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"To this day, [those] who...know the self as I am Brahman [IS-ness], become all this universe. Even the gods [any other dimensional beings] cannot prevent his becoming this, for he has become their Self. If a man worships another deity thinking: He is one and I am another, he does not know. He [who does not know] is like a sacrificial animal to the gods. As many animals serve a man, so does each man serve the gods. Even if one animal is taken away, it causes anguish to the owner; how much more so when many are taken away! Therefore it is not pleasing to the gods that men should know this [that they are IS-ness]." (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, I.iv.10)


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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Riots, Murders, Nuclear Terror and Chaos as Western Political System Implodes


April 12, 2021

First of all, I want everyone to know we are collectively over the target as our electronic systems suffered a massive attack while this report was being prepared. Nevertheless, countermeasures were activated, and here is the latest intel that was intended not to reach you in a timely manner.

A series of high-level murders, an attempt to set off nuclear weapons in the Ukraine, riots, and other chaos all indicate the current Western political system is imploding. The main problem is a group of Messianic fanatics who think they must fulfill end-times prophecies written in ancient books.

Let us start with the attempt by the end-times fanatics to start Armageddon in Ukraine. After we conveyed a message from Russia’s FSB last week that a U.S. C-17 carrying nuclear weapons arrived in Ukraine we got the following message from the NSA:

“Thanks to your tips 3 nukes were located headed into South-Eastern Ukraine to be remotely detonated… in about 2 weeks… hopefully Russia will take them out ………… and the 4 weapons headed into south Western Russia will be rerouted by Russia…And we hope the 4 nukes headed to DC, NYC, Moscow in June & Maybe London will also be rerouted into the depths of Langley East and West… we can only hope.”

The intercepted nukes were clearly intended to be set off in Ukraine and blamed on Russia as we can see from the propaganda campaign now going on. For example the U.S. Navy Information/Disinformation site Sorcha Faal and Jane’s report the following:

“President Putin authorizing the use of the nuclear-armed Iskander ballistic missiles being presently deployed near the Ukraine border.”

Then we have reports about Russian “nuclear mortars” etc.

Of course, the mainstream corporate propaganda media is also beating the drums of war.

We also have the Israelis and their Iranian partners carrying on their ad-nauseum “Iran is about to get nuclear weapons” kabuki theater. The latest is a supposed Israeli attack on an Iranian nuclear site followed by Iranian promises of “revenge.” As usual, they are just trying to get “Gog” (the G7) to fight “Magog” (the Shanghai Cooperation Association) to start Armageddon.

These fanatics just won’t give up. That is why the Gnostic Illuminati have issued the following warning:

“If the Messianic fanatics try nuclear terror again, it will result in the obliteration of Jerusalem.”

OK, now let us talk about the announcement of the death of Prince Philip, the associated murders, and their connection to the nuclear terror attempts. Prince Philip died two years ago, just when the current “pandemic” broke out, according to our CIA and Mossad sources. Remember this infamous 1988 quote of his:

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”

Maybe his cabal friends carried out this entire scamdemic as a form of tribute to him. The timing of the announcement of his death may also be linked to a fight between two cabal factions, the Davos “great reset” crowd, and the Armageddon group. The deaths of Prince Charles socialist-globalist allies Sir Richard Sutton (murder) and Czech billionaire Petr Kellner (helicopter accident) are not coincidental, according to the Sorcha Faal information-disinformation site.

Our Mossad sources say the great reset group is planning to wind down the “pandemic” this summer and announce the death of Queen Elizabeth II this autumn. This would be followed by a new leader of the committee of 300 (Prince William? Charles? Harry?) and an accompanying “great reset.”

The Armageddon group is apparently desperately trying to prevent this from happening because they still believe World War III and the death of 90% of humanity is necessary to bring forth their “Messiah.”

There is also a lot of confusion swirling around the ongoing scamdemic. This is seen in the form of more and more contradictory information being pumped out about Covid-19 and vaccines; Vaccinated people are getting Covid; vaccines cause blood clots, mad cow disease, death, etc. It is almost as if we are witnessing a campaign to awaken the sleepwalkers.

Perhaps the most credible reason for the fake pandemic and the accompanying vaccine campaign is contained in the following article from March 2020:

It talks about an injectable sensor that contains a “specially engineered molecule that sends a fluorescent signal outside of the body” and “an electronic component attached to the skin.” The electronic part reads the fluorescent signal and sends it to a network.

Remember these end-time fanatics believe that everybody needs to have the mark of the beast implanted into them in order to bring on the “Messiah.” Maybe that is why the new Pope Francis Avatar recently issued this call:

“I reiterate my call to government leaders, businesses and international organizations to work together in providing vaccines for all.”

He linked it with a call for communal property linked to people’s social scores. If that is not the mark of the beast I do not know what is.

It is also clear the Western fanatical leadership is panicking because their whole plandemic scam is falling apart and mass vaccination is not happening on the scale necessary for depopulation. There are more and more signs the campaign is now being wound down. In the UK for example they are saying they reached “the threshold of herd immunity against Covid-19 on April 12.”

