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Thursday, July 18, 2024






Israel Will Cease To Exist And Be Replaced By The Nation Of Judea

July 15, 2024


(Second Part of the Above Article)

The Russian FSB for its part says the United States and Israel will soon “cease to exist.” 

The reason is a decision reached at the recent Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit on the 4th of July to replace the US dollar with a BRICS currency this autumn.

This was the result of extremely intense negotiations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at their summit meeting on Moscow last week.

The US dollars held by non-Americans are already the de facto BRICS currency but India has been blocking attempts to rename these dollars as a BRICS currency because it would hand de facto control over China, the largest holder of these dollars.

To mollify Modi, Russia has supplied India with over $ 60 billion worth of oil and weapons and accepted payments in Rupees that Russia is unable to spend. Russia is upping the ante by offering to build a series of nuclear power plants in India and supply them with uranium.

Russia has also persuaded India to go along with the new currency by creating a military alliance between itself, India, Mongolia and North Korea. These countries all share a border with China so clearly this is Russia’s way of promising China will not be allowed to bully its neighbours.

This is why India announced it would be building 12 hydroelectric power dams in Arunachal Pradesh, a region claimed by China. They can do this now because they know Russia has their back.

Of course, this Russian bear hug did not come for free for India. It turns out that as a part of its military alliance with Russia, India has sent troops to Ukraine to fight against the KM puppet regime there.

You can tell from this picture of Modi as he leaves Russia that he has a lot on his mind as a result of his Russia trip.

However, in a sign the Russian Eurasian military alliance is not directed at China, Chinese troops last week carried out military drills in Belarus near NATO member Poland’s border.

Polish intelligence says the drills started just as the NATO summit meeting began and as a result of this Polish and Ukrainian troops withdrew from the border of Belarus. After this, the Belarussians and Chinese also pulled back from the border. NATO then issued a statement saying “NATO is a defensive Alliance.”

The Polish troops have now been redeployed to the Ukrainian border where they have been spotted executing fleeing Ukrainian soldiers.

In a last desperate attempt to appear relevant, NATO released a new pro-Ukraine video. “Despite the propaganda, they know NATO will be dismantled very soon,” a Pentagon source says.

Video Player

Behind the scenes, Hungarian President Victor Orban, who is currently the head of the EU, began intensive diplomacy. He visited Ukraine, Russia and China before flying to Mar a Largo to meet Donald Trump after which he tweeted:

“It was an honor to visit President [Donald Trump] at Mar-a-Lago today. We discussed ways to make peace. The good news of the day: he’s going to solve it!”

Notice he did not bother to meet Biden or his handlers and called Trump “President.”

Our sources in the various agencies and secret societies say a deal is being worked out where NATO will join Russia’s Eurasian military alliance. This alliance will then take care of security for the Eurasian landmass.

At the same time, the Anglo-Saxon Five Eyes will take charge of the oceans to ensure the free flow of trade, fight pirates, etc. The Five Eyes is also trying to convince Japan to join it to form a “six-eyes” alliance to watch over the oceans.

However, this will have to wait until a very serious power struggle in Japan comes to a conclusion. Last week there was an attempted military coup d’etat there and the situation has still not been resolved.

As the national broadcaster NHK reports:

“The Japanese Defense Ministry has reprimanded 218 members of the ministry and the Japan Self-Defense Forces, including senior personnel, for misconduct.”

The charges were obviously trumped up and involved things like “eating cafeteria food for free.” Also, the report says Defense Minister Kihara Minoru will replace the head of the Navy, Admiral Sakai Ryo on July 19. The fact he could not fire him immediately shows the battle is far from over.

Our own sources close to the Emperor say the current regime will not be able to fire most of the military command because it is common knowledge among the military they were responsible for the murder of over 500,000 Japanese with vaccines.

As an example of this, former Interior Minister Kazuhiro Haraguchi –who was in charge of all police forces in Japan- has publicly apologized for the mass deaths caused by vaccines.

