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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

This is not an economic or political crisis, it is a crisis of monotheism

August 15, 2022

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The crisis that is unfolding around the world, or more accurately, in the West, is not an ordinary or even extra-ordinary political/economic crisis. This is not merely a crisis affecting the United States, the G7 and the UN, etc. What we are dealing with is a crisis affecting the very foundations of monotheism. This is why it is not an exaggeration to say what we are going through is biblical.

What years of reporting on about the very tip top of world power has revealed is that the monotheistic faiths are mostly controlled by groups of people who themselves do not believe in God. Instead, these families think of monotheism as a tool for controlling their subject peoples. These are the people who are facing a loss of power. That is also why people who think in monotheistic terms believe we are facing end-times.

This is something I learned first-hand when I went to Italy to negotiate with representatives of these families on behalf of Asian secret societies. They told me “there is no God, we are God.”

These families are from an ancient cult of slavers who first appeared in the history books as the Hyksos. These people worshipped a goat-faced god with a forked tail that is known to us as Set, Satan etc.

The origin of these people dates back to the ancient Middle East when humans stopped being hunter-gatherers and either became pastoralists or farmers.

Archeological evidence shows there was a huge increase in the human population of the Middle East after agriculture began. However, these people were small and malnourished compared to their hunter-gatherer ancestors. However, the pastoralists -who subsisted mainly on milk and meat- were powerfully built compared to the farmers. These people figured out over the years how to herd agriculturalists as if they were so many sheep or cattle.

These people appeared in the history books as the Hyksos who briefly ruled Egypt 1638 BC to 1530 BC. When the Egyptians kicked them out they took a large group of slaves with them. These are the people we know of today as the Jews.

To understand who and what we are dealing with let us look at the Old Testament of the bible aka the Torah.

First, let’s see what happens before Moses (Thutmoses) is given the 10 commandments. First, note that if anyone other than Moses or Aaron went to see “God” they would be “stoned to death or killed with arrows.” (Exodus 19:13) You would think the entity that created the universe could at least come up with a lightning bolt.

Then we find in Exodus 18 that:

Now Mount Sinai was completely enveloped in smoke because the LORD had come down upon it in fire. The smoke rose from it as though from a kiln

So they used only smoke and did not get around to mirrors later it seems.

Next, we see the commandments “God” imposes on his “chosen people:”

You shall not have other gods beside me.*

You shall not make for yourself an idol or a likeness of anything* in the heavens above or on the earth below or in the waters beneath the earth;

You shall not bow down before them or serve them.d For I, the LORD, your God, am a jealous God, inflicting punishment for their ancestors’ wickedness on the children of those who hate me, down to the third and fourth generation*;

You shall not invoke the name of the LORD, your God, in vain.* e For the LORD will not leave unpunished anyone who invokes his name in vain.

So this jealous “God” -who carries out multi-generational punishment- does not want a likeness made. Presumably, that is because people would then figure out it was a person pretending to be “God.”

Then we notice the “God” who created everything that exists wanted contributions of:

“gold, silver, and bronze;b violet, purple, and scarlet yarn; fine linen and goat hair;

rams’ skins dyed red, and tahash* skins; acacia wood; oil for the light; spices for the anointing oil and for the fragrant incense; onyx stones and other gems for mounting on the ephod and the breastpiece.

Exodus 25:3-7

Again you would think the creator of the universe including the sun does not need lamp oil, goat hair etc.

In other words, this section of the bible describes the enslavement of the Hebrews using a system where hidden people pretend to be god and enforce their control with multi-generational campaigns of murder against dissidents.

We fast forward now through thousands of years of history and we find that the “people of the book” have been enslaved for so long that they do not even realize they are slaves anymore.

It was only after years of negotiating with and fighting to overthrow the families controlling Monotheism I concluded we are dealing with descendants of the Hyksos pharaohs. They took a group of slaves with them after the Egyptians kicked their leader Akhenaten out of his garden palace. The garden of aten (eden). They used smoke and murder to hide their identity from their slaves so that they could live amongst them.

When I went to Italy to meet the representatives of the P2 -who control the Catholic or Roman version of monotheistic sheeple herding- I learned they consider control of information and food the keys to power. These days this takes the form of the “mainstream media” and the central banks.

