It is impossible for one to be internationalist without being a nationalist. Internationalism is possible only when nationalism becomes a fact, i.e. when peoples belonging to different countries have organized themselves and are able to act as one man. It is not nationalism that is evil, it is the narrowness, selfishness, exclusiveness which is the bane of modern nations which is evil. Each wants to profit at the expense of, and rise on the ruin of, the other.

Indian nationalism has struck a different path. It wants to organize itself or to find full self-expression for the benefit and service of humanity at large … God having cast my lot in the midst of the people of India, I should be untrue to my Maker if I failed to serve them. If I do not know how to serve them I shall never know how to serve humanity. And I cannot possibly go wrong so long as I do not harm other nations in the act of serving my country.

Mahatma Gandhi (Young India, 18 June 1925, p211)






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Monday, November 23, 2020

Arrest of Cabal Agent in Japan will be a Game-changer

November 23, 2020

While the U.S. remains locked in a power struggle, a game-changing opportunity is presenting itself in Japan. On Thursday, November 26th Doctor Ryuichi Morishita will be publicly promoting a vaccine that alters human DNA to cure the provably non-existent “Covid 19” virus. Morishita reports to senior Khazarian Mafia agent and former Goldman Sachs employee David Atkinson. Atkinson seems to think he runs Japan on behalf of his Rockefeller and Rothschild masters.

We will be calling the U.S. military at the Yokota Air Base and the Yokosuka Naval Base to ask for military police to be deployed to arrest this man. We urge readers to do the same. The number for Yokota is 0425-53-6611 for local calls and 81-425-53-6611 for international calls. The corresponding numbers for Yokosuka are 0468-16-1110 or 81-468-16-1110.

Ask to speak to a base public affairs representative and inform him or her that a war criminal, who is part of a genocidal plot, will be appearing at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan at 3:00 PM, Japan Standard Time on November 26th. When you call the base, tell them to go up their chain of command until they reach someone at the Joint Chiefs of Staff who can check the facts and verify that yes indeed, an attempted genocide is under-way and that arresting Morishita will help to find the leaders of this genocidal plot. A true fact-based legal investigation will of course be required subsequent to his arrest.

This is all provable information. A trip to any real hospital will reveal the coronavirus is a giant fraud. For those who still don’t get it, here you can see Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Chief Scientific Adviser for Pfizer acknowledging that “we are basing a government policy, an economic policy, a civil liberties policy, in terms of limiting people to six people in a meeting…all based on, what may well be, completely fake data on this coronavirus.”

For additional confirmation listen to top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson explain reality to government officials in Alberta, Canada in a brilliant 5-minute summary 

of why we should not be tested or vaccinated and how the whole thing is a scam.

So why are they trying to vaccinate us all for something even the CDC publicly admits they cannot prove exists?

If that fails to convince the U.S. military to take action, then they should listen to the testimony of the Red Dragon Family Ambassador, who reports to the people who really control communist China.

The Ambassador, in a one-hour talk with me and the staff of the Goldfish report, was asked why China stopped exporting all items to the U.S. in February and then resumed again in August. He said they were offered payment by the cabal in real estate, including Australia and New Zealand.

We have also re-confirmed with the Asian secret societies that China was offered a United States of China, including Korea and Japan, in exchange for supporting a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris presidency.

In other words, arresting Morishita and his bosses Heizo Takenaka plus David Atkinson is necessary for the security of U.S. forces in Japan and Korea, not to mention Australia and New Zealand. Failure to act on this provable, actionable intelligence will lead to court-martial and possible criminal charges.

Now, let us look at what is happening elsewhere in the world.

The U.S. remains deadlocked in a bitter power struggle. Since the details of this struggle have been reported elsewhere, we will not go into them here. However, we would like to inform U.S. patriots that Japanese military intelligence estimates the Khazarian Mafia has…

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The Kraken Is About To Be Released, No Escape, It’s Going To Be Biblical

The Kraken Is About To Be Released, No Escape, It’s Going To Be Biblical

Nov 23, 2020
X22 Report 2.0

The [DS]/[MSM] are now trapped in their own [e] agenda. There is now way out of it. The case that SP and RG are building is going to bring down their entire system. SP is about to release the kraken and this will show wide spread fraud and that [e] officials knowingly went along with it, this includes Gov, Politicians, MSM etc. The courts and judges are now being put into place. This is not a coincidence. The [DS]/[CB] days are numbered, it's going to be biblical.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

False Flags and the Dawn of Bioterrorism

False Flags and the Dawn of Bioterrorism

For the past twenty years, the world has been in the midst of a so-called “war on terror” set in motion by a false flag attack of spectacular proportions.

Now the stage is being set for a new spectacular attack to usher in the next stage in that war on terror: the war on bioterrorism.

But who are the real bioterrorists?

And can we rely on government agencies, their appointed health authorities, and the corporate media to accurately identify those terrorists in the wake of the next spectacular terror attack?


After US, Here Is How Smartmatic Is Planning To Rig Indian Elections

November 21, 2020

Did you know the voting machine company Smartmatic accused of vote switching and foreign interference in 2020 US Elections is also accused of smuggling biometric census database of Indians to Taiwan to create a parallel database for rigging Indian Elections through their voting machines.

According to the witness affidavit of a high ranking military officer the Smartmatic Voting machines were specifically designed in a way that the system could change the vote of each voter without being detected in order to steal US Elections.

