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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

ET Contact About to Kick into High Gear

The Galactic Federation has been working for thousands of years to help all beings in the universe.

The purpose of the Galactic Federation is to give all life forms in the universe the opportunity to evolve spiritually at an accelerated rate and accelerate their personal ascension process.

They are sending us highly evolved spiritual teachers to teach us the metaphysical knowledge we need.

They came here to help us with our evolution and give us the spiritual awareness needed to make the transition into the higher dimensions of existence.

They will help us in our evolution; we will learn from them how to contact ET civilizations and become members of their Confederation, where we will be able to transform our bodies into healthy light bodies!

We no longer need to rely on the old ways of thinking because now we can focus on more important things like love and compassion for all beings. We no longer need to be ruled by fear or frustration because now we can think differently and do different things than before.

This new vision of life will lead us all into a brighter future for humanity, which will be filled with peace, love, and joy for all beings!

The dark forces are doing everything they can to stop us from moving forward on this path of ascension and freedom. They are afraid that if we succeed, they will lose power over us as well as over the planet itself. They hope that by stopping us, they can continue to enslave people under their control and keep them stuck in fear-based thinking patterns that they have used since time began.

The Galactic Federation is here to help us understand how to make this transition from one level of consciousness to another. It is important that you know the truth about yourself so that you can help others in the same way that you have been helped.

So the Galactic Federation has sent a message to humanity: "You Are Not Alone." This means that we are all part of an interconnected universe where everything exists together as one being or a whole system of energy.

There is no division between us or any other living thing on Earth because we are all connected through love and compassion for each other, ourselves, and all other beings in Creation.

Whenever you are alone and feel lonely, remember this and know that you are never alone in your thoughts and feelings. Even if no one is around, the spirit of love is always with you because you belong to the universe, and it loves you!

As long as we do not neglect ourselves by locking away our hearts and minds, the Galactic Federation will continue to support and guide us in this lifetime on Earth.

It is their intention to reintegrate all Humans into the Universal Family. It must start with each person willing to embrace their own divinity and liberate themselves from their human mind and ego selves.

So what's the point in knowing this? Many people will just 'brush it off" and move on with their lives. But I think it's useful to know, from a practical perspective, that all these years, we've been looking for ways to connect humanity and bring peace. But all along, peace has existed within us as our fundamental unity with all things.

We are ALL ONE. So, how exactly do we connect or reconnect with this wholeness? To begin, we can practice self-love and compassion. If we can't love and embrace ourselves unconditionally, how can we truly see the beauty within and around us?

I know that I've experienced this to be a very positive thought. We all experience negative things in the universe, but it's worthwhile to remember that it is good in the world, and we can work towards more positive experiences if we choose to.

Feel compassion for yourself and others, love yourself and others as yourself, and know that you are connected to everything around you!

In closing, I would like to encourage the members of humanity's collective planetary consciousness to remain calm during this period of "detoxing" and to be gentle with themselves if feelings of fear or doubt arise.

You see, fear is a natural part of the process because it's an indicator that we are releasing emotion that no longer serves us, but as long as we remind ourselves that we are eternal beings and source energy is always available to us in every moment, then any fears that may arise will be short-lived and temporary.

In fact, they will simply serve as a reminder that we are progressing along our path toward becoming even more conscious versions of ourselves. As you release this agitated state, your energy levels will naturally replenish so that you can enjoy more fully whatever it is you have worked so hard for.

The huge changes we will experience in the not-so-distant future are for the positive and for our spiritual growth as individual beings! By sending this message, I hope to inform, inspire, and uplift you with thoughts about living in alignment with the Divine for a wonderful life!

We love you dearly,
We are here with you,
We are your family of light,
We are the Galactic Federation.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation


Unsung Hero



A Harmless Man is not a 'Good' Man

Monday, June 19, 2023

"What is a Woman?" ~ Why is This Question So Confusing to So Many?

Matt Walsh Documentary ~ "What is a Woman?" ~ Why is This Question So Confusing to So Many?

What Is a Woman? is a 2022 American documentary about gender and transgender issues presented by conservative political commentator Matt Walsh, released by The Daily Wire, and directed by Justin Folk. The documentary features interviews with several medical professionals and even the famous Dr. Phil.

Monday, May 1, 2023

"Snake Is The Charm Of Lord Shiva's Neck"


One day had Zarathustra fallen asleep under a fig-tree, owing to the heat, with his arm over his face. And there came an adder and bit him in the neck, so that Zarathustra screamed with pain. When he had taken his arm from his face he looked at the serpent; and then did it recognize the eyes of Zarathustra, wriggled awkwardly, and tried to get away. 
"Not at all," said Zarathustra, "as yet have you not received my thanks! you have awakened me in time; my journey is yet long." "your journey is short," said the adder sadly; "my poison is fatal." Zarathustra smiled. "When did ever a dragon die of a serpent's poison?" - said he. "But take your poison back! you are not rich enough to present it to me." Then fell the adder again on his neck, and licked his wound. 
When Zarathustra once told this to his disciples they asked him: "And what, O Zarathustra, is the moral of your story?" And Zarathustra answered them thus:

The destroyer of morality, the good and just call me: my story is immoral.

When, however, you have an enemy, then return him not good for evil: for that would abash him. But prove that he has done something good to you.

And rather be angry than abash any one! And when you are cursed, it pleases me not that you should then desire to bless. Rather curse a little also!

And should a great injustice befall you, then do quickly five small ones besides. Hideous to behold is he on whom injustice presses alone.

Did you ever know this? Shared injustice is half justice. And he who can bear it, shall take the injustice upon himself!

A small revenge is more human than no revenge at all. And if the punishment be not also a right and an honor to the transgressor, I do not like your punishing.

Nobler is it to own oneself in the wrong than to establish one's right, especially if one be in the right. Only, one must be rich enough to do so.

I do not like your cold justice; out of the eye of your judges there al- ways glances the executioner and his cold steel.

Tell me: where find we justice, which is love with seeing eyes?

Devise me, then, the love which not only bears all punishment, but also all guilt! 
Devise me, then, the justice which acquits everyone except the judge!

And would you hear this likewise? To him who seeks to be just from the heart, even the lie becomes philanthropy.

