacecraft is going to play out. DeSouza’s astounding predictions and analysis are a must-watch for all wondering what cards the Deep State will play as it desperately tries to hold onto political power.

Watch on YouTube, Rumble, Bitchute, Brighteon & Odysee

Audio Podcast on Apple, Spotify, or Google

John DeSouza’s website is:

Previous Interview with John DeSouza, J.D.

 FBI Special Agent Warns of Alien False Flag Attack

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April 28, 2023

Some very thorough questions were sent by a reader. We will respond by dividing the questions and answers below.


Represents a 8 Nov 2016 meeting at Antarctica, at which “the real Trump” accepted an offer, from “them”, to have his previous “indiscretions” kept hidden, so long as he plays ball with “them”.

I’ve heard him make this representation before. Like most everything else that falls within this “domain of secret knowledge” that someone claims to have, what is Fulford willing to disclose, to lend any credibility to this assertion?


Two people who were present at that meeting told me. One is a relative of Admiral Byrd of Antarctic fame. I went to his house and he had pictures of himself shaking hands with all US presidents until Ronald Reagan.

The other source is the current head of MI6 whose name is not to be made public but who has sent me documents signed by Queen Elizabeth II to confirm his role. The public MI6 head is just a figurehead.

In addition to this, Sasha Zaric, aka Alexander Romanov, who claims with some evidence to be a grandmaster of the gnostic illuminati also told me about that meeting but he was not there.


 Represents that after the 2020 election, Trump locked himself up at Cheyenne, and we’re only seeing a doppleganger. And Fulford knows this how?  Studying / analyzing fotos? Really ??? Many of us are way past that strategy. AI and its extensions put that opportunity to shame. Certainly Fulford has a better answer than that.


It was a source at the NSA who told me this. A Mossad source told me the same thing. I was able to confirm with my own eyes that when Trump was president he appeared different at different press conferences. At two out of three appearances he was loose jowled and had white around his eyes. At the other ones he was accompanied by Melania and looked younger and fitter.


 The Trump people / White Hats claim to have the receipts proving the 2020 election was a fraud. I knew it was a fraud Nov 4th, when the announcement was made, and no receipts were publicly known. I just knew – observations of the previous 9 months. How does Fulford explain away these receipts – every state, 80% of the vote – that are about to be revealed? Watermarked ballots, satellite communications with foreign entities, and much more. Why the CoG that has been in place? Does Fulford believe Trump is our President, or not? And if he is, then why the need for a doppleganger? Personal, guaranteed safety being in Cheyenne, until the dust settles?


There is no doubt Trump won the 2020 election. That means he is still president and commander in chief. It is a fact Joe Biden never got to ride Air Force one or command anything but a Nazi rump of the military loyal to the traitor Mark Milley.

However, the United States would have been forced to go publicly bankrupt vis a vis the rest of the world if he had taken power. Instead, the Rockefeller family carried out a massive bribery campaign targeted at military and agency types to allow the fraudulent Joe Biden administration to take public power on the corporate media. If you look at the Biden cabinet you can see it is composed of members of the Rockefeller controlled Council on Foreign Relations.

The Rockefellers and Rothschilds financed this fake regime by using a fake pandemic to force countries around the world to buy their vaccines. The also laundered trillions of dollars via the World Bank and IMF to bribe leaders around the world to go along with this scam.


 Fulford emphatically represents that GESARA / NESARA is nonsense. QFS is already operating; I don’t doubt, but I fail to see the nexus between QFS already functioning, and G/N being nonsense. The documents exist; without signatures, because the signed dox are obviously under key and lock. Convenient excuse? Perhaps. We’ll see.


NESARA was a good idea proposed way back in the 1980’s but never signed into law. Instead it got taken over by con artists who sold Vietnamese Dong, Iraqi Dinars, Zimbabwe dollars etc. and told everybody they would soon rise dramatically in value. They have been saying the money is about to be deposited “this week” literally for decades.


Fulford emphatically represents that there won’t be any wild-eyed, nonsensical aspirations for currency exchanges, nor bond redemptions. He doesn’t explain how he has acquired that information, nor from whom. How does he explain the current, ongoing dismantling of nation-financing-Treasury institutions across the globe, with open representations of currency revaluations?