Opinion polls also show the pandemic fear campaign is failing as the public begins to wake up to the reality that people are not actually dying any more than they did before the “pandemic.”

There is also a growing body of evidence that the pandemic campaign was started with a massive 5G electromagnetic attack that really did kill lots of people before the 5G networks were dismantled. Last week, for example, saw gravesites in Wuhan China being overwhelmed by mourners, confirming that hundreds of thousands if not millions of people were killed when they simultaneously fired up 10,000 5G towers in the city in late 2019.

The sheer terror of being exposed as war criminals is turning the Khazarian Mafia cabal into dangerous cornered rats. This includes the Chinese Communist Party officials behind the Wuhan disaster. Many of them, including Xi Jinping, have already been removed. The current Xi is the brother of the previous one, Asian secret society sources say.

The Rockefeller faction behind the Joe Biden Avatar fake U.S. government is especially terrified because their crimes against humanity are far worse than just a single attack on Wuhan. They have been deliberately poisoning the people of the world for over a century with cancer-causing chemicals.

For example, the label on this wholesale “vanilla oil” bottle warns the contents are carcinogenic, destroy fertility, cause organ failure and attack the central nervous system.

And yet this same “vanilla oil” is found in every Japanese supermarket without any warning whatsoever. This form of attack has been repeated in shampoos, soaps, foodstuffs, cosmetics, etc. throughout the entire commercial ecosystem of the fortune 500 companies controlled by this Satanic clan.

That is why the vaccines pushed by this particular group, as the former VP of Pfizer warns, are going to kill all those who take them.

The other reason the Armageddon sub-group of the Khazarian Mafia wants to kill everybody is that their crimes against children are also about to be exposed. According to a top CIA source:

“Ghislaine Maxwell is not in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn as the MSM is saying. She was removed from the MDC months ago, All the talk about her bail and court appearances are theatrics. She is under the protection of military intelligence. Maxwell turned over all her documents, photos, videos, ledgers and files to them. MI has enough intelligence to bring down the top-level Cabal-Satanic members. They are waiting to spring the trap. It seems the announced death of Prince Philip is connected to this.”

We have been waiting and waiting for the U.S. military to act but hopefully this time they really will.

The other thing the Rockefeller group is doing is trying to raise oil prices. Oil refineries and related facilities have been destroyed during the past month in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Mozambique, Indonesia, Texas, etc. The cutting off of the Keystone Pipeline and the warmongering in Ukraine also fit the Rockefeller playbook.

Asian secret society sources are now telling us the real reason for the coup in Myanmar followed by the recent unrest is that the Rockefellers are trying to sabotage a major Chinese oil pipeline that is designed to bypass the Straits of Malacca chokepoint.

The Rockefellers have also gotten a lot of money from Communist China by promising them control of Japan, ASEAN, Australia, and New Zealand as we have previously reported. That is why the U.S. was able to pay for the largest trade deficit in that nation’s history, $71.1 billion for the month of February alone.

Japanese right-wing sources close to the Emperor have now pointed out exactly who the Rockefellers are using to keep their promise to hand Japan over to the Communist Chinese: an imperial family pretender by the name of Fushimonomiya Hiroakio. He is an adviser to Mobil Oil, which is how the Rockefeller family funnels money to him, the sources say.

This is the group mentioned in last week’s report calling for a “True World Religion Federation,” and “World Religion the Vatican.” In other words, it is a good bet the current Pope Francis Avatar, together with the Biden Avatar, the Ben Johnson Avatar, etc. also all work for the Rockefellers and their bosses at the Octogon group in Switzerland.

This is personal for me because these people murdered my webmaster and probably murdered my former girlfriend and our child. They are also linked to the Dalai Lama. Their Chief Hitman Tenzan Nakai came out of hiding because his former Boss Hanabusa Goro of the Hanabusa gang died a few weeks ago and he is hoping to take over, the sources say. These people need to be hunted down and destroyed ASAP.

By the way, we were told last week that these are the precise coordinates for the headquarters of the Octogon group: 46.4555, 6.60052

If you punch those coordinates into Google Earth, they point directly to the center of Lake Geneva. Removing these people from power is the only way to save the West from becoming a Chinese colony.

It seems the JP Morgan faction of the Khazarian Mafia has come to the same conclusion. Last week JP Morgan CEO Jamie Diamond made the following observations:

“America has faced tough times before…This time may be different….The Chinese see an America that is losing ground in technology, infrastructure and education – a nation torn and crippled by politics, as well as racial and income inequality – and a country unable to coordinate government policies (fiscal, monetary, industrial, regulatory) in any coherent way to accomplish national goals. Unfortunately, recently, there is a lot of truth to this. Their long-term thinking and competent, consistent leadership have outshone America in so many ways.

Almost all institutions – governments, schools, media, and businesses – have lost credibility in the eyes of the public. Americans know that something has gone terribly wrong, and they blame this country’s leadership:

We need a comprehensive, multi-year national Marshall Plan, and we must strive for healthy growth. Proper budgeting and planning – on a multi-year basis – should be implemented at all levels of government.”

