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Monday, May 31, 2021

World Military and Intelligence Agencies to Remove Western Civilian Governments

May 31, 2021

“A decision has been made at the highest echelons of power that the world is just not working,” and a wholesale revamp is needed, according to a senior European royal. In particular, the ongoing “pandemic is entirely a drug-pushing effort” and means “all of the world’s civilian governments are suspected of engaging in genocide,” according to MI6, CIA, and other intelligence agencies.

To summarize, the world’s military and intelligence agencies have come to the conclusion that Western civilian governments have been hijacked by a satanic cult and need to be removed.

The process is being started off with the removal of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, Mossad sources say. “This particular character is a very difficult one and the only way to remove someone like him is to manage them out,” the Royal Family source said. The implication is Netanyahu possesses plenty of blackmail insurance and needs to be given certain guarantees in exchange for relinquishing power. In any case, even Rothschild family-owned propaganda outlets like AP are now reporting his removal.

After the removal of the de facto most senior sitting Khazarian Mafia leader, a campaign will take place over the summer to cleanse most civilian governments, multiple sources agree. A separate MI6 source located in the Americas confirmed action on the ground saying:

“Something really big is taking place Now. Senior Members of The Cabal are going down. Gates is out of the system now. He has disappeared. Not a word was spoken about him. Now it’s Fauci’s turn. Then, guess who’s next, Matt Hancock, followed by Boris Johnson. Humanity is waking up.”

These purges will prepare the ground for a complete revamp of post-World War II institutions including the UN and the BIS, the sources say.

“There has been a coalescence among the world’s intelligence agencies because we share a common enemy,” was how the head of MI6 (the real head not the public one) described the situation. The CIA, which is a consortium run out of Switzerland, agrees, according to senior CIA sources. These agencies have come to the conclusion that if urgent action is not taken “billions of people will die by the autumn,” the MI6 and CIA sources said.

As a part of this campaign of removal, MI6 has decided to publicly name the person who ordered the murder of Princess Diana Spencer. This was…

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Banking Secrets Revealed: Creating Money Out of Thin Air

Financial and Banking Cover-ups

Key Information and Facts Reveal Major Cover-up

"The Federal Reserve is neither truly federal, nor a full reserve. It is not owned or directly controlled by the United States government. The fact that the words 'United States Federal Reserve System' are printed on every U.S. bank note thus raises serious questions." 

How much do you know about the banking system and who issues the money you carry in your pocket? Considering the vital role money plays both in our individual lives and in the world, our educational system teaches us amazingly little about how money is created, how banks operate, and what causes the huge banking scandals and bankruptcies that have occurred.

After reading the information below, you will understand why this information is kept quiet and why we feel it is important to reveal these major banking and financial cover-ups. The world's wealthiest bankers guard their secrets very closely.

The Federal Reserve: Neither Truly Federal Nor a Full Reserve

Do you know who issues the money in your wallet or purse? For readers located in the U.S., take a look at the top of any U.S. bills and you will find "Federal Reserve Note" printed along the top. In a small black circle on the left side of these notes, you will also see the words "Federal Reserve." It is the Federal Reserve which issues all bank notes in the United States. To see just how much control the Federal Reserve has over the issuance of U.S. currency, see their webpage at this link. Yet who owns the Federal Reserve?

Though the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve is categorized as an independent government agency, "The Fed" is not owned by the government. The Supreme Court stated that "instrumentalities like the national banks or the federal reserve banks, in which there are private interests, are not departments of the government. They are private corporations in which the government has an interest." You can verify this by reading the court case at this link (case 406 F.3d 532) and going to Part II, paragraph 9. This case further states that "each Federal Reserve Bank is owned by the commercial banks within its district."

It's quite revealing that though the official website of the Federal Reserve contains a detailed description of the Federal Reserve that is over 20 pages in length, ownership of the Federal Reserve Banks is never even mentioned. Could it be that this information is conveniently withheld to keep the public from understanding who owns the banks which issue all U.S. dollars?

Though Federal Reserve Board members are appointed by the U.S. President and confirmed by the Senate, the Federal Reserve is a privately owned institution controlled mainly by large private banks. Once board members are appointed, the U.S. government has no control over their decisions other than the president's ability to remove a board member.

Yet a study of the history and functions of the Federal Reserve reveals that powerful bankers such as J.P. Morgan have had inordinate power and control over the formation and management of the monetary policy of the United States through their power over the Fed. Congress has virtually no influence over this incredibly powerful institution.

