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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Multiple Remote Viewers Warn of World Changing Event at Year’s End

If the powers that be can no longer trick us, then they will try and hurt us

If enough eyes are on the powers that be, maybe it will never happen

The counterculture is now aware of False Flags. Operations that are executed by the powers that be and blamed on someone else are now being called out in real-time on social media platforms despite the censorship. It’s becoming popular. And if the powers that be can no longer trick us, then they will try and hurt us.

According to the scientific data, nearly all humans have a certain degree of psychic awareness. And some of us become acutely aware of it. The term, Remote Viewing, was coined by the US Department of Defense when they began training people in this field. It is the art of viewing an unknown target at any distance within the mind’s eye and retrieving accurate data. To refine this data, Remote Viewers work together as a team and look for redundant data.

Remote Viewing teams such as, the Future Forecasting Group, work with a double-blind protocol. This means that they do not know where or what the target is. The information they are given is an arbitrarily designated number such as; A9I5-Q7K4. As they blindly view the target in a meditative state of focus, imagery is flashed in the mind and immediately sketched out and collected. The Future Forecasting Group has been successful at predicting the Panama Canal incident, the Destruction of the Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine, the Halloween stampede in South Korea, police violence at the Canadian Trucker protest, and many others. Which can all be found at Future Forecasting

The Future Forecasting Group was recently assigned the target of the next financial crisis. Because of their double-blind protocol, the only information they were given was an arbitrary number. But the Viewers were all distracted by overpowering images of a catastrophic event. They all saw the same thing. Massive explosions with multiple points of impact, small particles, and debris falling from the sky, people sick with Cesium, which is the most dangerous of all radioactive isotopes. Used in Dirty Bomb scenarios. They saw police checkpoints, people seeking shelter underground, and an exodus of sad-looking people.

Multiple Remote Viewers Warn of World Changing Event at Year’s End

Remote Viewing goes back in the written record for millennia. And has been repeated in the current scientific record for decades. According to this body of work, most people are able to do this. And this is why Clif High’s Predictive Linguistics program works.

By reading the entirety of human language across the World Wide Web, the program will list repeated words and phrases in all languages creating a macroscopic view of what everyone is talking about. So if all humans are psychic, whether they know it or not, then you would see it in the collective chatter. Especially for traumatic events. The bigger the trauma, the more people would be emoting their anxiety online. And key words can be found. Such as the word “ejecta”, which has been showing up in Clif High’s work. Which shows the same event.

Predictive Linguistics reveals a time frame of when a big event happens at the point in time when the tension language ends, and the release language begins. The tension language is the psychic awareness before an event. And the release language is the event itself as everyone is made aware. Based on this, Clif High sees this event happening near the end of this year.

Both the Predictive Linguistics and the Future Forecasting Group saw that this was a decision that was made by some faction of government. Several saw a button being pressed. And they propose that if enough eyes are on the powers that be, maybe it will never happen.


Thursday, September 14, 2023

CIA Agent Confesses on Deathbed: 'Billions Will Die in 2024'

In the final months of his life, former CIA agent Joseph Spencer gathered his family and told them he had many secrets he needed to share with the world in the form of a deathbed confession.

At the time, he was dismissed by many as a conspiracy theorist peddling far-fetched theories about secret societies and their plans for humanity.

But in 2023 his deathbed confession is gaining attention because everything he predicted is happening as we speak, like clockwork – one chilling prediction after another.

The former CIA agent predicted some key things including the pedophilia and child trafficking epidemic, the elite’s obsession with depopulation, chemtrails, alien disclosure, and what he described as a “modified flu virus” that would be unleashed on humanity by the psychopathic elite.

Does any of that sound familiar?

But his predictions don’t stop there and it’s his predictions for the year 2024 that are shocking those who are familiar with his work.



Saturday, August 26, 2023

“Eyes of the Devil” – The REAL Documentary that Exposes the Horror of Child Sex Trafficking


The REAL horrors of child sex trafficking are so terrible and evil, that there is no reason to dramatize it, as Sound of Freedom does.

Tim Ballard and the O.U.R. organization admits that much of the film is dramatized, including the scene where Tim infiltrated the cartels in the jungle of Columbia by posing to be a doctor bringing in vaccines.

Tim went into a Colombian jungle by himself to rescue a little girl. FALSE

In the film, Tim poses as a doctor and goes into a jungle somewhere in Colombia to find the little boy’s sister, shortly after Operation Triple Take. This did not happen.

However, in real life, Tim did lead a group of O.U.R. operators, posing as doctors, into a jungle on the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic a few years after Operation Triple Take in search for Gardy.

No one was rescued, but the operation did advance the search for Gardy, and operators were able to provide medical care to many children in need. (Source.)

As I asked in my original review of the movie after watching it, what kind of “medical care” did these “operators” who were admittedly fake doctors provide to the children in Haiti? Did they inject them with vaccines?

