It is impossible for one to be internationalist without being a nationalist. Internationalism is possible only when nationalism becomes a fact, i.e. when peoples belonging to different countries have organized themselves and are able to act as one man. It is not nationalism that is evil, it is the narrowness, selfishness, exclusiveness which is the bane of modern nations which is evil. Each wants to profit at the expense of, and rise on the ruin of, the other.

Indian nationalism has struck a different path. It wants to organize itself or to find full self-expression for the benefit and service of humanity at large … God having cast my lot in the midst of the people of India, I should be untrue to my Maker if I failed to serve them. If I do not know how to serve them I shall never know how to serve humanity. And I cannot possibly go wrong so long as I do not harm other nations in the act of serving my country.

Mahatma Gandhi (Young India, 18 June 1925, p211)



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Monday, October 14, 2019

U.S. headed for civil war as military mobilizes to take down cabal

October 7, 2019

The United States is headed for full-blown civil war or revolution, as the U.S. military has now mobilized troops and reserve units “to take down the Deep State,” Pentagon sources say. “With 125,000 indictments, many will be unsealed, making for a bloody October revolution or October surprise before the satanic Halloween holiday.” They note that “Melania Trump wore red on October 1 to signify Red October for a new fiscal year as the military mobilizes troops to defend Trump.”

The mobilization order can be confirmed on the U.S. Marines’ own home page:

The order authorizes Marines and other U.S. military units to take action inside the U.S. if “a Governor requests Federal assistance in responding to a major disaster or emergency,” or “When directed by the President,” or following “a Request For Forces (RFF) from the responsible Combatant Commander.” The order further reads, “Marines with subject orders will execute orders… in order to respond to threats in the Homeland.”

Multiple sources, including Dr. Steve Pieczenik (who served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, and James Baker) confirm that the mobilization is in response to an attempted CIA coup led by CIA Director Gina Haspel against U.S. President Donald Trump. Dr. Pieczenik, by the way, is the son of Holocaust survivors and has gone on the record blaming Nazi Jews as being involved in the mass murder of their own people.

CIA sources confirm that Haspel is “a blood relative of the Rockefeller clan (Clinton, Zuckerberg, etc.).” Furthermore, the sources state that Haspel “was in charge of ‘Cat’s Eye,’ the first secret black site for interrogation of alleged terrorists, set up in Thailand. She also ran a secret black site at Guantánamo Bay prison after 9/11 at the request of GW Bush/Dick Cheney. (This was totally off the books). She travelled between Thailand and Cuba. After her mission in Thailand, she was appointed Station Chief of the CIA London office. She is overseeing the plot to remove Trump, but she is acting on orders from her handlers. Gina Haspel is not her real name.”

Haspel went into action and triggered the emergency response after Trump fired National Security Council head John Bolton and began a purge of fifth columnists located there, the Pentagon sources say.

The other big trigger for the emergency is that “Wall Street is under assault,” Pentagon sources say. In particular, they say, “JP Morgan is being prosecuted as a criminal enterprise under RICO for drug trafficking, fraud, terror financing, sanction violations, and other racketeering activity.” An attack on JP Morgan, of course is an attack on the Nazi Bush clan. The Rockefeller “bloodsucking vampire squid” Goldman Sachs is also being taken down for its involvement in the Malaysia 1MDB scandal, the sources add. This scandal, of course, then links them to the Malaysian Air Flight 370/17 mass murder incident.

Many other mega-banks are also now being investigated as organized crime organizations in Europe and the U.S., multiple sources confirm. The most important of these investigations concerns raids by Vatican Police to “to acquire documents and electronic devices from certain offices of the First Section of the Secretariat of State and the State Financial Information Authority” related to complaints about “the Institute for Works of Religion [Vatican Bank] and the Office of the General Auditor, regarding financial transactions carried out over time,” according to a Vatican press release.

This is huge, because the Vatican Bank is where bribery accounts for hundreds of so-called world leaders are kept. The raids were related in part to requests by Trump to find out who has been financing the various “witch hunts” against him.

However, Vatican P2 Freemason sources say they are opposed to the “Trump religion” and will fight against “the [Trump son-in-law Jared] Kushner group and their aims of world power.” The P2 say they want “a federated world, not a world of religious fundamentalism in power.”

Closely related to these raids is a fight going on in Switzerland over control of the world’s gold reserves and thus control over a new gold-backed financial system, thus control of the world. A lot about this war is revealed in this new “Neil Keenan video” made by the people who murdered the real Keenan.

CIA sources in Southeast Asia provided the following analysis of this:

“The video was made one month ago during the Formula One race in Singapore September 19-22. Watch his video carefully and you will see that he has a large tumor or ? on his right arm that he covers over for a portion of the presentation and his teeth are different from the original Neil Keenan.

