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Monday, July 15, 2024

Our Global Cord-Cutting Ascension Process

David Wilcock LIVE: Our Global Cord-Cutting Ascension Process!

David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL)

The Tibetan Buddhist Rainbow Body teachings stress "cord-cutting" as one of the premier teachings needed to produce Ascension. 

When you combine this practice with seeing yourself as "Empty Awareness," the Great Way is opened to you as the Seeker. 

We will discuss what it means to cut the cords with toxic individuals and groups in your own life, and as a collective. 

This process is now majorly accelerating in today's world. It is important to sever any energetic conduits that drain your vitality in the quest to build personal power. This is vital to your process of Ascension. 

The "mass consciousness" of humanity is making great strides in this direction at this time. 

We will discuss the specifics and continue covering the exciting, imminent buildup to "The Event." Don't miss it! 

We are still offering a great deal on the Michael Prophecies -- David's true masterpiece of modern-day prophecy. 

These are seven volumes that were dictated by Archangel Michael in 1996-2000 -- and are now stunningly prophetic of today's world. 

This form of support from you is the best way to ensure that David continues to enjoy "harmony in the midst of chaos!" 

Everything these books predicted is coming true -- right in front of our eyes -- and it is "Now or Never." 

In November 1996, David began receiving telepathic contact with a source later identifying itself as Archangel Michael, using highly-accurate remote viewing protocols to secure spoken-word information without conscious-mind interference. 

The words were utterly incredible at the time -- routinely predicting the future. 

David published most of them on his website in raw format by 1999, and the rest are stored in multiple, auditable archival forms. 

Beginning in late 2021, David realized that ALL of these readings from the 90s were prophetic of events happening in our present. This includes Covid, the inoculations, the Afghanistan withdrawal, the Ukraine war, the Chinese Balloon, the Trump and Biden documents scandals, the Israeli war and much more. 

Best of all, the books predict a "First Wave of Ascension" for this very next year -- 2025. 

The words are profoundly inspirational and life-changing. When you read these books, skepticism and doubt have to take a back seat. The prophecies are highlighted in red, and there are highlights on almost every page. Nothing like this has ever happened before. 

Michael gives you all the tools you need to understand your own spiritual role in this time of epic change. The prophecies have remained stunningly accurate right through the present -- and they are predicting mass ET contact and a spontaneous energetic change by next year! 

Go to to secure your digital copies today! 

So many prophecies have now already come to pass that the feeling is absolutely supernatural. And what lies ahead is far greater than most people could ever imagine -- a non-catastrophic global Rapture / Ascension / Day of Clarification.





Wait till they have their Wizard of QZ moment

πŸ”₯ Biden, BIDEN ADMINISTRATION and the Democrats are childsex traffickers
πŸ”₯ PEDOGATE 2020 - Part 1
In-Depth Exploration (Mouthy Buddha)

ET and SSP Disclosure is Unfolding Slowly Due to Deep State Machinations

In this in-person sit-down interview held near Valence, France on July 8, Elena Danaan discusses recent updates she has received concerning the disclosure of the Solar Warden space program, the existence of extraterrestrial life, and the release of advanced technologies such as medbeds. She says that the pace and extent of disclosure is currently affected by Deep State plans to subvert any disclosure plan to prolong their hold on power.

Danaan explains how any attempted disclosure of extraterrestrials or crypoterrestrials would be twisted by the Deep State into a false flag operation promoting fear and confusion rather than hope and a Star Trek future. In addition, she discusses how highly evolved galactic beings perceive consciousness and the fractal nature of reality.

Elena Danaan’s website is

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Next Webinar

In a recent academic paper, Harvard University professors proposed the existence of cryptoterrestrials as a valid explanation for the origin of the UFO phenomenon. Rather than extraterrestrials arriving from distant exoplanets on superluminal spacecraft, the explanation for UFOs now shifts to cryptoterrestrials who are living under Earth’s surface and oceans. The authors speculate that cryptoterrestrials are survivors from very ancient civilizations that achieved a high-level of technological sophistication, before disappearing under the Earth’s surface during cataclysmic surface events.

