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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Globalists go crazy trying to suppress these 14 powerful, timeless truths that can SET YOU FREE

There are powerful, timeless truths that, if widely embraced, would alter the course of human history and free humanity from the clutches of demonic globalists. That’s why globalist forces go crazy trying to suppress what you’re about to read here. Any truths they don’t want you to know are labeled “disinformation,” while the lies and propaganda pushed by the establishment are awarded the moniker of “facts.”

In today’s Brighteon Broadcast News episode (see below), I discuss these 14 powerful truths in great detail, revealing why anti-human forces are working so desperately to prevent the human race from learning these profound principles that can mean the difference between you being enslaved or free. This same episode also features an interview with Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki who sounds off on the collapsing dollar and the economic lies of our fascist government.

14 timeless truths that can defeat the demonic globalists trying to exterminate humanity

1) God is real, there is a creative, intelligent force that transcends the cosmos and that has a purpose for your existence. If you don’t realize that you were created with a purpose, then your life seems meaningless, and you are disconnected from the very force that brought you into existence.

2) God and Mother Nature have already created all the medicine you need, for free – every cure already exists, including cures for cancer, and they are deposited in the natural world around us, just waiting to be harvested and deployed for humanity’s benefit. The entire purpose of the medical establishment (FDA, CDC, AMA, etc.) is to try to make you blind to the natural medicine that makes Big Pharma’s toxic drugs obsolete.

3) Technologies for unlimited “free” energy already exist and have been withheld from humanity, just like ivermectin was withheld from humanity in order to maximize COVID casualties. Globalists know that if energy is abundant and affordable, humanity cannot be easily enslaved. So they work to suppress free energy technologies while tearing down the conventional energy infrastructure to create energy scarcity.

4) We are not the first advanced civilization on planet Earth , nor in our solar system. We will also not be the last. Some previous civilizations likely had areas of technology and spiritual understanding that vastly exceed our own.

5) The establishment in power is a satanic, child-sacrificing cult of pure evil that maintains its power through propaganda, censorship and money printing, while feeding off the blood of children. The ritualistic sacrifice of children is condoned by the FDA, which actually hires people to harvest heads and other organs from aborted human babies in order to pursue “humanized mice” experiments, among other monstrosities.

6) Globalists have studied the neurology of the human race and now run control programs that hijack the brain’s neurology to achieve obedience. It is a global “hack” of humanity. One of the methods used is called “social compliance” and relies on getting large groups of people to believe outrageous lies. This causes many people to go along with the crowd rather than exercise their own rational discernment. For example, the entire “trans cult” is being pushed using social conformity / compliance techniques that try to convince people it’s okay to mutilate the genitalia of innocent children.

7) Modern vaccines are designed to achieve global depopulation and nothing else. The entire vaccine narrative is a vicious lie to justify the ongoing injection of bioweapons into billions of humans. Convincing people to be injected with deadly weapons is easier for the globalists, compared to running a kinetic extermination campaign like what was run during the Holocaust.

8) Scarcity of resources is engineered (food, energy, medicine) to keep you enslaved and operating in a constant state of fear. There is no reason for any scarcity of resources on planet Earth, since food, sunlight, water, seeds, warmth and more are all abundant and even created by nature for free. Only through deliberate campaigns to create artificial scarcity can globalists convince people to be afraid and obedient.

9) The media constantly pushes hatred because HATE is the lowest vibration emotion that distracts the mind from higher thoughts, ambitions and achievements. The purpose of the media is to drive the population away from peace, harmony and achievement, delivering panic, destitution and violence so that governments have justification to assert more control over the lives of the citizens.

10) The food supply is deliberately poisoned to keep your brain in a state of confusion and mental illness. This is why human foods are laced with toxic pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, hormone disruptors and heavy metals. No animal species on planet Earth feeds its children poisons, but human institutions force this upon the masses to make sure no children is raised without being cognitively compromised through toxic exposure.

11) The higher the CO2 in the atmosphere, the more food is created for free, all over the world. Crops and trees love CO2. Terraforming is the attack on the atmosphere to achieve global famine by removing CO2 from the atmosphere in order to cause global famine and crop failures.

12) The monetary currency system is rigged to make sure your money is always stolen from you (and you can never get ahead) – Kiyosaki says the stock market is the financial version of “bread and circuses” people who will forever remain trapped in the rat race, never to get ahead. Only gold, silver and crypto have a future, as every fiat currency will collapse. If you hope to have assets remaining after the collapse of the dollar, hold your assets in self-custody. This means you have possession of them. This excludes all bank deposits, pension funds, corporate stocks, treasuries, etc.

13) Extraterrestrials are real, and tech transfer to humans is real, but governments are coveting the tech for themselves to build weapons and systems of control, rather than open sourcing the tech for human abundance. We are not alone in the universe.

14) Your mind is a transmitter of knowledge, and you are a reflection of the power of God ( The power of your voice + intention can alter the universe. Say it and you help bring it into reality. Your mind and voice can literally “program” the fabric of the cosmos. No one in mainstream culture tells you this because the establishment wants you to think you are powerless.

Hear a more detailed explanation of all this in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News, posting at the HR Report channel on

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Mike Adams

Thursday, February 25, 2021

World Bank Waging War Against Indian Farmers

February 22, 2021

Dr. Vandana Shiva, the Founder and President of Navdanya, Technology and Natural Resource Policy who was awarded the Right Livelihood Award, also known as the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’ explains how the World Bank is waging a war against Indian farmers.

She discusses the recent avalanche in Uttarakhand which has left hundreds missing and the causes behind it, how the World Bank’s actions in the 1991 was arguably the start of the war between Indian farmers and global capitalism, why India’s farmers are organising en masse to oppose India’s neoliberal farming laws, 1 in 4 farmers on Earth being Indian, multinational farming corporations and their war on India’s independent farmers, the history of the spread of GMO technology such as ‘Roundup’, why a transition away from industrial farming back to small-scale farming is needed to fight climate change and much more!