I continue to be attacked and ridiculed for publishing the truth about this fictional movie, with one person suggesting that I must actually support child sex trafficking if I am publishing negative reviews of Sound of Freedom.

This movie is very clearly a psyop and distraction from the REAL child sex trafficking that is occurring with young children who are also often murdered for their organs and body parts.

This is happening in Ukraine, for example, and we have exposed this evil. See:

Whistleblower: Ukraine is Harvesting the Organs of Children in Laboratories


 Profiting from War and Death: The Organ Harvesting Business in Ukraine

But the documentary published in 2021 by Polish film producer Patryk Vega titled “Eyes of the Devil,” is by far the most graphic description of child sex trafficking I have ever watched.

It has been viewed by over 7 million people in Polish, and several more million people in the English version.

It is NOT dramatized. It is a true documentary.

We published it also back in 2021:

Patryk Vega is a Polish director, screenwriter, writer and film producer. He is reportedly a box-office record holder in Poland with a total audience of 14 million people.

The Eyes of the Devil documentary starts with Patryk explaining that someone from the criminal underworld tipped him off about a pregnant woman in Poland who was trying to sell her baby.

A child trafficking agent was in the process of brokering a deal for her that would allegedly bring in a large sum of money if she carried her baby to term and then allowed a child trafficker to sign the birth certificate as the father, so that the baby could never be traced or reported as “missing.”

This would typically happen outside of Poland, usually in Germany where pedophile child brothels exist for pedophiles. Although it is revealed later in the film that there is one such pedophile brothel in Poland also, mostly populated with young children smuggled in from Ukraine to erase their identity.

But COVID shut everything down, and she was not able to leave Poland, allowing Patryk to get involved.

He states at the beginning of the documentary, that his goal is to save the baby, and in the process create a documentary about the child trafficking business. The documentary films his conversations with the mother selling her baby, the agent handler, and the child trafficker, a Polish man who apparently worked out of Germany.

The voices and faces are altered. But these conversations reveal for the first time in public, at least for me, just how these businesses operate, and how utterly evil they are, referring to these children as “merchandise.”

Patryk is very clearly a man of faith (he begins the film by quoting Matthew 18:6), and throughout the film he explains his personal encounters with the devil. (Full article.)

This is the film to watch if you want to truly know about child sex trafficking, but most of you probably cannot handle a film like this.

WARNING VERY GRAPHIC! Very explicit filthy sexual language, violent acts/murder, bad language (F-word used throughout.) Pray for protection for your own emotional and mental health prior to watching. 

This is on our Bitchute channel.

With the U.S. being the #1 destination for child sex trafficking, there is no doubt that this is also happening in the U.S.

But who is going to expose these people?

Most of the leaders of this country, in business, politics, and entertainment, have past financial ties to Jeffrey Epstein’s network.

So if you can handle watching Eyes of the Devil, then go watch the video of Jennifer Guskin, a child sex trafficking victim who was trafficked to the rich and powerful in the Washington D.C. area while in foster care, which is even worse than Eyes of the Devil.

Child Sex Trafficking with the Rich and Powerful: The Jennifer Guskin Story

Last month we featured the documentaryCages” where whistleblowers revealed that the cartels are working with our U.S. Government to traffick people on our U.S.-Mexican border where women are routinely raped.

Who is exposing that?

A new documentary titled “Cages – Epic Human Trafficking Truth” has just been published featuring whistleblowers from Arizona revealing the horrors of human sex trafficking that are happening every day at the U.S. Mexican border, where the U.S. Government is working together with Mexican drug cartels to allow this horrible sex trafficking enterprise to flourish inside the United States.

This business of human sex trafficking, and specifically pedophile child sex trafficking, is today one of the most lucrative businesses, if not THE MOST lucrative business, in the U.S. economy.

The money that is brought in through human sex trafficking buys lawyers, judges, law enforcement agencies like the FBI, and elections.

And this documentary, which I have annotated down to just under 17 minutes, deals just with the sex trafficking by America’s wealthy with women and children coming across the border, and does not even address the larger exposure of child sex trafficking being exposed today from Jeffrey Epstein’s network which has been documented by Whitney Webb’s work, and the current U.S. Virgin Islands case involving Epstein and the U.S. financial system. (Full article.)

This is on our Bitchute channel.

And lastly, the most comprehensive documentary that reveals the true source of child trafficking in the U.S. was released last month on Netflix, and as I have written, this is the film everyone should be reporting on right now.

New Documentary on Medically Kidnapped Girl Whose Mother Committed Suicide is the Most Powerful Film Ever Produced Exposing Medical Kidnapping

The REAL horrors of child trafficking are so terrible, that they do not need to be fictionalized.


Sound of Freedom Movie Allegedly Funded by Billionaire Philanthropists with Ties to Human Trafficking



COVID Lockdowns and Mask Mandates Returning? I’m Not Buying the Psyop Distraction, and Neither Should You

August 23, 2023

For the past few days a very controlled narrative has been spun and spread throughout the alternative media, and especially among the Right Wing media, both the corporate Right Wing media, such as Fox News, as well as most of the Right Wing alternative media.