The explosive witness affidavit of the high-ranking military officer in possession of former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell is part of the evidence her legal team is gathering against foreign interference in 2020 US Elections.

The same company Smartmatic smuggled the biometric identities of Indians to create a parallel database in Taiwan to be used in voting machines.

Complaints and letters to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Finance, CFT Cell and RTIs in possession of GreatGameIndia sheds light on a criminal conspiracy by Smartmatic Services Corporation and APR Biometric ID Services Private Limited to smuggle Biometric data of Indian citizens to Taiwan. The biometric data was collected in a pilot project of the National Population Register (NPR).

During the Pilot Project conducted in seven states, including Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa at 20 locations, the aforesaid Companies collected biometric and demographic data of approximately two lakh Indian individuals which was stored in the machines used for data collection – the PARmobiles.

Edgar Zorrilla, then Senior Vice President of Smartmatic and advisor to CEO along with other officers, told the whistleblower that the PARmobiles (80 in number) were imported by Smartmatic under the name of its previous partner Smart Identity Devices Private Limited and were stored in a warehouse. Further, the said officers hatched a criminal conspiracy to export these devices with the data in them to Taiwan.

According to the whistleblower, the Companies sought custody of the PARmobile machines and fingerprint scanners in order to extract biometric data and sell it to foreign countries. The value of this data in international black market is between US $20 million to US $100 million. The machines and the fingerprint scanners were sent by the Court to Forensic Science Laboratory for analysis.

The Department of Electronics and Information Technology, the nodal agency appointed by the Registrar General of India to carry out the National Population Register’s Pilot Project was urged to intervene in the matter. The said case is still pending in the Patiala House Court, New Delhi.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Trump has been given a military action plan to deal with the Khazarian Mafia election theft

November 16, 2020

The lack of an East-West agreement at this level is also what’s behind the current political chaos and deadlock in the U.S.

What is clear is that the Khazarian Mafia offered control of the U.S. to China in exchange for financial support. The plan was to install Joe Biden as President only to have him replaced within a few weeks by Chinese representative slave-in-chief Kamala Harris, according to Asian Secret Society sources.

U.S. President Donald Trump meanwhile continues to strongly protest the blatant theft of the U.S. Presidential election by the Khazarian Mafia and their Chinese allies. Since the bitter fight over the election result has been widely reported elsewhere, we will not dive too deep into the subject this week.

Nonetheless, we note the raid in Frankfurt, Germany where a computer server used in stealing the U.S. election was given to U.S. troops after a raid by German police.

Attempts to read local news articles about this raid were censored.

However, here is a U.S. based report that was not censored.

We also note that Trump has been given a military action plan to deal with the Khazarian Mafia election theft and all that is required is his presidential signature to make it happen.

Militarily speaking all that is required is to occupy the headquarters of the six big media companies that control 90% of U.S. corporate media. They are Viacom, News Corporation, Comcast, CBS, Time Warner, and Disney. In addition, the headquarters of Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft would need to be occupied. Finally, a few hundred arrests need to be made in and around Washington DC. These would be the usual suspects. From a purely military perspective, this could be accomplished within 24 hours.

If POTUS fails to take these actions, U.S. patriots and members of the military who are counting on Trump to save the Constitutional Republic need to ask themselves some hard questions.

The biggest question mark around Trump remains his support of mass vaccinations for the provably fake Covid-19 pandemic. He did try to expose the fraud early on and then realized the wrath of the political backlash that would have become a divisive election issue the Democrats could attack him over. So allowing Fauci and Brix to take the heat for their recommendations as “experts” perhaps seemed like the safest strategy as the magnitude of the “plandemic” unfolded.

Trump may have figured that avoiding millions of deaths would be rewarded come election day and he possibly underestimated the MSM death chorus and unwarranted criticisms that awaited him. No matter how many lives were saved the Democrats would focus attention on the number lost and Joe would do his – empty seat around the dinner table – talk to the camera routine hoping voters forgot how he ridiculed Trump’s shutting down flights from China in January.

Most of the people dying are the elderly being murdered by criminals like Cuomo in NYC old folks homes or placed on medically harmful ventilators unnecessarily to collect the $39,000 insurance bonus conveniently set up to motivate growing the death toll before the election.

For example, Trump recently said:

“In July, my administration reached an agreement with Pfizer to provide $1.95 billion to support the mass manufacturing and distribution of 100 million doses, with the option to purchase a total of 600 million doses shortly thereafter.”

Pfizer is the same company that was forced, among other things, to pay legal settlements to Nigerian families for conducting an allegedly illegal clinical trial of meningitis drugs on children. Many of these children consequently ended up paralyzed from the trials and four children even died.

Now Trump is tweeting Pfizer “has produced a great and safe VACCINE far ahead of schedule…We cannot waste time and can only give it to those states that will use the Vaccine immediately.”

Pfizer itself is now saying:

“Scientists anticipate that the shots will cause enervating flu-like side effects — including sore arms, muscle aches, and fever — that could last days and temporarily sideline some people from work or school.”

Even the highly brainwashed people at the Washington Post are finally starting to wake up and posted an Op-Ed that says in part:

“After so much death and illness, a mystery from the first days of the novel coronavirus has yet to be solved. We still don’t understand its origins or how it became a global killer. The answers lie in China, and quite possibly beyond. The world needs a credible, impartial investigation to better prepare for future pandemics.”

