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Friday, February 25, 2022

Be Alert for Zodiacal Light

Above: Zodiacal Lights photographed by Petr Horálek and Juan Carlos Casado.

Look up for the Zodiacal Light, the season for both hemispheres (evening visibility at north, morning visibility at the south) begins! Moon is moving away from the night sky by 2nd March, which is one of the upcoming New Moons dates close to the equinox date, when the visibility of Zodiacal Light is basically best all around the world.

Here is inspiration from 2016/2020 project. Two photographers, two hemispheres, one sky. The view to the night sky is limited by our Earth, meaning in one time at one place we can only see a half of the starry spheric view, the second one is below the horizon. But what if – apart from travelling away from Earth – there is a way to complete the whole view. Then it could look like this. Of course, some (better precise) planning is needed to make it happen. You have to think about what follows what and when is the time of view following the other view from the other hemisphere. Me and my friend, great TWAN photographer Juan Carlos Casado, focused on specific part of the year, when from two major observatories of almost same latitude, but opposite ways from equator, the column of the zodiacal light appears almost upright over the horizon. While mine view from ESO La Silla Observatory was taken in April (2016), Juan made it happen to capture the northern part from IAC La Palma Observatory on February (2020). Both views, sitched together in one, finally reveal the whole night sky scene around, using Earth’s horizon to block the bright sun from the view. More info here:

Photographer's website:

Space Weather News for Feb. 25, 2022

BE ALERT FOR ZODIACAL LIGHT: The season for Zodiacal Light has begun. In dark sky sites around the world, people are noticing a pale triangle of light lancing into the night sky. After centuries of wondering, astronomers have only recently learned that it comes from Mars. Next week will bring of the best displays of the year. Find out more on today's edition of

Solar Flare Alerts: Sign up for Space Weather Alerts and get instant text notifications when solar flares are underway.

Is Discovery of an Ancient Ark driving the escalating Ukraine conflict?

February 24, 2022

On March 19, 2003, two months after I wrote my first research paper on “The Need for Exopolitics,” the US led a multinational coalition into Iraq. I quickly learned that the real reason for the invasion was very different from the declared public rationale—to stop Iraq from developing weapons of mass destruction. The US sought to take control of a ‘stargate’ and ancient cuneiform texts filled with information about extraterrestrial technologies found in the remains of buried Sumerian cities.

Today we are being told that Russia’s intervention in Ukraine is all about it protecting Russian speakers in Eastern Ukraine from rabid Ukrainian ultra-nationalists being encouraged by the US. The real reason, once again, is more about exopolitics than either of the two narratives coming from both sides in the rapidly worsening conflict. It has been claimed that an ancient space ark has been found in Ukraine, and Russia wants to assert control. What are the space arks, and why are they suddenly being found now all over our solar system and on Earth, after millennia of lying dormant?

We are on the cusp of an exopolitics revolution, where information concerning extraterrestrial life is going mainstream. The James Webb Space Telescope has just deployed and, by July 2022, will start relaying data about exoplanets. It’s expected to detect biosignatures, which will wake up the long-sleeping academic community that intelligent extraterrestrial life can be found throughout our galaxy. Also, the US military and intelligence community are creating a joint office for investigating UAPs (aka UFOs) in response to Congressional legislation passed in December 2021. These UAPs are officially depicted as a national security threat, thereby laying the groundwork for a military response and increased spending. Could this lead to a hoaxed alien invasion—something that has been predicted since the mid-1990s?

Today, the Artemis Accords and increasing cooperation between the Space Commands of a bloc of US-led nations is taking us into a Star Trek future. One where humanity’s open expansion into space will take place in a way that is predicated on US dominance and western values, thereby preventing China from becoming the preeminent space power. Deals have been struck with extraterrestrial organizations to recognize US leadership as humanity takes responsibility for our solar system. How and why was the US chosen to play this role?

At the same time as these agreements were being made, large fleets of ancient extraterrestrial visitors arrived to watch humanity’s ‘graduation’ into the galactic community. Their arrival has triggered the activation of ancient space arks, which carry the secrets of long-forgotten civilizations and technologies stretching back tens of thousands, if not millions of years. The visitors are closely watching humanity’s collective response to the discovery of the ancient arks. Will discoveries of the arks and the race to control them lead to a new major global war or increased international cooperation predicated on disclosing what is being found? Is the discovery of an ancient ark really driving the conflict in Ukraine?

Join me this Saturday as I tackle these and many other questions about what is coming in 2022 and beyond, and the coming exopolitics paradigm shift in my first webinar for 2022.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

The successful deployment of the James Webb Space Telescope and its scheduled start of astronomical observations in July 2022 heralds a major ‘exopolitical’ shift about to happen in the mainstream scientific community with regard to the ‘Fermi Paradox’. The earlier Kepler Space Telescope’s discovery of exoplanets in other solar systems led to a paradigm shift in scientific thinking about the existence of habitable planets in our galaxy. This is about to repeat with the looming discovery of biosignatures on exoplanets that will confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life, and provide a definitive answer to Enrico Fermi’s famous question of where are the extraterrestrials?