That narrative states that COVID lockdowns and mask mandates are returning.

To be sure, the Liberal Left corporate media is doing their part to fuel this narrative, by publishing “news” stories about the return of the dreaded COVID “virus” cases.

It appears that Alex Jones was selected to begin this current news cycle to hype up fear and outrage, by claiming that a TSA whistleblower, who was unnamed, was stating that “FULL Covid Restrictions” were coming in September.

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Admin Preparing to Bring Back FULL Covid Restrictions, Rollout to Begin Mid-September

Whistleblowers from the TSA and Border Patrol have raised the alarm to Infowars that the Biden administration is setting the stage for full Covid lockdowns that will begin with incremental restrictions like masking TSA employees in mid-September.

The first source, a high-level TSA official confirmed and known to Infowars, reached out to Infowars and cited a Tuesday meeting in which TSA managers were told new memorandums & policies were being completed that would reimplement masking, starting with TSA & airport employees as early as mid-September.

The TSA official also said next week they will receive new guidelines on how the policy will escalate: by mid-October, mask-wearing will be required by pilots, flight staff, passengers, and airport patrons.

After hearing from the TSA manager, Infowars reached out to our trusted Border Patrol source who is also a manager. This source confirmed the same directives were being given to Border Patrol.

They were told it was not a matter of “if” but “when” official Covid numbers will go back up and they expect by mid-October a return to forced-masking policies that the Biden administration previously only reluctantly ended after massive pressure.

Both whistleblowers were told this rollout will be in tandem with the new Covid “variant” hysteria that the MSM has been reporting on this week. (Full article.)

I chose not to report this “news” because it was 100% dependent upon the credibility of Alex Jones, a controversial person, to say the least, in both the alternative and corporate media.

Even if Alex Jones was 100% sincere in what he was reporting, how do we know that this alleged “TSA whistleblower” was not fed this information for the very specific intention of creating a new news cycle around COVID that promoted hype and fear?

It wouldn’t be the first time that agencies like the CIA used the platform of Alex Jones to do something like this, and it probably won’t be the last time.

The other thing that made me skeptical of this “news” by Alex Jones, was that it completely blamed Biden, who is simply a puppet that follows a script (as well as he can in his demented condition) that is written by the corporate Globalists who control these narratives, and control BOTH the Left and Right politicians.

Let’s PLEASE not forget how the first psyop went down with COVID!

It was Donald Trump, the Right-wing Republican President who got all this started, and as the Scamdemic psyop unrolled, ALL politicians, both on the Right and on the Left, supported ALL the emergency health orders, including masks, lockdowns, and COVID vaccines in the beginning.

The entire country, and in fact the entire world, was UNITED around the COVID scam, with very few of us calling these people out and seeing what was happening from the very beginning.

It was only many months later, mostly after the majority of the COVID shots were injected into the arms of millions of Americans, including babies and children, that some of the Right began to voice some opposition to the COVID shots, and most of that opposition was around MANDATES, but not the actual killer shots themselves.

By way of reminder, here is a video I produced that clearly shows that ALL the Republican leaders were on board with the COVID shots as they were being rolled out, and most of them were investing in the new, experimental COVID pharmaceutical products that never would have made it to market without the scare of a “pandemic” and emergency-use orders to put them into the public without proper testing, as unsuspecting victims served as guinea pigs for these new drugs and vaccines.

This is on our Bitchute Channel.

To be able to repeat the 2020-2021 military operation that locked people down, required face masks, and injected as many Americans with a bioweapon shot as possible, is no longer a possible operation, as the country is now divided on these issues, and there is no way the Conservative Right will support a return to these measures, even though they did the first time around.

And then I got further confirmation that this was all a carefully written script to create more hype and fear, when a U.S. Senator actually put out a tweet agreeing with Alex Jones’ “news” about mandates returning, and stated “Over my lifeless body“.

When is the last time you saw a national politician actually make a public statement agreeing with Alex Jones??

Senator Rand Paul, who if you watched the video I just posted above, invested in Big Pharma experimental products during COVID, has also jumped on this new “Say No to COVID Mandates!” bandwagon on Fox News.

Again, this is clearly a narrative meant to hype fear and outrage, while blaming “Leftists” to further divide this country.

Notice that as they “debunk” what the Left is reporting on new COVID cases, that they still treat COVID-19 as a REAL virus.

Then this morning came my last bit of information that indicated that this is all a psyop.

On most mornings, I turn on a local “Christian” music station because I like to begin my day with uplifting, spiritual music.

I usually turn it off when they feature some “pastor” or other Christian “expert” as I don’t want to listen to their propaganda either.

But at a certain point each hour, they play a syndicated “news brief” on national news headlines, from the “Christian perspective,” even though it is just a repeat of corporate news from the Right-wing perspective, such as Fox News.

