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Monday, February 25, 2019

Alliance Strikes Back Against Deep State

Premiered Feb 22, 2019

Has the #DeepState being using weather control devices from organizations such as #HAARP to create earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes? For first time in decades California has been getting unprecedented rain which started right after the #Wildfires.

If geoengineering is true, could the Alliance have taken it over from the Deep State and did they send a signal using these devices in the recent seismic waves?

Also what about the recent blue light explosion in New York, was this caused by something or a natural occurrence?

We will cover all of this and more on today’s episode on Edge of Wonder in our part 4 series with David Wilcock. Watch the rest of the episodes in this exclusive interview with David Wilcock:

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David Wilcock Part 4 (Alliance Strikes Back) : You’re watching it!

David Wilcock Part 5 (The Great Awakening): Coming Feb 26!


Many lands saw Zarathustra, and many peoples: thus he discovered the good and bad of many peoples. No greater power did Zarathustra find on earth than good and bad.

No people could live without first valuing; if a people will maintain itself, however, it must not value as its neighbour valueth.

Much that passed for good with one people was regarded with scorn and contempt by another: thus I found it. Much found I here called bad, which was there decked with purple honours.

Never did the one neighbour understand the other: ever did his soul marvel at his neighbour’s delusion and wickedness.

A table of excellencies hangeth over every people. Lo! it is the table of their triumphs; lo! it is the voice of their Will to Power.

It is laudable, what they think hard; what is indispensable and hard they call good; and what relieveth in the direst distress, the unique and hardest of all,—they extol as holy.

Whatever maketh them rule and conquer and shine, to the dismay and envy of their neighbours, they regard as the high and foremost thing, the test and the meaning of all else.

Verily, my brother, if thou knewest but a people’s need, its land, its sky, and its neighbour, then wouldst thou divine the law of its surmountings, and why it climbeth up that ladder to its hope.

“Always shalt thou be the foremost and prominent above others: no one shall thy jealous soul love, except a friend”—that made the soul of a Greek thrill: thereby went he his way to greatness.

“To speak truth, and be skilful with bow and arrow”—so seemed it alike pleasing and hard to the people from whom cometh my name—the name which is alike pleasing and hard to me.

“To honour father and mother, and from the root of the soul to do their will”—this table of surmounting hung another people over them, and became powerful and permanent thereby.

“To have fidelity, and for the sake of fidelity to risk honour and blood, even in evil and dangerous courses”—teaching itself so, another people mastered itself, and thus mastering itself, became pregnant and heavy with great hopes.

Verily, men have given unto themselves all their good and bad. Verily, they took it not, they found it not, it came not unto them as a voice from heaven.

Values did man only assign to things in order to maintain himself—he created only the significance of things, a human significance! Therefore, calleth he himself “man,” that is, the valuator.

Valuing is creating: hear it, ye creating ones! Valuation itself is the treasure and jewel of the valued things.

Through valuation only is there value; and without valuation the nut of existence would be hollow. Hear it, ye creating ones!

Change of values—that is, change of the creating ones. Always doth he destroy who hath to be a creator.

Creating ones were first of all peoples, and only in late times individuals; verily, the individual himself is still the latest creation.

Peoples once hung over them tables of the good. Love which would rule and love which would obey, created for themselves such tables.

Older is the pleasure in the herd than the pleasure in the ego: and as long as the good conscience is for the herd, the bad conscience only saith: ego.

Verily, the crafty ego, the loveless one, that seeketh its advantage in the advantage of many—it is not the origin of the herd, but its ruin.

Loving ones, was it always, and creating ones, that created good and bad. Fire of love gloweth in the names of all the virtues, and fire of wrath.

Many lands saw Zarathustra, and many peoples: no greater power did Zarathustra find on earth than the creations of the loving ones—“good” and “bad” are they called.

Verily, a prodigy is this power of praising and blaming. Tell me, ye brethren, who will master it for me? Who will put a fetter upon the thousand necks of this animal?

A thousand goals have there been hitherto, for a thousand peoples have there been. Only the fetter for the thousand necks is still lacking; there is lacking the one goal. As yet humanity hath not a goal.

But pray tell me, my brethren, if the goal of humanity be still lacking, is there not also still lacking—humanity itself?—

Thus spake Zarathustra.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Zionist Meltdown - Cleanup Operation Ongoing

In this exclusive interview with #DavidWilcock we will go over the inevitable fate of the #DeepState and what some insiders such as Kim Dotcom are saying about the 1000’s of seal indictments. Has the government started to already act on it?

We also discuss what is really going on at Guantánamo bay and was the government shutdown just a ruse to start the tribunals?

Get ready for some #Predictions to be made for 2019 on this first episode on Edge of Wonder in a part 5 series with David Wilcock.

Watch the rest of the episodes in this exclusive interview with David Wilcock: David Wilcock Part 1 (Mass Arrests):

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David Wilcock Part 4 (Alliance Strikes Back): David Wilcock

Part 5 (The Great Awakening): Coming Feb 26!

David’s website:

David Wilcock Alliance Update 2/3: Deep State Tribunals Underway: (Watch for Valuable Additional Context)

Filmed on Jan 17, 2019 WATCH VIDEOS on http://EdgeOfWonder.TV

The Final Battle VI 432Hz


BENJAMIN FULFORD | February 23, 2019: According to Benjamin Fulford, his sources have alerted that a lot of senior Zionists are being taken out and removed from the planet in the traditional sense. And that we (the people) are going to see very big changes.

This is all very breaking stuff, he says; and will have the full details in March (2019).

And reiterated that a lot of the bad guys are being actively hunted down, and we're going to start seeing it in the form of changes in government, in places like France, England and Japan.

And said: "You watch and see."

Friday, February 22, 2019

Bankrupt US government issues fake bonds in doomed attempt to keep afloat

February 18, 2019

The bankrupt U.S. government in Washington, D.C. was able to pretend it did not go bankrupt last week by issuing fake bonds, but these will be blocked, according to Pentagon, Asian secret society, and European royal sources.

