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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

WEF Plotting 'Catastrophic Grid Outage' That Will 'Permanently Reset America' Before Election

The World Economic Forum in Davos is planning what they describe as a “catastrophic grid outage” with the stated goal of “creating a permanent reset” in the US before the November election.

According to insiders, the CrowdStrike outage was the final preparation for a devastating cyber attack on the US power grid that will disconnect the public from the internet, wipe out savings, and plunge the nation into chaos for years, allowing the elite to roll out the next phase of their totalitarian master plan.

As the global elite order world governments to prepare to rig the November election and ration people’s food and water supplies as part of their ‘Great Reset’ agenda, it has never been more important to spread the word about their evil plans.


Rulers Do Not Get 'Elected' By Society

Soulless Humans

First human to receive DNA upgrade was 300,000 year ago

Based on documented fossils and Sumerian writings, the arrival of humans on Earth can be dated to more than four hundred and fifty thousand years ago. According to the Sitchin timeline, the first human as we know it today, the Adamu, was DNA upgraded or enhanced about three hundred thousand years ago. After further genetic manipulation, Anunnaki men began interbreeding with human women about 100,000 years ago. Soon after, a new ice age began, decimating the population. The Neanderthals disappeared, while only the Cro-Magnons survived in the Middle East.

About four hundred and fifty thousand years ago, during Earth’s second ice age, the highly advanced inhabitants of Nibiru, called Anunnaki in Sumerian texts, meaning “those who came to Earth from the heavens”, travelled to Earth at a time when the two planets were close in orbit.

According to the Sumerian description, their first landings took place in the waters of what is now the Persian Gulf. It is obvious that these astronauts were looking for a base camp with sufficient water and fuel. There was only one option that met this requirement. That was Mesopotamia, in the southern part of present-day Iraq.

The supreme god of Nibiru was called ‘Anu’, also known as ‘An’ depending on the source. Two of the Anunnaki leaders and sons of Anu, Enki and Enlil, were half-brothers and they oversaw the systematic colonisation of planet Earth by the Anunnaki.

All of the Anunnaki leaders later assumed the role of “gods” or Nephilim as perceived by their human subjects. Curiously, one of these Nephilim was called a Nazi. One wonders if twentieth century German occultists were aware of this connection?

Fifteen thousand years ago, people who had an Anunnaki father were allowed to rule in selected cities; this caused even more irritation to Enlil, who was angry that some Anunnaki were having too much sexual contact with human women. Enlil took the decision to counteract this.

The creation of man in the image of the Anunnaki must not be confused with the creation of an entirely new human being, but merely a genetically engineered version of the existing species.

The existing beings of Africa were essentially given a genetic upgrade sufficient to perform the desired tasks effectively and efficiently, while genetic barriers were put in place to prevent them from evolving into self-conscious beings, Sitchin explains.

According to Sumerian writings, the medical supervision of this mission on Earth was in the hands of a woman named Ninharsag, also known as Ninti, who carried out the genetic experiments with Enki.

A Sumerian inscription shows Enki and Ninharsag together, surrounded by bottles, tubes, a table, shelves, a plant and a helper – a scene that strongly resembles a laboratory.

What the Sumerians describe as the creation of the first human being is perfectly understandable in the light of our current knowledge of cloning, which would have been completely incomprehensible to us some 50 years ago.

They took the reproductive cell or egg of a primitive African human-like woman and fertilised it with the sperm of a young Anunnaki man. The fertilised egg was then implanted in an Anunnaki woman who carried the child to term.

It is clear that the revision of ancient history will have far-reaching implications and lasting effects, for with this new understanding the conventional explanations of the origin of man and the Earth appear to be nonsense.

It is clear that extraterrestrials have played a complex role in the evolution of mankind.

But unfortunately, there is still a ‘knowledge filter’ in the world of science that selects out unwelcome evidence. This process has been going on for more than a century and continues to this day.