There is abundant historical evidence pointing to the existence of crypoterrestrials and their interaction with surface humanity during cataclysmic events. One only has to consider Hopi legends of Ant People helping native Americans escape the transition from and into different worlds to appreciate the widespread nature of such legends. However, in the modern era, the emphasis has shifted to UAPs as an unknown national security threat. The US Congress, the military/intelligence community, and an increasing number of world officials go to great lengths to justify their interest in UAPs as an important national security concern, thereby avoiding the stigma from decades of earlier public ridicule over the topic.
Why the sudden shift in narrative to UFOs are a national security threat, and cryptoterrestrials are behind it?

Why has the US Congress taken steps to reintroduce the military draft for men between 18-26? In his next webinar, Dr. Michael Salla presents a disturbing picture of the Deep State preparing a false flag alien event using, not extraterrestrials from distant worlds, but cryptoterrestrials from beneath Earth’s surface as the culprit. Most alarmingly, he provides extensive data on many thousands, if not millions, of cloned alien life forms created in Deep Underground Military Bases that are likely to be used in staging a false flag alien event.



First of all this week let me start with a message to the people who broke into my computer and deleted my notes for the week: 

Any government that is afraid of the truth is doomed. When this is all over, you will either be executed for treason or spend the rest of your life in jail.

Now for the news: The biggest event for the West in the past week was the announcement of a military government in the US on July 9th. This announcement was made during the NATO 75th anniversary summit meeting in Washington DC. In case you missed it, here it is on the official White House website:

To underline this, the actor playing the role of President Joe Biden stood in front of the entire assembled NATO delegations to introduce Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky as “President Putin” and Vice President Kamala Harris as “Vice President Trump.”

You can see from the faces of so-called National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, fake Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Satanic Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in the video below that they were not in on the regime change.

Video Player

To make it more explicit Biden was also told to say he takes orders from his “Commander in Chief, the chief of staff of the military.”

Video Player


Although the White House Press release does not say who Biden handed power to, it is a safe bet to say General Charles Q. Brown,

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is now running an emergency military government.

The installation of a military government comes amid huge geopolitical events during the past week involving the emergence of a Eurasian military alliance that dwarfs NATO and is about to absorb NATO. We will look into that further below.

For now though, we note the false flag assassination attempt against Donald Trump over the weekend. The first thing to say is we are all sick and tired of politics being run via street theater staged by Freemasons. A healthy society should have a public discussion based on facts to decide the best course to navigate into the future. If the results are not satisfactory, then we change course accordingly. Having secret societies decide without public input inevitably leads to social decay and inequality.   

Video Player

OK having said that, it is clear the assassination attempt on Trump was staged to get public opinion to support the arrest of Trump opponents. Here are the signs:

First of all before the event, Biden said “It is time to put Trump in a bullseye.”

Then recall this tweet put out by Alex Soros widely interpreted as offering money for the assassination of Trump.

In addition to this, many political commentators like Rick Wilson on MSNBC called for someone to “put a bullet in Donald Trump.”

Video Player

Since the would-be assassin was a member of ANTIFA who appeared in Rockefeller-controlled BlackRock commercials, it is likely there was a genuine plot by the Khazarian Mafia to kill Trump.

So, the likely scenario is the white hats let the Rockefeller group proceed with this attempt in order to give them enough rope to hang themselves with.

The fact Secret Service snipers were told to stand down even after many people spotted the would-be assassin also indicates the event was orchestrated:

My name is Jonathan Willis, I’m the officer in the famous photo of the two snipers on the roof at Trump’s rally. I came here to inform the public that I had the assassin in my sights for at least 3 minutes, but the head of the secret service refused to give the order to take out the perp. 100% the top brass prevented me from killing the assassin before he took the shots at President Trump.

My overall impression is this event was typical of the KM. Whenever bad news like a record trade deficit comes out, they stage a distraction, like having Britney Spears display a tit in public and then have the media concentrate on that.

The Freemasonic attempted assassination ritual came amid huge geopolitical events and extremely serious fighting in the ongoing secret war for the planet Earth.

During the past week the Russian FSB, the North Koreans, Asian Secret Societies, the Yamaguchi Gumi syndicate, MI6, the CIA and others contacted the White Dragon Society about the intense battles now underway.

As the head of MI6 put it: “The essential movement we see in the geopolitical landscape is a failed US fighting hard but failing and the rest just moving on. The international infighting is an old ruling class decline and a change of regime.” 

One indication of how intense the situation has become is military exercises by Chinese troops on the Polish border and the presence of 120,000 Peoples Liberation Army troops inside the United States.