“His go-between in Indonesia is Sri Mulyani Indrawati, the Finance Minister of Indonesia. She has a very interesting past. She had to leave Indonesia due to the Century Bank scandal in 2008. Almost $1 Billion USD went missing and it is alleged that is went into President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s re-election campaign. She became one of the three Managing Directors of the World Bank in May, 2010 for 6 years, receiving special training by the Zionist cabal, then was sent back to Indonesia to run the finances of the country for her handlers, as Minister of Finance. She was appointed by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in 2016. Here are a few of her obvious moves for the benefit of the Zionist cabal as Finance Minister.

“Sri Mulyani Indrawati is regularly in the Indonesia news, about all the good she is allegedly doing for the country. She is 100% a cabal agent. Her main mission now is to assist UBS and the Zionist cabal, who control the bank, in acquiring the Au stored in bunkers at various locations in Indonesia. The largest bunker is located in Jakarta. This is a last-ditch attempt at obtaining the Au they need to keep their petrodollar banking system from collapsing.

“Neil Keenan mentions UBS bank in Switzerland. As you know, they made the original deal with President ”Bung” Soekarno in the Green Hilton Agreement Geneva signed in 1963. Some of the gold was physically moved to Switzerland, while most of it remained in Indonesia stored in bunkers.

“I know for a fact that when Megawati Sukarnoputri was President of Indonesia from 2001-2004, she personally went to UBS Bank in Zurich with her bodyguards and appropriate documents showing her successor custodial ownership of tens of thousands of tons of Au. She was told by the bank’s “special security/legal team” that she would get nothing from UBS and if she attempted to legally obtain the Au via the international court in the Hague, she would be eliminated. This shows the power of UBS and who is really behind the bank—the Zionist cabal. The Sri Mulyani Indrawati connection shows us who Neil Keenan is actually working for.”

Based on this and other intelligence, if the U.S. military wants to win the civil war, they need to target the head of the octopus, which is in Switzerland. Threaten to nuke Basel, Zurich, and Zug, Switzerland unless they return the gold to its rightful owners, and victory will be yours.

Another thing the U.S. military needs to be aware of is how much the Rockefeller clan and their fellow Khazarians have been sucking up to China. Chinese secret society sources say they were promised a “United States of China” that would include Japan and Southeast Asia if “Hillary Rockefeller” were elected. That is the real reason why, as Trump recently tweeted, “Sleepy” Joe Biden “got $1.5 billion dollars from China despite no experience and for no apparent reason. There is NO WAY these can be legitimate transactions.”

Asian secret society sources have also explained that the sudden handing over of $100 billion dollars to Softbank’s Masayoshi Son was also a move by the petrodollar people to suck up to China. They say Son (孫) is a relative of none other than Sun (孫) Yat-sen, the widely revered father of modern China. So funneling billions of petrodollars to him was a good way to curry favor with the Asians, the sources say. Putting him in charge of the Musashi Engineering Japanese election-stealing machinery was another clever Rockefeller move to rope in China, Japanese military intelligence sources say.

The U.S. military might consider an alliance of convenience with the French Rothschilds against their common enemy, the Rockefellers, according to the Asian sources. They say Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn was arrested on trumped-up charges ordered by the Rockefellers and that, in revenge, the Rothschilds recently had Jay Rockefeller killed. We have not been able to confirm this, however, and no public announcement of Jay Rockefeller’s death has been made.

Anyway, while Son is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, even he is not able to effectively launder all those petrodollars into real economic activity, as recent events show.

Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia, the backbone of the petrodollar, Pentagon sources note that, “With depleted reserves in the hostile Shia eastern province and no defense against missiles and drones, Saudi Aramco valuation may be nowhere near $1 trillion.” Furthermore, they say, the upcoming “Davos in the Desert may be boycotted again, since [puppet ruler] Mohammed bin Salman cannot guarantee security for the investment conference.” Translation: “Stop supporting the cabal petrodollar and its fanatic messianic controllers, or we will bomb you back to the stone age.”

Israel too is finally starting to wake up to the fact they were duped by fanatics. Last week, former Israeli army chief Yair Golan joined the ranks of Jews waking up to the dangerous fanatics hiding in their midst, warning that “We must be careful, very careful, because among us there are radicals with a messianic outlook who will use Israeli democracy.” He warned that Israel could face the same fate as Nazi Germany.

The French people are also waking up. Even though the press is ignoring the revolution unfolding there, ignoring reality doesn’t make it go away. Last week the French police staged a massive demonstration saying they were underpaid, overworked, and losing the ability to stop the 48-week-long yellow vest movement.

On a final note, we are hearing from MI6 that the Queen is under tremendous pressure to cave in to the cabal and stop Brexit. However, Her Majesty knows the people have voted for Brexit and, at the end of the day, she is the servant of her people.

Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis
by Benjamin Fulford

It is impossible for one to be internationalist without being a nationalist

It is impossible for one to be internationalist without being a nationalist. Internationalism is possible only when nationalism becomes a fact, i.e. when peoples belonging to different countries have organized themselves and are able to act as one man. It is not nationalism that is evil, it is the narrowness, selfishness, exclusiveness which is the bane of modern nations which is evil. Each wants to profit at the expense of, and rise on the ruin of, the other.

Indian nationalism has struck a different path. It wants to organize itself or to find full self-expression for the benefit and service of humanity at large … God having cast my lot in the midst of the people of India, I should be untrue to my Maker if I failed to serve them. If I do not know how to serve them I shall never know how to serve humanity. And I cannot possibly go wrong so long as I do not harm other nations in the act of serving my country.

Mahatma Gandhi (Young India, 18 June 1925, p211)

Zionists call for world dictatorship by rabbis, but face defeat instead

September 30, 2019

Faced with a loss of control over the Western world’s financial system and thus a loss of power, the Elders of Zion are publicly calling for a theocracy and death for those who disobey it. Of course, nobody but a few fanatics is paying attention to them. Instead, the Jews are about to be liberated from thousands of years of slavery. This may be hard to digest for non-religious, rational people, but it is what the objective, real-world facts show.

Last week, the Sanhedrin, a group claiming to have a divine right to rule humanity, called for “a Bible-based international organization to replace the United Nations.” This would be composed of a group of 70 nations which obey the Elders of Zion. To inaugurate this, they are building the altar of the Third Temple and planning to make animal sacrifices on it. They also call for Noahide Laws to be applied to all of humanity.

As Pastor Chuck Baldwin and others point out, “Noahide Law calls for the death of anyone practicing idolatry (defined as any type of worship other than Talmudic worship).” Furthermore, he warns, they are calling for “the establishment of an international court based in Jerusalem that ultimately would be given the power to execute (via decapitation) anyone who commits ‘blasphemy.’”

To make this perfectly clear, they are calling for the execution of Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, etc. unless they submit to the Elders of Zion. These are the people behind the thwarted plot to kill 90% of humanity.

The so-called God these people claim to obey, as written in the Catholic Bible, says, among other things, that anyone other than Moses or Aaron who tries to look at God will be “stoned or shot by arrow.” Exodus 19:13

Their God also asks for human sacrifice:
“You will give me the first-born of your children.” Exodus 22:28

Furthermore, “God” asks for:
“gold, silver and bronze; materials dyed violet-purple, red-purple and crimson, fine linen, goats’ hair; rams’ skins dyed red, fine leather, acacia wood; oil for the light, spices for the anointing oil and fragrant incense; cornelian and other stones to be set in the ephod and breastplate.” Exodus 25:3-7

Okay, so we have a so-called “God” that threatens to kill people with stones or arrows, asks for human sacrifice, and demands gifts such as gold and “rams’ skins dyed red.” I’m sorry, but I would think the almighty Creator of the Universe would at least use lightning bolts to kill people and could conjure up as much gold as he/she/it wanted.

A rational, scientific explanation leads us to conclude we are dealing with a group of sophisticated human slavers hiding behind a “God” image, and not the Creator of the Universe.

Anyway, after this request for treasure, the so-called “God” went about killing Jewish leader after Jewish leader until a blindly obedient group appeared. Their descendants are the Sanhedrin, who claim and can recite an unbroken lineage going back to the time of Moses. In other words, these people have been helping enslave the Jews for thousands of years. Now, behind the nice words, they are trying to enslave the rest of humanity and promising to kill those who do not obey them.

Having been brought up as an atheist, I was completely non-plussed when Japanese military intelligence told me the group that invited me to join them in a plan to kill 90% of humanity (I have it on tape) was “the Elders of Zion.” To avoid implicating ordinary Jews, etc., I have, for the sake of simplicity, been calling this secret group of human slavers “the satanists.”

The horrible thing about all this is that they very nearly succeeded. It was only the Pentagon and the Asians, working together, who managed to stop this horrific plan.

So now let’s look at why recent world events would lead these Sanhedrin slavers and their ilk to think the world might be ending. Let’s start with the events in the U.S. Here, Pentagon sources explain, “the September 30th, 2019 fiscal year end (today) coincides with the expiration of the central bank gold agreement.” This, along with a massive Saudi Arabian defeat and the removal from power of Israeli Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “makes gold-backed currencies a reality,” the sources say.

That is the backdrop to the “political theater and trade wars,” they say. The political theater, of course, features a hysterical U.S. Congress calling for the impeachment of U.S. President Donald Trump just before suddenly shutting down for two weeks.

The Pentagon sources also tell us, “Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford retires to join [General James] Mattis and [General John] Kelly as senior military leaders backing Trump in his battle against Zionists and the Deep State.” Furthermore, “the JCS is now led by Army General Mark Milley, while the deputy and de facto national security adviser is Marine Major Matt Pottinger, who was there on Day One, brought in by [former Defense Intelligence Agency Director General] Michael Flynn.”