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, a new institution, i.e. a future planning organization, is the way to fix the West and the planet as a whole. The messianic fanatics are trying to prevent this and must be removed. There is no other choice.

One final note this week, we are seeing more and more reports of UFOs in the corporate media. This one about pyramid-shaped UFOs got my attention because the Dalai Lama linked people above used to like showing me pictures of such UFOs.

Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis
by Benjamin Fulford

Anti-Kamala Border Immigration Conspiracy Goes Mainstream In US

Apr 14, 2021

WASHINGTON: The casket of slain US Capitol Police Officer William "Billy" Evans arrived at the Capitol on Tuesday as President Joe Biden and congressional leaders prepared to pay their respects to an officer struck by a car and killed while he manned a barricade near the Senate side of the building.
Evans' casket was placed in the Capitol Rotunda for the second such memorial ceremony this year for a force that has edged close to crisis in the wake of the January 6 insurrection.

Members of the National Guard lined the street and saluted as the hearse carrying Evans' flag-draped casket entered the Capitol complex. His former colleagues gathered on the Capitol's East Plaza Front while church bells rang in the distance. His family, including his two children, gathered to watch as his casket was carried up the Capitol steps.

Evans, 41, and another officer were struck on April 2 by a car driven by Noah Green, 25, who came out of the car with a knife and was shot to death by police. Investigators believe Green had been delusional and increasingly having suicidal thoughts.

Evans' death came just three months after a violent mob of President Donald Trump's supporters blew past security barricades and attacked the Capitol, injuring dozens of Capitol Police officers. Officer Brian Sicknick died after engaging with the rioters, though officials do not yet know exactly what caused his death. Two men have been arrested and charged with assaulting him with bear spray.

Sicknick and Evans are two of only six Capitol Police officers who have been killed in the line of duty in the force's nearly 200-year history, according to the department. Another officer, Howard Liebengood, died by suicide in the days after Jan. 6.

The three deaths in as many months have taken an unbearable toll on the force, which has been overworked and understaffed as leaders try to figure out how to move forward after the mistakes of January 6. The Capitol Police were massively unprepared for the hundreds of violent Trump supporters who pushed past them that day, injuring them as they broke into the building. In the weeks and months since, top leaders have resigned and many have considered leaving the department. Officials have brought in trauma therapists, and lawmakers are considering what more they can do.

"This is a group of men and women who've been through an overwhelming amount of trauma over the last few months," said Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, who heads a spending committee that oversees the Capitol Police and has been investigating the response to the insurrection. "The loss of Officer Evans is yet another stark reminder of what our brothers and sisters in uniform risk every day to protect us. The honor of lying in state under the Capitol dome is befitting of this American hero."

Lawmakers, family and members of the police force will be invited to pay their respects to Evans after the ceremony with Biden and congressional leaders. He will be only the sixth person to lie in honor in the Capitol Rotunda, a designation for those who are not elected officials, judges or military leaders.

Evans, who had two young children, was an 18-year veteran of the force. He was remembered by colleagues and friends as a man with a sense of humor who loved baseball and golf. Members of his family said in a statement through the police earlier this month that most important in his life were his two children, Logan and Abigail.

"His most cherished moments were those spent with them - building with Lego, having lightsaber duels, playing board games, doing arts and crafts, and recently finishing the Harry Potter series," the family said. "He was always so eager to show how proud he was of everything they did." The family said Evans was proud of his job and his friendship with colleagues near the "North Barricade" of the Capitol complex was one of the best parts of it. "We hold them in our hearts, as we know they acutely share our grief," they said.

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said on the Senate floor Monday evening that Evans was a "familiar and friendly face" at that barricade where he died, a gate that is frequently used by senators and staff. Durbin said the three deaths this year are an "incredible hardship" for the department and Congress owes them a debt that can never be repaid.

"Every day it is incumbent on those of us who work in this building to remember this officer, and to thank him, and the men and women of the US Capitol Police who have given so much to keep us safe," Durbin said.

Rep. Jennifer Wexton, D-Va., who represented Liebengood and has gotten to know his family since his suicide, has worked to find more mental health resources for the Capitol Police as they have worked extra shifts and dealt with the trauma of losing their colleagues. She said the current pace for the force is unsustainable.

"We've lost officers to this level of stress and as we approach the second laying in honor of a Capitol police officer this year, I fear an exodus is approaching if we don't prioritize the mental and physical health of our Capitol police officers," Wexton said.

Chidanand Rajghatta / TNN /

Alliance Is Destroying Masonic Lodges

3D to 5D Consciousness

04 Apr 2021

Alliance is destroying celebrities hideaways, Masonic lodges burnt in Vancouver, Update on Ever Green ship, CNN confirms the existence of Q and more!

The Alliance is destroying Cabal’s sideways and attacking the MainStreamMedia in order to take control of it. We are getting closer to the victory timeline! More loses for the Illuminati, as 3 of their Vancouver lodges are burnt to the ground. 

Belgium people won a major victory against the government as judge orders covid restrictions to be lifted. 

Update on the Ever Green container ship. Freed from being stuck but not freed from being inspected.

