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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Insider Reveals UFO and Secret Space Program Disclosure War

On August 16, Secret Space Program (SSP) insider Corey Goode released some new intelligence data he received from his sources about competing groups fighting over how, what, and when to disclose information about UFOs and SSPs. What follows is a review of what Goode tweeted and my thoughts on its significance.

For those new to Goode or who question his authenticity as an insider, I recommend this article where I explain my reasoning for why he is the real deal and why his info is worth examining.

This is what Goode wrote about secret arrests and transfers to Gitmo:

Secret MS13 Arrests/Gitmo are giving the Alliance leverage against Cent American/Mexican Corrupt Leaders/Cabal (AIC/yelgnaL<-) Drug/Human Trafficking Operations. These corrupt leaders are now cooperating w/Alliance.

Goode is here confirming that joint covert operations that involve US special forces are taking part in the arrests and detentions of those involved in human trafficking, including CIA operators [AIC/yelgnaL<-]. Such operations were made possible by an Executive Order issued by President Donald Trump on December 27, 2017. I discussed Goode’s information about US special forces being used in this regard in a January 2018 article.

Goode next describes the struggle between the different White Hat groups that make up the Earth/SSP Alliance over which out of between 2-6 agendas should be implemented for humanity’s future:

In recent months the Alliance has become non-centralized w up 2 ‘6 different agendas’ now at play? Attempts to re-centralize them is underway. Internal battle over ‘Disclosures’? Negotiations underway? Op of Infiltration/Division/Civil War within the QMunity and Alliance averted?

Goode’s reference to an attempt to infiltrate and divide the Q movement being averted likely refers to an August 14 video by Redpill78 exposing an individual claiming to be Q, Austin Steinbart, as a LARPer.

Especially pertinent is Goode’s reference to “internal battle over Disclosures”. This tells us that the unprecedented UFO disclosure initiatives being taken by Congress, the Pentagon, and the mainstream media are a result of competing groups with their own unique agendas. I give an overview of this disclosure battle in a two-part series of articles (here and here), and will go into more detail with new information in my upcoming August 22 webinar: Full Disclosure vs Limited Hangouts.

Goode goes on to explain how an alliance between White Hat secret space program groups (SSP Alliance) that had coalesced around the US Navy’s Solar Warden program, which he began working with back in March 2015, has been mostly in hiding. This was due to one of the SSP Alliance’s high level assets, Sigmund, being assassinated by the Cabal/Deep State, through a SSP called the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC). Despite going dark, the Alliance has been very active in infiltrating and sabotaging the ICC, according to Goode:

SSP Alliance leadership mostly in hiding since Sigmund’s death? SSP Alliance operatives involved in sabotage within the ICC? Guerilla warfare in Space? ‘Disclosure’ narratives battle? SSP Alliance no longer able to penetrate the Global Defense Grid for briefings/Tech Disclosures?

Once again, Goode refers to competing agendas in a “‘Disclosure’ narratives battle?” More concerning is his reference to the inability of the SSP Alliance to get information about the “Global Defense Grid”. This suggests that the Cabal/Deep State/ICC has been able to successfully shield its plans and operations to create a modern Skynet through corporations such as Space X, which is in the process of deploying its Starlink network comprising thousands of small satellites.

Next, Goode goes on to tell us that the operations of the “Dark Fleet” (DF), a secret space program created by a German breakaway group in Antarctica that relocated to Mars in the 1960s (see my Antarctica’s Hidden History for more details), are to be unveiled by the SSP Alliance in 2021.

SSP Alliance finished compiling Sigmund’s ‘Dark Fleet Intel’? 2 B released in 2021? Full narrative and roles of operatives? History of DF & its infiltration into other SSP programs 2 B revealed? ICC Super Board Infiltration/Purge details? Disinfo/SRA/LARP Purge? Disclosure War?

This is very encouraging news. Detailed intel about both the Dark Fleet and the “Superboard” of transnational corporate executives running the ICC may be revealed in 2021. In February 2018, there were rumors that an agreement had been reached between the Dark Fleet and a representative from the Trump administration, Former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, where the German program would be revealed, and advanced aerospace technologies released into the public arena.

If the information was accurate, as circumstantial evidence at the time suggested, then the agreement was not implemented, likely due to Deep State/ICC opposition. Perhaps, it is the weakening of the Deep State/ICC, through the series of setbacks described by Goode, which has now made it possible for such an agreement to be implemented. The truth about the Dark Fleet would then be finally revealed to the world.

It’s perhaps not coincidental then that the Shadowgate documentary has just been released, showing the power and reach of transnational corporations in massive computer influence operations all over the planet.

Finally, we have Goode’s tweet about a secret CIA [AIC<-] naval battle group that has been “mostly captured” by Earth alliance after its crew mutinied.