As further background, the sources explain, “Dunford was nominated JCS Chairman in May 2015, so Trump may have been recruited then, resulting in his June 16, 2015 presidential campaign announcement. Dunford’s former bosses Mattis and Kelly then joined the Trump administration in January 2017.”

British royal family sources say that even if the U.S. corporate government fails to make the payments due on September 30th, they will have until October 17th to try to come up with the money—or now gold—to keep afloat. That seems to explain why their Federal Reserve Board crime group has been handing out $100 billion in cash per day since September 25th and promises to keep doing so until October 10th. My advice to anybody holding real assets is to avoid cash offers for these assets coming from Zionist-controlled mega-banks.

Now, let us look at the absurd political farce taking place in the UK as the October 31st Brexit deadline looms. Here is how a senior MI6 source summed up the situation: “The British have officially gone insane in their current civil war—total chaos.” MI6 have issued a warning that “in no uncertain terms, Germany has the gloves off and the knives out for us. It is unofficial war.” What is clear is that the British favor going ahead with Brexit by a margin of two to one, while the political class frantically tries to stop this from happening. The British military know the politicians have been bribed and blackmailed into going against the popular will, and will act accordingly if necessary, the source says.

Next, in Israel, the Israeli defense forces plus the non-fanatical Jews understand what is going on. Netanyahu has failed to form a government and it’s only a matter of time before he goes to jail.

Now let’s step back again and look at the hidden history of a 20th Century that was dominated by a diabolical Zionist plot to enslave humanity. The first thing readers need to wrap their minds around is that Adolf Hitler was (according to an Austrian parliamentary commission and other sources) a Rothschild and one of the founding fathers of Israel. His mission was to chase the Jews out to Israel. Next week we hope to publish several photographs showing Hitler during his post-war retirement in Argentina. The Japanese now tell us Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was also a Rothschild.

Let that sink in: not only are the Zionists messianic religious fanatics, they are also among the greatest mass murderers in history. More recently their crimes have included 9/11, Fukushima, Malaysian Air Flight 370/17, mass murder in Syria, etc. On top of that, we have human sacrifice on a mass scale—the most likely reason why 40,000 children go missing in the U.S. every year.

This is probably what the Gnostic Illuminati and the MJ-12 people think of as a “rogue artificial intelligence.” More likely, it is an ancient, incredibly intelligent and incredibly evil cult of human slavers. They have used control of information (religion), food (money), and violence (assassins) to govern- (control) -ment (minds). Their weakness is their pinpoint concentration at the highest levels of power and wealth.

The U.S. military needs to use all necessary force to remove these people from power. They are not going to step aside politely. We need to keep fighting until this ancient scourge is defeated once and for all.

On a final note, tomorrow (October 1st) marks the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. There will be a massive military parade to honor it, and many Chinese will think of this as a victory parade of sorts.

China would never have had a chance to overtake the West if the West had not become infected by the Zionist rot. Once the infection is cured, the West, in harmony and friendship with China, Russia, and everybody else, will finally be free to launch a new age.

Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis
by Benjamin Fulford

Obama Executed by Firing Squad at GTMO! Field McConnell

Shocking information has come in from Field McConnel.

Retired USAF Lt. Col Field McConnell says it’s been reported to him that Barack Obama was executed on September 29, 2019 by firing squad at GTMO. This information starts at about the 17:00 minute mark but the entire interview is very good so you’ll want to listen to all of it. McConnell went to the same high school as the illegal President Barak Obama in Hawaii! He said Obama’s death occurred on the same day that General Dunsford got to GTMO to oversee the military tribunals.

McConnel states the two big issues are 9/11 and pedophilia. He says anybody who has trafficked children is going to be executed as well as anybody aware of the 9/11 treason and didn’t report it as required. 9/11 was done by elements within our own government. By law, anybody having direct knowledge of treason is compelled to report it to one state Governor or one chief judge or justice of any one state. So anybody who was aware of the false flag 9/11 operation and who didn’t report it is guilty of treason.

He also states there is going to be a big celebration and announcements on the 10th of November which is the birthday of the US Marines founded in 1775 on this date. Lots covered here including one interesting tidbit he says about the US justice system. He says Trump is going to make all lawyers part of the BAR association repledge themselves to the United States since all BAR members currently work for the Queen of England!

I have no idea if some or any of this information is true! I’m not saying it is true, I’m simply reporting what Field McConnell says in this interview. McConnel does have a lot of intel sources it seems but there is so much disinformation being thrown around by spooks, there’s no way to tell if this is true until Obama surfaces again. Many people are reporting he’s been missing for a while now. Either Field McConnell has a lot of good intel here which will be proven correct very shortly or he or his sources are intentionally putting out “happy talk” to make patriots relax! If the later is the case, then I’ll very disappointed in him and his sources. He seems sincere that he at least is being told this information so we’ll just have to see what happens.