In 2008, the Khazarian mafia puppet government in Washington, D.C. was able to avoid bankruptcy by using 700 tons of gold to forge 750,000 tons worth of gold-backed bonds and create $23 trillion out of thin air, confirmed by CIA, Pentagon, MI6, and other sources. That money has now run out.

Now they are forging the identity of a murdered man, “Doctor” Zvonko Berdik-Albert (it is actually Count Albert) to try to do the same thing, this time using Chinese currency. A copy of the forgery can be seen below.

Dr.A_Owen Lennon authority Bedford.pdf

The Khazarian mob also murdered former top European CIA man Neil Keenan and tried to forge his identity in a failed attempt to get their hands on Indonesian gold, according to CIA sources in Indonesia.

At the same time, the Khazarian mafia sent their fake Saudi Crown Prince to Pakistan last week with $20 billion in bribes in an attempt to buy security for their collapsing control of oil in the Middle East, Pentagon sources say. However, the Pakistanis were not fooled by the satan-worshiping Khazarian puppet pretending to be a Muslim, according to Ismaili (historical Hashashin or assassin) sources.

The reason the clown prince went to Pakistan to seek protection was because the U.S. military is planning to withdraw from Saudi Arabia and let the Arabians once again choose a genuine Muslim as their leader, thus dooming many of the so-called Saudi royals, Pentagon sources say.

Meanwhile, multiple sources in the U.S. and Canada say Special Forces have been called into action in North America following the declaration of a national emergency last week by U.S. President Donald Trump.

Pentagon sources say that with emergency powers, “Trump can now direct military operations in cities to remove false flag threats, arrest cabal and foreign agents, close overseas bases, get the Army Corps of Engineers to build a wall, order troops home, and bring military tribunals into the national conversation.”

Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Brock Long was fired and Attorney General William Barr was sworn in before Trump declared the national emergency, in order to make mass arrests possible and to prepare for FISA declassification and “intel dumps,” the Pentagon sources say. Brock Long was behind the fake hurricane crisis that was used to cover up the bankruptcy of the Puerto Rico operations of the Washington, D.C. Corporation.

Many of the “intel dumps” will be about the politicians and power brokers who are receiving huge bribes from the illegal drug industry, CIA sources say. Already, the drug lord El Chapo testified at his sentencing hearing that Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, and others received drug money from him. [Kp note: links to this 2 minute video; well worth the short listen.]

Similarly, Pope Francis “was forced to make a historic move in defrocking sex predator ex-Cardinal of D.C. Ted McCarrick, paving the way for more cardinals and bishops to face the same punishment,” the sources say. This was apparently the first time in the entire 2,000-year history of the Church that a cardinal has been defrocked, or “laicized.” McCarrick was a top power broker in Washington, D.C. who protected many high-level political criminals, the sources say. (Remember George Bush Jr. and Tony Blair going to see Pope “Maledict” to ask for protection after leaving power?)

The defrocking of McCarrick was related to the removal of top Vatican financier Cardinal Pell after he was found guilty last December of sexually abusing children, according to P2 freemason sources. Pell had been blocking the start of the new financial system, they say.

This is also connected to the formal request by the British government, sent to the Vatican via diplomatic channels, to investigate the Vatican’s role in the March 11, 2011 Fukushima mass murder, British MI6 sources say. The Fukushima criminal proceedings will start with charges being laid against Israeli security company Magna BSP and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the sources say.

However, the fascist and germ warfare-promoting Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan and his Iwasaki clan backers (Mitsubishi Group) will also face trial later in the proceedings, the sources say. As a reminder, Abe’s government was installed through election fraud after the Fukushima disaster. His government has been embezzling large sums of money that officially are being used for “cleaning up Fukushima,” according to Japanese right-wing sources. In addition, Abe’s mother is acting as a liaison with Japanese gangsters for handing out Tokyo Olympic-related slush funds, according to a Yamaguchi gumi syndicate insider.

The fact that the Russian government does not want to make a peace deal with Abe’s regime is a clear sign that they understand it is an illegitimate, criminal government, say Russian FSB sources.

The firing of Michael Greenberg as top Vatican/Mossad agent in Japan and the imminent arrest of murderer, drug dealer, and Barbara Bush cousin Richard Armitage will pave the way for the clean-up in Japan, say White Dragon Society sources in Japan.

That’s why there is a huge fight going on behind the scenes as Japan prepares to install Crown Prince Naruhito as the new emperor on May 1st. One group is pushing to have North Korea’s Kim Jong Un installed as emperor, since he represents a part of the royal bloodline that never surrendered to foreign control, Japanese imperial family sources say. Another group claims that Naoshi Onodera of the Southern imperial bloodline should be emperor, because Naruhito is not of imperial blood.

The imperial succession is sure to be a topic of intense discussion when Kim Jong Un and Trump meet in Vietnam on February 27 and 28. Pentagon sources say a public tribunal may be held to determine who the legitimate emperor should be.

There is also an upcoming case at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague that could upset the political foundations of the European Union, according to officials of France’s National Transition Council. On February 19, the Council will submit a case to the ICJ claiming that “France has had no constitution since December 13th, 2007,” according to Council spokesperson Fabrice Dubourdieu. In addition, the Council will show that three departments (administrative regions) of France have been run without legal right or title since 1948, he says.

“This legal mess could trigger not only the regime change in France, but also the collapse of the EU (as we know it) for all sorts of legal reasons which I can develop if you like,” Dubourdieu claims. He adds that “We aren’t naïve; we know we are under full-time surveillance. The fact we are not prevented from acting means that higher people decided it was the right time to torch the EU 4th Reich legally.”