In 2021, the Pentagon confirmed that UFOs are real and are in our skies today. Soon, the proven discovery of alien life will lead to an even more profound change as the scientific community and general public are forced to reconcile the mountain of historical evidence of extraterrestrial life visiting Earth. The dam of secrecy held in place for decades is about to collapse. Contactee reports, whistleblower and insider testimonies, leaked Majestic documents, and more, will all be newly evaluated and take on great significance as humanity moves into the Exopolitical Era.

In this two-hour webinar, Dr. Michael Salla will use the latest whistleblower, scientific and military data to make predictions spanning the coming year and decade. He will discuss the exopolitical implications of the Webb telescope confirming the existence of extraterrestrial life; examine recent developments in space such as the Artemis Accords; the formation of Combined Military Space Commands; manned missions to the Moon and Mars, covert multinational missions to ancient space arks; the collapse of the Deep State and its wall of secrecy; and the return of the Seeder/Guardian races to our solar system to witness our planetary graduation.

Join Dr. Salla in this exciting and uplifting look at behind-the-scenes developments and coming announcements that will catapult our world from its current state of darkness into a Star Trek future.

February 26 (Saturday) at 1 pm EST / 10 am PST

2-hour presentation + 30 min Q&A


A funny thing happened on the way to WW3...

A funny thing happened on the way to WW3...

Casually cruel will do..

23 February 2022

It doesn’t have to be more than casually cruel, the ridicule that is demanded of you now, but you must do it.

We have come to the time where the remaining sleeping normies need a not so gentle nudge to come out of it.

Time and events move humanity at a seeming increasing rate toward our common humanity destiny of confrontation & contention with the ‘power elites’. The normies will miss it all if they stay asleep. It will be better for them, and all of us, if they witness it, rather than us have to clue them in afterwards.

“What?” says normie friend, “when the fuck did this happen? What do you mean they are all in jail waiting for trials? What’s this about Space Aliens? What is going on here?!?”

It would just be too awkward. They won’t believe you, not at first, and you will have to go find videos of it happening to take them through it such that they can grasp the changes in their life. Their minds will rebel. “WHAT do you mean there’s no Democrat party any more? WTF?”

A terrible burden will be placed on you, trying to back fill the trenches in their knowledge if they shake off their slumber too slowly, missing the drama, the action of the Great War for Humanity. It will be all so tedious for you; better to prod their sleeping egos now. They need the push. If Turdo in Canada, or all the other shit has not gotten their attention, they are deeply under the spell.

They will need an emotional slap across the face. No need to be brutal, just casually cruel will do…

“Dude?!? Seriously? You actually believe that?”

“Listen cousin, if I want to be lied at, I’ll watch CNN!”

“Man, that shit you’re spouting is just WAY too normie for me!”

“Yo! A funny thing happened to the rest of us on the way to WW3! We got wise to their shit!”


It is not just the US but the entire West that is bankrupt: both financially and morally

February 21, 2022

“What do you do if a public figure you know of as a nice old lady has chopped a child’s head off, drunken their blood and eaten their heart?” responded a top MI6 figure when asked why Queen Elizabeth II had “tested positive for Covid” i.e. been arrested.

We heard before from a cousin of the Queen that the British Royals (until recently) had annual human sacrifices at Balmoral Castle. Now we know the details because video evidence of this has been given to MI6.

The reason this is coming out now is that the Rothschild family and other top Khazarian mafia bosses like the Rockefellers have gone bankrupt. They have been pulling out all their blackmail cards, such as the one they had against the Queen, in a desperate bid to stay in power. “It is a compromise and control mechanism and it exists worldwide,” says MI6. “Every painting in every government office has a camera in it,” MI6 continues, explaining why it is so hard to “drain the swamp.”

“A lot of people are forced to do it with a gun to their head” the source continued while noting that “A lot of the worlds’ military has also taken part in human sacrifice.”

This explains why I saw a look of sheer horror on the faces of George Soros and Paul Wolfowitz when I asked them about the families that own the Federal Reserve Board. They must have been recalling their own bloody initiations into the top ranks of power.

It also probably explains why the speaker of the Canadian House of Parliament was too scared to answer a question from an MP about who in the government worked for the Rothschild’s World Economic Forum (see below later in the report for the answer).


Even Canadian elected officials aren’t allowed to question the World Economic Forum ties to Canada’s Parliament – Prepare For Change

This is all coming out now because a growing number of people, and not just so-called “conspiracy theorists,” are waking up to the fact our governments have been hijacked by an ancient Satanic cult.

