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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

“Sign Of God” Warning Followed By Iran Leader Death And Arrest Warrant For Israel Leader

May 20, 2024

An extremely concerning to all peoples in the world new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin received confirmation of the death of Iranian President Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi, says immediately afterwards, he sent the official message to the Islamic Republic of Iran: “Please accept my deepest condolences over the enormous tragedy that befell the Islamic Republic of Iran - a helicopter crash that claimed the lives of President Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi and a number of other prominent officials of your country”, then he personally observed: “The Iranian people have lost a treasured leader in President Ebrahim Raisi and need spiritual resolve to overcome the tragedy”. 

Earlier today, this report notes, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei extended his condolences to the Iranian nation over the martyrdom of President Ebrahim Raeisi and his companions in a helicopter crash and announced five days of national mourningFirst Vice President Mohammad Mokhber will serve as Iran’s interim president, and is part of a three-person council, along with the speaker of parliament and the head of the judiciary, that will organize a new presidential election within 50 days.

Along with world leaders extending condolences following the death of Iranian President Raeisi, this report continues, was the news: “An Israeli official told Reuters that Israel was not involved in the death of the Iranian president...The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said “it wasn’t us””—is an Israel whose government is on the “verge of collapse” following the 19 April massive strike on it by Iran—and this morning, Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan of the International Criminal Court applied for arrest warrants against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other top Israeli government officials, along with Hamas officials, for committing crimes against humanity.

Also earlier today, this report details, independent military analysts tracking the deployment of Russian warplanes issued the warning: “Russia is preparing for a massive missile strike”—a warning joined by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov announcing this morning: “Russia is closely monitoring the situation following a subcritical nuclear test conducted at an underground nuclear site in the US state of Nevada last week”.

With warning articles like “We’re Reliving The Beginnings Of World War I And Just Don’t Realize It Yet” having already appeared, this report concludes, the most significant religious event that occurred during this global conflict that upended the world order and claimed nearly 40 million lives occurred on on 13 May 1917, which was when six apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary were reported by three shepherd children in Fatima-Portugal—the “Our Lady of Fatima” miracle apparitions are celebrated by the Catholic Church every 13 May in Fatima-Portugal, but whose week of religious celebration this year was preceded on 10 May by “jaw-dropping auroras around the world” and ended when a blue meteorite streaked across the skies of Portugal and Spain on 18 May—Our Lady of Fatima warned that global war would be foreshadowed by the “night illumined by an unknown light”—and prior to the outbreak of World War II, history records: “On the night of January 25-26, 1938 – during the reign of Pope Pius XI (1922-1939) – the sky became a brilliant blood-red...Likened to the blaze of a gigantic fire and filling the evening sky, it was seen across Europe and even in parts of North America and North Africa”.


By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Monday, May 20, 2024

Paper work for new international system being drawn up as Satanic rule implodes

Lawyers and bankers are drawing up documents for a new international system that will be phased in starting this autumn and going into 2025. This work is necessary because, if the details are not worked out properly, huge problems will emerge as things snowball into massive world changes. This fine-tuning requires time. 

What needs to be made clear though is that this is not going to be a transfer of power from one secret group to another, The new system will be handed over to the people so that “the meek shall inherit the earth.”

In the meantime, the Satanic “rules-based world order” will continue to implode. This means were are going to experience a lot of turbulence as the last of the Satanists struggle desperately to keep control of the planet and avoid war crimes tribunals.

The latest sign of this was the murder of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his companions. Multiple Israeli accounts & other well-known accounts now report it was an assassination done by Israeli Mossad.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei says that “if we find evidence that Israel is involved in the helicopter crash of the President of Iran, we will respond beyond the imagination of Israel and its allies.”

With Raisi dead, Iranian sources say the next Supreme Leader is most likely Ali Khamenei’s son, Mojtaba Khamenei. This means a return to dynastic rule in Persia. Whose dynastic rule is yet to be decided though.

What is clear is this is yet another desperate attempt by the Satanic Zionists to start World War III in order to murder most of humanity. Remember, Khameini was installed by the Rothschilds to play his role in their planned Gog (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) versus Magog (G7) Armageddon war.

As a part of this planned show, Brigadier General Esmail Qa’ani, commander of the Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) sent a warning to the UK, Germany, and France after the trio deployed their warplanes to defend the Israeli regime against a retaliatory operation staged by Iran last month. In other words, since Israel has been stopped from starting an all-out war with Iran, they will try to use European countries instead.

Planetary liberation alliance sources in the Pentagon say what will happen instead is Israel will cease to be a State and Israeli puppets will be removed. “We are in the end game now for Netanyahu and his close associates,” the source says adding “Persia may return to the Pahlavi dynasty.  Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi is being groomed. He is working with the WH Alliance.” Here you can watch his father King Pahlavi try to enlighten the American people about their Zionist controllers.

Video Player

“The Persian people are definitely shifting away from the current rulers,” the source says.

A shift away from current leaders is needed in most Western countries as well. This means is the white hat military still has a lot of house cleaning to do before the new financial system and new international architecture start.

This cannot be done under current Western leadership. In an example of this, fake Canadian opposition leader Pierre Poilievre can be seen lying below about Israel. How about his statement that the Jews have lived there for 3,000 years? It is a lie. This is the land of Judea. Remember, Poilievre has been bribed with money stolen from Canadians via fraudulent PRC tests. It is a safe bet he is also being blackmailed. The same of course is true of vaccine mass murderer Justin Castrudeau.