Elon Musk recently said, “Something extremely bogus is going on” after testing positive and negative two times each on four coronavirus tests administered by the same nurse using the same testing device. Now, Musk has apparently been sidelined with “Covid-19.”

Well, Washington Post and Mr. Musk, here is what MI6 has to say about this:

“On February 11, 2020, it was in fact the World Health Organization – WHO – who officially renamed this new coronavirus, SARS-Cov-2, with the now infamous label Covid-19, and acronym for a Certificate of Vaccination ID19.

This vaccination program is designed to restrict freedom of movement by way of technological health passports inside the constitutionally illegal ‘Locked Down’ global nation states. This is a tactical deployment in a strategic undeclared act of hybrid war global genocide or asymmetrical warfare by a criminal syndicate that seeks to murder the vast majority of the world’s population. Thereafter by way of advanced technology exert a global state of total control and utter enslavement. In other words Genocidal Global Totalitarianism – Extremist Global Terrorism.”

The other possibility is that this entire COVID scam is being used as a kind of initiation ceremony for some sort of global “reset,” be it benign or otherwise.

For example Canadian Prime Minister Justin Castro last week said: “This Pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to re-imagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.”

Also, in what we hope is some kind of joke, we note the Canadian government put out the following tender offer:

“Statistics Canada (STATCAN) has a requirement for the purchase, delivery, off-loading and commissioning of 2 new Programmable Fully Hydraulic Guillotines (hereinafter referred to as Guillotines), including all the related accessories necessary to fulfill the present Requirement as well as hands-on training for its designated operators located in the National Capital Region (NCR).”

Even if this is all some big insider joke by secret societies and elites, the situation on the ground for the average person is anything but funny. In the supposedly rich U.S., there are now millions of Americans who rely on charity to avoid starving to death. For example, there are two million people receiving food aid in greater New York and 500,000 getting it in the San Francisco Bay area.

The situation is so dire that more than 300,000 New Yorkers have bailed from the Big Apple in the last eight months, new stats show.

Worldwide the situation has reached the point where David Beasley the head of the World Food Program says without billions of dollars, “we are going to have famines of biblical proportions in 2021.”

Overall, the longer the West, especially the U.S., remains paralyzed by its leadership crisis, the stronger Asia will get.

Last week, the China-led Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership RCEP agreement was signed. This groups the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Other countries like Canada, the UK, and India are also considering joining.

In what may or may not be a related development, we have a report from Japanese military intelligence that U.S. Vice President Mike Pence took Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to a ceremony worshipping Molech (aka Satan) before he was allowed to become Prime Minister of Japan. Suga has now turned on the U.S. by joining RCEP.

The United States of China! This is payback to China for helping steal the election for Biden. The Khazarian Mafia has even agreed to hand over New Zealand and Australia.

To conclude, U.S. military and agency White Hats need to force Trump to take military action against the Khazarian Mafia in the U.S. If Trump fails to take action, they need to seriously plan on setting up an interim military regime to clean up the cesspool known as Washington DC. Otherwise, it is only a matter of time before they themselves will be forced to line up for food and accept a COVID RFID vaccine in exchange for a digital wallet.

Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis
by Benjamin Fulford

EXPOSED: How Peter Daszak Of EcoHealth Alliance Orchestrated The Natural Origin Of Covid-19 Myth

November 19, 2020

The emails obtained via public records requests show that EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak drafted the Lancet statement, and that he intended it to “not be identifiable as coming from any one organization or person” but rather to be seen as “simply a letter from leading scientists”. Daszak wrote that he wanted “to avoid the appearance of a political statement”.

The scientists’ letter appeared in The Lancet on February 18, just one week after the World Health Organization announced that the disease caused by the novel coronavirus would be named COVID-19.

The 27 authors “strongly condemn[ed] conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin,” and reported that scientists from multiple countries “overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife.” The letter included no scientific references to refute a lab-origin theory of the virus. One scientist, Linda Saif, asked via email whether it would be useful “to add just one or 2 statements in support of why nCOV is not a lab generated virus and is naturally occuring? Seems critical to scientifically refute such claims!” Daszak responded, “I think we should probably stick to a broad statement.”

Growing calls to investigate the Wuhan Institute of Virology as a potential source of SARS-CoV-2 have led to increased scrutiny of EcoHealth Alliance. The emails show how members of EcoHealth Alliance played an early role in framing questions about possible lab origin of SARS-CoV-2 as “crackpot theories that need to be addressed,” as Daszak told The Guardian.

Although the phrase “EcoHealth Alliance” appeared only once in The Lancet statement, in association with co-author Daszak, several other co-authors also have direct ties to the group that were not disclosed as conflicts of interest. Rita Colwell and James Hughes are members of the Board of Directors of EcoHealth Alliance, William Karesh is the group’s Executive Vice President for Health and Policy, and Hume Field is Science and Policy Advisor.

The statement’s authors also claimed that the “rapid, open, and transparent sharing of data on this outbreak is now being threatened by rumours and misinformation around its origins.” Today, however, little is known about the origins of SARS-CoV-2, and investigations into its origins by the World Health Organization and The Lancet COVID-19 commission have been shrouded in secrecy and mired by conflicts of interests.

Peter Daszak, Rita Colwell, and The Lancet Editor Richard Horton did not provide comments in response to our requests for this story.