Neither does the Fed have reserves to back all of the credit it issues. None of the money in circulation is backed by anything of real value such as gold or silver. The backing of U.S. currency by a gold standard was removed under President Nixon in 1971. In fact, the Fed, like all banks, at any one time has only 3 to 10% of all credit issued held in reserve as bank notes. So the Federal Reserve is neither truly federal, nor a full reserve. It is not owned or directly controlled by the United States government. The fact that the words "United States Federal Reserve System" are printed on every U.S. bank note thus raises serious questions.

The foundation for the Federal Reserve system was crafted in the utmost secrecy in 1910 at the Jekyll Island resort by several powerful men with very close ties to the Rockefellers, the J.P. Morgan family, and the Rothschilds — the richest and most powerful families in the world at that time. A version of the legislation crafted eventually passed in 1913 over the objections of many who feared that turning over control of the nation's money supply to a consortium of private bankers would inevitably only produce more riches for the ultra rich at the expense of the general public.

Virtually everyone agrees that the Fed is highly secretive. Wikipedia lists other criticisms of the Federal Reserve in the below three paragraphs:

"A large and varied group of criticisms have been directed against the Federal Reserve System. One group of criticisms, typified by the Austrian School, criticize the Federal Reserve as an unnecessary and counterproductive interference in the economy. Other critiques include arguments in favor of the gold standard and criticisms of an alleged lack of accountability or culture of secrecy within the Reserve. Finally, a group of conspiracy theories make various charges against the Federal Reserve, generally claiming the Federal Reserve System is actually a scheme to enrich a few wealthy bankers at the expense of the public.

"Economists of the Austrian School such as Ludwig von Mises contend that the Federal Reserve's artificial manipulation of the money supply leads to the boom/bust business cycle that has occurred over the last century. Many economic libertarians ... believe that the Federal Reserve's manipulation of the money supply to stop 'gold flight' from England caused, or was instrumental in causing, the Great Depression.

"Nobel Economist Milton Friedman said he 'prefer[s] to abolish the federal reserve system altogether.' [13]. Ben Bernanke, [former] Chairman of the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve, stated: 'I would like to say to Milton [Friedman] and Anna [J. Schwartz]: Regarding the Great Depression. You're right, we did it. We're very sorry. But thanks to you, we won't do it again.' [22] [23]"

The Fractional Reserve System: Creating Money Out of Thin Air

Another aspect of banking about which most people know little to nothing is the fractional reserve system. Fractional-reserve banking refers to the standard banking practice of issuing more money than the bank holds as reserves. Banks in modern economies typically loan their customers many times the sum of the cash reserves that they hold. Did you know that for every dollar in your checking or savings account, the bank can legally loan out $10 or more?

Here's a description of fraction reserve banking's origins from a standard university macroeconomics text [1]:

"When the ancients began to use gold in making transactions, it became apparent that it was both unsafe and inconvenient for consumers and merchants to carry gold and have it weighed and assessed for purity every time a transaction was negotiated. It therefore became commonplace to deposit one's gold with goldsmiths whose vaults or strongrooms could be used for a fee. Upon receiving a gold deposit, the goldsmith issued a receipt to the depositor. Soon goods were traded for the goldsmiths' receipts and the receipts became the first kind of paper money.

"At this point the goldsmiths – embryonic bankers – used a 100% reserve system; their circulating paper money receipts were fully backed by gold. But, given the public's acceptance of the goldsmiths' receipts as paper money, the goldsmiths became aware that the gold they stored was rarely redeemed. Then some adroit banker hit on the idea that paper money could be issued in excess of the amount of gold held. Goldsmiths [then began to issue] additional 'receipts' ... into circulation by making interest-earning loans in the form of gold receipts. This was the beginning of the fractional reserve system of banking."

The college text from which the above quote is taken does not question the propriety of goldsmiths creating these new "receipts" or money without any gold backing, without any authority, and indeed without any real reason to do so other than to enrich themselves. In fact, the text even praises the questionable behavior of the one who began this hidden form of corruption as "adroit."

The unsuspecting public had no idea that goldsmiths were issuing paper receipts accepted as money which were backed by no gold deposits at all for ten times or more the amount of gold that had been entrusted to them. The goldsmiths were secretly creating money out of thin air. They thus made themselves fantastically wealthy without anyone noticing what was going on. To better hide this deceit and divert people's attention, the goldsmiths stopped their old practice of charging for storing gold and instead began to pay customers a small interest on their gold deposits to keep them happy. Thus it was that modern day bankers were born.