As one disgruntled researcher recently wrote: “Remember that scientific institutions such as the Smithsonian and the National Geographic Society were established primarily by global elite factions to denounce any scientific data that tends to inform people of their true origins, they would rather twist it or simply ignore it.

According to Sitchin, “early biblical man” did not worship his god, he worked for him. “The Sumerian texts clearly show that the Anunnaki mistreated the slaves they created, using them simply as cattle.

Slavery was the norm in human society, then and now.

Human cloning

There are doubts that a cloned baby would have a soul because the whole idea seems so offensive. God would refuse to cooperate with cloning by never giving a cloned human embryo a soul.

But back in 1978, when the first human baby was created in a petri dish by in vitro fertilisation, it could also have been argued that such an immoral act would mean that God would not give a soul to a baby created in laboratory glassware. We now have more than a million babies produced in this way, all of whom have souls implanted by God.

By the same token, it is clear that the idea of a clone without a soul is little more than an urban legend. Yet the very discussion of a clone without a soul reminds us how remarkably immoral human cloning actually is, even as the mass media and various legislators promote a form of cloning known as therapeutic cloning.

The process of cloning is simple in concept: it involves taking a nucleus, the complete genetic package, from a body cell, such as a skin cell, and transferring it into a woman’s egg after removing the egg’s own nucleus or the half genetic package.

The presence of the complete genetic package creates a new human embryo. This newly cloned embryo can either be killed in the laboratory for research, or it can be allowed to live and grow by being implanted into a womb, resulting in the birth of a cloned baby.

This baby would be an identical twin of the person who donated the skin cell, just as Dolly the sheep was an identical twin of her mother who donated the mammary cell used to start the process.

Both forms of cloning, reproductive cloning and so-called therapeutic cloning, involve serious ethical violations.

The advantage of therapeutic cloning is that you get an exact genetic match and you eliminate the real possibility of rejection, which will be the key to this whole area of research.

To ban or prohibit it, to make it illegal, would be a big mistake. It could be a great opportunity. The benefits of exact genetic matching – because they have the same genes, a pair of identical twins can use each other’s organs for transplants, and they will accept those transplants without the need for immunosuppressive drugs.

But the deeper truth is that in therapeutic cloning, the cloned twin is not even given a chance to live, but is specifically created to be deliberately killed by researchers for the benefit of his or her older genetic match.

This sinister research is a direct form of human exploitation, where the powerful and wealthy exploit the young and powerless. In effect, a patient using therapeutic cloning would be destroying a family member, a blood relative, their own identical twin brother or sister, in order to obtain the cells and tissues they want.

On the other hand, if you clone to produce a live-born baby, wrong as that still is, at least the cloned twin survives, breathes the same air and has the chance to enjoy the good life that the rest of us enjoy every day.

The real paradox, then, is that our moral sensibilities have become so blunted that many cannot see that therapeutic cloning is actually morally worse than reproductive cloning.

Therapeutic cloning doesn’t produce soulless clones, but it does tempt some spineless politicians and scientists to radically misuse the remarkable powers of science that God has given us.

Souls incarnate and have physical experiences

A soul can lose its biological shell, for example through death. There are also cases where bodies are soulless, where the soul has been deliberately taken away by mind control. Other people have simply crumpled up or lost their souls, or are in a coma, but are still biologically functional, but without a soul. They have become an empty soulless body, many of whom walk around through deliberate mind control manipulation.

Then there are bodies that were never inhabited by a soul because at the moment of their conception some demons were waiting to enter. These are the negative characters, the dark creatures. They cannot love. Their vibrations are too low. Instead, they are fascinated by their own arrogance. The humiliation of others gives them pleasure and satisfaction. They have no connection with the Source, with the Creator, with God, with the primordial ground of well-being.

Life seeks balance, while demons promote imbalance. Stay calm and focused from within and dark beings will not succeed with you. Consistently refuse to associate with people of low vibration. It is better not to associate with them at all, but to remain in your own high, protective vibration. Sunny places with flowers and singing birds are of high vibration. Just go and feel good!