For more information:

A link to the entire batch of EcoHealth Alliance emails can be found here: EcoHealth Alliance emails: University of Maryland (466 pages)

Sainath Suryanarayanan for U.S. Right To Know

For latest updates on the outbreak check out our Coronavirus Coverage.

Send in your tips and submissions by filling out this form or write to us directly at the email provided. Join us on WhatsApp for more intel and updates.

GreatGameIndia is a journal on Geopolitics and International Relations. Get to know the Geopolitical threats India is facing in our exclusive book India in Cognitive Dissonance. Past magazine issues can be accessed from the Archives section.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

New Company to fill U.S. Military Vacuum

Trump's new Defense Secretary tells Pentagon, "All wars must end"

November 16, 2020

A new military company has been established to fill in the vacuum being left behind as U.S. forces withdraw from the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere, according to Pentagon, FSB, and MI6 sources. The company has at its disposal hundreds of thousands of Special Forces veterans from the U.S., Israel, the UK, Russia, France, etc. It’s headed by a female former FSB agent and martial arts expert.

This announcement comes as U.S. acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller says:

“We are not a people of perpetual war — it is the antithesis of everything for which we stand and for which our ancestors fought. All wars must end.”

Pentagon sources say they welcome this development because the U.S. military now needs to concentrate on national defense, which these days mainly means “making sure the U.S. does not become a Chinese colony.”

According to its female leader:

The new company has a strong background in anti-terrorism, cybersecurity, and intelligence. It’s apolitical and not connected to any country. The aim is to fill the gap left by the U.S. military by providing security to businesses and key people in high-risk environments.

The company also aims to find outlets for military veterans to ensure they do not go rogue or start working for Rothschild terrorist fronts like Al Qaeda, Islamic State, Antifa or Black Lives Matter, etc.

This development comes amid a change of the guard at the highest levels of the Western power structure as Cesare Forni, head of the P3 freemasons resigned, according to P3 sources. There is now a new leadership team among the groups who run military orders such as the Knights of Malta, the Templars, the Teutonic Knights, etc., the sources say.

They have made a peace offering to Asian secret societies but have not received an answer by the time this report went live.

The lack of an East-West agreement at this level is also what’s behind the current political chaos and deadlock in the U.S.

What is clear is that the Khazarian Mafia offered control of the U.S. to China in exchange for financial support. The plan was to install Joe Biden as President only to have him replaced within a few weeks by Chinese representative slave-in-chief Kamala Harris, according to Asian Secret Society sources.

U.S. President Donald Trump meanwhile…

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November 12, 2020

It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the powerful Jupiter Saturn great conjunction on December 21st to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and trigger the process that will lead us into the Age of Aquarius.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook event for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations and activations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this activation can actually help bringing the Age of Aquarius closer to us:

This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to further stabilize the timeline that will lead into the long awaited Age of Aquarius. Number of people doing that activation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this activation! We can even reach one million! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide.

Jupiter Saturn conjunction on December 21st completes the 2020 Age of Aquarius timeline stargate which has opened on January 12th with Saturn Pluto conjunction, had its turning point on June 30th with Jupiter Pluto conjunction and will close on December 21th with Jupiter Saturn conjunction:

The purpose of the whole 2020 Age of Aquarius timeline stargate is to stabilize the Age of Aquarius positive timeline for the planet. During 2020, the dark forces have tried their hardest to prevent the positive Ascension timeline from manifesting. Now it is our collective chance for the positive Ascension timeline to be anchored, secured and stabilized forever, and to ensure that the rest of the planetary liberation process occurs smoothly and rapidly.

There will be many powerful astrological configurations in December, leading to our main activation on December 21st. Each of those configurations will be a stepping stone to our main activation. First, there will be Pluto Eris square on December 10th, becoming exact at 22:06 UTC. Then, there will be a total Solar eclipse on December 14th at 16:14 UTC. After that, Saturn will enter Aquarius on December 17th at 05:04 UTC, and Jupiter will enter Aquarius a few days later on December 19th at 13:08 UTC.

Pluto Eris square is the energy of the warrior goddess fighting against establishment. Total Solar eclipse on December 14th will display a mutable cross of Sun, Moon and Mercury conjunct, squaring Neptune, squaring Lunar node, squaring Vesta. This energy will bring rapid disillusionment in many areas for the surface population. Saturn and Jupiter entering Aquarius will start bringing much needed Aquarian energy to the surface of the planet, with at least one of major planets or asteroids staying in Aquarius from then on, until the year 2043.

The great Jupiter Saturn conjunction on December 21st is the first great conjunction in Aquarius since 1405, and it is happening exactly on the day of the winter solstice. This is the moment when the first long awaited energies of the Age of Aquarius will finally begin flowing in:

It is the closest great conjunction since 1623, Jupiter and Saturn will be so close together that you will almost see them as a single star. In the eyepiece of a telescope you will be able to see both planets very close together, their many moons almost apparently touching:

Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees 29 minutes Aquarius will make an exact grand trine with Alcyone (our local central sun in the Pleiades) at 0 degrees 17 minutes Gemini, and M87 galaxy (a major galaxy in the Virgo cluster, as source of galactic love for this sector of the universe) at 1 degrees 13 minutes Libra. This grand trine will bring extremely powerful energies of cosmic love to the planet and this will be the trigger that will begin the Age of Aquarius new cycle. The flash of cosmic love energies will originate from the M87 galaxy in Virgo supercluster and it will be much more powerful than the flash which reached the Earth from M87 during the AION portal activation:


We will be doing our Age of Aquarius meditation at the exact moment of Jupiter Saturn conjunction on December 21st , which will be at 6:22 pm UTC. This equals 10:22 am PST in Los Angeles, 11:22 am MST in Denver, 12:22 pm pm CST in Chicago, 1:22 pm EST in New York, 6:22 pm GMT in London, 7:22 pm CET in Paris, 8:22 pm EET in Cairo, 2:22 am CST on Tuesday, December 22nd in Taipei and Beijing, 3:22 am JST on December 22nd in Tokyo and 5:22 am AEDT on December 22nd in Sydney.

