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Monday, January 29, 2018

The activities of the dark Ones are being curtailed

26th January 2018. Mike Quinsey

It seems apparent that the battle by the dark Ones to retain some kind of power on the Earth reached new levels when they attempted to destroy Hawaii and Japan. However, their nuclear devices were stopped from operating in accordance with orders from the Forces of Light that control events on and off the Earth. Certainly great numbers of people who have been working against those of Earth, have been arrested and placed where they can no longer cause trouble. It is a mopping up exercise that will eventually make the dark Ones incapable of interfering with the changes that have placed the Earth on a path of Light, to freedom and abundance. Much is in place ready to go ahead once the orders are given, and even now the activities of the dark Ones are being curtailed to lessen their ability to cause delay.

Matters cannot revert to events as they were prior to the marker of 2012, those times have now passed and it can no longer go back to what was normal in that old cycle. You are well into the new cycle and now have the full backing of the Forces of Light, and matters will continue to progress for the betterment of all. Outwardly the world is in turmoil but as you will begin to see, much that is being done behind the scenes is preparing the way for a giant step forward into the New Age. Your patience will be well rewarded, and before long you should see the first signs of welcome changes that are associated with the establishment of a peaceful nation, that has the wellbeing of the people at heart. It has been planned well in advance and all over the world new innovations wait for the opportunity to be introduced. It will be a time when the negative forces have been subdued and unable to stop the intended changes taking place.

Every soul that is of the Light is contributing to the progress being made, by keeping positive and spreading the Light and Love. It is the most powerful force in the Universe and cannot be stopped or delayed any longer. Already the vibrations have started to noticeably increase and as they do so, it has the effect of lessening the power of the negative energies. There is clearly much of it that is remaining in those countries that have been the center of war, but with the help of your ET friends it can be cleansed and replaced with tranquility and peaceful energies. Since you passed 2012 such help is now permissible, and you will be surprised at how quickly beneficial changes can be brought about.

Although you may not yet see the many obvious changes in conditions, be assured that help has already been given such as the end to chemtrails. The pollution of the Seas and Oceans are another big challenge, but you must first show your positive intent to take responsible action by starting your own cleansing. Once started we can then assist you and have technologies that far surpass those that you have, and that will take no real time at all to restore the quality and cleanliness of your waters. Marine life and vegetation will quickly return in the ideal conditions, and from thereon Man will be expected to put a stop to any actions that have previously been the cause of excessive pollution and damage. Restoration will become the order of the day both at sea and on land, that have been ravaged over many years of disregard for the consequences of your actions.

Mother Earth can deal with much that needs to be done to eventually restore her to the original pristine condition. However, you could say that everything must start with you, as you take back your responsibility for the upkeep of the Earth and the welfare of all life forms. Certainly as time elapses you will be expected to demonstrate your intent to help restore the Earth to its pristine condition. Meantime focus on how you visualize the changes will take place and what the results will be. Do not worry about the size of the task as you will be helped, and with goodwill will achieve remarkable results much quicker than you now realise or anticipate. The times of needing to struggle to achieve results are over, and help awaits you in whatever changes you propose that are in the interests of Mother Earth and its people. As you must know much awaits you that has been held back by the dark Ones, but can now start to be released.

Much responsibility now lies with those of you that are Lightworkers, you could say that your time has come to use the talents and knowledge you have to lift up the people of Earth. The old energies still have some effects but are slowly losing their power to stop continuing progress into the New Age. The stage is set and throughout the Earth many souls are answering the wake up call to use their knowledge and ability to start bringing the “new” into being. If only you had our panoramic view of what was taking place, you would know that great things were on the way to manifesting that you have long awaited.

Patience has long been called for as a number of promised changes are still waiting to manifest. You the people of Earth are living in a time warp deliberately intended to keep you in a state of need, having been denied the benefit of changes that would have greatly uplifted your quality of life. However, you will not be denied and many innovations are ready to be introduced at short notice. There is so much lined up that will immediately overcome the many problems you have to deal with on a daily basis. In time your quality of life will change beyond recognition, and already the old restrictions are beginning to be removed. Mankind must be restructured so that there is more equality between you all, and that does mean a fair sharing of the greatest wealth that is enjoyed by such a small percentage of the people. Be assured that your needs are well known and the disproportionate distribution of wealth will be changed in due course.

There are many advanced civilisations that follow your progress, but until now have not been allowed to “interfere” with your freewill, but since you passed the marker matters have changed. Help for you is to be allowed within certain boundaries, as and when circumstances permit. Changes will not be allowed to overwhelm you and will be fed in sensibly at an appropriate time. However, the changes will come, and no interference will be tolerated and each time the whole operation will be monitored by those who oversee activities upon the Earth. Your freewill is still paramount but even so it will not be allowed to delay or prevent that which has already been agreed as necessary for the advancement of Humankind.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

"Divide and Conquer" and the Trap of Identification

"Divide and Conquer" is a term used to describe the ancient game of controlling all sides of a debate / issue / conflict and pitting the human groups involved against one another - not only to manipulate them into acting out in accordance with a specific result in mind, but to create the right emotional "loosh" frequency (energetic 'food' to be used as sustenance by hyperdimensional forces) whilst keeping humanity locked within a frequency prison of endlessly-repeating trauma cycles.