Amazingly, the system has changed little today. Macroeconomics professors, college texts, and all involved with banking almost never question the ethics or morality of this fractional reserve system. No one even questions in any meaningful way the ethics and corruption involved in creating money out of thin air. In fact, the fractional reserve system was formalized into law centuries ago and continues to be both legal and the accepted common practice around the world today.

Have you ever wondered how banks afford those massive buildings downtown if they charge only 10% or so on loans and pay 5% or less interest on deposits? If bankers were not allowed to create money out of thin air, they would be making only a few percent a year on every loan issued, far from enough to build the towering skyscrapers owned by banks in practically every major city. But by creating credit (money) using the fractional reserve system, bankers can legally claim credit to 10 times or more the amount of any loan. Now you can understand the foundation upon which global banking empires are built.

As this system has been used for centuries by every country in the world, it clearly works to maintain a relatively stable economic order. We are not advocating a dramatic change of this system. We do, however, feel that suppressing and otherwise hiding this key information is a massive deception which does not serve the public and only serves to allow the bankers to easily become excessively powerful and corrupt.

We recommend these revealing documentaries on money and the banking cover-up: - Monopoly Men (45 min.) - Money, Power & Wall Street (PBS - 4 hours) - The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World (PBS) - Money Masters (210 min., transcript available here)

These fact-filled documentaries do an excellent job of introducing and educating viewers to key, little-known facts which impact our global economy and politics. We encourage you to have a healthy skepticism of what is presented, yet also to have an open mind to the possibility that much of what is presented is based on verifiable evidence. Note that the Ascent of Money has four parts, each one hour in length. The first two parts are excellent in revealing the hidden history of money in our world, though the third and fourth parts on more recent history are much weaker.

You can help to inform others of what is going on by educating yourself with the above videos and spreading the word on the banking and financial cover-up. For what you can do about it, see below. Thanks for caring.

Even deeper: See a treasure trove of major media articles revealing blatant manipulations by top bankers. A top Wall Street and government insider's essay shows just how ruthless the power brokers can be. A more thorough history of the development of banking is available here. Read a top professor's 10-page summary of the powerful role of bankers throughout history. Further information on this vital issue with realistic proposals for empowering change can be found on the American Monetary Institute's website. And explore a highly decorated U.S. general's essay revealing huge manipulations and profiteering by major banks in wartime.

For lots more, see our Banking Corruption Information Center at this link

[1] McConnell, Campbell R. & Brue, Stanley L., Macroeconomics: Principles, Problems, and Policies, Thirteen Edition, McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1996, p. 277

What you can do:

-Inform your media and political representatives of this crucial information on the financial and banking cover-ups. To contact those close to you, click here. Urge them to study and bring publicity to this important topic. Invite them to read this article and the links included.

-Read astonishing summaries of revealing major media reports on banking and Federal Reserve manipulations available at this link.

-Learn more about major money manipulations and what we can do about it in this powerful lesson from the free Insight Course. -Explore inspiring ideas on building a brighter future by reading this short essay

-Spread this news on banking and financial cover-ups to your friends and colleagues, and bookmark this article on social networking websites using the "Share" icon below, so that we can fill the role at which the major media is sadly failing. Together, we can make a difference. believes it is important to balance disturbing cover-up information with inspirational writings which call us to be all that we can be and to work together for positive change. For an abundance of uplifting material, please visit our Inspiration Center.

Explore the mind and heart expanding websites managed by the nonprofit PEERS network: - PEERS websites: Spreading inspiration, education, & empowerment - Every person in the world has a heart - Dynamic online courses powerfully expand your horizons - Reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups - Strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us all

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Thursday, May 27, 2021

While it is a good thing to turn the other cheek, if they then hit the other cheek, you have run out of cheeks!

War is Declared After Priory of Sion Fails to Respond

May 24, 2021

War has been declared against the Priory of Satan after they refused to agree to a campaign to save the planet, White Dragon Society sources say.  However, a decision has been made to decline the Gnostic Illuminati’s offer to hit Lake Geneva, Nato Headquarters, and Jerusalem with 4th generation hydrogen nuclear weapons that don’t cause long-term radioactive pollution.  Instead, Special Forces will be making pinpoint attacks to eliminate key individuals and institutions involved in the ongoing fake pandemic and related war crimes.