Dr. Vandana Shiva on India’s🇮🇳 Farmers' Protests: Indian Farmers Are a Victim Of FOOD IMPERIALISM

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

RFK, Jr. Interviews Vandana Shiva: The Gates Empire ‘Will Own Everything’

Learn Why Bill Gates Official Said Get Rid Of All Whites

EXCLUSIVE: Drs. Buttar, Shiva & Mikovits BLAST Gates, Call to ARREST Fauci as Crisis CRUSHES Econo..

Big Pharma is rigging everything to make sure approved coronavirus “treatments” don’t actually work at all, while things that do work are discredited or criminalized


In an interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Vandana Shiva discusses how Bill Gates, along with Big Ag, Big Chemical, Big Food, Big Tech and Big Pharma are destroying Earth’s ecosystem and with it, our health.


Shiva, who has a Ph.D. in quantum physics, is founder of Navdanya International, an organization dedicated to protecting seed and food sovereignty, and small farmers around the world.

Kennedy, chairman and chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense, and Shiva discuss how the Gates empire aims to control the food system, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s quest to make this the Decade of Vaccines.

Watch the interview here:

Read the transcript:

RFK, Jr. : This is my hero, Vandana Shiva, whom I have known for many, many years, who has been a role model for me, really. She’s about 40 IQ points smarter than I am. I found out because I was reading your biography today, and I didn’t know that you did your doctoral thesis on quantum physics. Was that what you studied in school at some point?

Vandana Shiva: Yes, that’s still what guides my work, the non-separation and the potential. Those are the two things that will get the mechanistic thinking out of the world. Yes, we are connected, and we all have potential, including civil disobedience.

RFK, Jr.: So Vandana Shiva: Shiva is currently the head of Navdanya, right?

Vandana Shiva: Navdanya, which means nine seeds.

RFK, Jr.: But I first ran into you when you were running the Chipko movement back in the 1980s, that’s when I first heard about you, and this extraordinary leader in India who was organizing women to protect forests and trees and all of that.

Vandana Shiva: Bobby, I wasn’t a leader. I was a student, and I was volunteering, and the leaders were the women and they were my professors. I always say, I went to University of Western Ontario for my Ph.D. to figure out quantum theory better, but I went to the Chipko University to figure out biodiversity. And Bobby, just the other day, the mafia has taken hold of David Attenborough to launch portfolio management on biodiversity, like portfolios on land ownership, as if value to biodiversity was not recognized by the Chipko women. I think that is the clash we are living through. The billionaires wanting to turn everything into their portfolio, and the ordinary people saying, “No, we want to protect our land.” Our farmers have been protesting now for six months for the land. That’s what they’re saying.

RFK, Jr.: I’ve seen on the international news these huge, vast gatherings of farmers now in India are marching on the cities. And so tell us, because I know you’re right in the middle of that … let me just introduce a little bit more about you. Shiva is one of the great grassroots leaders on the planet today. She has won every prize that you can win from people who care about grassroots women’s rights, about intellectual property and seeds, particularly, in GMOs, in forest protection, in chemical agriculture versus the agriculture than Vandana Shiva fights for, and has led us all in the wars against Monsanto. Hanging out with you for many, many years, I don’t even remember the first time we met, but she’s just an extraordinary, extraordinary leader. So, I want to talk to you about Bill Gates and about his purchase of the land, and his move to create a new feudalism on this planet, and to get the farmers off the land, and the billionaires onto it. And let’s talk first about current events and about what’s happening in India with these marches that you’re involved in.

READ + SHARE my latest on #TheDefender as I dive deep on #BillGates quietly becoming the largest owner of farmland in the U.S. and the irresistible pull #Gates has to exert monopoly control over global food supplies.

— Robert F. Kennedy Jr (@RobertKennedyJr) February 4, 2021

Vandana Shiva: So Bobby, my life was around physics and quantum physics, and of course, the Chipko movement. I was, from a very young age, an ecological activist. But it was 1984 …

RFK, Jr.: Your dad was a forester, right?

Vandana Shiva: My father was a forest conservator. Yes, I learned a lot from him. And my mother was a refugee from the partition. When India was split by a line drawn on a map, and she said, “Well, I’ve done everything. I’ve broken every glass ceiling for women, and now I’ll be a farmer.” So she became a farmer, and my father was in the forest, and we lived between the farm and the forest. And they were wonderful people. I mean, their values, their life has given me all the values I live, of fearlessness, of truth, of never giving up, and loving nature very deeply. But my involvement in agriculture begins with 1984, when there were similar protests against the green revolution. Now, the green revolution was first implemented on Punjab …

RFK, Jr.: That was a program by the Rockefellers, originally, Rockefellers, right?

Vandana Shiva: Exactly, and the World Bank. So the World Bank, the USAID [U.S. Agency for International Development], the Rockefellers. They had a package working for a while on how do you get to move these huge amounts of chemicals, the fertilizers, the pesticides after the wars. Those factories should have just shut down, and instead, the Rockefellers, who were very much involved in the IG Farben and Hitler experiments. I mean, there’s so much reports on that. The oil came from the Rockefellers. The chemical agriculture is a fossil fuel agriculture. They provided the oil, and the Germans provided the science and the Rockefellers, also the private bankers, provided the finance. And so after the war, it should have been an end to chemical warfare on this planet, and instead they worked on saying, “How do we change agriculture to make it more adapted to chemical.?” So, we have tall wheats, and tall rices and even animals are dual purpose.

The bullocks will pull the plow and the cows will give you milk. So we never do one dimensional thinking in India. And the fact that so many Indians are heading so many institutions is they’re living on the leftovers of multi-dimensional thinking, to push the world into one dimensional artificial intelligence thinking. But at that point, Barlow was picked up from DuPont defense labs to work on changing the plans. Now, the U.S. had stolen some wheat from Japan during the war, and there was rice from Indonesia, and they changed the plant, made the dwarf … I call it the civil disobedience of the plant. The plants were saying, “Don’t want you chemicals. Go away,” and they changed the plant. And this was all done by Norman Borlaug, who got a Nobel Peace Prize. In 1984, farmers are being shot. Farmers are being killed, and I’m seeing this was about to … It’s supposed to be about peace. He gets a Nobel Peace Prize. 20,000 people have died in Punjab.