This model is the basic modus operandi of the hyperdimensional Matrix Control System that has been working through human civilizations for thousands of years.

The masses react mechanically (under the illusion of "free will") to the problem / reaction / solution stimuli, subjected to interferences and manipulations of the occult forces who exist beyond their five-sensory perceptions while they remain distracted by the shadows projected onto the wall of their endarkened cave.

The very foundation of this "Divide and Conquer" tactic - established on unseen levels by archontic forces - is established via,

-the programming of humanity with erroneous beliefs and ideologies (which act as the 'software' running through the 'hardware' of genetic modifications that resulted in the "fall" from our original, fully-accessible DNA activated state)

-subliminally intruding upon the human mind through various mechanisms in an attempt to deviate humanity away from truth and conscious evolution (i.e., activating the higher centers/DNA)

By accepting these beliefs - by IDENTIFYING with them, especially - and promoting them to the world at large, people are assisting the negative realm agenda out of their own (manipulated) free will.

It is a very "simple" (yet cunning) set-up, for most people do not question these beliefs, their thoughts, nor their resulting actions and emotional reactivity.

It's an excellent strategy from the archontic perspective - a "stupendous maneuver" of "the predator that took over humanity", as Don Juan Matus said:

"In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver - stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it.

They gave us their mind!…

Through the mind, which, after all, is their mind, the predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient for them."

Many other esoteric and shamanic teachings have talked about the same occult force feeding on humanity's trauma through organized conflict (from interpersonal to international levels).

I have explored this topic in-depth in past essays:

The so-called "alien invasion" (an issue that does not entail what many people "assume" it does) has already happened eons ago, and is an on-going operation which lies behind the veil of awareness, outside the scope of our five-sensory perception.

"[…] We have to understand here that the true Negative Realm agenda is to "eat consciousness."

So, this actually prevents an overt "take-over" in literal, physical terms. If an "invasion" was detected, this would mean that the veil would be lifted and all would see the "man behind the curtain" and would be disgusted and turn away.

Just as in the "Wizard of Oz," those Ruby Slippers have to be obtained VERY CAREFULLY!

Gathering the essence is an art of great subtlety! The "negative alien plan" is, in its purest sense, STALKING.

The aim of Stalking is to create a completely controlled artificial environment composed of thoroughly predictable human behaviors - made predictable because they have been programmed to respond to cues of conditioning.

For centuries these programming signals have been being set up - either because of time travel capabilities, or because of actual historical presence.

Various prophets or religious leaders have been influenced to preach, or teach or prophesy philosophies designed to lay a foundation for later take-over - possibly in our present time.

A lot of people think that the "alien invasion scenario" is a ruse concocted by the government to create the impression that there is a forming "threat," thereby enabling the institution of a New World Order. But, this idea is based on a misrepresentation of the process just described.

The important thing to remember is this: there is NOT a "unified conspiratorial activity" going on here in the hierarchy of government. The "divide and conquer" effect is also manifest at this level and suits the alien purposes to a "T."

Such activity at ALL levels is consistent with their program of STALKING, in which confusion and cross-purpose prevents a clear perception on the part of the Stalkees.

Yet, at some deep level there may be a direct conspiratorial interaction between the "secret government" and the negative aliens… but it is unlikely that any name of those involved would be recognized by anyone, no matter how "in the know" regarding the subject.

These "secret superiors" are just that: SECRET. Any organization you can name, or about which you are AWARE, are merely "outer circles."

What is the designed objective of this STALKING?

The effect of Stalking is sort of like stampeding a herd of cattle. Bit by bit, they are consolidated into a "negative mode" which consists of the idea of "us vs. them."

Even though, on the surface, it may seem that this "mode" is positive or STO (Service to Others), (i.e. save the world because it is "wrong" or flawed, or blighted with original sin or whatever) the very fact that it is formed in the "dominator" mode of perceiving salvation "outside," means that it can more easily be "taken over" body, mind and soul at a level that is "unseen and unseeable."

In other words: Satan CAN and most often DOES appear as an Angel of Light!

It is in this understanding that we find our way out of the trap. It isn't easy, but it is a way.

The primary object of Negative stalking is to persuade through strongly influenced, but not robotic, behavior patterns, the Free Choice of the targeted CONSCIOUSNESS to align with negative higher-density existence.

Because, in the Long Run, the object is the "eating" of functioning units of consciousness by the negative hierarchy, with Free Will intact!

It is not good food otherwise!"

The Trap of Identification and Group Consciousness

We can see the Matrix strategy of stalking via programming people with religious dogma (any religion, from 'indigenous' to Abrahamic… it must also be mentioned that atheism - the other side of the belief coin - is, in fact, another archontic mind control program of reductionist materialism) and corrupted spiritual teachings (as we can see in the distortions offered up by the so-called New Age Movement).