The Japanese Yamaguchi Gumi syndicate and other members of the underworld, as well as various secret societies, promise they will remove fake US Ambassador Rahm Emmanuel and other Japan handlers in the near future.

They have not done so yet because they have been asked to wait for Emmanuels’ bosses in the US to be removed from power. This is now happening as we noted above. Message to Emmanuel: “Pack your bags and leave while you still have time.”

There are big meetings related to this among secret societies in Taiwan and well as within the Chinese Communist Party this week. We do not know the details of these talks but various sources make it clear some sort of regime change is inevitable.

The North Koreans, for their part, have started negotiations with the white hat alliance. Last week they offered access to the vast mineral wealth of North Korea in exchange for unification of the Korean peninsula, according to a source directly involved in the negotiations.

North Korea has two-thirds of the world’s supply of rare earth metals as well as 20 million tons of gold among other resources. The table below given to us by the North Koreans, (which we will translate later) shows just how much wealth they are sitting on.

The white hat alliance has accepted the North Korean proposal and the head of MI6 issued to following statement in response:

“We wish the Korean people peace and unity and will always support this. Their decision is their own and all of the international community will stand by this.”

Of course, all of these moves will have to wait until the destruction of the current regimes in the US and Israel are completed.

As we noted above, this process is well underway in the US. Hungarian Prime Minister Orban calls Trump president because that is what he is. If you still do not understand the 2020 election was stolen, compare the bottom map showing which states require photo ID to vote and the states that do not with the top map.

The former handlers of the fake Biden are now staging a desperate rear guard action to stay in power. Here for example you can see Obama’s former chief strategist David Axelrod on CNN trying to toss Biden under the bus saying:

“Biden is *not* winning this race… it’s more likely that he’ll lose by a landslide than win narrowly.”

Video Player

Now Senator Tommy Tuberville claims Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama have been secretly running the US during Biden’s presidency.

“They’ve had total control. Not the president,” he told Fox News.

Video Player

The military moved because the KM was planning to use even more illegal voters to stop a greater election theft this year.

To stop this, the US signed an agreement with Panama this month to “close the passage of illegal migrants” through the Darién Gap. Panama’s President José Raúl Mulino has also vowed to stop the Central American country from being a transit route for migrants. To this end barbed wire is being put up and naval patrols are being intensified.

There is also a backlash against migrants in the UK.

Watch British TV anchor Alex Phillips go off about migrant crime in London. Phillips said she had to hide at a neighbor’s house after a migrant followed her home and she had her phone stolen. She also claims her friend’s teenage daughters have been followed, groped, and sexually assaulted.

“I don’t care if people turn around and go ‘you’re a racist’, because my safety and the safety of women in this country is paramount.”

Video Player

Our UK sources say a crackdown has begun there but, for operational security reasons, they cannot provide details at this time. However, MI6 confirms they have not received a single paper document signed by “King Charles” and that the king appearing in the media is AI.

They also confirm this new “public appearance” by Kate Middleton is just another body double.

(there are 2 photos of body double Kate in the link below)

Getting back to the US, a big reason the military is taking action is because they know the border is being used for human trafficking of the worst sort as this headline shows:

“Biden admin whistleblowers claim ‘billions of taxpayer dollars’ used by gov contractor to traffic children on the border”

“Children were sent to addresses that were abandoned houses or nonexistent in some cases,” Deborah White, a federal employee detailed to the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement, ORR, told Republicans. White said. “In Michigan, a child was sent to an open field, even after we reported making an 911 call after hearing someone screaming for help, yet the child was still sent.”

The agency white hats are also releasing more information on the KM pedophile network:

“Could this be one of the main reasons why the Epstein list has not been released?”