It gives me an idea of what narratives the corporate media is trying to emphasize that day, as they highlight two or three headline stories in about 60 seconds or so.

As I was listening this morning, I heard with shock the announcer state: “A recent survey found that most Americans question the COVID vaccines.”

I almost spilled my hot coffee over myself!!

This is the same “Christian” news broadcast that has promoted COVID virus cases, lockdowns, and pro-COVID vaccine news, ad nauseam for over three years now!

How convenient that the Christian Right has now finally just “woke up” to the COVID “vaccine” dangers, just as the election campaigns kick into high gear with the first televised “debate” happening tonight.


Not likely.

Here is the “news” about the public’s perception now about the COVID injections.

A third of adults believe COVID-19 vaccines caused thousands of sudden deaths: poll

Belief in misinformation about key health issues persists among a good chunk of adults, with false claims about COVID-19, vaccines and reproductive health garnering a substantial amount of support, a poll released Tuesday by KFF has found.

The new polling data found that a third of adults believed the COVID-19 vaccines “caused thousands of sudden deaths in otherwise healthy people,” with 10 percent believing that claim to be “definitely true” and 23 percent saying it was “probably true.” Another 34 percent said it was “probably false,” and 31 percent said that claim was “definitely false.” (Full article.)

There is NO WAY that COVID mandates, especially vaccine mandates, will ever be successful if a third of all adults in the U.S. today believe that these experimental shots caused widespread death and injuries.

This seriously changes the parameters of public acceptance for COVID measures from 2020 to today.

Will the government and private companies try to implement some COVID mandates?

Oh, I am sure they will, and a couple of places are already trying it.

But this is what is called a “trial balloon” to see how the public will react to things like a return to the COVID mandates, and if this recent survey is an accurate barometer of public opinion, there is almost ZERO chance that these mandates are coming back in force.

What is this Psyop Diverting Attention Away From?

So once we determine that there is a strong probability that all this fear-mongering over a return to COVID mandates is a carefully written script to create a psyop, the next question we have to address is what are they trying to divert the public’s attention away from?

At this point, my best guess is that they trying to divert attention away from what has happened, and is continuing to happen, in Maui, Hawaii.

Maui seems to be the test case in the Globalists’ intention of further reducing the world’s population by destroying communities, and then “build back better” into their 15-minute smart cities.

I do think lockdowns are probably coming back, but I think they will be “climate lockdowns,” as more and more people lose their homes and land due to fire and other disasters with no place to go.

They will agree to almost anything just to survive.

Shock: Scientists Prove Clear Differences between Covid and Flu

There is at last solid evidence that covid is "completely different to the flu".

Below, to prove the point I have reproduced the official list of common symptoms associated with the new, scary variant of covid. And to help you spot the differences I’ve also listed the common symptoms associated with the flu. Please compare these lists very carefully so that you, like the world’s scientists, will be able to identify the two completely different diseases.

Symptoms associated with the new variant of Covid

 Sore throat

 Runny nose

 Blocked nose


 Dry cough


 Wet cough

Hoarse voice

 Muscle aches

 Altered smell

Symptoms with Flu

 Sore throat

Runny nose

 Blocked nose


 Dry cough


Wet cough

Hoarse voice

Muscle aches

 Altered smell

So there we are. That’s sorted.

Let’s not hear anymore nonsense about covid being something completely different and much more dangerous than the flu.

This information is brought to you as a public service announcement. Please print out these two lists and stick them on noticeboards everywhere – especially at your doctor’s surgery and local hospital. Medical and nursing staff will be grateful to you for your help.

Note: For vital information about vaccines and vaccination programmes please read Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying: Here’s the proof by Vernon Coleman.

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Russia Release Damning 2,000 Page Report Proving Covid Was a Globalist Bioweapon


The Covid-19 virus was created as a bioweapon against humanity, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin who has painstakingly compiled a 2,000 page report forensically detailing the crimes of the US Deep State and globalist elites. 

According to Putin, Big Pharma and US Deep State actors are guilty of “manufacturing” the Covid-19 pandemic to take over the world, and the 2,000 page report lists Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and George Soros as co-conspirators in the plot against humanity.

Putin has been prepared to bide his time while collecting the evidence, but according to Russian sources, the president understands the time has come to blow the lid off the globalist charade and educate the masses about the agenda of the elite.

Finally the truth is starting to emerge. Brave men and women all over the world are refusing to submit to the diktats of the globalist elite.

And as the people of the world continue to wake up to the crimes of the elite, the time has come for justice to be served.

“Russia wants justice for the creation and release of SARS-CoV-2, while the West covered up the origins and censored scientists and journalists,” the Russian Embassy in the United States said on Thursday.

According to Putin, the global elite left their fingerprints all over the crime scene.

Russia has now laid out the evidence in black and white and submitted to the UN over 2,000 pages worth of reports proving that the globalist elite and US Deep State, in cahoots with Big Pharma, are responsible for manufacturing the pandemic.

