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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Beyond Blue Beam 28/02/2024

28 February 2024

Welcome to the latest edition of Beyond Blue Beam, where we venture into the heart of the unknown, uncovering secrets and phenomena that defy conventional explanation. This issue promises to take you on a journey through time and space, exploring mysterious sightings, ancient mysteries, and the cutting edge of science. Get ready to expand your horizons and challenge what you know about the world around us. Join us as we explore new frontiers in our quest for the truth.

Kicking off, we present a brief video discussing the secretive yet available Tesla Zero Point technology. Additionally, US Space Force Lieutenant General Steven L. Kwast states, “We have technology today that can transport you from any location on Earth to any other location within an hour.”

Video Player

Next on our agenda, we’re excited to share with you captivating video footage that appears to showcase the very same spacecraft we unveiled in photographs last week, a remarkable find that was reportedly recovered by the USSR back in the year 1969. This intriguing piece of history offers us a closer, dynamic look at an artifact that has sparked debates and curiosity among enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

Video Player

Following that, we bring to you an assortment of videos capturing recently spotted UFOs from around the globe, ranging from Arizona to Greece, along with another undisclosed location.

One highlight includes a video from Greece, where on January 12th, 2024, onlookers captured what seems to be blinking UFOs darting across the sky, adding another layer of mystery to the global phenomenon of unexplained aerial sightings.

Video Player

Next, we delve into footage of a swiftly moving craft over Arizona on January 23rd 2024, showcasing an astonishing display of speed and agility that challenges our understanding of conventional aircraft capabilities. This sighting adds to the growing collection of evidence suggesting that our skies are a stage for phenomena far beyond current public knowledge.

Video Player

Next, we feature a mesmerizing scene from Cordoba, Argentina on February 16th 2024, where lightning from a thunderstorm reveals what looks like a mothership hidden within the clouds. This captivating footage offers a rare glimpse into the possible presence of the extraordinary amidst nature’s fury. Join us as we delve into this intriguing encounter.

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As usual, Washington proves to be a hotspot for extraterrestrial activity, as evidenced by this footage of illuminated orbs hovering in the sky captured on February 3rd 2024. Their similarity to the crafts observed over Greece is unmistakable. What do you make of this sighting? Is it a manifestation of Project Blue Beam, or something else entirely? Share your thoughts with us.

Video Player

We now present a sighting over Florida on February 19th 2024 that features a UFO seemingly cloaked within the clouds. However, its outline, possibly marked by darker clouds that could be some form of exhaust, is unmistakable.

Video Player

Let’s not forget, whether these videos depict Project Blue Beam simulations or genuine phenomena, the lessons of history remain pivotal. Recall that Nikola Tesla, a pioneer ahead of his time, filed a patent for a UFO-like aircraft in 1928, as shown below. This serves as a reminder of the long-standing human fascination with, and potential involvement in, aerial technologies beyond our current understanding.

To wrap up our Beyond Blue Beam article today, we’re taking a slight detour to share a video that, while not directly related to Project Blue Beam, is equally fascinating. It demonstrates how organic versus GMO tomatoes and wheat respond when submerged in salt water. As many of you might know, the human body’s composition is similar to that of the ocean, with about 0.4% salt and 50-70% water. We encourage all our readers to aim for the higher end of this hydration spectrum—remember, staying hydrated is key! This experiment raises intriguing questions about who might benefit from creating parasites that can stealthily enter the human body, masquerading as everyday produce…cough Gates cough.

Video Player

Thank you to all our readers for joining us on this week’s journey through Beyond Blue Beam. Your curiosity and engagement make these explorations all the more enriching. We look forward to seeing you next week for another dive into the mysteries and marvels that await us. Stay curious, and until then, take care!…and perhaps consider steering clear of the parasitic produce.


The KM Deep State are laying the groundwork for two possible “Black Swan” events

Forget about the elections and let’s end this now! 

(Second Part of the Above Article)

February 26, 2024

We are hearing a lot of other so-called Western leaders have also gone into hiding in fear of lynch mobs. Any leader who is now supposedly in Ukraine is probably in hiding. These include Canadian Crime Minister Justin Castrudeau, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, and the Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo.

They may be hiding because our white hat sources in the Western agencies and Asian secret societies say some sort of huge event is imminent.

For example, a member of the White Dragon Society who met with Japanese Emperor Naruhito last week was told a major financial/political announcement was due to take place on March 15th. Asian Red and Green secret society sources also promised a jubilee-type event in China around the same time.

Dates have come and gone in the past so only believe it when you see it but, for sure high-level sources are making big promises.

Readers can do their part by not paying taxes. The IRS is a privately owned company based out of Puerto Rico. Not only is there no law that requires most Americans to file an individual tax return, but the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wasn’t even created by an act of Congress!

Alex Mena, an IRS official tells O’Keefe Media Group Reporter the IRS is “going after the small people” and “destroying people’s lives” using artificial intelligence technology to spy on American citizens and company bank accounts without a warrant or evidence.

Cutting off their taxes will help force a jubilee. If some sort of jubilee announcement is not made, then civilizational collapse is certain.

Let us start with evidence of political criminality now in full public view. Here we saw an obviously fake Donald Trump meet Argentine President Javier Milei (whose name means Mileik=Moloch=Satan) and praise him for stealing money from poor Argentines in order to pay the KM. He just ran a budget surplus to pay bankers by cutting off money for food kitchens for the poor, sending half of Argentina below the poverty level.

Speaking about Moloch/Mileik, Israeli crime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s real name is Benzion Mileikovsky which means: Son of Moloch or Son of Satan.

Netanyahu held an “Israel Victory Conference” with Rabbi Uzi Sharbaf a Jewish Supremacist who was mysteriously released despite being sentenced to life imprisonment for the mass murder of Palestinians. These people are closely associated with the mass murdering Nazis who also support the genocidal Vladimir Zelensky.

Meanwhile, as thousands of children are killed in Gaza former CIA head Mike Pompeo dances with Israeli soldiers. What exactly are they celebrating?

Video Player

This is the same Pompeo who said “I was the CIA Director and we lied, we cheated and we stole…”

Video Player

Another person who is not bothering to hide his criminality is Congressman Andy Ogles who said “We should kill them all,” in reaction to photos of children’s casualties in Gaza.

Video Player

Here is another example of a poisoned mind.

Meanwhile, the KM-controlled fake Biden circus show vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire.

Thanks to his ongoing Gaza genocide Israel’s Gross domestic product (GDP) plunged an annualized 19.4% in the last quarter of 2023. It is down even more now as shipping to the country has been stopped by the Houthis. As an example, here you can watch a sinking British tanker attacked by the Houthis in the Gulf of Aden.

Video Player

The International Court of Justice has been told “Israel is applying an even more extreme version of apartheid in the Palestinian territories than experienced in South Africa before 1994.”

The Jews are in uproar and vast civil disturbances now taking place in Israel mean the Nazi son of satan and his Biden puppets’ days are numbered.

The other big Satanic nest in Ukraine is also in big trouble. It has once again been confirmed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) illegally deposited funds intended for Ukraine in the personal banks of Victor Pinchuk and Ukrainian Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. A lot of this ended up in the Clinton Foundation where it was used to bribe politicians.

We also know the Zelensky regime has been slaughtering Ukrainians and selling their organs.

Now Polish intelligence informs us the vampire Zelensky sold over a million liters of blood from Ukrainian donors to the West.

Also, Russia has found more documents showing thousands of people have been involved in experiments carried out for major pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline, and others. Blood and other samples were collected and then sent to labs and clinics in Europe and the US for testing. This was almost certainly for the production of bio-weapons.

More torture chambers and human experiment facilities have also now been uncovered at the fallen Ukrainian fortress of Avdeyevka, Russian sources tell us.

The fall of Avdeyevka means Russia is now close to its goal of taking Odessa, connecting Russia with Transnistria; reaching Transcarpathia and handing it over to Hungary, thus sharing the border with Hungary, Polish intelligence sources say.

Russia will have to continue fighting Ukraine until it takes Kyiv, former President Dmitry Medvedev has claimed. Medvedev identified the source of the threat as an “international brigade of the opponents of Russia, led by the US,” who he claimed are in control of Kyiv.

No wonder “a dispirited atmosphere…permeated the meeting [with] no trace of the former optimism among the Western [cheerleaders for Ukraine],” At the 60th Munich Security Conference held on February 16-18, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said

“Germany really wants out of this KM Deep State Cluster fuck,” a CIA source comments on this headline:

German Bundestag rejected the delivery of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine; 182 voted in favor, and 480 against.

Farmers from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France are contributing to the downfall of the Satanic Zelenskly regime by carrying out a complete blockade of traffic from Ukraine. The protesters are being supported by the police and have demanded that the Polish Prime Minister and other politicians who profit from Ukrainian grain dumping, personally appear at the border to listen to their demands.

In Spain, too huge crowds have taken over key streets in the Spanish capital Wednesday in support of domestic farmers.

Video Player

This will affect Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street who own 40% of Ukraine’s arable land. China will also be affected since it bought 3 million hectares of Ukrainian land — land the size of Belgium.

The fall of Ukraine will also lead to more exposure of the pandemic and vaccine mass murder campaign carried out by the KM via biolabs there.

These were some of the worst war crimes in human history. The Global Vaccine Data Network found 100 million vaccine-injured people in just 8 countries.

Also in what one scientist described as an “admission of epic proportions,” Health Canada on Thursday confirmed the presence of DNA contamination in Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines and also confirmed that Pfizer did not disclose the contamination to the public health authority.

Never Forget: Bayer Pharmaceuticals President, Stefan Oelrich admits mRNA vaccines are cell and gene therapy and the public would not have agreed to take them if it were not for pandemic coercion.

Video Player

Now they have started putting vaccines in our food supply. A Lettuce Vaccine Bill was just introduced. Tennessee Rep Scott Cepicky says “University of California Riverside has already perfected the ability to put human vaccines into our lettuce right now. Also, tomatoes have the ability to do that for UC Berkeley. — Big Tobacco, RJ Reynolds and stuff have perfected the ability to put a human vaccine in the tobacco products.”

Video Player
Video Player

“Just take the vaccine, it’s for your own good”

Video Player

Now listen and watch the World’s biggest parasite Bill Gates on tour at the world’s largest parasite Museum. Did this give him morbid ideas?

Video Player

The KM are also trying to keep us scared enough to take these products. The latest fear porn they are spewing is about a fatal “Zombie” deer disease.

“Scientists fear 100% fatal ‘zombie deer disease’ will mutate to infect humans: ‘There are no contingency plans’” So is this going to be The Walking Dead 2.0 ?

Now France is proposing a one year in prison and a fine of €15,000 for criticizing medicine.

This comes as French health insurance (Assurance Maladie) is considering making part of doctors’ fixed remuneration dependent on the number of vaccinations performed on each patient.

The KM are also now trying to deny any involvement in vaccine crimes. In a case of next-level gaslighting, terrorist Tedros says the WHO didn’t impose anything on anybody, anywhere. They think everyone has forgotten. Even the sheeple are waking up.

Video Player

It also turns out half of the WHO’s transgender health committee members have no medical background and the majority are activists.

Meanwhile, Eduard Pröls Director in Germany for the pro-life group CitizenGO is facing criminal charges for sharing the following image.

And yet no criminal charges are being filed against people who are actually trafficking children into sex slavery. In the video below Dr. Phil Interviews Border Patrol Showing American Taxpayers Are Funding the Trafficking of Migrant Children Into Sex Slavery.
Video Player

Homer Simpson knows the truth.

By the way, sex slavery has been going on for a long time as this Pinocchio clip from 1940 shows.
Video Player

From the moment refugees arrive at the airport, resettlement partners pick them up and provide food, housing and employment services thanks to HIAS, a Jewish American NPO Spread across the US.

This is definitely a government-run operation. The former director of Panama’s border patrol the “invasion” at the U.S. southern border is “strategic engineered migration” paid for by the US government via the UN.

New York Mayor Adams’ plan is to give Illegals $10,000 each with No ID check required, No Fraud control and No Restrictions.

Top: you are at the airport being triple-searched. Bottom: millions of random fully grown men crossing the US-Mexico border who are undocumented and illegal….How does this make any sense?

Video Player

Now Missouri Governor Mike Parsons has announced the deployment of troops and patrol officers to join Texas in shutting the border.

It seems the KM Deep State is trying to use the migrants to start a civil war to avoid the hangman’s noose, firing squads or pitchforks.

In an example of predictive programming at its best…Another trailer from Obama’s film “Civil War” has been trolled out.

Video Player

This is the same Obama who financed a movie about a major cyber attack. Now on cue Reports of mobile service outages of AT&T, Verizon, etc. are being blamed on a “major solar flare according to Meteorologists.”

Yeah right as if the sun can only choose to hit certain corporations.

At the same time apparently, Mr, Sun also targeted pharmacies.

Meanwhile, GOP Sen. Marco “Rubio warns Chinese cyberattack “will be 100 times worse” than AT&T outage: “Your power, your water.”

The KM Deep State are laying the groundwork, the narrative, for now, two possible “Black Swan” events:

1. A Major Solar Flare (Carrington event)

2. Cyber Pandemic (caused by China or Russia of course)

We don’t know what role Elon Musk has in all of this but this news report confirms Russian claims that Elon Musk is a front for the US National Reconnaissance Office:

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is expanding a secretive satellite program called Starshield used by the Pentagon as it quietly forges links with US spy and military agencies…SpaceX’s involvement with defense clients also includes launching classified and military satellites

(By the way, Mr. Musk if you happen to be reading this, the P3 Freemasons have asked me for your mobile number so could you please send it to me via Thank you).

It may be they want to ask Musk with his Antarctica connections what he knows about the recent spaced-based laser attacks around the world.

The latest was a huge mountain fire that broke out in Bijie, located in southwest China’s Guizhou province, on February 18.

Video Player

Another one was filmed over Mexico and captured on camera from a different location.

Video Player


This follows similar attacks on Maui and Chile. Is it the beginning of the KMs long-planned fake alien invasion?

Finally this week, we noted yet another Boeing mishap. There are too many such technical negligence accidents lately… something is up, this is not a coincidence.

This is just a guess but it might be part of an underground marketing campaign related to this:

Visitors to last week’s Singapore Airshow witnessed a landmark moment: the international debut of China’s C919 passenger jet. Beijing is betting big that the new plane will shake up the dominance of Airbus and Boeing.


Bye Bye Monarchy?

Bye Bye Monarchy?

Where Now For The 'Firm'? 

David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast


BRICS Expansion was most important Foreign-Policy Event of 2023 - What will match it in 2024?

The West will continue to lose influence this year, but it won't go quietly into that good night...

Predicting the future is the most thankless task when it comes to international politics. All of the genre, in fact, because it involves the interaction of living human beings...

That means it is subject to chance, elementary error, and the influence of emotion.

If this were not so, history would indeed go straight on "like the sidewalk of the Nevsky Prospect," the main thoroughfare of St. Petersburg.

But not only is history unpredictable, it doesn't repeat itself, which makes it utterly pointless to try to predict specific turns of events.

The only thing we can talk about with relative certainty is the development of the major trends we can already see today...

In the coming year 2024, Russia will definitely be the largest continental country in the world, with the opportunity to develop ties in several geographical directions at once:

To trade with its neighbors, to build new transport and logistics systems, and to thwart its opponents' attempts to isolate it.

The United States will remain the largest "political island," whose security and development, in principle, depend very little on what happens in its immediate surroundings.

China will remain a country with a huge population and economy in need of external markets and resources.

The European Union will continue to "sit on the windowsill" in the far west of Eurasia, always critically dependent on resources from outside.

But it is no longer in a position to extract them on its own.

Central Asia, which is close to us, will remain an important link between Russia and China. The fate of states in that region, like that of the rest of the world, will be determined by the trends in world politics that we have seen in 2023.

Let's start with the unpleasant:

the things that will make us all tremble a little in our daily lives...

Over the past year, the whole world has been confronted with the confrontation between globalization and autarky.

The former, even in the form most free from the diktats of the West, implies reliance on economic expediency and broad participation in international production chains, investment, and trade.

For several decades, this was rightly seen as the easiest and most effective way to achieve the goal of internal development and make life more comfortable for citizens.

Autarky, in turn, implies self-reliance in solving those tasks that are important for maintaining internal stability. However, since we do not know how to clearly define the limits of what is necessary, autarky always runs the risk of becoming absolute.

Russia, as we know, is constantly confronted with this problem, up to the recent situation of egg shortages caused, among other things, by the outflow of migrant workers and disruptions in international supplies.

Since the spring of 2022, the United States, as the most self-isolating major country, began to systematically destroy the globalization it had created after World War II...

The economic war against Russia, the pressure on China, and other measures are making everyone think about the need to reduce their dependence on the global economy.

The Western Europeans sincerely don't want to do this, but they lack the political will to do anything to oppose the Americans.

It is, therefore, safe to say that in 2024, we will be increasingly confronted with the consequences of the destruction of the existing system of links in the global economy. But at the same time, we will not be ready to be completely independent from it.

Moreover, Russia will remain a market economy, which means that its companies will still have to take the price factor into account.

As globalization splits into national or regional zones, the prices of many goods will rise, and productivity will fall - simply because the world's countries will have to forgo cheaper but politically risky solutions.

How many years it will take to find a balance is hard to say now.

But there will certainly be no let-up this year.

By 2023, the consolidation of a weakening West had become increasingly apparent. It is now a military-economic alliance involving the US and a significant group of medium-sized and small countries.

It is characterized by strict internal discipline and the fact that the leader reaps most of the benefits.

The consolidation of the West will continue to create problems for international security and the world economy. This is simply because the united West will be - for a long time to come - unable to accept the new reality, to stop fighting the natural course of history, and to start adapting to it.

As can be seen from recent statements by politicians in Washington and its allies, the US has no other solution to its problems than to regain at least some of its former power and control.

Even if key people realize that this is impossible, they will never admit it, so they will meddle and create confusion in different parts of the planet.

This will be countered by the global majority:

The aggregate of the world's states, comprising about three-quarters of the UN's membership, which are increasingly focused on their own interests.

This term was coined in 2022 to refer to countries that have not initiated or supported the West's economic war against Moscow at the state level - even if their companies and banks are forced to comply with US and EU bans on pain of retaliation.

They are constantly looking for and finding ways to continue trading and generally doing business with Russia. In 2023, this phenomenon was already fully obvious.

The most striking examples come from,


-(NATO member) Turkey

-the Arab states of the Persian Gulf

-all Asian countries (except Japan and South Korea

-all CIS members...

The world majority is not a community of countries united by a common purpose or an alliance.

Rather, it is a behavioral phenomenon in which states act on the basis of their own interests rather than being "aligned" with the policies of the US, EU, Russia, or China.

So we have to take into account that in 2024 our CIS neighbors will be as "defiant" towards us as the traditional US allies in the Arab East are towards Washington.

But right now, such mass emancipation is beneficial to Russia, because it is Moscow that is interested in the openness of others to contact and cooperation. And it is not good for the US because it has to keep external actors in line.

The most important event in international politics in 2023 was related to this phenomenon.

It is, of course, the bolstering of the BRICS group and the decision to expand it by five new states.

They are all different in size, economic weight, and importance in world politics.

Successful and wealthy Saudi Arabia joins dysfunctional Ethiopia.

Independent Iran has a sea border with the United Arab Emirates, where a US air base remains.

But the main thing is that all these states are actively trying to revise the unjust international order that emerged after the end of the Cold War.

For Russia, strengthening BRICS after its enlargement will be the most important foreign policy task in 2024.

So far, as we can see, the main trends in international life in 2023 look as if they will continue to create difficulties but will not pose significant risks to Russia's position and its ability to achieve its goals.

Taking advantage of these and coping with the risks is a matter of national foreign policy, implemented on the basis of internal consolidation and confidence in its legitimacy.

by Timofey Bordachev, Programme Director of the Valdai Club

December 29, 2023 From Vzglyad Website

Biologist Blows Whistle - Covid Shots Killed 17 Million People

A world-renowned biologist has blown the whistle with explosive allegations against globalist power elites and the pharmaceutical industry.

Biologist Bret Weinstein dropped several bombshells during a new interview with independent news anchor Tucker Carlson.

While raising the alarm about the power grab of the United Nations (UN) World Health Organization (WHO), Weinstein left Carlson stunned when he stated how many people have died from Covid mRNA injections.

He cited scientific evidence that shows 17 million died globally as a result of the shots.

"So I'm not a math genius, but one in eight hundred shots times billions is a lot of people... 17 million deaths from the Covid vaccine?" Carlson asked.

"Just for perspective: I mean, that's like the death toll of a global war," Carlson noted.

"Yes, absolutely," Weinstein said.

"This is a great tragedy of history.

"So that proportion."


"And, amazingly, there is no way in which it's over," Weinstein continued to explain to Carlson.

"I mean, we are still apparently recommending these things for healthy children, who never stood any chance of getting any benefit from it.

"Every chance of suffering harms that are not only serious but tragic on the basis that children have long lives ahead of them.

"If you ruin a child's immune system in youth, they have to spend the rest of the presumably shortened life in that state.

"So, it never made any sense that we were giving these to kids in the first place."

Weinstein also warns that pandemics and mass vaccination rollouts are all part of the UN's ultimate agenda to install itself as an unelected single-world government.

As Slay News has reported, the WHO is currently drafting its "Pandemic Treaty" that will be signed by all UN member states.

The agreement will grant the unelected United Nations health agency with disturbing new levels of global authority.

UN member nations, including the United States, have confirmed that they intend to sign the "Global Pandemic Treaty" in 2024.

Once signed, sovereign countries will surrender authority to the WHO in the event of a pandemic or other international "emergency" such as "global boiling."

Under the treaty, the WHO will be authorized to declare a global "emergency" and enforce measures to respond to it.

If the WHO were to declare a "climate emergency," for example, the unelected bureaucratic organization would have the authority to enforce lockdowns, forcing Americans to stay inside their homes to supposedly "fight global warming."

Not only is Joe Biden planning to sign the agreement without congressional approval, but it was also the Democrat president who last year urged the WHO to begin preparing the "Pandemic Treaty."

As part of the treaty, the WHO would also be awarded global censorship powers that would override the First Amendment rights of American citizens.

The WHO is now drafting "pandemic preparedness plan modifications" to end free speech in response to "dissidents" in America who "upended" establishment COVID-19 narratives and talking points.

Weinstein warned Carlson that, the WHO is preparing "troubling" new health emergency measures that could eviscerate national sovereignty and free speech as we know it...

During his appearance on "The Tucker Carlson Encounter" Friday, Weinstein explained how the WHO was taken by surprise by a "small group of dissidents" were who able to "bend the narrative" surrounding the COVID-19 'pandemic' and vaccines.

To combat this wrongthink, the WHO is drafting "pandemic preparedness plan modifications" in response to prevent similar pushback when " the next pandemic" arises.

"The fact that that small number of dissidents was able to bend the narrative was able to bring people's awareness to the massive levels of harmful and effectiveness of the shots is, in some ways, the most surprising element of the story," Weinstein stated.

"And I think it truly surprised Pharma and its partners in social media and government - and government-run organizations - I think they thought that they own enough of the media that they could sell us any narrative they wish.

"And I think surprising as it is, they didn't really understand that podcasts could possibly be a countervailing force of significance," he said.

He added that the WHO is "looking for a rematch" with humanity.

"What I believe is going on is the World Health Organization is now revising the structures that allowed the dissidents to upend the narrative," he said.

"And they are looking for a rematch, I think."

"What they want are the measures that would have allowed them to silence the podcasters to mandate various things internationally in a way that would prevent the emergence of a control group that would allow us to see harms clearly," he added.

The top biologist noted that the WHO's plan to completely end the First Amendment in the U.S. is,

"currently under discussion at the international level."

Weinstein also explained how governments' Covid public health emergency measures were the only way for Big Pharma to rollout experiment mRNA injections for use on the public.

"Because they called it a vaccine, people were much more willing to accept it," he said.

"What I've come to understand is something I call the game of pharma.

"If you think about what pharma is, we tend to imagine that it is an industry that is hell-bent on finding drugs that will make us healthier.

"That's not what it is," he noted.

"In fact, pharma is healthy when people are sick."

"...basically every day of the year, pharma is engaged in portraying the properties that it owns as more useful than they are, safer than they are, and persuading the medical establishment, the journals, the societies, the hospitals, the government to direct people towards drugs they wouldn't otherwise be taking," he continued.

"So that's what the racket is."


Ep. 60 Is the lesson of the Covid disaster that we should give its architects more power? Bret Weinstein on the WHO’s plans for you.

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) January 5, 2024

Video also HERE and HERE...

by Frank Bergman
January 07, 2024
from SlayNews Website










Pope Francis Orders Christians To 'Pray to Satan' for 'Real Enlightenment'

If you thought Pope Francis couldn’t possibly make it any clearer that he is a false prophet who worships the Devil, you would be wrong.

If you thought the pontiff who replaced the conservative Pope Benedict in a globalist coup orchestrated by Obama, Clinton and Soros couldn’t find an even more disgraceful way to betray his followers than he has in the past, you would be wrong again.

Pope Francis has outdone himself this time, putting his Satanic cards on the table in the most shameless and blasphemous manner possible. That’s right, he announced the coming of Lucifer and told his followers to get down on their knees and pay their respects.