Meanwhile, the Khazarian mafia government of Israel, seeing that its 4th Reich Nazi backers are losing power, tried holding an emergency conference in Poland last week to drum up support for a war on Iran. They were also there to try to extort money from Poland, Polish Intelligence Agency sources say. The Polish government refused to hand over a penny and instead asked for the prosecution of European Council President Donald Tusk, the sources say. Tusk is a German agent who only pretended to be Polish and was involved in the murder of top Polish government officials, including its president, in 2010, they add.

Another sign the Khazarians are losing control came as “Israeli dual-citizen Rupert Murdoch’s surrogate, former Fox News anchor Heather Nauert, withdrew her name for consideration as UN Ambassador,” Pentagon sources say. The U.S. will soon have a UN ambassador who actually represents the U.S. and not Israel, Jewish CIA sources say.

There is a lot more going on that we cannot write about yet because it could jeopardize ongoing operations. However, readers can rest assured that it involves really nice things for the people and living organisms of this planet. The meek are finally going to get their inheritance.

Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis
by Benjamin Fulford

A Secular Look At The Destructive Globalist Belief System

Over many years of investigating the mechanics of global events and the people behind them I have become perhaps a little obsessed with one particular subject – the source and motivations of evil. This fascination does not stem from a simple morbid curiosity, but a strategic need to understand an enemy. Much like an exterminator needs to understand the behavior of cockroaches to be effective, I seek to understand the behavior and nature of organized evil.

One very important fact that must first be made clear in people's minds is that evil does indeed exist. Establishment propaganda has spent immense time, effort and capital attempting to condition society into believing that evil is nothing more than a social construct – an opinion. Evil is supposedly in the eye of the beholder; a product of religious conditioning. This is a falsehood. Just like concepts of beauty, concepts of evil are actually inherent in our psyches from birth. The “eye of the beholder” is irrelevant.

Two particular areas of human psychology support this fact:

First, as the work of Carl Jung (and by extension anthropologists like Joseph Campbell) exposed, all human beings no matter where in the world they are born, from the most isolated tribe in the Amazon to the largest metropolis in America, carry the same archetypal symbols in their psyche. That is to say, we ALL have the same psychological elements in our minds regardless of environment.

This fact alone is so overwhelming to modern man that some people refuse to even acknowledge it as a possibility. We have been trained like lab rats to see only one path through the maze; we have been told over and over again that everything is “relative”; that each person is entirely a product of environment and that we all start out empty as “blank slates”.

The vicious attacks on Carl Jung by the establishment (including lies that he cooperated with the Nazis) tell me that Jung was very close to the mark. He had stumbled upon something very dangerous to the establishment; something that could derail their conditioning of the public.

Second, the undeniable existence of the human conscience suggests that we are born with an understanding of duality. Meaning, just as Jung discovered, our psyches contain inherent concepts of good and evil that influence our decisions and reactions. Jung referred to evil, or psychologically destructive impulses, as the 'personal shadow' and the 'collective shadow'.

The vast majority of people have an intuitive relationship with good and evil. They feel anxiety when confronted with evil actions or thoughts, and they feel personal guilt when they know they have done something evil to other people. Some might call this a “moral compass”. I would refer to it as part of the soul or spirit.

In any case, there is a contingent of people in the world that do not have it – a small percentage of the population that is born without conscience, or that finds it easy to ignore conscience. We'll get to those people in a moment, but first, we should probably define what evil is.

Evil is first and foremost any action that seeks to destroy, exploit or enslave in the name of personal gain or gratification. Unfortunately, evil actions are often misrepresented as advantageous for the group, thereby making them morally acceptable. The needs of the many supposedly outweigh the needs of the few, and thus evil is rationalized as a means to a “positive end” for the "greater good".

In most cases, however, destructive actions do not end up serving the interests of the majority, and only end up giving more wealth and power to an elitist minority. This is not a coincidence.

Evil begins with the denial of the existence of conscience, or the denial of the existence of choice. Each person is born with a capacity or freedom to choose. We can listen to conscience, or we can ignore it. We can do good, or we can do evil. Evil tells us the choice is relative and that morality is relative; that there is no difference between a good choice and a bad choice, or, that the evil choice is the only choice.

Beyond ignoring conscience, we must also define the motivation that drives evil. Psychology would suggest that destructive self serving actions stem from an obsessive desire to obtain or control things we cannot or should not have. Interestingly, this is also what some religions teach us, but let's stick to a secular examination.

As mentioned earlier, there is a group of people in the world who do not see good and evil the way most of us do. Their psyche functions in a completely different way, without the filter of conscience. These people exhibit the traits of narcissistic sociopaths. Full blown high level narcissistic sociopaths represent around 1% to 5% of the total human population, and most of them are born, not made by their environment. Also, 5% to 10% of people hold latent traits of either narcissism or sociopathy that generally only rise to the surface in an unstable crisis environment.

I have written extensively on narcissistic sociopaths and the globalist establishment in numerous articles. I have also outlined how such people, contrary to popular belief, are not isolated from one another. They do in fact organize into groups for mutual gain.

There is an ideology or system of belief that argues for the exact opposite of what conscience tells us is “good”, and that system is Luciferianism. In fact, luciferianism appears to be the source influence for most existing destructive "isms" in our society today (including socialism and globalism). It is my theory that luciferianism is a religion or cult designed by sociopathic narcissists for the benefit of sociopathic narcissists.

It is sometimes difficult to identify the true “sacraments” behind luciferianism because, for one, luciferians refuse to admit that the system is a religion at all. They prefer to call it a philosophy or methodology, at least in public. The system also seems to encourage active disinformation in order to dissuade or mislead non-adherents. The historic term for this religious secrecy is “occultism”. I would call it “elitism”.

There are some foundational beliefs that luciferians do openly admit to. First and foremost, the goal of luciferianism is to attain godhood. That is to say, they believe that SOME human beings have the capacity to become gods through the accumulation of knowledge.