So the protests of today are a continuity of protests we’ve had since 1991, which is a watershed for this neoliberal globalization imposed by the World Bank, which first got us into debt. I mean, that’s how the shylocks of the world work, right? Get it into debt, and then on the pound of flesh. And the laws that the farmers are fighting against are the pound of flesh that the World Bank had demanded in 1991, except that they were pushed back, and pushed back and pushed back. Right now, the protests are huge. Farmers aren’t stupid. Farmers know what they’re fighting against and they say, “We are fighting for the soul and the soil of India, because if we aren’t there as farmers, this civilization is dead. If we aren’t there as farmers, this soil is dead.” They’ve witnessed how the soil has been degraded with the chemical green revolution. They have witnessed the monoculture commodity farming for Pepsi, which is one model. So Pepsi came into India after 1984 and suicide started in the potato belts. Pepsi, for a 20 rupee package of potato, the farmer gets 0.04 paisa, which is an insignificant amount. So, when it’s chemical agriculture, GMO seeds and globalized trade by agribusiness and agro-processing industry, on average, farmers get 0.5 to 4% of what a consumer pays. But the consumer pays not just the price of that junk food in the package, they’re paying for the price of junk food in their health.

And that’s why the work you’re doing Bobby, on the issue of health, particularly children’s health. I see the industrial agriculture and industrial processing and the industrial mindset as invasions into our bodies. Earlier, it was happening indirectly, the cancers through the toxics. You’ve been fighting on the Monsanto cancer cases. All of that is an invasion into the body. But now there’s a conscious denial that there’s a harmony between the soils’ health, the plant health, our health. Our gut microbiome is a rain forest of diversity. And if it doesn’t receive diversity of food and it doesn’t receive fresh food, it is like a war against our gut microbiome, which is 90% of us in terms of biodiversity. We are 10% human, 90% other beings who keep us healthy, who make us. And the war against our bodies is at its last stages.

But it’s happening at a time when awareness on health is growing so much. Where awareness of biodiversity is growing so much. And now they’re thinking, “Oh, what we did when colonialism started, just change the mindset, call them barbarians, civilize them.” I mean, they’re basically carrying on the civilizing mission narrative. And that’s why I wrote my book, Oneness Vs. the 1%. I said, Bill Gates, keeps talking about innovation, all he’s doing is colonization. And I’ve basically shown how it’s colonization.

RFK, Jr.: Right. And that’s what I want to talk to you about. And I have a piece that I interviewed you for extensively that’s running in The Defender this week about Bill Gates’ new feudalism. The U.S. papers finally recognized the tip of the iceberg of what’s happening because they discovered suddenly that he was now the biggest owner of farmland in the United States of America. He did this health campaign to take over our farmland. Nobody knew he was doing it. He was buying it through shell companies, cascade investments and other means. And what I do in this article, with your help, is connect what he’s doing in this country. He’s also investing in Alphabet, which is a Google company and developing robotic farm workers that will replace farmers. He is developing artificial intelligence and stealing the knowledge as he did in India, from the little farmer. He put cameras in their homes, in their fields. He put sensors everywhere to figure out how they were using the seeds.

And then he took the seed banks, there’s 15 seed banks around the world that store all of the heritage seeds of humanity, 786,000 species of seeds. They’re there for humanity, for the commons, and he has taken over that seed bank, consolidated it and is now privatizing it and changing the genetic makeup of those seeds, making it so that they are chemically dependent so he can patent all of the life that has been developed over 20,000 years of agriculture on this planet.

I want to start telling this story about what happened during the green revolution, which was started by the Rockefellers, mainly in India and Mexico. Gates moved it in the early 2000s to Africa. Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation. And they started doing the same thing there. And it’s the same thing he did with vaccines. There’s a human problem, which he says is hunger or disease, and I’m going to solve it with my technology, which is GMO crops, patented seed, synthetic foods, chemical agriculture, pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizing monocultures.

And he went into 13 African nations and forced them to do commodity agriculture, to accept his inputs, built the supply chain and now there’s 131 million people starving in those nations. The starvation rate has gone up by 30%. And he is now trying to do the same thing to the rest of the world. And I know you’ve been active in Africa and fighting them there for many, many years. And that really helped alert the world about this. It’s not about farming, it’s not about food, it’s about taking over our land and giving us really unhealthy food.

Vandana Shiva: Bobby, you know better than anyone, how we are witnessing both the patterns of the old colonization of 500 years. And I think it’s very important that Black Lives Matter wakes up to the Gates empire, which is a racist empire. They might appoint at their heads or give a few jobs, but the mindset and the structural processes is where systems get decided.

While he’s using that old mindset, of course he’s using new tools, and the new tools are basically genetic engineering. And I’d started Navdanya, which means nine seeds, which is diversity, when I was called at a meeting in 1987 with the old poison cartel. “Now we own the seed, we’re not making enough money by selling chemicals, we’ve got to make it illegal for farmers to have seed. We will own seed as intellectual property and we’ll have an international cloak called the WTO Trade-Related Intellectual Property to force farmers to have GMO patency. I said, “But this is so wrong. This is an empire over life.” And I took a commitment, I’m going to save seeds. I want to work with our government on laws that say, plants, animals, seeds are not patentable.

RFK, Jr.: Let me interrupt you for a second because there’s a lot of people who listen to this who won’t understand why GMO seeds are connected to chemicals. And let me explain very briefly, what happened is, when DDT was banned in 1974, and it was Monsanto’s product, they bought another product called glyphosate. Somebody had taken this, it was a tank cleaner, somebody had thrown it out in the backyard and saw it killed all the grass. And Monsanto said, “This would be a good weedkiller.” It made it a weedkiller, marketed it as a wee killer. Farmers would have hundreds of farm workers wearing backpack sprayers, spraying the weeds in the cornfield before the corn got too big.

