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Friday, October 23, 2015

Two attempts RAW made on the life of Dawood but PV Narasimha Rao government balked it at last minute

Two attempts that the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) made on Dawood’s life in 1994. Though the killing mission had been worked to the minutest detail, they were aborted at last minute as the highest police authorities balked at it.

The first plan was to send a team of highly-trained assassins to Karachi where Dawood lives in a palatial house in upmarket Clifton area close to the beach. A team of four assassins was provided extensive training in the use of sophisticated arms and explosives and also briefed about the geography of the Clifton neighbourhood . A getaway plan was also worked out. 

The government gave preliminary approval for the plan following which the hit squad was flown to Kathmandu, given fake Nepalese passports and dispatched to Karachi. The arms and ammunition were sent across to a safe house in Karachi by using the route used by smugglers. The area was closely recced. Even as the assassins, who were all hardcore members of the Chhota Rajan gang, were making last-minute preparations to go for the kill, the central government, led by the then Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao, asked that the plan be put on hold. 

“We had confirmation that Dawood was in his house at that time. We even had details of the layout of his plush house and its vulnerable points. We were completely taken aback when the Centre asked us to pull out and that too at the last moment. We had a zero-failure plan in place and we would have definitely eliminated Dawood. Till today, it is a mystery why the final approval was not given to us,’’ a senior intelligence official observed. 

One of the hitmen was later involved in the gunning down of a close aide of Dawood, Sharad Shetty, in Sharjah in January, 2003. RAW had even worked out another plan to force the landing of the aircraft carrying Dawood in Mumbai. 

Sleuths of R&AW had been keeping a close watch on the movements of Dawood. He used to fly to Jeddah, Singapore and other destinations in a special aircraft accompanied by his handlers in the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan. “We planned to send Indian Air Force jets to escort Dawood’s aircraft once it left Pakistani airspace and then force it to land in Mumbai. This was riskier than the earlier plan, but we were confident of pulling it through. However, once again the government developed cold feet,” the official stated. 

Sources in the Mumbai police said it was a matter of shame that a criminal living in Pakistan was able to conduct his illegal operations in India with impunity and nothing was being done by the government to neutralise him. “The government is even afraid to hand over to us the dozen properties of Dawood in Mumbai which were seized by the income tax department. 

Twice these properties were auctioned, but there were hardly any takers because of threats from the D gang. Only one shop at Tardeo was successfully bid by a Delhi-based lawyer a few years ago. But to date he has not got physical possession of this property because of threats to his life from the gang. If the government is so much scared of Dawood, then how do you expect us to move proactively against him,” a crime branch official on deputation to the Intelligence Bureau asked. 

The Mumbai police had collected massive evidence of the collusion of a Pune-based gutkha businessman with Dawood and his brother Anees, who is also based in Karachi. Despite this, the Mumbai police is not being given a free hand to arrest this businessman. The police have evidence of how this businessman travelled to Dubai on a regular Indian passport and from there went to Karachi on a forged Pakistani passport and used his contacts with Dawood and Anees to threaten a rival gutkha manufacturer. 

Even now, a close relative of Dawood based in Bhendi Bazar is holding darbars doing “mandvalis” or settlement of disputes between builders and other businessmen.

Courtesy : DNA

During his election campaign, Modi had given a statement saying that he will bring Dawood Ibrahim from Pakistan to India, if he is voted to power.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What is Mosaad game plan in India?

Mossad : India's friend or foe

Best friend or trouble-creator No 1

Even Prime Ministers and Presidents don’t stand a chance against conspirators, hired assassins and back-stabbers in the big bad world of intelligence agencies— do they? Indira Gandhi was killed by her own body Guards, Rajiv Gandhi was killed by a lady packaged as a human bomb, Premadasa too could see death shaking hands with him as a suicide bomber. But with many things starting to happen – like the demolition of Babri Masjid after – Mossad was allowed in India – India has reasons to ask whether Mossad is really its best friend or trouble-creator No 1?