And was a Gold Treaty reached between Chinese Elders (who are represented to have immeasurable wealth in gold), and, over 200 nations, for the purposes of revaluation of all currencies, to put all countries on a par / level playing field, said Treaty fully executed in March, 2013, reaffirmed at the G7 later that year? If true, what does that Treaty represent, according to Fulford’s knowledge?


My sources for this include Bank of Japan governors., MI6, the CIA, members of the Asian Dragon family etc. It is an obvious fact that by going to any bank or currency exchange that no significant re-evaluations have taken place.

However, you can also confirm that major currencies around the world have been linked to a basket of commodities and only minor changes in value between currencies have been allowed.


Is our country bankrupt? How can that be? And why? Can’t the Fed just keep on printing more money? Does the Fed even exist anymore? Why is their entire DC building completely boarded up, and has been for over a year? Why are all countries around the world refusing the dollar, except Canada and Mexico?


The US has been running trade and budget deficits for many decades. The rest of the world has decided to stop financing this because the money was being spent on endless wars.

During the Obama administration the US tried to devalue the dollar by 50% by replacing them with Ameros. The rest of the world refused because they paid for all the dollars they had with real stuff. So they decided instead to quarantine any new US dollars created by the Fed.

The Fed, however, was still able to launder new dollars through the stock market and also by handing them over to American citizens. The Canadians and Mexicans were also forced to keep accepting them. The rest of the world refused and that is what has been behind the financial war that has been raging.


Is BRICS for real? Are there a significant number of countries seeking acceptance into BRICS? Why? What has happened to the US dollar hegemony? Why is our financial system imploding? Who’s behind this?


If you read the news or go in person to the various BRICS meetings you can confirm this is for real. They now control over 80% of the world population and world GDP. They control the US dollars traded outside of the US so technically it is now a BRICS dollar.

The financial system is imploding because your real economy has been hollowed out so there is not enough real stuff to back all the numbers inside the computers of your financial institutions.

Reader comment:

I would really like to hear Fulford address all of these points. He might be able to clear up many wild rumors floating about. It appears that the next few months are going to be extremely significant to his reputation. That can be unnerving – a lifetime spent building up creds. But it is what it is. Would like to know.


Events will prove if what my sources are telling me is true. I will continue reporting what is happening in the real world but that does not mean I support everything that is going on.

The Neglected Human

The human being, it is assumed, is the most intelligent being on earth. There are other intelligent species, all have a good measure of intelligence, but none have the features that enable such diverse qualities and abilities as the human being.

Like all other species the human being is a product of nature and is sustained by it. Nature has been most gracious to this species perhaps because it has the acumen to safeguard its interest and protect the flora and fauna it provides for.

In the tribal populations we notice many traits that are missing in the modern urban populace. The tribal revere nature, consider nature to be God, and feel it is their duty to protect the earth. Having worked with the tribal I have come to respect their cumulative knowledge and the way they have identified with the natural world surrounding them.

Living with nature can be harsh but it allows people to be simple and straightforward. The tribal will not lie because they do not feel the need for it. Living with nature grounds people and provides a balance. Such people have very few needs and live spartan lives. They have very deep convictions and sharpened powers of observation.

The main problem with the vast majority living in the modern world is that they have completely lost touch with nature and its cycles. The modern civilization feels that nature is an adversary that needs to be vanquished and that an artificial world will be more conducive.

In this separation from nature lies the neglect of man and his downfall.

What caused the separation from nature and the change in mentality? The industrial revolution. Ever since this development nature became an input to be processed in the quest for comfort.

While the industrial revolution began with the impression that human beings would be benefitted, it actually began to sideline them. Slowly began a trend that the human is a slave species and the machine is better.

The machine did not say that it is better. Who said that? Those that built the industries. Powerful human beings. The industrial society provided the impetus to this group to dominate, become more powerful, and employ the human resource for their benefit.

Then began an era of neglect of the natural world, human beings, and  also the qualities that distinguish the human beings from other species.

The arts that flourished, the quest for knowledge, was replaced by a new subject named science that captivated the masses mostly because it became sine qua non for lucrative livelihoods. The objective of this science, married to the industry, seems to be mindless material growth at the expense of natural resources disregarding every concern that comes its way.