Then, in 1994, somebody put some of this glyphosate on the ground, and there was one weed that didn’t die. Monsanto took the gene out of that weed that made it resistant to glyphosate and they put it in corn. And now they had corn, that if you sprayed it with glyphosate it would not die. Well, now you can fire all those farm workers and you hire one airplane that saturates the entire landscape with glyphosate, and the only thing that lives is that GMO corn.

And that now is the biggest pesticide in the world. I think 80% of the pesticides in the world are that and they have now bred all kinds of all of our grains. And all of our food stuffs and fruits are now being genetically engineered so that they are resistant to Roundup, so that you can dump this stuff all over the landscape. What we find is the way that it kills plants is it sucks all the minerals out of them and destroys the building blocks of life. The foo that you get doesn’t have the minerals you need, you can have a full belly, but you can be dying of malnutrition. And that is one of the things that you really have articulated better than anybody.

Vandana Shiva: You’re so right. So whether it is the green revolution in India where Borlaug married chemical fertilizers to dwarf varieties of plants, or Monsanto steals basically already made Roundup glyphosate, makes it Roundup. And then they sued every company that was doing genetic engineering so they could buy them out. They never did any work. Monsanto, none of these companies have done any work. They’ve just sued, and sue, and sued. And the genetic engineering, and patents and chemicals go together.

And now the same Rockefellers that started the chemical industry with the IG Farben, and also started the entire irresponsible pharmaceuticals. You know, we’ve had medicine forever. And Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine.” Ayurveda says “that good food is the only medicine, and bad food has no medicine to cure the diseases it causes. It’s all known. A hundred years of bad … what is it called? There’s a lovely word for it, snake oil? Selling snake oil.

And now Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big IT, and big .. they call it FinTech, financial technology. It’s basically using digital speculative measures and portfolios, turning the land into a portfolio, the biodiversity into a portfolio, and thinking it’s some smart economics. And sadly, poor Attenborough went and said, “Ecologists don’t know biodiversity. Economists do.” because money-making … And Aristotle had said, “Economy is the art of living.” Chrematistics is the art of money making.


So now in the art of moneymaking is Big Ag, Big Food, Big Tech, Big Everyone wanting to get bigger like a cancer cell. And the new Gates Ag One is this convergence. It’s one year old. Last year in January, he announced it. And as he says, time is the enemy. When only stupid people think time is the enemy. Wise people know time is your friend that tests the best out of you. After all, Mr. Gates locked us all in for one year, and time has taught us what wonderful friendships and love is about. It has taught us about enoughness, and simplicity, what we can do without. They don’t realize there’s a living world out there. And I feel Mr. Gates, besides having the disease of the cancer cell, not knowing when to stop growing … Healthy cells know how to stop growing. I think he’s got a disease of power, and he has a disease of fear because … I said, why is this man so afraid of the tiniest microbe, and so afraid of the tiniest small farmer protesting on the Indian streets today? Why is he so afraid of a plant that breeds for free? And why is he so afraid of democracy that if India says no to GMO rice, the golden rice, a fake solution to gold blindness, or the Bt eggplant, which we threw out in 2001 through our government ministry, through seven public hearings, where the government listened to the farmers, and listened to the citizens and listened to the scientists.

RFK, Jr.: And those were GMO crops that he tried to force on India, and India threw them out. But he moved to Bangladesh and Pakistan with his GMO cotton. He doesn’t want anything except the GMOs.

Vandana Shiva: But he also moved the golden rice to the Philippines, for which there’s a huge movement, no golden rice. And this comes back to the seed issue. So when the green revolution was started and the Rockefellers and the World Bank were taking all the seeds from farmers to force them to have the green revolution seeds with chemicals, these 15 seed banks were created, and all our seeds lie in this. Now, Gates has taken control of this public system of seeds. And the rice seed bank in Philippines, where the work on golden rice was being done, the GMO golden rice, the reason it’s important for following that is one, all the seeds of rice are there. We have all 200,000 varieties of rice. And our top seed scientists refused to part with the seeds. They said, “This is our heritage. This was our civilization. We cannot let the World Bank get hold of it.” World Bank made sure he was removed from his position as the top scientists of his time, Dr. Richharia. He is my teacher. And so when Gates gets hold of the seed bank in the Philippines, and then he does golden rice, he’s now preparing. And this is where we need the civil disobedience, Bobby. We all need to join hands. This year World Food Day, Oct. 16, or before that Food Summit, which he has hijacked, let us do a civil disobedience against force feeding of bad food. Whether it be lab food, like Impossible Burger, or golden rice, because he’s preparing for biofortification to be made compulsory. And we’ve seen how he can make things compulsory.

RFK, Jr.: Let me explain what Vandana Shiva is saying about the Food Summit. Most of the people who watch this show know that in 2010, 2009, Bill Gates went in front of the United Nations, pledged $10 billion to the World Health Organization, and most of it ended up coming from government, not from him, but he put in a couple of billion. And he declared a decade of vaccines. Nobody paid much attention to him. But he was the first unelected official, with no diplomatic portfolio, who appeared before the United Nations and he made this declaration.

Immediately, he started putting all of these wheels spinning. He created all of these groups that fight anti-vaccination, and he started promoting vaccines all over the world … and he created all of these quasi-governmental organizations, CEPI [The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness] and PATH and GAVI, [the Vaccine Alliance] that everybody thinks are government, but they’re just Bill Gates. He took over the World Health Organization during this decade. Even the Financial Times said no decision is made at the World Health Organization that is not run through the Gates Foundation first. And in 2019, the World Health Organization comes out in January, and says that vaccine hesitancy is one of the 10 greatest threats to global health. Did they offer any scientific study to prove that? No. They just stated it. Immediately, the world fell in order. In 150 countries, legislatures, politicians who are on the payroll of big pharma and pushing vaccine mandates and abolishing exemptions.