These people also told me they trained the Prophet, Mohammed. However, they say he went rogue and started a competing version of monotheism. The split between Shia and Sunni Islam, by the way, started out as an inheritance dispute between cousins.

So basically the families that use “monotheism” to herd sheeple split into various factions over the millennia.

In any case, when dealing with the current world situation, multiple trails of evidence point to a group of Pharanoic families based in Switzerland as being the control center of the ongoing attempt to unify all of humanity under a single leader. They wish to unify all the competing branches of monotheism under a single world religion controlled by a single God-like ruler.

It is also worth noting these people themselves do not believe in God. They are megalomaniacs who want to overthrow the creator and become God themselves.

Some of them worship Satan and look upon the rest of humanity with contempt. The more idealistic members of this ancient inbred clan of god rulers want to be “good shepherds.” The problem is even a “good shepherd,” slaughters and eats his herd.

The reason these families are losing power is manifold but economics is certainly a major driving force. According to the IMF, the world GDP is $160 trillion. However, the countries directly controlled by the ancient Babylonian/Egyptian ruling families only control about a third of that. The rest of the world is claiming that since they control two-thirds of world GDP and seven out of the worlds’ eight or so billion people, it is time for the West to hand over control of the planet.

For monotheists, this would mean the end of their millennia-old project to place the entire planet under the control of a single king or “Messiah.” Their answer is to kill the 90% of people who do not follow this agenda.

That is the big picture behind news events like the spread of bio-weapons, attempts to start WWIII, attempts to create a food crisis etc. The Asians responded by threatening to kill off the Western elite families who are behind these plans.

This writer was sent in 2009 as a representative of the Asian secret societies to try to come to some sort of agreement and it was them who told me I needed to talk to the P2 freemasons.

From an Asian perspective, the idea that the world will end is, in itself, the main problem with monotheism. For example, James G, Watt, Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of the Interior, justified opening federal lands for logging and ranching by saying:

“I do not know how many future generations we can count on before the Lord returns.”

In other words, if the world is about to end, we do not need to protect the environment.

What set them on the warpath though was clear evidence of the planned genocide of 90% of humanity.

Fortunately, the Western world is also heir to the democratic, scientific, rational and legal traditions of Greece, Rome and England. It is the heirs to this tradition who have aligned themselves with the Asians and the rest of the world to put an end to the rule of these monotheistic slave-driving families.

In concrete terms, the British Commonwealth, the Russians, Pentagon and agency white hats along with the truth-seeking movement in the West are the Western members of the earth liberation alliance.

So, as we prepare for an autumn offensive against the ongoing attempt to turn this planet into a giant animal farm, we need to look at how truly powerful the Satanists still are. They control the mega-corporations, most Western politicians and the central banks.

A famous Swiss study shows that 700 people control 90% of transnational corporations. They found this out by looking at the names of the top executives of these corporations. A single individual will typically sit on the board of several corporations but they are all part of the same family group.

We also know they have been on a multi-generational year project to undermine democracy, rule of law and freedom of the press in order to replace Graeco/Roman/Anglo-Saxon democracy and rule of law with Babylonian totalitarianism. The flaw in their plan was their failure to take full control of the meritocratically staffed military and intelligence agencies of the West. This is reflected in a fight between Roman influenced military establishment and the Babylonian/Egyptian financial/medical establishment.

The reason the military white hats are having so much trouble liberating the West is manifold. One is that many top commanders have been compromised by bribes/blackmail and propaganda.

Another is that a fundamental agreement needed to be made with the rest of the world and that has been time-consuming.

Nonetheless, it is clear that an ancient system of turning people into domestic animals is being overthrown. When this happens we know the history books will all have to be rewritten. We also know that we have been kept in the dark about many things such as the secret space program, contact with extra-terrestrial civilizations and even the very nature of reality itself.

What we can be sure of is that we as a species are heading into uncharted waters and a new age or new era of history.

We hope this big picture background helps as we return next week to reporting events unfolding in real time around the planet as a part of this great human awakening. Thank you for your patience during my annual sabbatical.