But how could I be just from the heart! How can I give everyone his own! Let this be enough for me: I give to everyone my own.

Finally, my brothers, guard against doing wrong to any anchorite. How could an hermit forget! How could he requite!

Like a deep well is an anchorite. Easy is it to throw in a stone: if it should sink to the bottom, however, tell me, who will bring it out again?

Guard against injuring the anchorite! If you have done so, however, well then, kill him also! -

Thus spoke Zarathustra.

Sunday, February 19, 2023



HERE do I sit and wait, old broken tables around me and also new half-written tables. When comes my hour?

-The hour of my descent, of my down-going: for once more will I go to men.

For that hour do I now wait: for first must the signs come to me that it is my hour - namely, the laughing lion with the flock of doves.

Meanwhile do I talk to myself as one who has time. No one tells me anything new, so I tell myself my own story.  


When I came to men, then found I them resting on an old infatuation: all of them thought they had long known what was good and bad for men.

An old wearisome business seemed to them all discourse about virtue; and he who wished to sleep well spoke of "good" and "bad" are retiring to rest.

This somnolence did I disturb when I taught that no one yet knows what is good and bad: - unless it be the creating one!

-It is he, however, who creates man's goal, and gives to the earth its meaning and its future: he only effects it that ought is good or bad.

And I bade them upset their old academic chairs, and wherever that old infatuation had sat; I bade them laugh at their great moralists, their saints, their poets, and their saviours.

At their gloomy sages did I bid them laugh, and whoever had sat admonishing as a black scarecrow on the tree of life.

On their great grave-highway did I seat myself, and even beside the carrion and vultures - and I laughed at all their bygone and its mellow decaying glory.

Truly, like penitential preachers and fools did I cry wrath and shame on all their greatness and smallness. 

Oh, that their best is so very small! Oh, that their worst is so very small! Thus did I laugh.

Thus did my wise longing, born in the mountains, cry and laugh in me; a wild wisdom, truly! - my great opinion-rustling longing.

And often did it carry me off and up and away and in the midst of laughter; then flew I quivering like an arrow with sun-intoxicated rapture:

-Out into distant futures, which no dream has yet seen, into warmer souths than ever sculptor conceived, - where gods in their dancing are ashamed of all clothes:

(That I may speak in parables and halt and stammer like the poets: and truly I am ashamed that I have still to be a poet!)

Where all becoming seemed to me dancing of gods, and wantoning of gods, and the world unloosed and unbridled and fleeing back to itself:-

-As an eternal self-fleeing and re-seeking of one another of many gods, as the blessed self-contradicting, recommuning, and refraternising with one another of many gods:-

Where all time seemed to me a blessed mockery of moments, where necessity was freedom itself, which played happily with the goad of freedom:-  

Where I also found again my old devil and arch-enemy, the spirit of gravity, and all that it created: constraint, law, necessity and con- sequence and purpose and will and good and evil:-

For must there not be that which is danced over, danced beyond? Must there not, for the sake of the nimble, the nimblest, - be moles and clumsy dwarfs? -


There was it also where I picked up from the path the word "overman," and that man is something that must be surpassed.

-That man is a bridge and not a goal - rejoicing over his noontides and evenings, as advances to new rosy dawns:

-The Zarathustra word of the great noontide, and whatever else I have hung up over men like purple evening-afterglows.

Truly, also new stars did I make them see, along with new nights; and over cloud and day and night, did I spread out laughter like a gay-coloured canopy.

I taught them all my poetisation and aspiration: to compose and collect into unity what is fragment in man, and riddle and fearful chance;-

-As composer, riddle-reader, and redeemer of chance, did I teach them to create the future, and all that has been - to redeem by creating.

The past of man to redeem, and every "It was" to transform, until the Will says: "But so did I will it! So shall I will it-"

-This did I call redemption; this alone taught I them to call redemption. --

Now do I await my redemption - that I may go to them for the last time.

For once more will I go to men: among them will my sun set; in dying will I give them my choicest gift!

From the sun did I learn this, when it goes down, the exuberant one: gold does it then pour into the sea, out of inexhaustible riches,-

-So that the poorest fisherman rows even with golden oars! For this did I once see, and did not tire of weeping in beholding it. - -

Like the sun will also Zarathustra go down: now sits he here and waits, old broken tables around him, and also new tables - half-written.


Behold, here is a new table; but where are my brothers who will carry it with me to the valley and into hearts of flesh?-

Thus demands my great love to the remotest ones: be not considerate of your neighbour! Man is something that must be surpassed.

There are many diverse ways and modes of surpassing: see you to this!  

But only a buffoon thinks: "man can also be overleapt."

Surpass yourself even in your neighbour: and a right which you can seize upon, shall you not allow to be given you!

What you do can no one do to you again. Behold, there is no requital. He who cannot command himself shall obey. And many a one can command himself, but still sorely lacks self-obedience! 


Thus wishes the type of noble souls: they desire to have nothing gratuitously, least of all, life.

He who is of the populace wishes to live gratuitously; we others, however, to whom life has given itself - we are ever considering what we can best give in return!

And truly, it is a noble dictum which says: "What life promises us, that promise will we keep - to life!"

One should not wish to enjoy where one does not contribute to the enjoyment. And one should not wish to enjoy!

For enjoyment and innocence are the most bashful things. Neither like to be sought for. One should have them, - but one should rather seek for guilt and pain! -


O my brothers, he who is a firstling is ever sacrificed. Now, however, are we firstlings!

We all bleed on secret sacrificial altars, we all burn and broil in honour of ancient idols.

Our best is still young: this excites old palates. Our flesh is tender, our skin is only lambs' skin: - how could we not excite old idol-priests!

In ourselves dwells he still, the old idol-priest, who broils our best for his banquet. Ah, my brothers, how could firstlings fail to be sacrifices! 

But so wishes our type; and I love those who do not wish to preserve themselves, the down-going ones do I love with my entire love: for they go beyond. - 


To be true - that can few be! And he who can, will not! Least of all, however, can the good be true.

Oh, those good ones! Good men never speak the truth. For the spirit, thus to be good, is a malady.