I have written about the insanity of the goal of godhood in the past, outlining how quantum physics and Kurt Godel's Incompleteness Proof make total scientific and mathematical observation and understanding of the universe impossible. But mathematical reality does not stop luciferian circles from destructively chasing that which they cannot have. By extension, scientific knowledge not tempered by discipline, wisdom and a moral compass can lead to catastrophe. Material knowledge is invariably abused by those seeking godlike power.

The notion of self-worship is a core trait of sociopathic narcissists; Luciferianism just codifies it as if it is a virtue. Another problem with the idea of becoming a god is that one inevitably develops a desire for followers and worshipers. What is a savior, after all, without a flock? But how does a human being gain a flock and become more a god? Through force or through trickery?

Second, luciferians claim they seek to elevate the power of the individual in general. In the minds of many people this doesn't sound like a negative at all. Even I have argued for the importance of individualism in the midst of societal controls. That said, any ideology can be taken to extremes.

The pursuit of individual gratification can be pushed too far, to the point that the people around us begin to suffer. Because of the elitist nature of luciferianism, they are not necessarily seeking the elevation of ALL individuals, just certain “deserving” individuals. There is a tendency to view non-adherents as “inferior”; stupid people that should be sheared like sheep by those who are chasing a superior dream of personal godhood.

This attitude can also be seen in the common actions of narcissistic sociopaths, who have no qualms about conning or exploiting people around them as resources, feeding off others like parasites. They treat this as an acceptable practice because they see themselves as special; they are destined to achieve more than the ignorant rabble. They are meant to do great things, and their image is meant to be cemented in the foundations of history.

The elitism of luciferianism is hardly hidden. Luciferians claim that they have no interest in converting other people. Instead, adherents have to be “smart enough” to come to the belief system on their own. However, their goal of influencing the public through social and political spheres is rather evident.

Political gatekeepers, though not openly luciferian, tend to let slip their affiliations at times. Saul Alinsky, a high level leftist organizer and democrat gatekeeper, praises the rebellious Lucifer in the personal acknowledgments of his political manual 'Rules For Radicals', in which he says:

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

Luciferianism is also prevalent in globalist institutions. For example, the UN seems to be highly involved in the ideology through groups like Lucis Trust, a publishing house founded by Alice Bailey, an avid promoter of luciferianism who also owned the Lucifer Publishing Company. Lucis Trust was originally headquartered at the UN building in New York, and still runs a private libraryof occult books out of the UN today.

Former UN directors like Robert Muller were tied closely with Lucis Trust and the work of Alice Baily and openly promote luciferianism. Muller was central to the UN's global education policies for children and formed numerous branch agencies with the intent of global governance. You can read Robert Muller's white papers on the formation of a global government on his website Good Morning World.

Luciferians approach global governance like they do everything else – with heavy propaganda spin. Muller argues that the goal must be pitched to the public through the idea of “protecting the Earth”. In other words, he believed environmentalism was the key to convincing the masses of the need for total centralization of power into the hands of globalist institutions. Luciferian ideals are sugar coated in a host of flowery and noble sounding motifs. But what are they really all about?

Some luciferians adopt a Gnostic stance on the figure of the devil and only claim to appreciate the concept as mythology rather than the devil existing as a literal force. Some gnostic texts depict Satan as the "good guy" and God the "bad guy" in the story of Genesis; God being a ruthless slave master and the serpent as the "liberator" bringing knowledge of the material world to mankind. Lucifer is presented as a kind of Prometheus; the titan who stole fire from the gods and gave it to man.

This "Lucifer as heroic savior" narrative is very common. Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree Freemason and influential New Age writer is quoted as saying in his collection of writings titled 'The All Seeing Eye':

“Lucifer represents the individual intellect and will which rebels against the domination of Nature and attempts to maintain itself contrary to natural impulse. Lucifer, in the form of Venus, is the morning star spoken of in Revelation, which is to be given to those who overcome the world.”

One Luciferian model describes God as an archetypal concept only, a mythological comfort blanket that helps us to face the loneliness of existence. They do not believe a corporeal God figure exists, though, one wonders how they can reconcile the existence of inherent psychological archetypes with that notion? Where did archetypes come from if there is no creative design or intended meaning to humanity?

More discreet Luciferians sometimes argue that the mythological figure of Lucifer is separate from the Christian image of “Satan”. The name “Lucifer” is not mentioned directly in the bible in reference to Satan (though the phrase “morning star”, the direct translation of the word “lucifer” is mentioned in reference to Satan). But this argument seems rather coy and disingenuous to me. For centuries the term Lucifer has been synonymous with the devil in the public consciousness. Luciferians seem to be trying to separate themselves from the negative connotations associated with satanism through a twisted form of wordplay and semantics.

But why would they care? Unless, of course, they are seeking to influence public consciousness and they realize that it's hard to sell people on satanism, so they want to put a different face on an old and ugly idea. Satanists often refer to Lucifer and Satan in the same breath as being the same figure. In this documentary, Anton LaVey, a well known representative in satanic and luciferian circles, does exactly that.

LaVey seems to be treated as an annoyance by the more marketing conscious luciferian groups. I suspect that his public bluntness about what luciferian beliefs actually involve is seen as too honest. These people believe in secrecy and initiation. They don't like their darker side on display for the whole world to see and to judge.

A direct antithesis to someone like Anton LaVey would be Michael Aquino, a military intelligence officer specializing in psychological warfare who was a member of LaVey's satanic church but left to start his own more marketable Temple Of Set. Aquino is best known for a tactical thesis on psychological warfare he wrote with General Paul Vallely (credited in the paper as "Paul E Valley") called 'From Psyop To Mind War'. The thesis outlines the use of propaganda and other strategies to turn a target population against itself, to either destroy that population or control it more easily without ever having to use outright military force.