Russia’s highest ranking biological military official just went on TV and accused the US and Big Pharma of releasing biological weapons to rule the world.

Of course, mainstream media in the West is doing everything it can to suppress the report and the news that it even exists.

Remember when the mainstream media were telling us that Fauci’s biolabs in Ukraine were just a vast far-right conspiracy theory? They lost control of that narrative thanks to people like yourself, who refused to believe their lies, and demanded to see the evidence.

Biden’s Pentagon was finally forced to admit they have operated 46 biolabs in Ukraine under Fauci’s control since the early 2000s. Talk about a major humiliation for the mainstream media and their fact-checkers.

So what was the Pentagon’s excuse for operating these secret biolabs? Well, apparently they are involved in a US project to rid the world of “weapons of mass destruction“.

Remember the last time the Deep State trotted out the “weapons of mass destruction” lie?

That shameless lie led directly to the Iraq War and the humanitarian and economic disaster that followed it – just the way the neocons wanted it to play out.

Now, according to Russian officials, the bio-research activities launched by the US Defense Department in Ukraine require an appropriate legal assessment, including from relevant international bodies.

“Of particular concern is the activity deployed by the Pentagon in Ukraine. The United States has involved dozens of state institutions and private companies of the country in its projects,” the embassy stated.

“Civilians and military personnel of the republic became donors of biomaterial and simply experimental subjects. There is no doubt that such actions require an appropriate legal assessment, including from relevant international structures,” the statement continued.

The international community continues to raise serious questions about the uncontrolled dual-use research under the auspices of the US Defense Department and Russia has repeatedly pointed to “gross violations” by the United States of its obligations under the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.

According to Russia, “there is no question about any good goals of the projects of the US Defense Department. Evidence of US work with potential agents of biological weapons is available and they are far from isolated as well as evidence of attempts to deliberately enhance the properties of pathogens of economically significant infections.”

This is very interesting because it corroborates what the renowned truth-teller Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told Tucker Carlson on his Twitter show last week.

Tucker asked Biden’s primary challenger about the shadowy biolabs in Ukraine and RFK Jr’s jaw-dropping answer should be required viewing for everyone who is still living in the dark about the agenda of the elites.

Did you catch that? Under treaties signed by US Congress, Fauci’s crimes in developing bioweapons are punishable by hanging. And as the report released by Russia details, Fauci isn’t the only Deep State goon caught up in this crime. There is forensic evidence proving Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and George Soros are guilty of the conspiracy against humanity as well.

No wonder the Democrats are employing every trick in the book – and inventing new ones – to avoid losing the 2024 election to Trump.

Depopulation and eugenics are taboo subjects that provoke horror and disgust in ordinary people with normal values and morals.

A glance at history shows that humanity has routinely rejected depopulation programs like the Third Reich’s Nazi eugenics campaign.

We understand on a basic human level that no government or unelected globalist organization should have the god-like power of creation and destruction over the human race.

But what if I told you the eugenics movement did not actually die, but simply went underground, where it has remained hugely influential in elite circles, including Fauci, Bill Gates, and Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum?

The WEF claims to be committed to improving the state of the world.

But there should be an asterisk after that statement. They are committed to improving the state of the world for the lucky few who remain after the great depopulation eradicates 94% of the people the elite consider “useless eaters” from the face of the earth.

As the co-founder of the American Eugenics Society Frederick Osborn put it in 1968, “Eugenic goals are most likely to be attained under a name other than eugenics.”

More than 60 years after Osborn uttered this statement, the eugenicists have finally achieved their goals. The Covid pandemic and experimental vaccine is simply eugenics under another name.

And for years, US taxpayers were paying Dr. Anthony Fauci, the world’s most influential “death scientist” since Josef Megele, more money than any other government employee. This tells you all you need to know about the real priorities of Obama and Biden regimes.

Here at the People’s Voice we are determined to continue exposing the crimes of the elite. As RFK Jr hinted, one day these criminals will be held to account – and the punishment will fit the crime. But we need your help to continue redpilling the masses. 

Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already, and join the People’s Voice Locals Locals Community for exclusive and uncensored content and to support the channel.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The Global Uprising Against Central Bank Digital Currencies Has Begun!

Central bank digital currencies (“CBDCs”) are deeply unpopular with the general public and we have a chance of stopping them in their tracks, writes James Corbett. We’re already seeing a massive global pushback against the CBDC agenda. And this pushback is already causing the banksters to panic and pull back on their grand plan for world domination.

If you listen to the stenographers and presstitutes of the establishment dinosaur media, you’ll believe that CBDCs not only represent an exciting opportunity to bring our outdated paper money system into the digital age but that they’ll be bestowed on us by the benevolent central banker technocrats in the next year or two (if we’re lucky!).

If you listen to the pundits in the alternative media, however, you’ll believe that CBDCs not only represent the greatest threat to human freedom in our lifetime but that they’ll be forced upon us by the evil central bankster overlords in the next year or two (no matter what we do to fend them off).