August 18, 2022

Letters to the Editor

“When western scholars first examined society in India, they struggled to locate the “Hindu” religion. The western monotheistic template simply could not be made to fit the complex spiritual reality of gurus, gods and goddesses and temples and shrines on almost every street corner.
So they eventually admitted that India possessed not a religion in the western definition of that word, but rather was an amalgam of spiritual philosophies—more of a social philosophy than a religion, they said.
The term religion comes from the Latin meaning “to bind back”— a concept dear to the early church that would do whatever necessary to bind the soul back to it.
Wherever they looked in India, westerners found all types of gurus and adepts and mystics and masters of psychic arts capable of reading one’s entire past and future with startling accuracy and manifesting real objects out of thin air.
As an example, one western visitor was asked by a monk in Tibet if he had left anything back home that he would like to have with him.  He replied yes, his favorite pocket knife he had forgotten on his bedroom table. The monk later returned and handed him that same pocket knife.
Such amazing human powers could not be allowed in the west where the church and priesthood had to be supreme in all religious and spiritual matters.
In India, god is seen as either male or female and even both in one form. A family might have its members choosing different ishta devatas (forms of god) as their personal deity…one might choose Vishnu, and other might choose Shakti, another might choose Shiva, etc.  This might not be preferred, but it was allowed. 
Thousands of years of spiritual life have resulted in the wisdom that each individual is unique and is free to imagine god and psychically connect with the supreme in whatever form most appeals to each. The west could not reach this level of understanding.  
Westerners only see a bewildering confusion of gods and goddesses without understanding the truth about humanity and its endless varieties of spiritual comprehension and preference.
To the native Indian, the western wars over whose monotheistic god is the true god is childish.
Choosing a symbol to use for concentration upon the unseen world of spiritual power to feed one’s connection with that power is simple common sense.
The physical symbol itself is not worshipped.
If you hear (or chant) the 1008 descriptive names for Shiva, or Ganesha, etc. as you are growing up, you do not confuse the stone or brass image on your home altar or in the temple for the deity who is alive in your mind in their permanent powers and attributes.
One doesn’t worship the telephone one uses to make a call.
But the judeo-christian west does.  
Or, attempts to so worship a “son” or, in Islam, the violent “non-image” who entreats his followers to convert or slay the infidels.
Converting the non-believers, the “pagans” is as much the goal of the judeo-christian monotheists as its is the islamists.  Missionaries to this day are financed around the world to undermine the spiritual traditions of indigenous peoples using money from Sunday donations, promises of western education and staged “miracles” to bring them to Jesus.
The genius of Mother India absorbs even these dedicated saboteurs, knowing that they are merely passing through an early stage of development and are expressing their understanding of the divine as best they can.
The one exception: Islam. This religion is sworn to please their god by removing infidels from the face of the earth.  How many millions died in India over this schism. Tolerance ends when you live to kill me. Muslims invaded India seven times, each time leaving mountains of heads in honor of Allah. 
By contrast, India forbids proselytizing. Even the priestly caste, the brahmins, were forbidden to travel outside of India. Countries like Indonesia and Thailand and Cambodia adopted the Indian pantheon and practices because they observed Indian sea-faring merchants conducting their personal pujas and were inspired to learn from and emulate them.
Hence the term Indo-China.
There never was nor will there ever be a “Hindu missionary”.
So, the monotheism you describe in crisis truly is in a period of transition.
A powerful sign of this is the return of the feminine to its rightful place in civilization. The early Church feared women because they were always having visions and channeling entities that the people could use for guidance and inspiration.  So they excluded them and killed many.
Even today, a monotheistic “leader” will claim publicly that women are to be kept down because “it was Eve who tempted Adam and created the Fall”…This obviously manmade interpretation has been used long enough.  
There is a natural feminine power in men as well as women that must return to its necessary balance for the survival of all humanity.
Men can have visions too.
The Garden of Eden story predates Christianity by millennia. It represents humanity’s awakening to its conscious mind which first sees opposites in the world. Male and female became clear and necessary for humanity’s next stage of evolution.
In those times, the serpent was honored as the embodiment of wisdom, living as it does both in and on the earth.
It would be the wise one to give man the apple of conscious knowledge. Man was ready for it. It was the nurturing and mystical woman who gave it to him.
The crisis you are sensing in the monotheistic view of humanity is due to the fundamental limitations within it. It is too rigid and limiting and yes, sexist, to embrace the deeper truths alive in every human heart.
Those truths are coming forward into the mass consciousness. The universality and inclusiveness and compassion they bring separates the awakening ones from those who are not ready.
As you point out, monotheism is most susceptible to corruption due to its hierarchical power structure.  It is also incapable of co-existing with any other religious view, especially another monotheistic one.
All monotheistic religions hold these beliefs that obviously cannot tolerate another like it:
  1.  There is but one God and He is ours, not yours.
  2.  There is but one Son or Prophet, and he is ours, not yours.
  3.  There is but one holy book given by God, and we have it. You do not.
  4.  The One God enjoins and empowers us to convert you to the One True Way or relieve the earth of your presence. Believe or die.
Our species can no longer tolerate the impossible condition these monotheistic religions perpetrate on humanity. We are moving beyond artificial divisions and the up-down mentality that feeds on “winning” and “conquering”.
There is a higher, universal and loving truth that lives in the human heart and it is manifesting now. The monotheistic religions served a purpose. Humanity’s progress is a journey out of spiritual ignorance.
Those who are attempting to use the old hierarchical delusion to install another form of psychotic monotheism based on corrupt science and invasive technology are going to be left behind.
They are our teachers.  In them we see the self-destructive fallacy we create when we seek truth outside of ourselves and surrender our personal power to the “priests” of science and technology who do all they can to convince us to do so.
Monotheism thrived when we were experiencing the illusion that the Infinite Creator grants truth to a few and would have us follow them. We were young in our knowledge then.
That illusion is fading into history now. We want the truth. Our personal inner truth. All priesthoods are being exposed now. Their lies no longer serve them. We are living in the final days of the last monotheism.”
– Anon
Right now about half the world is monotheistic. Organized monotheism is very powerful militarilty because it can get an entire society to move as a single monolith. However, their dream of turning the entire planet into a monolith with only one type of thinking allowed would stifle human progress.
I think the people of the world need to come to a basic understanding:
-We did not create ourselves so there is a creator
-Whether you think that is God or Nature is up to you
-However, to respect the creator you must respect the creation
-That means respecting other living beings including humans