The question is, what are we going to do about it? Since the Queen and many other top leaders were born into this cult and either had to go along or else be sacrificed themselves, this may be a case for a truth and reconciliation process. Time, and public opinion, will tell.

In any case, the issue now is to prevent these Satanic leaders from starting World War III as a get out of jail card.

This brings us to the subject of Ukraine. High-level Rothschild and Rockefeller servants gathered in Berlin last weekend to beat the drums of war there as their response to bankruptcy. These servants include US Vice President Kamala Harris, UN chief Antonio Guterres, EU Commission head Ursula von der Leyen, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov notes that Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina are sending “mercenaries” to fight in Ukraine,

The reason the Rothschilds and Rockefellers need to hire Albanian mercenaries, however, is because regular US troops will not start a war with Russia to save the FRB from bankruptcy.

A CIA source comments that “While the United States and the Britons are convincing the whole world about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine…the Minister of Defense of that same Russia left for Syria to inspect the exercises of the Pacific, Northern and Black Sea fleets in the Mediterranean Sea.” “Russia will use its strategic facilities in Syria in the event of military confrontation with NATO” confirms the official Tass News agency.


This means the Russians are saying they will destroy the head of the Octopus in Israel instead of just dealing with their men in black in Ukraine. In other words, checkmate.

However, in what they hope will be a total game-changer, the US secret space force is about to “put a holographic ‘shell’ over some areas. That means that SOME of the world will live in ONE reality — a fake ‘sphere’,” according to a NASA source. The video below from England appears to show exactly that.

The source adds that “some of the world will live with nature, the real world. HOW FRICKING CRAZY will that be?”

This move to try to put people into an alternative reality is probably linked to massive crypto-currency mining operations and facilities in Ukraine. The Ukraine government has also just legalized crypto-currency. This prompted Serhiy Tron, founder of White Rock Management to say that “By creating a high-tech, innovative cryptocurrency market that plays by clear rules, the country expects the speedy arrival of crypto investors from all over the world,”

If you look at the board of White Rock Management, you can tell it is a Rothschild front.

In other words, the delusional Rothschilds are hoping to escape from reality by moving into the “metaverse” and using digital currency.

MI6 notes that if the Russians take over the nexus of money laundering and cryptocurrency trading in the Ukraine “they will have all the information on all the worlds’ spies.” That is why most spies are now locking themselves in their houses, they note.

Of course, the KM is also trying to stave off bankruptcy in the real world by raising prices of commodities like oil and copper, but it is not enough, says MI6.

What has to happen now in the real world is that we have to permanently remove these people from power. This brings us back to Canada where people in reality-based businesses like trucking and farming have successfully overthrown the Satanic Rothschild government of Justin Castro.

Castro is now under house arrest. Also, here is the answer from the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service to the Canadian MP’s question about who in the government works for the Rothschild World Economic Forum:

-Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister

-Chrystia Freeland – CA Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance

-Katrina Gould – Minister of Families, Children and Social Dev., Empl and Social Dev -Francois-Philippe Champagne – Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, Innovation, Science and Economic Dev. CA

-Ailish Campbell – Canada’s Ambassador to the EU

-Elissa Golberg – Asst. Deputy Minister for Strategic Policy, Global Affairs Canada -Renee Maria Tremblay – Senior Counsel Supreme Court of CA

-Jagmeet Singh – Leader, New Democratic Party – in lock step policy-wise with J. Trudeau throughout the pandemic. 

A CSIS source adds “Brother, according to ELECTIONS CANADA, the number of lost/missing ballots was greater than the margin of Justin Trudeau’s election win in 2021. His share of registered voters was 20.3%. He is not a valid PM, based on the math of Elections Canada!!!!”

That is why he has been arrested, MI6 confirms. “We have placed the Canadian Premier under house arrest and banned his travel, the press and public. His passport has been canceled as Her Majesty’s Subject,” they say. 

Australia and New Zealand are also being liberated. Take a look at these Maori warriors reading the riot act to the criminal New Zealand government.


Now watch these Australians demanding the removal of all Rothschild traitors from their government.


We even have a Rupert Murdoch news agency confirming the whole pandemic was a big lie noting formal confirmation from the Australian Bureau of Statistics that not only did so-called “Covid deaths” account for just one per cent of fatalities during the pandemic, but 92 percent of that one percent were people with pre-existing health problems ranging from pneumonia to heart disease.

However, the battle is far from over yet.

We all need to take direct personal action if we are to win this. In my case, I will be filing criminal and civil charges against the board of the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan. They have actively participated in a cover-up of the Fukushima mass murder event of March 11, 2011. For this reason, I will file war crimes charges –punishable by death- against them. I will also charge them with violating my human rights by trying to force me to wear a mask and yet refusing to provide scientific evidence on why this is necessary. They violate all principles of journalism by refusing to debate based on facts and evidence as they drive the club to bankruptcy because of a fake pandemic.