However, many people who can see through the deception on that level are not always aware of how the "Divide and Conquer" manipulation operates in "less obvious" ways, via "socially accepted" beliefs, ideologies, and institutions - all of which are also installed into our mind-patterns by occult archontic forces, manipulating us like puppets on strings.

To put it bluntly, the moment you identify yourself as a,

liberal, progressive, conservative, democrat, green, republican, anarchist, libertarian, atheist, christian, buddhist, muslim, etc.,

...and / or identify yourself with any ideology / belief system, be it socio-political, from,

far left to far right and anything in between; socialism, communism, capitalism, fascism, etc…..any "-ism",

...or religious / spiritual dogma (including the religion of government)…

if you support / vote for any politician / party…

if you identify yourself with a flag, a nation…

if you identify yourself with any social, political, religious, spiritual, group / movement / tribe, are contributing to the ongoing creation process of division, separation, and fragmentation.

This process, in turn, fuels the "Divide and Conquer" frequency - regardless of your well-meaning intentions - for one side / identification / ideology (that you support / consent to) always creates the other 'controlled opposition' side, with all its fragmented variations.

It's the game / trap of duality.

"The more importance someone attaches to a determination of her identity, the more she divides herself from the unbounded reality of wholeness.

A narrowing attachment to identity creates strife not just within an individual, but in society at large.

In his book 'Identity and Violence', Amartya Sen argues that the more narrowly people 'identify' themselves by race, gender, status, religion, heritage or nationality, the more prone they will be to committing violence.

That makes sense when we understand 'objective' identifications as top-down phenomena: ideas about how one should be are imposed onto the self.

This is already a form of violence in which idea dominates and silences being. When someone adopts a categorical standard for how a human should be, it becomes all too easy to turn that violence against others - even friends, neighbors or family members.

I believe that the most dangerous people are those who feel their ideas about the Present more keenly than they feel the Present itself." (Philip Shepherd)

All of these external approaches and conditioned identifications are based on mind and thought - the over-riding male aspect of consciousness (regardless of gender).

It cannot see / perceive wholeness - it remains adrift from the present moment, is caught in the linear time trap (past or future), always dissecting, dividing into parts, imposing premature "solutions" to a fragmentized view of the world and reality, mistaking symptoms for causes… blind to both the mighty occult forces (and Nature's / Divine Will) acting on and through us.

It's a closed loop and a downward spiral, creating more entropy, division and separation.

This head-centric existence is disconnected from the feminine aspect of consciousness that's rooted deep in the body, which only perceives wholeness (beyond the five senses), interrelationship and true oneness; this Being-ness is fully embodied, not adhering to any external authority / group / movement and their ideas and ideologies of what one "should" do.

This 'receptive / flow' state is connected to - and ONLY "listens" to - Nature, the Divine, and non-verbal guidance within (which is itself only accessible through partnering with the "eternal Now", which the mind alone cannot access); it respects the individually-unique expression of the Divine at any given evolutionary stage (level of Being), for "oneness" does not correlate to "the same"… every expression of the Whole is a unique signature of Source Consciousness.

However, the core issue goes beyond a person's identification with beliefs and ideologies - or rather, how any of these identifications mentioned above might lead to actions / behaviors that are also in alignment with the negative realm agenda (and represent Service To Self motivations).

If you tell others how they "should" live - or try to implement / support a system / ideology with certain rules that everyone "should" obey, or certain lifestyles everyone "should" live by… if you identify with a particular lifestyle (including the identification with / attachment to a certain diet, preaching what people "should" or "shouldn't" eat, coming from a moral superiority complex ) because you think / believe that will "save" the world or humanity, or is more "spiritually-advanced"… you are caught in the trap of the homogenization of humanity (the craving to make everyone the same).

This ideology also displays traits of the martyr / savior complex, which is a trap in itself, especially if you see yourself as "better" than - and thus, look down upon - others (i.e., the trap of superiority)… judging people who don't do as you do (as opposed to discerning how their and your own thoughts / beliefs are curtailing their / your sovereign expansion)… and in that state of supremacist disassociation, "THE MATRIX HAS YOU".

When we project onto others what works for us - and try to "make everyone follow the same do / don't script" - we fall into the aforementioned trap:

the Homogenization of Humanity (confusing unity with uniformity).

This trap is the underlying agenda of the Matrix, playing out on unseen levels and through a myriad number of STS (Service to Self) behaviorisms that are masquerading as operating on STO (Service to Others) frequencies.

We see this mechanism manifesting on a global scale through the roll-out of a socialistic New World Order agenda, but it's also found embedded within many spiritual and alternative circles / groups, and even in the so-called "truth movement" (whose members, ironically enough, may even be aware of the NWO agenda, albeit on a superficial 3-D level).

On a personal note, I don't belong to (nor promote) any group, nor do I use any one particular work / teaching / modality as a sole foundation - or "lens" - to look through, nor do I see any one thing as THE answer / way, for that doesn't exist in my experience…

As a result, I don't attach myself to any "spiritual / esoteric" group / movement.