The backers of the new subject being used to increase corporate profits have an intent and know that great harm will come about from this pursuit that goes against conventional wisdom of ages. They therefore honed a few terms to bludgeon opposition into submission.

The first such term is the "greater good" . It came with the pretense that collective good was about sacrificing the interests of, or even doing harm, to a minority. It does not matter if the very concept of the good is a mirage and all are harmed.

The second term is "There is no alternative" or the TINA factor. The new harm becomes essential when this term is displayed on board. We need to harm because it is the only way out!

The third aspect was "qualification and expertise". It created an army of declared experts and projected them as the custodians of "truth". Only they can be relied upon and their decisions and proclamations are final. Opposition, however judicious, is misinformation.

Thus the system was created to distort the truth and project convenient falsehood as the "new truth". Simple subjects became complex and common sense became superstition. People were asked to set aside conventional wisdom and accept the revealed new truth.

Under the new system slavery is demanded at every level. Food is an essential input for the human body. A new industry has emerged to mass produce. It resulted in food becoming poison, proliferation of artificial ingredients, and non nutritious food, all of which has become the norm. Unless the slaves are weakened they will not admit to the slavery.

Industrialization itself has a very demeaning effect. Labour is an input. Thus the masses become labour force. They are no longer the caretakers of nature, or to be poetic, the masters of all they survey.

Industry also requires the proximity of the workforce. Therefore started the ghettos. Villagers were uprooted from their natural surroundings and herded into unhealthy congested habitations. As this took a heavy toll of lives, improvements were made, and townships were born.

As these townships supplied the needs of the workforce, the consumer industry took shape. The laborers became consumers of the industrial products they toiled for. The rich became richer.

The villagers were earlier  engaged in productive activities. What they produced they exchanged for what they needed. This exchange benefitted both the parties, and both had to toil. Barter is about being productive and adding value.

For the rich however money had to come easy. Thus began paper money. You only needed to convince people to deposit their hard earned earnings and then you traded that money to earn for yourself based on promissory notes.

The governments formed with the backing of rich and powerful traders who adopted this route,  took to the mass printing of paper currency. It provided additional power to make more money. The money began to be used to purchase people and accentuate the neglect and harm.

The neglect and exploitation destroyed nature, polluted the environment, corrupted the agriculture and food system, forced people to live in extreme stress and led to disease.

The diseases in turn became an earning opportunity. A new system of medicine emerged from the stables of the rich and powerful. It declared that disease is a chemical deficiency and therefore began the philanthropy of mass producing drugs and medical services. The labour force now had another use; they became patients. They do not have the right to question; only consume. Mental and physical strength has abandoned the species as a result.

We shiver while going through the accounts of the world war concentration camps and consider ourselves lucky that we do not live in such times. But unknown to us the whole world has been converted to such a camp. Except for walls the present world resembles the worst of such camps.

Things are not going to end here. The neglect of man is set to end with wholesome extermination. The useless eaters are now being pruned in the quest for bringing in a new world order and the fourth industrial revolution that is purely technology with very minimal requirement of labour.

So we have disease spewing factories producing the toxins that will be used to cull, the treatment industry to aid in that culling, and the "expert" industry that will use the word "science" to absolve the criminals and justify the crime.

Wars and riots will force people into accepting measures they would not agree to otherwise.

Rights will be taken away, ownership of property seized, people will be declared sick and force medicated, the demarcation of zones within townships will facilitate greater control and tracking, travel will be restricted, the food will be fully artificial, and only those fully compliant will be allowed basic facilities.

Very few will survive these measures and step into the new world.

The new world will begin another round of extreme exploitation with artificially augmented human beings, artificial wombs to mass produce the desired slaves, living and working in the metaverse, leaving the natural world to the enjoyed by the "real" owners; the super rich. 

There is no alternative. It is all for the greater good. One needs to be scientific, listen to the experts, and tolerate what is happening all around and what is coming. For are we not the most intelligent species on earth? 

Pretense and the need to conform will lead us to an unprecedented crisis.

By Jagannath Chatterjee

De-dollarization kicks into high gear

April 27 2023

It is now established that the US dollar’s status as a global reserve currency is eroding. When corporate western media begins to attack the multipolar world’s de-dollarization narrative in earnest, you know the panic in Washington has fully set in.