I will also file civil charges against them for financial losses caused by their refusal to let me attend press events, which is my right as a member of the club and a member of the working press.

The Japanese police have already told me they are willing to investigate these charges. The Japanese self-defense forces also promise their support.

I have also informed the club that the charges will not go ahead if they agree to hold an official press conference to discuss the Fukushima mass murder as well as the fake pandemic.

Other journalists need to take similar action to ensure the Khazarian mafia is removed from control of their corporate media apparatus including the New York Times, the Associated Press, etc. Only then will the last of the sleeping sheeple wake up.

Police and intelligence agencies also need to take more action. For example, we have reliable eyewitness testimony from a member of Japan’s foreign ministry that Bill Gates was in Pakistan recently pushing vaccines. For years people have been sending me information that Gates had been executed or was dead. It seems Gates was trying to prevent us from sending military police to arrest him for mass murder by pretending to be dead. Take a look at this video to see what sort of monster he is:


The famous lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich has indicted Anthony Fauci,


Tedros Adhanom, the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, BlackRock, Pfizer & Christian Drosten. Drosten is the German virologist who heads the EU’s Covid 19 campaign and is the person who first recommended the use of fraudulent PCR tests.


These proceedings are being monitored and acted upon by the worlds’ intelligence agencies, CIA and MI6 sources confirm.

Chinese Khazarian mafia puppet leader Xi Jinping is also being targeted for his role in the fake pandemic, according to Asian secret societies. A 40,000-word article listing mistakes Xi has made in politics, economy, and diplomacy has been allowed by them to go viral in mainland China.

The East-West alliance to liberate the planet earth will keep up the fight until humanity is finally free from this ancient Satanic curse, Asian and Western secret society sources promise.

The Asian elders who are helping to bankrupt the KM now need to step in to support the white hats in the West and in the East.

We promise a multi-polar world with competent governments who work as servants of the people and other living creatures on this planet. They have been presented with detailed plans about exactly how this can be done. We all breathe the same air, use the same oceans and depend on the same biosphere. It is time we take good care of it.

Russian forces took Chernobyl nuclear plant and are clearing secret bioweapons labs in Ukraine

Urgent Short Message to the Surface Population 

Therefore the Light Forces are asking as many people as possible to participate in our meditation for restoring peace to Ukraine, every 4 hours. Instructions are here:
Russian forces took Chernobyl nuclear plant and are clearing secret bioweapons labs in Ukraine:

Protection of Ukrainian nuclear plants and biolabs from any damage that would cause radioactive or biohazard fallout was included in our meditation, and the meditation instructions were updated to reflect the new situation.

This article may be updated or changed as the situation unfolds, so check for updates.

Goddess wants peace and peace it will be!

P.S. Now meditations for both Ljubljana and Los Angeles vortexes are active, and you can participate if you feel so guided:

COBRA (Compression Breakthrough)

What Enlightenment Really Means

Dear ones,

Tantra says there are two kinds of people in this world. There are two types of people: those who live in darkness and those who live in the light.

The world has many seekers but only a few finders. Because those who seek are always concerned with the past, they cannot be free from the past; those who seek can never find because seeking means going to a future that is not yet here--so how can you find it? You have to stop seeking, let go of the past, and allow things to happen by themselves--then you will be surprised that great doors are waiting for you to enter into them.

In the last talk, I used the word "enlightenment" in two senses. First as a state of no-mind, and then as the ultimate flowering of consciousness, which is an end in itself.

The word "enlightenment" means being awake, aware, and alert with open eyes—and not only with your eyes but with all your senses. It also means having a sensitivity to beauty—to every kind of beauty that exists in this world: natural beauty as well as man-made ones; to music, dance, poetry, and all art forms that exist in the world.

Enlightenment is the realization of our true nature. This true nature is often referred to as "Buddha nature" or "our original face," and it has nothing to do with age, race, gender, or body type. When we recognize our own original mind, we become as capable of compassion, patience, and wisdom as the most revered Buddhist teachers.

How does one become enlightened? One way is through study and practice. The Buddha said that there are three gates to Enlightenment: ethics (following the precepts), samadhi (contemplating the teachings), and wisdom (understanding reality). These paths lead to liberation from our confusion and suffering, a state of radical freedom in which we can live in harmony with others while still being ourselves.

Enlightenment is a state of consciousness. It's only a word, but it's an important one because it has become synonymous with the highest religious experience possible.

Truly being enlightened means living each day in a state of Enlightenment. Enlightenment is not something that happens only once, and then you're done. Rather, it's a constant experience of being aware of everything happening around you and within you, with compassion and without judgment.

Consider this: what is a spirit, what is a soul, and what is a body? And are these concepts really separate, or are they all interdependent? Is there an actual difference, or is the idea of a difference just a perception?