THRIVE - What On Earth Does It Take

Thrive (2011)

Thrive II

Walking the Razor’s Edge between World Politics and Exopolitics

Come Carpentier became interested in UFOs and extraterrestrial life in the late 1960s when he learned about the mysterious Ummo case in France and Spain. Alleged extraterrestrials from the planet Ummo created an office in Spain where they began corresponding with scientists and UFOlogists from around the world introducing them to advanced physics and philosophies. Come later moved from the Canary Islands, Spain, to New Delhi, India in 1975 and went on to distinguish himself in the study of world politics. He is currently a Distinguished Fellow in the India Foundation and convenor for the World Affairs Journal.

Come combines his professional research on world politics with his long time interest in exopolitics where he has investigated many historical UFO cases from around the world. These include the famed Friendship (Amicizia) case in northern Italy (1956-1978), and UFO sightings in the Himalayan region of India and Tibet. In the 1980s, he traveled to Colorado, USA, where he met a high ranking USAF general who confided information about official contact and relations with extraterrestrial civilizations.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Come discusses his background, conventional political interests, and how these intersect with exopolitics. He describes the dividing line between World Politics and exopolitics as a razor’s edge, which he has learned to carefully tread for more than 50 years.

by Dr Michael Salla, Phd

Interview available on Rumble, YouTube & Odysee

Audio Podcast on Apple, Spotify, or Google

Come is the organizer of a major academic conference to be held in New Delhi from Sept 22-24, 2022, titled:” “Exploring Consciousness- From Non-Locality to Non-Duality: The Man-Machine Debate”. It will be live streamed from

Come Carpentier’s website is:

India Overtakes UK To Become Fifth Biggest Economy

India has overtook UK to become the fifth biggest economy in the world. Furthermore, the IMF has predicted that this will become the new normal, with India set to overtake the UK up until 2027, becoming the fourth-largest economy in the world while the UK falls to sixth.

India’s GDP was ranked eleventh in the world a mere ten years earlier.

The Indian economy has already surpassed that of the United Kingdom in size, ranking it as the fifth largest, as Statista’s Martin Armstrong illustrates in the graphic below, with a 7 percent growth predicted for 2022.