  • This is why the awakened ones have opened their consciousness, because most of the blockages have been removed.

Our process of liberation is already so far advanced that a return to the old situation is no longer possible. Everything has been done to seal the reversal once and for all. Be patient and confident, support this process with positive thoughts and protests. The great reversal could come in 2024, if sufficient people become awake.

An intelligent being they created called Man has learned to be civilised, but these people are still the slaves of the Anunnaki!

“These people do not know what has happened to them, for the truth is hidden from them.

After reading this message, ask yourself how many people you know with a soul.

You will be surprised to learn that very few meet the criteria.

In grosso modo the real souls go on to the 5D world.

Use this knowledge and encourage others to read this message.

Achilles’ heel struck?

Computers are the Achilles heel; compromise them and even the world’s richest economy can go bankrupt. Cripple them and the world’s mightiest military is brought to its knees. Destroy them and the enemy is yours.

Once infected, computers can shut down the entire economy like in a single keystroke. This includes shutting down the power grid, nuclear reactors, air traffic control, trains and subways, water and sewage systems, oil and gas pipelines, factories and more. All can be simply “switched off”.

So can the banking system and the stock market and every employer in the nation.

But also the computers that control America’s weapons systems.

Officials have admitted that there is no defence. In this case;

  • We are literally at the mercy of our enemies” and caught off guard.

All this leads us to believe that it is only a matter of when, not if, we are going to see something dramatic, for it seems that we are now facing such a situation?

Enemies can literally shut down the entire economy at will. But as frightening as this new reality is, it is only the beginning of the story.

They can also manipulate the computers that run the stock, bond and commodities markets – as well as every financial institution, from the largest banks and brokerages down to the local ATM.

They can raid the memory of computers that store the most sensitive national security secrets, intellectual property and personal information – such as health records, bank accounts, credit information, loans, credit cards and tax returns. They can sabotage the computers that keep the government and bureaucrats in business, and even cripple the US military.

Think about it and wake up …

References FWC Archive, and Tadeusz Pacholczyk. “Soulless Clones and Spineless Men.”

After reading this article, ask yourself how many people you know with a soul. You will be surprised to learn that very few meet the criteria. In grosso modo the real souls go on to the 5D world. Use this knowledge and encourage others to read this article.

What is striking is that few readers still delve into our true history, which took place less than 150 years ago and was finally ended during the Second World War in 1940/45 with the massive destruction of old buildings in cities such as Berlin, Dresden, London and Rotterdam.

Share this with everyone you know!

The New Age is finally here! Gold is up and the Cabal is down! It is clear to see that governments are obsolete. It is pointless to continue with the current cryptically bankrupt system that oppresses and contributes nothing.

Many will ask: when will change come? Know that it is happening now, slowly but surely! There is no going back, the speed of change depends on the awakening of the masses. Spread the word!

To be continued as time will tell us more …

Stay tuned daily for new developments on our Telegram page.

Just who or what is the Lucis Trust summoning on ‘World Invocation Day’?

The Lucis Trust, which has a long history of working with the United Nations, will be celebrating the World Invocation Day tomorrow (May 23). This event has been consistently observed on the “day of the Gemini full moon since 1952”, according to the Lucis Trust website. The annual event has to align with astrological cues. Last year, the World Invocation Day was held on June 3 which naturally featured a Gemini full moon. (Tomorrow also happens to be the Buddhist holy day of Vesak).

An integral part of the event is the Great Invocation which summons the “spiritual energies of Light, Love and Purpose”. The following mantra, appealing to the “Mind of God” itself, will presumably be chanted by adherents worldwide in order to accelerate the “evolution of human consciousness and the elevation of the Planet.” Here it is, in all its claptrap glory:

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into human minds,

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into human hearts,

May the Coming One return to Earth

From the centre where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide all little human wills –

the purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the human race

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

If the Great Invocation appears like a sinister manifesto, it is simply because it is nothing other than one! Guised under the mumbo-jumbo of New Age esoterism, its primary goal is to hasten the return of the “light” and “Coming One” to Earth. Any guesses as to whom these appellations represent? I am also reminded of the mysterious “thousand points of light” which was invoked more than once by former US President George H.W. Bush. 