The truth is that we are all one single consciousness. There is no separation between anything. Everything is connected. The illusion that we are separate and independent beings is just that—an illusion—and Enlightenment means breaking through that illusion so you can recognize your real connection to everything else in the universe and know that your actions have meaning beyond themselves.

The Fourth Way school of thought teaches us that our true essence is a spark of divinity from God (also known as the "Supreme Being" or "Great Architect"). We've fallen from that status into physical matter, and by doing things like focusing on worldly pleasures, we perpetuate our separation from God. In order for us to return to him, we must undergo a process of self-purification and tap into our innate connection to him.

Enlightenment doesn't come through a formula. It comes only when there is nothing to do. When you are no longer seeking, then you can be enlightened.

There are many people who read all kinds of books about Enlightenment, and yet they never become enlightened because they are seeking in the wrong direction.

The seeker has to be dropped. Then Enlightenment comes. But if you go on seeking in mind, you will keep postponing your Enlightenment, and it will never come because the mind is a seeker. The mind wants to attain something—it wants to create something that does not exist and hence goes on postponing it indefinitely.

Enlightenment is not a mysterious thing; it is very ordinary. Just watch your own life to see whether you live in the world or beyond the world.

If you live in the world, if you live with the memory, past experiences, then you are living in the "samsara"; and if you can live without any memory, live each moment of your life as if it were your first and last moment, that state is called Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is a state of being. When you are in a state of being, you are not in a state of doing. You have simply dropped the doing and become a witness. The body will continue to function, but it will not be you who makes it function. It just moves of its own accord. Your breathing continues, but it is not you who makes it happen; it happens on its own accord because the body has to breathe.

The same with the heart beating--it goes on beating because that is its nature; if it stops beating, the body becomes dead. The brain functions in such a way that you can think or not think--if you don't think, then there is no problem: even for twenty-four hours, you can remain without thinking at all, and there would be no problem. Even for years, you can remain without thinking at all--and there would be no problem.

It is only when the brain starts functioning that problems arise. A man thinks day and night, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year; his mind never stops functioning.

As a state of no-mind, its very nature is not to be created by you. You cannot create a state of no-mind because it is already there—you have simply forgotten it. It is your natural state, your original face before you were born.

To be enlightened means being in the light. It is not a question of being aware of some light; it is a question of becoming light.

As Buddha said, "To be enlightened does not mean to be aware of light; it means to become light."

Awareness is secondary, and even if you are aware, it is not going to bring you Enlightenment. Awareness is only a step toward Enlightenment. You have to move beyond awareness, and then you will become enlightened. Awareness cannot do anything; awareness is just a step toward Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the end of delusion. It is completely natural and something you can achieve by yourself. The Enlightenment is not a new religion or a new belief system; it has nothing to do with them. The Enlightened state is a state of total freedom, and this freedom can be achieved without any effort on your part. You need only to be aware of the way things are and stop interfering with their natural course. That's all.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Saturday, February 19, 2022

The World Is Entering Uncharted Territory

February 14, 2022

If all goes well, the satanic parasitical entity known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation will go bankrupt and implode this week. If that happens, then a domino effect will result in the removal of the blackmailed, bribed and brainwashed fools posing as leaders in other G7 countries. The US Corporation missed an external payments deadline on January 31st. They were given until this week to come up with the money or be cut off from the borrowed money they need to stay in business.

We are asking the mostly Asian creditors to please not extend them any more funds and let this main source of the worlds’ evil die. The White Hats are promising to move in after the implosion to restore democracy, freedom of the press and competent economic/social/environmental stewardship.

Of course the Khazarian mafia and their political slaves are hysterically trying to prevent this by starting World War III in Ukraine. It’s like a schoolboy trying to blow up his school in order to avoid an exam he knows he is going to fail.

Ok, let us start by looking at the signs the US Corporate government is imploding. The biggest signals are coming from the financial markets where insiders are rushing for the exits.

The chart below shows by far the biggest stock market sell-off in at least a decade.

The same thing is happening in the US Treasury market where prices have imploded by the most since 1973 and probably ever.

Any long-time market watcher knows that usually when stocks rise bonds fall and vice versa, when both collapse, it is a black swan event.

The whining by the fake Biden administration that “China didn’t buy the $200 billion a year from us they promised,” is a feeble excuse. The Chinese answer there was nothing to buy because US economy has been hollowed out and has nothing to sell except weapons (which they refuse to sell to China) and corn (the feedstock of their sheeple).

Even if the US Corporation once again pulls a dirty trick to kick the bankruptcy can down the road, the people are in open rebellion against their corrupt and incompetent rulers.

We note, for example, a growing rebellion by the rank and file Canadian military against their compromised top commanders.