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Victory is Coming

Russia Prepares For “Doomsday Sanctions” After Putin Phone Call With Biden—Then US Navy Blinks First

April 14, 2021

An interesting new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting that both Russia and China this past week have had to warn Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden that he’s “playing with fire” due to his actions against both Crimea and Taiwan, says the dangerous insanity being displayed by the United States that’s pushing the world ever closer to war by the hour has now been further added to—insanity on full display when it was announced yesterday that Biden was tearing up the peace agreement President Donald Trump signed with the Taliban to end America’s longest war in Afghanistan by removing all US troops by 1 May—and in true Orwellian “double think” (a process of indoctrination whereby a person is expected to simultaneously accept two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in contravention to one's own memories or sense of reality), it astonishingly saw Biden calling his decision to keep US troops in Afghanistan past 1 May a “withdrawal” he might do in an “orderly fashion” at a later date—and as expected, with the Taliban not knowing “double think”, as they have relied on the exact words written in the peace agreement, it was no surprise seeing them respond with the warning: “Until all foreign forces completely withdraw from our homeland, we will not participate in any conference that shall make decisions about Afghanistan”.

With the Taliban now controlling up to 54% of Afghanistan, and gaining more ground by the day, their resumption of offensive military operations in response to Biden’s betrayal will soon lead to more needless deaths of US-NATO troops in that war torn country—is occurring at the same time American troops are now redeploying from continental North America to join NATO in concentrating over 40,000 troops near the Russian border—and following Biden’s “double think” example, yesterday it saw NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg actually telling Russia to move its troops that have responded to the declaration of war against the Russian Federation signed by Ukraine on 24 March.

War events that were joined yesterday by President Putin accepting an unscheduled phone call from socialist leader Biden—that was "businesslike and of considerable duration”—a call wherein Biden didn’t even mention to President Putin anything about Alexei Navalny, who is the imprisoned convicted criminal Biden used as an excuse to slam Russian with unjust sanctions—then saw Biden warning President Putin about the Russian troop buildup near Ukraine—when this phone call ended saw the White House talking about an in person meeting planned between Biden and President Putin—though the truth about shows the Kremlin only agreeing to allow this issue to be discussed “through diplomatic channels”, and who stated: “It is premature yet to speak about any details of this meeting…This is a new proposal and it will be studied and analyzed”.

A process needing to be followed because White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced at a briefing on 13 April that the US in its relations with Russia sought predictability rather than trust—the sheer hypocrisy of which was quickly responded to by Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova firing back: “The key point of what was said yesterday at the White House briefing was that they want Russia to become a predictable state that would carry out a predictable policy…Who do we hear that from?...Over the past 10 years, the United States has become the most unpredictable state”—a factual assessment about the unpredictability of the United States that was then joined by the China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS) releasing their damning report exposing the long, grim death toll from America’s 201 military conflicts since 1945 that reveals the world’s real bad guy, which states: “US conflicts have often caused total destruction of countries and claimed millions of civilian lives…Among 248 armed conflicts from 1945 to the present day, America had initiated 201 of them (81%)”.

In visiting the front lines yesterday, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu revealed that his forces buildup is “in response to the military activity of the alliance that threatens Russia”, and then stated about his forces: “The troops have shown full readiness and ability to fulfill the tasks of ensuring the country’s military security”—after which Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov officially declared the United States to be an enemy of and threat to the Russian Federation, with his stating: “The United States is our adversary and does everything it can to undermine Russia's position on the world stage...We do not see any other elements in their approach...Those are our conclusions”—that was followed by Russia warning US warships to stay well away from Crimea "for their own good”.

An unmistakable warming to socialist leader Biden that Russia fully intends to destroy any and all US warships entering the Black Sea to threaten Russia—and if happens, would see the United States slamming Russia with “doomsday sanctions” to cut it off from the world banking system—sees Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying that Russia can cope with a disconnection from the Western payment systems—who was joined by Chairman of the Association of Electronic Money and Money Transfer Market Participants Viktor Dostov stating: “If we are disconnected from Visa and MasterCard, then, under this scenario, roughly speaking, all payments within Russia go to the Mir card…This is a rather painful process, but within Russia it will be possible to adjust to this situation…It is clear that we will not be able to travel abroad with the Mir card, because, most likely, it will not be accepted there under the sanctions regime”.

In this international stare-down where Russia stated its intention to destroy US warships and accept whatever consequences such a catastrophe might bring, the US Navy appears to have come to its senses and blinked first—and came a few hours ago when the Pentagon denied that its two warships are headed for the Black Sea and claimed that Russia is using false reports to justify military deployments on the border with Ukraine—a claim of Russia using “false reports” about US warships entering the Black Sea that’s provably false, as it was America’s own NATO ally Turkey that issued a Montreux Convention notification to Russia that the US Navy planned to sail two warships into the Black Sea on 15 April—but to notice are Biden lies the American people will never be told about by their leftist corporate propaganda media—and as further confirmed by the shocking secret video just released showing a CNN executive admitting that his news network used propaganda to destroy President Trump and keep the truth about Biden hidden. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

The Watchers Have Arrived—And America Will Never Be The Same

God Is Playing Games With Biden—History Shows This Won't End Well 

CNN Director ADMITS Network Engaged in ‘Propaganda’ to Remove Trump from Presidency 

Misanthropic Narcissist George Soros Is Missing

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Hero Expiation: The Power of Giving Power Away

April 12, 2021

“We don’t need another Forbes Five Hundred List of the wealthiest people in the world; we need a Forbes Five Hundred List of those who give away the most money.” ~Ted Turner

Isn’t it fascinating that the larger a society grows the more it kotows to the whims of arbitrary power?