I will include passages from the Lucis Trust itself to illustrate what the Great Invocation is all about. 

The energies of Divinity are abundantly available and, when the Enlightened beings who occupy the realm of soul are invoked, this higher love flows through us into the world. Through widespread use of the Great Invocation on World Invocation Day, humanity becomes the bridge between spirit and matter, transmitting spiritual energies and distributing them to the entire planetary life.

Together, we can release energies which will enable humanity to give birth to a new civilization, bringing illumination to the darkness, and unification to that which has been divided.

The universal Christ, embodying the Principle of Love, is the head of Hierarchy, and oversees all aspects of its work. As the ‘Coming One’, the World Teacher, He works for all humanity – people of all religions and those of no religious persuasion at all. He represents the fullest expression of divinity to which human beings can aspire. When the Great Invocation invokes the Coming One, it invokes this potentiality. 

The Lucis Trust and the United Nations have been officially “illuminating” the world for over  seven decades but all we have become accustomed to is growing darkness. So, either these invocations aren’t working or behind the smokescreen, these incantations serve as a ritual spell to herald the darkest of nights. And why shouldn’t it be anything else? Biblical scripture has been turned on its head to depict fallen angels and Lucifer in a positive light. Here is an incriminating excerpt from the Lucis Trust itself: 

The role of the solar angels and their sacrifice on behalf of humanity is discussed at length in The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky. In fact, in 1887 the magazine of the Theosophical Society took “Lucifer” as its name in an effort to bring clarity to what it regarded as an unfairly maligned sacrificing angel.

Lucifer, the “unfairly maligned sacrificing angel”, is who the Great Invocation wants to summon tomorrow. Theosophists more or less anticipate his imminent incarnation in the form of the mystical Maitreya

The Lucifer Connection

If you think the Lucis Trust is just a fringe movement patronised by quirkier segments of the global elite, think again. Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of late US President Franklin D. Roosevelt had included the Great Invocation in her endorsement of the UN Declaration of Human Rights on World Invocation Day in 1952. You can read the summary of this event and her recorded message here

I wonder how the all-powerful Communist Bloc, which was hostile to religion and superstition, could tolerate this drivel during its heydays? The Lucis Trust must have had some powerful backers in order to smooth over its jarring influence at the UN.  However, due to extensive multimedia censorship on the subject matter, it is becoming increasingly difficult to unearth an exhaustive list of powerful patrons associated with the trust (although I remember perusing through such a list about 20 years ago). 

The Wikipedia page on the Lucis Trust has been removed for obvious reasons. However, prior inputs and discussions on the topic have been relatively preserved and these exchanges stretch back to 2007

‘Let there be light’

The Lucis Trust was allegedly founded by Alice Bailey, although I suspect she was merely charged to front the organisation. As the conventional narrative goes, Bailey had dedicated three decades of her life to researching and developing a “neo-theosophical system of esoteric thought covering such topics as how spirituality relates to the Solar System, meditation, healing, spiritual psychology, the destiny of nations, and prescriptions for society in general. She described the majority of her work as having been telepathically dictated to her by a Master of Wisdom, initially referred to only as ‘the Tibetan’ or by the initials ‘D.K.’, later identified as Djwal Khul.” (Djwal suspiciously sounds like the Islamic “dajjal” aka the “Deceitful Messiah”)

Djwal Khul is not a historical person but an entity personified by a mysterious Tibetan disciple of “The Ageless Wisdom” esoteric cult — at least according to Bailey and her cohorts. Theosophical texts describe him as being a member of the “Spiritual Hierarchy… of Mahatmas, one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom”. Djwal Khul's name first appeared in the works of Blavatsky, the co-founder of the Theosophical Society in the 1880s. 