They yield, those good ones, they submit themselves; their heart repeats, their soul obeys: he, however, who obeys, does not listen to him- self!

All that is called evil by the good, must come together in order that one truth may be born. O my brothers, are you also evil enough for this truth?  

The daring venture, the prolonged distrust, the cruel No, the tedium, the cutting-into-the-quick - how seldom do these come together! Out of such seed, however - is truth produced!

Beside the bad conscience has thus far grown all knowledge! Break up, break up, you discerning ones, the old tables!


When the water has planks, when gangways and railings overspan the stream, truly, he is not believed who then says: "All is in flux."

But even the simpletons contradict him. "What?" say the simpletons, "all in flux? Planks and railings are still over the stream!

"Over the stream all is stable, all the values of things, the bridges and bearings, all 'good' and 'evil': these are all stable!"-

Comes, however, the hard winter, the stream-tamer, then learn even the wittiest distrust, and truly, not only the simpletons then say: "Should not everything - stand still?"

"Fundamentally stands everything still" - that is an appropriate winter doctrine, good cheer for an unproductive period, a great comfort for winter-sleepers and fireside-loungers.

"Fundamentally stands everything still"-: but contrary to this, preaches the thawing wind!

The thawing wind, a bullock, which is no ploughing bullock - a furious bullock, a destroyer, which with angry horns breaks the ice! The ice however - - breaks gangways!

O my brothers, is not everything at present in flux? Have not all rail- ings and gangways fallen into the water? Who would still hold on to "good" and "evil"?

"Woe to us! Hail to us! The thawing wind blows!" - Thus preach, my brothers, through all the streets!


There is an old illusion - it is called good and evil. Around soothsayers and astrologers has thus far revolved the orbit of this illusion.

Once did one believe in soothsayers and astrologers; and therefore did one believe, "Everything is fate: you shall, for you must!"

Then again did one distrust all soothsayers and astrologers; and therefore did one believe, "Everything is freedom: you can, for you will!"

O my brothers, concerning the stars and the future there has thus far been only illusion, and not knowledge; and therefore concerning good and evil there has thus far been only illusion and not knowledge!


"You shall not rob! You shall not slay!" - such precepts were once called holy; before them did one bow the knee and the head, and take off one's shoes.

But I ask you: Where have there ever been better robbers and slayers in the world than such holy precepts?

Is there not even in all life - robbing and slaying? And for such precepts to be called holy, was not truth itself thereby - slain?

-Or was it a sermon of death that called holy what contradicted and dissuaded from life? - O my brothers, break up, break up for me the old tables!


It is my sympathy with all the past that I see it is abandoned,- -Abandoned to the favour, the spirit and the madness of every generation that comes, and reinterprets all that has been as its bridge!

A great potentate might arise, an artful prodigy, who with approval and disapproval could strain and constrain all the past, until it became for him a bridge, a harbinger, a herald, and a cock-crowing.

This however is the other danger, and my other sympathy: - he who is of the populace, his thoughts go back to his grandfather, - with his grandfather, however, does time cease.

Thus is all the past abandoned: for it might some day happen for the populace to become master, and drown all time in shallow waters. 

Therefore, O my brothers, a new nobility is needed, which shall be the adversary of all populace and potentate rule, and shall inscribe anew the word "noble" on new tables.

For many noble ones are needed, and many kinds of noble ones, for a new nobility! Or, as I once said in parable: "That is just divinity, that there are gods, but no God!"


O my brothers, I consecrate you and point you to a new nobility: you shall become procreators and cultivators and sowers of the future;- 

-Truly, not to a nobility which you could purchase like traders with traders' gold; for little worth is all that has its price.

Let it not be your honour henceforth whence you come, but where you go! Your Will and your feet which seek to surpass you - let these be your new honour!

Truly, not that you have served a prince - of what account are princes now! - nor that you have become a bulwark to that which stands, that it may stand more firmly.

Not that your family have become courtly at courts, and that you have learned - gay-coloured, like the flamingo - to stand long hours in shallow pools:

(For ability-to-stand is a merit in courtiers; and all courtiers believe that to blessedness after death pertains - permission-to-sit!)

Nor even that a Spirit called Holy, led your forefathers into promised lands, which I do not praise: for where the worst of all trees grew - the cross, - in that land there is nothing to praise!-

-And truly, wherever this "Holy Spirit" led its knights, always in such campaigns did - goats and geese, and wry-heads and guy-heads run foremost!-

O my brothers, not backward shall your nobility gaze, but outward! Exiles shall you be from all fatherlands and forefather-lands!

Your children's land shall you love: let this love be your new nobility, - the undiscovered in the remotest seas! For it do I bid your sails search and search!

to your children shall you make amends for being the children of your fathers: all the past shall you thus redeem! This new table do I place over you!


"Why should one live? All is vain! To live - that is to thresh straw; to live - that is to burn oneself and yet not get warm.-

Such ancient babbling still passes for "wisdom"; because it is old, however, and smells mustily, therefore is it the more honoured. Even mould ennobles.-

Children might thus speak: they shun the fire because it has burnt them! There is much childishness in the old books of wisdom.

And he who ever "threshes straw," why should he be allowed to rail at threshing! Such a fool one would have to muzzle!

Such persons sit down to the table and bring nothing with them, not even good hunger: - and then do they rail: "All is vain!"

But to eat and drink well, my brothers, is truly no vain art! Break up, break up for me the tables of the never-joyous ones!


"To the clean are all things clean" - thus say the people. I, however, say to you: To the swine all things become swinish!

Therefore preach the visionaries and bowed-heads (whose hearts are also bowed down): "The world itself is a filthy monster."

For these are all unclean spirits; especially those, however, who have no peace or rest, unless they see the world from the backside - the believers in an afterworld!

To those do I say it to the face, although it sound unpleasantly: the world resembles man, in that it has a backside, - so much is true!

There is in the world much filth: so much is true! But the world itself is not therefore a filthy monster!

There is wisdom in the fact that much in the world smells badly: loathing itself creates wings, and fountain-divining powers!

In the best there is still something to loathe; and the best is still something that must be surpassed!-

O my brothers, there is much wisdom in the fact that much filth is in the world!