Video Player

What people in the West need to realize is that the holocaust was a mass sacrifice to Satan in order to initiate Satanic rule over the world. The Temple the Satanists planned to build was to be a place of human and animal sacrifice. As a part of their plan, the Satanists forced brainwashed Europeans into Israel and convinced them to expropriate and murder the Judeans, whom they misleadingly call Palestinians.   

This press release from the US military central command shows this is no longer going to be tolerated. It says that -with the backing of US troops- an international relief effort has begun to support the Judeans.

In Israel and the US meanwhile, the Jews have begun to wake up. Lily Greenberg Call, a Jewish staffer in the Department of Interior, resigned saying Biden “has the blood of innocent people on his hands….What I have learned from my Jewish tradition is that every life is precious. That we are obligated to stand up for those facing violence and oppression and to question authority in the face of injustice,” she said.

Awakened Jews like her are staging massive daily demonstrations to call for the removal of would-be dictator Benyamin Satanyahu. The provocation against Iran will not stop his removal from this earth.

His removal will be part of a lot of removal work to be done in the West before it is completely cured of its Satanic infestation.

One example is the revealing of a portrait of King Charles that set the internet on fire with its’ Satanic images. 

Video Player

Charles was installed 6 months, 6 weeks and 6 days after the murder of Queen Elizabeth. This satirical video of him unveiling the portrait is basically true. Even though we have been told repeatedly the original Charles is dead; as long as avatars or CGs are presented to the world’s media, the fight is not over.

Video Player

BBC also reports King Charles has handed over a prestigious army role to his son Prince William in “a symbolic handing over of the baton.” This is a German attempt to take control of the UK military and it will fail, MI6 warns.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton, who friends of Princess Diana say was sacrificed to Satan, will not be appearing at Charles’ Wimbledon parade. She has not been seen in public since Christmas.

MI6 sources say they are fighting hard to remove the German-linked Satanists from power in England and Ireland and that it will happen sooner, rather than later.

There is also a crisis in Australia where the government has just passed a Satanic mark of the beast digital ID law. Labor Minister Stephen Jones says it’s completely “optional,” but then inadvertently reveals that businesses could “mandate” it.

Video Player

In what was likely a related move, “Google Cloud ‘accidentally deleted’ the private cloud account of the Australian pension fund worth $125 billion…Although service restoration commenced on Thursday, it may take some time for investment balances to reflect accurate figures. (translation: the money is gone).”

Looks like the Rockefellers are looting Australian pensions in addition to Japanese pensions to try to stay in business.

This is linked to vaccine passports and COVID-19 shots. The government knows the vaccines are killing people, and they are “deliberately suppressing doctors” from reporting vaccine deaths, warns Senator Malcolm Roberts.

MI6 informs us a top Satanist in Australia and a high-priority white hat target is ... ... ...

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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Biden Commits “Blunder Of The Highest Order” On “The Grand Chessboard”

May 17, 2024

A thought-provoking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, in furtherance of the Russia-China “no limits partnership”, issued a joint statement yesterday, wherein Moscow and Beijing agreed to take the acknowledgment of cultural and civilizational diversity as the basis for furthering dialogue, cooperation and experience exchange, says they also vowed to counter the deviant socialist Western colonial practice of politicization of culture and attempts at canceling the culture of certain countries and peoples.

Following the collapse of the former Soviet Union, this report notes, the United States needed a new global strategy to maintain its hegemony over the world, which was provided by the late White House National Security Advisor and global strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski, who, in his 1997 treatise “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives”, methodically detailed the American master plan to take total control over Eurasia and its vital to the world natural resources, but warned: “A grand coalition of China and Russia united not by ideology but by complementary grievances would pose the most dangerous scenario as far as threats to United States hegemony are concerned”—are “complementary grievances” Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden provided by his warmongering and economic sanction policies against both Russia and China—which caused world-renowned American foreign policy strategist Michael Pillsbury at the Heritage Foundation think tank to just exclaim in horror about what Socialist Leader Biden has done: “To draw, to push together two nuclear powers, Russia and China, it’s really a blunder of the highest order...It’s one of the biggest blunders we’ll see in my lifetime”.

While “blundering” Socialist Leader Biden keeps upending “The Grand Chessboard” strategy of global American hegemony, this report continues, President Putin factually revealed to Chinese reporters: “Moscow never refused to negotiate, it was politicians in Kiev who withdrew from the negotiation process as soon as Russian troops were pulled back from Kiev...The next day they threw our agreements into the dustbin and said, 'Well, now we will fight to the end’...And their Western handlers took the position now known to the whole world: Russia is to be defeated on the battlefield, to be made suffer a strategic defeat...We are not the ones who behaved this way”—a factual revelation joined by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin declaring: “The United States, with its Cold War-era mentality, bears an irremediable responsibility for the emergence and escalation of the Ukrainian crisis”.

Unlike the former Soviet Union able to discuss and negotiate critical issues with sane and rational Western officials to successfully avert a global nuclear war catastrophe, this report details, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov observed about what Russia faces today: “There are plenty of people among those in power in the United States and other key Western states, who are de facto provocateurs...They’ve made testing Moscow’s resolve the goal of their existence...Such individuals are political bullies, delinquents and members of teen gangs who reject any kind of rules...They are preoccupied with crossing any red line drawn by Moscow, regardless of the risk of this brinkmanship...As they please their own geopolitical notions, they bring closer the phase, in which holding control of events and preventing a catastrophic collapse would be very difficult...They live in a bubble and do not perceive outside signals that go against their preconceptions”.