I've been there, done that, and have dealt with the resulting trap of unconscious hive / group-mind thinking, which is not obvious at all when you are caught in its web.

I learned this the hard way, when I failed to trust / heed my intuition with regards to a personal disagreement I felt with the "group consensus" (based on my own personal experience / intuition / research), which resulted in me not speaking up (based on insecurity, lack of self-love and wounded "need to belong") so that I wouldn't be rejected / attacked by the group I belonged to, and identified with.

"Insecurity and anxiety also motivates us to form and join groups.

Being a part of a group relieves us of anxiety because it makes us feel like we are not the only ones who feel insecure about a particular thing.

We often form groups with individuals who have similar insecurities. Having similar [unconscious] insecurities cause us to have similar desires from the perspective of the internal conflict model…

Thus, the more insecure and anxious we are, the more motivated we are to form and maintain our own groups." (Toru Sato)

"The Ever-Transcending Spirit - The Psychology of Human Relationships, Consciousness, and Development"

I see this "cultish" thread weaving through many groups to varying degrees, especially when a group is centered around one particular teaching / source or "awakening modality" that promises "enlightenment", "DNA activation", etc. - which results in (unconscious) hierarchy and dogma.

It shows itself when group members (mechanically) always agree with each other, creating an "echo chamber" that never sincerely questions the validity of the source / teachings they identify with and follow, but instead take everything as the 100% 'gospel' truth.

It is also readily apparent when the group founder / leader attacks anyone who doesn't agree with her / him (or gets triggered easily), with all of the group members jumping on the bandwagon, attacking the "outsider".

These behaviors create and feed the "Divide and Conquer" frequency.

If there's one thing I've learned on my own path - via experience and working with people one on one for ever a decade - it's that what works for one person may not work for another, and there is no judgment in that.

Anyone who claims that their particular work / teaching is the "best" or "only way" - if there is obvious dogma, claims to "save the world", etc. - is someone who has been influenced by both Matrix STS thinking and the virus of "homogenization".

These individuals do not understand the vast differences that exist between levels of Being, and the soul lessons awaiting each person on their particular, unique path towards awakening.

"When someone openly regards their own systems of thought as monumentally important, they are divulging a deep crack in their own core.

An inner struggle is being played out publicly.

Still they insist that they are altruistically devoted to just getting the information out, serving as a conduit for sacred knowledge, helping the global awakening, serving the planetary spirit. Or some shit like that.

Many people put an artificial sealing over their work and research, getting stuck in a tunnel vision of topics they keep focusing on, trying to explain everything through it instead of being truly opened minded and looking at the many other angles of our multifaceted reality.

Don't attach yourself to anything you can't honorably walk away from. Keep free and flexible. Have the courage to discriminate. Learn to know when you are hearing dogma.

Know when you are hearing the shriek of the ego.

The power in you is your uniqueness and individuality. How you see and move in the world is a precious bequest to the divine source from where you came and where you go back to.

If you walk around any city, you will see people choosing not to control themselves and therefore they become followers, not independent, not individuals, not pioneers, not explorers. It's an anti-human way to follow.

The biggest threat the establishment has is individuality, people who think for themselves, people who say: no more of this group mentality. I don't care what they are following.

It could be the best yoga, the best spiritual guru, it could be beautiful ancient hindu, german or french texts, whatever. I don't care.

If you are following, you are doing it wrong. The only path is the path of the Individual. That's what it is all about and what you are here for.

There is an esoteric axiom, all untrue things eventually destroy themselves. Empire, as long as "I" get out of the way, is burning itself out and it's a natural power of the evolutionary process. In mystical studies you'll find that this has happened before.

It has happened periodically over millions of years, not thousands, but millions of years. And the message is always, look humans, you are super powerful.

It's divine will, a metaphysical spark of creation within you, call it what you wish.

To be here is to grow and explore as an Individual. If we are not doing that, we give that power away, we surrender it, and there are other beings in this world who will gladly take that and do something else with that.

And that's how empire rises." (Neil Kramer)

Beyond understanding (and seeing) how this archontic mind manipulation virus is blatantly working through the machinations of consensus reality cult-ure, the awakening process involves grasping how these programs can arise through ourselves in everyday life situations - especially via group identification (in all its forms and variations).

This is an important key in establishing sovereignty, as vital as energetically-freeing ourselves from "external" control.

There can be no true sovereignty as long as we remain slaves to our own mind-loops and thoughts, chained as they are to the beliefs, group-think, and ideologies which we find ourselves identifying with.

We mistake unity for uniformity. There are vastly-different levels of Being that exist within the seven billion people currently residing on Earth.

ALL humans are a fractal expression of the One / Divine (including those whom one might consider "evil"), whose lives are playing themselves out on a co-creative stage.

"We" are being pushed by the Divine force to let go of these illusory identifications we take so much pride in attaching a sense of self to - and, in doing so, truly making a courageous choice in evolving towards a completely different state of consciousness / Being… not merely a shift, but a quantum leap.

This is not going to happen overnight, let alone in our "lifetime" nor in the near "future".