If Obama was executed for treason (which he should have been if we had a justice system and a real country) then we can only hope Obama repented for all his evil such as supporting the killing of God’s babies and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior before he was dispatched. Jesus is the only hope any of us have. You deny him, he denies you to the father!

Please monitor Field McConnel’s youtube channel and Twitter for more developments on this story.

10-18-19 Playing the Field !!!

Friday, September 27, 2019

The Cosmos is Alive and Existing Through Human Consciousness

Their book, You Are The Universe: What if this everyday fact of life turns out to be the key to the cosmos?, Deepak Chopra and Chapman University physicist Menas Kafatos have concluded that the Universe helped to shape consciousness in humans, and now in turn our being allows the Universe to evolve.

• Chopra and Kafatos believe consciousness is the Universe living through us, and without humanity, the Universe would cease to exist. The cosmos and consciousness co-exist on a sub-atomic level, and one without the other would be impossible. The two realms have become so entwined that they are now one and the same.

• “Human beings might be a bright idea the Universe had, and once the idea occurred to it, cosmic mind decided to run with it.” But what is so special about human beings? Human beings allowed the Universe to be aware of itself in the dimension of time and space. We live in a participatory Universe. “The cosmos is thinking through you. Whatever you happen to be doing is a cosmic activity.”

• Stanford University physicist Andrei Linde agrees with Chopra’s and Kafatos’ sentiment, and believes it is only a matter of time until science can prove that consciousness and the cosmos are inseparably linked. Says Linde, “The Universe and the observer exist as a pair. I cannot imagine a consistent theory of the Universe that ignores consciousness.”

• Consciousness, ie: the ability to perceive and be aware of our surroundings, has confounded scientists for centuries. Scientists know more about the Universe than they do the human brain. They do not yet understand what in our brain gives us this power of consciousness.

• Davinia Fernández-Espejo, a senior lecturer for the School of Psychology and Centre for Human Brain Health, University of Birmingham, UK, is part of a team that is studying the human brain through MRI, functional magnetic resonance imaging. Said Fernández-Espejo, “We found two main patterns of communication across regions” of the brain. “One simply reflected physical connections of the brain.” The second pattern represented very complex brain-wide dynamic interactions across a set of 42 brain regions that belong to six brain networks with important roles in cognition.” “This complex pattern was almost only present in people with some level of consciousness.”

• [Editor’s Note] These guys are on the right track. But in order for scientists to be taken seriously in the compromised scientific community, they are forced to adhere to the Deep State’s dictum that humans are the only intelligent beings in the universe. This earth-centric view of science is one of the major things holding back our development as a species. But yes, consciousness is what it is all about. Our individual consciousness is part of the collective consciousness that pervades the universe, which we call “God”. The higher the density of consciousness, the closer one gets to “God”. Although humanity’s third density consciousness is at the bottom of the consciousness barrel, we will very soon have the opportunity to ascend into the lower levels of fourth density consciousness, stimulated by an imminent solar flash at a cosmic level. However, those who are not prepared or who desire to remain in the third density will do so. Just not on this planet.

Scientists are still baffled by consciousness and questions about why and how we have it are constantly arising, but so far remain largely unanswered. Now, two physicists believe consciousness is the Universe living through us, and without humanity, the Universe will cease to exist. Deepak Chopra, MD, and Chapman University physicist Menas Kafatos have said that the cosmos and consciousness co-exist on a sub-atomic level, and one without the other would be impossible.

The pair argue that the Universe helped to shape consciousness in humans, and now in turn our being allows the Universe to evolve.

As a result, consciousness and the cosmos have become so intwined that they are now one and the same, the pair said.

The physicists wrote in their book ‘You Are The Universe’: “What if this everyday fact of life turns out to be the key to the cosmos?

“Human beings might be a bright idea the Universe had, and once the idea occurred to it, cosmic mind decided to run with it.

“Why? What’s so enticing about human beings, troublesome and pained as we are? Only one thing. We allowed the Universe to be aware of itself in the dimension of time and space.

“The cosmos is thinking through you. Whatever you happen to be doing is a cosmic activity. Take away any stage in the evolution of the Universe, and this very moment vanishes into thin air.

“As astounding as such a claim may be, this book has been building up to it all along. Quantum physics makes it undeniable that we live in a participatory Universe.


FAIR USE NOTICE: This page contains copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. distributes this material for the purpose of news reporting, educational research, comment and criticism, constituting Fair Use under 17 U.S.C § 107. Please contact the Editor at ExoNews with any copyright issue.

Greta Thunberg: Fake as the Climate Change Hoax

Recall the Kuwaiti incubator baby hoax. It was foisted on a gullible public as part of a huge propaganda push prior to the first Bush invasion of Iraq. A Kuwaiti girl, supposedly a volunteer at the al-Addan hospital in Kuwait during Saddam Hussein’s invasion in 1990, tearfully told the Congressional Human Rights Caucus Iraqi soldiers had stolen baby incubators, leaving premature infants on the hospital floor to die.