Do you see the similarities in these two “competing” narratives? In both cases, you and your opinion about CBDCs are utterly irrelevant. It’s a fait accompli. You can love ’em or hate ’em, embrace them or recoil from them, but whatever your position, you will be forced to use them.

But this just isn’t true. In fact, we’re already seeing a massive global pushback against the CBDC agenda. And this pushback is already causing the banksters to panic and pull back on their grand plan for world domination.

Global Pushback

As we all know, when globalists are looking for a population to test out their latest technology of enslavement, they turn to Africa. From genetic manipulation to vaccine experiments to agricultural “revolution,” there is no shortage of examples of pathocrats disguising their experiments in technocratic tyranny as philanthropic concern for the poor, beleaguered people of that continent. It’s hardly surprising, then, that Africa is once again serving as a laboratory for the latest globalist technocrat pet project: digital money.

Accordingly, Nigeria became one of the first nations in the world to adopt an official, national central bank digital currency when the Central Bank of Nigeria (“CBN”) launched the eNaira amid much fanfare in October 2021. Promoted with the slogan “Same Naira, more possibilities!” the bankster class collectively held its breath as it watched this trial run of digital money unfold before their eyes.

The early results of this experiment, however, were not promising for the money manipulators. Despite a massive push of the eNaira by the government and breathless coverage of its rollout in the establishment media, it was revealed one year after the digital currency’s launch that a mere 0.5% of the population – one in every 200 people – had actually used it.

Not to be dissuaded, the CBN imposed new banking regulations last December, limiting cash withdrawals from ATMs to just ₦20,000 ($45) per day in a bid to increase the adoption of the nation’s CBDC.

The result? Again, utter failure. In fact, worse than utter failure. An actual uprising!

Nigerians took to the streets in February of this year to protest the cash restrictions and even attempted to storm the central bank.

CBN officials are now rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, upgrading the eNaira app to allow contactless payments, as if that was what was keeping people from using the banksters’ new digital enslavement tokens. But, try as they might to cover it up, the results of this experiment in monetary manipulation are now clearly visible for all to see. The eNaira is a failure of such gargantuan proportions that it now serves as a cautionary tale to central bankers around the world about how pear-shaped things can get when a digital currency is shoved down an unwilling public’s throat.

But it isn’t just Nigeria where people are saying “no, thanks” to the banksters’ digital money agenda.

In the European Union, protesters are already marching against the European Central Bank’s (“ECB”) proposed “digital euro.” In Croatia, for example, activists are warning that their government’s adoption of the euro “will be followed by the introduction of a digital euro, and then you will have to kiss all the freedoms you know goodbye.” In the Netherlands, meanwhile, demonstrators have staged rallies warning about the coming European CBDC and the ECB’s plan “to control the spending habits of the population.”

In Russia, too – where Putin has just signed the Central Bank of Russia’s “digital Ruble” into law as an official national currency – people are already threatening to go Nigerian on their government. Recent polls show that a mere 6% of Russians are actually excited about their opportunity to use the new CBDC. This widespread distrust of the digital Ruble is reflected in the coverage of the currency on the nation’s alternative news websites, which are filled with articles decrying the technocratic tyranny. One such article sums up the situation by noting that “we can only say that if citizens actively use non-cash transactions, then they themselves will enter the electronic banking concentration camp, seemingly completely voluntarily.”

And how about in the bastion of liberty, the beacon on the hill, the good ol’ US of A? Well, the grandstanding politicians – always eager to get in front of a parade and pretend they’re leading it – are already introducing (and even passing) legislation to ensure CBDCs never sees the light of day in America.

Of course, readers of this column will know that these political promises aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Nevertheless, the proposed legislation is important because it reflects two underlying realities. Firstly, it demonstrates that the American public is not on board with the CBDC agenda. And secondly, it signals to the Fed and other central banksters that they risk upsetting their whole rigged monetary system if they push this agenda too far and too fast.

Banksters Running Scared

Yes, it’s safe to say that, on the CBDC issue at least, the momentum is not in the banksters’ favour. In fact, things are so bad that the establishment is now beginning to contemplate whether the mad dash toward CBDCs might just wake up the public to the whole monetary scam.

In a revealing op-ed in The Financial Times last month, Brookings Senior Fellow Eswar Prasad warned, “Central banks must not be blind to the threats posed by CBDCs.” After dutifully detailing all of the nifty features of programmable money that would-be world controllers can take advantage of (“imposing negative nominal interest rates to disincentivise saving,” for example), he then cautions the central banksters that their pretence of “political neutrality” might be exposed for the self-evident sham that it is if central banks start meddling in people’s everyday transactions.

Central banks could be viewed as political agents if their visibility into payment transactions is used for law enforcement or surveillance purposes. [. . .] Central banks already face threats to their independence, credibility and legitimacy. The more extensive the functionality of the money they issue, the greater the political pressures they will be exposed to. At a minimum, such innovations pose risks to the integrity of central bank money.