Secret (AIC<-) Naval Fleet ‘mostly captured’? IAC Recruited Navy Vets mutinied against Cabal? Black AIC prison barge captured? Remaining submarine under the protection of rogue China assets? China Coup brewing? False Flag WW Attempt? Spaceforce/Missile Defense assets on alert?

This is the same mysterious naval group that launched the false flag missile attack on Hawaii on January 13, 2018, that was intended to start a nuclear war between the US and North Korea. This would have drawn China into the battle thereby leading to World War III. Thankfully, the rogue missile was intercepted by a US Air Force run secret space program, which I wrote about here.

Goode is now telling us that a remnant of the CIA naval group has found refuge in China, and there is a possibility of a major coup there and/or another false flag attempt to spark a nuclear war between China and the US. Space Force and its assets are on full alert to monitor the situation.

It has been more than a year that Goode’s sources have been silent about the issues discussed above. The fact that he has again started receiving such intelligence suggests that we are in the final stages of a titanic battle between opposing groups and factions in control of their respective SSPs. More to come as Goode said he will release additional information soon through his YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to here.

[Note: Audio version of the above article is available here]

Further Reading

The Plan To Control The Whole World

In the midst of the global pandemic of Covid-19, a ray of light breaks through: an age old medicine called hydroxychloroquine is healing thousands of Covid-19 patients. There are no side effects, no hospitalizations and virtually no deaths. World renown scientists like professor Didier Raoult from France, who is named ‘the rockstar of science’, publicly declared:

‘This is the end of the pandemic!’

He personally saw over four thousand people recover from Covid-19 in a matter of days. (1) In his footsteps followed medical doctors like Dr. Zelenko from New York (2) who healed over a thousand Covid-19 patients, and Dr. Stella Immanuel from Texas who saw 350 patients recover without a single death. Several scientific studies revealed how powerful HCQ is in defeating the coronavirus, especially in combination with zinc and azithromycine.

A scientific study from 2005 performed by the NIH (which is now directed by Dr. Anthony Fauci) had already concluded:

‘Chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells.’

Professor Raoult saw over 4,000 Covid-19 patients recover in a few days, thanks to the medicine hydroxychloroquine.

Mass murder by the World Health Organization

The World Health Organization tested this medicine on 3500 patients in 400 hospitals worldwide… and a third of them died.

As a result hydroxychloroquine was banned across the world. 

Dr. Meryl Nass looked into the trial and discovered something horrendous: the World Health Organization gave their patients absurd, lethal doses of HCQ.

The WHO tests use excessive, dangerous HCQ doses. These tests are not testing the benefits of HCQ on Covid-19, but rather testing whether patients survive toxic, non-therapeutic doses.

‘WHO and other organisations have conspired to administer excessive doses of HCQ in order to increase the number of deaths. By doing this they rob billions of people of a safe and cheap medicine.’


Simply said: the World Health Organization murdered over a thousand people, so they could prevent the world from discovering hydroxychloroquine as the answer to Covid-19. Do you find that hard to believe? I understand you completely. But please keep reading to see what else is going on…

America’s Frontline Doctors censored

A group of physicians called ‘America’s Frontline Doctors’ gave a national press conference, in which they openly declared:

‘The media have been lying to you about Covid-19. We are here to tell you there are effective and safe treatments. Nobody needs to die. Nobody needs to go to hospital. Most people who are treated with HCQ+zinc recover quickly.’

The video of their press conference was viewed over 17 million times in one day… and was then removed from Facebook and YouTube. Their website was even taken down from the internet!

Massive censorship was applied to Americas Frontline Doctors, who told the world about safe and effective treatments for Covid-19.

‘Stop healing these people, or else…’

In the Netherlands the family practitioner Dr. Rob Elens was treating his own dying patients with HCQ+zinc. They recovered in a matter of days.

The inspection commanded him to stop healing his patients with HCQ, or his license would be removed. Dr. Elens had to let his patients die.

He made several videos in which he informed the people about what was going on… but they were removed right away. In one video he gave scientific information about several effective treatments for Covid-19. In less than a day YouTube got rid of it.

‘The governments say there’s no treatment for Covid-19. It’s a lie. It’s deception. They don’t want to cure Covid-19 because…everyone has to get the vaccines.’


These 1,700 medical professionals say how ‘extremely concerning’ it is that every scientific voice is silenced, when they warn for the dangers of a vaccine.

More doctors are silenced

In California two medical practitioners, Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, examined over six thousand people and revealed their findings during a press briefing, that was viewed 5 million times. YouTube removed their video… and removed it again, and again, and again, and kept removing it as hundreds of people kept uploading it on different YouTube accounts.