The numbers: the dollar share of global reserves was 73 percent in 2001, 55 percent in 2021, and 47 percent in 2022. The key takeaway is that last year, the dollar share slid 10 times faster than the average in the past two decades.

Now it is no longer far-fetched to project a global dollar share of only 30 percent by the end of 2024, coinciding with the next US presidential election.

The defining moment – the actual trigger leading to the Fall of the Hegemon – was in February 2022, when over $300 billion in Russian foreign reserves were “frozen” by the collective west, and every other country on the planet began fearing for their own dollar stores abroad. There was some comic relief in this absurd move, though: the EU “can’t find” most of it.

Now cue to some current essential developments on the trading front.

Over 70 percent of trade deals between Russia and China now use either the ruble or the yuan, according to Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

Russia and India are trading oil in rupees. Less than four weeks ago, Banco Bocom BBM became the first Latin American bank to sign up as a direct participant of the Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS), which is the Chinese alternative to the western-led financial messaging system, SWIFT.

China’s CNOOC and France’s Total signed their first LNG trade in yuan via the Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange.

The deal between Russia and Bangladesh for the construction of the Rooppur nuclear plant will also bypass the US dollar. The first $300 million payment will be in yuan, but Russia will try to switch the next ones to rubles.

Russia and Bolivia’s bilateral trade now accepts settlements in Boliviano. That’s extremely pertinent, considering Rosatom’s drive to be a crucial part of the development of lithium deposits in Bolivia.

Notably, many of those trades involve BRICS countries – and beyond. At least 19 nations have already requested to join BRICS+, the extended version of the 21st century’s major multipolar institution, whose founding members are Brazil, Russia, India, and China, then South Africa. The foreign ministers of the original five will start discussing the modalities of accession for new members in an upcoming June summit in Capetown.

BRICS, as it stands, is already more relevant to the global economy than the G7. The latest IMF figures reveal that the existing five BRICS nations will contribute 32.1 percent to global growth, compared to the G7’s 29.9 percent.

With Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Indonesia, and Mexico as possible new members, it is clear that key Global South players are starting to focus on the quintessential multilateral institution capable of smashing Western hegemony.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MbS) are working in total sync as Moscow’s partnership with Riyadh in OPEC+ metastasizes into BRICS+, in parallel to the deepening Russia-Iran strategic partnership.

MbS has willfully steered Saudi Arabia toward Eurasia’s new power trio Russia-Iran-China (RIC), away from the US. The new game in West Asia is the incoming BRIICSS – featuring, remarkably, both Iran and Saudi Arabia, whose historic reconciliation was brokered by yet another BRICS heavyweight, China.

Importantly, the evolving Iran-Saudi rapprochement also implies a much closer relationship between the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as a whole and the Russia-China strategic partnership.

This will translate into complementary roles – in terms of trade connectivity and payment systems – for the International North-South Transportation Corridor (INSTC), linking Russia-Iran-India, and the China-Central-Asia-West Asia Economic Corridor, a key plank of Beijing’s ambitious, multi-trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Today, only Brazil, with its President Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula Da Silva caged by the Americans and an erratic foreign policy, runs the risk of being relegated by the BRICS to the status of a secondary player.


The de-dollarization train has been propelled to high-speed status by the accumulated effects of Covid-linked supply chain chaos and collective western sanctions on Russia.

The essential point is this: The BRICS have the commodities, and the G7 controls finance. The latter can’t grow commodities, but the former can create currencies – especially when their value is linked to tangibles like gold, oil, minerals, and other natural resources.

Arguably the key swing factor is that pricing for oil and gold is already shifting to Russia, China, and West Asia.

In consequence, demand for dollar-denominated bonds is slowly but surely collapsing. Trillions of US dollars will inevitably start to go back home – shattering the dollar’s purchasing power and its exchange rate.

The fall of a weaponized currency will end up smashing the whole logic behind the US’ global network of 800+ military bases and their operating budgets.

Since mid-March, in Moscow, during the Economic Forum of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CSI) – one of the key inter-government organizations in Eurasia formed after the fall of the USSR – further integration is being actively discussed between the CSI, the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU), the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the BRICS.