The decision to establish diplomatic relations with Israel was taken by P V Narasimha Rao in 1992, 
on the advice of Chandraswami—a known Mossad supporter. Chandraswami – a 25 year old friend was almost a VIP with special access to Rao's official residence, 7 Race Course Road. 
Chandraswami’s other admirers included Chandrasekhar, Laloo Prasad Yadav, Romesh Bhandari, Sultan of Brunei, arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi, former Miss-India Pamella Bordes and Elizabeth Taylor. 

Till 1991 every Prime Minister- Nehru, Indira and Rajiv had opposed the idea of giving a freehand to Mossad-CIA in India. Both Indira and her son Rajiv had put their foot down on Mossad and Israel. As a result Israel and South Africa were the only two places on the map where Indian passport holders were not allowed. This remained so till Rao became PM after Rajiv’ assassination. 

Mossad meaning "Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations” is Israel’s intelligence agency for covert operations and counter terrorism. Mossad, Aman (military intelligence) and Shin Bet (internal security) are the three domestic and external intelligence agencies directly under Israeli Prime Minister. Indira Gandhi who had voted against Israel in international forums, shot down several proposals to allow Mossad and RAW to work together. Prior to 1992, Indira Gandhi had denied friendship status to Israel, voted against it in international forums and reject proposals to allow Mossad and RAW to work together. Indira Gandhi, allegedly warned Srilankan President J.R. Jayewardene of his mistake of allowing Mossad to interfere in Sri Lanka. In a telephone conversation on 5 August Indira Gandhi described this as an attempt to ‘isolate India’ in the region and strongly disapproved of Sri Lanka seeking external military support. She was concerned that Tamil militants should not find ‘patrons’ inimical to India's interests, or did not start making their secessionist demand a reality which would have had avoidable, disastrous consequences in Tamil Nadu. But within two months she was killed by her bodyguards. Assassinations are sanctioned in the Mossad and IDF ideology as targeted killings. The justification is that it’s better to kill one person than to let 100 people get killed in future. It is said to be used only when there is no way of preventing the future acts of violence. Even then it is to be practiced with minimal risk to the soldiers or civilians, after properly identifying the target and ensuring minimum harm to people nearby. This is what theory preaches.
Mossad and CIA have a reputation of causing chaos and inflaming subversive activities in several countries. Mossad had secretly planned a strike on Pakistan’s nuclear base at Kahuta near Islamabad from India’s Jamnagar base in 1983-84. The plan had to abandoned when Gen Zia ul Haq got Munir Ahmed, Chairman, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission to warn Dr Raja Ramanna, Director, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre that if Kahuta was hit, Islamabad would retaliate by attacking Trombay. Indira immediately ordered everything to stop, though there were people who did not like it. 

Around this time, Jonathan Pollard, a civilian in U.S. Navy was arrested for spying by FBI. Ben-ami Kadish who retired from Armament Research and Development Center also admitted to passing classified documents on F-15 jets and Patriot missile air defense system to Yosef Yagur in the Israeli consulate. Yagur was the handler for both Pollard and Kadish. America was shocked by the technological espionage ring-- under its very nose. Rafi Eytan -- the mastermind, was a close friend of Ariel Sharon and head of Israeli intelligence agency LEKEM and Scientific Relations Office. Americans feared that a larger spy ring and more people might be compromised by the Israelis. It was an eye-opener as to what really happens between friendly countries. After Pollard’s arrest Eitan resigned; Scientific Relations Office was disbanded and Israel promised never to involve in any intelligence activity on American soil. Rafi Eytan- was dispatched to Sri Lanka as an employee of Israeli Chemical Industries. In actuality he was to take over Mossad operations in Sri Lanka. 