It's a slow and tedious process, for the resistance contained in humanity's lower nature (maintained and fed by occult forces) is strong.

However, the more we hold onto these mind constructs / identifications - and operate / live from them, without any sincere internal effort to become conscious transducers for Divine Will - the "harder" we make it on both ourselves and the rest of the world… again, this is the case regardless of our well-meaning intentions.

It will get more intense and chaotic as the journey continues, and we have seen nothing yet.

Usually, people do not question their ingrained beliefs - nor engage in sincere self-work - until they suffer, and there are vastly-different lessons for each and every individual to take on-board.

During this Time of Transition, the Light and Dark are increasing exponentially in parallel patterns.

The Awakening process does not consist of a linear upward movement which bequeaths only love, bliss, and peace; rather, it is a spiral, expanding in all directions, up and down, in and out, bringing awareness to All That Is.

You cannot reach the light without having fully explored the dark, for all is coming forth to be acknowledged - to come into the light, brought into awareness, and to be made conscious.

It is what the path of conscious evolution implies.

"The higher one rises, the farther one is pulled down. Evolution does not move higher and higher, into an ever more heavenly heaven, but deeper and deeper. Each evolutionary cycle closes a little lower, a little nearer to the Center where the supreme High and Low, heaven and earth, will finally meet… The more Light [the seeker] possesses, the more darkness he / she uncovers."

"No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell." (Carl Jung)

"None can reach heaven who has not passed through hell." (Sri Aurobindo)

The Bigger Picture and Mind Trap

The potential for an "awakening" has never been greater, yet at the same time, the potential for distraction and deception has also increased (especially with the dawn of transhumanism), for the occult hostile forces would never relinquish their grip on a food source so easily.

The 'dramas' will continue to build up in intensity until "we" - or a certain fraction of humanity - can / will transcend this dualistic fear-based mutant mind-Matrix (via esoteric self-work, acting as embodied frequency anchors of the Divine Force).

Yet, this opposition of "dark vs. light" also serves as a teaching-function, and creates the necessary friction to ignite the alchemical fire required for the evolution of consciousness.

All there is, exists as lessons. This is the whole "purpose" of duality (hence "evil" serves a teaching function, as it manifests as part of the One as well).

This 3rd Density existence is an intermediate stage / phase, the threshold to cross ("many are called, few choose to answer the call") before we become self-realized, soul-individualized beings with a fully-activated genetic birthright to explore… transcending even entropy and death itself.

But this is a highly individual process, different for each soul to experience.

We all have our unique path and process, and no externally-delivered mind solution will speed it up nor bring radical / true change (rather, it's more like changing the tapestry of the (invisible) prison surroundings instead of breaking out of the cage altogether).

Oftentimes our choices will simply feed and support the reality people are trying to fight against (with all of their focus centered upon external "fixing" processes), for they perceive an "error" in creation, trying to get rid of the "other side" - as if "God" or the Divine or Source made a mistake.

The Inner creates / reflects the Outer (not to be mistaken with the New Age distortion of "Reality Creation").

All of the perceived "chaos" we see on the world stage (including "Climate Change") is a reflection of who we are inside:

fragmented, separated, contradictory, lost, confused, afraid, reactive, and numerous other unconscious shadow aspects we project externally… identified with the illusory conditioned personality we "think" we are, caught up in its beliefs, attachments, identifications, biases, conditioned / programmed desires, and projections… sleepwalking, dreaming to be awake.

Disillusionment is a painful but necessary process, for the old needs to die before the new can be born.

We are in the birth canal, awaiting the delivery of a new humanity… and any birthing event is simultaneously painful and beautiful… ask any mother!

However, "we" still have a long way to go in this culmination, even though it's all right here, right now.

Welcome to the paradox of it all - the mind is a powerful ally for growth and expansion, yet our thoughts will never, ever understand (or grasp) the expansive nature of our human life...

They are, in fact, a hindrance to the 'allowing' process, for mind is the "doorway" through which occult hostile forces control and manipulate us.

"It is clear that Mind has not been able to change human nature radically.

You can go on changing human institutions infinitely and yet the imperfection will break through all your institutions. It must be another power that can not only resist but overcome that downward pull.

Even if our ideas reached life in their pure form, they would still be incapable of creating anything other than a military order - or perhaps a holy, comfortable, religious order, but an order all the same, because the Mind can only devise systems and seek to confine everything in them.

The reason of man struggling with life becomes either an empiric or a doctrinaire. It seizes upon a bit of truth, one drop of divine illumination, and makes it a universal law; it constantly confuses unity with uniformity.

Even when it is capable of understanding the need for diversity, it is practically incapable of implementing it, because it only knows how to deal with what is invariable and finite, while the world is teeming with an infinite variety.

Ideas themselves are partial and insufficient:

not only have they a very partial triumph, but if their success were complete, it would still disappoint, because they are not the whole truth of life and therefore cannot securely govern and perfect life.

Life escapes from the formulas and systems which our reason labors to impose on it; it proclaims itself too complex, too full of infinite potentialities to be tyrannized over by the arbitrary intellect of man.