You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to co-create the trigger that will start the Age of Aquarius

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light

4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light flowing through the M87 galaxy and then entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System, then through the sublunar space and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining darkness on Earth, healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize soft pink Light of the Goddess embracing all beings on planet Earth and healing their emotional bodies. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth. Visualize your perfect life in the new Age of Aquarius.

Suggested time for our meditation is 20 minutes.

Updates about the Age of Aquarius:

Ghana President Exposed Permanent World Lockdown Plot

In June, Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo basically outlined what is now happening in October, and confirms the Ottawa World Lockdown Leak posted here. This pandemic, which is designed to destroy the world economy. was planned years ago down to the last detail. Remember "The Great Depression"? Think that was an accident? They create economic crises to advance political goals. We have been fast-tracked for tyranny.

On June 21, Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo went public with the plan to destroy the world economy and enslave mankind. He said he was reading from a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation document but it must have been another Rockefeller "Operation Lockstep" document. (Can a reader help me identify his source?)


The Covid-Plan / Rockefeller Lockstep 2010 

Remember this scenario is from 2010: "Even the most pandemic-prepared nations were quickly overwhelmed when the virus streaked around the world, infecting nearly 20 percent of the global population and killing 8 million in just seven months, the majority of them healthy young adults. The pandemic also had a deadly effect on economies: international mobility of both people and goods screeched to a halt, debilitating industries like tourism and breaking global supply chains. Even locally, normally bustling shops and office buildings sat empty for months, devoid of both employees and customers."

Here is a brief outline of Akuufo-Addo's main points which confirm our worst fears. This pandemic was planned ten years ago down to the last detail.

1. Create a low mortality virus at Fort Detrick, NJ.

2. Create a weaponized high-mortality version as a backup to be used if needed.

3. For "added deniability" have it transferred to the bioweapon lab in Winnipeg where it will be stolen by Chinese scientists and smuggled out to Wuhan.

4. Make its spread seem like an accident. Blame the wet market in Wuhan.

6. Plan to vaccinate the human race, enforced by a digital ID and "heath passports." (This is ID 2020.)

7. Allow human to human contact to enable the strain to spread before lockdowns begin.

8. Expand lockdowns.

9. "Hype" the number of deaths in order to spread fear. Attribute all deaths to Covid 19.

10. Keep lockdowns as long as possible in order to destroy the economy, break supply chains and create social disruption.

11. Relieve lockdowns for a short time, and then blame "increase" in cases on this respite. Blame increase on protesters. "We told you so."

12. Quell outrage with brutal force and depict dissenters as "public enemies." Army checkpoints.

13. Roll out vaccinations and passports. People will not be able to participate in society without both.

14. If the majority wakes up to this conspiracy, release a new virus with a 30% mortality rate and say, "We told you so."

I urge you to listen to the video. It may be the most important 14 minutes of your life.

First Comment from Tony B

If you have the means to quickly move to Mexico or South America, I suggest you do it - now!

This destruction of life as God intended it is NOT a test or trial, this is the end game for those satanic Talmudists and their myrmidons who have planned for centuries to have this world for themselves alone. They have not been coy about all of it, saying publicly for decades now that they wish to reduce the world's population by 85% to 95%. That means, with today's technology, they feel that they only need a percentage of between 5% - 15% of those of us living today as their abject slaves.

The rest of us they intend to kill, the mass slaughters of the soviet and red China were the test, this time their plot is actually to murder most of the world. If that sounds too insane to believe, yes it is insanity at its most satanically twisted, but you had better believe it and act upon it if you expect any chance whatsoever of you or your family's survival. This insanity has been proven over and over through the centuries to care not about ANY LIVES, your women and children will NOT be excepted.

It really seems that the English speaking populations, as well as the Europeans in general, are too far down the tube of constant satanic brainwashing and pagan living to defend themselves and their families, a better stand will be made in South American or Africa. Or possibly, as Paquita de Shishmareff (L. Fry authoress of "Waters Flowing Eastward") used to tell me, Russia's Siberia may be the last stand of the white man.


Thursday, November 12, 2020


Who is the Cabal? In this 17 part series, the Cabal will be fully exposed. It is about the Cabal. It will give you info that will blow you off your socks. Crime, murder, money laundering, cartels, high treason, all of which under your noise... Meet the Cabal.
The Wrath of the Jesuit Council... From Weishaupt and the creation of the Order of the Illuminati to Napoleon and WWI. Follow their trail of destruction in order to know whom we are dealing with.

About the Russian Revolution, the Great Depression and WWII... all instigated by the Cabal. Through manipulating the Stock market, by pushing Cabal puppets forward , and by ruthlessly killing millions of people who stood in their way. With one goal, and one goal alone...