Djwal Khul therefore appears to be an incarnation of yet another “unfairly maligned sacrificing angel”. Incidentally, the theosophical circle had once included the infamous satanist Aleister Crowley who was described as “the wickedest man in the world” in his prime. (It will take a lifetime to study all the trails, nooks and corners of this malefic matrix but I am trying my best to produce a reasonable compendium here). 

One central question that needs to be answered is how did a hyper-esoteric entity such as the Lucis Trust gain such an esteemed foothold in the UN? Was it because it had consistently enjoyed the patronage of global movers and shakers? The Lucis Trust’s New Group of World Servers include leaders who are entrusted to “initiate and carry forward activities which benefit humanity as a whole.” 

And just who are these selfless “world servers”? There is a website that has provided a sampling of these shady individuals and entities. And of course, no such list is complete without the inclusion of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, George Soros and a host of usual suspects. These entities together direct policies across the global (geo)political, economic, environmental, societal and technological spectrums. In other words, they get to dictate all facets of life. Call it a satanic stronghold. 

With such a pedigree, it is therefore unsurprising that the publishing arm of the Lucis Trust was once called the Lucifer Publishing Company.

One of Lucis’ penultimate goals is the syncretization of various belief systems into a One World Religion as evinced by the seal of the Theosophical Society below. 

Bear in mind that Bailey was once married to an episcopalian pastor and had a Christian upbringing. She would have known that Christians had always synonymised Lucifer with Satan. But that didn’t deter her from working towards a unified society based on a global “spirit of religion” and to regard Lucifer as a “unfairly maligned sacrificing angel”. 

Apart from mystical Tibetans, from where did Bailey and her fellow Theosophists get their occultic ideas and how were they able to glide across the corridors of power? Something really evil and powerful must be at work!

The UN Connection

The Lucis Trust is headquartered at 866 United Nations Plaza Suite 482, New York. On paper, it enjoys a Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC)  and is recognized by the Department of Global Communications at the United Nations as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO).

In a webpage dedicated to Supporting the Work of the United Nations, the Lucis Trust has the following sections: Educate Yourself About the UN (on issues ranging from Sustainable Development Goals to human rights etc); Donate to UN Funds; Create a UN Study Group; Establish or Join a Local UN Support Group; Contact Educators; Contact Local Media Outlets; Social Media; Encourage Organisations to Support the UN; Encourage Government Engagement with the UN; and UN Web Sites.

It has all the appearance of a high-powered UN advocacy group, particularly as the page features a photo of the eco-anarchist Greta Thunberg with the UN Secretary General. But rather ominously, the page also includes a section called Meditation, Invocation & Prayer. What is this mumbo-jumbo doing in the beehive of high-stakes international relations and what is the tangible value of the “meditation room” at the United Nations? According to the Lucis Trust, this shrine serves the following function:

Groups and individuals that value the power of thought are encouraged to support the United Nations through meditation, invocation and prayer. Learn about the Meditation Room at the United Nations which is open to the public when the UN Headquareters (sic) building in new York (sic) is open.  From time to time World Goodwill’s Cycle of Conferences Initiative focuses on important meetings and summits at the United Nations.

It seems that the esoteric goals of the United Nations have been conveniently outsourced to the Lucis Trust in order to avoid controversies and conflicts of interests.

The ‘Coming One’

As for the Coming One and World Teacher who will work for all of humanity under a syncretised religion, look no further than references to the Antichrist and the False Prophet in the Bible. 

The “Enlightened beings” invoked by Lucis' proteges are nothing but fallen angels whose activities and manifestations will snowball in the End Times. The surge in multifaceted chaos worldwide are just symptoms of this ongoing “enlightenment”.

Nothing should surprise the readers of The Eye Opener anymore but a permanent occultic representation at the UN which hosts an annual rite to invoke Satan and the Antichrist still leaves me speechless.

By Dr Mathew Maavak

Monday, July 22, 2024

What Is Intelligence?