Oh, won’t somebody think of the central banksters’ credibility!?

And – wouldn’t ya know it?! – just as Prasad and others are beginning to warn that the banksters might be pushing too far and too fast with this whole “programmable money” idea, it looks like the monetary mafia are now stepping back from the CBDC brink . . . at least publicly.

Just this past week, the Central Bank of Colombia issued a white paper on the “Expected Macroeconomic Effects of Issuing a Retail CBDC,” which admits that if central banks push the cashless agenda too far and the situation “reaches a point where the use of cash is about to disappear, central bank money could lose its role as a monetary anchor for deposits and other forms of private money.” Also this past week, the Bank of Canada issued a report on “Unmet Payment Needs and a Central Bank Digital Currency,” which acknowledges that “consumers face few payment gaps or frictions and therefore might have relatively weak incentives to adopt and – especially – to use CBDC at scale.”

In other words, central bankers are quietly admitting there are no real advantages to retail CBDCs, and there are even potential downsides to their introduction.

Of course, as my astute readers will already know, this does not mean that the issue is settled, that the bankers have given up, and that the CBDC dream is officially done. No, it just means that they have to change tack and try to find other ways to cajole the public into the digital gulag. Perhaps this is why the central banking minions are now openly strategising about how best to sell their digital money agenda to an unwilling public.

Take the Bank of Israel, for example. It just released a new white paper purporting to identify “Principles for creating ‘Acceptance’ and ‘Network Effect’ for the Digital Shekel,” or, in plain English: “Ways to convince the rubes to use our virtual slave coins.” The document considers ideas for leveraging the “Network Effect” to artificially stimulate the adoption of the digital shekel. Naturally, the plan does not focus on ways to incentivise the use of CBDCs but rather on ways to enforce their acceptance, including obligating banks, payment providers and merchants to participate in the scheme or forcing the government to officially declare the digital shekel to be legal tender.

On its face, the fact that the banksters are now openly plotting how best to stuff digital money down the public’s throat may be a worrying development.

But, upon further reflection, the fact that the banksters are now turning from the carrots of incentives and bonuses and discounts to the stick of government regulation and enforced adoption does not mean that the anti-CBDC movement is doomed to failure.

On the contrary. The fact that the banksters are now actively engaged in a struggle against the general public are signs that we are winning and that CBDCs are not inevitable.

Resistance is Fertile

I’ve made the point before, but it bears repeating: the constant stream of propaganda, conditioning and censorship that we are subjected to from governments, establishment institutions and their lapdog media is not a sign of their strength. It is a sign of their weakness.

The fact that they have to spend billions of dollars a year pumping lies and misinformation into the heads of the citizenry to keep people from seeing the truth is a tacit admission that our thoughts and opinions actually do matter. After all, why would they bother propagandising to us at all if they didn’t require our approval (or at least our docile apathy) to continue pursuing their agenda?

Similarly, the fact that the banksters are ramping up the next stage of their CBDC indoctrination operation – attempting to convince an increasingly sceptical public that a complete overhaul of the fabric of our monetary reality is somehow beneficial to Joe Sixpack and Jane Soccermom – is a tacit admission that we are the ones who decide whether CBDCs are implemented or not. They can tout the benefits of their digital slave tokens all they want, but if we refuse to use them, then the CBDC world order will not come to fruition.

The banksters, for one, are well aware of this fact. But are we aware of it?

I understand why this message – that pushback and protest do matter and that the globalist agenda is not inevitable – is such an unpopular one in the “alternative” media. If the message is simply: “Relax, everyone! The battle is over and CBDCs have been defeated! Now go back to sleep!” then it is indeed no different from enemy propaganda.

But that is not the message here. Instead, the message is that the public is – for the time being, and until the propaganda machine kicks into high gear – overwhelmingly on our side. People DO NOT WANT programmable money and the vast majority see it for what it is: another trick on the part of the establishment to take more power and control away from everyday people and put it in the hands of the banksters and their cronies.

That’s why this is the time to seize the momentum of public opinion and steer it into actual productive activity. We can encourage Cash Friday awareness. We can build up local trading communities based on alternative and complementary currencies. We can introduce those around us to Agorist.Market. We can promote community currencies and precious metals and decentralised cryptos and barter circles and the million other forms of survival currency that clued-in Corbetteers have been researching for years.

The time has come to harvest those seeds you’ve been planting! The public is on our side!

Yes, your resistance and pushback do matter. It does make a difference. We do have a part to play in this. Now, let’s go out there and put the final nail in the CBDC coffin.

What are we waiting for?

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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Globalists go crazy trying to suppress these 14 powerful, timeless truths that can SET YOU FREE

There are powerful, timeless truths that, if widely embraced, would alter the course of human history and free humanity from the clutches of demonic globalists. That’s why globalist forces go crazy trying to suppress what you’re about to read here. Any truths they don’t want you to know are labeled “disinformation,” while the lies and propaganda pushed by the establishment are awarded the moniker of “facts.”