MI6 sources say an underground base in Switzerland has already been attacked and taken out of commission.  This attack led to an emergency meeting being held at the Vatican, according to P3 Freemason sources.  The meeting was called by the Rockefeller Foundation and meeting attendance revealed exactly who they still control.  The answer is the World Bank, the IMF, the African Union (but not individual African states), Argentina, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Furthermore, the attack forced the Satanic World Economic Forum to cancel a special annual meeting it had planned for Singapore in August.

An emergency meeting held at the Vatican has also alerted the P3 to the fact that Pope Francis has been killed and replaced by an actor wearing a rubber mask who is openly calling for every single human being on earth to be killed with vaccinations.

Nobel Prize-winning virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier said last week “there is no hope and no possible treatment for those who have already been vaccinated,” after seeing the ingredients of the Covid gene treatments being used.  What is happening basically is that the Khazarian Mafia is trying to murder its hostage slave peoples rather than give up power.

P3 Freemason sources say “the Vatican secret service knows everything, revenge is on, starting with Italy first.”  The P3 says the Covidiot “vaccine” murder campaign has been orchestrated from Israel and Switzerland.

Special forces in the U.S. will be raiding the Rockefeller Foundation Headquarters located at 420 Fifth Avenue in New York, according to Pentagon sources.  All other Rockefeller Foundation branches will also be raided.  In addition, all members of the Rockefeller family will be hunted down, the sources say.

The British Secret Service is also on the case.  This is how a senior MI6 source described the situation:

“We took out [George] Bush [Sr.] to get at [Benjamin] Netanyahu to blow up the Khazarian Mafia –the root cause of world terrorism.  Hit the source and end it.  All of the world’s military know this.  It just happened.  MI6 will find and kill all concerned, you know how we work as does everyone.”

A senior European Royal described the situation as:

“It will all come right but there is a lot to deal with.  The Nuremberg protocols should deal with this lot in one fell swoop,”

“All the world’s militaries have shoot to kill legal warrant but if we end up in legals we have to show proof that the shoot to kill, was to protect.  Anyone involved in the so-called pandemic is sentenced to death.  The worldwide warrant has been signed by a senior European royal.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

MI6 sources say a secret war has been raging ever since:

“The DVD Dachau was found to have killed – in law murdered – Adnan Sakli at BIS Basel.  It was possibly the most critical case in geopolitics.  All Watergate affairs are worse for the cover-up than the original crime.  In this case, the cover-up involved events like 9.11 and Fukushima.”

Readers can help in the fight against these mass murderers by sending specific information about war crimes to the International Criminal Court.  The contacts are as follows:




At this point, we would like to send a message to General Michael Flynn.  General Flynn has been talking to Christian groups about having faith.  What he needs to understand is that while it is a good thing to turn the other cheek, if they then hit the other cheek, you have run out of cheeks to turn and it is time to take action.  Any action needs to be decisive and final.

That is why we are asking Patriotic U.S. forces to take over the AT&T telecommunications infrastructure in order to put an end to the fake corporate news, including the fake Biden presidency.

One of the key battles is going to be the takedown of the high-tech firms located mainly in or near Palo Alto, California.  Here you will find Google and Facebook.  It has just been discovered that Facebook Covid vaccine fact-checkers are funded by the vaccine companies, according to CIA sources.  In other words, Facebook, run by David Rockefeller’s Grandson Mark Zuckerberg, is complicit in mass murder.  His female clone is now playing the role of spokesperson Jen Psaki for the fake Biden presidency.

Google has also been actively censoring pandemic truth and is thus a designated transnational genocidal organization.  All Google employees involved in vaccine and pandemic censorship need to be executed.

Another place that needs to be raided is the underground base and communications hub around CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Until these nests of criminals are dealt with, censorship and lies will continue to dominate most Western screens and corporate media outlets.

We can also confirm that uber vaccine pusher Bill Gates has been executed for war crimes.  Microsoft as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are now in the hands of White Hats.  This can be confirmed by the stories about the divorce between Melinda Watson (of the Watson IBM family) and Bill Gates.  A campaign to ruin Bill Gates’s reputation by associating him with Jeff Epstein and other salacious stuff is further confirmation this source is telling the truth.  If Gates was alive, you can sure he would be using his army of lawyers and PR agents to fight this.

We also know that the Dutch Royal Family members have been executed.  Here is what the Senior European Royal had to say about their Dutch relatives:

“The Dutch were heavily Satanic, the last Queen, Beatrix, was a terror.  Bloodthirsty Satanic cult.”