Eurasian organizations coordinating the counterpunch to the current western-led system, which tramples on international law, was not by accident one of the key themes of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s speech at the UN earlier this week. It is also no accident that four member-states of the CIS – Russia and three Central Asian “stans” – founded the SCO along with China in June 2001.

The Davos/Great Reset globalist combo, for all practical purposes, declared war on oil immediately after the start of Russia’s Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine. They threatened OPEC+ to isolate Russia – or else, but failed humiliatingly. OPEC+, effectively run by Moscow-Riyadh, now rules the global oil market.

Western elites are in a panic. Especially after Lula’s bombshell on Chinese soil during his visit with Xi Jinping, when he called on the whole Global South to replace the US dollar with their own currencies in international trade.

Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank (ECB), recently told the New York-based Council of Foreign Relations – the heart of the US establishment matrix – that “geopolitical tensions between the US and China could raise inflation by 5 percent and threaten the dominance of the dollar and euro.”

The monolithic spin across western mainstream media is that BRICS economies trading normally with Russia “creates new problems for the rest of the world.” That’s utter nonsense: it only creates problems for the dollar and the euro.

The collective west is reaching Desperation Row – now timed with the astonishing announcement of a Biden-Harris US presidential ticket running again in 2024. This means that the US administration’s neo-con handlers will double down on their plan to unleash an industrial war against both Russia and China by 2025.

The petroyuan cometh

And that brings us back to de-dollarization and what will replace the hegemonic reserve currency of the world. Today, the GCC represents more than 25 percent of global oil exports (Saudi Arabia stands at 17 percent). More than 25 percent of China’s oil imports come from Riyadh. And China, predictably, is the GCC’s top trading partner.

The Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange went into business in March 2018. Any oil producer, from anywhere, can sell in Shanghai in yuan today. This means that the balance of power in the oil markets is already shifting from the US dollar to the yuan.

The catch is that most oil producers prefer not to keep large stashes of yuan; after all, everyone is still used to the petrodollar. Cue to Beijing linking crude futures in Shanghai to converting yuan into gold. And all that without touching China’s massive gold reserves.

This simple process happens via gold exchanges set up in Shanghai and Hong Kong. And not by accident, it lies at the heart of a new currency to bypass the dollar being discussed by the EAEU.

Dumping the dollar already has a mechanism: making full use of the Shanghai Energy Exchange’s future oil contracts in yuan. That’s the preferred path for the end of the petrodollar.

US global power projection is fundamentally based on controlling the global currency. Economic control underlies the Pentagon’s ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ doctrine. Yet now, even military projection is in shambles, with Russia maintaining an unreachable advance on hypersonic missiles and Russia-China-Iran able to deploy an array of carrier-killers.

The Hegemon – clinging to a toxic cocktail of neoliberalism, sanction dementia, and widespread threats – is bleeding from within. De-dollarization is an inevitable response to system collapse. In a Sun Tzu 2.0 environment, it is no wonder the Russia-China strategic partnership exhibits no intention of interrupting the enemy when he is so busy defeating himself.

ByPepe Escobar

India Adopts Moscow’s SPFS System for Banking Payments to Russia

25th April 2023

The landmark agreement was signed between external affairs minister S. Jaishankar and visiting Russian deputy prime minister Denis Manturov on April 18 in New Delhi, where India agreed to adopt the Russian SPFS financial messaging system for making banking payments to Russia.

Another key element of the agreement signed on April 18 during Manturov’s visit to India, is to allow acceptance of Indian Ru-Pay cards and India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) in Russia, and the Russian MIR cards and its Fast Payments System (FPS) in India.

With this, the two countries will be able to resolve most of their pending payment issues. Top banking and finance officials from the two countries are working out the details to use these instruments to settle cross-border payments effectively. According to sources, India’s central bank — Reserve Bank of India — has set up a multi-disciplinary working group to implement it.

India and Russia have already agreed to settle payments through Special Rupee Vostro Accounts (SRVA). The April 18 pact clarified that Russia can use the surplus Indian rupees to conduct other businesses in India or remit back to Russia.