Video Player

The Russian FSB for its part says the United States and Israel will soon ... ... ...

The remainder of Monday's newsletter is only available to members of holding a paid subscription.

Sunday, July 14, 2024







Russian political scientist warns: The world is “on the edge of an abyss”

A top Russian political scientist has warned that the West could be on the brink of acting recklessly as it sees its influence dwindle in the wake of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Speaking at a roundtable discussion this week, Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of World Economy and International Relations Director Aleksandr Dynkin cautioned that the world is “on the edge of an abyss” amid a significant shift of power.

While the seat of the global world order used to be in Europe, it has been in the U.S. for quite some time. However, Dynkin believes this is all about to change as Russia, India and China enjoy growing influence that will be further bolstered by the conflict in Ukraine and its fallout. He said that the “political East” is poised to become an equal partner to the “political West.”

India and China have resisted calls to condemn Russia over its behavior in Ukraine, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi even paid Moscow a visit this week and sat down with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The West’s declining global influence and the mental struggles of U.S. President Joe Biden could spur desperation and inspire the West to make “reckless” decisions, according to Dynkin.

He said the last time the world was this close to a full-fledged disaster was during the Cuban missile crisis six decades ago.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been embarking on a diplomatic offensive with developing countries in Africa and Asia, appealing to their frustrations with the West by providing them with an alternative.

Human knowledge is under attack! Governments and powerful corporations are using censorship to wipe out humanity's knowledge base about nutrition, herbs, self-reliance, natural immunity, food production, preparedness and much more. We are preserving human knowledge using AI technology while building the infrastructure of human freedom. Speak freely without censorship at the new decentralized, blockchain-power Explore our free, downloadable generative AI tools at Brighteon.AI. Support our efforts to build the infrastructure of human freedom by shopping at, featuring lab-tested, certified organic, non-GMO foods and nutritional solutions.

In a summit held last week, he proposed setting up a new “Eurasian architecture of cooperation, indivisible security and development."

He explained: "This new framework should replace the obsolete Europe-centric and Euro-Atlantic models that granted unilateral advantages to certain states."

Putin is well aware that the global South is an important part of achieving his goal, and he has been working with China to shift the global balance of power in their favor.

This October, Russia is hosting a summit for the BRICS block of nations, which added four new countries to its membership earlier this year. More than 30 are still waiting for their applications to be approved, including Thailand and Malaysia.

It is important to note that BRICS differs from the EU and NATO in the sense that it has a loose framework and its requirements for entry are considered far less strict. Emerging countries can benefit economically by joining, they maintain, without the need to become a democracy or align their economy with Western standards.

In addition to courting widespread support for a multipolar world order via BRICS, Putin is also looking to extend an anti-America coalition that will also include the Middle East and North Korea. To that end, he recently visited North Korea and met with dictator Kim Jong Un. The two leaders announced a new pact that will provide mutual military assistance between the two countries should one of them be attacked. He also announced that Russia could provide weapons to North Korea, which could have a destabilizing effect on the Korean Peninsula and U.S. ally South Korea.

Meanwhile, political uncertainty in the U.S. ahead of the presidential election and divisions between Western nations over the war and genocide in Gaza have led to some cracks in Western alliances. Although some emerging countries may not necessarily side with Putin on all the issues, many are willing to put those reservations aside in hopes of strengthening their economies and taking on a more prominent role on the world stage.

Chemtrails Operation Has Target Kill Rate of 86%

Kristen Meghan was an environmental specialist nine years into her career with the US Air Force when she decided to debunk the chemtrail conspiracy theory. She thought the idea was insane. Why would we use hazardous chemicals in our atmosphere, poisoning the earth and humanity?

But instead of debunking or disproving the conspiracy theory, her research from within the Air Force revealed that chemtrails were a conspiracy fact – and her own office was playing a key role in the top-secret operations.

After a lot of sampling and investigating, Kristen blew the whistle and got out, emerging with a wealth of invaluable information about chemtrails, weather modification, the role of HAARP, and the evil agenda of the elite.

We’ve all noticed the strange and unnatural chemtrail patterns in the skies above major cities and regional centers. Despite mainstream media’s efforts to downplay it, these bizarre geometric chemtrails don’t resemble any natural cloud formations and have only started appearing in recent decades.