According to the International Monetary Fund’s most recent statistics, such is the case.

You will find more infographics at Statista

India’s growth coincides with a period of rapid inflation in the United Kingdom, resulting in a cost-of-living issue and the likelihood of a recession, which the Bank of England estimates would persist through 2024.

This circumstance, combined with a contentious political era and the ongoing effects of Brexit, caused Indian output to surpass that of the UK in the fourth quarter of 2021, with the first quarter of 2022 presenting no change in the rankings.

Looking down the road, the IMF predicts that this will become the new normal, with India set to overtake the UK up until 2027, becoming the fourth-largest economy in the world while the UK falls to sixth. 

EXPLOSIVE: Here’s what was uncovered in Hunter Biden’s iCloud Hack 

MAJOR PEER REVIEWED STUDY: Moderna Vaccine Increases Myocarditis Risk By 44 Times In Young Adults 

MUST READ: High Level International Bankers Simulate The Collapse Of Global Financial System 

BIG STORY: Wuhan Lab Isolated Monkeypox Strain In 2020 

EXPLOSIVE: Ukraine Biolabs Used Fever Carrying Mosquitoes To Spark Dengue Pandemic In Cuba

Truth, Lies and CGI’s – Can we tell the difference?

We just lost QE2 and some of what was happening during her long reign is not discussed in Mainstream media.  They do talk about how wonderful she was.  They don’t talk about now King Charles, and his relationship to the Rothschilds, Jimmy Savel and Epstein or about his affair while married to Diane.

Media can make or break a person and so can social media.  During Elon Musk’s attempted purchase of Twitter,  it was discovered that a huge portion of the accounts on social media were created in the last 2 years, and half are fake!  The accounts and the content are driven by AI generated bots used to fulfil algorithms.  These algorithms can falsely increase or decrease popularity of an individual or group and skew data to drive viewer numbers up or down.  Social media is considered one of the causes of teen depression and suicide, and AI may have much to do with the cyber bullying.

According to Jean Nolan of Inspired, Bots accounted for 64% of internet traffic in 2021.  More than half of the likes, dislikes and comments were fake which explains why there was so much controversy and division on the topics of the day.

The Prepare For Change Media Team discovered this for themselves while running the Weekend Awakenings talk show on current events.  This included a lot of information on Covid and election fraud.  Our YouTube video following, which had been quite high, appeared to suddenly drop in popularity, and then the channel was banned!  Thankfully, our IT department could see that our live stream shows had a very large following despite what was shown in the number of views and likes.  It confirms that we were over the target!

As of 2022, there are  4.9 billion active internet viewers.  93% of Americans use the internet out of 361 million in the world.  A whopping 4.6 billion new internet users have been added in the past 2 years.  According to Barracuda networks, bots account for 64% of the internet traffic.

Opinions (google funded fact checkers) and comments were and may still be created by these bots as was evident during the height of the Covid pandemic, lockdowns, and protests.   Every attempt was made to discredit the doctors, nurses, frontline workers, and alternative treatments that could have reduced suffering and saved lives.

Trump was vilified with memes and nasty comments for mentioning Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and chastised for talking about chlorine dioxide (MMS) claiming that he was trying to get people to drink bleach.  At the same time, advertisements, and fact checker comments were on every channel that spoke against vaccines, or about boosting your immunity naturally and casting doubt on preventative protocols and home treatments. Anyone speaking against the vax agenda experienced cyber bullying which was added to by friends and family who were not yet awake to the dangers.  If information on the adverse effects, dissabilty, and the deaths of so many individuals had been made public instead of suppressed, the charade would have ended much sooner. But that wasn’t the agenda.

Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion went through the same in 2017 and 2018  when speaking of his support of Trump and about alternative health products (which he sells).  His account was defunded and blocked for weeks on multiple occasions.   In Pursuit of Truth with Sir Patrick Mack  is another favorite that was forced off his platform and defunded for exposing fraud and crimes against humanity.  He’s an excellent researcher with a wonderful sense of humor.

Many of the truthers and patriots I followed disappeared from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. This increased exponentially during the Covid lockdowns and most of the best truther sites lost their Google associated channels and ended up moving to alternative media sites like Gab, Rumble, Bitchute and Telegram.  The censoring forced us to really look hard at what was driving the agenda and to learn to research for ourselves.