'On a global scale of things the world has lost all sense and meaning altogether'


November 9, 2020


Biden and Fortune 500 Families Fall Into Trap 

... While the West is distracted with its undeclared civil war, big military moves mean the situation is getting very dangerous around the world. We are getting reports of massive troop movements in Mexico, Canada, Ukraine, Central Asia, Africa, the Chinese Indian border, etc.

For example, we got the following information from a source in Slovakia:

“NATO troops are moving from Western Europe towards Ukraine. It is starting to look as if they were to occupy strategic points and in the near future NATO troops could attack Belarus and possibly Russia. An attack can occur within a few days. Movements of troops at the borders were observed. It is starting to look as if there is going to be an attack by Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Poland. It is very likely. Russia has canceled all entry visas. Russia and Belarus are completely closed. Belarusians claim that the worst days of our lives are ahead (10 days). Slovaks and Czechs are locked in their homes. The troops are moving. Helicopters are being moved in large numbers. They are building huge field hospitals for 5,000 people (at the Ostrava airport).”

Also, Mike Harris of Veteran’s Today called to say he is getting reliable reports of Chinese forces in Mexico. “The Mexicans allowed the military operators into the country because the Chinese promised to return to Mexico all the lands lost in the Mexican/American war,” he says. In other words, they offered California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas to Mexico.

We are also getting multiple reports of Chinese troops in Canada. We have contacted various sources in Canada and have been unable to confirm this. However, Prime Minister Justin Castro is a Manchurian candidate who almost certainly murdered his brother in order to take over Canada. He has also suspended democracy in Canada while using a fake pandemic as an excuse to impose martial law and set up concentration camps. It is a good bet Justin Castro was offered New England as well as Oregon and Washington State by the Chinese.

In chorus with Canada’s Castro, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said last week that if you refuse to be tested [for the fake virus], you would be indefinitely imprisoned and never allowed to leave the quarantine camp.

Castro (Trudeau) also, together with Boris Johnson of the UK and Emmanuelle [sic] Macron of France was quick to congratulate Joe Biden on his fraudulent election victory. The three leaders, taking their cue from AP on Biden’s fake victory all chimed in with congratulations despite there being no official result. Biden has also made it clear he will start COVID fascism if he takes power.

Asian secret society sources say China was promised Japan, the Korean Peninsula, and ASEAN could be part of the United States of China if they helped Biden get elected. It thus looks certain that Biden and his Rockefeller etc. backers attempted to sell out to China in order to keep themselves in power in the West.

In view of this situation, Britain’s Chief of the Defense Staff Nick Carter publicly warned of a risk of WW3 starting, telling Sky News:

“I think we are living at a moment in time where the world is a very uncertain and anxious place and of course, the dynamic of global competition is a feature of our lives as well, and I think the real risk we have with quite a lot of the regional conflicts that are going on at the moment, is you could see escalation lead to miscalculation.”

MI6 sources had a slightly more laid-back view saying:

“There is a lot of rubbish flying about at the moment, I think on a global scale of things the world has lost all sense and meaning altogether.”

In any case, Pentagon sources say the U.S. Supreme Court is “6-3 behind Trump with justice [Clarence] Thomas paying back Biden for his bitter 1991 confirmation hearing and justice [Brett] Kavanaugh doing the same to Kamala Harris for his 2018 grilling.”

Also “With Bibi [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] backstabbing Trump by quickly congratulating Biden, the Jewish mafia takedown continues with former UK chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks dead,” the sources note.

One Asian intelligence source says the Netanyahu who congratulated Biden was a CG composite as was George Bush Jr. who did likewise since both originals have been executed.

In addition to the Pentagon sources, Western secret societies also make it clear they will not allow the ongoing Democratic Party election coup to continue.

A representative of several major secret societies says:

“The way I see this is firstly it’s the DNC. I mean look at even the last cycle. Like him or not their voters asked for Bernie and were told no you get Hillary. It happened again with Biden. The DNC has its agenda that of course is being worked in tandem with the leftist MSM like the NYT…the media will decide the election even though that is not in the Constitution. It was further solidified with the Big Tech censorship. Look at Google now worth $1 Trillion and yet its founder can’t explain his continued relationship with Epstein after his conviction. Fact Checkers are the thought police.”

The sources point out that “Trans-national secret Lodges that incorporate the affiliation of both men and women of the highest levels in world politics, finance, and the industrial sectors” discuss and decide “all world decisions that have to do with power, politics, finance, and industry.”

These societies have made a decision to remove the Khazarian Mafia from world power, multiple sources agree. This means Justin Castro, Boris Johnson, Emannuel Macron, and their Rothschild, Angelli, etc. puppet masters will not continue to be on this planet for much longer, the sources say.

Instead, there is a high-level consensus among both Eastern and Western secret societies that the current system we have for running the planet is in need of drastic reform. Many Western governments are now publicly embracing Asian style future planning as a better system than the pure, unbridled capitalism that has caused so much damage to the West. Below is a link to a Wall Street Journal article that talks in detail about this subject.

Pope Francis is playing a key role in this process with his ongoing clean-up of the Vatican Bank, the West’s current de facto future planning agency. The article below, for example, notes the Vatican had been funneling money to “a holding company headed by Lapo Elkann, one of the more flamboyant members of Italy’s Agnelli clan.”

The Agnellis, together with the Rothschilds control the Economist and are believed to be the de facto controllers of the Federal Reserve Board, albeit not for much longer.