Aquino's Mind War showcases the luciferian belief in "magic", but not magic in the way popular culture understands it. Luciferians believe in the power of magic words and symbols in the form of psychological key phrases and archetypes. That is to say, they have adopted the use of archetypal psychology, but where psychologists like Carl Jung used archetypal psychology to heal people with mental and emotional illnesses, luciferians use archetypes to manipulate and control public thought.

This is often done through popular culture and films. Truthstream Media has produced an excellent documentary on this subject that I highly recommend.

There are more obvious examples such as Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, in which androids rebel against their slave master and creator and eventually murder him. Then there is more subversive entertainment like Netflix's Series Of Unfortunate Events, which starts out as a fun comedic children's tale but ends with a display of essentially every aspect of luciferian belief right down to elitism as a necessary practice, moral relativism, an unhelpful and controlling god figure surrounded by sycophants, and even a serpent carrying an apple containing the "knowledge" to save the protagonists from a horrible fate.

The duplicity of luciferianism alone should be enough to make people wary of its promises and arguments. Humanity has spent the better part of 2000 years trying to remove the influences of secretive occult elitism (the high priest class) from our political and social structures. Yet, these people are relentless in their desire for power.

Regardless of the positive spin that luciferians adopt for their ideology, the fruits of their activities speak much louder than propaganda. Through their efforts towards globalism, what I see is a cancerous desire for control over civilization and of every aspect of human thought. I also see a perversion of nature as they seek to obtain what they call “godhood”. Transhumanism and genetic tampering carry all the hallmarks of the luciferian ideal. Regardless of one's religious affiliations, it is hard to find anything of value in their system. Everything about it is an affront to inherent conscience. It can only become acceptable to the majority through deception.

If you have to lie about the motives of your philosophy in order to get people to adopt your philosophy, then your philosophy must be dangerously incomplete or outright cataclysmic.

Authored by Brandon Smith via

'US does not want India, Pakistan to go to war'

February 22, 2019

'Washington is telegraphing here is its willingness to support a low-grade, limited use of force meant to send a strong message to Pakistan.'

'Perhaps something along the lines of the surgical strikes in 2016, or perhaps something a bit more -- but not much more.'

(Michael Kugelman is one of the most astute observers of developments in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and all you need to do is read this interview -- and the next part -- and amaze at his understanding of the complexities of the region in which we live.

In the first part of an e-mail interview with's Nikhil Lakshman, Michael -- Deputy Director and Senior Associate for the South Asia programme at the Wilson Center, the Washington, DC-based think-tank -- looks closely at the fog of war enveloping current strategic conversations in the Indian sub-continent and discusses the events that could emerge from the miasma of anger and loathing.)

US national security adviser John Bolton's statement that India has a right to defend itself, made in a call with India's NSA Ajit Kumar Doval on Friday evening -- what do do you make of it?

Bolton's words were strong, and they suggest that Washington will stand behind New Delhi if it retaliates against Pakistan.

The United States has traditionally treaded carefully in its public messaging during moments of high tension in India-Pakistan relations. Bolton's strong words amplify just how far the US-India relationship -- and particularly the defence partnership -- has come, and just how frustrated Washington has become about Islamabad's continued refusal to rein in terrorist groups that threaten its neighbours -- neighbours that happen to be key American friends in South Asia.

Would it indicate that the US understands India's need for retaliation for the Pulwama massacre?

Yes. That's the basic implication of Bolton's statement -- that Washington recognises India's right to retaliate.

This is not to suggest that the United States is encouraging India to escalate to a dangerously high level, where a war become a real risk.

What I think Washington is telegraphing here is its willingness to support a low-grade, limited use of force meant to send a strong message to Pakistan. Perhaps something along the lines of the surgical strikes in 2016, or perhaps something a bit more -- but not much more.

At the end of the day, the United States has a paramount interest in a stable subcontinent. Washington does not want India and Pakistan to go to war, even if it's a conflict that falls short of a hot war.

How does this US position reconcile with Washington's need for Islamabad's help to get the Taliban on board for a solution in Kabul?

Washington has to carry out a very delicate diplomatic dance.

It will want to give robust backing to India, but without jeopardising Pakistan's cooperation in Taliban peace talks.

Let's be clear: If Washington wasn't in the midst of the most encouraging effort yet to negotiate an end to the war in Afghanistan, US support to India -- in terms of rhetoric and action -- would be even stronger.

To an extent, Washington's hands are tied. It can and will throw its weight behind India, but within limits.

This is why, in addition to the stability concerns I mentioned earlier, we can expect Washington to support some type of limited Indian military response to the Pulwama attack, but not much more.

And I imagine that from here on out, much of that backing will be expressed privately, not out in the open.

Does this mean that the US -- despite the recent overtures to Pakistan to enable Zalmay Khalilzad's talks with the Taliban -- is deeply sceptical about Pakistan's assertions about curbing its Deep State and its encouragement for terrorism?

Washington remains sceptical about Pakistan's pledges to rein in terrorists that threaten Afghanistan and India. It is certainly encouraged by Pakistan's willingness to bring the Taliban to the table, and it rightly recognises that Islamabad is too influential to be left out of Taliban peace talks.

Still, just because the US government is heartened by Islamabad's willingness to bring the Taliban to talks doesn't mean its scepticism about the Pakistani establishment's willingness to crack down on terrorists will be magically eliminated.

In fact, Pakistan's robust denials of any Pakistani link to the Pulwama attack -- even though a Pakistan-based, Pakistan-linked group immediately claimed responsibility -- will harden Washington's scepticism.

Do you think Imran Khan is a dilettante leader with no real control over the Pakistan army? Does his past dependence on GHQ Rawalpindi for his political ascent mean that the army clearly controls Islamabad's strategic concerns on India/Afghanistan, and is averse to civilian oversight, more than witnessed during the Zardari and Sharif administrations?

Prime Minister Khan has a complex, albeit unsurprising, relationship with the army. He was once highly critical of the army and participated in the pro-democracy protests against Pervez Musharraf a decade ago.