The root of the difficulty is this that at the very basis of all our life and existence, internal and external, there is something on which the intellect can never lay a controlling hand, the Absolute, the Infinite.

Behind everything in life there is an Absolute, which that thing is seeking after in its own way; everything finite is striving to express an infinite which it feels to be its real truth.

Moreover, it is not only each class, each type, each tendency in Nature that is thus impelled to strive after its own variation.

Thus there is not only an Absolute, an Infinite in itself which governs its own expression in many forms and tendencies, but there is also a principle of infinite potentiality and variation quite baffling to the reasoning intelligence; for the reason deals successfully only with the settled and the finite.

In man this difficulty reaches its acme.

For not only is mankind unlimited in potentiality, not only is each of its powers and tendencies seeking after its own absolute in its own way and therefore naturally restless under any rigid control by the reason; but in each man their degrees, methods, combinations vary, each man belongs not only to the common humanity, but to the Infinite in himself and is therefore unique.

It is because this is the reality of our existence that the intellectual reason and the intelligent will cannot deal with life as its sovereign." (Sri Aurobindo)

by Bernhard Guenther
January 19, 2018
from VeilOfReality Website

Declassified FBI document - beings from other dimensions exist

Top-secret document in the FBI archives which speaks of interdimensional beings, and how their ‘spacecraft’ have the ability to materialize and dematerialize in our own dimension. The definition for interdimensional beings or interdimensional intelligence is usually described as a theoretical or ‘real’ entity that exists in a dimension beyond our own. The interdimensional hypothesis was proposed by a number of Ufologists like Jacques VallĂ©e who suggests that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and related events (such as alien sightings) imply visits from beings from other “realities” or “dimensions” that coexist separately with ours. Some have referred to these beings as visitors from another universe.

FBI Declassified Documents:

The document can be accessed here.

Here is a transcript of some of the most important details of the report:

-Part of the disks carry crews; others are under remote control

-Their mission is peaceful. The visitors contemplate settling on this plane

-These visitors are human-like but much larger in size

-They are not excarnate Earth people but come from their own world

-They do NOT come from a planet as we use the word, but from an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us

-The bodies of the visitors, and the craft, automatically materialize on entering the vibratory rate of our dense matter

-The disks possess a type of radiant energy or a ray, which will easily disintegrate any attacking ship. They reenter the etheric at will, and so simply disappear from our vision, without trace

-The region from which they come is not the “astral plane,” but corresponds to the Lokas or Talas. Students of osoteric matters will understand these terms.

-They probably cannot be reached by radio, but probably can be by radar. if a signal system can be devised for that (apparatus).

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Future of world being negotiated in next two weeks as Super Blue Blood Moon approaches

22 January 2018

The shutdown of the U.S. government over the weekend is likely to become permanent as top-level negotiations continue to discuss its replacement, multiple sources agree. The Western old-world-order leadership is gathering this week in Davos, Switzerland to debate this very issue, the sources say.

Pentagon sources, meanwhile, say “the shutdown was orchestrated so Congress can be arrested, as they lose immunity while not in session.” In addition, the sources say U.S. President Donald Trump “was summoned to meet top brass at the Pentagon on January 18th, as the Navy hunted for rogue submarines and the military uses the shutdown to arrest cabal, terminate the corporate government, and launch the Republic to usher in the global currency reset (GCR).”

Furthermore, the sources continued, “The House may release the FISA memo, which will take down criminals in Department of Justice, the FBI, the Democratic National Council, the CIA, plus the Obama and Hillary Clinton organizations.”

“Trump may even read the memo at the State of the Union address on January 30th,” the sources added.

The sources also say, “Zimbabwe opposition leader Roy Bennett was killed in New Mexico to solidify the Zimbabwe dollar and pave the way for the GCR.” A gold-backed Zimbabwe dollar is being pushed by many as a new African currency to replace the current mishmash of Rothschild-controlled currencies.

However, it is still far from certain that the GCR will take place as envisioned by the people in the Pentagon and agencies, since worldwide, the situation is extremely volatile and slipping out of U.S. control.

The most important factor to bear in mind is that the U.S. government is the most indebted government in the history of the planet and much of that debt is owed to China. If the U.S. unilaterally reneged on the debt, it would no longer be able to control the U.S. dollar system that allows the Pentagon to operate around the planet. The result would be that U.S. soldiers, who are already not receiving pay thanks to the government shutdown, being forced to beg on the streets or else rob people at gunpoint around the world. As if to underline this situation, the Chinese rating agency Dagong downgraded the U.S. sovereign and local government debt to BBB+ with a negative outlook, putting it below Peru or Morocco.

Here is what they had to say about the U.S. debt:

“The perennial negative impact of the superstructure on the economic base has continued to deteriorate the debt repayment sources of the federal government, and this trend will be further exacerbated by the government’s massive tax cuts. The increasing reliance on the debt-driven mode of economic development will continue to erode the solvency of the federal government.”