Rajiv’s death is attributed to a sinister conspiracy hatched between Chandraswami, Adnan Khashoggi, Mossad and CIA. The MC Jain commission report relied on evidence provided by former cabinet secretary Zafar Saiffullah and wireless communication intercepts between Israel and Jaffna to establish Chandraswami's involvement. Chandraswami’s grudge was that Rajiv Gandhi did not give him as much importance as he used to get in PMO during Chandrasekhar’s rule. AICC counsel R.N. Mittal added that the self-styled god man was arrested during Rajiv Gandhi’s regime and refused permission to go abroad; hence he wanted to ensure that Chandrasekhar remained in power. So he contacted militant groups in London, Pakistan and Canada as well as CIA and Mossad. Chandraswami also approached Khashoggi who was supplying arms to LTTE. Chandraswami`s diary recovered in a IT raid revealed a payment of Rs 10 lakh to Nirmala Anuara Fernando- a Sri Lankan involved in gem trade and forged currency notes. These payments were routed through the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) - one of the world’s biggest money-laundering hubs catering to the rich, gangsters, terrorists and intelligence agents in 78 countries. BCCI involved in funding Black September and Abu Nidal terrorist operations. Its customers also included Mossad, ISI, MI6, CIA and people all over the world who had things to hide but didn’t like publicity. According to a US Senate investigations report $84 million was transferred to the LTTE from these accounts for Rajiv’s assassination. Mossad, CIA and LTTE all had accounts in BCCI. 

Five weeks before Rajiv’s assassination Palestine Chief Yasser Arafat tried to warn him about an assassination plot. Arafat categorically mentioned that Rajiv's enemies would try to get rid of him during the elections. His information from inside Israel and European sources was that LTTE and Sikh extremists besides three other hostile forces from outside India might try to harm Rajiv Gandhi. Arafat tasked the Palestine ambassador in Delhi, Khalid El Sheikh to convey this message from Arafat – who was a close family friend of the Gandhi’s. Khalid El Sheikh told Rajiv so on several occasions. Rajiv had also received similar information from other sources but still chose to ignore these warnings while seeming to be more concerned about the safety of his family. He reportedly told both Priyanka and Rahul, who was studying in the U.S. to be extra careful and alert. Rajiv Gandhi, 46 was assassinated on May 21, 1991. This makes Sri Lankans the world’s leading practitioners of human or suicide bombing. LTTE is the only group in the world to have killed two top leaders almost identically. LTTE wanted to prevent Rajiv from coming back to power so he was killed by Dhanu-- a female who was also blown to bits by the live bomb tied to her abdomen. The bomb that killed Rajiv Gandhi was reportedly composed of explosives manufactured in Israel. Similarly Premadasa got into trouble when he ordered the Israeli Interests Section at the U.S. embassy to wind up and two Israeli diplomats to leave Colombo. He was assassinated in Colombo by a male suicide bomber. 