The source hinted the Davos people have also been dealt with by saying, “You saw what happened with this bunch of lunatics in Davos.”

Other people who have been, or will soon be removed include Justin Castro in Canada, Henry Kissinger, Heizo Takenaka, David Rockefeller Jr., and many others.

If you saw the Oscar awards ceremony this year you would have noticed that almost none of the usual celebrities were there.  This is a good sign the purge there has been very thorough.

We are also hearing that a purge of the U.S. military, the CIA, and the FBI is continuing.  CIA sources tell us that former CIA boss John Brennan’s military tribunal starts this week.

We also note that Israel has been forced to retreat from its massacre of Palestinians.  Apparently several different countries, including Russia (FSB sources confirmed that Russian citizens were ordered to evacuate parts of Israel last week) told them to cease and desist or else Tel Aviv would be obliterated.

Angry Israeli citizens also demonstrated in front of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s house last week.  Mossad sources, for their part, insist the Netanyahu who recently appeared in public was a “clone.”

The Satanists in Israel, however, remain dangerous, cornered rats and it may be necessary to evacuate all Jews and Palestinians from Israel before wiping out the entire nest there.

Despite continued resistance, there can be no doubt the good guys are winning.  This can be confirmed by a sudden winding down of the fake pandemic in England, Germany, and the U.S.

In the UK members of a committee that advises the British government on pandemic response admitted last week a “totalitarian,” and “unethical” Covid-19 response used fear to manipulate people’s behavior.

This was followed by a public announcement the overall death rate in the UK was at its lowest level since such statistics started being collected 20 years ago.  Furthermore, the percentage of deaths attributed to Covid-19 was only 2.4% of the total in April, less than a quarter of the March level.

In Germany as well, large parts of the country relaxed more pandemic restrictions Friday as reported numbers there also dropped sharply.  This came despite efforts by Angela Hitler to keep restrictions in place.

In the U.S. too we are starting to see headlines like:

“Hope Rises as U.S. Virus Cases Fall Sharply.”

Similar drops are being reported in other countries as well.  This is a sign the roundup and execution of vaccine and pandemic pushers are starting to take effect.

We also note the Chinese have decided to stop supporting the Rockefeller’s fake Biden administration.  The following from Reuters was evidence of this:

“U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has so far been unable to speak with China’s top general despite multiple attempts to set up talks, U.S.  defense officials said on Friday.”

“We do not talk to him because he has no influence over the U.S. military,” explained an Asian Secret Society source.  “We continue to have friendly relations with the real U.S. military at the highest level,” the source added.  At this level, the U.S. and Chinese military forces are fighting against a common satanic enemy.

The Confession Of A Priest

The New York Herald, 6/14/21: My name is Frank Murphy. I’m writing this story about my childhood friend, Father Michael Carl, who has become world famous, because he appeared on television and spoke about the COVID vaccine in uncompromising terms.

I’ve worked as reporter for the Herald for 16 years. During that time, I’ve made confession several times to Michael. The last time was a day before he refused to resign from the Church.

To the best of my memory, this was my recent conversation with him. Read it.


—Why are you here, Frank?

I’m pulling on a string, Father.

Short or long?

It’s longer than I thought it was. It starts with what everybody’s talking about. The vaccine.

Right. I’ve read several of your articles.

I quoted experts who say it’s safe and effective. But now I see those claims are wrong.

And you blame yourself?

My confession is not exactly on my behalf.

What are you talking about, Frank?

The other New York papers, the news networks, the Vatican, the Pope—

I see. You’re a saint now, asking me to forgive OTHER sinners.

No. I’m not asking for any kind of forgiveness. I’m asking for justice.

You know, I’ve had other people come to me with this sort of thing.

What sort of thing?

The delusion that they’re responsible for the whole world.

The vaccine is dangerous. I’ve seen reports the government won’t release to the public. It’s a lot worse than people think. It’s a disaster. Horrific.

Assuming what you’re saying is true, what do you want from me?

I need advice. The Pope is telling all Catholics to take the shot. What does he know? Nothing. He’s part of the problem.

Which problem is that, Frank?

Let’s call it an apparatus: the authorities who are pretending the vaccine is safe. The Pope is involved.

Knowingly? He’s making statements he’s sure are untrue?

Yes. That’s my opinion.

Well, Frank, many people would say he’s going with the tide. He’s on a wave. The Church makes decisions based on public opinion.

I thought God’s opinion ranked first.

It should, but we don’t live in that world. Our institutions, including the Church, are committed to Collectivism.

Meaning what?