In the United States, within three months, 100 bills in 50 states had been entered into the legislative process to mandate vaccines, and to ban exemptions … Adam Schiff, who’d been taking money from Gates, the head of the Intelligence Committee, comes forward and tells the social media CEOs, Pinterest, Facebook, Google, all of them, Instagram, YouTube, “You’ve got to start censoring vaccine misinformation.”

And then we had the roll up to 2020, and 2020 in January, right on time for his decade of vaccines, we get COVID. And Fauci, who’s his partner, puts $48 billion into pushing vaccines. Gates gets on TV every day saying, “Until everybody gets vaccinated, we have to stay locked down. We’re going to crash the global economy till all of you do what you’re told and get your vaccine.”

He paid for studies to kill ivermectin, to kill hydroxychloroquine, to discredit them. We’ve spent in our country $0 on any-virals, on off-the-shelf antivirals, researching them, vitamin D, all the things we know that reduce fatalities for COVID. None of that was studied. None of it was recommended. Instead, all of the money, $48 billion, went to vaccines.

Now, he’s reproducing that. He has succeeded with his Decade of Vaccines beyond anybody’s wildest dreams. And now, he’s gone on to part two, which he’s declared the Decade of Food, and he’s doing the same thing. It’s all chemical food. It’s synthetic food. He owns the Impossible Burgers, Beyond Beef all of these things, which are loaded with pesticides, and he’s trying to get the farmers off the farms, he’s taking over the farms with his robots and his artificial intelligence in India, in Africa, and now in the United States, and giving us unhealthy food, and it’s contributing to the chronic illnesses that are going to make us addicted to his medications. Oh, you know the rest of that story, Vandana Shiva, and you tell it better than anybody.

Vandana Shiva: Well, I think what people who love life and love freedom should be preparing for now is, A, the fact that yes, with this Gates Ag One, he wants one agriculture on a planet with so much diversity. Our wetlands with rice are very different from our dry lands with millets. Our barn systems of Bengali are very different from the desert systems of Rogerstown. And the one agriculture he wants is this externally driven system, where two of the chemicals after the wars are added, the GMOs, which became post 1990s with the WTO and they were spread and with the patenting. And now he wants to add digital agriculture farming without farmers. And of course the narrative today, just like then, it was, we grow great from air because we fixed nitrogen by burning fossil fuels. Well, that was a myth. They’ve ruined the land. They ruined the oceans. They ruined the climate, 300 times more deadly than carbon dioxide is the nitrous oxide that gets emitted from nitrogen fertilizers.

So they said the soil is empty. I call it terra nullius. That was the legal jurisprudence of the colonial time. Then they patented the seed and made it look like life is empty. I called it bio nullius. And Mr. Gates was creating his new empire. I call it mente nullius, empty minds. We’ll empty out the minds by mining data and patenting it and turning everyone into zombies and evaluating them and assigning them value. And as the research said, you will own nothing. They will own everything. You will own nothing. And it’ll all be theirs. So no commons, no public good, no shared values, just money, money, money in their hands, and them being an extractive machine.

So because since ’91, everything has been tried in the era that created Gates. He wasn’t as rich as he was ’til the deregulation of finance and deregulation of IT. The first WTO meeting he managed to become duty-free and tax-free for trade in information. That’s how all of these tech giants became so rich.

So now what, at that time, the WTO said seeds will be patented before that. And most seeds are not. The second thing was the Cargills will trade in agriculture and there’ll be no national sovereignty system to protect the rights to food. That’s what Armenian farmers are fighting against right now. And the third was what they called sanitary and phytosanitary measures, which is ban good food and make junk food the only option. This is why we have chronic diseases.

Now, Gates is taking all of this to the next step. Oh, there were laws created to prevent me from stealing. I’ll do digital genomic mapping and undercut all the international laws. And on international trade in food, if movements are growing for real food and food sovereignty, let me create fake food in the labs and create starvation and hunger through lockdown. So there is no food and destroy the farmers and do farming without farmers. And why worry only about Pepsi and junk food and Coca-Cola? We’re also the world’s biggest polluters in plastic. No, no, no. What we now do is make totally fake food and we’ll make the right to good food a crime, just like a right to know your health, the right to have the right medicine, the right for entire societies to have deep medical knowledge, that all that is turned into a crime. We’ve seen this happen.

RFK, Jr.: Let me give people an example of what you’re talking about. Gates owns a big stake in Philip Morris, which owns Kraft Foods and also owns General Foods. And they make processed foods and they make American cheese singles and Cheez Whiz. Those are so devoid of nutrition that the government makes those companies put in vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, et cetera. There’s some vitamins in them. What Gates is doing now all across Africa, all across the world, is he’s passing laws, he’s buying off politicians and forcing through mandates for fortified food so that you will not be able to sell food in markets in Africa, unless it’s fortified. Well, the food, the goat cheese that the farmer makes in Masai Mara in Kenya does not need fortification. It already has all the nutrients we want in it, but that farmer will not be able to sell that goat cheese in his local market. Instead Cheez Whiz will be the monopoly there. And that’s one of the ways that he’s using what Vandana Shiva’s saying about illegalizing health or outlawing healthy food to open up these markets and compel us to eat his dirty filthy poisonous food.

Vandana Shiva: Two quick things, Bobby. Phillip Morris was also responsible for the high fructose corn syrup, that starts as synthetic sugar. That has caused cirrhosis in the liver in babies and is added to every food because it’s addictive. The second is, India is such a land of diversity and richness. We always said, Hindustan, diversity is our way. We have so many snacks and so many foods, you can’t taste the same thing in three places. It’s all unique. They banned all of this. I have watched it disappear. They’ve banned our cold press virgin oil mills. Five million were shut down in ’98 when Cargill and Monsanto wanted to dump GM Musoya. We’ve watched this happen. So it’s important to learn the lessons of the green revolution of globalization. And now see how the concentration of all of this in the hands of a Bill Gates is accelerating what was put in place and we should do everything we can to prevent a total takeover of our seed, our food, our freedom.

RFK, Jr.: Vandana Shiva, we’re out of time. Thank you very much. Tell people how they can support you in your work.