Israel had been using Sri Lanka as a laboratory of death and destruction since early 70’s when Sri Lanka snapped the diplomatic ties over Palestine. Israel didn’t want to loosen its grip over Sri Lanka so it stayed on in the pretext of providing military advise and raising a special commando unit for Sri Lankan police. In 2000, a day after India refused to provide military assistance in the war against Tamil Tigers-- Israel and Sri Lanka resumed diplomatic relations. Israeli military advisers and technician started flooding Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka became a favorite destination for Mossad, Shabak and Shin Bet agents. To make big gains in the business of war -- Israelis started supplying arms and weapons in the war ravaged nation. Sri Lankan nationals working in Gulf countries were recruited to sell weapons and train one and all -- security forces, armed militia, mercenaries and private armies in Sri Lanka. Besides Israeli weapons – Lankans were offered a choice of smuggled Cambodian and Chinese weapons. Mossad managed to transform Sri Lanka into the bloodiest place on earth where massacres and killings were routine and entire villages got wiped out-- "Lebanon of South Asia."
The Jews had taken great pains to train batches of Tamil, Singhalese and the Indian security force personnel at Kfar Sirkin base and Atlit -- a top-secret naval commando base at Haifa –without letting one know about the other’s existence. Like a game of musical chair –this required meticulous planning of their day training schedules and night training exercises so that they didn’t accidentally bump into each other. The Singhalese were charged close to $300 per day for the three-month course. In addition they had to shell out extra money for helicopter rental, special training ammunition, bazooka shells and heavy mortars separately. But interestingly the Tamil splinter group TELO was not charged any fee as an investment for larger gains in future. Having planned the whole thing, so meticulously the Jews wanted - fighting in Sri Lanka to escalate into a full-scale war. This was the game plan that Rajiv wanted to foil. So he signed the peace accord and sent 3,000 Indian troops for peacekeeping in Jaffna. Here the IPKF stumbled upon large quantities of arms meant for Tamils with Israeli markings on them. It was that IPKF was not going to allow Mossad to sell its arms. This would mean end of the arms business. So it started pumping in more arms to both sides to make life hot for Indian troops. Later Premadasa started romancing with Mossad to arm the Tamils – hoping that they would wipe out the JVP Buddhists and make the Indian troops vanish from Sri Lanka. Rajiv Gandhi responded by sending 97,000 strong IPKF which unfortunately suffered a heavy toll in the unconventional warfare in Sri Lanka. Rajiv pulled out the Army under pressure from home but left the navy to block the arms supply routes. The Navy seized an Israeli ship coming from Singapore carrying amounts of arms and ammunition. The Jews were furious and wanted to teach Rajiv Gandhi a lesson. After his assassination Subramanian Swamy wrote numerous articles to mislead everyone by blaming the LTTE.
According to R. Velusami, president of Tamil Nadu Janata Party on May 21 -- the day of Rajiv’s assassination Subramanian Swamy was booked at Trident Hotel in Madras while Chandraswami was at Sindoori Hotel owned by Apollo Hospitals. Both left for Bangalore by car to see M. Chandrasekhar— for whose campaigning Rajiv had gone to Sriperumbudur-- before reaching Delhi on a special flight. One JP Builders had persuaded M. handrasekhar to select the ill-fated site for the Rajiv meeting. Before leaving Swamy had an hour-long meeting with S.C. Chandrahasan, a Sri Lankan Tamil ideologue at Hotel Trident. Curiously there is no record of Chandraswami’s stay at Sindoori where he stayed as a personal guest of Prathap Reddy. Narasimha Rao’s men tried every trick to allegedly deny and destroy evidence. Many highly sensitive intelligence reports and wireless intercepts simply went missing. Among such ‘missing documents’ was a wireless intercept dated April 20, 1991 asking the question—should Rajiv be killed in Delhi or Madras? 