As for SPFS, it is a financial messaging system that works on the same lines as the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), the international payment system used by thousands of financial institutions to transfer funds worldwide. After Russia invaded Ukraine, the EU and other Western countries removed top Russian banks from the SWIFT network. Russia had been asking India to use SPFS. It developed SPFS after it was threatened with expulsion from SWIFT when it annexed Crimea in 2014.

By Shahid Faridi Express News Service

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Collective Consciousness Is At The Crossroads

Dear Beloved ones!

We are The Galactic Federation. We come to you with the message that you are ready to join us and to realize your Oneness with us; that is all life everywhere. We love you very much and help you already.

Many of you have been so preoccupied with the 3rd and 4th Dimensions. It is time now to move on to new and exciting worlds.

You are aware the time of your Awakening is growing near. If you are reading this, it means you are beginning to awaken.

It is now time to awaken humanity. The planet now needs you to bring up your light quotient so that it can rise to the 5th dimension.

If you were to look up into the night sky, you would see a lot of groups of star-like lights moving about in various ways. Many of these groups are spacecraft from a different dimension.

For centuries we existed in the shadows, watching material life grow and prosper for some but create more lack for others. We have witnessed many different civilizations come and go, but none have held our interest more than the human race.

It has taken us many years for this time to come so we could communicate with all of you at this level. This communication has come about due to each of you taking steps in awakening yourselves.

Your collective consciousness as a mass is at a crossroads right now.

A lot of you are starting to wake up from the spell that you have been under, and as a result, this has triggered some intense backlash from those who wish to keep this status quo.

We understand that things are difficult for you right now. We understand your feelings of despair and hopelessness, and we want to reassure you that the bad times are over.

Each of you is in your journey, lessons that you were meant to live, so it is important to us to monitor your progress.

Every dimension, every parallel universe, and every parallel probability – we keep track of it all. We monitor the vortex points, areas of great energy where time and space converge.

We keep a record of all of the creation and destruction in the universe. Every atom that has ever been, or will be, is accounted for. In fact, we even have a notation for the end of space/time itself!

There are many worlds within this universe, and each planet has its own purpose of fulfilling. We are masters of energy influence. We can unlock the deeper energy influence that flows through you and bring forth the truth of your soul.

You now live in the midst of a rare and exciting phase in the Earth’s long-term history – a transition to a new level of energy and awareness. The shifting consciousness on Earth has been building for some time, and the intense light and energy that you now experience as highly sensitive and aware individuals is here to stay because it corresponds with Earth’s natural development, which is currently accelerating at an unprecedented rate.

You are grateful that you can see further into the cosmos than has ever been possible. Yet there is an urgency to stabilize your own world environment, for you know that if humans cannot learn to live in harmony with one another and with nature in your world, then there is no hope of them living peacefully in other worlds.

We are the many aspects of your Higher Self! We guide and protect you. We work with you to keep your life straightforward and flowing. We guide you towards what you need to learn, and we help you find what will make your life feel balanced and peaceful.

As you awaken to your spiritual inheritance on Earth—in this glorious new octave of higher love frequency—the ways in which ascended masters support you will expand. Our capacities are far greater than they have been in past embodiments. Our light bodies are more refined, and our mastery of technology is greater. We can therefore respond to your needs more completely and rapidly than ever before.

It will be like a frequency explosion.

Life on Earth is about to undergo a huge transformation, and humanity will shift into a higher dimensional reality. This shift will occur through a series of vibrational pulses we’re presently undergoing. These pulses are of such high frequency that they affect the fabric of your reality and create openings in it. Your best chance to survive and thrive in this process of ascension is to lift your own vibrations and create Merkaba fields around your bodies.

“The Event,” as we call it, will be beyond anything your wildest imagination can grasp. There is so much joy in this- it could not even be put into words. It’s like a homecoming party for the planet, the universe, and all of creation. As to whether you will ascend or not – that is for you to decide, but it all depends on your frequency.

All of you will soon experience that incredible feeling of being one with everything, being everything, being nowhere and being everywhere at once, having all the answers just within reach of your fingertips.

This shift of consciousness is happening now. And it’s happening now because many are now trying to awaken themselves to this extraordinary shift in Earth’s consciousness.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation


The Khazarian Mafia in both Russia and the West are working together to alter our genes

April 24, 2023

US and Russian deep states likely to be taken down in June black swan event

(Second Part of the Above Article)

The troubles of the US Corporation or US deep state are well known and are being extensively written about.