Meaning the first priority is believing THE GROUP is paramount and THE INDIVIDUAL and his conscience mean nothing.

What about God?

He helps those who help themselves.

I’m not hearing that from the Pope.

And you won’t. He’s…

He’s what?

He’s put himself and the Church into captivity.

I never thought I’d hear you say that.

When I was younger, I never thought I would.

So you and I are in the same boat? How did that happen?

We took a step back and looked at the corruption.

Why do you stay in the Church?

To hear the confessions of people who are troubled.

So you’re a rebel inside the system.

I’m the same person you’ve known since we were children.

The Pope is corrupt.

OF COURSE he’s corrupt. He’s looking the other way whenever he needs to. He’s the CEO of a major transnational corporation called the Church.

Pedophilia, child rape…he would be looking the other way on those crimes, too.

I assume so.

You wouldn’t look the other way.

I’m not going to become the Pope.

Why don’t you speak out against him?

I’ve been considering it.

I came to you for advice…but you’re in a worse situation than I am.


But you’re a priest.

What does that mean? To me, it means I pray for God’s guidance. That’s all. And I try to do the right thing.

According to the Church, being a priest means a lot more than that.

I ignore the inessentials.

Suppose the Pope sends you a message ordering you to recommend the vaccine to your congregation?

I’d ignore it. And that message has already been sent. The Pope has made the Church’s position clear.

So do you have any advice for me?

Do the right thing. Make your views known. Write what you believe is true.

Then lots of people would think I’m crazy.

Wear that as a badge. If the world believes you’re nuts, you’re making progress.

What makes you…different?

It remains to be seen how different I am. But I’ve never taken my robe and status as a license to steal the truth and hide it.

So if I show you documents about the vaccine, and studies—you know, evidence that it’s dangerous and ineffective…

If your evidence makes sense, I’ll go public with it.

You will?

Why wouldn’t I?

A little thing called consequences.

It’s too late to worry about that.

I never expected to hear all this from you.

You never brought up what you’re bringing up today.

So you’ve been waiting for me to catch up with you.

We’re not in a contest, Frank.

What keeps you going?


Meaning what?

It means the people we love and the ideals we love…that are taken away from us…they’ll be restored. We’ll find them again.

And if they aren’t restored?

Then we’re living in an artificial prison, and we’ll have to force our way out and search for what we lost.

Against all the odds?

That’s right.

I came to you to talk about one thing, and now we’re talking about something else.

It’s all one proposition. We’re in a corner. We need to come out fighting.

You think God wants us to?

It’s hard to believe He wants us to be passive.

Even if the whole Church goes down?

I doubt you or I will decide that. But we can remain true to ourselves. Jesus threw the money changers out of the Temple. I think he was having an off-day when he said “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.”

After all the years we’ve known each other, why is this the first time we’re talking about these things?

Because Caesar recently locked down—imprisoned—a major piece of the planet. I thought the Pope would have something serious to say about that, but I was wrong. Naïve. I was deluding myself.

And now you’re not.

Maybe you and I have arrived at a similar place, Frank.

By coincidence?

If Las Vegas posted odds on such outcomes, I think they’d be long against coincidence.

Maybe we should consult the Pope about those odds.

Unfortunately, he’s too busy with other matters.

The Church is too big.

The Church, governments, foundations, secret societies. You can’t even get an audience with the Devil. He’s in meetings.

You tried to put in a call to him?

I once talked to a serial killer. He came to me. Looking at his face was quite an experience.

But you were bound by the seal of confession.

Fortunately, the day after our conversation, by sheer accident, the police picked him up.

By accident.

That’s my understanding.

Who do you confess to?


Does He listen?

I believe He does.

How do you decide whether a person is evil, a coward, or just an idiot?

Every seminary student should have to wrestle with that question. I work well in close quarters. That’s why I’m in the confession business. Put someone in front of me, let me talk to him, and I think I can make a pretty good assessment of his character. At a distance, I’m not as competent.

I should find a way to bring Andrew Cuomo here.

Give me a half-hour with him, and I’d have a reliable report.

How do you assess my character?

You’re serious, but you hold back. You want to keep an ace in the hole. You want to win the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. That’s why you’re talking to me.

You’d rather I make up my mind what to do on my own?

Of course. I’d be a fool if I didn’t. Because that’s what it comes down to anyway.

I thought people were supposed to take their inspiration from the Church.

From God.

The Church is a lot easier to find.

That’s why it has so much money.