Vandana Shiva: Well, for anyone who’s listening, the first is, earlier at the farm, we had learning experiences of how to learn from the earth and grow good food. But we right now are having these as zoom courses. And you can go to the website of navdanya You can become a seed warrior, a food warrior. Write to me at Vandana Shiva: And we also have an international program called Navdanya International, where we’ve just done a report, Gates to a Global Empire. You want to know more about what Gates is up to, read that report. It’s available for free download. And let us make this year the year of transition away from the Gates empire, to the freedom of all life on this planet and all people of this planet in all their freedoms and in all their diversity.


And by the way, my name is Shiva because my parents fought caste. And they said, “We want to take a name that’s not a caste name.” And so they took a name of a divinity and in Christianity, there’s a trinity, but we have millions of divinities. The grass is a divinity, and the soil is a divinity and the rivers are divinities and the mother Ganges is our mother. And it’s beautiful. India is so beautiful in recognizing the divine forces in all life, and you must, therefore, protect them. But we also have a Trinity and there’s Brahma the creator, Vishnu, the maintainer, and Shiva, who destroys bad systems to create new ones. Let’s join hands to create new systems.

RFK, Jr.: Perfect name for you, Vandana Shiva. Thank you for joining me. Follow Vandana Shiva and you can read my article in The Defender this week about our collaboration with Vandana Shiva. Thank you very much for joining us.

Sign up for free news and updates from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Children’s Health Defense. CHD is implementing many strategies, including legal, in an effort to defend the health of our children and obtain justice for those already injured. Your support is essential to CHD’s successful mission.

Watch the interview here:

By Children's Health Defense Team

Sunday, November 8, 2020

What We Don't Elect Matters Most: Central Banking and the Permanent Government

November 04, 2020

If we avert our eyes from the electoral battle on the blood-soaked sand of the Coliseum and look behind the screen, we find the powers that matter are not elected: our owned by a few big banks Federal Reserve, run by a handful of technocrats, and the immense National Security State, a.k.a. the Permanent Government. These entities operate the Empire which hosts the electoral games for the entertainment and distraction of the public.

The governance machinery controlled by elected representatives is tightly constrained in what it can and cannot do. It can't do anything to stop the debasement of the nation's currency, which is totally controlled by the Politburo of the Fed, nor can it do much to limit the Imperial Project, other than feel-good PR bits here and there.

The president wields vast powers but even the president is powerless to stop the debasement of the nation's currency and the enrichment of bankers, financiers, corporations, etc., who fund the campaigns of the gladiators, oops I mean politicians.

If we set aside the term Deep State and simply call it the unelected machinery of governance (Permanent Government), we get a clear picture of its scope and power. Presidents, senators and representatives come and go, but the machinery of Empire grinds on, decade after decade.

A great many people and places in America don't matter to the Fed or the Permanent Government, and so they've been abandoned to their fates. The darlings of the Fed and Empire are clustered in Silicon Valley and other urban hubs where the technological and financial machinery of global hegemony are fabricated and maintained.

Those far from these centers of banking, finance and Big Tech have little to no stake as owners of meaningful capital. All they have to sell is their labor, and that's been losing purchasing power for decades as financialization and globalization have stripmined rural America and enriched the bankers, financiers and speculators who serve the Fed and unelected Permanent Government.

The Fed and the Permanent Government have been very, very good to the few at the expense of the many. Look at the chart below at America's complete dominance when measured by the soaring wealth of its top 1% power elite: We're Number One in wealth, income and power inequality, yea for the Fed and the Empire! And we don't have to elect them--they elect themselves.

By Charles Hugh Smith

A Hacker's Teleology: Sharing the Wealth of Our Shrinking Planet

Read excerpts of the book for free (PDF).

The Story Behind the Book and the Introduction.

A Hacker's Teleology: Sharing the Wealth of Our Shrinking Planet 

Read the first section for free (PDF).

Will You Be Richer or Poorer?: Profit, Power, and AI in a Traumatized World Read the first section for free (PDF).

Pathfinding our Destiny: Preventing the Final Fall of Our Democratic Republic 

(audiobook): Read the first section for free (PDF).

The Adventures of the Consulting Philosopher: The Disappearance of Drake  read the first chapters for free (PDF)

Money and Work Unchained Read the first section for free (PDF).


AxisofEasy Salon #28: Today's show is brought to you by the letter K(leptrocracy) (1 hr)

COVID-19 Pandemic Posts

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Time magazine features The Great Reset slimeball edition for your edification

And a few words about Trump, who does not happen to be the messiah 
November 4, 2020

On the eve of the election, burning pots of snake powder and chanting spells, hoping for a Biden victory, Time magazine published a monster feature, called The Great Reset.

The fabrication features bloviations from “leading thinkers,” all pointing to the need for a complete revamping of our world, because…pandemic.

Well, actually, because: the economic devastation and consequent ruination of untold numbers of lives.

In other words, “We crashed the world economy and stilled the engine of the planet’s production, using the pretext of a fake pandemic; so now we must remake all economies and governments.”

That’s Time’s unspoken version of logic.

Their number-one go-to reset thinker is Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. His chunk of hot air is titled, “A Better Economy Is Possible. But We Need to Reimagine Capitalism to Do It”:

Sustainable future; more inclusive corporate hiring practices; reduce greenhouse gases. It could have been written in 1999.

But that doesn’t matter. What matters is, the whole world must be changed. This is the mantra.

The world must be changed by Globalists.

My edition of The Great Reset takes a slightly different position:

Globalism must be changed by the world.

By separate nations, all of whom reject Globalism.

All of whom reject Medical Dictatorship.

All of whom rebuild individual freedom.

As opposed to free-everything for everybody.

As opposed to cosmic cheese glob collectivism, in which the independent thoughts and desires of the individual are measured against the ruling force of every other empty and dependent thought of every individual who has surrendered to the Glob.

The Time magazine version of reality is, we need a plan, we need a plan, we need a plan. This means organizing the planet down to the last dotted i and crossed t. It’s the wet dream of technocrats.

A defined slot for every person, a person for every defined slot.

Humanity as a machine.