Dagong probably does not realize just how deep the problem runs. The Pentagon, in its first-ever audit using outside auditors, has already found that $21 trillion went missing between 1998 and 2015. That is more than 35 times the entire official U.S. military budget for 2016, multiple sources report.

CIA, MI6, and Pentagon sources say the missing money was spent on…

…building up huge mercenary armies outside the control of official government structures. These are the people behind ISIS, the war on Yemen, Blackwater/Academi, etc. Also, the sources say, much of the money was spent on the “Secret Space Program.”

Since we try to focus on the here-and-now visible world, let us see what parts of the Secret Space Program are visible to us members of the “surface population.” One that pops to mind right away is Elon Musk, with his Tesla Motors and SpaceX programs. Tesla Motors’ market capitalization of $350 billion is 50 times its sales and 218 times its earnings. Traditionally, market cap was considered to be reasonable at around ten times earnings. Clearly Musk is a major money-laundering channel for all that privately-owned central-bank funny money that has been conjured up recently. It is also important to remember that sources in the Pentagon and the NSA both agree that SpaceX and Musk are the real suspects behind the recent North Korean missile “threat.”

Then of course there is Alphabet/Google, whose recently fired chairman Eric Schmidt visited North Korea in 2013 before the recent missile brouhaha started. Google has now been linked to missing Malaysian Air Flight 370/17 and the connected disappearance of microbiologists and computer engineers.

In any case, we have seen countless attempts by Khazarian mafia cabalists in recent years to set off nuclear weapons and start their “Armageddon,” only to have them stopped each time by often mysterious forces.

Our here-now Pentagon sources admit that “the Secret Space Program may have been used to down nuke missiles aimed at Hawaii and Japan and to stop the cabal from leaving earth.”

Meanwhile, back here on the sheeple-ranch surface of the planet earth, it is clear that the U.S. West Coast oligarchs are under attack in their California strongholds. The recent mysterious fires in California are now followed by equally mysterious earthquake swarms in Reno, Nevada last week. Remember, Reno is the last major unregulated “offshore banking” center on earth, where the Rothschild family have been gathering.

The underground base in Reno has been tied to anti-gravity disc technology and Nazi activity in Antarctica as well. A link with evidence of this was removed from the Internet just as this newsletter was being published.

Perhaps that is why a senior CIA official, who is a relative of Admiral Byrd of Antarctic exploration fame, has requested a meeting with representatives of the White Dragon Society before and during the January 31st Super Blue Blood Moon event to “discuss the future of the planet earth.” The meeting will take place next week at an undisclosed location in Southeast Asia. Hopefully, we will have a detailed report on that meeting available for our readers in the February 5th, 2018 edition of this newsletter.

There can be no doubt the U.S. secret government is under pressure like never before because of the ongoing collapse of the current U.S. social contract. This can be seen in the graph in the link below that shows the exponential—and unsustainable—increase in wealth of the top 1% of the population since 2014.

The situation in California may be the most critical of all now. Huge tent encampments for the homeless have appeared next to the houses of wealthy Californians. Furthermore, resentment has reached the point where buses transporting Apple and Google employees are being stoned and shot at.

With this tense background, rural California is moving to secede from the San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco coastal enclaves of the super-wealthy. As this happens, the California government and local mayors have come out in open revolt against the U.S. federal government. That’s why U.S. military forces have followed their arrests of East Coast Khazarian oligarchs with mass arrests in California, Pentagon sources say.

New California Declares Independence From Rest Of State

Oakland Mayor Says She’ll Go To Jail To Protect Sanctuary City Policy

Internationally, the current U.S. corporate government is losing support around the planet. Here are some examples:

U.S. NATO ally Turkey has begun attacking U.S.-backed forces in Syria.

Long-time U.S. ally Pakistan has publicly ended its alliance with the U.S.

North and South Korea put together a joint Olympic team to send a message to the world that they do not want to be artificially divided as a people and used as an excuse to start World War 3.

Canada, India, Japan, Brazil, China, and the EU attack Trump’s protectionist trade policies.

EU central banks are switching their reserves from U.S. dollars to Chinese yuan.

Europe’s central banks are starting to replace dollar reserves with the yuan

It is these death throes of the U.S. corporate government that have given urgency to this week’s gathering of Western (Atlantic alliance) powers in Davos, Switzerland. There, one faction is pushing for a restoration of the Republic of the United States of America. Another faction is pushing to finance a friendly takeover by Canada and the creation of a competently governed United States of North America. What both factions share in common is a wish not to have U.S. hegemony merely be replaced by Chinese hegemony.

The Chinese, for their part, are saying they want to help create a world government that is friendly and fair to all peoples of the planet, according to senior members of Asian secret societies. They insist they do not want or seek Chinese hegemony. However, certain factions make it clear they think it is China’s turn to rule to take over ruling the planet from the West.

In any case, as things are now going, the more time that passes, the stronger China gets and the weaker the West gets. Western societies are now drowning in debt, have socially destabilizing wealth disparities, and have shrinking, aging populations. This is why the West needs to fundamentally reform its governmental, social, and economic architecture. The alternative to a reboot, including a jubilee and one-off asset redistribution, will be a steady decay that will end in widespread collapse of current structures. California is just a foretaste.

Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis
by Benjamin Fulford

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Monsanto trying to Hide GMO Foods under the Term "Biofortified"

Do genetically engineered crops and their pesticides make you think of the term "biofortified"? Chances are, the term biofortified makes you think of vitamins in kids' cereals.

Mega corporations are no strangers to propaganda and public relations.

Did you know that much of our non-organic crops are grown with human sewage sludge? No? That's because the practice is called "biosolids" to keep you in the dark.

You are probably aware of the sneaky disguises that sweeteners like aspartame and high fructose corn syrup were attempted to be concealed in ("corn sugar," anyone?)

There are no power grabs out of reach for Monsanto - they are now attempting the most ridiculous propaganda scheme of all.

They are attempting to manipulate definitions under Codex Alimentarius that would allow GMOs to fall under the classification of "biofortified" foods.

Codex is a collection of guidelines, codes and other recommendations relating to foods, food production, and food safety - that were created under the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

If you are thinking this is arbitrary and wondering why our country should pay any attention to such guidelines, you are heading in the right direction…

In the late 1990s, consumers feared that their vitamins and supplements would move to prescription-only under Codex guidelines.

According to National Health Federation (The NHF is the only natural health advocate that gets a seat at Codex, by the way!):

It all started out innocently enough several Codex Nutrition committee meetings ago when an international nongovernmental organization (INGO) named the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI - and sponsored by Harvest Plus) had one of its country contacts introduce a proposed new work at Codex (only member countries may introduce new work at Codex, not INGOs.)

Harvest Plus' method of increasing certain vitamin and mineral content of basic food crops consists of the time-honored, conventional way of cross-breeding, not genetic engineering.

Harvest Plus, for example, will increase the vitamin or iron content of sweet potatoes so that malnourished populations in developing nations will receive better nutrition.

The new work at the Codex Alimentarius Commission's Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) was simple:

Craft a definition for Biofortification.

That definition could then be used uniformly around the World to apply to those foods conventionally fortified with higher levels of nutrients and everyone would be on the same page whenever the term "biofortified" was used.

Indeed, the National Health Federation (NHF) was an early supporter at Codex of this definition.

Poisoned in the Womb

This year's CCNFSDU meeting - hosted by the German Health Ministry in Berlin, Germany the first full week of December 2017 - witnessed a lively debate about not only how to define Biofortification but also whether or not the very word "Biofortification" should be used at all.

However, this was not the beginning of the debate. The NHF had two delegates there.

At the 2016 CCNFSDU meeting, the Chairwoman Pia Noble (married to a former Bayer executive) had started off the Biofortification-definition discussion by giving her incorrect personal opinion that the definition should be as broad as possible and that recombinant technology should be included.

Her statement, though, directly contradicted Australia's admission at the 2015 meeting that if the Committee were to refer to the original 2012 document on the scope of Biofortification, we would see that Biofortification only refers to conventional breeding and so we should clearly exclude GM techniques.

At last year's CCNFSDU meeting, however, Australia was silent on the issue.

In other words, the original mandate for creating the Biofortification definition was that it was to be defined as a process by which the nutritional quality of food crops is improved through conventional plant breeding with the aim of making the nutrients bioavailable after digestion.

Not surprisingly, though, soon enough, the Monsanto minions got their grubby little hands on the definition through influence peddling with Codex delegates and the Chairwoman, and the definition began changing into one that would include genetically modified "biofortified" foods.

So, the battle is on at Codex as to whether or not GM foods will be included within the definition of Biofortification.

I am sure that Monsanto would be thrilled to be able to market its synthetic products under a name that began with the word "Bio."

As of 2017, the definition of "biofortification" - including GMOs - under Codex has morphed into:

…the process whereby any nutrients or related substances of all potential source organisms (e.g. animal, plant, fungi, yeasts, bacteria) of/and foods are increased by a measurable level [and/or] become more bioavailable for the intended purposes.

The process applies to any method of production [and excludes conventional fortification]." [footnotes excluded]

Not only is the term "biofortified" for GMO foods confusing here in the U.S., but in European countries the prefix, bio, is used to denote "organic."

NHF took opposition with the term biofortified falling under these vague parts of the definition:

'all potential source organisms'

'the process applies to any method of production'

Footnote 4 ('Method of production should be determined by National/regional authority')

Dr. Noble retired, so hopefully her "heavy-handed" and crafty tactics of dictating the meeting to get the term biofortification to apply to GMOs will have left with her.

According to NHF,

Monsanto's attempt was recognized by many delegates for what it was and denounced in the meeting.

The fight, however, will carry over to next year's meeting to be held in Berlin in November 2018. And that meeting will be chaired by the Committee's new chairwoman, Ms. Marie-Luise Trebes.

As always, Big Biotech will be back to try again.

To be privy to the back-story and even drama that went on these meetings, hop on over to the National Health Federation!

by Heather Callaghan
January 11, 2018
from NaturalBlaze Website


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