Among those socialist Western colonial officials who “live in a bubble and do not perceive outside signals that go against their preconceptions”, this report notes, is NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe United States General Christopher Cavoli, who yesterday comically proclaimed about the new Russian offensive in the Kharkov Region: “The Russians don't have the numbers necessary to do a strategic breakthrough...More to the point they don't have the skill and the ability to do it”—a comical proclamation quickly followed by Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-In-Chief General Oleksandr Syrsky grimly revealing: “Russian troops have extended the front line of active combat operations by almost 70 kilometers in the Kharkov region to force Ukraine to use additional brigades from the reserves”—and was a “strategic breakthrough” of Russian military forces that caused American State Department spokesman Vedant Patel to factually observe: “Obviously the situation is incredibly dire”.

Following the “strategic breakthrough” of Russian military forces in the Kharkov Region, about whom living in a bubble of his own delusions NATO Supreme Allied Commander General Cavoli comically proclaimed “They don't have the skill and the ability to do it”, this report continues, President Putin declared: “Ukraine is to blame for recent fighting in the area, as it unfortunately continues to shell residential blocks in the border areas, including Belgorod...Civilians are dying out there...Everything is crystal clear...They are firing directly at the center of the city...We publicly warned Kiev that Russia would be forced to establish a cordon sanitaire in the areas under Kiev’s control if the attacks continued...This is what we are doing...As for the capture of] Kharkov, there are no such plans for today”.

As for why the Russian military has no plans to capture Kharkov, this report concludes, is because it’s not fighting a war for territorial gain, but is waging a campaign of “aggressive attrition” to systematically deplete the military forces of the Ukraine Nazi Regime and obliterate its billions-of-dollars worth of socialist Western colonial supplied weapons—a campaign of “aggressive attrition” the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced about today that over 1,330 Ukrainian soldiers on all battle front have been killed during the past 24 hours, then revealed: “In all, the following Ukrainian targets have been destroyed since the start of the special military operation: 600 warplanes, 274 helicopters, 24,111 unmanned aerial vehicles, 521 surface-to-air missile systems, 16,053 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 1,300 multiple rocket launchers, 9,607 field artillery guns and mortars and 21,753 special military motor vehicle”—is a campaign of “aggressive attrition” that follows President Putin proclaiming: “Today we hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield...Well, what can you say here?...Let them try...Russia by and large hasn't started anything seriously yet”, and yesterday he declared: “Russia will not yield to ultimatums from Ukraine and its Western backers as they try to gain diplomatically what they have failed to gain militarily”.

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Putin Destroys U.S. Weapons Meant for Zelenskyy

A Spetsnaz unit operating in Ukraine has destroyed a shipment of U.S. Stinger missiles the Biden regime had slated for the criminal Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who would have used the shoulder-fired, surface-to-air missiles to shoot down Russian planes and drones targeting Deep State assets in Eastern Europe, FSB agent Andrei Zakharov told Real Raw News.

On Tuesday, May 7, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) listened to a telephone call between Ukraine Defense Minister Rustem Umierov and Colonel General Mykola Oleschuk, commander of Ukraine’s air force. Umierov told Oleschuk he had terrific news: Stingers—part of Biden’s recent $61 billion “war-aid” package—would arrive at Warsaw Chopin International Airport, Poland, via Germany on May 10, and a convoy from Ukraine’s 43rd Rocket Army would pick up and bring the cargo to Kyiv.

Zakharov said General Valery Gerasimov, Hero of the Russian Federation, authored plans to intercept and obliterate the “illegal” arms shipment once it entered Ukraine and to slaughter all enemy forces present.

“This is our sovereign right,” Zakharov said. “The filth Zelenskyy would use these weapons to stop our attacks on child traffickers and pedophiles, President Putin’s Special Military Operation. After Ukraine gets possession of Stingers, it is theirs. We are not destroying USA property.”

Zakharov said General Gerasimov correctly predicted the convoy’s route—it traveled south to Krakow and then due east to the Border crossing Korczowa—Krakovets. Twenty miles farther down the road, the Spetsnaz had set an ambush on the highway between the border station and Lviv. Meanwhile, a second team began tailing six KrAZ-6322 cargo trucks—each carrying 60 Stingers—the moment their wheels touched Ukrainian soil.

At the intercept point, the Spetsnaz’ RPGs slammed into the lead and rear cargo trucks simultaneously, enveloping the crew compartments in expanding fireballs and clouds of inescapable shrapnel. Spetznas on either side of the road broke cover and hurled red canisters the size of soda cans into all six trucks. The canisters were white phosphorous grenades, hot enough to melt skin to the bone.

The Ukrainians guarding the Stingers stampeded from the trucks. Some had melted faces and scorched fabric fused to liquified muscle. Another had two cavities where his eyes used to be. He ran blindly into a phalanx of Kalashnikov fire.

The Spetsnaz, Zakharov said, cut down half of the opposition in less than a minute, at which point the 16 wounded survivors begged for mercy and surrendered, the highest-ranking officer pleading for the lives of his men and saying he was only following orders.