We were sent this quote about the situation regarding Trudeau by a Mossad source and even though we do not know who said this, it is worth passing on:

It is not Trudeau’s choice to step down or to attempt to stay. It is the decision of the World Economic Forum (WEF). This is a critical decision that will affect the entire world. This is not a battle for just Canada, it is a battle for the World. This is the first domino of corruption and if it falls, the entire plan of the WEF fails because all the corrupt dominos will fall if they are forced out of power. Leaving them in power is simply a short respite for the People. 

Frankly, the WEF cannot afford for Trudeau to step down. If he falls, Biden falls, Australia falls, New Zealand falls and all of Europe falls. Then the rest of the world joins in.

The sane world is crazy not to make Ottawa the hill they will die on and not give in. It is an opportunity unexpected. Probably an opportunity that will not come again.

The Truckers are truly the People’s Army. Where else could you quickly assemble such a strong, younger Army to possibly confront the Globalist Tyranny Army? It is an Army everyone else can join and get behind. Half the Globalist Tyranny Army will desert them and join the Truckers if they appear to succeed in Ottawa.

Truckers can win this, but it will take support from everyone. There is a window of opportunity that will not stay open forever. Time is not on our side.

The WEF is not going to go without a fight or without having great fear that they will be smashed by this worldwide movement. Even then the WEF members will be sorely afraid of ending up like Mussolini hanging in the Milan Square and will fight to avoid that.

I think people greatly underestimate the overall importance of Ottawa and underestimate the difficulty of overcoming Trudeau. He and the WEF simply cannot afford to lose. I fear also that the People of the world cannot afford to lose in Ottawa. It will likely be the People’s last battle if they lose Ottawa.

I do not agree that this is only about a non-violent confrontation. I don’t think the WEF will fold because of a lengthy non-violent protest of a few thousand truckers. They have been working on this tyranny plan for a 100 years. I think they will fold only if they are clearly weaker in strength than the People’s Army. Whether it is non-violent or violent confrontation, for either way to succeed requires great power standing behind the Truckers with obvious reserve waiting behind them. This means the WEF must act now before the People’s Army grows too large with strong reserves. I expect action by the WEF soon to squash this uprising. This is not about Trudeau, this is the WEF plan in place around the world. Everyone must be ready to heavily support the Truckers and step into the battle if they are attacked.

What these Canadian patriots need to do is demand the top brass and Canadian government provide proof that Covid -the excuse they are using to force toxic vaccinations- even exists. We have previously asked Health Canada, the WHO and the CDC among many other places to provide even a single specimen of Covid (Certiticate Of Vaccination ID) virus and they have not been able to. Instead, we have the Vaccinator in chief Pfizer CEO Albert Israel Abraham Borla saying they are basing their vaccines on a fake virus: “We didn’t study the ‘real’ virus, but a virus that we built in the lab.”


The real reason for the vaccine is the mark of the beast social control, not pandemic fighting. As evidence, the P3 Freemasons sent us this picture of a prototype ATM machine that will not less you access money unless you have proven you have been vaccinated.

So, the military throughout the West needs to remember, forcing medical treatments on the people based on lies is a War Crime under the Nuremberg laws. It is punishable by death.

Already the Pharmacidical company CEOs are on the run. This news item for example notes:

 Days after Pfizer admitted a safety audit could wipe billions off their stock market valuation, Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel was dumped hundreds of millions of dollars in stock and deleted his Twitter account.

CIA sources say he has been arrested. The other CEOs have also been arrested or are on the run, the sources say.

There have also been a lot of top world leaders arrested in the past week. For example, Prince Charles has been “arrested for…

…the murder of his wife. Charles murdered Diana which is common knowledge in Europe and around the world. Charles is a creep…his wife is a common bully according to her staff,” according to the real head of MI6. In the corporate news, we are being told “Charles tested positive for Covid and has gone into isolation.”

We also note that President Recep Erdogan of Turkey remains missing and we are hearing he will not be returning to Turkey. This news item reflects this:

The leaders of six opposition parties in Turkey said Turkey was experiencing “the deepest political and economic crisis” of its history and blamed it on the executive presidential system. They said their joint goal was to transform Turkey’s governance to a “strengthened parliamentary system.”

The Turkish president was detained by the white hat alliance because he was trying to start a war with Russia in Ukraine, WDS sources say. Other leaders beating the drums of war will also be removed, the sources promise.

Russian FSB sources, for their part, say there will be no war in Ukraine.

The Russians just want to sit back and do nothing. Biden and his handlers are saying ‘war is coming, war is coming!’ but nothing will happen, just nothing. There won’t be any war for sure. You need to understand that Ukraine and Russia are the same people. We are like husbands and wives, the same family, the same education, the same institutions, the same military program the same mentality. The President of Ukraine is happy to get weapons and other stuff from the US but he is going to do nothing, is how a senior FSB source describes the situation.

The FSB believes when the war doesn’t happen, the “widely ridiculed” Biden regime will collapse.