I vote for you to declare a Schism and found a Church Apart. Become a Pope in Exile.

We’re in a bad time, Frank. My bosses are corrupt. So are yours.

Did God create us with a conscience?

The core of one. But we have to develop it. And then guide ourselves with it.

I’m leaving this folder with you. It has the information about the vaccine.

If I’m convinced the case is solid, I can get on television. I have a way. I can talk directly to New Yorkers. The Catholics, in particular, will pay attention.

Are you sure you want to do that? What if something happens to you?

Tell people to call the Pope. Pull him out of his meetings with accountants and lawyers and PR flacks. If I find myself in the next world, in the afterlife, I’ll pay you a visit and tap you on the shoulder. THE LOST SHALL BE FOUND. Now let’s go have a drink and talk about the Yankees and the Mets. And summer afternoons on Coney Island Avenue…

Those were better days.

Maybe not. Now, today, we have a chance to show what we’re really made of.

by Jon Rappoport May 27, 2021

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Urgent meditation for liberating all hostages from underground bases

24 May 2021

As mentioned by Cobra, the Light Forces are in the middle of the main offensive of clearing Chimera underground bases. 

Since 1996, the Chimera has captured many Pleiadians and Resistance members, took them underground, and as their last line of defense, the Chimera are now using those hostages in dark sacrifice rituals, then capturing their soul essence and forcing them to incarnate again in another cloned body which is captured as a hostage in a Chimera base, repeating the process. This creates an immense amount of suffering and thus generated loosh is then gathered and projected with scalar technology towards the surface population.

This is a very difficult time for the Resistance forces and for the Pleiadian fleet, and they need assistance from the surface population.

They are asking for as many lightworkers as possible, to meditate as often and whenever they feel guided, for this situation to be resolved as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Here is the Facebook event for this meditation:

And the link to the guided audio playlist:

Instructions (Suggested duration of the meditation is 20 minutes):

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness

2. State your intent to assist in liberation of all hostages from underground bases

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.

4. Visualize a pillar of pink Light, emanating from the Galactic Central Sun and then descending down through your body and deep into the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize this Light flowing through your heart and then through your hands directly to everybody captured in underground bases. Visualize Light forces liberating all hostages from all remaining underground bases, and removing all dark entities from all those locations. Visualize this process taking place throughout the whole honeycomb underground Earth quickly and smoothly. Visualize the whole honeycomb underground Earth finally being free from darkness and slavery, free from all evil beings.

6. Ask the Goddess presence (the divine feminine) to direct energies of healing to all rescued hostages so that their traumas are completely healed.  Let these energies then flow onwards and expand to the surface of the planet so they can heal all other situations worldwide. Allow these energies to continue to flow through your heart and then through your hands into these situations for a few minutes.

Goddess wants peace and peace it shall be!

Hostages Liberation Meditation - English guided audio
We Love Mass Meditation organizes Mass Meditations aiming to help achieve planetary liberation as soon as possible and as smoothly as possible.

Please join any of the daily meditations below if you feel so guided.
Urgent meditation for peace in Israel and Gaza

Flower of Life Meditation, 12 PM UTC and every 4 hours, also at any time and as often as possible

End of Coronavirus Meditation at 3 PM UTC and every 4 hours

Meditation to stop the Coronavirus outbreak globally every 4 hours

Emergency Meditation at 2 PM UTC:

Goddess Vortex Meditation at 2:30 PM UTC

Cosmic Central Race Meditation at 3:15 PM UTC:

Buddhic Columns Meditation at 3:30 PM UTC:

We also organize different mass meditations regularly for various purposes. They can be found in this link below:

We Love Mass Meditation Healing Group 
You are welcome to join our healing group to request healing from healers around the world, we are also looking for qualified healers to join this group to help people in need

How Bill Gates Funded NGO PATH Killed Tribal Girls In India In Unauthorised Clinical Trials

May 25, 2021 

This is the untold story of how Bill Gates funded NGO PATH killed tribal girls in India in unauthorised clinical trials and got away with it.

We’ve seen a lot of India in the news recently. A lot more than we usually do. There’s an apocalypse of sorts going on there, if the popular media is to be believed. But as is often the case, these reports are devoid of any context or perspective. While the world’s media can’t get enough of India today, in its rush to support a narrative of terror about Covid-19, twelve years ago when there was a real story going on there, the world’s media was nowhere to be seen.