But the Spetsnaz had their orders—no survivors.

“They killed every one of those filth,” Zakharov said, “and left their shredded corpse on the road for Zelenskyy to come clean up. After all were dead, our soldiers planted explosives and blew up all the trucks and the stingers. Nothing survived.”

In closing, he said Vladimir Putin will use every method at his disposal to keep U.S. arms out of Zelenskyy’s warmongering hands.

Ukraine War “Tipping Closer To Triggering Nuclear Strike” Warning Issued

May 14, 2024

A forewarning new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin will travel to China this week to meet with President Xi Jinping on 16-17 May, says these two nuclear armed superpower leaders forged a “no limits partnership” on the opening day of the Winter Olympics in February-2022 to confront the socialist Western colonial powers flooding weapons into Ukraine and Taiwan, shortly after which President Putin launched the “Special De-Nazification Operation” to liberate Ukraine, that was followed by President Xi ordering Chinese military forces: “Prepare for war”.

In quick response to the announcement of President Putin and President Xi meeting, this report notes, top socialist Western colonial powers military commander NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg declared: “The war in Ukraine demonstrates that security is not regional, security is global...The main country that is enabling Russia to conduct its war of aggression against Ukraine in Europe, is China”—a comical declaration coming at the same time top socialist Biden Regime official Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived unannounced in Kiev this morning to reveal NATO is flooding more weapons into Ukraine, and he proclaimed: “In the near term, assistance is now on its way that will make a real difference against the Russian aggression”.

Earlier today, this report continues, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced about the new Russian offensive in the Kharkov Region: “The Russian armed forces have taken full control of settlement of Bugrovatka in the Kharkov region and advanced into the territory of Ukraine's defense”—an announcement quickly followed by Lieutenant General Kirill Budanov, the commander of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, grimly declaring: “The situation is on the edge...Every hour this situation moves toward critical”, then he warned: “Russia will launch a new offensive further north of Kharkiv, in the Sumy region”—the leftist Washington Post revealed: “For now, U.S. officials are watching the Russian push with concern but do not yet believe that the Ukrainians are on the verge of a significant territorial loss”—and was a revelation joined by leftist CNN chief international security correspondent Nick Paton Walsh gravely assessing: “The progress made by the Russian troops is arguably their fastest advance since the first days of the war...This is a nightmare for Kyiv for two reasons: firstly, they liberated this land from Russian forces 18 months ago, yet failed, clearly, to fortify the area enough to prevent Moscow sweeping back with the ease with which they were swept out...And secondly, Russia can again tie up Ukraine’s overstretched army with constant and grinding pressure on Kharkiv, exacting a toll with crude shelling on a vast urban center...Zelensky faces ugly choices about where to send limited resources, and where ultimately to sacrifice”.

While corrupt puppet leader Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky most certainly “faces ugly choices”, this report concludes, one of his socialist Western colonial puppet masters Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski proclaimed yesterday: “Combat actions in Ukraine may last for about 10 years”—and as to why the socialist Western colonial powers want a 10 year long conflict in Ukraine, it was explained last week by former top White House and Pentagon official Douglas Mackinnon, who, in his warning open letter “NATO Risks World War III In Ukraine — While Lining The Defense Industry’s Pockets”, beyond chillingly observed:

First, the truly alarming news next to no one seems to care about: Day by day, the war in Ukraine is tipping ever closer to triggering a nuclear strike.

Earlier this week, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. once again waved the warning flag on this pending cataclysm, posting: “The situation in Ukraine is on the brink of calamitous escalation. Do the military imperialists in Washington and their lackeys in Europe have any idea the danger they are courting? They are conducting foreign policy as if it were a game of chicken”.

Kennedy is nightmarishly correct. Be it the actions of the Biden administration, the United Kingdom, France or others, some in the West seem intent in daring Vladimir Putin and the Russians to do the unthinkable. Why?

Leaving aside the ever-malleable arguments that: “We have to stand as one against Putin”, “We have to save the people of Ukraine” or “We have to protect NATO”, there are also other forces at work here. First among them: money.

Before we get there, for those trying to “save the people and infrastructure of Ukraine”, I am truly sad to report that you have failed. While most in the media seem averse to reporting certain facts in the country, this much is true: Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children have been killed or wounded; much of the infrastructure of the country has been reduced to rubble; and over 6 million Ukrainians have fled their nation. Those encouraging Ukraine to fight to its last citizen from the comfort and safety of their offices thousands of miles from the battlefield need to come up with a more convincing rationale.

Now, back to the money. Toward the end of April, President Biden signed yet another aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, this one to the tune of $95 billion. But, as they used to say in the late-night commercials, “Wait, there’s more”. As reported last month: “Ukraine and US working on long-term security agreement”.

How long is “long term”? According to venture capitalist and podcast host David Sacks — as well as others — “long term” would equal approximately 10 years and cost upwards of $1 trillion.

Clearly, for a number of defense contractors in our nation and in Europe, Ukraine has become the gift that keeps on giving.

But when does a never-ending supply of taxpayer money begin to resemble “fraud, waste and abuse”? Some would certainly say now, as hundreds of millions of dollars have already disappeared down various rat holes in Ukraine with no accountability.

Next, at what point do the billions and billions of aid pouring into Ukraine begin to resemble the world’s largest Ponzi scheme?

One definition of that age-old scam is a form of fraud that pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors. Except in this case, the “earlier” and “more recent” investors are not doing so of their own volition. Their various governments are deciding for them, as they take their hard-earned money and turn it over by the billions to Ukraine or, quite possibly, criminal enterprises.

The grift in this case can sound very much like this: “We have to prop up Ukraine now by sending hundreds of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars, so we won’t have to send in U.S. troops later”. Gee, and just who would be ordering those troops into combat in Ukraine?

Going back to Kennedy’s warning, we now seem to be — without anyone asking for our approval — engaging in a game of nuclear “chicken” with Putin and Russia over Ukraine.

Insane hubris at the least.

As RFK Jr. posted: “British Foreign Secretary David Cameron recently stated that Ukraine has the right to use British weapons to strike Russia. In return, Moscow warned the British ambassador that that would provoke Russian retaliation against London”.

The New York Times reported last week that the U.S. secretly shipped ATACM missiles to Ukraine that can strike deep into Russian territory; not by coincidence, Russia announced training maneuvers using tactical nuclear weapons.

Does any of that make your blood run cold? It should.

None of the experts I have spoken with over the course of the last two years believe Ukraine can win this war. It’s long past the time to blow the whistle on the Ponzi scheme, end the game of nuclear “chicken” and enter into a negotiated settlement. At some point, Putin is sure to tire of the game and drive straight into the oncoming vehicle. What then will be the literal fallout from that explosion?

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers


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Saturday, May 11, 2024

UNGA votes 143-9 to upgrade Palestinian statehood status

Screens show the voting result during the United Nations General Assembly vote on a draft resolution that would recognize the Palestinians as qualified to become a full U.N. member, in New York City, US May 10, 2024. (credit: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters)

The United Nations General Assembly voted 143-9 to upgrade the Palestinian’s status as a non-member observer state, granting it all but voting rights with regard to all activities related to its plenum.

Argentina, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Micronesia, Nauru, Papa New Guinea, Palau, and the United States opposed the resolution.

Among those countries that supported the text were many European Union members,  Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.

Australia also supported the resolution, while Canada, Great Britain, and Ukraine abstained.

There are already some 143 countries that recognize Palestine as a state.

The UNGA vote, which is mostly symbolic, is viewed as an international referendum in support of unilateral Palestinian statehood.

Controversy over Palestinian recognition

Many Western and European countries have believed that full Palestinian statehood recognition and Palestinian UN membership should come at the end of a final status agreement that tends to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In light of Hamas’s invasion of southern Israel on October 7 that sparked the Gaza War, a number of Western countries have reconsidered their position.

Israel immediately attacked the decision, as a prize for terrorism, given that it comes in the aftermath of Hamas’s October 7 attack, which sparked the Gaza war.

It also warned that such a step would harm negotiation for the release of the remaining 132 hostages held by Hamas and other terror groups in Gaza.

“The message that the UN is sending to our suffering region: violence pays off,” the Foreign Ministry stated.

“The decision to upgrade the status of Palestinians in the UN is a prize for Hamas terrorists after they committed the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust and perpetrated the most heinous sexual crimes the world has seen,” it stated.

“The decision also provides a tailwind to Hamas amid negotiations for the release of the 132 hostages and humanitarian relief, further complicating the prospects for a deal,” Israel’s Foreign Ministry stated.

“Israel seeks peace, and peace will only be achieved through direct negotiation between the parties,” the Foreign Ministry said, as it thanked those countries that opposed the resolution, explaining that they stood “on the right side of history and morality.”

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz posted on X that, “The political theater of the United Nations made an artificial, distorted and disconnected decision.”

“We want peace, we want freedom,” Palestinian UN Ambassador Riyad Mansour told the assembly before the vote. “A yes vote is a vote for Palestinian existence, it is not against any state. … It is an investment in peace.”

“Voting yes is the right thing to do,” he said in remarks that drew applause.

Under the founding UN Charter, membership is open to “peace-loving states” that accept the obligations in that document and are able and willing to carry them out.

“As long as so many of you are ‘Jew-hating,’ you don’t really care that the Palestinians are not ‘peace-loving’,” UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan, who spoke after Mansour, told his fellow diplomats. He accused the assembly of shredding the UN Charter – as he used a small shredder to destroy a copy of the Charter while at the lectern.

“Shame on you,” Erdan said.

Deputy US Ambassador to the UN. Robert Wood told the General Assembly after the vote that unilateral measures at the UN and on the ground will not advance a two-state solution.

“Our vote does not reflect opposition to Palestinian statehood; we have been very clear that we support it and seek to advance it meaningfully. Instead, it is an acknowledgment that statehood will only come from a process that involves direct negotiations between the parties,” he said.

The resolution affirmed that “Palestine is qualified for membership in the United Nations in accordance with article 4 of the Charter and should therefore be admitted to membership in the United Nations.”

The resolution affirmed “the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, including the right to their independent State of Palestine.”

It called on the UN Security Council to grant the Palestinians membership in the UN. The approval of the 15-member UNSC is a necessary state for UN membership.

The Palestinians with the help of the United Arab Emirates, which authored Friday’s resolution, turned the UNGA after the United States used its veto power in the UNSC to block Palestinain UN membership.

None of the UN member states have veto power in the UNGA where the Palestinians have an automatic majority.

In 2012 the UNGA granted the Palestinians all the rights of a non-member observer state, in a vote that was approved 138-9. At the time Argentina supported the measure, while Canada opposed it.

Reuters contributed to this report. Source:


India has voted in favour of a draft resolution at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) that seeks full membership of Palestine in the UN. The UNGA with its 193 members met for an emergency meeting on Friday. UAE, as chair of the Arab group for May, presented the Arab group resolution admission of new members to UN. The resolution got 143 votes in favour, including india, nine against and 25 abstention.

India Votes In Favour Of UN Resolution Condemning Israeli Settlements In Palestine


US Senators Issue ‘Mafia-Style’ Threat towards ICC- International Criminal Court- as Israeli Military Enters Rafah

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Was Edgar Cayce’s Prophesy that Russia would be the Hope of the World against the Sons of Belial just Fulfilled?

In 1935, Edgar Cayce predicted that Russia would be “the hope of the world” by freeing humanity from the modern-day incarnation of the ‘Sons of Belial’ that had previously brought about the destruction of Atlantis. Known generally as a Satanic Cabal, Illuminati, or the Deep State, the ‘Sons of Belial’ have manipulated humanity throughout the ages by contriving international conflicts to bring about major destruction through economic collapses and major regional wars.

We know from the testimony of General Wesley Clark, the former Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, that in September 2001, the Deep State planned to bring about the destruction of seven Middle East countries: Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Iran.

The planned destruction of these seven countries was revealed to be part of an insidious Deep State plan to manufacture a major regional war involving Israel and its neighbors, which would suck nuclear superpowers into opposing sides of a Gog and Magog End Times war.

The Deep State plan called for the destruction of Syria, but one major nation intervened to challenge this plan – the Russian Federation under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin. Further Deep State machinations involving Ukraine and Iran have also been neutralized by Putin’s Russia, thus dashing the prospects of an End Times Gog and Magog war.

April of 2024 was the month when the planned war with Iran was to break out, happening after Israel’s unprecedented strike on an Iranian embassy compound in Damascus, Syria. Like a bad omen, Israel’s strike and Iran’s expected retaliation coincided with peak sunspot activity in our solar system. On April 13, sunspot activity passed 120, and from April 17 – 25, there were over 200 daily sunspots. Studies have shown that major wars consistently breakout during peak sunspot activity.

On April 14, during this peaking of sunspot activity, Iran retaliated against Israel with an unprecedented direct drone and missile strike. Five days later, Israel retaliated with an unprecedented direct drone and missile strike on Iranian territory.  Fortunately, Russia intervened to play a critical role in ensuring that Iran constrained its responses to Israel’s attacks, thereby preventing a major regional war from erupting.

Importantly, positive extraterrestrial groups have been aiding Russia to deal with the advanced technologies used by the Deep State in making and conducting its plans. Russia also possesses a very capable, if small, secret space program that it has been using very effectively to neutralize the Deep State’s moves. And finally, Russia’s elite PSI Corps continues to play a critical behind-the-scenes role in anticipating and neutralizing Deep State activities.

In my webinar on Saturday, May 4, I will discuss these world-shaking events in detail, how they relate to the emergence of Russia’s Secret Space Pprogram, its elite PSI Corps, relations with non-human intelligences, and how Russia became the final obstacle to Deep State global plans thereby fulfilling Cayce’s 1935 prophesy.

I hope you can join me in an exciting and hope-filled webinar.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Date: May 4, 2024 Time: 11 am (PDT), 2 pm (EDT), 6 pm (GMT)

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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Will Zionism Self-Destruct?

In the summer following Israel’s 2006 (unsuccessful) war on Hizbullah, Dick Cheney sat in his office loudly bemoaning Hizbullah’s continuing strength; and worse still, that it seemed to him that Iran had been the primary beneficiary from the US 2003 Iraq war.

Cheney’s guest – the then Saudi Intelligence Chief, Prince Bandar – vigorously concurred (as chronicled by John Hannah, who participated in the meeting) and, to general surprise, Prince Bandar proclaimed that Iran yet could be cut to size: Syria was the “weak” link between Iran and Hizbullah that could be collapsed via an Islamist insurgency, Bandar proposed. Cheney’s initial scepticism turned to elation as Bandar said that US involvement would be unnecessary: He, Prince Bandar, would orchestrate and manage the project. “Leave it to me,” he said.

Bandar separately told John Hannah: “The King knows that other than the collapse of the Islamic Republic itself, nothing would weaken Iran more than losing Syria.”

Thus began a new phase of attrition on Iran. The regional balance of power was to be decisively shifted towards Sunni Islam – and the region’s monarchies.

That old balance from the Shah’s time in which Persia enjoyed regional primacy was to be ended: conclusively, the US, Israel and the Saudi King hoped.

Iran – already badly bruised by the “imposed” Iran-Iraq war – resolved never again to be so vulnerable. Iran aimed to find a path to strategic deterrence in the context of a region dominated by the overwhelming air dominance enjoyed by its adversaries.

What occurred this Saturday 14 April – some 18 years later – therefore was of utmost importance.

Despite the bruhaha and distraction following Iran’s attack, Israel and the US know the truth: Iran’s missiles were able to penetrate directly into Israel’s two most sensitive and highly defended air bases and sites. Behind the whooping western rhetoric lies Israeli shock and fear. Their bases are no longer “untouchable.”

Israel also knows – but cannot admit – that the so-called “assault” was no assault but an Iranian message to assert the new strategic equation: That any Israeli attack on Iran or its personnel will result in retribution from Iran into Israel.

This act of setting the new “balance of power equation” unites the diverse Fronts against the US’ “connivance with Israeli actions in the Middle East, that are at the core of Washington’s policy – and in many ways the root-cause of new tragedies” – in the words of Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Ryabkov.

The equation represents a key “Front” – together with Russia’s war against NATO in Ukraine – for persuading the West that its exceptionalist and redemptive myth has proved to be a fatal conceit; that it must be discarded; and that deep cultural change in the West needs to happen.

The roots to this wider cultural conflict are deep – but finally have been made explicit.

Prince Bandar’s post-2006 playing of the Sunni “card” was a flop (in no small part thanks to Russia’s intervention in Syria). AndIran, has come in from the cold and is firmly anchored as a primary regional power. It is the strategic partner to Russia and China. And Gulf States today have switched focus instead to money, “business” and Tech, rather than Salafist jurisprudence.

Syria, then targeted by the West and ostracised, has not only survived all that the West could “throw at it” but has been warmly embraced by the Arab League and rehabilitated. And Syria is now slowly finding its way to being itself again.

Yet even during the Syrian crisis, unforeseen dynamics to Prince Bandar’s playing of Islamist identity versus Arab socialist secular identity were playing out:

This was said in 2012:

“Over recent years we have heard the Israelis emphasise their demand for recognition of a specifically Jewish nation-state, rather than for an Israeli State, per se”;

– a state that would enshrine Jewish political, legal, and military exceptional rights.

“[At that time] … Muslim nations [were] seeking the “undoing” of the last remnants of the colonial era. Will we see the struggle increasingly epitomised as a primordial struggle between Jewish and Islamic religious symbols – between al-Aqsa and the Temple Mount?”

To be plain, what was apparent even then – in 2012 – was “that both Israel and its surrounding terrain are marching in step toward language which takes them far away from the underlying, largely secular concepts by which this conflict traditionally has been conceptualised. What [would] be the consequence – as the conflict, by its own logic, becomes a clash of religious poles?”

If, twelve years ago, the protagonists were explicitly moving away from the underlying secular concepts by which the West conceptualised the conflict, we, by contrast, are still trying to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the lens of secular, rationalist concepts – even as Israel quite evidently is seized by an increasingly Apocalyptic frenzy.

And by extension, we are stuck in trying to address the conflict through our habitual utilitarian, rationalist policy tool-set. And we wonder why it is not working. It is not working because all parties have moved beyond mechanical rationalism to a different plane.

The Conflict Becomes Eschatalogical

Last year’s election in Israel saw a revolutionary change: The Mizrahim walked into the Prime Minister’s office. These Jews coming from the Arab and North African sphere – now possibly the majority – and, with their political allies on the right, embraced a radical agenda: To complete the founding of Israel on the Land of Israel (i.e. no Palestinian State); to build the Third Temple (in place of Al-Aqsa); and to institute Halachic Law (in place of secular law).

None of this is what might be termed “secular” or liberal. It was intended as the revolutionary overthrow of the Ashkenazi élite. It was Begin who tied the Mizrahi firstly to the Irgun and then to Likud. The Mizrahim now in power have a vision of themselves as the true representatives of Judaism, with the Old Testament as their blueprint. And condescend to the European Ashkenazi liberals.

If we think we can put Biblical myths and injunctions behind us in our secular age – where much of contemporary western thinking makes a point of ignoring such dimensions, dismissing them as either confused, or irrelevant – we would be mistaken.

As one commentator writes:

At every turn, political figures in Israel now soak their proclamations in Biblical reference and allegory. The foremost of which [is] Netanyahu … You must remember what Amalek has done to you, says our Holy Bible, and we do remember – and we are fighting…’Here [Netanyahu] not only invokes the prophecy of Isaiah, but frames the conflict as that of “light” versus “darkness’ and good versus evil, painting the Palestinians as the Children of Darkness to be vanquished by the Chosen Ones: The Lord ordered King Saul to destroy the enemy and all his people: ‘Now go and defeat Amalek and destroy all that he has; and give him no mercy; but put to death both husband and wife; from youth to infant; from ox to sheep; from camel to donkey’ (15:3).

We might term this “hot eschatology” – a mode that is running wild amongst the young Israeli military cadres, to the point that the Israeli high command is losing control on the ground (lacking any mid-layer NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) class).

On the other hand –

The uprising launched from Gaza is not called Al-Aqsa Flood for nothing. Al-Aqsa is both a symbol of a storied Islamic civlisation, and it is also the bulwark against the building of the Third Temple, for which preparations are underway. The point here is that Al-Aqsa represents Islam in aggregate — neither Shi’i, nor Sunni, nor ideological Islam.

Then, at another level, we have, as it were, “dispassionate eschatology”: When Yahyah Sinwar writes of “Victory or Martyrdom”for his people in Gaza; when Hizbullah speaks of sacrifice; and when the Iranian Supreme Leader speaks of Hussain bin Ali (the grandson of the Prophet) and some 70 companions in 680 CE, standing before inexorable slaughter against an 1,000 strong army, in the name of Justice, these sentiments simply are beyond the reach of western Utilitarian comprehension.

We cannot easily rationalise the latter “way of being” in western modes of thought. However, as Hubert Védrine, France’s former Foreign Minister, observes – though titularly secular – the West nonetheless is “consumed by the spirit of proselytism.” That Saint Paul’s “go and evangelize all nations” has become “go and spread human rights to all the world”… And that this proselytism is extremely deep in [western DNA]: “Even the very least religious, totally atheists, they still have this in mind, [even though] they don’t know where it comes from.”

We might term this secular eschatology, as it were. It is certainly consequential.

A Military Revolution: We’re Ready Now

Iran, through all the West’s attrition, has pursued its astute strategy of “strategic patience” – keeping conflicts away from its borders. A strategy that focused heavily on diplomacy and trade; and soft power to engage positively with near and far neighbors alike.

Behind this quietist front of stage, however, lay the evolution to “active deterrence” which required long military preparation and the nurturing of allies.

Our understanding of the world became antiquated

Just occasionally, very occasionally, a military revolution can upend the prevailing strategic paradigm. This was Qasem Suleimani’s key insight. This is what “active deterrence” implies. The switch to a strategy that could upend prevailing paradigms.

Both Israel and the US have armies that are conventionally far more powerful than their adversaries which are mostly composed of small non-state rebels or revolutionaries. The latter are treated more as mutineers within the traditionalist colonial framing, and for whom a whiff of firepower generally is considered sufficient.

The West, however, has not fully assimilated the military revolutions now underway. There has been a radical shift in the balance of power between low-tech improvisation and expensive complex (and less robust) weapons platforms.

The Additional Ingredients

What makes Iran’s new military approach truly transformative have been two additional factors: One was the appearance of an outstanding military strategist (now assassinated); and secondly, his ability to mix and apply these new tools in a wholly novel matrix. The fusion of these two factors – together with low-tech drones and cruise missiles – completed the revolution.

The philosophy driving this military strategy is clear: the West is over-invested in air dominance and in its carpet fire power. It prioritises “shock and awe” thrusts, but quickly exhausts itself early in the encounter. This rarely can be sustained for long. The Resistance aim is to exhaust the enemy.

The second key principle driving this new military approach concerns the careful calibration of the intensity of conflict, upping and lowering the flames as appropriate; and, at the same time, keeping escalatory dominance within the Resistance’s control.

In Lebanon, in 2006, Hizbullah remained deep underground whilst the Israeli air assault swept across overhead. The physical surface damage was huge, yet their forces were unaffected and emerged from deep tunnels – only afterwards. Then came the 33 days of Hizbullah’s missile barrage – until Israel called it quits.

So, is there any strategic point to an Israeli military response to Iran?

Israelis widely believe that without deterrence – without the world fearing them – they cannot survive. October 7 set this existential fear burning through Israeli society. Hezbollah’s very presence only exacerbates it – and now Iran has rained missiles down into Israel directly.

The opening of the Iranian front, in a certain way, initially may have benefited Netanyahu: the IDF defeat in the Gaza war; the hostage release impasse; the continuing displacement of Israelis from the north; and even the murder of the World Kitchen aid workers – all are temporarily forgotten. The West has grouped at Israel’s – and Netanyahu’s – side again. Arab states are again co-operating. And attention has moved from Gaza to Iran.

So far, so good (from Netanyahu’s perspective, no doubt). Netanyahu has been angling to draw the US into war with Israel against Iran for two decades (albeit with successive US Presidents declining the dangerous prospect).

But to cut Iran down to size would require US military assistance.

Netanyahu senses Biden’s weakness and has the tools and knowhow by which he can manipulate US politics: Indeed, worked in this way, Netanyahu might force Biden to continue to arm Israel, and even to embrace his widening of the war to Hizbullah in Lebanon.


Israel’s strategy from past decades will continue with its hope of achieving some Chimeric transformative “de-radicalisation” of Palestinians that will make “Israel safe.”

A former Israeli Ambassador to the US argues that Israel can have no peace without such “transformative de-radicalisation.” “If we do it right,” Ron Dermer insists, “it will make Israel stronger – and the US too.” It is in this context that the War Cabinet’s insistence on retaliation against Iran should be understood.

Rational argument advocating moderation is read as inviting defeat.

All of which is to say that Israelis are psychologically very far from being able to reconsider the content to the Zionist project of Jewish special rights. For now, they are on a completely different path, trusting to a Biblical reading that many Israelis have come to view as mandatory injunctions under Halachic Law.

Hubert Védrine asks us the supplementary question: “Can we imagine a West that manages to preserve the societies it has birthed – and yet “is not proselytizing, not-interventionist? In other words, a West that can accept alterity, that can live with others – and accept them for who they are.”

Védrine says this “is not a problem of the diplomatic machines: it’s a question of profound soul-searching, a deep cultural change that needs to happen in western society.”

A “trial of strength” between Israel and the Resistance Fronts ranged against it likely cannot be avoided.

The die has been deliberately cast this way.

Netanyahu is gambling big with Israel’s – and America’s – future. And he may lose.

If there is a regional war, and Israel suffers defeat, then what?

When exhaustion (and defeat) finally settles in, and the parties “scrabble in the drawer” for new solutions to their strategic distress, the truly transformative solution would be for an Israeli leader to think the “unthinkable” – to think of one state between the River and the Sea.

And, for Israel – tasting the bitter herbs of “things fallen apart” – to talk directly with Iran.

GeneralMCNews Apr 25, 2024