“More on Epstein that seems a little fishy…”

Video Player

Plus this:

Antony Blinken Tied To Jeffrey Epstein: Went To School Where He Taught, Family Connected To Epstein’s Mistress

Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s stepfather was a close confidant and lawyer for Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell.

Samuel Pisar, the stepfather of Biden regime Secretary of State Antony Blinken, was a close confidant and lawyer for Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell. Blinken’s stepfather was reportedly the last person to speak to Maxwell before he mysteriously fell to his death off the Lady Ghislaine while cruising near Spain’s Canary Islands in 1991.

Most Americans may know Secretary of State Antony Blinken for his major role in the devastating Biden administration Afghanistan Disaster, or perhaps for his warmongering while working for the Bush and Obama administrations.

However, many may not know that he has connections to the convicted pedophile, ritualistic sex predator, and international elite human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who was identified as a Mossad agent who blackmailed world leaders with underage sex traps by former high-ranking Israeli intelligence officials

The white hats have also continued to go after the pharmaceutical mafia to counter their planned “bird flu” offensive.

It turns out you can find the “never seen before” H5N2 virus FOR SALE in a catalog. Yes, you read that right. BEI Resources, funded by the NIAID, is selling it. But that’s just the beginning. The Ex-CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield warns, “The recipe for making bird flu highly infectious to humans is already out there.”

Video Player

The agencies also put out this Simpsons-style cartoon video about the KM and their evil pandemic plans:

Video Player

We are also now hearing the World Health Organization, in its founding document (1946), EXEMPTED itself from criminal prosecution.

Why would WHO need to give itself exemption from criminal prosecution?

The answer is obvious: “The reason why they wrote that into their founding charter is because they knew they were ALREADY BREAKING the law.”

Video Player

In a sign the long-awaited crack down on the pharmaceutical mafia has begun we note Pfizer head Albert Bourla has “caught Covid” and is “isolating himself.”

We are also hearing Bill Gates, WHO head Tedros and other top pharmacidical bosses are being taken down. Believe it when you see it though because we have heard this song once too often.

What cannot be doubted though is the head of the snake Israel is being taken down:

Forty-six thousand Israeli businesses have been forced to shut as a result of the ongoing war and its devastating effect on the economy, Hebrew newspaper Maariv reported on 10 July, referring to Israel as a “country in collapse.”

The report linked below says Israel’s construction, agriculture, tourism, trade and other industries are all shutting down.

Meanwhile in the video below military analyst Scott Ritter explains how the Israeli armed forces are also in a state of collapse and are running out of soldiers and ammunition.

Video Player

Mossad sources say 2 million out of Israel’s population of 6.5 million Jews have left or are planning to leave the country.

At the end of the day, the sources say Israel will cease to exist and be replaced by the nation of Judea.

Once Israel falls, its US colony will also cease to exist. It will be replaced by the United States of North America, white hat sources say.

Finally this week we will conclude with a call to arms for Europe sent to us by Polish intelligence;

You, the real people of all European countries, continue to ask your craftsmen and farmers in every region to disarm their radio transmitters and ensure that chemtrails from airplanes no longer pollute the air. If necessary, close airports with tractors, trucks and large vehicles that cannot be towed. We do not tolerate sky spectacles, American military outdoor cinema or Vatican sky projects…!! You can save yourself from all the PsyOp soap opera…We are the people of real Europe, not stupid descendants of Hollywood or Chinese plastic! We are very angry about chemtrails and have already had harvest problems in some regions…. the shepherds this year have sheep that suddenly died, as well as more stillbirths and miscarriages than ever before… and this can only be caused by chemical pollution in the air and in the meadows… and by the electrical load in the air, when animals are in an area (largely fenced) with electric fencing. It is an absolute outrage what the Vatican (transmission towers), EU policies and newfangled military policies have done to people, flora and fauna in Europe, as well as newfangled military policies… and these are attacks on health and the supply of agricultural products in Europe. This is artificial weather – i.e. weather manipulation, and thus a war on populations and living creatures of nature! A victim of this stupid military policy is anyone who has had an accident or had bad grades in school due to artificial weather conditions. Many people and companies have already suffered this year due to regional floods and damage to buildings and vehicles. Maybe they weren’t as spectacular as the storms and destruction in America or Asia… but they did happen and were inflicted on peaceful European citizens. Over the past few days, the sky was often so milky that planes could not be seen and therefore it was impossible to tell which planes were releasing more chemtrails. Even though the sky was blue in places, mountains of clouds soon gathered and it was far too cold for July. In some grain fields, the crops lie flat due to water damage… This makes threshing more difficult and produces lower yields, and straw in the dark is less popular than mulch. If it is moldy, it is no longer suitable for straw. In some places, the potatoes rotted a few weeks ago because the weather was too wet. Military people who are so stupid and don’t even know the basics of real life don’t know how to grow your own crops or cook your own food… we don’t want stupid hat-wearing people like the government. We also don’t want to be distracted or exploited by cloned or duplicate actors. How stupid are you… you can save your cartoons and other movies, kitschy wonders and action movies. This isn’t real life and we will not tolerate such nonsense. That’s why every day we tell electricians and electrical engineers to casually look around and then remove the transmitters used to manipulate the skies… and farmers and truck drivers should protect technicians so they can do their jobs with peace of mind. Gentlemen!

A Plane’s passenger took a spectacular video showing a Boeing 787 Dreamliner leaving behind a huge chemtrail

Video Player

Assassin Misses Trump And Strikes Biden—Who Quickly Declares “I’m Sick”

July 18, 2024

A stunning new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declared to the United Nations Security Council in New York City yesterday: “President Putin has spoken about this more than once: we will work with any American leader, we will be ready to work with any American leader who is elected by the American people and who is ready for an equal, mutually respectful dialogue”, says this declaration was joined with the news: “The Republican-run House Oversight Committee has issued a subpoena compelling Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle to testify on Capitol Hill about her agency’s “total failure” to prevent the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump”.

Following the release of a video yesterday showing a wounded President Donald Trump arriving at hospital in Butler-Pennsylvania after the failed assassination attempt on his life, this report notes, a group of enraged United States Senators angrily confronted Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle at the Republican National Convention last evening demanding answers for her “total failure” to protect the life of President Trump—today the leftist New York Times released its bone chilling investigative video “How Trump’s Security Failed To Stop An Assassination Attempt”, and also revealed: “F.B.I. officials told members of Congress on Wednesday that the gunman who tried to kill former President Donald J. Trump used his cellphone and other devices to search images of Mr. Trump and President Biden, along with an array of public figures...The 20-year-old gunman, Thomas Matthew Crooks of Bethel Park, Pa., also looked up dates of Mr. Trump’s appearances and the Democratic National Convention, according to people on two conference calls held to answer lawmakers’ questions...And, at least once, his browsing history signaled concerns about his own mental state...He also seems to have previewed his attack on Steam, a gaming platform he frequented, telling fellow gamers he planned to make his “premiere” on July 13, the day of the shooting”.

Yesterday morning, this report continues, the Black Entertainment Television network released its interview with Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden, wherein he forgot the name of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and dementedly said: “Uh, the secretary of defense, the Black man”—shortly after the release of this demented interview, Politico revealed: “Congress’ two highest-ranking Democrats have gone directly to President Joe Biden with concerns about their party’s fate in November”—a revelation followed by Socialist Leader Biden quickly declaring in a two word social media post: “I’m sick”—a declaration followed by the White House announcing Socialist Leader Biden tested positive for Covid and canceling all of his events—shortly after which, a frail and maskless Socialist Leader Biden was helped by the Secret Service to exit his vehicle and barely made it up the short stairway into his plane—all of which was joined last evening by famed American news host Bill O’Reilly predicting: “Biden might retire tomorrow”.

Currently facing “I’m sick” and might be soon retiring demented imbecile Socialist Leader Biden, this report details, is new polling showing President Trump is beating him 55.5% to 44.5 %—and is new polling that followed Dr. Ben Carson, the former Trump Housing Secretary, most factually observing about President Trump at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday evening: “First, they tried to ruin his reputation and he’s more popular now than ever...And then they tried to bankrupt him and he’s got more money now than he had before...And then they tried to put him in prison and he’s freer and has made other people free with him...And then last weekend they tried to kill him and there he is over there alive and well”.

Apparently believing that the assassin who missed President Trump successfully struck Socialist Leader Biden, this report concludes, is actual leftist lunatic MSNBC host Joy Reid, who last evening beyond all belief proclaimed: “These two men are both elderly...Donald Trump is an elderly man who, for whatever reason, was given nine seconds to take an iconic photo-op during an active shooter situation...Weird situation, we'll figure that out one day...This current President of the United States is 81 years old and has COVID, should he be fine in a couple of days, doesn't that convey exactly the same thing?...That he’s strong enough – older than Trump – to have gotten something that used to really be fatal to people his age...So, if he does fine out of it and comes back and is able to do rallies, isn't that exactly the same?”.


Bush Dynasty Cuban Suicided After FBI Requests Russian Aid In Trump Assassination Investigation

Ukraine Dictator Zelensky Proclaims “I Am Not Afraid” Of “The Chosen One” President Trump

Enraged Americans Declare To “BlackRock Assassins” Targeting Trump “Bitch You Missed!”

Trump Proclaimed “The Chosen One” After Surviving “Gangsta’s Paradise” Assassination Massacre

Biden Receives “Get In Loser” Mean Girls Order As Queen Bee Harris “KHive” Forces Swarm

Mensheviks “Circle Wagons” Around Biden As Bolsheviks Create “Committee To Unelect The President”

Biden Regime On “Political Suicide Mission” Fearfully Warns “The Dogs Are Loose”

If You’re Not A Conspiracy Theorist You’re Not Paying Attention

First Came Brexit, Then Came Trump — And Now It’s Happening Again

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Groundbreaking Study Discovers ‘Off-Switch’ for mRNA COVID-19 Injections

Contrary to initial claims that the “vaccine” stays in the arm, it spreads throughout the body, prompting serious safety concerns. Now, there is hope for approximately 5.5 billion people to “inactivate” what they put into their bodies.

In a recent preprint study, Dr. McCullough and his team presented a novel approach using small interfering messenger RNA (siRNA) and ribonuclease targeting chimeras (RIBOTACs) to bind and deactivate the mRNA from these vaccines, allowing the body to clear it out.

“We use these small interfering RNAs already in practice,” McCullough stated. “There’s one called Patisiran, the other one, Inclisiran. I use them in my practice. They only last in the body a few days. They bind up messenger RNA to inactivate it.

“The longevity of the encapsulated mRNA along with unlimited production of the damaging and potentially lethal Spike (S) protein call for strategies to mitigate potential adverse effects,” the study’s abstract declares. Dr. McCullough’s proposed solution—targeting and degrading residual vaccine mRNA—could prevent uncontrolled spike protein production and reduce toxicity.

With Moderna’s mRNA vaccines for respiratory syncytial virus and influenza now approved, the urgency for an “off switch” becomes even more pressing.

McCullough warns, “Without any way to turn off the messenger RNA, we think every single messenger RNA shot, because it’s been made synthetic and resistant to human breakdown, is going to make people progressively sick. We have to find a way to get this out of the body.”

“We hope that some molecular technology companies can pick this up and consider this. We’re gonna need an off switch for this.”

Click here to read the full study.


How zero point energy has been kept from humanity for over 100 years

The Lost Century And How To Reclaim It 2023

How zero point energy has been kept from humanity for over 100 years...

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

1 MINUTE AGO: "i'm TERRIBLY sorry for this..." | Trump LEAKS

Jul 17, 2024

The attempted assassination of President Trump was a blatant deep state operation—a targeted hit to silence the biggest threat to their corrupt empire. This was no security lapse; it was a meticulously orchestrated attack by government insiders hell-bent on maintaining control.

The facts are clear: the gunman, already known to the FBI and local law enforcement, fired eight rounds from just 130 yards away, and nothing was done to stop him despite prior warnings. This was a calculated move by the deep state operatives who allowed it to happen, ensuring the gunman could take his shot.

Why? Because Trump threatens their control, exposes their corruption, and disrupts their authoritarian agenda. This wasn’t an assassination attempt—it was a message: stand against us, and you’re next.

Wake up! The deep state is real, it’s powerful, and it’s attacking anyone who dares to expose it. We must fight back against these tyrants who plot in the shadows and threaten our freedoms!


1 MINUTE AGO: "i'm TERRIBLY sorry for this..." | Trump LEAKS

The Final Countdown: World Leaders and Financial Moguls Make Mysterious Moves as NESARA and GESARA Prepare to Go Live!

In a monumental stride toward global liberation, the implementation of NESARA and GESARA stands at the threshold, poised to dismantle an age-old cabal that has secretly dominated the global financial systems and suppressed the masses. These acts, veiled in secrecy until now, represent the dawn of a profound era of economic justice and equality.

The Strategic Silence Before a Global Awakening

Envision a world where debts are not just managed but completely erased, where oppressive tax systems like the IRS are dismantled in favor of flat rates that foster equality and fairness. This is a detailed plan set by NESARA and GESARA.

Confirmed by insiders who are deeply entrenched in the workings of global finance, these sources reveal that preparations are underway to switch to a gold-backed currency system that will strip away the power of fiat money controlled by the elite.

The Emergency Broadcast System as a Beacon of Truth

The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS), traditionally seen as a civil defense mechanism, is actually a crucial component in ensuring the successful rollout of NESARA and GESARA. At a critical moment, the EBS will override conventional media—long manipulated by powerful interests—to broadcast essential truths directly to the populace.

Every device capable of receiving a signal will be enlisted to deliver unfiltered announcements detailing the activation and implications of NESARA and GESARA.

Secret tests of this system, witnessed by a defector from a national broadcaster, have demonstrated its capability to transmit encrypted, targeted messages. This ensures that comprehensive guidance reaches every citizen, preparing them for the rapid changes ahead.

The Quantum Financial System: A New Era of Transparency

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) marks a revolutionary breakthrough in financial security and transaction transparency. Quantum technology, far beyond the reach of current hacking capabilities, will safeguard every transaction and ensure that financial dealings are visible and honest.

Trials of the QFS have already been conducted successfully in hidden facilities, showcasing its potential to revolutionize how we conduct financial transactions globally.

Subtle Shifts in Global Leadership

The sudden policy shifts and unexplained resignations among high-profile leaders and financial executives hint at the undercurrents caused by the impending activation of NESARA and GESARA. These moves, often chalked up to personal or professional reasons, are more likely maneuvers to align with or escape the forthcoming financial system overhaul.

The departure of these CEOs before the unveiling of the QFS suggests a retreat from a future where dark money and corrupt practices are rendered obsolete.

Global Currency Reset(GCR) Imminent: Destroying the Federal Reserve’s Evil Financial Empire!

The Inevitability of Change

The rollout of NESARA and GESARA is not merely a legislative change but a global declaration of financial independence and transparency. Elite power brokers, who thrive in the shadows of the current financial regime, dread the transparency these acts will enforce. They recognize that with NESARA and GESARA, their time of unchecked influence and hidden agendas is over.

As we stand at this historic junction, it is clear that NESARA and GESARA are not just transformative laws; they are the harbingers of a new era. These acts promise to reshape not only economies but the very social fabric of the global community.

Imminent NESARA Trigger: Worldwide Banks to Shift to Precious Metals, Erasing All Credit Card, Mortgage, and Loan Debts Globally!

The revolution will not be fought with weapons but with information, delivered directly through the EBS to every citizen, heralding an age of enlightenment and economic rebirth.

The imminent changes heralded by NESARA and GESARA are a testament to the power of truth and the resilience of those who have long championed these causes. The old world order is disintegrating, paving the way for a new era of equity, transparency, and prosperity.

Get ready to witness the most significant transformation in the history of mankind, as NESARA and GESARA redefine what it means to live in a truly free and fair world.


Exclusive! Global Banks Secretly Linked to Quantum Financial System (QFS)!

Breaking News!! Earth Alliance Exploits Elite-Engineered U.S. Financial Collapse to Roll Out the Quantum Financial System!

Emergency Alert! High-Energy Lasers Are Devastating Our Cities: The Hidden Agendas Driving Worldwide Destruction!

Breaking! Biden’s Death Certificate Confirmed! Joseph Robinette Biden Executed at GITMO in 2018!

White Hats Save Trump: Exposing How the Assassin Was Manipulated by CIA Mind Control Programs!

By Ethan White

A fearless truth-seeker and writer, as he uncovers untold stories with his sharp insights and unwavering dedication to journalistic integrity. Embark on a journey of enlightenment with Ethan's thought-provoking articles today.

‘Miracle’: Shocking new footage shows just how close Donald Trump came to death


Trump was shot at 6:11pm

Ephesians 6:11

Put on the armor of God so that you may be asked to stand firm against the tactics of the devil.


A minute later Trump stands defiantly with a fist in the air.


‘Miracle’: Shocking new footage shows just how close Donald Trump came to death


Ephesians 6:12

For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with evil spirits in the heavens. 


(Thoughts from Brother Justin in America)




July 17, 2024


Bush Dynasty Cuban Suicided After FBI Requests Russian Aid In Trump Assassination Investigation


By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers.


Click HERE to view this report.

BEYOND BLUEBEAM (17 July 2024) 

Hello readers, welcome back to another episode of Beyond Blue Beam. We continue our journey into the realms of mystery and intrigue. Is it fiction or is it reality? “Red is grey and yellow white but we decide which is right and which is an illusion” (The Moody Blues) You decide! Share your thoughts in the comments. Also please feel free to add whatever other information you have to add to the article in the comments. Meanwhile, relax and enjoy the read.

Today, we embark on another thrilling journey through time, space, and possibly even different realities. As usual, buckle up for an intriguing exploration of diverse topics.

Tartaria and the Mud Flood Revisited

We revisit the enigmatic history of Tartaria and the intriguing concept of the mud flood.

Video Player

The Galactic Codex and the Secret Space Programs

Interestingly, just two days ago, we received a video from our contact at the Secret Space Program (SSP). Coincidence? Perhaps not, unless you believe in coincidences. According to this video, the remaining factions of the Secret Space Programs have accepted the terms of the Galactic Codex

This development hints at significant shifts within these covert operations and suggests a move towards greater transparency and cooperation on a cosmic scale. The Galactic Codex, a set of universal laws and principles, aims to ensure freedom and ethical conduct throughout the galaxy, marking a potential turning point in human and extraterrestrial relations.

Video Player

Red Rocks UFO: Workers say strange object hovered over Colorado concert venue

A dozen employees at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado, reported witnessing a “large, disc-shaped craft” hovering above the venue on June 5.

“What’s even crazier is that as soon as we all started noticing it and stopped what we were doing to pay attention to it, the craft tipped at an angle and slowly started moving belly-first to the east,” an employee reported to the National UFO Reporting Center about the June 5 sighting at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison.

“Then it started fading away until it was invisible. It didn’t shoot off into the distance. It simply dissolved into the ether. We all watched it vanish.”

The “silent” hovering object was long – about the size of a “three-story office building” – with three levels of windows and lights, according to the National UFO Reporting Center.

The Pyramid’s True Purpose Finally Revealed: Advanced Ancient Technology

The true purpose of the pyramids has long been shrouded in mystery, but recent revelations suggest they were advanced ancient technology. These architectural marvels, far from being mere tombs, may have served as sophisticated energy generators or communication devices. Utilizing principles of sacred geometry, electromagnetic properties, and alignment with celestial bodies, the pyramids could have harnessed and amplified natural energy sources. This new understanding challenges conventional historical narratives and underscores the possibility that ancient civilizations possessed knowledge and technological prowess far beyond what we previously imagined.

Plauson’s Invention: The Forgotten Promise of Atmospheric Electricity

In 1922, Science and Invention magazine published an article about Plauson’s groundbreaking invention: a balloon made of aluminum, filled with hydrogen or helium, that could generate electricity from the atmosphere. At an altitude of 270 meters, this balloon produced a direct current of 400 volts with a force of 1.8 amperes. Remarkably, two such balloons with a capacitor battery could deliver a power output of 81 kilowatts in a day.

The author of the article was optimistic, stating, “Its output is very large… There is no doubt that this invention will soon come into general use throughout the world, especially in rural areas and wherever water power is scarce.” The article predicted that nearly all energy would eventually be derived from the atmosphere, describing it as the cheapest known form of energy, even cheaper than water power. Additionally, it claimed that these aerial power stations would prevent destructive thunderstorms by discharging thunderclouds safely and silently through grounded spark gaps.

Plauson’s invention promised cheap and affordable electricity for the entire world, potentially revolutionizing energy production and distribution. However, despite its potential, this remarkable innovation was forgotten. Could it be that such a disruptive technology, which could democratize energy and reduce dependence on conventional power sources, was deliberately suppressed? The story of Plauson’s invention invites us to reconsider the paths not taken and the possible reasons why transformative technologies sometimes vanish from history.

Government Environmental predictions over the years.

A great video summarizing all the End of the World predictions used to tax us through the decades.  

Video Player

Eyes of Darkness

In 1981, the renowned American author Dean Koontz wrote a novel titled “Eyes of Darkness,” which intriguingly mentions a bacteriological weapon called Wuhan-400. In a curious coincidence, the book predicted that this pathogen would spread globally in 2020. According to the story, Wuhan-400 targets the lungs and bronchi, resisting contemporary disease control methods.

However, this is, of course, just coincidence and fiction. How could they know?

Underwater Cities

Speaking of weather warfare, Why did all these cities get covered by water? Why do the hurricanes mainly come from the African side?

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Walter John Kilner and the Dycenian Goggles

Walter John Kilner, a pioneer in the study of human auras, invented the Dycenian goggles, which purportedly allowed the wearer to distinguish between humans and Fallen Angels masquerading as humans by observing their auras, or electromagnetic fields. Kilner’s research suggested that a significant portion of the population might not be entirely human, a claim that sparked controversy and intrigue.

According to some accounts, Kilner was assassinated by the U.S. government in a classified operation in 1920 after he publicly disclosed his findings. His research was allegedly confiscated and suppressed, echoing similar conspiracy theories surrounding other prominent figures like John Trump and Nikola Tesla, who were believed to possess groundbreaking knowledge that threatened established power structures.

Just like John Trump, Just Like Nikola Tesla.

The UFO  Videos 

1. colored orbs over Sand Diego, California June 21, 2024.

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2. A white orb over Minas Gerais, Brazil June, 2024.

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3. A strange orb light show over central England.  July, 2024.

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4. An unusual cluster of flashing orbs over the east coast of the US,  2024.

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5. Up to 10 orange colored orbs over California July 2024.
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6. A strange UAP seen over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada July, 2024. 
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