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Thursday, March 25, 2021

BIS Crime Syndicate Clings to Power with Murders and Bribes


March 22, 2021

The source of the ongoing dystopia in the West has been traced to the Bank for International Sins in Basle, Switzerland. This Nazi Khazarian Mafia institution has been murdering European Royals and others while simultaneously trying to bribe the Asian Dragon families into cooperation, according to NSA and Asian Secret Society sources. These are the criminals behind the fake Joe Biden presidency and the probable murder of Queen Elizabeth II, the sources say.

In specific, a senior Nazi agent by the name of Michael Cottrell has emerged as a key figure behind these crimes, the sources say. Now that the Bush family and most other senior Nazis have been killed, Cottrell has been murdering his way into becoming the top-ranking Nazi, they say. He is also probably now the most senior active agent of the opium and drug money-funded Skull and Bones Society.

Cottrell himself came out of hiding on March 19th to try to publicly lay claim to control of the Western financial system. Skip to 14:00 for his interview comments.

To understand why arresting this man and bringing him in for detailed questioning or, if that is not possible, killing him outright, is key to ending the financial crisis, some background information is needed.

This writer has a personal history with Cottrell and his fellow Nazis since they have tried to drug me, frame, and poison me at various times over the years. The reason I got involved was that I tried to convince the Japanese to use the $7 trillion they had earned since WWII to finance a huge campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. They earned this money by exporting cars, TVs, etc. to the rest of the world and so I figured they had the right to decide how to spend it.

What I had failed to realize is that ever since the opium wars the Asians have been sending stuff to the rest of the world and were not getting paid for it.

Instead, their dynasties were overthrown and their gold was systematically looted and sent to Switzerland by the Western Skull and Bones murderers and drug dealers. The Skull and Bones, in turn, reports to the Satanists in the Vatican. So I inadvertently stepped into a war that had been raging secretly for hundreds of years.

Getting back to Cottrell, his fellow Vatican Satanic agent Michael Greenberg slandered me by telling Asian Secret Society bosses I was a woman beater and drug addict. The idea was to alienate me from the Asian elders who have a deep-seated disgust of drug users because of the Asian experience with opium.

The big story behind all this is that the BIS and the Federal Reserve Board were founded with Asian gold. The Asians were promised eventual control of the world in exchange for this gold.

When the Asians sued the owners of the BIS and FRB in the World Court for either the return of their gold or control of Western currency backed by this gold, they won. The Western oligarchs were supposed to hand over the gold on September 12, 2001. Instead, as we all now know, they gave them the finger with 9.11 and tried to kill them off with bioweapons like SARS. The U.S. meanwhile, became a Nazi fascist state via stolen elections and the Patriot Act.

Anyway, to get back to Cottrell and his fellow Nazis, under their Fuhrer George Bush Sr., in addition to their “war on terror,” they began a campaign to systematically steal control of the Western financial system from the European Royals.

This is why Christopher Story started publicly accusing George Bush Sr. of stealing $7 trillion from Queen Elizabeth. The Bushes sent Cottrell to visit Story in an attempt to further infiltrate her inner circle. However, before long Christopher Story accused Cottrell of poisoning him with a cancer-causing agent. Cottrell himself says that on July 14th, 2010 Christopher Story died of a “very fast-moving cancer,” but that “there was no violence involved.”

This writer and two of my staff were also poisoned with a weaponized cancer-causing agent. However, colleagues of Story told me that if I immediately began taking 5000 IUs of vitamin D every day and one gram of vitamin C every hour I could survive the cancer, which I did. Unfortunately, my assistants both developed lymphatic cancer and only one survived after multiple surgeries and years of expensive treatments.

In any case, Cottrell is now claiming ownership of British Royal financial instruments that were under the control of Story.

Cottrell also claims ownership of the $500-Trillion Delmara Timber Trust. This is very interesting because V.K. Durham of the Delmara Timber Trust repeatedly claimed Bush Sr. & crew snatched her husband from his lawn, hung him on meat hooks, and tortured him in order to gain access to this trust.

Any mention of this has been carefully scrubbed from the Internet, which means Cottrell and his colleagues are in cahoots with the people carrying out Google censorship and staging the fake Biden presidency.

Cottrell decided to throw his former Boss George Bush Sr. and crew under the bus, because they have all been executed for treason and he does not want to join them in the gallows.

Do we really want this murderer and slanderer put in charge of the Western Financial System? Cottrell needs to be arrested and brought in for questioning ASAP, he knows where a lot of bodies are buried.

Finding Cottrell is also essential because Texas police have all been issued military-grade M4 rifles and vast amounts of ammunition to prepare for an expected huge onslaught of the Sinaloa drug cartel and their gang members this summer now that “Biden,” has thrown open the U.S. border with Mexico. As a Pentagon source notes, the Sinaloa cartel is a CIA front that used to be controlled by George Bush Sr.