According to Kristen Meghan, a subject matter expert who investigated the phenomenon from the inside, the answers to these questions are dark and disturbing and the paper trail exposes the depopulation agenda of the global elite.

Kristen’s job as an environmental specialist involved identifying toxic chemicals and substituting them out of the workplace for the health and safety of her military colleagues.

She became radicalized when she learned that the same highly toxic chemicals she was trying to substituting out of the workplace were the same chemicals they were spraying from the skies in industrial quantities, blanketing the earth and humanity in deadly toxins.

Kristen’s investigations also lead her to learn that the elite are engaged in weather modification. She was hounded and demonized at the time, called a conspiracy theorist and worse, only to be vindicated a few years later when the global elite let the mask slip and confirmed they control the weather.

Once a conspiracy theory, HAARP is yet another conspiracy fact, and a forensic analysis of information in the public domain proves that climate change is not only a hoax, it’s a depopulation project, and our governments are complicit in this crime against humanity.

The elite agenda to block the sun has taken a serious turn this year with Bill Gates and George Soros pumping tens of millions of dollars into schemes to spray aerosols into the atmosphere to shield the earth from the life-giving rays of the sun.

Suddenly, chemtrails stopped being conspiracy theories and became the supposed cure for climate change.

But those who have been paying attention know that the propaganda being pumped out by mainstream media is utter hogwash.

In 1972, the Club of Rome published the book The Limits To Growth, which called for extreme depopulation to save the planet from the plague of humans.

This book has served as an instruction manual for the global elite ever since its publication.

In 2018, Dennis Meadows, the co-author of The Limits To Growth, explained that the time had come to implement the final phase of the elites’ depopulation agenda. Bear in mind, the population of the world today is 7.9 billion.

Overpopulation is at the crux of the climate change hoax and overpopulation is a lie. Traditional farming methods and traditional, nutritious food including grass-fed beef and organic salmon have been sustaining populations for thousands of years.

It was only when elites including Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates decided to get involved in the farming industry that we found ourselves experiencing supply chain issues, food production plant fires, and a manufactured food crisis.

But don’t take my word for it. Ask any of the hundreds of thousands of farmers across Europe who are still protesting their WEF-infiltrated government’s disastrous Agenda 2030 policies which are designed to put them out of work and force us to rely on Gates’ synthetic food production process for our nutrition.

Oh, and Klaus’ bugs.

Most of the so-called climate change we are seeing around the world is contrived. The fires breaking out around the world are being blamed on climate change, even though far-left arsonists have been caught starting them.

Directed energy weapons are able to start fires from above and can utilize microwave technology to target specific home and burn them from within.

This is another conspiracy theory that has become conspiracy fact.

In 2019, the mainstream media admitted that lasers can now change the weather and make rain and lightning.

Since this fateful news broadcast, people all over the world have reported witnessing strange strobe-like lightning, unlike anything they had seen before.

What did these strange weather events have in common? They involved unnatural meteorological data and they caused massive damage to communities, sparking political unrest.

Kristen mentioned HAARP, the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, which can now create hurricanes and they can control their direction with Next Generation Weather Transmitters, or NEXTRAD.

By building an electromagnetic charge and dispersing it underground as direct current VLF waves, the NEXTRAD radar transmitters are able to trigger earthquakes.

Remember the earthquake in Turkey earlier this year? Locals reported seeing strange strobe-like flashes that always happen in HAARP operations right before the devastating quake.

Earthquakes and explosives can trigger tsunamis. These are the technologies that we know about.

That only leaves volcanoes and tornadoes.

Funded by Peter Thiel, AVEtec Energy Corporation began work on developing a device to produce 140 foot tall tornadoes.

Meanwhile, a former US intelligence official recently told State of the Nation that the US has already triggered a volcano.

Climate change is part of the Club of Rome’s blueprint for the depopulation agenda and the global elite are using chemtrails, HAARP and weather modification to destroy humanity and drive the world towards their techno-communist dystopia.


Here at the People’s Voice we are determined to continue holding the global elite to account for their crimes against humanity but we need your help. Subscribe to the channel, tell your friends and family about us, and join the People’s Voice Locals community and check out the new forum. I hope to see you there.

Secret Service Given ‘Stand Down’ Orders Before Trump Assassination Attempt

Shortly after Saturday’s attempted assassination of Donald Trump, eyewitnesses and videos reveal that the Secret Service were given ‘stand down’ orders to allow the rooftop shooter to carry out the hit. 