So you get cosmic cheese glob plus machine. That’s the future we’re supposed to enlist in.

After months of research, consultations, and preliminary reports, I believe the appropriate, measured, and technical response is: SCREW YOU

This response can be printed in various fonts, in caps, italics, or bold. It can be voiced. It can be announced through a bullhorn. It can be printed on masks, shirts, shower curtains, bedsheets, blouses, dresses, windbreakers, trench coats. It can be stamped in day-glo on the backs of pet cats and dogs…

Persons in technical fields, who believe language more agile than instructions on building computer chips must be considered “a rant,” can have their tailor stitch the response in tiny letters just below their shirt pockets.

More ambitious folk could secure the use of an eighteen-wheeler. A poster would cover one side of the truck. Two lines of text: THE GREAT RESET, and below it, the response. SCREW YOU.

Each letter would be three feet high. Roman bold caps. Going along with the current trend, white letters against a black background. Or maybe just the traditional red, white, and blue.

I’ve watched, for 50 years, “dissent on the Left” undergo transformations, until it became “centrist Marxism.”

That dissent has been swallowed up and is now the unthinking status quo for millions of people, including politicians and the mainstream press. It’s an instrument of attack against all basic freedoms, one of which is the freedom to express dissent.

That’s the way tyranny always operates. A call for freedom turns into a call against freedom.

At first, 20 years ago, I tried to make excuses for these fascists. “They don’t know what they’re doing.” I tired of that approach. It doesn’t matter whether they know or don’t know. They’re doing it. They’re out to destroy what’s left of the country.

Unalienable rights mean nothing to them. There are no rights. They only want what they want, and most of time they don’t know what that is, beyond tearing down whatever lies in their path. They’re the foot soldiers of the Elite, who are the proponents of The Great Reset.

Marxism IS a dictatorship of the Elite, in case you haven’t noticed. It’s another name for a very old con.

On the other side of the coin, we have people who have drunk the Kool-Aid and are very sure Trump is the Second Coming of the Messiah.

I’ve excoriated him a number of times for surrendering the nation to the fabrications of the medical experts and supporting the unconstitutional lockdowns and the economic devastation.

His ardent supporters gloss all that over, as if the nation is now well on its way to recovery. No harm, no foul. If only wishing would make it so.

As I write this, the outcome of the election is uncertain. If Trump is re-elected, people must be relentless in insisting he back up his campaign rhetoric and make the open US economy a FACT, not merely a proposition calculated to win a second term.

His claim of having the military take charge of deploying the COVID vaccine remains very disturbing. To strangely assume this is part of his brilliant plan to guard our freedom to refuse the vaccine is based on zero evidence.

Add to that the secrecy surrounding the federal collaboration with the Pentagon to develop a COVID vaccine, and you have a prescription for a medical nightmare.

Trump has never spoken directly to the American people and admitted the extent of the economic destruction which has occurred since the fake pandemic was declared.

He has never taken any responsibility whatsoever for permitting this horror show and tragedy in the first place.

His supporters say, “Well, he couldn’t have gone up against the medical people and rejected the lockdowns…” The job of the leader involves doing exactly that when the heat is turned up to its highest pitch. He stands firm. He takes the blows. He strikes back. He shows exceptional courage.

The truth is, when Fauci came into the White House with the absurd and insane projections of Neil Ferguson, claiming two million people could die this past summer in the US, Trump folded up in ten minutes and never questioned the source or the numbers.

Ferguson, of the Imperial College in London, bankrolled by Bill Gates, was and is a failed computer modeler, with a track record of ridiculous predictions.

For example, in 2005, he stated that 200 million people, worldwide, could die from the bird flu. The final official figure was several hundred.

But Trump never made inquiries into Ferguson. He never stopped the Fauci train in its tracks then and there and exposed him as the predatory criminal he is.

Trump climbed on board the train and rode it.

NOW he says there is too much nonsense about COVID and we are coming out of the darkness. He says this is great and that is great and everything is great.

Sorry, pal, that’s not the true story. The forces of unalloyed evil are jacking up and rigging new case numbers to extreme heights. The plan is more lockdowns.

If Trump serves a new term as president, we must apply enormous pressure to make him support, and take WHATEVER ACTION is necessary, to ensure freedom survives and the economy is OPENED ALL THE WAY. PERMANENTLY.

Forget pipe dreams and fantasies about Trump. This war is far from over.

The US, along with many other countries, has been invaded. The enemy is within the gates. Moving like locusts through a field, they’ve destroyed millions of businesses and companies and people.

If this doesn’t call for swift and decisive and remorseless executive action, nothing does.

If Biden wins the presidency, then our pushback against his “national COVID plan” must be unrelenting. His controllers are hoping to override state governments and stamp a host of repressive measures on all our heads at once. As they “adhere to the advice of the medical experts.”

Saturday, October 10, 2020

The Matrix Revealed: The trick behind Occult systems

10 October 2020

It should be obvious to readers who’ve been with me for a while that I attack delusion in more than one place. Political systems, medical systems…and so-called spiritual systems.

That’s because I happen to believe in legitimate limited government, healing, and the unbounded life of the individual spiritual being.

Occult systems, which propose they have a hidden secret at the core, which will be revealed after a long and exhaustive search, are, at best, deluded, because they are concealing CONTENT.

By content, I mean information, knowledge, pattern, some facet of what already exists. This is a dead-end.

There is nothing wrong with truthful information. But….

Suppose we had a secret society called The Inner Core Flame X42. And we sold our members on the idea that, after a series of ascending initiations, they would arrive at the X, the secret of secrets.

Well, what could X be? Some nugget of information, some formula or phrase or fact or made-up fact about existence that is supposed to solve problems and enlighten consciousness.

But consciousness is dynamic. It isn’t a key looking for a lock.

Consciousness is dynamic because it creates. It creates new realities.

It isn’t primarily a container for What Is, for what already exists.

If there is a secret about consciousness, that’s it. IT CREATES.

So no matter what X we cooked up, it would become obsolete, of minor value.