Of course, we must never underestimate the Khazarian Mafia. For one thing, they are still able to replace many world leaders with lookalikes. For example, the fake Biden regime is trying to maintain the illusion they still control the CIA by putting a fake Mike Pompeo into their corporate media feeds. Take a look at the mask at the neck of the fake Pompeo below and compare it with the photo of the real Pompeo, who is working with the alliance. 

We also hear but cannot confirm that Justin Trudeau, Emmanuelle Macron and many other leaders have been arrested only to be replaced with body doubles who still control levers of power.

The other thing we are seeing from the KM is a huge blast of fear porn. They are saying everybody is going to die of Aids, of Heart Attacks, from spike proteins etc. This is just not going to happen because they have been saying similar stuff for decades and yet people aren’t dying off.

To understand the real reason for their fear take a look at these demonstrations in Canada, Australia, Israel etc. and you can see a people’s revolution is well underway.



Australian sources note for example “The revolution in Canberra will not be televised on the worthless Shit MSM. There are hundreds of thousands attending.”


The KM are not going to murder their way out of long-awaited justice this time around. That does not mean they won’t try though, as this CIA message makes clear:

The corrupt police force in Australia’s capital, ACT Canberra, is deploying a signal interrupter to disturb any transmission of live footage of the protests. These can also be used as frequency weapons, producing the Havana effect and if kept on too long will make people very ill and cause permanent brain damage. It is very real and needs to be smashed down. 

Message to Canberra police: you will be shot down by Australian special forces snipers if you deploy those weapons against the Australian people.

The same is true elsewhere. The police and military must not attack their people or they will face instant justice.

We know the US military does not support the fake Biden regime and will not go to war on their behalf. Other military forces need to take note of this or face terminal consequences.

Speaking about terminal consequences; the Japanese have begun to attack the KM. A Japanese right-wing source close to the Emperor says a big secret move was made last week against the French branch of the Rothschild family. In essence, they are being kicked out of Japan and much of Asia, the source says. This was why a fire broke out last week at the money printing factory of the Bank of France. It is also why a senior member of the Japanese imperial police was arrested last week. Japan is about to become an independent country again for the first time in 80 years.

Finally, we will conclude our report this week by looking at the latest developments in project blue beam and space wars. On this front, the biggest development was someone shot down 49 of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites.

They were taken out by a DEW earth-based beam owned by the KM cabal, according to the CIA. “They do not want Musk taking control away from their hold on global communication. Musk is currently under the protection of the Alliance. He is being watched carefully (as he likes riding the fence). The DEW hit came from Europe, not from the US,” the CIA says. They hinted the attack came from around the Vatican or Lake Geneva.

We were also sent these latest blue beam-related images. For sure the world is entering uncharted territory.


How to break the power of government

Who has the last word?

The majority of the population is unaware that the government is in the service of the people to run the country or state. The reality is that ultimately the power lies with the people, for they have a constitutional right to determine what should and should not be done. In case of non-compliance, the government can be sent home. So, in the case of failure to act in the interest of the country and/or the people, the people take back their trust and dismiss the government and take control themselves. As is happening now through the initiative of the Truckers and many others.

We have a right to resist and we have an obligation and the duty to do so! For ourselves and children’. Wat this short video to understand how we peacefully can free ourselves. Take an example from this lady freedom fighter.

Consciousness and Unity break the power of the Deep State and its followers. In reality, the mandates and measures against the fake Covid pandemic are eroding the social consciousness of the people. Some understanding is required to identify the social engineering programmes of the global elite and how not to fall victim to them.

The global elite want 90% depopulation. They want total control and surveillance of every aspect of your life. They want socialism, with the power and wealth in their own pockets, in other words communism.

Consciousness and Oneness are the immediate obstacle to these plans. Now, they want to take away everything of value and lock up the remaining population in camps. They do this in the name of preserving planet Earth and improving the climate, which arguments are lies.

If everyone is quarantined and driven around in electric vehicles with limited range, they can be better controlled. Be assured that all climate and other new regulations are designed to confine the rest of us to restricted areas, such as FEMA camps, among others.

What people should really be afraid of is not the fear of dying from a non-existent virus or Covid infection, but of the tyrants who rule the world. They scare people until they submit to their goal of total tyrannical control in a once free World. On no planet out of the many millions in the Universe has the population ever been so oppressed as is the case on planet Earth!

What has happened to us is outrageous and absolutely unacceptable, why we are receiving solid help from our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters. Be grateful for that from your heart.

The false Covid-19 or Corona virus has changed the world, although it is nothing but Science Fiction. It is a manipulation of the Deep State that uses Corona as a pretext to change the world in the penultimate phase before the final implementation of the New World Order. They have discovered, for the purposes of their despotism and deceit, that health statistics have a greater impact than all economic indicators combined.