"So what is one’s attitude going to be? The speaker has been saying constantly: freedom is absolutely necessary. Psychological freedom first, not the physical freedom which you have in the democratic, if not in the totalitarian, countries. Inward freedom can only come about when one understands one’s conditioning, the conditioning which is both social and cultural, religious, economic and physical. Can one be free of that – of the psychological conditioning?

So what does it all indicate?

We have the intelligence to solve technological problems: the problem-solving mind. We all have that, but it is not intelligence. The capacity to think clearly, objectively, and to be aware of the limitation of thinking, that is the beginning of intelligence. We worship thinking; the more cleverly we can think, the greater we see ourselves as being. Whereas if we could observe our own confusion, our own individual narrow way of looking at life, if we could be aware of all that, we would see how thought is perpetually creating problems. Thought creates the image and that image divides – to see that requires intelligence. To see psychological dangers is intelligence. But apparently we do not see those things. That means somebody has to goad you all the time, push you, drive you, ask you, persuade you, beg you to make you aware of yourself; and then to move from there, not just stay there. And I am afraid nobody is going to do that for you, not even the most enlightened human being, because then you become his slave.

Vitality, physical and psychological energy, is, as you are now, being dissipated in conflict, in worry, in chattering, in endless gossip not only with others but with oneself. This endless chattering! It all dissipates the psychological energy that is needed to observe ourselves in the mirror of relationship – we are all related to somebody or other – and so discover our illusions, images, absurdities and idiocies. Then out of that, freedom comes, intelligence, which will show the way of life."

(J. Krishnamurti, Q&A 1, Brockwood Park, England, 1980)

What is the essence of intelligence?

Krishnamurti invites us to explore this question, urging us to look beyond the conventional understanding of intelligence as mere problem-solving prowess. He posits that true intelligence is not just the capacity to think clearly or solve technological challenges but also the awareness of our psychological conditioning. This conditioning—deeply rooted in social, cultural, religious, economic, and physical contexts—shapes our perceptions and actions. Krishnamurti suggests that intelligence begins with recognizing and understanding these internal constraints, leading to psychological freedom.

Can we attain this form of intelligence that Krishnamurti describes? He highlights that our psychological energy is often wasted on conflicts, worries, and incessant internal chatter. This dissipation of energy may prevent us from observing ourselves and our relationships clearly, thereby hindering true self-awareness and the emergence of intelligence. Krishnamurti challenges us to see the limitations and dangers of thought, which creates divisive images and problems. Intelligence may require individual effort and introspection, as no external force or enlightened being can compel us to achieve this state of clarity and freedom. How do we, in our daily lives, begin to observe and transcend our conditioned selves to realize this deeper intelligence?


J. Krishnamurti | What Is Intelligence?

Reality TV Pretending To Be Presidential Election Signals End Of US Corporation

A man in drag wearing a silicon mask and a reality TV actor are being presented to the American people as presidential candidates. No wonder 80% of US citizens think their country is “spiraling out of control.”

This visual representation of US debt shows why the show is going to have to end.

Welcome to the final days of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation.

What the people staging this election farce need to understand is that out there, there is this thing known as reality and no matter how hard you try to avoid it, it eventually has a way of catching up to you.

Let’s start with Kamala Harris, who is now the “Democratic” Parties’ candidate that they finally pulled the plug on the slow Joe Biden show. All though we cannot confirm this 100% our Pentagon sources say the person who will be wearing the mask and pretending to be Kamala Harris is a football coach by the name of Cam Cameron.

Video Player

He will be advised by big swinging dick Mike Obama on how to act like a “woman of color.” 

This is the team that will be the designated losers in the planned show.

Could you imagine this person going into negotiations as an equal with Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping?

Video Player

Look at who is endorsing her, Gavin Newsom, the Clintons and the usual suspects. “This was already planned weeks if not months ago. More of the circus show in play,” a Pentagon source comments.

This is Time Magazine’s new cover after Joe Biden quits the presidential race against Donald Trump.

By the way, does anybody know what this thing is that Joe Biden appears to be secretly handing over on his way out?