Humans are ripe for buying an X because they are trained, and train themselves, to place the highest value on What Already Exists.

That’s mind control par excellence.

Occult systems deliver what controlled minds expect, and that’s why they’ve flourished. That’s the only reason why.

But there is another way.

When a person sees the “artistic” blow-by-blow creation of these power structures, in progress—rather than the finished product—an entirely new consciousness arises.

“If they can create Reality for me, I can create my own.”

“If they are artists, I can be an artist, too—but in an entirely different direction.”

The Matrix ceases to be a monolith. It is revealed as an ongoing weave, and one can see the process at work.

Then, one’s own insight operates on behalf of liberation.

A person can actually see how he cooperates in the progression of accepting “the weave.”

And he sees other options.

Therefore, as I put together The Matrix Revealed, I made sure to show Matrix as a work in process, an ongoing enterprise, a work of art, as it were, that can be dismantled—as a person takes another road of his own.

This is vital. It transforms victimization into inspiration.

In my work, I was assisted by interviewees who profoundly understood all this.

By Jon Rappoport

MATRIX: WHY Neo Has Powers in the Real World | Explained

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Crony Capitalist Monopoly of Nutrition

Political interference by food and beverage transnationals like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Nestlé, and PepsiCo is pervasive. This report dives into how these corporations have leveraged the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) to cripple progress on nutrition policy across the globe.

How big business interferes with global health policy and science


International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI), an American nonprofit with an innocuous sounding name has been quietly infiltrating Indian government’s health and nutrition bodies influencing India’s food policy on behalf of the chemical industry.

How An International Shadowy Group Is Influencing India’s Food Policy 

Friday, May 15, 2020

Natural COVID Treatments: Cronyism Stands in the Way

May 14, 2020

We need your help to get this message out far and wide.

Sending this article to five people you know would do a tremendous service and help get everyone’s, including the government’s, attention. Please help us.

Most promising treatments are not being studied at all and have little chance of attracting the necessary attention and funding with the billion dollar FDA approval process standing in the way. Here are a few key examples of items that have tremendous potential but are being ignored by Pharma and its allies in government:

-Potassium appears to be another key nutrient implicated in COVID-19 cases. Preliminary data show that COVID-19 patients exhibit hypokalemia (low potassium in the blood) and that potassium supplementation assisted recovery. Note that a national survey of 16,444 Americans found that 100% were not getting the estimated average requirement (EAR) of potassium (EAR is the intake level for a nutrient at which the needs of 50 percent of the population will be met). This critical nutrient could be saving lives right now, but the government is only focused on pharmaceutical interventions that can make drug companies rich.

-There is promising initial data regarding zinc, quercetin, and epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG). High concentrations of zinc inside cells inhibit the replication of RNA viruses such as COVID-19, but due to zinc’s other characteristics, cells do not typically tolerate high levels of this mineral. Quercetin and EGCG enhance the entry of zinc into cells, much like the drug chloroquine (which when studied in combination with zinc) proved useful while when studied alone did not). Unlike chloroquine, quercetin and EGCG do not have dangerous or potentially even fatal side-effects. Note too that quercetin itself has anti-viral properties. There have already been animal trials on the zinc/quercetin combination for use against Ebola and SARS-CoV1, and human clinical trials have been approved by the FDA. There is only one small trial in Turkey that is looking at quercetin, but without zinc. Some researchers believe that zinc in general is one of the most important things we can take both to avoid Covid-19 infection and treat it.

-Oregano oil and monolaurin are candidates to target the viral capsule of coronaviruses. Monolaurin is being studied in the Philippines, but is ignored by the US government.

-Silver, particularly nebulized silver, also has potential as an anti-viral or to prevent follow up bacterial infections. Crucially, evidence shows that silver hydrosol may be effective against certain strains of coronavirus like SARS. Silver also shows promise against other viruses like HIV and herpes. Meanwhile both the FDA and the FTC are refusing to allow any claims for silver at all.

-Vitamin D is a key immune system regulator. People with especially low D are more vulnerable to Covid-19. Research has also shown that low vitamin D is linked with worse COVID-19 outcomes. Our government should be getting this information out to everyone, but refusing even to discuss it.

These are just a few of the many promising natural therapies suggested by integrative medicine circles for COVID-19 treatment. You can consult our previous articles for more information. Here are some further examples:

-Data show that dietary selenium is linked with COVID-19 outcomes: a study found that patients in areas with high levels of selenium were more likely to recover from the virus, while places with lower selenium intake had a death rate five times higher.

-Many supplements (curcumin, resveratrol, luteolin etc.) are candidates to help control the cytokine storm that may kill Covid-19 patients but are not being tested for this use.

-Viruses cloak themselves from the immune system using a substance called nagalase. Some supplements, especially probiotics, are candidates to help control nagalase but are also unlikely to be tested for this use.

-Other supplements, like the herb Andrographis paniculate, are candidates to interfere with enzymes needed by the virus to reproduce but are also unlikely ever to be tested for this use.

-Drugs like proton pump inhibitors can increase the likelihood of serious infection with COVID-19. Shouldn’t millions of users be told?

Our COVID-411 page also has a list of other supplements that may be helpful for prevention or treatment, including melatonin, NAC, beta glucans, garlic, and vitamin A.

Our government now touts a drug, remdesivir, as the new “standard of care,” the mortality rate of which is not statistically different from placebo. Why? Because it is a new drug that can make a fortune for the pharmaceutical manufacturer? None of the natural treatments listed above can be easily patented, so no company can afford to pay for FDA approval. As the economy reels from the escalating costs of this pandemic, how can we continue to focus primarily on expensive drugs and ignore affordable micronutrients that show such promise?

Our government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is a case-study in crony capitalist medicine. We need thorough studies on these promising natural treatments to assess their viability for COVID-19, and it must happen now.

We need your help to get this message out far and wide. Sending this article to five people you know would do a tremendous service and help get the government’s attention. Please help us.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and the National Institutes of Health, demanding further study on promising natural treatments for COVID-19. Please send your message immediately.