Footage of snipers pointing their guns at the assassin but refusing to pull their trigger, deliberately allowing Trump to remain in the direct line of fire, had pundits on X asking “Why didn’t they shoot him first?”

This isn’t the first time the Secret Service have stood down during an active assassination attempt on a U.S. President. On 22 November, 1963, the secret service ignored multiple witnesses who alerted them to a guy with a rifle pointed at JFK’s motorcade: reports: An eyewitness shockingly told BBC News he saw the shooter carrying a long rifle and climbing onto the top of a building about four hundred yards away from Trump’s stage.

“We noticed the guy bear-crawling up the roof of the building beside us. We’re pointing at the guy crawling up the roof. He had a rifle. The police are down there running around on the ground and we’re like, ‘Hey, there’s a guy on the roof with a rifle.’”

The witness said he tried to get the attention of nearby police officers and started wondering, “Why is Trump still speaking? Why haven’t they pulled him off stage.”

According to the man, the shooter was on the roof for “three to four minutes” before firing five shots.

The guy asked why there wasn’t Secret Service protection “on all of the roofs” near the speaking stage.

BREAKING: Eyewitness tells BBC that he informed police, Secret Service about a suspicious man on a roof with a rifle.

He was ignored.

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) July 13, 2024

Someone shouted, “He’s got a gun!” in another video just before shots rang out.

As The People’s Voice reported in May, A deleted and leaked World Economic Forum memo reveals Donald J. Trump is on the “hit list” of leaders to be assassinated if he continues proving impossible to control;

Deleted WEF Memo Reveals Trump Is on 'Hit List' of Leaders To Be Assassinated 🎯

A deleted and leaked World Economic Forum memo reveals Donald J. Trump is on the “hit list” of leaders to be assassinated if he continues proving impossible to control.

The plan to defeat Trump…

— TPV Sean (@tpvsean) May 19, 2024

A video obtained by TMZ shows the shooter lying on the roof just before opening fire as people shouted, “He’s got a gun on the roof!”

Video shows the deceased shooter’s body lying on the roof mentioned by the eyewitness.

X owner Elon Musk agreed with a post that asked, “How the hell was such an obvious line of sight not secured?”

A graphic shared by military veteran Matt Bracken shows the angle and distance between Trump and the shooter.

“How was a sniper with a full rifle kit allowed to bear crawl onto the closest roof to a presidential nominee?” asked Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec.

How was a sniper with a full rifle kit allowed to bear crawl onto the closest roof to a presidential nominee

— Jack Poso πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ (@JackPosobiec) July 14, 2024

Journalist James O’Keefe wrote that he spoke with a Secret Service insider who confirmed teams are supposed to “cover ALL vantage points — rooftops most obvious.”

DEVELOPING…Shooter found dead on rooftop with vantage point to stage.

Secret Service tasks counter assault teams to cover ALL vantage points — rooftops most obvious.

Counter assault teams are outsourced professionals. Unlikely they make these mistakes, even “B” team tasked to…

— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) July 13, 2024

Podcast host Patrick Bet-David questioned whether there’s “a potential leak in Secret Service.”

To those saying the election is over and Trump will win by a landslide, you’re being naive.

Here are my concerns:

1. He must first stay ALIVE in order to win

2. There’s a potential leak in Secret Service and protection of the president.

Too many blind spots. There needs to…

— Patrick Bet-David (@patrickbetdavid) July 14, 2024

Musk called on people to be fired over the shooting.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino claimed the director of U.S. Secret Service has “repeatedly turned down requests for a larger security footprint around President Trump.”

I want to repeat, and can absolutely confirm, the USSS Director Kim Cheatle has repeatedly turned down requests for a larger security footprint around President Trump. Despite knowing the threat level is catastrophic.
Resign tonight.

— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) July 14, 2024

Others criticized the security failure as well:

This is one of the biggest security failures I have ever seen.

– Shooter on an unsecured rooftop just 400ft away from Trump with a clear line of sight.
– Bystander sees shooter crawling on roof with rifle minutes before and tries to warn law enforcement.

— Oliver Alexander (@OAlexanderDK) July 13, 2024

"Fight, Fight, Fight"

Thoughts from Brother Justin in America

By now everyone has seen the news about the attempted assasination of President Donald Trump. 

Just after 6pm on Saturday July 13 2024 a shooter (who had taken his perch on a building rooftop a mere 150 yards away) fired multiple shots at President Trump as he was giving remarks to a crowd of thousands. Thankfully for the Republic the President only suffered a minor wound to his right ear.

How could this have happened? Well, a series of events led to this. First, the Secret Service has been requesting more resources for a while now. These requests have been ignored by Biden's DHS.


Second, just 5 days before this event Biden is said to have stated on a call to donors, "So, we're done talking about the debate, it's time to put Trump in a bullseye". At first glance this seems like a simple statement alluding to a desire to take the focus off himself and put it on Trump, however, given these recent events this statement has taken on a whole new meaning.


Third, a witness interviewed by the BBC stated he saw the shooter climbing onto the roof and tried to alert authorities. Why these alerts were not followed through on remains to be seen but likely it has everything to do with the lack of SS resources.


Fourth, the rhetoric that the Democrats talking heads have been spewing for the last 8 years has finally come to a head. They have been screaming about President Trump being a "threat to democracy". This type of hyperbolic talk has a time frame, people (especially the unhinged left) can only hear it for so long before they decide it's up to them to stop the threat. 

With all that being said, this reeks of an inside job at the hands of the Democrats. They couldn't beat President Trump with impeachments, they couldn't beat him in the courts and they couldn't beat him in the media. The obvious next step was violence. This has always been their plan. They want a civil war and need one to keep power. A few millimeters made all the difference here. A few millimeters to the right and the Democrats get the civil war they want. Unfortunately for them, the weapon of choice for the shooter is not exactly effective from distance and more importantly, when in the hands of your typical democrat, it's almost completely useless. 

This historic event has guaranteed President Trump's reelection. It will unite not just his base but those on the fence. This event has shown the country the lengths the left is willing to go to to win. 


President Trump standing with his fist in the air, surrounded by Secret Service, blood covering his face, against the backdrop of the American flag. That photo will go down in history as one of the greatest photos in American history. It shows a man who will not be intimidated, who will not back down, who WILL NOT go quietly into the night. 


President Trump was shot in the head and then stood back up and waved his fist in the air while yelling "fight, fight, fight", like the badass motherfucker he is.

Sorcha Faal Newsletter 14 July 2024


Jelaila Starr on Failed Trump Assassination Attempt. - Interview Extract  

In Exopolitics Today interview with Jelaila Starr published on July 4, she correctly predicted that there would be an assassination attempt on an American President but that it would fail. She said it would happen in July/August 2024 and that it would be a replay of galactic history when humanity lived in its 2nd great experiment in the Pleiadian constellation. We specifically spoke about Donald Trump being the leader who would be targeted. 

Michael Salla 

Trump Proclaimed “The Chosen One” After Surviving “Gangsta’s Paradise” Assassination Massacre

July 14, 2024

A beyond horrifying new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declared about President Putin shortly after the attempted assassination of President Donald Trump: “All the threats coming from the Kiev regime are obvious...Therefore, the security of the president is established at the proper level”, says Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova also factually observed: “Two months ago, I paid attention to the fact that the United States was literally fostering hatred toward political opponents, as well as provided examples of the American tradition of attempts and assassinations of presidents and presidential candidates”.

In knowing the truth of the “American tradition of attempts and assassinations of presidents and presidential candidates”, this report notes, America’s most trusted newsman Tucker Carlson previously warned of the grave danger President Trump faced: “If you begin with criticism, then you go to protest, then you go to impeachment, now you go to indictment and none of them work...What’s next?...Graph it out, man...We’re speeding towards assassination, obviously...They have decided — permanent Washington, both parties have decided — that there’s something about Trump that’s so threatening to them, they just can’t have him”—a grave warning followed by the MAGA Channel on YouTube posting its video “Never Give Up - TRUMP 2024 (Gangsta’s Paradise)”—a viral video that’s been viewed over 1.1 million times set to the music of the number one selling American rap song “Gangsta’s Paradise”, whose lyrics begin:

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

I take a look at my life and realize there's nothin' left

'Cause I've been blastin' and laughin' so long that

Even my momma thinks that my mind is gone

But I ain't never crossed a man that didn't deserve it

Me be treated like a punk, you know that's unheard of

You better watch how you talkin' and where you walkin'