Top scientist is silenced

The world renown epidemiologist Dr. Knut Wittkowski studied the lockdowns and revealed how they did nothing to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This internationally respected scientist shared his findings in a video, and was censored immediately.

Renown epidemiologist Dr. Knut Wittkowski revealed that lockdowns don’t stop the spread of Covid-19… and was censored.

Medical blog is removed

Dr. David Brownstein from Michigan succesfully treated over 120 corona patients using intravenous vitamin C, nebulized hydrogen peroxide, along with oral administration of vitamins A and D.

We’ve treated over a hundred patients and they’re all better. No one has been hospitalised or ventilated. We had a 100% success rate with this. We treated patients who were very old and very sick and we thought they were dying. But these patients are getting better with these therapies.

Dr. Brownstein healed 120 corona patients. He was rebuked by the FTC and his entire medical blog was removed.

Free speech is gone

During this pandemic something very dangerous is happening: suddenly free speech has vanished from planet earth. Only the narrative that is pushed by the big media is allowed. It’s what the Nazis used to do. It’s what happens in communist China. It’s what Russia was known for. But it’s not what the free world is used to….

Keep reading to see why they do this, so you can protect your life… 

‘If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.’ GEORGE WASHINGTON

This website has so much more information but it is too much to show in one posting. You can go here to see the entire article that we will try to post in different pieces: 

August 27, 2020 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Kamalamma aka He Jinli, a GlobalDesi

He Jinli is now... a new avataar...


Not kamal ka phool but Kamala ke fools. 

We desis have always been proud of the foreign connection...

US citizen Kamala Harris’s Tamil origins are hailed as ‘swadeshi’,

But Indian citizen Sonia Gandhi’s Italian origins are still criticised as ‘videshi’.

When none other than the candidate for the vice-president of the United States, Kamala Harris publicly invoked her Tamil roots by referring to her uncles and her ‘chithis’ (aunts in Tamil), Tamils worldwide couldn’t stop writing each other long email chithis. Already posters of Harris have appeared in Tamil Nadu, some of them depicting Dravida ancestors Jayalalithaa and MGR showering blessings on the US VP candidate. 

Tamil Nadu is thousands of miles from Washington but Tamils are proud they have their very own American amma. Kamal ka phool may not have conquered Tamil Nadu, but Harris’s growing legions of fans have become Kamala ke fools.

Apart from Tamil Nadu, other Indian states are also staking a claim to international leadership. 

Maharashtra can be proud of aamcha mulga Leo Varadkar, former Taoiseach and current Tanaiste (deputy head of government) of Ireland. 

Goans were always thrilled that their own Goankar, Keith Vaz baab – the Vaz family hailing originally from Goa – became a prominent UK politician. 

As for Punjab, it can claim that from Vancouver to Ottawa, Canada has proudly embraced the Sikhs. Not only is Canadian minister for national defence Harjit Singh Sajjan a Sikh, so is prominent politician Jagmeet Singh Dhaliwal. Canada is saying: Punjab tussi great ho.

Bengal may not have produced successful international politicians but when it comes to the Nobel Prize, from Rabindranath Tagore to Amartya Sen to Abhijit Banerjee, Bengalis are having their rosogolla and eating it too. 

Andhra Pradesh may similarly claim that every second software engineer in Silicon Valley speaks Telugu. 

Karnataka can be proud that Britain’s chancellor of the exchequer is a Kannadiga son-in-law, Indian origin Rishi Sunak being married to NR Narayana Murthy’s daughter. 

As for Bihar, it can claim that decades before other states, it already produced world leaders. The families of Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, former governor general of Mauritius and Anerood Jugnauth, president and prime minister of Mauritius, migrated from Bihar. 

With so many India-born leaders in foreign countries – outside politics, Madurai-born Sundar Pichai heads Google and Hyderabad-born Satya Nadella heads Microsoft – Indians are chanting Raja Hindustani. 

In the race for global domination, it’s time to say, move over chow mein, the masala dosa is here. 

However there’s an irony in our celebrations. 

US citizen Kamala Harris’s Tamil origins are hailed as ‘swadeshi’ but Indian citizen Sonia Gandhi’s Italian origins are still criticised as ‘videshi’.

(Is this because Sonia Gandhi is not a GlobalDesi?...comment added)






The frightening nature of knowledge leaves one no alternative but to become a warrior. (Ethnic Wisdom)


In face of a world of 'modern ideas' which would like to banish everyone into a corner and 'specialty', a philosopher, assuming there could be philosophers today, would be compelled to see the greatness of man, the concept "greatness", precisely in his spaciousness and multiplicity, in his wholeness and diversity: he would even determine value and rank according to how much and how many things one could endure and take upon oneself, how 'far' one could extend one's responsibility. (Nietzsche)


Just as American politicians like to reference the ideas of dead American heroes like Washington and Jefferson, the Nazis sought great Germans to reference when justifying their new regime. Nietzsche, with the tweaks made to his philosophy by his sister, became the primary thinker for those Nazis looking to justify their beliefs with philosophy.


The world from now on will be ruled not by politicians but by philosophers cum statesmen and not by bureaucrats/clerks but by artists cum tyrants.


Good vs Evil

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Silence is complicity

Without EXPOSING all that is wrong in this world, without bringing it to PUBLIC AWAREness, HOW could we ever wake up and change things for the better? Right all wrongs?

There is a new esoteric trend going around insisting that we stop paying attention and raising awareness to the wrongs and bad things in the world because (it claims) we FEED IT energy...

IT also claims by AVOIDING exposing it and talking about it, we'd simply make it GO AWAY ON ITS OWN...

while WHERE ATTENTION GOES ENERGY FLOWS is a very accurate statement, the TYPE of ENERGY/ATTENTION we PAY to things around us make the difference...

do we put the wrong ones on a pedestal while we ignore truth, reality and solutions?

to this, I'd like to remind everyone that without the "conspiracy" documentaries, the whistleblower clips and documents, without the truthers networks and channels, without the undercover footage from the shocking animal farming and industries holocaust, we would've remained in DARK AGES for ever...

now, the "trick" comes in place here...

ONCE WE BECOME AWARE of it, ACKNOWLEDGE IT, we need to focus on ALTERNATIVE, POSITIVE Bucky Fuller said, creating a NEW model, making the old one obsolete...

but, by any means, silence is complicity and once WE become AWARE of anything wrong, it is our SPIRITUAL and HUMAN duty to inform those around us...


being part of the SURFACE population, our immediate reality is our response ability...

as for the other souls who are living in Himalayan caves and hidden sacred places under and above the planetary surface, they have their own secret sacred missions to fulfill...

Here Is Why The "Impossible" Economic Collapse Is Unavoidable

This is why denormalization is an extinction event for much of our high-cost, high-complexity, heavily regulated economy.

A collapse of major chunks of the economy is widely viewed as "impossible" because the federal government can borrow and spend unlimited amounts of money because the Federal Reserve can create unlimited amounts of money: the government borrows $1 trillion by selling $1 trillion in Treasury bonds, the Fed prints $1 trillion dollars to buy the bonds. Rinse and repeat to near-infinity.

With this cheery wind at their backs, conventional pundits are predicting super-rebounds in auto sales and other consumption as consumers weary of Covid-19 and anxious to blow their recent savings borrow and spend like no tomorrow.

As for the 30+ million unemployed--they don't matter. Conventional analysts write them off because they weren't big drivers of "growth" anyways--they didn't have big, secure salaries and ample wealth/credit lines.

What this happy confidence in near-infinite money-printing and V-shaped spending orgies overlooks is what I've termed denormalization, an implosion of the Old Normal so complete that the expected minor adjustment to a New Normal is no longer possible.

We're already in a post-normal world because the expansion of globalization and financialization needed to fuel the Old Normal has reversed into contraction. This reversal is an extinction event for all sectors and institutions with high fixed costs: air travel, resort tourism, healthcare, higher education, local government services, etc. because their fixed cost structures are so high they are no longer financially viable if they're operating at less than full capacity. 

Only getting back to 70% of previous capacity, revenues, tax receipts, etc. dooms them to collapse.
And there's no way to cut their fixed costs without fatally disrupting all the sectors that are dependent on them.

Most operational costs are mandated and cannot be reduced: union contracts, property taxes, regulatory burdens, tax accounting, debt service, employee healthcare costs, minimum wages, etc. Other essential expenses such as commercial rent are difficult to renegotiate lower, as the landlord also has the same high fixed costs and any reduction comes directly out of his pocket.

A good example of this collapse dynamic is a restaurant with high fixed costs. It can't survive financially at 50% of capacity because it can't reduce its expenses by 50%. The owners can reduce staff but there are operational limits on this: even if there are only 10 customers rather than 100, you still need a kitchen and wait staff. Stripped to the bone, the owners might be able to reduce costs by 15% to 20%. In other words, if business rebounds to 80% of pre-pandemic levels, the restaurant can survive but not generate any profit.

It might survive at 70% if the owners do double shifts, but that isn't sustainable. Eventually the overworked owners burn out and collapse.

Reducing costs is even more difficult for institutions such as hospitals, colleges and government agencies. Most of these institutions are unable to cut more than a few percent of expenses; a 10% reduction in expenses would require the closure of entire departments and eliminating core services.

Denormalization is an interlocking series of self-reinforcing feedbacks. People have less money and more insecurity, so they spend less. Those living off the fixed costs paid by the private sector (landlords, local government, insurers, etc.) can't survive on less than their full measure, and this inability to absorb massive cuts causes everyone in the food chain above them to collapse, which eventually triggers their own collapse.

The restaurant can't cut any of the big-ticket expenses: rent, taxes, wages, benefits, healthcare, tax accounting, insurance, etc. It can only lay off some staff and reduce its purchase of ingredients. Those variable costs are too small a percentage of total expenses to be consequential.

The restaurants collapse first, and since there's no way anyone can afford to pay current rents and survive on a shrinking customer base, the landlord goes bust next. These collapses cut local government tax revenues. Each of these reductions means everyone down the food chain-- enterprises that depended on restaurants, landlords and local government contracts--lose a critical chunk of their own revenues. Since there are no replacement sources of revenues, these collapse as the line of dominoes topple.

Few sectors or institutions have any buffers. They've been running at full capacity or higher and burning every dollar to keep from imploding. As a result, any deep cuts are extinction events: no income from college football means eliminating entire sports down the food chain. There is no stair-step down, there's only binary triage: save this program as is or eliminate it entirely.

Federal/Fed subsidies don't fully replace what's been lost. Giving the restaurant owner a subsidy to pay rent and stay open doesn't mean the restaurant has enough customers to keep staffing and purchases at pre-crisis levels, and giving consumers subsidies such as Universal Basic Income (UBI) doesn't mean these households won't decide to save some of that subsidy rather than spend every dime, as the zeitgeist has shifted from complacent confidence to uncertainty: any subsidy is subject to change, as it is ultimately a political decision that can be amended or cancelled.

The production of goods and services stagnates as demand declines. When money-printing expands while goods and services contract, the result is inflation--the purchasing power of the newly issued money declines as too much money starts chasing a pool of goods and services that's shrinking as small businesses dry up and blow away and the dominoes fall down the supply chain of dependent industries.

As the newly issued subsidy-money buys fewer goods and services, demands for increased subsidies rise. The Universal Basic Income (UBI) payment doubles from $1,000 to $2,000 a month, but it still only buys $750 of goods and services as the declining purchasing power of the newly printed money accelerates.

This expansion of money as the pool of goods and services contracts further accelerates the loss of purchasing power in a self-reinforcing feedback.

I have long admired John Michael Greer's concept of catabolic collapse, a dynamic in which the institution is forced to downsize some of its costly complexity but it restabilizes at a lower energy state. I now think this might be overly optimistic.

A stair-step down to consequentially lower complexity and cost structures is simply not practical in much of the real world as fixed costs are mandated by regulations or impossible to cut for operational reasons. (For example, reducing a fleet of airliners by half doesn't necessarily translate into an ability to reduce aircraft maintenance facilities and staff by the same percentage.)

Airports, airlines, cruise ships, sport franchises, resorts, malls, local government services, venues, theaters, hospitals, universities and so on can't reconfigure at 50% of previous complexity and capacity. Their fixed costs and mandates simply don't allow for a 50% reduction in complexity and revenues.

This is why denormalization is an extinction event for much of our high-cost, high-complexity, heavily regulated economy. Subsidizing high costs doesn't stop the dominoes from falling, as subsidies are not a substitute for the virtuous cycle of re-investment.

The Fed's project of lowering the cost of capital to zero doesn't generate this virtuous cycle; all it does is encourage socially useless speculative predation as Tim Cook et al. sell Apple bonds in order to buy back more shares of Apple, further enriching Tim Cook et al. This is not a virtuous cycle, it is the denormalization of what remains of free markets, which require capital be priced by markets, not central banks.

Collapse isn't "impossible," it's unavoidable.

There was no New Normal for the dinosaurs. A few winged species survived and evolved into the birds of today, but that is by no stretch of the imagination a New Normal that included all the other dinosaur species. For them, denormalization meant extinction.

De-Normalization: everything that was normal is gone and will not be replaced with some new normal.

August 14, 2020 by Charles Hugh Smith

Saturday, August 22, 2020

11 Shocking Things I have Learned Since My Awakening

In this article I will summarize my awakening path through article references and will talk about the most shocking discoveries I have had yet. It has been five years since I began to question the true essence of “who I am” and “why I am here.”

When I had the shocking realization that I was not my physical body, I began to obsess about my soul and why I would put myself into this body in this lifetime.

I have dedicated most of my waking time to studying, gathering, filtering, and repeating information I have learned.

Most people who are reading this article right now have been down many paths of realization and many rabbit holes. There is no doubt that you have had some shocking realizations, and maybe some of them match mine.

Here are the top 11 most shocking things I have learned since my awakening:

1. Humans are not at the top of the food chain

This planet is being controlled by what the Gnostic texts refer to as the Archons, which is a small group of reptilian beings and amoeba-like beings that use sophisticated artificial intelligence, grey extraterrestrials, and artificial intelligence to carry out their orders. These beings use humans as food by feeding off of their negative energy.

They need energy to sustain themselves because they have a diminished connection to their creator. They exist in a different vibratory frequency that is unseen to most people.

2. The “Harvest” as spoken about in the bible is actually the harvest of energies…

… from humans created by survival, disease, false light worship, and fear derived from economic and political upheaval, religion, population genocide, and war.

It could also mean literally harvesting actual physical bodies from the planet that give their energy away by following false light archetypes.

3. Everything we sense with our five senses is a holographic illusion

Everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. We are somewhat in control of what we create based on our thoughts, beliefs, and contracts we made before we came into this lifetime. The rest of our reality is a holographic overlay that has been termed a matrix.

The movie series “The Matrix” is actually an accurate depiction of this hologram. We can exit this matrix and return to an organic matrix by raising our vibration.

4. Everything is upside down and backwards, and the real Earth experience we seek exists as a mirror of this one

Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom. — Michael Ellner

The beings that have manipulated the planet cannot create so they take what has been created and manipulate it, and then trap beings within their creation.

5. The Illuminati, a lower level of the archon group…

… that is in physicality here on the planet, is heavily into human sacrifice and sex; especially pedophilia.

Satanistic rituals are held under the Vatican and in many other ley line specific buildings on astrologically planned days where children are raped and killed to “feed” the archons; literally with pure unadulterated blood.

6. We are all part Reptilian

Our brains were genetically modified by the Anunnaki so that we are veiled form our true origins so that we can be easily controlled and manipulated.

The human body was created to serve the Anunnaki but the one thing that cannot be controlled is the soul that occupies it.

7. There is a New Age agenda created to confuse, dis-inform, stop us from action, and keep us separate from each other

New Age isn’t all bullshit, though. There are golden nuggets of truth that are mixed in with the small percentage of disinformation.

These nuggets can be valuable clues into the dark agenda and can shed light on technologies that are being used against us. Discernment is something that has been critical when it comes to taking in any information.

8. There is a difference between channeling and receiving telepathic messages, and channeling can be easily infiltrated by the false light minions of the archons

A good rule of thumb is that if a person hears voices in their head, speaking as clear as someone talking to them on the telephone, then this could easily be deception. There are false light beings that can pose as angels or spiritual guides.

Telepathy is more of a connection with a being through thoughts and feelings, and is less susceptible to interference. The highest form of channeling is connecting with your higher self or parts of you that are in parallel lives.

9. Not all grey extraterrestrials are malevolent

There are hundreds of grey alien civilizations in our galaxy and some of these groups are actually highly revered and accepted into the peaceful galactic councils and federations.

There has been a deliberate campaign to group all greys into the same category in order to confuse people and to keep benevolent greys from being trusted.

10. The government has been traveling to the moon and Mars with ET technology since the 1950’s and has bases in both places, as well as other places in our solar system

Most life on other planets in our solar system exists within the planet or in another dimension. Our sun is a stargate to the cosmos and is full of beings coming and going at all times.

11. There has been a reincarnation trap that has kept many people stuck in a cycle of deception and low vibration

The Universal Law of Karma has been used as a ploy to get souls to agree to keep returning into physical incarnation, and their memory is wiped clean each time so that they do not remember who they are or what karma they need to balance out, thus repeating the same karmic issues time and time again.

The white light at the end of the tunnel may very well be a wormhole that leads to the moon where the false light beings are waiting and posing as your loved ones.

The good news is that we are waking up out of the programming and mind fog and are realizing what has happened. We will change our reality with our awareness, thoughts, and intention.

There will be a return of our memory and of our ability to create and to connect with our creator. The human body will become a vehicle through which we can enjoy physicality on Earth while co existing in other realities at the same time.

The human race will soon be free, and or future generations will no longer be food for those who have enslaved us.

One of the best summaries of the bigger picture can be found in the following video “Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More” — David Icke

By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Human Race Get Off Your Knees. The Lion Sleeps No More

Mars Outshines Sirius, the Brightest Star in the Sky

MARS IS NOW BRIGHTER THAN SIRIUS: Mars is approaching Earth for one of its best apparitions since 2003. Earlier this week, the Red Planet crossed an important threshold. It is now brighter than Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. Amateur astronomers are capturing amazing images of Mars using ordinary telescopes, and the best is yet to come.

APPROACHING MARS: By the time you finish reading this sentence, you'll be 40 km closer to Mars.

Earth and Mars are converging for a close encounter this Fall, one of the best since 2003, and their separation is rapidly shrinking--negative 8 km/s as of Aug. 21st. You are literally approaching the Red Planet. Just this week the brightness of Mars surpassed that of Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. Suddenly, Mars is almost bright enough to see in daylight and an easy target for backyard telescopes.

"Lots of features are visible," he says. "Note how the southern polar ice cap has contracted and broken--a result of it being late springtime on that side of Mars."

The best is yet to come. By the night of closest approach on Oct. 6th (0.4149 AU), Mars will more than double in brightness again, outshining everything in the night sky except Venus and the Moon. Throughout this apparition, the south pole will remain tilted toward Earth, giving observers a good view of the breakup of the ice cap as Martian spring turns into summer.

Can't wait? Right now, a good time to look is just before daybreak when Mars is high in the southern sky. Keep watching as twilight creeps up the sky. The planet's burnt orange hue looks beautiful when surrounded by the day's first hint of morning blue: sky map.

Congratulations, you're now almost 500 km closer to the planet Mars.

Realtime Mars Photo Gallery

Space Weather News for August 2020

Satanic Network

The Hollywood Elite are all part of this evil together. Watch them fall apart.

Alice Down The Rabbit Hole

Bioweapon Labs Must Be Shut Down and Scientists Prosecuted

Engineered Viruses Are the New Biological Weapons, Here's What You Need to Know

Story at-a-glance

-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently stated that SARS-CoV-2 originated in a biosafety level 4 lab in Wuhan, China.

-According to Francis Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law, who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, BSL 3 and 4 labs must be banned to prevent a catastrophe.

-Serious safety breaches have been identified at laboratories working with the most lethal and dangerous pathogens in the world

-In October 2014, a U.S. moratorium on experiments on coronaviruses that might make the viruses more pathogenic and/or easy to spread among humans took effect. The moratorium was lifted at the end of December 2017.

-Despite the U.S. moratorium, Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the NIAID, allowed coronavirus gain-of-function experiments to continue because they had begun before the moratorium was put in place.

-The Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 calls for fines and/or up to life in prison for anyone involved in the creation of a bioweapon.

The idea that SARS-CoV-2 originated in a bioweapons laboratory is gaining traction. May 3, 2020, The New York Times reported1 that during an ABC “This Week” interview Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had stated “the coronavirus originated in a lab in Wuhan.” Pompeo also accused China of covering up the leak.

“Mr. Pompeo, the former C.I.A. chief and one of the senior administration officials who is most hawkish on dealing with China, said that ‘there’s enormous evidence’ that the coronavirus came from the lab, though he agreed with the intelligence assessment that there was no indication that the virus was man-made or genetically modified,” The New York Times writes.2

Now, if you’ve been following this newsletter, you’ve likely seen my interviews with bioweapons expert Francis Boyleand molecular biologist Judy Mikovits, both of whom have cited evidence that strongly points toward SARS-CoV-2 being a laboratory creation. So, the assessment that there’s “no indication” that the virus has been modified seems dubious at best. Most likely, we’re not just dealing with scientific interpretations here, but with political games as well.

Bioweapon Labs Must Be Shut Down and Scientists Prosecuted

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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Mystery Over Death Of Russian Major General Blown Up By Roadside Bomb In Syria

August 20, 2020

The death of a Russian Major General blown up by a roadside bomb in Syria has sparked a mystery. American intelligence analysts are working to decode the unusual death when the Russian convoy hit a roadside bomb in Syria.

“It’s rare for a Russian major general to be in a convoy in Syria, let alone get blown up there,” a U.S. security source told Just the News. “We don’t know how to read it.”

Two other Russian troops were hurt in the blast from the improvised explosive device.

Aside from the question of why a major general – the equivalent of an American one-star – was traveling via road convoy, analysts do not know whether the general was targeted, or if he died by accident, the source said.

“Did someone detonate a deliberate explosion to take him out, or was this a freak event?” the source said. “That’s what we’re looking at.”

The unnamed major general was a senior military adviser, according to Russia’s state-run Ria Novosti news agency.

“The incident occurred on the sidelines when the convoy was returning after a humanitarian action near Deir ez-Zor,” the outlet reported, citing comments from Russia’s defense ministry. The general died during evacuation, while being treated for his injuries.

The major general who was killed on Tuesday posthumously was given a state award, and his family will be given “all the necessary assistance,” Ria Novosti reported.

The region where the major general died has long been the site of conflict and violence. Russian engineers went into Deir ez-Zor three years ago to clear mines from local roads, according to a 2017 report from the Russian Ministry of Defence, which noted that its technicians deactivated some 1,000 explosives. Among them were at least 100 roadside bombs.

Operation Timber Sycamore – How the West funded and trained #ISIS terrorists with the objective of overthrowing the Government of Syria. The #DeepState project ultimately phased out by @realDonaldTrump.

— GreatGameIndia (@GreatGameIndia) October 14, 2019

It was under Operation Timber Sycamore that the Deep State funded and trained ISIS terrorists with the objective of overthrowing the Government of Syria. The joint CIA and Mi6 project was ultimately phased out by American President Donald Trump.

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The Whore and The Remnant

Oh, to be sure, the Church had enriched itself via improper means for centuries prior to Vatican II. It had created monarchies and oppression, funded the Inquisition, dreamed up the concept of “income taxes”, and sold “indulgences”, twisted the meaning of “commonwealth” into The Holy Roman Empire, and committed many other atrocities and sins prior to Vatican II.

Despite all of this, at rock bottom, the Church still stood for something, still offered Catholics and other Christians a moral compass. Prior to Vatican II, the Church still knew that it was wrong to kill people, wrong to lie, cheat, or steal, wrong to break one’s word, wrong to cheat on one’s spouse, wrong to envy and covet– and certainly wrong to kill babies or teach that sodomy is “okay”.

You could go into any Roman Catholic Church in the world and find the same liturgy, the same Mass, the same common language — Latin, and if you asked a question about doctrine, you’d get the same answer. Not so today. In the almost sixty years since Vatican II, all that has eroded away.

Today, there is only the form of the liturgy and offices remaining, which gives an appearance of continuance much as the existence of court rules and procedures continues to give an “appearance” of justice.

Communion, where and when it is available, has become a solitary act. People line up, six feet apart, not talking, not touching, not even looking at each other, march into an empty room, grab a packet of communion bread, and use their own hands to wolf it down in the parking lot.

Somehow, this is supposed to bring comfort and spiritual solidarity?

All the evils which always plagued the Church continued to wheedle away, year after year, and without a common language and commitment to moral purpose, the Church strayed farther and farther away from its mission and became increasingly embroiled in its investments and in managing all the property that it “received in trust”.

A good example of the result is the recent Peter’s Pence Scandal.

The original Peter’s Pence was an income tax imposed in the 12th century to help defray the cost of the Crusades. It was collected by the Inquisition on April 15th, just as it still is, today. Only in addition to this “secular tax”, the Church also began collecting a new Peter’s Pence on June 15th as a special offering to give the Pope funds to distribute to the victims of war, displacement, natural disasters, and disease.

Faithful Catholics donated $500 million to this cause, and later found out that instead of using the money for disaster relief, the Pope and his consultants invested the money in things like luxury condos, new bank buildings, and Hollywood movie productions.

Questioned about this, the Church leadership bridled up and made excuses about being responsible to invest the money —- even though investment was never mentioned as any part of the purpose of the collection.

The simple good faith honesty of spending the money on what they collected the money for, eluded these men. They have become double-minded, saying one thing, and doing another. And nobody at the Vatican even noticed. They took it for granted that they would collect the money under False Pretenses, and spend it otherwise.

Since Vatican II, when the Church incorporated itself as part of the UN Corporation, such moral and fiscal turpitude has been the rule, not the exception.

Selling the body and blood of Jesus is the ultimate fornication of the Church. This is where the analogy of the “whore” comes in — the selling of the body for money.

But it is a body that is not theirs to sell.

As we all move forward the Church leadership is standing silent. Silent in the face of teaching sodomy in public schools. Silent in the face of abortion. Silent in the face of race riots. Silent in the face of gay marriage. Silent in the face of the gross mismanagement of the Municipal United States Congress. Silent in the face of their own corruption. No confession. No repentance. No condemnation of evil. No resolve to do better.

Certainly it is this final fact that yields condemnation, the point wherein we all condemn ourselves and find no escape for lack of repentance.

My husband and I have removed ourselves from association with any incorporated Church. We deem it impossible to be a pagan Christian, and similarly impossible to be an incorporated Church.

For the Roman Catholic Church, that reality was borne home with Vatican II. The resulting surrender to the secular world with its focus on money and property management and investments, “mainstreaming” and “popular theology” and “do as you will” has borne its fruits ever since.

Still, there will always be a remnant and that remnant will find leadership growing out of the stricken roots of the ancient Church. The teachings of Jesus will endure all tests. The Holy Spirit will win. In that we can all have faith and confidence, regardless of the failures of men and institutions.

So be of good cheer as we sit among the ruins and contemplate the folly that brought us to this point.

The Church has failed. The Governments have failed.

We know how we got to this point:—in a word, incorporation.

We have allowed legal fiction entities to proliferate and promulgate without oversight, until the men running corporations — including incorporated churches — run roughshod over the people who granted these corporations the right to exist.

Yes, we know how we got here. The only question is— where to now?