Rao wanted to pursue a new policy towards Israel. J.N. Dixit Foreign Secretary was the first senior Indian diplomat to visit Israel. Another such visit saw Abdul Kalam a leading defense scientist in Israel.
India’s first defense attaché to Israel Norman Anil Kumar Browne-- "Charlie" Browne was appointed Chief of Indian Air Force. Till this stage both India and Israel were denying any military cooperation. Mani Shankar Aiyer – MP, who tried to raise a question in parliament, was told that it was state secret. This hide and seek went on till the Jane's Defense Weekly disclosed that Sibat, responsible for Israeli Defense Exports had appointed over fifty agents to sell various defense items in New Delhi. 

Loyal friend or Opportunist?

Many analysts insist that Israel supplied arms and ammunition to Indian Army during Sino-Indian conflict in 1962 and Indo-Pakistani wars in 1965 and 1971 – but was it out of sheer love for India or a desire to profit from a fight between two neighbors and make money in the process? This issue is relevant as many of the RPVs supplied by Israel have later found to be defective.Another example of Israeli generosity is how case President Ezer Weizmann a former combat pilot offered the obsolete Kfir aircraft as a gift to the Indian air force. The Kfir an unauthorized copy of the French Mirage III would have been a poor replacement for the aging MiG-21s. But this did not prevent the smart Weizmann from trying to dispose of the junk in his own backyard to India. Similarly Israel hyped the sale of Phalcon radar as a state-of-art system though its own IDF—had rejected it. Since the winding up of Lavi fighter project – the recession-ridden Israeli military industry – was suffering from colossal losses and was in the process of dismissing a third of the work force. Even after earning billions from exports, the Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) had to depend on government assistance to pay the salaries. The orders from the Indian defense and security services – proved to be real life savers. The starting point of the military relations was a demand by Israel to be allowed to use the Indian Air Force bases in Gujarat or Rajasthan for staging and refueling due to strategic compulsions.
These initial understandings paved the way for formal diplomatic relations and gave a toe hold for Israeli defense industry in India. Mosaad came along uninvited—like the troublesome blood-sucking flea on the animal’s back. In the garb of friendship, Mossad’s main objective is to tame India, control its leadership and make India think and behave the way it wants. As a result Israel is not just the largest supplier offloading almost 50% of arms produced by its defense industries but also controls the nerve, heart and brain of India. RAW and IB have been infiltrated by CIA and Mossad. Rabinder Singh –a RAW officer and suspected CIA 'mole' escaped to Nepal before flying to USA with the help of his CIA handlers. He used to photocopy document and take them home to email them his handlers. Brijesh Mishra allegedly refused to authorize his arrest. He was not the first or only RAW operative to be compromised. Pro-Israel lobbies in Congress and other parties ensure that nothing happens here that Israel doesn’t want. Today many Army, Police, IB, RAW as well as other intelligence, counter-terrorism or security forces personnel—are either directly trained by Mossad or Shabak another Israeli Security Service or heavily dependent on Israel for equipment, spares and advise. All this started when DG National Security Guards (NSG) Ashok Tandon and an elite commando unit received training from Israel in VIP protection.
Narasimha Rao’s pro-Israel policies initially seemed to get the Clinton administration to declare Pakistan as a sponsor of terrorism in 1993 and sack Lt Gen Javed Nasir, DG, ISI with the support of the American Jewish lobby. The inside story has an altogether different angle as it is said that the actual reason why Javed Nasir was removed was that CIA was angry with ISI over the unused Stinger missiles in Kabul. But in the long run Rao has transformed India from an anti-imperialist to a CIA-Mossad laboratory with institutionalized persecution of Muslims. Things mostly began to change after Rajiv’s death – Mossad was able to infiltrate and indoctrinate top people in IB and RAW. Mosaad today has dug it’s heals in all States of India. Apart from government serving and retired Mossad agents and sympathizers have penetrated top PSUs, Corporate Houses, Media, PR, Advertising, academics, IT, healthcare, insurance companies, think tanks, consultancies, banks, financial institutions and even NGOs. The idea is that one well placed CIA or Mossad agent in a big organization can completely control it and all its stakeholders at a much lesser cost – than what United States or Israel might need to spend to promote their interest. . From monitoring the Prime Minister's security systems, fencing the 1500 km border, or deciding which electronic surveillance and intelligence equipment needs to be purchased from Israel—there is an Israeli security advisors calling the shots. Israeli fingerprints and footprint are to be found – on almost every weapon, missiles or satellite.
Lohamah Psichlogit or LAP of Mossad is its psychological warfare operations wing involved with negative portrayal of Muslims, demonizing Islam and discrediting the `Islamic terrorist’. It has been instrumental behind creation of many Hindu Dharma Senas and training their volunteers in Israel in the pretext of giving training in agriculture. Bajrang Dal also called desi Mossad preaches “elimination of Islam from India, hindus unity to drive the Muslims out of India and suggest that no Hindu should employ any Muslim no matter how cheaply he is available”. The result is that communal polarization is a rising phenomenon which started with Babri Masjid being demolished within months of recognizing Israel. Communal riots have ripped Gujarat, Mumbai and Kerala—something unheard of till 1992. The whole country is now divided into ghettoes and badlands. This is the price India is paying.

By Neeraj Mahajan 


Israel blocks India’s gifts to Palestine

The matter assumed significance as President Mukherjee, who is due to inaugurate a state-of-the-art IT Centre at Al-Quds University on Tuesday, planned to gift these devices as part of the Indian government’s plan.

Israeli authorities have denied clearance to four communication systems meant as a gift from India to a Palestinian university’s Information Technology (IT) department. The matter assumed significance as President Pranab Mukherjee, who is due to inaugurate a state-of-the-art IT Centre at Al-Quds University on Tuesday, planned to gift these devices as part of the Indian government’s plan. 

The four communication systems were meant to be crucial components of the new IT centre. While Israeli customs on Monday cleared the passage of 30 computers, which were stuck at the Ashdod port, to be moved to the university, the communication systems remained at the Ben Gurion airport and were unlikely to be allowed to reach the IT Centre.

When asked about the delay, Israel embassy spokesperson Ohad Horsandi said: “While 30 computers were cleared by the customs sense is that the communication systems don’t adhere to rules and regulations of Israel.” 

He added that the same set of rules applied to both Israel and Palestine. He also gave the example of satellite phones, which are not allowed by the Indian government to enter the country. 

Meanwhile, the computers were expected to reach their destination in time for Mukherjee’s planned inauguration, officials said. At the event, the President will also be conferred an honorary doctorate by the Al-Quds University. 