Or you and your homies might be lined in chalk

I really hate to trip, but I gotta loc

As they croak, I see myself in the pistol smoke

Fool, I'm the kinda G the little homies wanna be like

On my knees in the night, sayin' prayers in the streetlight

On 22 November 1963, this report continues, the British newspaper Cambridge News got an anonymous call 25 minutes before the assassination of President John Kennedy, about which a memo from CIA Specials Operations Director James Angleton to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover revealed: “The caller said only that the Cambridge News reporter should call the American Embassy in London for some big news and then hung up”—an anonymous call followed by all of the phones in Washington D.C. going dead is what is known as the “Sinister Phone Outage”—and is a history worth remembering because yesterday, at about 5:30 p.m., a mysterious power outage at the Baltimore Washington Airport stopped all air traffic into and out of Washington D.C.

Around 45 minutes after all air travel into and out of Washington D.C. was halted, this report details, witnesses at a massive Trump Rally in in Pennsylvania saw a man climbing a nearby roof armed with a rifle and screamed to police “He’s got a gun!”—a real life Gangsta’s Paradise moment then quickly followed when a fusillade of bullets began falling upon rally attendees in an assassination massacre that killed one, critically injured two others, and wounded President Trump—and the now dead “lined in chalk” assassin Thomas Matthew Crooks had his 20-year-old head blown apart by a Secret Service sniper.

Following President Trump living out in real life the Gangsta’s Paradise lyric: “As they croak, I see myself in the pistol smoke”, this report notes, his fellow global peace maker Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared: “My thoughts and prayers are with President Donald Trump in these dark hours”—Argentine President Javier Milei, whom socialists branded “Argentina’s Trump”, posted the message: “I hope for the fast recovery for President Trump and that the elections in the United States occur in a just, peaceful, and democratic manner...The little politically correct leftists are all cut from the same cloth, it doesn’t matter where in the world you look...When in society a deviant adjective appears, there they will be to label their opponents with that adjective...We have several of these sinister beings in the country who can count on their journalist accomplices”—and the world’s richest and smartest man Elon Musk proclaimed: “I fully endorse President Trump and hope for his rapid recovery...The head of the Secret Service and the leader of this security detail should resign”.

Along with the horrifying facts documented in the just released article “THEY WANT HIM DEAD: Just Three Months Ago Democrats Introduced A Resolution To Strip Trump Of His Secret Service Protection”, this report continues, Trump Rally massacre survivor Benjamin Shrader shockingly revealed: “My first thing that I have to say is that security at this event was terrible...It was extremely lax”—and was a shocking revelation followed by top Republican Party lawmaker Congressman Mike Waltz even more shockingly revealing about socialist Biden Regime official Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas: “I have very reliable sources telling me there have been repeated requests for stronger secret service protection for President Trump...Denied by Secretary Mayorkas”.

At 12:30 a.m. earlier today, this report details, assassination attempt survivor President Trump returned home—later today, President Trump is expected to travel to the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, where he will officially receive his parties nomination for president two blocks away from where President Teddy Roosevelt survived an assassination attempt in 1912—and Patti Davis, the daughter of 1981 assassination attempt survivor President Ronald Reagan, in her just released open letter “A Shooting Changes A Family. And It Can Change A Nation”, solemnly assessed: “I don’t know where Donald Trump’s family members were when bullets were fired at his Pennsylvania rally, injuring him, killing one attendee and seriously injuring two others...I think I do know the shock that they’re feeling...For all of the apparatus around a president or a presidential candidate, for all the planning, the security, it still comes down to this: They are flesh and blood, they are human beings just like the rest of us, and their lives can change in a split second...It takes only one bullet to bring that fact home”.

Joining the Wall Street Journal most factually noting for the ages today: “It’s nothing short of miraculous that Mr. Trump avoided death by a literal inch...The former President can’t help but think that Providence played some role in sparing him, as Ronald Reagan is said to have thought after he was shot and survived in 1981”, this report concludes, Politico just released its article “Trump’s Raised Fist Will Make History — And Define His Candidacy”—and is an article of true history joined with the Gateway Pundit open letter proclamation “At Tragic Moments Like This, We Just Learned Trump Is Super-Human, Trump Is Defiant, Trump Is “The Chosen One””.


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