Such sayings did I hear pious the believers in an afterworld speak to their consciences, and truly without wickedness or guile, - although there is nothing more guileful in the world, or more wicked.

"Let the world be as it is! Raise not a finger against it!"

"Let whoever will choke and stab and skin and scrape the people: raise not a finger against it! Thereby will they learn to renounce the world."

"And your own reason - this shall you yourself stifle and choke; for it is a reason of this world, - thereby will you learn yourself to renounce the world."-

-Shatter, shatter, O my brothers, those old tables of the pious! Tatter the maxims of the world-maligners! -


"He who learns much unlearns all violent cravings" - that do people now whisper to one another in all the dark lanes.

"Wisdom wearies, nothing is worthwhile; you shall not crave!" - this new table found I hanging even in the public markets.

Break up for me, O my brothers, break up also that new table! The weary-o'-the-world put it up, and the preachers of death and the jailer: for behold, it is also a sermon for slavery:-

Because they learned badly and not the best, and everything too early and everything too fast; because they ate badly: from thence has resulted their ruined stomach;-

-For a ruined stomach, is their spirit: it persuades to death! For truly, my brothers, the spirit is a stomach!

Life is a well of delight, but to him in whom the ruined stomach speaks, the father of affliction, all fountains are poisoned.

To discern: that is delight to the lion-willed! But he who has become weary, is himself merely "willed"; with him play all the waves.

And such is always the nature of weak men: they lose themselves on their way. And at last asks their weariness: "Why did we ever go on the way? All is indifferent!"

To them sounds it pleasant to have preached in their ears: "Nothing is worthwhile! you shall not will!" That, however, is a sermon for slavery.

O my brothers, a fresh blustering wind comes Zarathustra to all way- weary ones; many noses will he yet make sneeze!

Even through walls blows my free breath, and into prisons and imprisoned spirits!

Willing emancipates: for willing is creating: so do I teach. And only for creating shall you learn!

And also the learning shall you learn only from me, the learning well! - He who has ears let him hear!


There stands the boat - there goes it over, perhaps into vast nothingness - but who wills to enter into this "Perhaps"?

None of you want to enter into the death-boat! How should you then be world-weary ones!

World-weary ones! And have not even withdrawn from the earth!

Eager did I ever find you for the earth, amorous still of your own earth- weariness!

Not in vain does your lip hang down: - a small worldly wish still sits thereon! And in your eye - floats there not a cloudlet of unforgotten earthly bliss?

There are on the earth many good inventions, some useful, some pleas- ant: for their sake is the earth to be loved.

And many such good inventions are there, that they are like woman's breasts: useful at the same time, and pleasant.

You world-weary ones, however! you earth-idlers! You, shall one beat with stripes! With stripes shall one again make you sprightly limbs.

For if you be not invalids, or decrepit creatures, of whom the earth is weary, then are you sly sloths, or dainty, sneaking pleasure-cats. And if you will not again run gaily, then shall you - pass away!

To the incurable shall one not seek to be a physician: thus teaches Zarathustra: - so shall you pass away!

But more courage is needed to make an end than to make a new verse: that do all physicians and poets know well. -


O my brothers, there are tables which weariness framed, and tables which slothfulness framed, corrupt slothfulness: although they speak similarly, they want to be heard differently.-

See this languishing one! Only a span-breadth is he from his goal; but from weariness has he lain down obstinately in the dust, this brave one! 

From weariness yawns he at the path, at the earth, at the goal, and at himself: not a step further will he go, - this brave one!

Now glows the sun upon him, and the dogs lick at his sweat: but he lies there in his obstinacy and prefers to languish:-

-A span-breadth from his goal, to languish! Truly, you will have to drag him into his heaven by the hair of his head - this hero!

Better still that you let him lie where he has lain down, that sleep may come to him, the comforter, with cooling patter-rain.

Let him lie, until of his own accord he awakens, - until of his own accord he repudiates all weariness, and what weariness has taught through him!

Only, my brothers, see that you scare the dogs away from him, the idle skulkers, and all the swarming vermin:-

-All the swarming vermin of the "cultured," that - feast on the sweat of every hero! -


I form circles around me and holy boundaries; ever fewer ascend with me ever higher mountains: I build a mountain-range out of ever holier mountains.-

But wherever you would ascend with me, O my brothers, take care lest a parasite ascend with you!

A parasite: that is a reptile, a creeping, cringing reptile, that tries to fatten on your infirm and sore places.

And this is its art: it divines where ascending souls are weary, in your trouble and dejection, in your sensitive modesty, does it build its loath- some nest.

Where the strong are weak, where the noble are all-too-gentle - there builds it its loathsome nest; the parasite lives where the great have small sore-places.

What is the highest of all species of being, and what is the lowest? The parasite is the lowest species; he, however, who is of the highest species feeds most parasites.

For the soul which has the longest ladder, and can go deepest down: how could there fail to be most parasites upon it?-

-The most comprehensive soul, which can run and stray and rove furthest in itself; the most necessary soul, which out of joy flings itself into chance:-

-The soul in Being, which plunges into Becoming; the possessing soul, which seeks to attain desire and longing:-

-The soul fleeing from itself, which overtakes itself in the widest circuit; the wisest soul, to which folly speaks most sweetly:-

-The soul most self-loving, in which all things have their current and counter-current, their ebb and their flow: - oh, how could the loftiest soul fail to have the worst parasites?


O my brothers, am I then cruel? But I say: What falls, that shall one also push!

Everything of today - it falls, it decays; who would preserve it! But I - I wish also to push it!

Know you the delight which rolls stones into precipitous depths? -

Those men of today, see just how they roll into my depths!

A prelude am I to better players, O my brothers! An example! Do according to my example!

And him whom you do not teach to fly, teach I pray you - to fall faster!-


I love the brave: but it is not enough to be a swordsman, - one must also know whereon to use swordsmanship!

And often is it greater bravery to keep quiet and pass by, that thereby one may reserve oneself for a worthier foe!

You shall only have foes to be hated; but not foes to be despised: you must be proud of your foes. Thus have I already taught.

For the worthier foe, O my brothers, shall you reserve yourselves: therefore must you pass by many a one,-

-Especially many of the rabble, who din your ears with noise about people and peoples.