Since Cottrell is claiming the leadership of the CIA Nazis, it means he is a key reason why Mexican drug gangs are being invited into the U.S. A Peoria Arizona police sergeant told us his department alone had been given 50-million rounds of ammunition to prepare for the expected violence and civil unrest. Finding Cottrell will be a key to identifying and neutralizing the leaders of this anti-American war.

On a different but related front, last week senior MI6 sources asked us to pass the following message to Mossad: “Tell them 0000 –they will understand if they Google the code and look at the images.”

Actually, Mossad came back and said they did not understand, so here is an explanation:

The Angel Number 0000 means a new beginning, which will empower life. It also refers to ending your bad habits, problems, and a depressing period of your life.

There was also a related hint put out to the French and Swiss branches of the Rothschild family by the British Branch. This came in a cover story on the Wall Street journal allegedly written by Tom Hanks, whose real name, according to Mossad, is Michael Rothschild. The essence of this message appears to be “Don’t ever play solitaire again.”

The timing of this is also interesting because of news reports last year, now scrubbed from the internet, announcing that Tom Hanks had died “of Covid-19.”

To understand this a bit better, let us take a look at headlines on the Iranian Tasnim News agency from a random day last week:

Iran’s Top General: Capacity Developed for Annihilation of Zionist Regime

Iran Unveils New Vaccine for COVID-19

Over 8,300 New Coronavirus Cases Detected in Iran

These fear-mongering headlines make it clear the Iranians take orders from the same people as the Israelis do. Stories full of such things as “The Russians/North Koreans/Chinese etc. are coming to get us” or “the plague is killing us!” are typical of how the current ruling class tries to control us with fear. The antidote to this is love and that is the message the British branch of the Rothschilds appears to have finally gotten.

By the way, it appears the Communist Chinese are also part of the same control structure as seen by this quote from the official Xinhua News Agency:

“The Chinese delegation made it clear to the U.S. side that China has no intention to challenge or replace the U.S. status and influence,”

Since the U.S. government no longer exists, it is clear they are referring to the controllers in Switzerland. If you look at the accompanying picture, you can also see both delegations to the recent fake U.S./China talks in Alaska were wearing slave masks as a symbol of blind obedience.

However, at least the Chinese delegates at this meeting made some good points. For example, CCP foreign affairs chief Yang Jiechi told U.S. delegates:

“We don’t believe in invading through use of force, toppling other regimes or massacring people of other countries. Countries should come united together to contribute to the future of humanity.”

Speaking about the future of humanity, we need to start copying the French, who blew up the .fr part of the internet and start worrying about a rogue AI.

There are more and more signs this is a real threat. For example, last week Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a challenge to meet U.S. Resident Joe Biden in person. However, any mention of this has been deleted from the Internet and all we see now – even on the official Russian Tass news agency – are proposals for a teleconference. All the so-called world leaders are being replaced before our eyes by computer graphic representations that only meet online.

As an example of damage control when the wheels fall off, in response to Resident Joe’s green screen viral video we highlighted last week, Mick West of proudly re-enacted the key scene of microphone magic.

Unfortunately, it only serves to remind everyone that focus and lighting are the dead giveaways, even as he trie$ his be$t to claim all is as it should be. Even looking at the side view things don’t add up. The soundman’s mask strap and Joe’s hand are both in sharp focus yet the microphone is out of focus. In addition, the front angle shows the white microphone at level with or above the dark microphone. Yet the side view is missing the white microphone altogether and since debunker Mick has gone to the trouble of matching up the scene for us we can see that the Cabal should be looking for new FX staff who know something about continuity.

As an example of what a real president talking to the media looks like we can see how the microphones’ lighting and focus match Trump’s hand and sleeve.

Closer to home, the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan has been too cowardly to take up my debate challenge on the facts about the provably fake pandemic. Instead, they are trying to hold a virtual general meeting. Interestingly enough, all my emails telling me about this meeting were deleted from my computer and I only heard about it by talking to a colleague on a landline.

In a sign people are waking up; protesters in London, Germany, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Japan, Vienna, Canada, the U.S., and elsewhere came out for the Worldwide Rally for Freedom.

Our advice is to not only throw away your mask and avoid DNA altering vaccines but also limit the amount of time you spend in front of a screen.

Finally, this week, we have been talking to Russian FSB sources as well as sources in the U.S. Secret Space program. Both say the Secret Space Force may be revealed to the public soon. We are hoping to go to the Thule air force base in Greenland soon to see the secret Space Force with our own eyes. Stay tuned.

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by Benjamin Fulford

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