“Of all the accusations made against the dictator,” author John MacArthur observed, “none had more impact on American public opinion than the one about Iraqi soldiers removing 312 babies from their incubators and leaving them to die on the cold hospital floors of Kuwait City.”

The incident never occurred. It was fake news, war propaganda designed to manipulate the emotions of the public and drum up support Bush the Elder’s illegal war against Iraq.

“At the Human Rights Caucus… Hill & Knowlton [a public relations firm] and Congressman [Tom] Lantos had failed to reveal that Nayirah [the 15-year old girl testifying] was a member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family. Her father, in fact, was Saud Nasir al-Sabah, Kuwait’s Ambassador to the US, who sat listening in the hearing room during her testimony. The Caucus also failed to reveal that H&K vice-president Lauri Fitz-Pegado had coached Nayirah in what even the Kuwaitis’ own investigators later confirmed was false testimony.”

16-year-old Greta Thunberg’s emotional accusations about climate change went viral on the internet and social media. The event was as staged and choreographed in a similar fashion to Nayirah’s testimony. Instead of tears, young Greta played the victim.

Naturally, the corporate propaganda media turned the teenage actress into a hero.

That’s right. This girl is an actress, so she has experience reading from scripts and pretending to be something she is not.

Greta’s globalist-sponsored act was a hit at Davos, where she lectured the elite on their carbon footprint earlier this year.

Wolter Berends, writing for the Dutch news site Novini, puts the wholly fake and pre-arranged Greta act into perspective. Misconceptions about the young Swede, Berends writes, began before she took to the world stage.

The misconception starts earlier. Namely with the assumption that the Fridays for Future movement was created by the young Swede. That’s wrong, the plan is a few years older. While the media hype around Greta Thunberg erupted in 2018, the Plant for the Planet Foundation held a global youth summit three years earlier in Bonn. An outcome of this meeting can be found on the website, where it is called: “At the Global Youth Summit in May 2015 we came up with the idea of a global school strike for climate protection.” It then took three years [to establish] Greta Thunberg as the appropriate spokeswoman, then attributing her the authorship of the idea for the school strikes.
 Plant-for-the-Planet is a globalist effort to brainwash highly susceptible children and mold them into intolerant activists, not unlike the character portrayed by little Greta Thunberg, method-acting angry at adults for destroying her future.

Here’s the backstory on Plant-for-the-Planet. It is “partnered” with the Avina Foundation, the Club of Rome, and the Global Marshall Plan. Avina is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, while the Club of Rome, a cabal of the global elite and corporatists, published The Limits to Growth in 1972.

The report, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, argues in favor of population control and rolling back civilization to save the planet. The Club of Rome was founded in 1968 “during a meeting at Rockefeller’s private house in Bellagio, Italy. The meeting was organized by Aurelio Peccei, an Italian industrialist who had close relations to the Olivetti Corporation and Fiat. He claimed to have solutions for world peace and prosperity, which could be accomplished through a New World Order,” writes Derek Willis.

The Club of Rome was established with 75 prominent industrialists, economists and scientists members from 25 nations. The Bilderberg Group and the Club of Rome are the most important foreign policy arms of the Round table, which is led by the Committee of 300… Many of the Club of Rome members were drawn from NATO.”
More recently, the organization published The Club of Rome: Climate Emergency Plan, based on dubious climate science produced by the UN’s IPCC. It calls for population reduction and the impoverishment of billions—the organization argues economic growth shouldn’t exceed 1%—an effort led by “governments, business leaders, the science community, NGOs and citizens” to dismantle civilization.

The German Marshall Fund is a “transatlantic” organization established in 1972 on the 25th anniversary of the Marshall Plan. It is also pushing hard on the climate change scheme to force draconian measures on the civilized world. Much of Europe has agreed western civilization must be rolled back if the planet is to be saved.

Christina Elvers writes for the EUObserver:

As the German Marshall Fund’s Transatlantic Trends finds, only six percent of Americans list fighting climate change as a top priority for their country, while 20 percent of Europeans think it should be on the top of the list for their leaders. According to the Pew Global Attitudes survey, 52 percent of Germans consider climate change a serious problem, but only 46 percent of the French, 40 percent of the British, and 37 percent of Americans agree. 
The global elite and its cronies are now pulling out all stops to force the climate agenda down our throats—and there is no better way to do that than to exploit children. The “save the children” mantra is recycled continually, most recently in regard to “gun violence,” that is to say the effort to fully demonize and eradicate the Second Amendment.

For many, it is difficult to argue with a child, especially when that child claims our supposedly selfish behavior endangers her future. 