Keep your eye clear of their For and Against! There is there much right, much wrong: he who looks on becomes wroth.

Therein viewing, therein hewing - they are the same thing: therefore depart into the forests and lay your sword to sleep!

Go your ways! and let the people and peoples go theirs! - gloomy ways, truly, on which not a single hope glints any more!

Let there the trader rule, where all that still glitters is - traders' gold. It is the time of kings no longer: that which now calls itself the people is unworthy of kings.

See how these peoples themselves now do just like the traders: they pick up the smallest advantage out of all kinds of rubbish!

They lay lures for one another, they lure things out of one another, - that they call "good neighbourliness." 

O blessed remote period when a people said to itself: "I will be - master over peoples!"

For, my brothers, the best shall rule, the best also wills to rule! And where the teaching is different, there - the best is lacking.


If they had - bread for nothing, Alas. for what would they cry! Their maintainment - that is their true entertainment; and they shall have it hard!

Beasts of prey, are they: in their "working" - there is even plundering, in their "earning" - there is even over-reaching! Therefore shall they have it hard!

Better beasts of prey shall they thus become, subtler, cleverer, more man-like: for man is the best beast of prey.

All the animals has man already robbed of their virtues: that is why of all animals it has been hardest for man.

Only the birds are still beyond him. And if man should yet learn to fly, Alas. to what height - would his rapacity fly!


Thus would I have man and woman: fit for war, the one; fit for maternity, the other; both, however, fit for dancing with head and legs.

And lost be the day to us in which a measure has not been danced.

And false be every truth which has not had laughter along with it! 


Your marriage-arranging: see that it be not a bad arranging! you have arranged too hastily: so there follows from that - marriage-breaking!

And better marriage-breaking than marriage-bending, marriage-lying! - Thus spoke a woman to me: "Indeed, I broke the marriage, but first did the marriage break - me!

The badly paired found I ever the most revengeful: they make every- one suffer for it that they no longer run singly.

On that account want I the honest ones to say to one another: "We love each other: let us see to it that we maintain our love! Or shall our pledging be blundering?"

-"Give us a set term and a small marriage, that we may see if we are fit for the great marriage! It is a great matter always to be twain."

Thus do I counsel all honest ones; and what would be my love to the overman, and to all that is to come, if I should counsel and speak other- wise!

Not only to propagate yourselves onwards but upwards - to this, O my brothers, may the garden of marriage help you!  


He who has grown wise concerning old origins, behold, he will at last seek after the fountains of the future and new origins.-

O my brothers, not long will it be until new peoples shall arise and new fountains shall rush down into new depths.

For the earthquake - it chokes up many wells, it causes much languish- ing: but it brings also to light inner powers and secrets.

The earthquake discloses new fountains. In the earthquake of old peoples new fountains burst forth.

And whoever calls out: "Behold, here is a well for many thirsty ones, one heart for many longing ones, one will for many instruments": - around him collects a people, that is to say, many attempting ones.

Who can command, who must obey - that is there attempted! Ah, with what long seeking and solving and failing and learning and re-attempting!

Human society: it is an attempt - so I teach - a long seeking: it seeks however the ruler!-

-An attempt, my brothers! And no "contract"! Destroy, I pray you, destroy that word of the soft-hearted and half-and-half!


O my brothers! With whom lies the greatest danger to the whole human future? Is it not with the good and just?-

-As those who say and feel in their hearts: "We already know what is good and just, we possess it also; woe to those who still seek thereafter! 

And whatever harm the wicked may do, the harm of the good is the most harmful harm!

And whatever harm the world-maligners may do, the harm of the good is the most harmful harm!

O my brothers, into the hearts of the good and just looked someone once on a time, who said: "They are the Pharisees." But people did not understand him.

The good and just themselves were not free to understand him; their spirit was imprisoned in their good conscience. The stupidity of the good is unfathomably wise.

It is the truth, however, that the good must be Pharisees - they have no choice!

The good must crucify him who devises his own virtue! That is the truth!

The second one, however, who discovered their country - the country, heart and soul of the good and just, - it was he who asked: "Whom do they hate most?"

The creator, hate they most, him who breaks the tables and old values, the breaker, - him they call the law-breaker.

For the good - they cannot create; they are always the beginning of the end:-

-They crucify him who writes new values on new tables, they sacrifice to themselves the future - they crucify the whole human future!

The good - they have always been the beginning of the end. - 


O my brothers, have you also understood this word? And what I once said of the "last man"? - -

With whom lies the greatest danger to the whole human future? Is it not with the good and just?

Break up, break up, I pray you, the good and just! - O my brothers, have you understood also this word?


You flee from me? you are frightened? you tremble at this word?

O my brothers, when I enjoined you to break up the good, and the tables of the good, then only did I embark man on his high seas.

And now only comes to him the great terror, the great outlook, the great sickness, the great nausea, the great seasickness.

False shores and false securities did the good teach you; in the lies of the good you were born and bred. Everything has been radically contorted and distorted by the good.

But he who discovered the country of "man," discovered also the country of "man's future." Now shall you be sailors for me, brave, patient!

Keep yourselves up betimes, my brothers, learn to keep yourselves up! The sea storms: many seek to raise themselves again by you.

The sea storms: all is in the sea. Well! Cheer up! you old seaman-hearts!

What of fatherland! There strives our helm where our children's land is! In that direction, stormier than the sea, storms our great longing! -


"Why so hard!" - said to the diamond one day the charcoal; "are we then not near relatives?"-

Why so soft? O my brothers; thus do I ask you: are you then not - my brothers?

Why so soft, so submissive and yielding? Why is there so much negation and abnegation in your hearts? Why is there so little fate in your looks?

And if you will not be fates and inexorable ones, how can you one day - conquer with me?

And if your hardness will not glance and cut and chip to pieces, how can you one day - create with me?

For the creators are hard. And blessedness must it seem to you to press your hand upon millenniums as upon wax,-

-Blessedness to write upon the will of millenniums as upon brass, - harder than brass, nobler than brass. Entirely hard is only the noblest.

This new table, O my brothers, put I up over you: Become hard! - 


O you, my Will! you change of every need, my needfulness! Preserve me from all small victories!

You fatedness of my soul, which I call fate! you In-me! Over-me! Preserve and spare me for one great fate!

And your last greatness, my Will, spare it for your last - that you may be inexorable in your victory! Ah, who has not succumbed to his victory!

Ah, whose eye has not bedimmed in this intoxicated twilight! Ah, whose foot has not faltered and forgotten in victory - how to stand!-

-That I may one day be ready and ripe in the great noon-tide: ready and ripe like the glowing ore, the lightning-bearing cloud, and the swelling milk-udder:-

-Ready for myself and for my most hidden Will: a bow eager for its ar- row, an arrow eager for its star:-

-A star, ready and ripe in its noontide, glowing, pierced, blessed, by annihilating sun-arrows:-

-A sun itself, and an inexorable sun-will, ready for annihilation in victory!

O Will, you change of every need, my needfulness! Spare me for one great victory! - -

Thus spoke Zarathustra. 

(Philosophy for everyone and no one)

Monday, February 6, 2023


I have a question for you alone, my brother: like a sounding-lead, cast I this question into your soul, that I may know its depth.

You are young, and desire child and marriage. But I ask you: are you a man entitled to desire a child?

Are you the victorious one, the self-conqueror, the ruler of your passions, the master of your virtues? Thus do I ask you.

Or does the animal speak in your wish, and necessity? Or isolation? Or discord in you?

I would have your victory and freedom long for a child. Living monuments shall you build to your victory and emancipation.

Beyond yourself shall you build. But first of all must you be built yourself, rectangular in body and soul.

Not only onward shall you propagate yourself, but upward! For that purpose may the garden of marriage help you!

A higher body shall you create, a first movement, a spontaneously rolling wheel - a creating one shall you create.

Marriage: so call I the will of the twain to create the one that is more than those who created it. The reverence for one another, as those exercising such a will, call I marriage.

Let this be the significance and the truth of your marriage. But that which the many-too-many call marriage, those superfluous ones - ah, what shall I call it?

Ah, the poverty of soul in the twain! Ah, the filth of soul in the twain! Ah, the pitiable self-complacency in the twain!

Marriage they call it all; and they say their marriages are made in heaven.

Well, I do not like it, that heaven of the superfluous! No, I do not like them, those animals tangled in the heavenly toils!

Far from me also be the God who limps there to bless what he has not matched!

Laugh not at such marriages! What child has not had reason to weep over its parents?

Worthy did this man seem, and ripe for the meaning of the earth: but when I saw his wife, the earth seemed to me a home for madcaps.

Yes, I would that the earth shook with convulsions when a saint and a goose mate with one another.

This one went forth in quest of truth as a hero, and at last got for himself a small decked-up lie: his marriage he calls it.

That one was reserved in intercourse and chose choicely. But one time he spoilt his company for all time: his marriage he calls it.

Another sought a handmaid with the virtues of an angel. But all at once he became the handmaid of a woman, and now would he need also to become an angel.

Careful, have I found all buyers, and all of them have astute eyes. But even the most astute of them buys his wife in a sack.

Many short follies - that is called love by you. And your marriage puts an end to many short follies, with one long stupidity.

Your love to woman, and woman's love to man - ah, would that it were sympathy for suffering and veiled deities! But generally two animals alight on one another.

But even your best love is only an enraptured simile and a painful ardour. It is a torch to light you to loftier paths.

Beyond yourselves shall you love some day! Then learn first of all to love. And on that account you had to drink the bitter cup of your love.

Bitterness is in the cup even of the best love; thus does it cause longing for the overman; thus does it cause thirst in you, the creating one!

Thirst in the creating one, arrow and longing for the overman: tell me, my brother, is this your will to marriage?

Holy call I such a will, and such a marriage.

Thus spoke Zarathustra.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023


WHEN Zarathustra was again on the continent, he did not go straight way to his mountains and his cave, but made many wanderings and questionings, and ascertained this and that; so that he said of himself jestingly: "Behold, a river that flows back to its source in many windings!" For he wanted to learn what had taken place among men during the interval: whether they had become greater or smaller. And once, when he saw a row of new houses, he marvelled, and said:

"What do these houses mean? Truly, no great soul put them up as its simile!

Did perhaps a silly child take them out of its toy-box? Would that another child put them again into the box!

And these rooms and chambers - can men go out and in there? They seem to be made for silk dolls; or for dainty-eaters, who perhaps let others eat with them."

And Zarathustra stood still and meditated. At last he said sorrowfully: "There has everything become smaller!

Everywhere do I see lower doorways: he who is of my type can still go through them, but - he must stoop!

Oh, when shall I arrive again at my home, where I shall no longer have to stoop - shall no longer have to stoop before the small ones!" - And Zarathustra sighed, and gazed into the distance.-

The same day, however, he gave his discourse on the dwarfing virtue.

I pass through this people and keep my eyes open: they do not forgive me for not envying their virtues.

They bite at me, because I say to them that for small people, small virtues are necessary - and because it is hard for me to understand that small people are necessary!

Here am I still like a cock in a strange farm-yard, at which even the hens peck: but on that account I am not unfriendly to the hens.

I am courteous towards them, as towards all small annoyances; to be prickly towards what is small, seems to me wisdom for hedgehogs.

They all speak of me when they sit around their fire in the evening - they speak of me, but no one thinks - of me!

This is the new stillness which I have experienced: their noise around me spreads a mantle over my thoughts.

They shout to one another: "What is this gloomy cloud about to do to us? Let us see that it does not bring a plague upon us!"

And recently did a woman seize upon her child that was coming to me: "Take the children away," cried she, "such eyes scorch children's souls."

They cough when I speak: they think coughing an objection to strong winds - they divine nothing of the boisterousness of my happiness!

"We have not yet time for Zarathustra" - so they object; but what matter about a time that "has no time" for Zarathustra?

And if they should altogether praise me, how could I go to sleep on their praise? A girdle of spines is their praise to me: it scratches me even when I take it off.

And this also did I learn among them: the praiser does as if he gave back; in truth, however, he wants more to be given him!

Ask my foot if their lauding and luring strains please it! Truly, to such measure and ticktack, it likes neither to dance nor to stand still.

To small virtues would they rather lure and laud me; to the ticktack of small happiness would they rather persuade my foot.

I pass through this people and keep my eyes open; they have become smaller, and ever become smaller: - the reason thereof is their doctrine of happiness and virtue.

For they are moderate also in virtue, - because they want comfort. With comfort, however, moderate virtue only is compatible.

To be sure, they also learn in their way to stride on and stride forward: that, I call their hobbling. - Thereby they become a hindrance to all who are in haste.

And many of them go forward, and look backwards thereby, with stiffened necks: those do I like to run up against.

Foot and eye shall not lie, nor give the lie to each other. But there is much lying among small people.

Some of them will, but most of them are willed. Some of them are genuine, but most of them are bad actors.

There are actors without knowing it among them, and actors without intending it-, the genuine ones are always rare, especially the genuine actors.

Of man there is little here: therefore do their women masculinise themselves. For only he who is man enough, will - save the woman in woman. And this hypocrisy found I worst among them, that even those who command feign the virtues of those who serve.

"I serve, you serve, we serve" - so chants here even the hypocrisy of the rulers - and Alas. if the first lord be only the first servant!

Ah, even upon their hypocrisy did my eyes' curiosity alight; and well did I divine all their fly - happiness, and their buzzing around sunny window-panes.

So much kindness, so much weakness do I see. So much justice and pity, so much weakness.

Round, fair, and considerate are they to one another, as grains of sand are round, fair, and considerate to grains of sand.

Modestly to embrace a small happiness - that do they call "submission"! And at the same time they peer modestly after a new small happiness.

In their hearts they want simply one thing most of all: that no one hurt them. Thus do they anticipate every one's wishes and do well to everyone.

That, however, is cowardice, though it be called "virtue."-

And when they chance to speak harshly, those small people, then do I hear therein only their hoarseness - every draught of air makes them hoarse.

Shrewd indeed are they, their virtues have shrewd fingers. But they lack fists: their fingers do not know how to creep behind fists.

Virtue for them is what makes modest and tame: therewith have they made the wolf a dog, and man himself man's best domestic animal.

"We set our chair in the midst" - so says their smirking to me - " and as far from dying gladiators as from satisfied swine."

That, however, is - mediocrity, though it be called moderation.

I pass through this people and let fall many words: but they know neither how to take nor how to retain them.

They wonder why I came not to revile venery and vice; and truly, I came not to warn against pickpockets either!

They wonder why I am not ready to abet and whet their wisdom: as if they had not yet enough of wiseacres, whose voices grate on my ear like slate-pencils!

And when I call out: "Curse all the cowardly devils in you, that would rather whimper and fold the hands and adore" - then do they shout: "Zarathustra is godless."

And especially do their teachers of submission shout this; - but precisely in their ears do I love to cry: "Yes! I am Zarathustra, the godless!"

Those teachers of submission! Wherever there is aught puny, or sickly, or scabby, there do they creep like lice; and only my disgust prevents me from cracking them.

Well! This is my sermon for their ears: I am Zarathustra the godless, who says: "Who is more godless than I, that I may enjoy his teaching?"

I am Zarathustra the godless: where do I find my equal? And all those are my equals who give to themselves their Will, and divest themselves of all submission.

I am Zarathustra the godless! I cook every chance in my pot. And only when it has been quite cooked do I welcome it as my food.

And truly, many a chance came imperiously to me: but still more imperiously did my Will speak to it, - then did it lie imploringly upon its knees-

-Imploring that it might find home and heart with me, and saying flatteringly: "See, O Zarathustra, how friend only comes to friend!"-

But why talk I, when no one has my ears! And so will I shout it out to all the winds:

You ever become smaller, you small people! you crumble away, you comfortable ones! you will yet perish-

-By your many small virtues, by your many small omissions, and by your many small submissions!

Too tender, too yielding: so is your soil! But for a tree to become great, it seeks to twine hard roots around hard rocks!

Also what you omit weaves at the web of all the human future; even your naught is a cobweb, and a spider that lives on the blood of the future.

And when you take, then is it like stealing, you small virtuous ones; but even among knaves honour says that "one shall only steal when one cannot rob."

"It gives itself" - that is also a doctrine of submission. But I say to you, you comfortable ones, that it takes to itself, and will ever take more and more from you!

Ah, that you would renounce all half-willing, and would decide for idleness as you decide for action!

Ah, that you understood my word: "Do ever what you will - but first be such as can will.

Love ever your neighbour as yourselves - but first be such as love themselves-

-Such as love with great love, such as love with great contempt!" Thus speaks Zarathustra the godless.-

But why talk I, when no one has my ears! It is still an hour too early for me here.

My own forerunner am I among this people, my own cockcrow in dark lanes.

But their hour comes! And there comes also mine! Hourly do they be- come smaller, poorer, unfruitfuller, - poor herbs! poor earth!

And soon shall they stand before me like dry grass and prairie, and truly, weary of themselves - and panting for fire, more than for water!

O blessed hour of the lightning! O mystery before noontide! - Running fires will I one day make of them, and heralds with flaming tongues:-

-Herald shall they one day with flaming tongues: It comes, it is close, the great noontide!

Thus spoke Zarathustra.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

A bright new day is dawning. Can you see It?

There is a bright new day dawning for humanity, but you can't see it with your eyes wide open. You must close them.

Who are the people that changed the world for the better, throughout history?

"I know! I know! It were the naysayers!"

"Those that were always negative, had no hope or vision, and went with what their limited senses observed in the present."

"They always criticized those that did have a bigger, and more positive vision."

"They even felt smart because they weren't as 'naive' as those that had dreams, and hopes for the future."

"Those were the ones who changed history for the better, and helped humanity."



We all know that is not true.

Naysayers don't help humanity. Humanity has never been helped by people who have a negative mindset. So why are so many of us so dark in our mind? Why do we focus on the bad all the time, while we mock those that see from a higher perspective?

Recently I shared a report about a historically unprecedented uprising against tyranny, by the people of Brazil. They know the election is stolen, and understand that the criminally positioned president is a Deep State puppet of the World Economic Forum, who will impose extreme tyranny on Brazil, for the sake of the agenda of the globalists.