In 2009, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) funded NGO carried out unauthorised clinical trials of a vaccine on some of the poorest, most vulnerable children in the world. It did so without providing information about the risks involved, without the informed consent of the children or their parents and without even declaring that it was conducting a clinical trial.

After vaccination, many of the participating children became ill and seven of them died. Such were the findings of a parliamentary committee charged with investigating this wretched affair. The committee accused the NGO of “child abuse” and produced a raft of evidence to back up its claim. This entire incident barely registered on the radar of Western media.

PATH (formerly the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health) is a Seattle based NGO, heavily funded by BMGF but which also receives significant grants from the US government. Between 1995 and the time of writing (May 2021), PATH had received more than $2.5bn from BMGF. 

In 2009, PATH carried out a project to administer the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. The project’s aim was, in PATH’s own words, “to generate and disseminate evidence for informed public sector introduction of HPV vaccines”. It was conducted in four countries: India, Uganda, Peru and Vietnam. Another Gates-funded organization, Gavi, had originally been considered to run the project, but responsibility was ultimately delegated to PATH. The project was directly funded by BMGF. 

PATH headquarters, Seattle

Significantly, each of the countries selected for the project had a different ethnic population and each had a state-funded national immunisation program. The use of different ethnic groups in the trial allowed for comparison of the effects of the vaccine across diverse population groups (ethnicity being a factor in the safety and efficacy of certain drugs).

The immunisation programs of the countries involved provided a potentially lucrative market for the companies whose drugs were to be studied: should the drugs prove successful and be included on these countries’ state-funded national immunisation schedules, this would represent an annual windfall of profits for the companies involved.

Two types of HPV vaccine were used in the trial: Gardasil by Merck and Cervarix by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). In this article, we are going to examine PATH’s trial of Gardasil in India. 

It’s worth noting here the relationship between BMGF and one of the companies whose drugs were being tested. In 2002, BMGF had, controversially, bought $205m worth of stocks in the pharmaceutical sector, a purchase which included shares in Merck & Co. The move had raised eyebrows because of the obvious conflict of interest between the foundation’s role as a medical charity and its role as an owner of businesses in the same sector.

The Wall Street Journal reported, in August 2009, that the foundation had sold its shares in Merck between 31st March and 30th June of that year, which would have been around the same time that the field trials of the HPV vaccine were starting in India. So for the entirety of this project (which was already in operation by October 2006), right up to its final field trials, BMGF had a dual role: as both a charity with a responsibility for care, and as a business owner with a responsibility for profit.

Such conflicts of interest have been a hallmark of BMGF since 2002. When Gates was making regular TV appearances last year to promote Covid-19 vaccination, giving especially ringing endorsements of the Pfizer-BioNTech effort, his objectivity was never brought into question. Yet his foundation is the part-owner of several vaccine manufacturers, including Pfizer, BioNTech and CureVac.


May 24, 2021

200 Indian Villagers Jump Into Saryu River To Avoid Forceful COVID-19 Vaccination

When the Health Department team arrived at the Sisoda village in Uttar Pradesh to vaccinate them, the villagers ran to the shore. When the team surrounded them at the shore almost 200 villagers jumped into the river Saryu to escape forceful COVID-19 vaccination
Read the exclusive investigation Coronavirus Bioweapon – on how China smuggled Coronavirus from a Canadian lab and weaponized it in Wuhan’s P4 lab. The findings of this investigation has been corroborated by none other than the Bioweapons expert Dr. Francis Boyle who drafted the Biological Weapons Convention Act followed by many nations. The report has caused a major international controversy and is suppressed actively by a section of mainstream media. Meanwhile, the reporter who attacked our story has been fired for plagiarism.

Bombshell Report: Undeniable Proof Fauci and Gates Created the COVID 19 Virus Under Gain of Function Research

Tucker Carlson broke this story. Alex Jones dives into the facts surrounding the weaponized Bio Weapon through gain of function.

They have combined 5 different deadly viruses to create the Covid-19 SHOT. This is public knowledge found in a bombshell interview found in the Bombshell Report below.

The second video in this report, is the actual interview where they admit their crimes.

Third video is Mike Adams explaing how important it is that we all understand where this is going to take us.

There’s a storm coming.


Smoking Gun Evidence and the Anthony Fauci DoubleSpeak! 

Mike Adams Situation Update 5/12/2021


Click here to watch

This is what they are afraid of. They are afraid of how big this movement truly is. It is unstoppable!
Click here to view - Viral spoof video from the web of hitler going mad and the masked world
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The FDA cover-up that led to the approval of the Pfizer vaccine