As an example of their criminal incompetence, these people have for years carried out a massive fraud operation known as NASA which stands for Not A Space Agency, according to senior Pentagon sources. NSA sources point out mice have been spotted impossibly running on Elon Musk rockets that are supposedly flying in the vacuum of space.

These sorts of massive frauds by the Khazarian mafia who hijacked Western power are the reason why Asia has been able to pull ahead economically. The longer the West dithers before reforming itself and removing incompetent Khazarian mafia leadership, the stronger Chinese and other Asian countries will get. The latest economic reports from China, for example, show that country’s economy is once again growing at a sizzling pace.

If Westerners don’t want to end up as Chinese slaves or servants, they need to remove the criminal parasites who have carried out what MI6 describes as “stealth state capture.” These people, in their greed, have impoverished most Westerners and are now trying to sell what is left to China in exchange for protection. Hopefully, the trap that was set up for the people backing Biden will do the trick. If not, grab your guns.

Also, if Joint Chiefs of Staff Head General Mark Miley fails to take action, then clearly he has been compromised and needs to be removed.

Pentagon sources, for their part, asked us to remind the Chinese they had space-based weapons that “could turn China into molten glass,” if necessary. In other words, war is not going to solve this crisis in China’s favor but as things go, time will.


Biden and Fortune 500 Families Fall Into Trap
by Benjamin Fulford, November 9, 2020

ASCENSION UPDATE: Collective consciousness must change


The current events around the US election 2020 are the best-case scenario to achieve an unprecedented awakening of the population on a massive scale. 

Ascension is a process that has different stages.

The first step on the path to Ascension is the awakening from the matrix. This is achieved the moment an individual begins to question the system.

When people are clearly shown the corruption and that things are not at all what they were told to be, the mind is triggered to think.

We live in a brainwashed society throughout the entire world where people were programmed to cling to certain belief systems.

Humanity is conditioned to believe what they have been taught.

The educational system on our planet is designed to destroy a person's ability to engage in critical thinking.

Toxins like fluoride have calcified the pineal gland to suppress the mind from thinking outside the box.

Thus, when people think they are critical thinkers, they are still following a blueprint. The human mind is infiltrated, and humans are stuck in their matrix programming. Even when confronted with undeniable facts, they will aggressively hold on to their false beliefs. The

But when their belief-systems crush in front of the eyes of the world and they see themselves left with nothing to cling to, a part of the brain that has been lying dormant is activated.

Questions about those in power arise, and naturally, answers are delivered.

This is where the human being shifts in frequency, and the awakening process begins.

Everything in this world and particularly the human mind, is controlled by frequency.

If we want this world to change, frequency must shift.

What the world is witnessing since March 2020 is the reeducation of humanity that is supposed to inevitably change their frequency to help them break out of the matrix programming.

As long as the collective consciousness holds on to their programming, nothing can change.

Understand that the stretching out of the US election will bring a major shift in frequency for humanity.

So does the implementation of stricter Covid rules and regulations.

How much does it take for people to get in touch with their emotions? Emotions are what connect you to the spiritual body. A spiritual being sees things as they are, not as they are told to see.

How much does it take to question the authorities? A person that does not back down from their questions cannot be controlled.

You cannot be enslaved if you can't be controlled. And control is no longer possible if people do not believe the lies anymore.

If you are woke and can't understand why things do not proceed faster, you must understand that the critical mass of awakened people must be achieved first.

When enough people of earth's population are waking and clearly see through all the deceit, abuse, lies, corruption, and all the hidden darkness, the system of control will collapse. Hence, the third-dimensional matrix will cease to exist.

An awakened mind cannot be controlled. This is the bottom line.

The planet is ascending, but we cannot jump over the necessary stages.

Awakening comes first, followed by the total destruction of a system of frequency control.

The people of earth are about to learn what the NEWS anchors pretending to bring the truth into their homes indeed are. They will know that it's nothing more than a puppet show.

News anchors and reporters are no more than actors and actresses, the children and grandchildren of those who have enslaved humanity and fed off their essence.

The only thing that keeps their show going day after day is the collective consciousness that believes in what is being broadcasted.

Imagine, for a moment, a scenario in which people worldwide do not believe the MSM anymore. They turn off their TVs, don't buy the newspaper, and don't listen to the radio for another minute.

What would happen if everyone eliminated their TVs? What will happen when people are told the unbiased truth?

The system would change. Inevitably.

This is where humanity is headed. Every single event in 2020 served this sole purpose.

The great awakening of earth is imminent.

An ending brings a new beginning, and before the new earth can begin, the old world must die.

Do not allow yourself to be disheartened by anything you hear in the news. And do not get dragged down when anticipated events like the arrests of cabal members are not happening when someone says they're happening now.

Understand that those 13 bloodlines who held power over earth are no longer in control. If they were, none of what's happening now could be possible.

Again, know you're watching a replay of what's already happened, but we're living in a free-will zone, and every individual must choose to awaken. It cannot be forced on them.

The awakening is happening big time.

This is the divine plan, and there is nothing that can stop what's happening.

Allow people to awaken to truth. We are rapidly reaching critical mass. The human collective consciousness is shifting at unprecedented WARP speed.

5D is the frequency of unconditional love; you need light to access this love. Light is what comes first. Light is the information of truth.

Lean back and relax. Enjoy the show of the great awakening of humanity.

Remember, everything is a show, after all, until we rise above the fearmongering and smile at the most exciting times to be alive on planet earth.

This is the great Ascension of earth and all Her sentient life. It's all part of the plan.

Victory of Light!

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of The Galactic Federation 
Artist: Alex Ruiz

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

A Short Message to the Surface Population

November 10, 2020

Many people are worried about the outcome of the US election. Light Forces have communicated that whoever becomes the president, it will not influence the overall plan for the planetary liberation.
They have also asked people to release the emotional attachment and emotional investment in the outcome of this election, as generated energy of worry, anger, fear, frustration and uncertainty is gathered by the Archons, amplified and distributed through the planetary energy grid.

Light Forces are also asking everybody to decrease the polarization and to start seeing people as an embodiment of their Soul, regardless of their political orientation.

That said, neither of the presidential candidates is without flaws and both have a certain degree of involvement with the dark forces:

The election process is NOT over, and needs to be completed in accordance with the federal law:

Russia, China, Brazil and many other countries have not recognized Biden as the president-elect, and are waiting for the procedures to be completed legally to recognize the new president, whoever that might be:

There have been serious allegations of voting fraud:

Mainstream media has been ordered not to investigate and report that:

Anyway, legal action is being taken:

Because transparency is needed:

Victory of the Light!

COBRA (Compression Breakthrough)

Mainstream Media told Not Allowed to Investigate Voter Fraud

I was just told by a journalist in one of the top 3 newspapers that they were just told NO STORIES of any voter fraud. This is pretty much confirming that indeed this election was stolen and the mainstream media will not publish or investigate anything that would undermine Biden.

Some journalists are realizing that they are no longer journalists but are propaganda agents. They are told Trump is so evil to get them to always be against Trump but never question what is the agenda of the other side.

Nov 6, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

The U.S. Presidential Election is NOT Over. Here's Where Things Stand Right Now...



I want to warn you that the next few months in the U.S. will be extremely ugly.

The country was already deeply divided before this election. And unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse. The fact is that Joe Biden HASN’T actually won this election yet.

That is not a typo. The media has done the U.S. a great disservice by claiming that Biden is the winner this early in the game.

Everyone needs to take a step back and understand how the actual election process occurs based on federal law, not media reporting.

1) The election occurs in early November.

2) Votes are tallied while officials from both parties (Democrat and GOP) are present.

3) Provided officials from both parties are present during the vote tallies and there are:
No credible accusations of fraud.
No software glitches.

Then the vote tallies are ratified.

4) If the vote margin between winner and loser is 0.5% or smaller, an automatic recount is required.

5) If the margin between the winner and loser is larger than 0.5%, but either candidate (or a 3rd candidate for that matter) wants to dispute the results, he or she can pay to have a recount performed. The cost if roughly $3 million per state.

6) Once the recount is completed, or if a recount is not necessary, the individual states formally declare the winner on December 14th when they officially cast their electoral college votes for him or her.

7) Then, in early January of the next year, the new congress meets to count the electoral college votes and formally declare the winner.

8) The new President is sworn into office on January 20th.

This is how Presidential elections work in the U.S. under normal circumstances.

The media cannot decide who wins. The media can simply project who they think will win based on vote totals at a given time. And unless the loser formally concedes prior to December 14th, the election remains in play.

So where are we in terms of the 2020 Presidential election?

For starters, the races in multiple states (Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona) are close enough to require mandatory recounts (within a margin of 0.5%).

On top of this, the Trump administration will be filing lawsuits in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona alleging fraud, illegitimate votes being counted, and GOP officials being barred from witnessing the ballots being tallied.

Whether or not the Trump administration is right about this remains to be seen.

However, the fact lawsuits are being filed means the election will move into the courts. If the courts decide that the evidence the Trump administration presents is compelling, they can require a formal vote audit.

If, during the vote audit, actual fraud is discovered, the court can rule that those votes are no longer valid, the formal vote counts can change, and it is possible that a given state ends up declaring a different winner.

Even if fraud is not discovered by the audits, but there is a particular problem with vote cards (the wrong type of ink was used, the hole punch didn’t go all the way through the ballot as was the case in Florida in 2000, etc.), the courts can deem those problematic votes as illegitimate.

This again can mean the formal vote counts can change, and it is possible that a given state ends up declaring a different winner.

Mind you, that’s if the courts resolve the issue to everyone’s liking on the first go round.

If either party or candidate is dissatisfied with a lower court’s ruling, they can appeal the ruling, which can result in the lawsuit moving up to a higher court, eventually reaching the Supreme Court, which serves as the ultimate arbiter of election law in the U.S.

This was the case with the 2000 election, when the Supreme Court ruled that vote cards from Florida that didn’t have clean hole punches were NOT valid, which gave the state to George W. Bush and resulted in Al Gore conceding the election on December 13th.

None of the above items are conspiracy theory or wishful thinking. These are the actual facts of how Presidential elections are decided in the U.S.

The media doesn’t decide elections. And technically, Joe Biden is NOT the President elect, no matter how much certain people might want him to be.

Remember, he wouldn’t be formally declared the President Elect until December 14th 2020, and that’s under normal circumstances.

And as I mentioned already, this election is anything but normal.

I mention all of this to help you keep a clear head during what is going to be an extremely stressful and psychologically draining four-week period between now and that date.

Again, this election WILL not be decided before December 14th. And it’s possible things run even longer than that.

Graham Summers
Chief Market Strategist
Phoenix Capital Research