In a healthy tribe, if anyone hoarded all the wealth (power), they would be shamed and they would not hold onto to it for very long. In a large society, however, like the profoundly sick societies that surround us today, anyone who hoards all the wealth is somehow revered by the rest of society, even cheered on, to hoard more and more wealth. Why is this?

A tell-tell sign of a sick society is a lack of checks and balances. Without checks and balances, or social leveling mechanism, power tends to corrupt. Once power corrupts, it must prevent any checks and balancing mechanisms, or it loses its power. It prevents such mechanisms by means of cultural conditioning, brainwashing, propaganda, and indoctrination.

Over a long enough timeline, a society loses track of where and when the corruption began. At this point, it is almost too late for the sick society to ever recover and become healthy again. That is, unless individual people (cultural heroes) wake up to the corruption and attempt to awaken others.

Now enter hero expiation. Where a typical hero acquires their wealth (power) through hard work, esteem, and merit, and then hoards it; an expiating hero (next-level hero, cultural hero, cosmic hero, Meta-hero) acquires wealth in the same way, but then has the moral wherewithal to expiate the wealth that is excessive or unneeded. Let’s break it down…

Hoarding Power:

“Morality is not the doctrine of how we make ourselves happy, but of how we make ourselves worthy of happiness.” ~Immanuel Kant

Whether we live in a small society or a large one, the hoarding of wealth leads to sickness, corruption, and even death. Why is this? It’s analogous to the tragedy of the commons: finite resources can only go so far before some people are left with no resources. Likewise, if resources are hoarded then some people will be left with no resources.

In a small society, like a tribe of ten families, for example, if each family sends out one hunter, and each hunter returns to the tribe with equal kills, then the balance of power is fair, and the tribe remains healthy. No problem. But, and here’s the catch, if the hunters return with unequal kills –like say one family’s hunter gets a whopping 10 buffalo kills whereas the other nine hunters get zero, then the balance of power is unequal, and it becomes the responsibility of the hunter with the most kills (wealth) to keep the tribe healthy.

Because, as we all know, “with great power comes great responsibility (Stan Lee),” and “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely (Lord Acton).”

If the hunter with the most kills (wealth) decides to hoard his/her power, then the tribe becomes unhealthy, sick, and people starve. Especially in a world where resources are scarce (buffalo are difficult to find). Now, one might argue (with sick-society logic) that those other nine hunters need to “get off their ass” and get out there and hunt. But it’s never that simple. Resources are finite. Hunting grounds are scarce. Some people can’t hunt.

If that weren’t enough, we are social creatures. We need each other. We have evolved as far as we have because we put cooperation first and competition second. Another tell-tell sign of a sick society is one that attempts to put competition first and cooperation second. Cooperation must be primary in society lest corruption and ill-health manifest.

The burden of responsibility will always fall on the person with the most power. If that person wants to be moral, honorable, and prestigious, then they must act morally, honorably, and compassionately. In order not to be seen as greedy, immoral, and compassionless, a person with power must be responsible with their power. It really is that simple.

Giving Power Away:

“In everything, there is a share of everything.” ~Anaxagoras

A person who practices hero expiation is a person who wants to be more than merely talented, wealthy, and powerful. They also want to be prestigious, honorable, and compassionate. In short: they want to be responsible with their power. They would rather be revered for their heart than for their greed.

There is more than one way to be responsible with power. It’s not like we have to give it all away. We should still reward ourselves for our talent and effort. And it should always be the hero’s choice how they are to be responsible with their power. They must not be forced. Otherwise, we’re on a slippery slope toward tyranny. Freedom is primary. A hero should be free to do the right thing.

Take the example of the hunter with the ten kills. The hero hunter could reward himself and his family with the choicest cuts from each kill and then spread the meat (wealth) around to the other families. This way nobody in the tribe starves and the hero hunter is still rewarded for his talent. Through such heroic expiation the hero hunter becomes prestigious, honorable, and compassionate while also practicing moderation. Through hero expiation the tribe remains healthy, and all basic needs are met. The stage is now set for others to become heroes themselves.

Now imagine this scenario blown up into the larger scale of our sick society. It becomes clear why it is so sick. The wealth is hoarded rather than expiated. Hoarding is celebrated. In a healthy tribe, hero hunters would be shamed if they hoarded their wealth. Whereas in our sick society, hero “hunters” are celebrated for hoarding their wealth.

Just as we would shame the hero hunter who hoards wealth, we should also shame hero money-earners who hoard wealth. Especially since that money means food and basic needs for other not-so-talented or unlucky money-earners. Otherwise, the society remains sick.

Many people will probably rant and rave about how this is “socialism” or “communism,” or whatever. But these are weak red herrings. Hero expiation is neither socialism nor communism it is compassion. If the hero were forced into spreading his wealth, then it would be one of those isms. But the hero is free to expiate or not. Again, freedom is paramount.

Hero expiation is about the freedom to give, and the freedom to be responsible with one’s power. It’s the freedom to do the right thing. The freedom to help maintain a healthy society. Sure, the hero is also free to hoard their wealth, but they do so at the expense of personal shame, regret, and a guilty conscience, and at the expense of the health of the society he lives in.

Better to simply bypass shame, guilt, regret, and a bad conscience by becoming a cultural hero, a New Hero, a Cosmic Hero, a hero who expiates their power. With expiation comes next-level power: prestige, honor, courage, and a good conscience. All of which are priceless and cannot be gained in any other way.

In the end, a hero who hoards power should be shamed rather than celebrated because they are directly causing the society around them to remain sick. Not only could they heal a sick society by expiating their wealth, but they could also help by investing their vast wealth into technologies that prevent the Big Four: poisoned air, poisoned water, poisoned food, and poisoned minds. If we can heal those, while also being responsible with our power, we can perhaps heal our profoundly sick society.

But first and foremost, we must change the poisoned mindset which believes that the hoarding of wealth is a good thing. It’s all psychological. In the meantime, we should resolve to be tolerant with the weak-minded, the unhealthy, and the wrong, while also attempting to wake them up to the level of sickness that surrounds them. Because we were all born into this sick society. We are all in this together. Interdependence over independence over codependence. Cooperation over competition. A healthy society is still within our reach.

Gary Z McGee, Self-inflicted Philosophy Waking Times 

Hindu Swastika is not Nazi Swastika

12 April 2021
Hate crime rising in the US against Asians

At a time when hate crime against Asians is on a rise in the US – banning a holy symbol that has nothing to do with the lecherous power posing symbols of the Nazi era, Biden’s ‘progressive-liberal’ country is playing into the hands of racists who will use it as an opportunity to harass and targets the Hindus using the symbol for holy purposes.

Swastika, a Sanskrit word is a combination of ‘su’ (meaning ‘good’) and ‘asti’ (meaning ‘to exist’) — often getting translated as ‘all is well’. It is a symbol central to Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain spiritual life, invoking wellbeing and prosperity.

Meanwhile, the Nazi Party adopted the hooked cross (Hakenkreuz in German) as its emblem in 1920. HAF explained that in early crude translations of Adolf Hilter’s “Mein Kampf” into English Hakenkreuz was substituted for the Swastika, thereby popularising the notion of a “Nazi swastika.”

The organisation also revealed that Hindu leaders had discussed the issue with Jewish leaders at a 2008, Hindu-Jewish leadership summit in Jerusalem resulting in a declaration recognising the importance and positive intent of Hindus using the Swastika.

The fact that the House of Delegates considered introducing the bill to ban the holy Swastika without doing due diligence and a little homework should not come as a surprise to anyone. The inherent Hinduphobic tendencies of some of the legislators of the US rivals even the greatest ‘seculars’ of the country here in India are well known.

US to ban Hindu Swastika: Hindu Swastika is not Nazi Swastika, but Joe Biden thinks otherwise

Joe Biden is once again coming for Hindu symbols and identities with the latest target being the holy Swastika. The Maryland House of Delegates is considering House Bill 0418 (HB0418)– a bill that falsely defines the Swastika as a symbol of hate and bans its display on school grounds, including on clothing, book bags, folders, and similar items.

Enraged by the bill, a prominent Hindu organisation named Hindu American Foundation (HAF) has started a protest campaign online. By consciously terming or conflating Swastika to the Nazi emblem (hooked cross) used by Adolf Hitler and neo-Nazis around the world, the US is setting a dangerous precedent for the rights of Hindu minorities.


Thursday, April 8, 2021

When CIA Director Dan Coats Was Shocked That India Could Launch 104 Satellites On A Single Rocket

April 8, 2021

During US Senate Select Intelligence Committee confirmation hearing in March 2017, DNI (Director of National Intelligence) and CIA Director pick Dan Coats were shocked to learn that India could launch more than a hundred satellites into space on a single rocket. The director then proposes to develop defensive and offensive capabilities to counter India’s technological edge in space.

DNI, SEN. Richard Burr, North Carolina:

“I noticed in your statement that you highlighted and I quote acquisition proficiency of our satellite specialist unquoted at the national reconnaissance office.

I’m sure you probably agree however that the requirements development process for our satellites is in need of significant reform.

Will you work with the committee to streamline that process to ensure that we can more quickly get to the design, build and launch phase.”

Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence:

“Absolutely agility is critical in this time of rapid technological change.

We see and I believe now that eleven nations have the capacity to launch instruments into space.

I was shocked the other day to read that the nation of India on one rocket launched deposited more than a hundred satellites in space.