Anyway, now let us look at “Donald Trump.” First, let us confirm the person appearing in the photo below as Trump, is not him. Trump’s official biography says he is 6 foot three inches tall (1.9 meters) while Vance’s biography says he is five foot seven inches (1.7 meters tall). Now look at them standing beside each other in the photo below.

This Trump is shorter than 5’7”.

(Some sources dispute this saying Vance is also 6’3″ but in either case we are sure the real Trump is staying safe at Mt Cheyenne)

This confirms what eyewitnesses at Mar A Largo have told us in the past; the person appearing in public as Trump is not him. We keep hearing from our US Space Force sources the real Donald Trump is at the Mt. Cheyenne military base in Colorado directing the military white hats. This Trump we see in public now is a white hat actor working for the Trump in Mt. Cheyenne.

For now though, let us look at the one who until recently has appeared in public.

We note he participated in a Freemason assassination reality show (yes they often kill real people in their shows) designed to give him a photo shoot and designate him as the new leader of the US Corporation.

Whistleblowers reveal most of Trump’s security at the event were not Secret Service, but inexperienced and unprepared members of the Department of Homeland Security.

As evidence of how this assassination attempt was a fake show, take a look at the actress in the video below pretending to be a Secret Service agent.

Video Player

These kids in Africa did a better acting job and should hired for the next assassination show.

Video Player

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino spilled the beans on Donald Trump Jr’s show with Tucker Carlson and David Sacks: 

Video Player

“I was also told that the Secret Service Director has been given instructions from the Administration and the DHS Secretary that if you want to keep your job, you’ll keep your mouth shut about this.”

Since she obviously did not, the head of the secret service has taken the fall for this widely renounced farce.

In any case, the Trump who until recently appeared in public, is an out and out Zionist as is his running mate J.D. Vance. Here you can see them wearing a Jewish skullcap of submission while kissing the wall of an old fort built by the Roman destroyers of the nation of Judea. However, at this time we are not sure if the this is the same J.D. Vance.

The Trump we used to see in public is the one who promoted “Operation Warp Speed” to murder as many Americans as possible as quickly as possible with toxic vaccines. Vance is a partner of Battelle Biodefense Laboratories (funded by Anthony Fauci for Moderna) who said “Let’s fire thousands of nurses who refuse to get the vaccine.”

Vance also said we should let Israel prosecute the genocide in Gaza “the way they see fit.”

In the video linked below you can watch him say “In America, we love the Jews.”

As a Jewish person, I find this insulting just like I think if I would feel insulted if I was a black person and was told “In America we love the blacks.” Why pick out a specific group for love?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr said Trump picking Vance is “A Salute to the CIA” that “Their gravy train is going to continue.”

Anyway, this Wednesday the Khazarian Mafian reality show pretending to be the US government will welcome their real leader, the mass murdering Benjamin Netanyahu. Jewish liberation activists like Henry Makow say “Trump is being installed to lead the West into a suicidal war against Iran, Russia and China.”

Now I realize Donald Trump has many fanatical supporters. Here for example you can watch a genuinely enthusiastic-looking Hulk Hogan say Trump will “make America great again.” 

Video Player

OK so now let us look at the possibility we really are dealing with two competing timelines, as our Secret Space Force sources say. They say one timeline features a vaccine-pushing Zionist Trump who wants to start World War III. In the other timeline, the real Trump at the Mt. Cheyenne Space Force Base in Colorado is playing 5D chess and is about to ... ... ...

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Suspend belief

If the root of suffering is attachment, then the root of attachment is belief. 

Suspend belief.

When you suspend belief, you transcend attachment. 

You attain a fearless state of nonattachment, where you finally see how everything is attached to everything else.

You can call it hacking the mind of God, or Dionysian disobedience, or putting the “thorough” in Thoreau.

The key to cultivating Promethean Audacity is courageously delving into the forbidden to discover hidden secrets otherwise unattainable.

Bookmark This For November 2024


V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta