It is impossible for one to be internationalist without being a nationalist. Internationalism is possible only when nationalism becomes a fact, i.e. when peoples belonging to different countries have organized themselves and are able to act as one man. It is not nationalism that is evil, it is the narrowness, selfishness, exclusiveness which is the bane of modern nations which is evil. Each wants to profit at the expense of, and rise on the ruin of, the other.

Indian nationalism has struck a different path. It wants to organize itself or to find full self-expression for the benefit and service of humanity at large … God having cast my lot in the midst of the people of India, I should be untrue to my Maker if I failed to serve them. If I do not know how to serve them I shall never know how to serve humanity. And I cannot possibly go wrong so long as I do not harm other nations in the act of serving my country.

Mahatma Gandhi (Young India, 18 June 1925, p211)







Saturday, September 19, 2020

Goddess Warrior

Goddess Warrior

Victory of the Light and Vincit Amor Omnia!

Here Is Why Subhas Chandra Bose Wanted Jinnah To Be First PM Of India

September 19, 2020

Subhas Chandra Bose wanted Jinnah to be the first PM of independent India if he gave up the demand for Pakistan.

Subhas Chandra Bose’s Plot To Bring Down The British Empire

Jinnah had to surmount stiff opposition from the Indian National Congress (hereafter referred to also as the Congress Party, the Congress or the INC), which was then the biggest political party in India, a grass-roots mass organization since the 1920s, with branches all over undivided India and long years of political organization and activity. It demanded freedom from British rule in the name of all Indians in a united India. In opposition to it, the All-India Muslim League (hereafter referred to also as the Muslim League, the League or the AIML) demanded separate states for the Muslims in the northwestern and north-eastern zones of India, where they constituted a majority, on the grounds that they were a distinct and separate nation and not merely a large minority (one-fourth of the total population of India). It was an elitist party till 1940, which thereafter rapidly acquired popular support and became a mass party by the time the future of India was put to vote in 1945–46.

Although Jinnah won the case for Pakistan, the partition of India and the two Muslim-majority provinces of Bengal and the Punjab resulted in unprecedented violence and rioting, in which more than a million Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs died, and the biggest migration in history, mostly to escape death and injury, took place; some 12–15 million crossed the international border drawn between India and Pakistan.

In the Pakistani nationalist narrative, Jinnah is eulogized as the Man of Destiny, fired by a true love for Islam and Muslims who liberated Muslims from the yoke of Hindu imperialism spearheaded by the Indian National Congress. Jinnah’s two-nation theory, which sharply and irreconcilably dichotomized Hindus and Muslims as two separate nations, is disseminated in Pakistan through the educational curriculum.

Farooq Ahmad Dar, in his book, Jinnah’s Pakistan: Formation and Challenges of a State, mentions several occasions when, after the Muslim League moved the Lahore Resolution on 23 March 1940 demanding the creation of separate Muslim states, the Indian National Congress tried to dissuade Jinnah from demanding Pakistan:

-The first instance was in June 1940, when the Congress president Subhas Chandra Bose offered Jinnah the post of the first prime minister of independent India, but contingent on his withdrawing his demand for the division of India.

-A few months later, C. Rajagopalachari went even further: he offered the Muslim League not only the right to nominate the prime minister but also the cabinet of their choice.

When C Rajagopalachari Exposed BCG Vaccination Campaign Propaganda

-As late as April 1947, Gandhi was ready to hand over power to Jinnah at the centre with an all-Muslim administration if he gave up his demand of Partition.

Dar then presents Jinnah’s steadfast resistance to such overtures in the following words:

These temptations could not, however, mould the solid man in Jinnah and he stood firm on his stance, which he thought was in the best interests of the Muslims of South Asia. Even when such efforts failed to persuade Jinnah, the Congress leaders continued their efforts to impede the creation of Pakistan till the last day. Yet, they failed to do so.

Dar and others, however, shy away from explaining why Jinnah accepted the 16 May 1946 Cabinet Mission Plan proffered by British ministers to break the deadlock between the Congress and the Muslim League. The Cabinet Mission Plan rejected the Pakistan demand; it recommended instead a loose Indian union with a weak Centre whose constituent federating units were entitled to reconsider their relationship with the Union after ten-year intervals. Additionally, the princely states were required only to cede defence and foreign affairs to the Union while retaining control over all other sectors of society: something which was already the praxis under British paramountcy. The Congress leaders found the Cabinet Mission Plan unacceptable and rejected it.

In sharp contrast to Jinnah being identified as pivotal to the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan, Ayesha Jalal, in The Sole Spokesman: Jinnah, the Muslim League and the Demand for Pakistan (1985), originally her PhD dissertation, came to the novel conclusion that ‘Jinnah sought to be recognised as the sole spokesman of Indian Muslims on the all-India level . . . From the late nineteen-thirties his main concern was the arrangements by which power at the centre was to be shared once the British quit India.’ At another place she wrote, ‘It was Congress which insisted on partition, it was Jinnah who was against partition.’

In an article ‘Between Myth and History’, published in the Dawn on 23 March 2005, she complained that she has been misunderstood as having suggested that Jinnah used the Pakistan demand merely as a pressure tactic. In it she asserts that in her books—The Sole Spokesman: Jinnah, the Muslim League and the Demand for Pakistan and Self and Sovereignty: Individual and Community in South Asian Islam since 1850—she had delineated an uneasy fit between the claim of Muslim ‘nationhood’ and the uncertainties and indeterminacies of politics in the late colonial era that led to the attainment of sovereign ‘statehood’.

Jalal refers to the 1940 Lahore Resolution, which, she argues, avoided any ‘mention of “partition” or “Pakistan”, while calling for the ‘grouping of the Muslim-majority provinces in north-western and north-eastern India into “Independent States”, in which the constituent units would be “autonomous and sovereign”’.

Does avoiding any mention of ‘partition’ or ‘Pakistan’ while calling for ‘Independent States’ in which the constituent units would be ‘autonomous and sovereign’ warrant that it did not mean demanding Partition and Pakistan? In the conclusion she underscores: ‘It was Congress’s unwillingness to countenance an equitable power-sharing arrangement with the Muslim League which resulted in the creation of a sovereign Pakistan based on the partition of Punjab and Bengal along ostensibly religious lines.’

Regarding the contents and empirical material in The Sole Spokesman, it is to be underlined that it includes accounts of many events and episodes demonstrating Jinnah’s indefatigable efforts to surmount challenges to his leadership from powerful regional leaders to be the sole spokesman of Muslims. It also abundantly demonstrates Jinnah’s strategy to work hand in glove with the British to mount a challenge to the Congress claim to represent all Indians. Was it, as she argues, to work out a power-sharing deal with the Indian National Congress and the British? If yes, then that is not evident from the hundreds of speeches, statements and messages in which Jinnah explained repeatedly that he wanted a partition of India to create Muslim states. I give here in the beginning only one example. The Lahore session of the AIML ended on 25 March 1940. The same day Jinnah gave a press conference in which he said unambiguously:

The declaration of our goal which we have definitely laid down, of the division of India, is in my opinion a landmark in the future history of the Mussalmans of India . . . I thoroughly believe that the idea of one united India is a dream. Given goodwill and a friendly understanding, Muslim India and Hindu India can live as most friendly neighbours free from clashes and friction to their respective spheres and peacefully develop the government of their States to their own satisfaction respectively.

Jinnah also dismissed repeatedly as nonsense that he was using the demand for Pakistan as a bargaining chip. Again, at this preliminary stage, I give one example.

Speaking to the Delhi Muslim Students’ Federation on 23 November 1940, Jinnah angrily dismissed any suggestion that he or the League were using the demand for Pakistan as a bargaining tactic. He remarked:

The Hindus must give up their dream of a Hindu ‘Raj’ and agree to divide India into Hindu homeland and Muslim homeland. Today we are prepared to take only one-fourth of India and leave three-fourth to them. ‘Pakistan’ was our goal today, for which the Muslims of India will live for and if necessary die for. It is not a counter for bargaining.

Excerpt from Jinnah: His Successes, His Failures and Role in History by Ishtiaq Ahmed published by Penguin Random House India.

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The Nature Of Knowledge leaves One no Alternative But To Become A Warrior

The frightening nature of knowledge leaves one no alternative but to become a warrior. (Tribal wisdom)

Everything begins with spirit you overstep that you’re going to fall short .

Led by the spirit of the Eagle and the condor, Indigenous peoples will unite the human family.
In prophecy, the Knowledge Keepers of our Nation foretold of a time when people from the four directions of the word come together.

The prophecy of the Eagle and Condor

A Short Message to the Surface Population

September 18, 2020

Dark force occultists are using the coming Saturn-Chariklo conjunction on September 21st to enforce second wave covid lockdowns and implement draconic control measures against the surface population. Their plan was already leaked in August.

They are very seriously implementing that plan, as you can see here:

You may expect many new covid measures that infringe upon your personal freedom, to be attempted to be implemented in the next week or so.

To counteract all this, a mass meditation has been created and you can join if you feel so guided:

Victory of the Light!

COBRA (Compression Breakthrough)

The Prophecy of the Eagle and Condor

In prophecy, the Knowledge Keepers of the First Peoples of Turtle Island foretold of a time when people from the four directions of the world would come together. This is the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. The Eagle represents the people of the northern hemisphere, and the Condor the people of the southern hemisphere. In June this prophecy will be fulfilled at the Onjisay Aki International Climate Summit, as Indigenous peoples unite the human family at the center of the continent of Turtle Island.

Everything begins with spirit you overstep that you’re going to fall short .

In prophecy, the Knowledge Keepers of our Nation foretold of a time when people from the four directions of the word come together. 
This is the prophecy of the Eagle and Condor

The Eagle represents the people of the northern hemisphere, and the Condor the people of the southern hemisphere.

The true leaders of our homeland is our people the original people, I am talking about a leadership you know that reflects moral ethical behavior you know that is really inspired from the heart itself .

Led by the spirit of the Eagle and the condor, Indigenous peoples will unite the human family.

For us , as in indigenous in not coincidence for us everything has a purpose reason together people uniting hurts uniting the love race envelop of humanity of our sacred mother earth the universe the light shine a single day what we call in a language the same of pachakute our transformation

Indigenous Knowledge Keepers will come together with leaders from around the world to define a path of healing for all people and our Mother Earth .


The Eagle and the Condor, is a magical encounter that represents the total enlightenment of humanity. This union brings with it the birth of a unified humanity in harmony.

“At first the God of Time created the Sun and the Moon, with them the peoples of the Eagle and the Condor were born, forming a single group. After time this group divided.The people of the condor, of the heart, of the senses, of a deep connection with the natural world, developed their intuitive abilities, they will live in harmony with Mother Earth.The people of the eagle, of science, of reason, developed their cognitive abilities. They would reach the zenith in technological and scientific knowledge.

These achievements would generate immense material wealth for the leaders of your group. The eagle will expand its territories eager for wealth and power. The condor will not want to submit to the pressure of the eagle, but it will feel a frank disadvantage and its way of life will be in danger.In this third millennium, neither the eagles nor the condors will be able to live alone, the alchemy of mutual collaboration is necessary.

The Union of the Eagle and the Condor represent the achievement of Humanity and the return to nature.

There’s a lot of gathering all over the country talking about climate change.

Climate changes is really because of you know human behavior and what we’re talking about is spiritual behavior you know change will never happen by people suddenly waking up tomorrow morning and realizing the they need to change, it has to begin by a few individuals which is a reflection of the prophecy of our prophets you know that for told of this time and the prophecy was that it would be here that the truth would be revealed at the center of the continent that we referred to as Turtle Island but we would call upon our bothers and sisters from other parts of the world and it’s going to be the spirit of the condor and the eagle that’s going to help us get there.

In June what is gong to happen is already the manifestation is this broken sea so we are at least I am already happy kind of honored to be here in this part of the world and to share with you my bothers from North, the land of the eagle, and the condor and anyway we will bring us together again like before .

Climate change requires a change of heart

And what you are saying as the original people’s is that there has to be a change of heart and I challenge people out they are you a person of the heart if so that come and join us you know as we celebrate you know that relationship that we have with the land. Come and love the land the way we love it, that’s all you got to do , you know and we are prepared to offer our heart that carries the knowledge and the remembrance of what it means to be a human being .

Onjisay-Aki Internation

Climate Summit

Turtle Lodge

Sagkeeng. MB


Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Storm Has Arrived and Real Change Is Coming

OK, now for some good news. We heard from high-level sources in MI6, the NSA, Asian Secret Societies and, the P3 freemasons that real change is coming, such as Trump, China’s Xi Jinping, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, and other world leaders will all be removed. These sources say a deal has been reached between Asian and Western secret societies to completely revamp the way we run this planet. This would explain their prediction that Trump will be the last president of the corporate United States and that a totally new and legitimate leader will emerge, possibly by early in 2021.

Russian FSB sources also report a revolt against the fake Vladimir Putin. Here is what the FSB had to say:

“The real Putin was ritually murdered. They drained blood from him and injected a special liquid. Horrific things were done.

Patriarch Kyril Gundyen, a dishonest homosexual who had been involved in many bad things died in March 2018 from a heart attack. He was in a coma for a long time, never came back from a coma, and died. Now two doubles/fake Patriarchs are leading the Russian Orthodox Church…”

They closed churches and are working under Chabad and Israeli leadership. The famous Monk Father Sergiy appealed to all Orthodox Christians about the Patriarch’s wrongdoing etc. and about the doubles of Putin:

“The Main double of Putin is a Mossad Agent! Now, high-level Nazis such as Queen Beatrice, other high-level pedophiles, and Chabad are running away to Russia to hide… There are no mass-arrests of pedophiles in Russia… This scum decided to hide in Russia, assuming nobody would enter Russia, out of fear of the Russian Army.”

There are also mass demonstrations all over Russia as that regime came out of the closet and tried to start vaccinating everybody in the country with microchips, the FSB sources say. P3 Freemason sources say a new regime will be installed in Russia now that an East/West deal has been reached.

The situation in China is harder to read but there are growing signs the leadership of President Xi Jinping may coming to an end. Chinese military intelligence sources say the mass death incident in Wuhan China last year was caused by Xi and his people going ahead with 5G despite warnings it was dangerous. This means the faction that wants to microchip and micromanage the Chinese population is losing military support. A UN call for an investigation into what really happened at Wuhan is also putting pressure on his regime, British military intelligence sources say.

Asian secret society sources were unable to confirm or deny these allegations before this report went live.

While lower down on the Khazarian slave leadership totem pole, Canada’s Justin Castro (Trudeau), has been exposed for getting a $125 million foundation payment entirely with taxpayer money, according to Canadian Secret Intelligence Service sources.

Not only that but Justin Castro’s foundation has been getting anywhere from $150,000 to $700,000 a year from the Tide Foundation funded by none other than George Soros, the sources say. Mass protests against Castro and his Nazi deputy Chrystia Freeland have begun in Canada.

In Japan, meanwhile, a push in being made to replace slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with his deputy Yoshihide Suga. Suga has been involved in multiple corruption scandals. For example, he has been pushing to compensate Japan’s indigenous Ainu people with generous funds. The problem, according to Japanese military intelligence, is that most of the so-called Ainu who would get the money are in fact North Korean agents. Suga is involved in many other scandals including shady Olympic and defense-related land deals that lined his pockets, they say. For this reason, Suga is expected to be just an interim figure who will preside over a complete revamp of the post-war colonial government in Japan.

There are many other signs of the collapse of the old regime, especially in the U.S. Here, as widely reported elsewhere, there are mass incidents of arson, paid demonstrations in 48 of the 50 largest U.S. cities, attacks on railroad transportation, etc.

We are also getting reports of attempts to poison large segments of the population. For example one reader reports:

“I was badly poisoned on 2 recent humanitarian flights home from Central America, through Houston airport and on to Canada, as was my travel partner and we almost died. The airlines were United and Air Canada. Upon trying to detoxify and researching what happened to us, I discovered that they are using new ‘Fogging’ nanotechnology chemicals, metals, and aerosols on aircraft under the guise of new anti-COVID 19 measures.

We were found to be actively poisoned with ‘Benzalkonium chloride, benzyl chloride, chloro-aceto phenone’, ammonia, radioactive aluminum, radioactive mercury, and nanobot technology. The first few chemicals used are on the list of WW1 chemical warfare agents on Wikipedia here (others are degradation products from the human body processing these poisons):

We also got sent information showing the attempts to force everyone to wear masks is unscientific nonsense:

“The medical literature for the past forty-five years has been consistent: masks are useless in preventing the spread of disease and, if anything, are unsanitary objects that themselves spread bacteria and viruses.”

(For details and citations on both of the above please see the letters to the editor page and this link.)

The NSA and other sources are also reporting intensified weather warfare in all parts of the planet, with either droughts or floods devastating agricultural production in China, Africa, the U.S., and elsewhere.

A look around the world will also reveal demonstrations against Khazarian puppet leaders in France, Germany, Israel, Australia, etc.

“The general on the ground atmosphere in this part of the world is one of disbelief the sitting governments are so completely inept at handling a national emergency, be it staged or otherwise,” is how MI6 sees the situation.

“We envision and autumn and winter of civilian discontent and by Christmas, we may very well see a popular revolt to put down this whole medical martial law fiasco,” they predict.

A former Vodaphone boss explains how 5G creates sickness that provides a positive Covid-19 test result and the global agenda that goes with its introduction.

Reports are also coming in of high-level financial intrigue in an ongoing attempt by the Khazarian mafia to cut off funds for a campaign to fix the planet. P3 Freemasons say “Italian Kabalist enemies,” are using a “Mantell lawyer in Zurich,” together with a ”Mr. Herzog from BPV Bank (Banca Popolare di Verona), Berlin,” to block funds for the Future Planning Agency.

Despite all the chaos and seeming bad news reported above, it is all part of the death throes of Khazarian mob rule, Western and Asian secret society sources say. Preparations to replace this dying beast with a better system of running the planet are well underway they say.

There are many signs this is true. For example, we were able to confirm with Japanese banks what our Pentagon sources said last week and that is that the SWIFT international payments system is no longer under the control of the Zionists. The banks say they no longer have to go through Citibank or Bank of America to send money overseas. Furthermore, transfers can now be done without using the mark of the beast “My Number” that used to be mandatory in Japan.

There is also record shipping volume from China to the U.S., on West Coast port. This means some sort of U.S./China trade deal has been reached.

Another sign of an East/West deal is seen in a public deal between the Vatican and China. “An interim agreement on the appointment of bishops between China and the Vatican has been implemented successfully since it was signed around two years ago,” Zhao Lijian, spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said at a press conference Sept. 10.

Also, a White Dragon family ally has been “contacted by the Rothschild and Rockefeller families with a view to some kind of collaboration in the World Future Planning Agency.” according to MI6 sources.

Of course, the war is not yet over and we can expect a lot of turmoil over the coming months. This may include an EMP attack, a food crisis, new false flag nuclear attacks, and more.

Nonetheless, all of the world’s major military forces are now aligned against the Khazarian Mafia so their final defeat is only a matter of time. We are reluctant to give specific dates but world events make it clear Satanic elite rule is ending.

Khazarian Mafia circling the wagons around the US election and their Manchurian Candidate

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Hold The Line, Riders - Justice Is Coming!

Hold the line, Riders.
Justice is coming.

China Update, Trump and GAVI, Tesla Towers, Moon Rusting, Mass Arrests Update, Trump's Weapon and More

Sep 14, 2020

China Update, Trump and GAVI, Tesla Towers, Moon Rusting, Mass Arrests Update, Trump's Weapon and More

3D to 5D Consciousness

It's not looking good for China, in fact things are looking worse and worse, first it was the 3 Gorges dam, now they have typhoons.

I'm providing update and insights on Trump and him pulling funding from GAVI.

The Tesla Towers are being erected in Texas.

I'm covering the moon rusting and sharing Stanley Kubrick's confession on faking the moon landing.

Trump's got a secret weapon for preparing for mass arrest.

Ending the broadcast on porn addiction and sexuality from a 5D perspective.

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Telsa towers : 
Military vaccines :
Nyla's predictions of events to take place before GESARA announcement : 
Stanley Kubrick Confesses To Faking The Moon Landings :

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


As we move forward the next few weeks will be full of shifts, new incredible energies are making their way to you all now. Some of you again already feel it, have embraced this, and are utilizing this time for your highest Good. Spread the message and frequency, spread the effects of this light dear ones!

The planet is moving closer and closer into a direct alignment with the stars and energy of the Pleiades creating intense lines of connection with the frequency, consciousness, and light of our communication and connection to each of you.

Downloads will be pouring into the star seeds, the light workers, do not be alarmed by physical Manifestations and physical reactions of the body. The more sensitive you are the more intense it may be, but simply ask us to assist, ask us to release any uncomfortable feelings, or experience you do not wish to receive. However remember the more intense it is in the now moment the greater the outcome in shifting. Also if you are in resistance to change you may also feel adverse effects of this shift.

Do not be alarmed by ringing of the ears, cold hands and feet, and breakouts of the skin. You will be detoxing what no longer resonates. Some may even have belly aches or cramps as they release, this is simply telling you to let go. Dizziness and trouble concentrating reminds you to sit back and relax, it's ok to take a break.

Those who are in alignment and fully trusting of the universe will feel bursts of energy, again ringing in ears, an increase of synchronicity, instant manifestations, abundance, concentration, and overall peace and mindfulness.

So dear ones you are the creator, we suggest you meditate, drink water, set intentions, wear crystals to support you during this time, the energy of amethyst, moldavite, labradorite, obsidian, citrine, and quartz will greatly assist all incoming shifts.

Over the time of the Pleiadian lineup you may be introduced or meet new people, walk in souls will be coming in to connect with you in the physical, so be aware and be mindful of those you meet. Do not let appearances fool you. Remain in a place of unconditional love dear ones, manifest manifest Manifest!

Get ready for alignment with your highest Good, be open, willing, and assist in enhancing the light for all beings and all life on Gaia!



There are preachers of death: and the earth is full of those to whom renunciation life must be preached.

Full is the earth of the superfluous; marred is life by the many-too- many. May they be lured out of this life by the "life eternal"!

"The yellow ones": so are called the preachers of death, or "the black ones." But I will show them to you in other colors besides.

There are the terrible ones who carry about in themselves the beast of prey, and have no choice except lusts or self-laceration. And even their lusts are self-laceration.

They have not yet become men, those terrible ones: may they preach desistance from life, and pass away themselves!

There are the spiritually decaying ones: hardly are they born when they begin to die, and long for doctrines of weariness and renunciation.

They would rather be dead, and we should approve of their wish! Let us beware of awakening those dead ones, and of damaging those living coffins!

They meet an invalid, or an old man, or a corpse - and immediately they say: "Life is refuted!"

But they only are refuted, and their eye, which sees only one aspect of existence.

Shrouded in thick melancholy, and eager for the little casualties that bring death: thus do they wait, and clench their teeth.

Or else, they grasp at candy, and mock at their childishness thereby: they cling to their straw of life, and mock at their still clinging to it.

Their wisdom speaks thus: "A fool, he who remains alive; but so far are we fools! And that is the most foolish thing in life!"

"Life is only suffering": so say others, and lie not. Then see to it that you cease! See to it that the life ceases which is only suffering!

And let this be the teaching of your virtue: "you shall slay yourself! you shall steal away from yourself!" -

"Lust is sin," - so say some who preach death - "let us go apart and be- get no children!"

"Giving birth is troublesome," - say others - "why still give birth? One bears only the unfortunate!" And they also are preachers of death.

"Pity is necessary," - so says a third party. "Take what I have! Take what I am! So much less does life bind me!"

Were they consistently pitiful, then would they make their neighbor sick of life. To be wicked - that would be their true goodness.

But they want to be rid of life; what care they if they bind others still faster with their chains and gifts!-

And you also, to whom life is rough labor and disquiet, are you not very tired of life? Are you not very ripe for the sermon of death?

All you to whom rough labor is dear, and the rapid, new, and strange - you put up with yourselves badly; your diligence is flight, and the will to self-forgetfulness.

If you believed more in life, then would you devote yourselves less to the momentary. But for waiting, you have not enough of capacity in you - nor even for idling!

Everywhere resounds the voices of those who preach death; and the earth is full of those to whom death has to be preached.

Or "life eternal"; it is all the same to me - if only they pass away quickly! -

Thus spoke Zarathustra.

Worldwide 5G Genocide Starting in October

September 14, 2020

Letters to the Editor

Dear Mr. Fulford,

I was badly poisoned on 2 recent humanitarian flights home from Central America, through Houston airport and on to Canada, as was my travel partner- we almost died. The airlines were United and Air Canada. Upon trying to detoxify and researching what happened to us, I discovered that they are using new ‘Fogging’ nanotechnology chemicals, metals, and aerosols on aircraft under the guise of new anti-COVID 19 measures.

Through multiple holistic means, we were found to be actively poisoned with ‘Benzalkonium chloride, benzyl chloride, chloro-aceto phenone’, ammonia, radioactive aluminum, radioactive mercury, and nanobot technology. The first few chemicals used are on the list of WW1 chemical warfare agents on Wikipedia here (others are degradation products from the human body processing these poisons):

The two nano-chemicals I believe were used on our aircraft are (confirmed by a private jet company as the main chemicals used for Fogging):




The cognitive impairment from this experience cannot be described (from perfect health to vision loss, nausea, hearing loss, loss of equilibrium, inability to process information, inability to speak, read or write, seizures and so much more. I am blessed to work in health and to have gone on an immediate and rigorous detox program which helped significantly though long term- impairment may be the outcome as these are very noxious poisons. Others on our flight or other flights might not be as lucky.


First, they spray a sheet of positively charged ‘nano-glass’ called electrostatic spraying (sometimes with chemicals and sometimes without), then they aerosol the entire plane with the active nano-particle chemicals (as shown on the websites above), which are said to self-replicate for up to 10 days after application, only they are using the chemicals between every single flight, and in some cases all night long for 8 hours straight. Traveler’s then board the plane just 60 minutes after application.

Apparently the nano-material technology makes it so that the product cannot be re-applied repeatedly and once coated, it will reject more coating for the next 10 days back into the air.

This is advertised as making the product go-farther with less use’ but when applied repeatedly as airlines are doing, the result is that these charged atoms spew back into the air as a potent positively charged aerosol being attracted to the next neutral or negatively charged atoms that enter the flight, such as the body and lungs of human beings.

As if this were not enough, they end the treatment with a UV light blast of the entire aircraft, using mercury lights which when turned on, release a potent mercury vapor into the air, to further cause harm to the coming passengers.

If you dig into this, you will quickly see that this is nothing short of an aerosol vaccine program meant to incept healthy humans with unapproved, unconsented poisons and nano-technology.

The worst part is that this is already happening in schools, and some public places, and soon to be in stores, malls, movie theaters, condo building lobbies and subways, buses and rental cars. Children around the world are being diagnosed with rare brain diseases and I believe it’s from exposure in schools.

I have PDF’s full of info I can send you if you want more info on Fogging, however, my own personal poisoning, awful as it is, is not why I contacted you.

Through this experience both my travel partner and I are now extremely EMF sensitive and upon returning to Canada, became incapacitated once in 5G radiation. I became quickly aware that I am now (thanks to nanobot brain poisoning) a walking human Geiger counter. The nanobots in my brain allow me to sense with inhuman accuracy every single deviation in microwave frequency and I feel every 5G tower, meter, street light, receiver long before I see it.

This led me to dig into the 5G/ nanobot/transhumanism agenda rabbit hole and fell across what I believe is a global genocide agenda using 5G frequency. This agenda is set to be rolled out this coming October, and continued from city to city until next August and will result in hundreds of millions of deaths in the US, Canada and possibly much more worldwide.

This is the real reason why I contacted you:

-I believe the above mentioned fogging chemicals are being dumped on us via chemtrails and in public spaces, and will be used to falsify a second COVID wave, as the new COVID symptoms are identical to those of Benzalkonium chloride and radiation poisoning.

-I believe this is an aerosol mass-vaccination agenda. The coming COVID vaccines will also contain nanobots and nano-technology.

-I believe that anyone infected like I am (and soon to be everyone) will be hyper-reactive to 5G and will become a physical part of the electrical smart grid pulling frequencies to their brains as if they were a human tower. This enables mind control, implanting of emotional reactions, and thoughts via frequency manipulation and creates transhumanism.

-I believe they locked people down earlier this year under the false guise of a virus so they could roll out 5G in every part of the world on current infrastructure so that nobody would notice.

-I have traveled extensively this last month trying to find a 5G-free safe haven and there are none. Even remote areas of Canada and impoverished areas of Central America have 5G infrastructure already in place and frequencies already being emitted.

-5G is NOT a WIFI issue, this is an electrical agenda and the microwaves pulse into the house and environment via electrical wires, signals, smart meters, and house-hold appliances and plugs, NOT VIA WIFI ROUTERS EXCLUSIVELY.

-Areas with 3G or less WIFI strength actually have 5G infrastructure already set up in their electrical systems.

-Areas around the world without WIFI at all are still experiencing microwave pulsing throughout the day.

-Big Tech used the term 4.5G (4G PLUS) to build the 5G infrastructure without drawing attention to 5G itself which is highly controversial and not widely accepted by the population.

-I believe that the global plan is to vaccinate people (both through inoculation of the willing and forced aerosol poisoning of the resistant) with nanobots and then to blast 5G anytime there is population resistance to first control people, then to actually kill them.

-I believe that 5G, and only 5G, is why people died in WUHAN in 2019, then Italy, Queens NY, now Sweden (being blasted as we speak) and so many other areas to come. They were dosed with, or vaccinated with nanotech, and then the frequency was increased as a test to see which frequencies had people falling dead and at which rate.

Here is why 5G built into our electrical system is so dangerous:

-4G is 7GHZ or less

-4.5G (4G Plus) is 7-12 GHZ

-5G is 15-300 GHZ

-At 10 GHZ the human immune system starts to falter, sleep is impaired and healing is minimized

-At 10-30 GHZ, disorientation sets in, feeling tired, drowsy, weak, trouble sleeping, dry mouth, dehydration, poor cell turnover and lowered hemoglobin, depression, anxiety and other symptoms of radiation poisoning/ microwave syndrome.

-At 35 GHZ the oxygen molecules in the air and our bodies begin to spin, making it impossible for our hemoglobin to uptake oxygen causing asphyxiation. 75% of healthy people will die in the first 2-3 days of being exposed to 35 GHZ consistently. The healthiest will die within a week.

-At 50 GHZ, nothing survives, including birds, bees, trees etc.

-At 60 GHZ everything goes up in flames (similar to the wildfires in the US right now- in 5G areas)

-They are currently experimenting daily with frequency changes (I feel every shift) to normalize people’s symptoms and exposures so no one notices what is happening. They are experimenting to see how high they can go before people start noticing.

-I have been in areas where the map shows only 4G or even 3G and yet they have 5G frequencies already pulsing.

-They increase the frequencies at night so people sleep poorly, causing a weakened society, and lower it during the morning, increasing again in the afternoon.

-5G is the most dangerous large-scale and immediate-acting bioweapon in all of history.

-5G is the equivalent of having a loaded gun pointed to every single one of our heads, no matter where you live, where you work, what your race, what your social status or how much money or skills you have, you are the mercy of that dial.

-If you have electricity right now, you can be killed in an instant if they blast the frequency through your home at anything over 35 GHZ.

-Here is a woman who shares the global plan in more detail, with dates, escape routes and timelines if you are interested:

-See a 5G map here (not super accurate or up to date as they are doing this in secrecy but shows the different classifications):

This is the genocide agenda:

-All 5G infrastructure is already in place. Look at receivers already placed on your streetlights, smart meters, your electrical outlets and appliances, the towers themselves, rooftop receivers, etc.

-Next is poisoning people with aerosols, and toxic food and water to falsify the second wave

-Once people are in lockdown, they cannot leave their homes- these areas are then easy 5G kill zones. 
-The government can choose to increase the frequency anytime they decide and depopulate as much as they want, in any chosen area.

-I guarantee that unless you are very far off-grid, without any electricity and no neighbors who have it either, you are, as we are, currently sitting in a potential kill zone.

-I have tried reaching out to colleagues, health pioneers and other popular leaders in the natural movement but everyone is afraid to share this as they feel they will be killed immediately and censored to block the sharing of this info.

Here is what I am hoping you, or some of your connections, may be able to do:

-Turn off the smart grid somehow

-Deactivate these smart meters, streetlights or shut down/ de-activate the satellites

-Block or get access to control the frequencies to disable them from being used at frequencies over 7GHZ

-Anything at all to help the root issue from a technical side because just telling people as I’ve been doing and warning the public is not enough. 
-Media is corrupted and the truth is censored, this will never make it viral fast enough to create change or save humanity or the planet.

-I am praying that you look into this and can come up with a viable solution to help block or disable this potential global agenda.

-I am here to answer any questions you have, will assist in any way I can, and will make myself available to provide you with any further info, content, links, resources, or anything else I can do to assist your efforts.


5G from Space is Coming – What That Means for Your Health 

The news is coming fast, the implications are titanic

Manmade Origins Of Coronavirus Report Released By Chinese Whistleblower Virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan

Chinese whistleblower virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan who fled Hong Kong to expose the secret investigation she and her team conducted on Coronavirus has just released the full report on the manmade origins of Coronavirus as opposed to a naturally occurring one. Dr Leo Poon, who was her supervisor and WHO consultant asked Dr Li-Meng Yan […]

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The grand Ohio legal case for our time, against kings on their thrones

The resistance to tyranny is alive.

Covid update: The grand Ohio legal case for our time, against kings on their thrones

  EXCLUSIVE: COVID vaccine patent warned of “deliberate coronavirus release”

(NaturalHealth365) Remember Event 201? This was the “mock” coronavirus pandemic partially funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in October 2019, just two months before the real coronavirus pandemic began in China. During the (incredibly eerie) mock exercise, experts predicted 65 million people would perish in this simulated pandemic.


Masks DO NOT Protect Anyone – Even In Operating Rooms!

Schools in China are now prohibiting students from wearing masks while exercising. Why? Because it was killing them. It was depriving them of oxygen and it was killing them. At least three children died during Physical Education classes — two of them while running on their school’s track while wearing a mask. And a 26-year-old man suffered a collapsed lung after running two and a half miles while wearing a mask. Mandating masks has not kept death rates down anywhere. The 20 U.S. states that have never ordered people to wear face masks indoors and out have dramatically lower COVID-19 death rates than the 30 states that have mandated masks. Most of the no-mask states have COVID-19 death rates below 20 per 100,000 population, and none have a death rate higher than 55.

All 13 states that have death rates higher than 55 are states that have required the wearing of masks in all public places. It has not protected them.

‘We are living in an atmosphere of permanent illness, of meaningless separation,’ writes Benjamin Cherry in the Summer 2020 issue of New View magazine. A separation that is destroying lives, souls, and nature.”

Masks DO NOT Protect Anyone – Even In Operating Rooms!


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5G from Space is Coming – What That Means for Your Health

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Progress Report

September 14, 2020

Our meditations have managed to somewhat stabilize the positive path towards the Event.

A few days before exact Eris-Pluto heliocentric square meditation on August 31st, cloudships and rare multiple rainbows appeared in Taiwan:

The Solar System beyond Lunar orbit is already entering the Age of Aquarius as last vestiges of primary anomaly are being removed from there. Massive influx of angelic Light energies is now being experienced throughout the Solar System and people who are sensitive to energies are able to connect with it.

Clearing of Draco fleet is proceeding according to the plan and Light Forces have communicated that the probability of Draco alien invasion is now less than 1%, probability of fake Illuminati alien invasion is 7%, probability of US-China war is 9%, whereas probability of US civil war remains at 35%.

Mjolnir technology that the Light Forces are using is actually quantum cannon technology which emits a strong scalar field through the quantum foam and forces all matter waveforms from quantum superpositioned state into physical manifestation. This forces all Draco ships to appear into the physical and they are then immediately contained by the Galactic Confederation and their personnel processed through the Ganymede sorting facility:

Mjolnir motherships are positioned in a giant dodecahedron just beyond Lunar orbit and are emitting strong Mjolnir forcefield towards the Earth.

When Light Forces were clearing Draco fleet they have rescued many hostages, among them twin souls of many key commanders within the Galactic Confederation. Those commanders were threatened by the Draco that their twin souls would be tortured if the commanders would not cooperate with the Draco and sabotage many plans of the Light Forces. This is how the Draco were able to create many delays and setbacks and this is why the coronavirus pandemic could not be stopped in January and February.

Those twin soul hostages were rescued and compromised commanders taken to Confederation motherships outside our Solar System, where they will be able to get healing and then they will repair as much as possible the damage they have created.

Those compromised commanders were also responsible for spreading of much of fake intel through many Lightworkers channels in the last few years. This is one of the main reasons why most channeling sources are not reliable. The other reason is that those Lightworkers have a belief system that they know everything, and they appear to be speaking with authority, when in reality they are mostly clueless. The third reason, already stated many times, is the dark force infiltration of the Ligthworker community.

Now with that major sabotage exposed, the Light Forces are able to progress much more effectively with much less delays. After they remove the Draco fleet, they will begin systematically clearing the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC):

The vast majority of Cabal members in the IBC and also on the surface are naturalized Dracos, meaning they came from Draco star system many thousands of years ago and then took incarnation cycles on Earth by incarnating in human physical bodies while keeping Draco energy bodies.

They now unsuccessfully want to create their own version of the Reset and push this planet into technological dystopia:

They also unsuccessfully want to spread new, mutated versions of the coronavirus:

As solid scientific evidence that covid-19 has been created in the lab is finally available:

They are using the energy of the coming Saturn Chariklo conjunction on September 21st to create as many lockdowns as possible worldwide by artificially pumping up the number of coronavirus cases by misusing the PCR coronavirus testing:

They are using the lockdown situations to start testing how people would react to FEMA camps, in Ohio and Quebec:

Understandably, people are protesting against it:

And against lockdowns in general as well, for example in this massive protest in Berlin:

This protest was a major victory in the occult war against the dark forces, as it started to heal the so-called Prussian negative timeline.

Main protest took place in the Great Star square in Berlin (Der Große Stern), in the center of which is the Victory Column (Die Siegessäule):

On the top of the column is a big statue of goddess Victory which is the center of the Berlin Goddess Vortex. This vortex was reactivated during the protest and started to heal the Prussian timeline:

Prussian timeline was initialized in the early 19th century by dark Prussian occultists and envisioned dystopian soulless technological civilization dominated by Prussia. This timeline is responsible for Nazi secret space program which includes Neu Berlin underground base in Antarctica (now in the hands of IBC) and for creation of the Dark Fleet.

The Jesuits are now using their puppet George Soros:

To create a color revolution in the USA:

Trump, on the other hand, may use Insurrection Act to counteract this:

Positive Military may, or may not use the Insurrection act, to trigger the Delta Option shortly after the election:

Jesuits want to polarize the surface population to either idolize or hate Trump:

They are using the energy of emotional investment into Trump as a tool to engineer civil war in the USA. Light Forces are therefore asking everybody to remove their either positive or negative emotional investment from Trump and just calmly and rationally observe the situation and try to put as much Light as possible into it.

And send some loving energy to animals:

And connect to beauty:

Or read this book:

Victory of the Light!

COBRA (Compression Breakthrough)