They may be small in size with different functions and so forth, but one rocket can send up I think it was 111 platforms.

We cannot afford to be behind the curve in terms of development of both the offensive and defensive capacities of this that we put up into space.

And so streamlining that acquisition process is something that yeah, should be done. It’s of utmost necessity that has to be done.”

Even before India tested its anti-satellite ASAT missile codename Mission Shakti on March 27, 2019, the US was already aware as hinted by DRDO Chief in its press conference and was actively observing the developments.

During this time the US even denied visa to two of India’s top scientists – Secretary, Department of Defense Research and Development, Dr. G. Sateesh Reddy who is also the DRDO Chairman and eminent scientist Dr. S. Guruprasad – who were to attend an Indo-Pacific conference in Hawaii.

The most intriguing part of US visa denial is that US itself had invited these two DRDO scientists.

Soon after, at a Space Conference the US Defense establishment announced that it will carry out a demonstration of a Space Weapon, the details of which were not shared.

Although not expressed explicitly, experts believe this was in direct response to the Indian ASAT test.

Later, at the Space Symposium the head of United States Strategic Command Gen. John Hyten also called for Space Rules in response to India’s ASAT test sharing for the first time American Space War plans, known as Olympic Defender, with a small number of allies.

It is believed these allies referred to by Hyten are members of the Five Eyes.

The Five Eyes is an intelligence umbrella based on the foundations laid by the spies of East India Company.

It emerged from an informal agreement related to the 1941 Atlantic Charter initially between United States and United Kingdom.

The secret treaty was renewed with the passage of the 1943 BRUSA Agreement.

In the following years it was extended to encompass Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Much of the sharing of information is performed via the ultra-sensitive STONEGHOST network, which contains “the western world’s most closely guarded secrets.”

Later this operation was extended to Project Echelon.

India is the number one target of Five Eyes.

Most Indians may not be aware that in 1992, the present US President Joe Biden blocked the sale of Russian Cryogenic rocket engine technology to India describing it as being “dangerous”.

India was all set to master Russian cryogenic rocket technology when the United States – in cahoots with its moles in the Indian Intelligence Bureau – set in motion a series of events that implicated India’s leading space scientists on cooked-up espionage charges.

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Khazarian Mafia Running Biden Psy-ops Out of Switzerland


April 5, 2021 

The grotesque psychological warfare operation against the American people known as the “Biden presidency” is run out of an underground base in Switzerland, MI6, NSA, FSB, CIA, and other sources agree. The base straddles the borders of Lichenstein, Austria, and Switzerland, allowing entry from any of those three countries, according to a CIA source. However, despite the overwhelmingly dark story of pandemic doom and “foreign enemies,” in the corporate media, the fact the ruling class has been forced to retreat to Switzerland is actually a sign they are losing the war for the planet.

We are getting word that not only the White House is unoccupied, but also Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, Federal Reserve Board, Treasury Department, etc. in Washington DC as well. We are also now hearing from the NSA that state government buildings too are unoccupied. We urge our readers who live in DC and near state government buildings to become citizen reporters and try to confirm if this is true. Certainly, live camera feeds indicate this is the case but, in this day of digital trickery, human eyes are the most reliable source.

In any case, the group that controls the Biden psy-ops is definitely the Rockefeller clan and their Swiss handlers, the sources concur. Last Friday MI6 sent the following message:

“We had confirmation today of the CIA involvement in the counter-coup of the coup that installed Mr. Trump. It appears Hillary Rodham Clinton [Rockefeller] is running the show in the background.”

The NSA for their part says the current Hillary is the sixth one being used. We all remember how during the 2016 presidential campaign Hillary was stuffed into a black van and ABC news subsequently reported her death. However, she appeared 20 pounds lighter and much younger several hours later. Also, the picture below clearly shows the current “Hillary” is much shorter than the original.

Nonetheless, whatever Hillary avatar, body double, or clone they are using; the group known as the Rockefellers are clearly running the Biden horror show.

Their plans were outlined in a March 2020 article in the Rockefeller flagship magazine Foreign Relations that was supposedly written by Joe “green screen” Biden.

What this shows is the group now in charge of U.S. corporate media and the fiat money computers inside the U.S. are planning to take us back in time to the 1980s and the cold war with its easy to identify enemies. Lets’ face it “commies” are easier to rally against than amorphous “terrorists” who keep changing their brand name.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg described this new cold war against China and Russia as “a unique opportunity.” While he tried to peddle this as an opportunity for Europe and North America “to open a new chapter in the relationship,” it is obvious he is talking about a huge fiat money bribe to the military-industrial complex.

Russian FSB sources, for their part, say a very serious attempt to start World War III was now underway in Ukraine. On Monday, April 5th, Japan time, they sent us this message:

“A couple of hours ago a C-17 military transport aircraft (95-0107) with a certain military cargo arrived directly from the USA (with refueling in Seville, Spain) to Lviv Airport in Western Ukraine.”

The FSB said the “military cargo” was a nuclear device that was destined to be used in yet another attempt to start WWIII.