China’s Secret Plan to Subvert US Hegemony to become Top Space Power

September 21, 2019

China is painstakingly implementing a 100-year strategic plan aimed at overtaking the United States as the world’s dominant superpower or hegemon by 2049 according to Michael Pillsbury’s authoritative 2015 national best seller, The Hundred Year Marathon. Pillsbury’s keen insights not only provide a foundation for understanding how China plans to supplant the US, but how it is covertly responding to the existence of secret space programs developed by the US military industrial complex, and what China plans to do in response in order to achieve dominance both on Earth and in space.

Pillsbury is a China expert who has worked with the US Department of Defense, State Department, and Congress for over four decades, since 1975. A fluent Mandarin speaker, he has had unrivaled access to top Chinese military and political leaders during his professional career and is very familiar with the policies and plans of China’s ruling Communist Party elite, especially the military hawks who exert great influence behind the scenes. Currently, Pillsbury is a top advisor to President Donald Trump on US-China relations.

Pillsbury begins his highly detailed book by describing how top Chinese leaders cunningly use the historical period of the Warring States (475-221 BC) to develop their strategic planning for engaging with the US. In short, the Warring States period was a time when up to seven ethnic Chinese kingdoms competed amongst themselves for hegemony and dominance over their rivals.

Pillsbury explains how a ruling hegemon (the US in contemporary times) would be undermined by an aspiring hegemon (China), by means of stealth, cunning, and deception as practiced by different kingdoms during the Warring States period. He cogently explains how such goals require long term thinking by China as the aspiring hegemon that lacks the political and military power to directly confront the ruling US hegemon until it has been sufficiently weakened by internal and external strife.

Chinese military and political leaders began their 100-year marathon in 1949, Pillsbury explains, after the victory of the Communist Party and the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. Initially, China relied on the Soviet Union to help it industrialize and to modernize its vast military. After their political falling out in the 1960’s and military clashes along their shared borders, China’s Communist Party began secret overtures to the West.

It was Chairman Mao who covertly reached out to President Nixon, Pillsbury points out, and not the other way around as many erroneously believe. Initial relations between China and the US were genuinely positive since both had much to fear from the Soviet Union. All that changed with the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Chinese school textbooks changed dramatically. Previously positive descriptions of US history and democratic ideals, which had been extensively cited by Chinese students at the Tiananmen protests, were now overwhelmingly negative. Future generations of Chinese students were indoctrinated to believe that the US has been humiliating and abusing China since the mid-1800s.

Previously positive descriptions of President Lincoln (1861-1865), for example, were now overwhelmingly negative. Pillsbury explained how Chinese students came to be taught the ridiculous proposition that Lincoln was busy undermining China’s sovereignty, during the US Civil War. Essentially, China’s Communist Party was ensuring that there would be no repeat of the Tiananmen Square protest were the youth were citing positive US democratic ideals and personalities, which had been deeply embarrassing to Party elders.

Pillsbury then explains how China opened its doors to western industries and economic innovation as part of its modernization effort. Using strategies taken directly from the Warring States period, the Communist Party feigned openness to democratic political ideals, while ruthlessly clamping down on ethnic minorities and political dissidents, and blocking genuine democratic reforms.

The goal was to lure Western nations into a false sense of complacency where the common assumption was that China would inevitably change in the future as its huge economy opened to Western influence. Pillsbury emphasized that such future democratic changes were a chimera since the Chinese military and political elite were driven not by Western ideals, but by their understanding of what history revealed about how an aspiring hegemon needed first to undermine and then supplant a ruling hegemon.

He points out that China had no intention of helping the US and its allies establish a stable world order, but instead aimed at undermining it so as to usher in a world order where China would be the dominant power.

Pillsbury provides many examples of how China has assisted various rogue states and groups around the world, such as Afghanistan’s Taliban. Just as the U.S. secretly used extremist groups to weaken the Soviet Union during the Cold War, now China was covertly doing the same through economic development and arms supplies to nations that challenged US policies.

As far as economic development is concerned, Pillsbury explains how China is at the forefront of industrial espionage, counterfeiting efforts, theft of intellectual property, hacking and other unscrupulous practices. The goal is to help China’s state-owned enterprises (which numbered over 140,000 companies in 2011), cheat, steal, manipulate, and outmaneuver Western companies that establish a commercial presence in mainland China.

When it comes to outer space, Pillsbury explains how China has been using these unscrupulous practices to develop its own conventional space program, with the goal of projecting a military presence into space. While the Trump administration is in the midst of creating of Space Force as the sixth branch of the US military, China has had an “Aerospace Force” up and running since 2014.

China’s Aerospace Force was created as the fifth branch of Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) as explained in an article titled “China’s Military Creates New Space Force” published in The Diplomat by Zachary Keck on September 10, 2014. A speech by President Xi was summarized by a Chinese space expert cited by Keck as a clear endorsement of Chinese militarization of space in response to US and other nations already having done so:

The United States has paid considerable attention and resources to the integration of capabilities in both air and space, and other powers have also moved progressively toward space militarization… Though China has stated that it sticks to the peaceful use of space, we must make sure that we have the ability to cope with others’ operations in space.