More than 50 million, or 15% of social media accounts, are fake and driving false narratives.  The far left neocon liberals who are built up in social media may not be as popular as believed if more than half the news is driven by AI.  Q posts had stated we are watching a show.  “The show” likely includes the use of AI generated people (CGI) and voice cloning software.

In 2017 and about the same time as the Mandalay Bay shooting incident in Las Vegas, I began seeing videos of software that can generate extremely lifelike images of people that don’t exist. NVIDIA’s Face Generator AI in the beginning had flaws that could be spotted by the observant but has been smoothed out to stop glitches in textures of hair, skin, beards, fur, and backgrounds, etc. The AI system is learning to do a better and more realistic job.

How can the public know if what they are watching, and hearing is real, and could such technology be used to report false flag events, frame an individual or harm their reputation?   We go to the movies to escape reality knowing full well that what we see looks real. We know it’s acting, make up, and technology used to create the illusion.  We understand that it’s a show we pay to watch.

Back to Mandaly Bay… When people called in to check on the shooting victims in Las Vegas hospitals, the staff was surprised as they had none and told the callers that they were confused by the drill.  Those reports were suppressed.  On the previous day, an emergency drill had indeed been conducted to practice what to do in the event of a shooting at public event (there was even a casting call).  What most probably saw in the news and leaked through social media were the crisis actors, and the memorial photographs were very likely computer-generated images like the ones below.  They looked CGI to me and the software’s ability to morph from one photo to the next was utilized during the televised Country Music Awards that year to generate sympathy. October 1st marks the 5 year anniversary of that event which you can read about here.

We sometimes talk about mind control programs, adrenochrome, and how celebrities appear to have an inside track to youth, wealth, beauty, and fame, as if they sold their soul to the devil.  Maybe some did!  But what if the people we are watching are not even real?  Is it possible to fool an entire nation or the world?

On June 23 of 2022, NEWSWARS posted China Reveals AI News Anchor, Almost Indistinguishable From Real Human. This is some creepy next level stuff.

I discovered an article that shows the software that generates CGI people was created by a Google designer in 2014!  GAN 2.0: NVIDIA’s Hyper realistic Face Generator  but it had been around and experimented with before that time by individuals.

Here is an article from 2013 where a CGI artists brags about his Amazingly Realistic CGI People.  

It’s getting harder to spot a Deep Fake Video as is demonstrated in this YouTube clip.

In addition to fake people, it’s now possible to fake the voice of an actor, any individual and I’m sure you can guess where I’m going with this.  I pulled the following from YouTube, New Method to Voice Clone Anyone Using Real-Time AI Coding (Works with Celebrities).

 “Using AI Technology, we can now #VoiceClone anyone.  The algorithm can accurately identify the tracers within voices and allow the software to get an understanding of the voice” [and generate a realistic version of the person they wish to emulate].

it only takes 3.7 seconds of audio to clone your voice”, according to the Chinese tech company Baidu. It’s both thrilling and frightening at the same time”.

I couldn’t end this article without mentioning the Castle Rock Media event staring Joe Biden, with some interesting reveals, in case you missed it being distracted by Covid, lockdowns and wondering if you would have a job.

You can book a tour a get your photo taken on the White House set in Little Rock AR.

If you watched Independence Day, you saw the set at Castle rock, Arkansas, which has been apparently used by “acting  president” Joe Biden.

Biden becomes first computer-generated AI to receive Democratic nomination – Although this article was produced by Genesius Times, who call themselves “the most reliable source of fake news on the planet” it was worth the laugh but also worth pause for thought.

This technology is constantly used in the making of movies and TV shows.  China has fake news casters.   Is it possible we’ve been watching a show or movie with a very long plot?  No of course not, right?   I mean…..

Wait, what?   

Please Pass the Popcorn!

The evil laugh is the voice of actor Vincent Price and was clipped from the end of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.    


Elon Musk accuses Twitter of fraud for hiding real number of fake accounts

The Internet is NOT what You Think It Is!