The FSB notes:

“Ukraine does not control its own troops. Each brigade has NATO supervisors. They deeply do not care how Russia will act. Their task is to drag Russia into the war. Ukraine will be ordered to go on the offensive and they will follow that order.”

The Russians said the operation was going to be carried out by NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) which is under the command now of Turkish President Recep Edogan. The president of Ukraine is going to visit this task force in a few days, the FSB notes.

Needless to say, this group now promoting a new cold war will also be staging other weapons advertising events or “crises,” featuring the usual suspects such as North Korea, Iran, China etc.

This group has also used its fake pandemic and vaccine campaign to install fascist rule across much of the G7. Since we have covered this previously in great detail we will only mention here that the fake pandemic campaign is so full of self-contradiction that more and more people are waking up. An army of whistleblowers is also pointing out this campaign is a massive war crime.

Last week Russian doctors dissected multiple COVID 19 victims confirmed what a Japanese doctor told us last week and that is that the real cause of death was “extended electromagnetic radiation.”

Now court battles against scamdemic start to bite. Last week a Belgian court ruled that all COVID 19 restrictions be lifted within 30 days because they had no legal basis.

In Japan meanwhile, Tokyo slave Governor Koike Yuriko was forced to stop pretending people were dying of COVID when she got sued by restaurant owners who provided evidence her pandemic measures had no scientific basis.

Speaking about Japan, we have been warned that the following Creep with a capital “C” has come out of hiding.

His name is Nakai Tenzan and he is so despised in Japan that even gangsters shun him. He went into hiding after an associate of his told me he had bragged about killing my webmaster with a cancer-causing poison. He also once tried to get me to drink orange juice laced with amphetamines so he could film me in a high state and use that to ruin my reputation with Asian secret societies.

Tenzan has previously interrupted my public speaking engagements to tell the audience that the murder of 90% of humanity was inevitable and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

The fact that he has come out of hiding now probably means the Rockefellers could not find any other assassin to do their bidding in Japan. He needs to be hunted down ASAP and taken in for vigorous questioning. If anybody can provide actionable intelligence for taking down the mass-murdering Khazarian Mafia, he is it.

He is now hiding behind the banner “World religion the Vatican,” and “Unify Shinto, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity.”

However, make no mistake, he is a cold-blooded murderer. Actually, no he is not a “cold-blooded” murderer because he definitely takes great pleasure in torturing and killing people. He and his associates need to be all removed from circulation before they participate in another mass murder event.

The fact that these people have come out of hiding and are openly meeting in Kyoto is also a strong signal that some sort of mass casualty event is planned for Tokyo. They were promised the capital of Japan would move to Kyoto after Fukushima but it never happened. They seem to expect that this time it will. It is a good bet the Tokyo Olympics are being set up as a massive sacrifice to Satan. The fact that foreigners are banned is a further sign this event is meant as punishment for Japan. Remember, it’s allegedly for a disease that hasn’t been scientifically proven to exist in an isolated and purified state for repeatable confirmation.

Nakai also once told me he took orders “from aliens,” i.e. the people hiding under the Swiss Mountains.

At this point, I should clarify that last week when I mentioned the Khazarian mafia bosses told me they took orders from “space aliens,” I used quotes to make it clear that is what they say. My own view is that we are dealing with humans using “aliens,” as a deception.

Regardless, think about the dystopia that these people are burdening us with. It is all hate, fear, disease, death, and everything negative. They have betrayed their fellow living beings and are working to destroy life. They need to be exterminated like vermin, without hesitation or guilt.

Certainly, people are looking to take action. For example, somebody set fire nearly simultaneously to three freemason lodges in Vancouver, Canada last week.

Another person hacked the Rockefeller Facebook mind control operation and leaked personal data on 533 million users, including Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller.

Anonymous individuals are also making their voices heard which is why the Rockefellers were forced to delete 2.5 million dislikes of their Biden CG videos on their Google mind control operation.

We also notice Israel has been unable to form a government because their former dictator Benjamin Netanyahu has vanished, according to Mossad sources. The Mossad sources say Netanyahu blabbed about his masters before being “disappeared.” Presumably, he pointed the finger at Switzerland.

It’s important to understand the real enemy is hiding at the underground base complex in Switzerland. The forensic trails this writer has followed from the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, P3 Freemasons, etc. all led to Switzerland.

Our advice to the Russians, U.S. special forces, MI6, etc. has been to stop fighting the arms of the Octopus and instead go for the head. The most likely candidate to be the current Pindar or head of the pharaonic Octogon group is Karl von Habsburg. Find him and take him in for questioning.

If Habsburg is not the Pindar, at the very least he can point us to who is. Then maybe we can finally put an end to the messianic, satanic disease at the heart of the global power structure.

On a final note, if the Gnostic Illuminati is right and the real problem is a rogue AI, then below you can find a possible diagram of its brain structure.

Maybe we really do need to temporarily shut down the internet and see what happens. This needs to be done before it’s too late and the AI acquires the ability to completely hijack human minds. It could be quite liberating.

Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis
by Benjamin Fulford