Only in more recent years, as he became a bigger political player with serious aspirations to serve as premier, has he warmed up to the military.

In Pakistan, any politician who wants to occupy the uppermost positions of power will need to be on the army's good side. And certainly, because of his relentless opposition to Nawaz Sharif and the PMLN party in recent years, the military has warmed up to Khan.

In Sharif, Khan and the security establishment had a common foe.

When it comes to making policy toward India and Afghanistan or any international issue, the Pakistani military will always have the last -- and often first -- word.

While this has caused civil-military frictions in the past, the fact that Khan and the military generally see eye to eye on these issues means that the army taking the lead won't be a problem for Khan.

Indeed, when it comes to the India issue, neither Khan nor the military are averse to modest confidence-building measures with Indi -- think the Kartarpur Corridor initiative -- because the hope is to build enough trust to resume a formal dialogue that can open up negotiations on the status of Kashmir.

At the same time, neither Khan nor the military have any desire to alter the establishment's relationship with Lashkar-e-Tayiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad.

Will we see a short duration military conflict which India will initiate as retaliation for the Pulwama massacre?

Given the scale of the attack, it would be politically unfathomable -- especially with elections just weeks away -- for New Delhi not to respond in some type of a muscular fashion.

Whether there is an actual conflict will depend on how Pakistan responds to any initial Indian military strike -- and that in turn depends on how much military muscle India chooses to use.

Is it more likely be a surgical strike like the one undertaken on September 28-29, 2016, but stop short of war because a war between nuclear armed neighbors could easily spiral out of control?

I would not be surprised to see an initial Indian strike of higher intensity than the surgical strike. This is, again, because of the scale of Pulwama -- much deadlier than the Uri attack that precipitated the surgical strike -- but also because the surgical strike clearly did not solve the problem of Pakistan-based terror groups staging attacks across the border.

If India decides to escalate beyond a surgical strike, we could see more intense levels of air strikes that last a bit longer, though I imagine the targeting -- terrorist infrastructure -- and location -- Pakistan-administered Kashmir -- would be similar to the surgical strike.

There will be much chest-thumping and threat-mongering in India in the coming days, but in the end I can't imagine New Delhi launching an all-out war -- given concerns about capacity and the Pakistani nuclear threat.

Would such a limited military operation address the anger in India over the Pulwama massacre? Perhaps, in your opinion, also boost Prime Minister Modi's electoral standing before the general election?

A limited operation could appease anger in India, and also boost Modi's electoral standing, if it is accompanied by tough non-military measures.

The idea of diplomatically isolating Pakistan is a fool's errand.

Given that Islamabad has friendships with some of the world's most powerful countries, none of whom will want to cut Pakistan off, this is not a viable option. But if New Delhi were to cut off all diplomatic ties to Islamabad and make some noise about revoking the Indus Waters Treaty -- a move that would actually be quite risky for India, if it followed through -- then this could quell the anger of many Indians looking for more shock and awe in the military response.

Do you see American diplomacy -- in an administration allergic to diplomatic activism -- calming tempers in the sub-continent perhaps after such a military strike, to ensure that a full-scale conflict is averted?

If past is precedent, Washington can certainly be counted on to serve as mediator.

This is something US presidents -- including Bill Clinton during the Kargil crisis -- have done very well: Play a relatively hands-off role when bilateral tensions are latent, but jump in as the intermediary when the relationship is plunged into deep crisis.

The problem is that the Trump administration may not have the patience or personnel to carry out such a fraught and delicate mediation process.

To say that there are no George Kennans in the Trump administration is an understatement. To be sure, if the subcontinent's tensions really do spiral out of control, Washington will try to help ease them.

But the issue of who within the administration will take the lead looms large here.

There is also the ever lurking matter of President Trump -- a volatile and unpredictable leader who could well exacerbate rather than ease a dangerous state of affairs. In particularly tense circumstances, one angry tweet could have nightmarish implications.

This is why we should hope that other players -- the British, the EU, the UN -- could also play a major role to help avert a full-scale conflict, if tensions are spiraling out of control.

Could Washington pressure Islamabad to come up with a solution acceptable to the Indians to lower the strategic temperature -- perhaps incarcerate Masood Azhar and his brother Rauf Asghar for a lengthy period of time; perhaps release Kulbushan Jadhav before the ICJ verdict? Will such actions tone down India's response?

I doubt the Pakistanis would release Jadhav, though I can certainly see a situation where Azhar and/or his brother and other relatives are detained.

The problem is that the Indians know that the Pakistanis have detained, or placed under house arrest, terror leaders many times in the past before quietly releasing them. So New Delhi would look at such a move from a we've-seen-this-before lens and denounce it as an insufficient gesture.

Pakistan would need to take major actions -- irreversible steps, as US officials like to say in their messaging -- to ease New Delhi's concerns.

These would entail actions like arresting Azhar, pursuing investigations, and putting him on trial; along with dismantling JeM infrastructure, including its financing mechanisms.

I can't imagine Islamabad taking these types of steps, no matter who -- whether the Americans or even the Chinese -- were to pressure them to do so.

PART 2: 'If fighting stops in Afghanistan, Kashmir could become ground zero for terror groups'


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Secret treaties signal massive world changes as early as March

February 11, 2019

Intense negotiations are taking place now at the highest levels of world power both in secret and in public, multiple sources agree. These could result in earth-changing announcements as early as March, they say. The power struggle in Washington, D.C. is also heading for some sort of climax, as can be seen by U.S. President Donald Trump’s threat to declare a national emergency.

One big public move was the announcement of a one-world religion by the Pope, a senior Islamic representative, and representatives from many other religions. This came after Pope Francis became the first pope in history to visit the Arabian Peninsula, the birthplace of Islam. The text of the announcement can be seen here:

CIA sources in Southeast Asia say that moving the UN headquarters from New York to Laos will be a big theme of the February 27-28 summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un.

Asian secret societies, the U.S. military-industrial complex, and European royals are working on creating a world future planning agency, according to sources involved in the negotiations. Several official documents related to this have already been signed, say British royal family sources.

MI6, P2 Freemason, Pentagon, and Asian secret society sources also say there is also a strong push for some sort of world government to be announced. This can now be done in a manner in which there are no losers, only winners, thanks to a rare and nearly perfectly equal balance of world power, they say.

The map at the link below shows the three power groups, with the Western alliance in blue, the Eurasian grouping in red, and the Southern alliance in grey. Each is roughly equal in land mass and population. Superficially, the map shows the groups’ views on the government of Venezuela, but in reality it is a division over control of the world.

The announcement of a unified passport for all African nations last week was one visible sign of the move toward a world government.

In any case, the battle for Venezuela can also be seen as a failed attempt by the neocons (Khazarian mafia) to regain control of the international financial system by seizing the world’s largest oil reserves.

Pentagon sources note that the “U.S. puppet in Venezuela was not recognized by supranational organizations like the European Union, the Organization of American States, the IMF, the World Bank, the African Union, or the UN.”

Also, the UN, the Vatican, and the Red Cross refused to deliver “humanitarian aid” to puppet opposition leader Juan Guaidó because it was a cover for arms shipments, the sources say. As a result, “the Venezuela coup was an epic fail,” they said.

The failure to grab Venezuelan oil may also force Trump to declare a national emergency—or perhaps more accurately, a national bankruptcy, according to CIA sources.

Pentagon and CIA sources say this could lead to the downfall of Trump because he has lost a lot of military support. “The continued presence of Jared Kushner and John Bolton in the White House, combined with the amateur-hour coup in Venezuela and the appointment of Iran-Contra criminal Elliott Abrams as special envoy for the Venezuelan matter, are all leading some to doubt the President,” one Pentagon source noted.

The feud between Trump, Saudi Arabia, and the National Enquirer on the one hand, and the CIA, Turkey, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos on the other could also prove deadly for Trump. This is a complex business covered extensively by other media, so I will only touch on a few key points here.

First, immediately after the CIA’s top man in Turkey was released from Turkish prison, the murder of (Bezos-owned) Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi took place inside the Saudi Embassy in Turkey. Second, Trump has refused to condemn Saudi clone Prince Mohammed Bin Salman for the murder. Third, the National Enquirer had access to a budget way beyond realistic for a normal news magazine to expose Bezos’ extramarital affair, and Bezos hints that it was Saudi money. Now Bezos, whose business includes handling cloud computing for the CIA, appears to have caught the Enquirer in a sting operation.

There is also a dimension to this whole saga that fails my smell test: the head of the Enquirer is called Pecker, the Bezos investigator is called Becker, and the scandal involves a photo of a pecker. Let’s just leave it at that.

In any case, Trump’s links to Saudi Arabia (Kissinger + Rockefeller) and his failure to get Venezuelan oil could be his downfall, because he will lose control of the petrodollar. In this context, it is interesting to note that the EU has added Saudi Arabia to its list of countries that finance terror, and as such it will be subject to strict financial controls. This is clearly aimed at the neocon controllers of the petrodollar and their fake “war or terror” with their “Al Qaeda” and “ISIS” terrorist fronts.

Pentagon sources say that in Venezuela “the military option is not on the table.” That is because “Russia and China have sent troops and military equipment to Venezuela and are carrying out military exercises along with 15,000 Cuban troops, while Congress and the UN Security Council refuse to authorize the use of force,” the Pentagon sources say. “The losers appear to be neocons, Israel, Chevron [Bush], Halliburton [Cheney], and gold, coltan, and mineral companies in Venezuela,” the sources say.

Corporate (fascist) interests are also losing big in places other than Venezuela. In the U.S., drug companies are being forced to cut prices as arrests of pharmaceutical industry executives have begun, Pentagon sources say. In the EU, an attempted merger between Siemens and Alstom was stopped because it would have led to a high-speed rail monopoly. Also, worldwide, the Bayer/Monsanto corporation continues to pay for its many crimes.

There were Army-Navy special operations from February 4-9 in Los Angeles aimed at “the pedos of Hollywood,” Pentagon sources say. The Department of Justice has also reopened its probe of “Mossad pedo agent Jeff Epstein,” the sources note.

These operations may be why a member of the families that own (or owned?) the Federal Reserve Board sent us a pleading note that read in part:

“As loving humans we must realize that a certain part of our population wasn’t as lucky as them and instead they have been broken and traumatized through satanic brutalization since birth to eventually continue perpetuating the system of evil we are now trying to overcome. The only way to stop for good and for all this madness of insurmountable dark evil is by giving them a chance to find a way out of the only thing they have ever known, which is their current cycle of evil…but there are many who have been irreparably damaged and those are now set in a mode to kill ‘everything and everyone’ that does not comply with their ‘programming.’ Those must be eliminated and shot on sight for the good of humanity.” [Link to full letter below]

We also got a handwritten letter and a trove of documents sent to us by the Russian arms dealer Victor Bout, who is currently in prison in Illinois. It is too late to kill Bout to silence him now. We have his detailed testimony about the nuclear weapons that were stolen from the Russian submarine Kursk in 2000 and used in the Fukushima tsunami and nuclear mass-murder terror attack.

MI6, CIA, and Pentagon sources say the Fukushima investigation is likely to result eventually in the arrest of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, UK Prime Minister Theresa May, and many other so-called world leaders.

On this front, we can say that, according to a U.S. Department of Defense official press release, military tribunals have begun in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

On a final note, we got a letter from a Japanese reader casting doubt on the news reports concerning Brazilian faith healer “John of God” keeping teenage slaves in baby farms.£40000-before-shipping-them-from-brazil-to-europe/ar-BBT35BO

According to this reader, “John of God” or Joao de Faria was framed by the pharmaceutical mafia because his vitamin and faith-healing business was eating into their profits. Faria was poisoned after being jailed and was vomiting blood as a result, the reader says.

This reminded me of the fact that the Shipibo shaman I studied under in the Amazon as a youth was himself subsequently framed and murdered by the pharmaceutical mafia because he was unwanted competition.

Furthermore, it turns out the claims of baby farms were made by a single female activist who then “committed suicide,” but her family refuses to show her body to the authorities. We need to make sure the Brazilian justice system gets to the truth behind this case, wherever that may lead.

Whatever the truth may be in Brazil, however, there can be no denying that babies have been, and are being sold for their organs, parts, and “extracts.”

The ruling class has been treating us like farm animals to be killed at will for so long that they still cannot believe their rule is ending. The planet Earth is about to be liberated.

Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis
by Benjamin Fulford

British East India Company

East India Company [East India Co.] was made official with the approval of Queen Elizabeth I in 1600. The British control in India started when this company was established in London and seized the government revenues of the Bengal region of India. After this milestone, the British deep state started slowly building its dominion in India. Soon after, the Indian Civil Service, also known as the Imperial Civil Service, was set up that allowed the British to control not only sovereign princely states, but all of India. It also made sure that British officers could obtain all the key positions.

This marked the beginning of the colonization of India – ‘the jewel in the crown’– by the British deep state. India was now divided into classes: noble families seeking to preserve their rights and a new middle class that owed their existence to Britain.

East India Co. transferred ‘fractional reserve banking’, inspired by the Babylonian banking system and which was the first step towards the modern central banking practice, from India to Britain. (Fractional reserve banking refers to the practice where banks keep a certain amount of the deposits they receive, and offer the rest to the investors and the market as loans, etc. It is based on earning interest on money that does not practically exist.) This finance system brought along a string of interesting practices. The said system played an important part in many notorious conflicts and wars like the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, the Anglo-Boer War [the war between the British Empire and the two Boer states in South Africa], WWI and the Bolshevik Revolution. Even the Bolshevik Revolution was in truth planned and financed by secret organizations controlled by the British deep state. Lenin himself admitted in March 1922 that the revolution hadn’t been an independent movement. He clearly stated during the 11th Party Congress that the party was being run by ‘a huge bureaucratic machine’. SOURCE

Today, it is a widely known fact that wars are considered as an important revenue source for reserve banking systems. Dr. John Coleman, a retired intelligence officer, explains this truth with the following words:

It is estimated by war historian Alan Brugar, that the international bankers made a profit of $10,000 from every soldier who fell in battle. Life is cheap when it comes to the Committee of 300-Illuminati-Rothschild-Warburg-Federal Reserve bankers, who financed both sides of the war. (Dr. John Coleman, Diplomacy by Deception: An Account of the Treasonous Conduct by the Governments of Britain and The United States, Bridger House Publishers, 1993, p. 1)

East India Co. was first founded with the purpose of exploiting countries with rich natural resources, most notably India, China and the South African Republic. As explained above, fractional reserve banking was used by Britain and the United States to finance the WWI. In 1661, British King Charles II granted East India Co. the right to make war and peace with independent countries. This was the first time a private company, engaged in financial activities, was given such rights. These rights were used to seize agricultural areas and produce in various countries as this financial company achieved a position where its members could meet with princes and as it dominated the fractional reserve system that increased the money supply in the market. By 1830, the whole of India was practically under East India Co.’s control. SOURCE

In 1702, the company was renamed to British East India Co. (BEIC), and the reserve system used in India was exported all around the world. This system is also the origin of the modern Federal Reserve banking practice that controls all the markets today; in other words, the system that gave rise to central banks.

One of the first things British East India Co. did was use spies to weaken the influence of Sikhs that stood up to the caste system. A part of Indian customs, the caste system turned frighteningly racist after the British input. As a result of the efforts of British deep state, deep divides also ensued between Muslims and the Sikhs.

In 1813, the British government renewed the charter of British East India Co. for a further 20 years. In 1833, the Parliament decided to extend the duration of the charter once again for another 20 years. However, voices began to rise in India against the rule of the British East India Co. The Rebellion of 1857 (also known as the Sepoy Rebellion) resulted in India coming under the direct control of the British Empire and Queen Victoria officially took the title of Empress of India in 1876. The famine that happened that same year caused the death of more than 2 million Indians, who were considered lower class. In addition, during the entire reign of British East India Co., more than 6 million lower class Indians lost their lives due to famine.

After that time the control of the British deep state in India increased even more. Individuals trained in the top British schools were placed in key judicial and administrative positions of India as well as media roles that had a profound effect on the society. Since the British deep state had control over not only the country in general, but also over the princely states, it was able to exert its influence everywhere. One British commissioner was appointed to work with every prince. It was a widely known fact that those commissioners took the princes under their control, and watched their every move. The country didn’t have any military freedom, just like they didn’t have much say in their domestic or foreign policies. With the British rule, everything India possessed came under the rule of the British deep state.

It is also known that the opium trade thrived with the input of the British deep state and became one of the most important means of the exploitation of India. Robert Clive, a famous figure in the British occupation of India, took under his control the most fertile opium lands until 1765.(Dr. John Coleman, Diplomacy by Deception, p. 233)

Drug trade became a part of the already frightening, racist situation in the region. The British deep state took control of the administration in India, which it considered a good market, caused division amongst the people, used racism as leverage, seized control of the country’s resources and started managing the drug trafficking, which helped solidify its control over the country.

From that day on, India became a central hub, through which the British deep state managed its various propaganda projects. The most important administrative role in this project was assumed by British East India Co. This company, an umbrella organization for all covert organizations built to shape world affairs, constituted the first step of the British deep state in the 19th century towards its goal of world reign.

October 26, 2017 By ADNAN HARUN YAHYA

The Hub of World Evil: The British Deep State