Social media, internet use and suicide attempts in adolescents

Seven Companies owned by Google (Alphabet)

LAS VEGAS SACRIFICE: The Incredible Back Story Designed To Cover Up The Shocking Truth

Artificial Intelligence Technology Can Now Clone Your Voice in Seconds

New Method to Voice Clone Anyone Using Real-Time AI Coding (Works with Celebrities)

Voice Clone Code:…

TTS Synthesizer:…

Google Lifelike Synthesizer:…

Google AI:…

Google Research:… 

By Rev. Kat

Thursday, September 15, 2022

October Revolution looms in West as Queen Elizabeth II moves on

September 12, 2022

The death of Queen Elizabeth II is one of many signs some sort of mega black swan event is coming to the West this October. What remains to be seen is if this will be a bloody revolution, anarchy, or a peaceful transition.

First of all, the death of QEII also means the death of the head of the committee of 300, known to many as the secret leadership of the Western world. This follows the removal of the entire top ranks of the Knights of Malta: the military leadership of the West. Gnostic Illuminati sources say the three Egyptian obelisks of Western power are all slated to come down. The first obelisk -located in the city of London- is where financial power resides. With the death of QEII it has fallen, they say. The second obelisk -in Washington DC- is where military power resides. It has fallen with the replacement by the meritocracy of Knights of Malta aristocratic leadership. The third obelisk, symbolizing spiritual power, is in Rome. So, all eyes are on the papacy now. Illuminati sources promise Pope Francis will be removed in a spectacular and public manner over the coming days.

The big changes are not limited to the West, either. China’s communist party has moved forward its big, once in 5-year national congress to October from November. There, amendments will be made to the constitution that will lead to “new strategies of governance.”

Asian secret society sources say a merger with Taiwan and the renaming of the communist party are topics that will come up at the meeting.

There is also an unprecedented gathering of world leaders and power brokers taking place in September.

This week, for example, President Vladimir Putin of Russia, President Xi Jinping of China and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India will be meeting on September 15th and 16th. After that will come the September 19th funeral for the Queen. This will be one of the biggest gatherings of world power brokers in recent world history. For example, the so-called US president Joe Biden and the Japanese Emperor are among the many who will attend.

We must also bear in mind that all this is happening as the September 30th payments deadline looms for the families that own the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, the United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF and other pillars of Western power.

In particular, the fate of the Rockefeller family is set to be decided. Members of this clan include Hillary and Bill Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, John Podesta, David Rockefeller Jr. and many others.

It can be argued that by suppressing many types of energy technology, this family did more to set back humanity than any other group in world history. The rubber masked Biden actor is their servant as is probably the rubber masked impostor now pretending to be Pope Francis.

Video Player

The fate of the French and Swiss branches of the Rothschild family -headed by Klaus Schwab (Rothschild) of the World Economic Forum- is also likely to be decided this autumn.

There is a world boycott against the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and their fraudulent fiat money so, they are going to go down for sure. The fact the Vatican bank is cutting off all relations with them as of September 30th is the clearest sign of that. The question is, what or who will replace them?

There is also the bigger fight between the gnostic Illuminati and the British Royal Family that has yet to be decided.

In any case, now that Queen Elizabeth has passed on, we can disclose some secrets and big mysteries surrounding her. For example, according to a cousin of Emperor Hirohito, prior to the 911 attacks on the US, QEII was

“killed and replaced with a clone,” because she was violently opposed to the Bush Nazi fascist coup d’├ętat this attack represented. We remain skeptical about “clones” and such talk but, senior MI6 sources also confirm the original Queen left this earth a long time ago. NSA sources also say she has been “dead for 10 years.” This writer can also confirm that Christmas cards signed by Her Majesty stopped arriving several years ago.

However, this writer was in fairly regular contact via e-mail with someone who sure seemed like the real deal. When I once asked her if the movie Roman Holiday was based on a true life useful indiscretions she replied “Some secrets I will carry to my grave” Also, she did appear in public before thousands of people at her recent celebrations of 70 years on the throne.

Whoever she really was, there can be no doubt Her Majesty led the big faction in the Western bloodline elite that was opposed to the KM plan to kill 90% of humanity. Their idea was to save the environment without killing everybody by using a carbon tax to pay world leaders to preserve forests. Her faction lost in the year 2000 when their agent Al Gore failed to become US President despite winning the election. However, they have been fighting ever since and eventually managed to have the entire Bush clan executed.

Also, the entity we knew of as Queen Elizabeth II was responsible for negotiating an agreement with Asian royal families for a better way to manage this planet we all share. It was her, for example, who let the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative go ahead, resulting in trillions of dollars in infrastructure development around the planet. She also left this realm secure in the knowledge that an East/West consensus had been reached to start to do everything possible to increase the amount and variety of life on earth, including human earth. In other words, she left this world safe in the knowledge that future generations will benefit greatly from her words and actions.

People close to her heir, King Charles III, have encouraged him to deploy British special and regular forces to take military action to stop any further destruction of ecosystems around the world. So, for example, corrupt Indonesian leaders responsible for destroying irreplaceable rainforests will now be hunted down along with their henchmen.

In any case, now that the Queen has passed, the gnostic Illuminati will be using the relative unpopularity of her son to mount an unprecedented attack on the monarchy. The key issue of course, will be renewed probes into the murder of Princess Diana.

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According to a cousin of the Queen, Diana was killed because she was pregnant with twins by Dodi Fayed and was planning to convert to Islam. The Queen was not involved but King Charles most certainly was. That is why Qanon is saying he will be arrested. The NSA sources say that in any case Charles has already been “replaced by a double.”

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However, what the Illuminati fail to realize is that the British Monarchy is based on a collective consensus and not on a single individual monarch. The consensus built around QEII cannot be changed by attacks on her heir. Nonetheless, it is a good bet Crown Prince William will become king sooner rather than later.

Rather than attack the monarchy, the gnostic Illuminati would be better off targeting the Rockefeller/Rothschild etc. families that own the fortune 500 companies if they want to do good. They are the ones who planned this entire “pandemic” and the accompanying attempt to turn this planet into a giant animal farm.

In the latest confirmation of the crimes these people have committed, last week a senior member of the Japanese underworld (whose organization sub-contracts for the KM) said that before the “Pandemic” he was told plans had been changed and that, instead of hitting Southern Japan and South East Asia with a mega-earthquake, the KM had decided to go with the “Wuhan flu,” he said.

The people listed at the link below are responsible. This is actionable intelligence.

Then of course there are all their past crimes that they have yet to face justice for. For example, as the 21st anniversary of 911 has just passed, we note what Donald Trump said at the time.

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For some reason, he was unable to act on this conviction when he became president.

Even if the West fails to remove the KM from power and carry out Nuremberg-style tribunals, the rest of the world will help liberate the European people.

Russia is in an alliance with China, India, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America to make sure the criminal leadership of the West faces justice for their repeated attempts to kill 90% of humanity.

As things stand, an energy cut-off of Western Europe and the US is going to shut down economic activity starting in October.

In the UK, industry lobby groups say that unless something is done about energy prices that have shot up by 100% over the past year, 60% of factories and 80% of pubs and restaurants will be forced to shut down.

Hopefully, the new UK leader, Elizabeth Truss, -who has joined the planetary liberation alliance- will be able to negotiate a new arrangement with the rest of the world before this comes to pass.

The same sort of thing will happen in the rest of Western Europe as well.

Every day we receive emergency calls from companies that are about to stop production,” said the president of the Central Association of German Crafts

German companies are increasingly unable to access energy supplies on the market, and as energy dries up, the German economy will simply stop running, according to the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK).

That is why Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland and Poland won’t make bilateral energy deals with Berlin because they don’t want to be forced to compensate their suppliers in the event gas gets rerouted to Germany.

If a deal is not reached with Russia and the rest of the world; the coming economic collapse will ensure regime change in most Western countries. This already happened in Italy and Sweden last week. Justin Castro of Canada is also set to be removed this autumn, Canadian intelligence sources say. When Macron of France and Scholz of Germany fall, it will be game over in Europe.

Then of course we are all waiting for the big Kahuna, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, to finally collapse.

Finally, we once again by noting this collapse could be the trigger that finally flushes the secret space program into the open. As then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld noted the day before 911, $2.3 trillion had gone missing from the US defense budget at that time. Multiple sources since then have said the money went to the secret space program. If we paid for all these flying saucers and anti-gravity devices with our taxes, shouldn’t we have the right to use them?

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Maybe that is why more and more of these craft are appearing in public all over the world these days as the videos below confirm. Maybe, this year’s “October surprise” will be extra-special.

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