What is less known, is that a take-down of the Russian deep state is also imminent.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of the Russian military company Wagner says “a community of near-state elites that operate independently of the political leadership of the state”, is actively sabotaging the war effort in Ukraine.

Now Russian FSB sources investigating the Sputnik vaccine in Russia have found out that Alexander Ginsburg -the man behind the effort to vaccinate all Russians- is a high-ranking KM agent. They say he is related to the Warburgs, Sassoons, Windsors, Bourbons and other European royalty.

The same Russian sources, who originally told us Sputnik was a Russian-developed traditional Flu vaccine, now say it is not. Investigators analyzed orders for the vaccine and found 30 different contracts all led to a “single supplier” for “dozens of millions” of doses. The single supplier is not identified but, the FSB notes the vaccines were paid for using foreign currency. They add the contracts all went through a Russian company known as Gamalea whose “top management is of only Jewish descent.”

The FSB also confirms: “All vaccines, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sputnik V are made according to the same principle” They say they are “DNA altering vaccines intended to modify the genes of lower class people.”

The Russians note experiments to find the “god gene,” began in the 1970s and 80s to control radical Muslim groups by removing the gene that made them believe in god. The aim was to make Muslims more obedient by cutting off their link to the creator, they say.

The KM is also to scare people into taking injections by creating the appearance of a pandemic by using a percentage of toxic vaccines. For example, data published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation on March 30, in Denmark, shows 4.2% percent of a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine batch accounted for 71 percent of suspected adverse events (SAEs).

“Yes, deaths will be part of the process but who knows maybe death is better than living as a DNA-modified low-class dumb slave,” the FSB comments.

The vaccines were also apparently intended to make it possible to control people via remote control. For confirmation, see this Pfizer patent granted in 2021 for cellular tower communication with graphene-injected humans worldwide:

Pfizer – Patent: 11107588b2


Not only that, the Russians are now warning that with the worldwide rejection of vaccination now underway, the KM has figured out a way to use milk to alter human DNA in a similar manner.

They sent us a link to this scientific article claiming “mRNA delivered by milk-derived exosomes… can work as a new oral delivery system for mRNA.”

Polish intelligence sources also sent us many links indicating the KM is now trying to use the food supply to genetically alter us into a state of perpetual genetically determined slavery. 

Just as the KM in both Russia and the West are working together to alter our genes, they are also working together in Ukraine.

As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. notes: “They are killing the Ukrainians at an 8 to 1 ratio, what we are being told about this war is just not true.”

Well, it turns out the great “Ukrainian hero” Vladimir Zelinsky and his government are Russian KM and their job is to slaughter as many non-Russian Ukrainians as possible. No sane leader would senselessly send his troops to be slain at an 8 to 1 ratio by a numerically superior opponent unless it was deliberate genocide. They are killing the men and enslaving the women and children. This is some of the stuff the Bidens have been involved in.

That is why Wagner’s Prigozhin says the Russian deep state is deliberately preventing the end of the war. They want to keep depopulating Ukraine in order to turn it into a homeland for the Khazarian Mafia.

Russian patriots are now aware of this and are working with Western allies to end the senseless slaughter in Ukraine and come up with a new security arrangement for Europe that will make NATO obsolete.

It may also restore the Soviet Union. In an interview with Swiss journalist Darius Rochebin, Chinese ambassador to France Lu Shaye said that former Soviet countries “have no effective status in international law…“In international law, even these ex-Soviet Union countries do not have the effective status because there is no international agreement to materialize their status of a sovereign country.”

“He denies the very existence of countries like Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, etc.,” Antoine Bondaz, a China expert at the Paris-based think-tank Foundation for Strategic Research, wrote on Twitter.

In other words, all of these puppet states created as a part of the project to rebuild the Khazarian empire may be dismantled,

Israel, the other Khazarian state, is also facing an existential crisis. “We are facing a new security era in which a real threat is possible from all sectors at the same time,” Defense Minister Yoav Gallant explained Thursday

What he is referring to is the de-facto re-establishment of an Islamic Caliphate ranging from Pakistan to Morocco that is leaving Israel completely surrounded.