Another route to be followed is the destruction of the population from within, as is now happening with the mRNA vaccines, which inactivate the human immune system to stimulate the growth of cancer cells. Modus RNA effectively hacks the human life software. It ends the body’s healing process. These injections are the most reckless acts of medical treason ever committed against humanity.

These mRNA vaccines are not only full of toxins, but they also alter the natural immune system in such a way that it greatly over-reacts when victims are exposed to almost any pathogen, including the common flu. They will be attacked by their own immune system, a process known as autoimmune disease. These attacks are more deadly than any disease.

In this 10-minute video, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi discusses the fundamental reason for the current wave of “breakthrough infections:” the failure of the COVID vaccines was to be expected because fundamental immunological principles were ignored in their design.

After reading this information, be convinced that we the people have the final say, use it now, to secure the future for our children.

Our returning extraterrestrial guest author Vital Frosi gives us the guidelines to prepare for our ascension to the new 5D-World.

The Gates of Ascension


Talking about portals is becoming more and more fashionable. A few years ago it was certainly not a common topic, and the few times it was heard of, it was only in so-called fiction films. The idea that people had about portals was simply an imagination of something outside reality.

Imagine entering a gateway and immediately appearing in another dimension!

Humanity’s consciousness is limited to the Third Dimension and only just by 1 – 2% of the total population.

It is part of the Divine Plan in the evolution of the worlds. However, there was an aggravation with the invasion of Archons some 460,000 years ago. Earthly humanity, then very limited in number and consciousness, underwent Archon-imposed mental reprogramming to gain remote control over them regarding their activities and actions.

Many call this primary implantation. But it is nothing physical, because the human mind itself responds according to this kind of programming. Over the millennia, the beliefs and repetitions of paradigms have made the people collectively hostage to this Dominant system.

As I have said many times before, the predator will not run after you; it merely implants a System that only works in the collective, making all incarnates hostages to this programming.

This implant is placed in the pineal gland, also called the third eye. There is also the Frontal Chakra, which is the Multi-Dimensional Portal that connects every incarnated human being to Source, and also to the higher versions of themselves. It is through the Third Eye that we expand our consciousness and connect with other Divine Beings who support and guide us.

Once this Portal is controlled by the Archons, our connection to Source is severed and control is naturally established through the reduced consciousness within 3D reality.

Some believe that these implants can be removed with a technique. I can tell you that this is impossible. What the implant can solve is the expansion of consciousness. Only you can do this, and it takes a lot of willpower and determination.

The reversal of the primary implant of thought control also requires help from outside the Planet, which comes through the increased strength of Photon Light. Which is already underway. This will make it easier for those who are determined to pursue their ascension and achieve their liberation from under the yoke of reptilian domination.

When the Archons arrived on planet Earth, they also promoted an inclination of the Earth’s magnetic axis to partially suppress the Light. At this time the Positive Galactic Forces are moving the magnetic axis of the Earth back to its original position. And with the arrival and increase of stronger Photon Light, there is a greater chance of removing primary implants.

This fact has been proven by the gradual increase of awakening souls here on this Planet. Nevertheless, the dissolution of these implants will depend on the will of each one. The first step is to break down all belief systems.

Lies and fear are the main tools used by the Archon rulers. This is how they control the entire sheeple population.

As the millennia pass, the flock no longer remembers or believes that a world of freedom exists and is possible.

The increase of the Photon Light and the resetting of the earth’s axis to its original position brings a natural restlessness to every consciousness, and this creates a favourable condition for seeking something more. This condition is sufficient for all living souls who seek their freedom to take the first steps towards ascension.

With a little willpower and determination, the implants remove themselves and nothing and no one can ever trap you again.

As consciousness expands, the Archons lose control and the dominion over your soul. This is also their greatest fear. No power used so far, can undo the ascension of an awakened soul.

When we say that the Earth is freed from darkness, we mean that nothing can stop what is coming. Since 2012 the light is getting more intense every day. It will reach its peak with the arrival of the Great Solar Flash, which will break through the last veils that cover the controlled consciousness. It is certain that only 1/3 of humanity is ready for the ascension, but nevertheless the reign of darkness on this planet will end. Even those who must continue their education on the worlds of the third dimension will have a planetary home free of these hideous oppressive shadows.

For a large part of humanity, the gateway to Heaven comes closer every day. You have already passed through many smaller portals, and as you pass through them, you are approaching the last portal, which is the very last one. Remember, the Portals are not fiction as people used to think! They are real, just like everything we thought was fiction.

Conversely, everything we thought was real will soon turn out to be just an illusion.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


Feel encouraged to share this insightful article with everyone you know. The greater the number of awakened people, the better it is for us digital warriors. Although the battle against our oppressors has already been won, it is necessary for the majority of the population to see their enemy before they are removed. Namely, if they do not see who their enemy is, they will not believe who they are!