The fact that for the past months many millions have been protesting non-stop all over Brazil, and were even supported by the army, shows that something powerful is stirring in this beautiful nation. Criminal politicians worldwide freaked out about it on Twitter, expressing their fear that this could inspire the entire world.

After publishing these encouraging reports, I received a number of emails from people with good intentions, who tried to pour water over my fire, by telling me this entire protest is a psyop of the government.

When I take a good look at the most recent protest, it indeed has all the hallmarks of a trap. While the army at first protected them, they were ordered to step aside, and eventually almost two thousand were imprisoned.

But still I am excited about what is happening in Brazil. The sheer number of people who have been protesting for several months, is just unbelievable. I received several emails from people in South America, and one was from a group of Brazilians. The person representing this group, wrote me a sentence that hit the bulls eye:


That touched me, because this is exactly what I have learned to do. Even though we know that the illegitimate government is cracking down on the people of Brazil, I feel a deep excitement in my "gut". The past decades I have experienced that listening to my deeper senses, provides me with a more accurate intel, than than what my eyes see, my ears hear, my mind knows, and what people tell me. That's why I listen to the much deeper, and always more accurate, inner voice of the Creator who whispers deep down in our innermost being. We say this is our “gut”. The Scriptures say:

“Guard your heart,
for from it flow
the essences of life”.

Our brain is just what it is: a grey blob of neurons. But humans are way more than a grey pudding in a mortal body. Anyone who knows anything about the real world, is fully aware that humans are in essence spiritual beings. Our body is like a jacket that is put over who we truly are. When we learn to operate in our deeper senses, we will have a better understanding. “Trust your gut”.

Did you know that the truly successful businessmen are those who listen to their “gut”?

Throughout history it have always been those that listened to their deeper inner man - from where dreams, visions, beliefs, and courage come - who did incredible exploits. They saw something with their spiritual eyes, they understood something with their spiritual mind, they felt something with their spiritual senses, and that's what gave them the strength to push through the visible obstacles, to a different world. 

Well, in my inner man, my spirit, or my gut - however you wanna name it - I sense an excitement, and joy, and I see a future so brilliant, it's hard to believe. This is a stronger foundation, than the present situation. And I see that millions worldwide share this deep conviction. There is more going on than evil rearing its ugly head. There is a volcano of truth starting to erupt, a wave of deliverance beginning to build, a roar of justice rumbling in the distance.

When I expose the horrible practices of the criminals, it's not to put a dark cloud over you, but to shake you wide awake, so you would rise up, and become part of the greatest awakening of all time.

But my worst opponents are some of of the so called "truthers" out there, who think they know everything way better than anyone else, but all they do is proclaim the "inevitable victory of evil". That is so sad. Please don't be one of those dark naysayers, who think they are smart, but who are blinded by a dark veil over their mind. Some people have been focussing so much on the evil in this world, they forgot how glorious the LIGHT is.

Look at the bright light of the sun. Has there ever been a night that wasn’t followed by the sun?

They tried to kill me

When I was conceived, a dark voice whispered to my parents: “Kill him!” They considered abortion. My mother however also heard a different whisper… and she let me live. When I was born, she heard the voice of the Creator, more clearly than ever. The voice spoke out loud to her:

“Give this baby a lot of love, because I love him a lot.”

I was almost killed during several accidents. Once a car hit me so hard, I flew through the air, but a bystander leaped forward and caught my head before it crashed on the concrete.

As a teenager I had an existential crisis and decided to commit suicide. With the razor at my wrist, I heard a voice: “Don’t do it. God has a plan with you.” I had ran away from this Reality for years, and couldn’t believe I heard this. But I hopped on my bike, and rode home.

I know I am here for a reason, which is to tell the world:

There is hope. There is a future. There is more than just darkness. There is a world so much more beautiful, and powerful than the deep dungeons of darkness.

The wicked have no authority. All they have is deception. If their lies are broken, they have NOTHING. Nothing at all. The Creator did NOT appoint, or anoint the wicked to rule on earth. The have no mandate, no divine blessing, no crown, and no scepter. They are entirely illegitimate. The reason they have so much power, is because of their sophisticated deceptions that blind, and control mankind.

Once humanity is liberated from the many deceptions in our mind, we will rise up and see that our adversaries are way below us, and not above us. That's why they are terrified of truth coming out. It's also why we have to do every effort to spread truth to mankind.

So please go to and share the homepage everywhere you can.

Strategic brainwashing of humanity

One of the ways they have been strategically brainwashing us, the past decades, is to reject our Creator. None of us chose to do this. The reason we reject a personal Origin of love, is because our minds have been controlled by our culture, media and education.

We are victims of severe brainwashing.

Fifty years ago the understanding that there is One who made this world, was as basic as 1, 2, 3. Even in some early Disney movies, the actors in the film kneel down, and pray for help. You can see this for example in "Journey to the Center of the earth". The adventurous heroes ask the Almighty Creator for help, before they enter the depths of the earth. It was normal. The mass rejection of the Origin of all that is good, is a recent phenomenon, that gained traction as radio and TV was used to brainwash the world population to move away from what every human knows deep down to be true.

We have fallen prey to a vast system of lies.

But the tide is turning. I am here to tell you: let go of your dark, hopeless mindset. The future is brilliant, beautiful, bright, and bigger than you can dream.

We do have to climb a few mountains first, to find the better world. We must keep our eyes fixed on the other side, because in the present we don't see it yet. Did Martin Luther King see any change? No. He was shot to death before anything happened. But his dream came to pass. Nobody who brought about a significant change in this world saw it with his eyes, at first. That's why there is always that still small voice, deep inside of us, that says:

"Hey, look up!
What do you see?
Can you believe it?”

Open your eyes, dear people. We will see the change in our world. Hang in there. Don’t give up. Stand strong. And do what you can, to help this transformation.

We all walk a different journey, have different backgrounds, beliefs and cultures, we all will learn and change in the future. But our hearts are set for the same purpose: a better world that is not ruled by satanic criminals.

May we have hearts of hope and courage.

David Sorensen