In today’s Brighteon Broadcast News episode (see below), I discuss these 14 powerful truths in great detail, revealing why anti-human forces are working so desperately to prevent the human race from learning these profound principles that can mean the difference between you being enslaved or free. This same episode also features an interview with Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki who sounds off on the collapsing dollar and the economic lies of our fascist government.

14 timeless truths that can defeat the demonic globalists trying to exterminate humanity

1) God is real, there is a creative, intelligent force that transcends the cosmos and that has a purpose for your existence. If you don’t realize that you were created with a purpose, then your life seems meaningless, and you are disconnected from the very force that brought you into existence.

2) God and Mother Nature have already created all the medicine you need, for free – every cure already exists, including cures for cancer, and they are deposited in the natural world around us, just waiting to be harvested and deployed for humanity’s benefit. The entire purpose of the medical establishment (FDA, CDC, AMA, etc.) is to try to make you blind to the natural medicine that makes Big Pharma’s toxic drugs obsolete.

3) Technologies for unlimited “free” energy already exist and have been withheld from humanity, just like ivermectin was withheld from humanity in order to maximize COVID casualties. Globalists know that if energy is abundant and affordable, humanity cannot be easily enslaved. So they work to suppress free energy technologies while tearing down the conventional energy infrastructure to create energy scarcity.

4) We are not the first advanced civilization on planet Earth , nor in our solar system. We will also not be the last. Some previous civilizations likely had areas of technology and spiritual understanding that vastly exceed our own.

5) The establishment in power is a satanic, child-sacrificing cult of pure evil that maintains its power through propaganda, censorship and money printing, while feeding off the blood of children. The ritualistic sacrifice of children is condoned by the FDA, which actually hires people to harvest heads and other organs from aborted human babies in order to pursue “humanized mice” experiments, among other monstrosities.

6) Globalists have studied the neurology of the human race and now run control programs that hijack the brain’s neurology to achieve obedience. It is a global “hack” of humanity. One of the methods used is called “social compliance” and relies on getting large groups of people to believe outrageous lies. This causes many people to go along with the crowd rather than exercise their own rational discernment. For example, the entire “trans cult” is being pushed using social conformity / compliance techniques that try to convince people it’s okay to mutilate the genitalia of innocent children.

7) Modern vaccines are designed to achieve global depopulation and nothing else. The entire vaccine narrative is a vicious lie to justify the ongoing injection of bioweapons into billions of humans. Convincing people to be injected with deadly weapons is easier for the globalists, compared to running a kinetic extermination campaign like what was run during the Holocaust.

8) Scarcity of resources is engineered (food, energy, medicine) to keep you enslaved and operating in a constant state of fear. There is no reason for any scarcity of resources on planet Earth, since food, sunlight, water, seeds, warmth and more are all abundant and even created by nature for free. Only through deliberate campaigns to create artificial scarcity can globalists convince people to be afraid and obedient.

9) The media constantly pushes hatred because HATE is the lowest vibration emotion that distracts the mind from higher thoughts, ambitions and achievements. The purpose of the media is to drive the population away from peace, harmony and achievement, delivering panic, destitution and violence so that governments have justification to assert more control over the lives of the citizens.

10) The food supply is deliberately poisoned to keep your brain in a state of confusion and mental illness. This is why human foods are laced with toxic pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, hormone disruptors and heavy metals. No animal species on planet Earth feeds its children poisons, but human institutions force this upon the masses to make sure no children is raised without being cognitively compromised through toxic exposure.

11) The higher the CO2 in the atmosphere, the more food is created for free, all over the world. Crops and trees love CO2. Terraforming is the attack on the atmosphere to achieve global famine by removing CO2 from the atmosphere in order to cause global famine and crop failures.

12) The monetary currency system is rigged to make sure your money is always stolen from you (and you can never get ahead) – Kiyosaki says the stock market is the financial version of “bread and circuses” people who will forever remain trapped in the rat race, never to get ahead. Only gold, silver and crypto have a future, as every fiat currency will collapse. If you hope to have assets remaining after the collapse of the dollar, hold your assets in self-custody. This means you have possession of them. This excludes all bank deposits, pension funds, corporate stocks, treasuries, etc.

13) Extraterrestrials are real, and tech transfer to humans is real, but governments are coveting the tech for themselves to build weapons and systems of control, rather than open sourcing the tech for human abundance. We are not alone in the universe.

14) Your mind is a transmitter of knowledge, and you are a reflection of the power of God ( The power of your voice + intention can alter the universe. Say it and you help bring it into reality. Your mind and voice can literally “program” the fabric of the cosmos. No one in mainstream culture tells you this because the establishment wants you to think you are powerless.

Hear a more detailed explanation of all this in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News, posting at the HR Report channel on

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