The problem is that Pillsbury, and the US public more generally, is largely unaware of the extent of the US military’s true presence in outer space, and mistakenly assume that Space Force will be the official start of US militarization of space. However, as I have extensively documented in my Secret Space Program Book series, both the US Air Force and the US Navy have independent secret space programs that have projected their respective military power deep into space.

These two parallel US military-run space programs have been in operation since the 1970s, while the general public was hoodwinked into believing that the only US presence in space was through NASA’s civilian-run space program.

China, however, is well aware of the truth behind covert US military space operations once it began sending satellites into Earth orbit in the 1970s. China’s growing space surveillance capacities allowed it to track US military space operations, especially the construction of secret military space stations operated by the USAF and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

In Book Four of my series, the USAF Secret Space Program, I discuss 825 declassified NRO documents that show how the USAF and NRO used the allegedly discontinued Manned Orbiting Laboratory project as the cover for sending laboratory modules into space that could be configured to establish Von Braun type space stations, i.e., modules assembled into a circular configuration.

These secret USAF/NRO space stations provide ideal weapons platforms capable of extending US military force all over the planet from the high ground of space. China, like other major nations with satellite surveillance capacities, is well aware of the USAF/NRO space stations and their potential military capabilities.

China insists that it is only attempting to match the US militarization of space, but given the gap between the development of the US military’s presence in space, and China’s more recent efforts, it will take China many years to catch up. This is why Pillsbury’s book is important since it outlines the unscrupulous practices China is willing to adopt in order to bridge the gap in space technologies.

For example, the real scandal behind the hacking of the Hillary Clinton email servers during her tenure as Secretary of State (2009-2013), is the role played by China, and the likelihood that it was all part of an elaborate pay-to-play scheme to leak classified space technologies. As I have written previously, Clinton had security access to Talent Keyhole space technologies classified within Special Access Programs (SAPs) and discussed these in emails stored on her servers.

This was corroborated by no less than the Inspector General for the US Intelligence Community who identified the various security levels of emails stored on Clinton’s hacked servers:

To date, I have received two sworn declarations from one [intelligence community] element. These declarations cover several dozen emails containing classified information determined by the IC element to be at the CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, and TOP SECRET/SAP levels. According to the declarant, these documents contain information derived from classified IC element sources.

According to the anonymous military intelligence group QAnon, Clinton was indeed involved in a pay-to-play scheme with China to leak advanced technology secrets.


Pillsbury’s conclusions dictate the different steps the US needs to take to stop China from achieving its goals and appear very sensible given what he has outlined. His influence can be seen in President Trump’s increasingly tough policies on China, which have ushered in a new era in US-China relations.

Despite the incisive analysis provided by Pillsbury, there are a number of deficiencies in his book which largely reflect a conventional world view that nation-state behaviors are driven by public officials nominally in charge of major political, military and economic institutions.

Pillsbury shows no understanding or recognition of the existence of a Deep State and how it manipulates public officials to pass policies that promote a hidden agenda. A good example is how President Trump’s first two years in office were hamstrung by Russia collusion claims that poisoned prospects of Trump and Putin collaborating to solve major world problems. The Deep State had no intention of the US and Russia collaborating on the world scene and used compromised public officials to promote a false narrative that was aided and abetted by the mainstream media.

Most disturbing is growing evidence that the Deep State is actively assisting China in its covert efforts to lie, steal and cheat its way to technological parity with the US both on Earth and in outer space. It’s no accident that Clinton and other leading US politicians such as Joe Biden and Diane Feinstein have been accused of helping China gain access to sensitive technologies, which is precisely what the Deep State wants as QAnon has been revealing for well over a year.

China steals US military technology: Derek Scissors

Is it a good or bad thing if China continues to use unscrupulous practices to catch up to what the US military has secretly developed and deployed in space? From a Chinese national security perspective, it is entirely understandable why China is doing whatever it can to bridge a technological gap in outer space since this gap makes China vulnerable to US political and military pressure.

From the US national security perspective, China is a totalitarian communist state that is profiting from the West’s naivety in opening their economies in the forlorn hope that China will usher in democratic reforms. The danger is that as China grows into the world’s largest economy, it will use its economic clout to prop up repressive political systems that will be natural allies to its one-party totalitarian system.

China’s totalitarian system is something that the Deep State desperately wants to expand onto the world stage since a concentration of political power will be far easier to infiltrate and take over than democratic political systems with their complex system of checks and balances, as exemplified in the US.

That is why the Deep State is currently helping China bridge the technology gap with the US, and helping them develop a secret space program that rivals what the US Air Force and Navy have secretly developed. Space is where the real battle between the ruling hegemon (US) and the aspiring hegemon (China) will be determined, and where China’s plans to supplant the US as the ruling hegemony will be ultimately resolved.

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