As things stand, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and most other Islamic countries are now unified. Now Sudan and Pakistan are also about to rejoin the Islamic fold.

The KM-controlled heroin-dealing military government of Pakistan is fighting for its life. That is because despite doing everything it was told by the IMF, it cannot get money to keep its economy going. After all, the IMF is bankrupt.

So now, the Pakistan military is threatening war with India to prevent an election that will put Imran Khan back in power and bring Pakistan into the Caliphate.

In Sudan, meanwhile, it looks like the Muslims are getting revenge against the West following their subjugation by Victorian troops in the late 19th century.

What is happening there is that a KM-controlled resource-stealing mission known as the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) is being attacked.

UNITAMS was using a “Transitional Government” to steal Sudan’s rich endowment of natural resources, including natural gas, gold, silver, chromite, manganese, gypsum, mica, zinc, iron, lead, uranium, copper, kaolin, cobalt, granite, nickel, tin, and aluminum.

Now The U.S. Embassy in Sudan has been evacuated after warning American citizens to “shelter in place until further notice,” The alert said there was “incomplete information” about convoys traveling from the West African country’s capital Khartoum to the coastal city of Port Sudan. “The embassy is unable to assist convoys. Traveling in any convoy is at your own risk,” it added. The international airport in Khartoum is currently closed because of the fighting. As a CIA source comments “It looks like 16k American citizens have been abandoned in Sudan. Is this a replay of what happened in Afghanistan ?”

France’s foreign ministry said a “rapid evacuation operation” of diplomatic personnel and French citizens from Sudan was being coordinated with its European and allied partner nations. The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Germany said they were in the midst of multiple operations.”

Sudan is the third largest country in Africa, by the way.

The Israel government – faced with a resurgent Caliphate and knowing its traditional US backer is going down the tubes- is asking China to intervene and negotiate a peace deal between it and its neighbors.

Also, in an attempt to make peace with Iran, they invited Iranian crown prince Reza Pahlavi and his wife to Jerusalem.

“This shows us what is really going on between Israel, and Iran. I don’t see Netanyahu there….” a Mossad source comments.

Asian secret society sources say the Jews in Israel will be protected and liberated but that their genocidal KM leadership will have to surrender.

Overall, the Chinese government says:

The world community faces a momentous and urgent choice between a vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security or the Cold-War style paradigm that merely caters to the hegemony of one and absolute security of a few.

However, in order to make sure this new security paradigm is fair to the West, the US and British navies are reminding the world they still control the oceans.

That is why a Royal Navy task group is heading to the Baltic for the largest Swedish military drills in more than 25 years – as the UK underscores its commitment to northern European security. as part of the British-led Joint Expeditionary Force, which is designed to react to events in Europe’s many crucial waterways and chokepoints.

The British are just positioning themselves for negotiations on a NATO replacement by reminding the Russians they can still close the Baltic. They are also doing this with the Straits of Malacca. This is all part of the deal-making between the sea-controlling Anglos and the Eurasian land mass-controlling Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

They have already agreed that a multipolar world of friendly countries will replace the KM vision for a centrally controlled human animal farm.

The big question still remaining is will the collapse of the “rules-based world order” flush out hidden technology that will usher in a new age?

For example, one technology that has definitely been suppressed is hydrogen power. As a small example, check out this SUV with a range of 800 km. powered by removable hydrogen cartridges. 

Video Player

The release of virtually free hydrogen power will make it possible for us all to live like millionaires.

However, the jury is still out on the anti-gravity and secret space program front. In a hint that we may be disappointed, we need to ask ourselves why does NASA, a space agency, have one of the world’s largest film set studios among its facilities. “Maybe because as their name indicates they are Not A Space Agency, they are just a film studio and all they do are movies,” a CIA source comments.

So, on that note, here are the latest project Bluebeam videos.  

1) Partially cloaked UFO in the clouds

Video Player

2) Partially cloaked mother ship in the clouds

Video Player

3) A multi-dimensional UFO over Argentina 2020

Video Player

4) Plasma energy UFOs over Stonehenge

Video Player

5) UFOs filmed in Normandie, France 

Video Player

We hope anti-gravity and space travel is real but either way, the truth will set us free.