Asked about the delay in clearing the shipment of computers, Horsandi said: “It was the decision of the Indian government (to gift the computers and communication systems). When Israel’s foreign ministry was approached, we expedited the process.” 

The visit to Palestine is the second-leg of the President’s historic three-nation West Asia tour, which will also take him to Israel. 

When asked about Mukherjee’s statement supporting the Palestinian cause from Jordan, the Israel embassy spokesperson said that the Indian position was “not a surprise” to them. 

“India’s support for the Palestinian cause and maintaining good relations with Israel are not interconnected. I don’t think one affects the other,” he said. 

India has always been a leading partner in educational support and cooperation to Palestine. It has been at the forefront of the capacity building process in Palestine, extending hundreds of scholarships to Palestinian students under the ITEC programme to enable them to take up professional programmes in universities across India.

Written by Shubhajit Roy
New Delhi


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

ISIS on the Run: Russian Airstrikes Totally Obliterate Terrorist Forces in Just 72 Hours

‘Russia has just achieved, in 72 hours, what the West failed to do in an entire year.

Numerous news outlets are now reporting that ISIS forces are in total disarray and even, in some cases, completely on the run following the start of Russian airstrikes last week.

Russian Lt. Gen. Andrei Kartapolov said that “intelligence has captured that militants are leaving the areas under their control“, and, most importantly, he added that “panic and desertion have begun in their ranks. About 600 mercenaries have left their positions and are trying to get to Europe“.

Due to this runaway success, Kartapolov said “we will not only continue conducting our airstrikes, but will also increase their intensity“, where the Russians will be targeting “command and control centers, ammunition and explosives warehouses, communication centers, mini-factories for the production of weapons of suicide bombings and militant training camps“.’

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Army top brass planned coup against Rajiv in 1987: Ex-General

Ajay Sura

Book Says Army Chief & His Deputy Were Involved; Veterans Trash Claim

Lt Gen P N Hoon, a former Army commander of the prestigious Western Command, has claimed there was a plot to topple Rajiv Gandhi's government in 1987. He has also claimed that three crack para-commando battalions including one from the Western Command, were told to move for action in Delhi.

The 86-year-old Hoon has alleged that the then Army chief General Krishnaswami Sundarji and Lt Gen S F Rodrigues, the vice chief of Army, who went on to become Army chiefm were involved in the plot.Hoon hints in his just-released book, `The Untold Truth', that the plan for a coup was hatched at the behest of certain very senior politicians who did not share cordial relations with Rajiv.

The Lt Gen states that at his farewell function in 1987 hosted by the then Punjab governor Siddharth Shankar Ray in Chandigarh, Giani Zail Singh had blamed Rajiv Gandhi of corruption and negligence.Singh also said Rajiv was unconcerned about the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

Hoon has claimed that as chief of the Western Command in May-June 1987, he was in Delhi on official work when he received a message that a letter had been received at command headquarters from army HQ seeking three paracommando battalions. The battalions included the First-Para Commando, which was under the Western Command, and the 9th and 10th Para Commando which were under the Northern and Southern Commands.

According to Hoon, these three battalions were ordered to be placed under Rodrigues. He said he immediately briefed Rajiv and his principal secretary Gopi Arora about the development and showed them the letter demanding special forces.

“I also explained to them how dangerous this move could be, not only for the country, but also for our political system,“ Hoon said.He claims to have ordered the Delhi area commander, which is under the Western Command, not to move any troops without his permission.Hoon, who retired in October 1987, states that one minister in Rajiv's cabinet, V C Shukla, was aware about the possibility of army action.

In chapter-10 titled `Giani Zail Singh vs Rajiv Gandhi' he said Shukla specially came down to Chandimandir to meet him.Hoon, however, concluded that Zail Singh didn't take any action against Rajiv's government fearing that it would lead to transfer of power from a democratically elected government to the armed forces.Air Marshal Randhir Singh, a veteran of many wars, disagrees with Hoon and says there's never been any attempt at military coup. “In India, a coup by the armed forces is not possible because of the kind of legacy training they have inherited,“ the 94-year-old said.

Terming it Gen Hoon's “own perception,“ Colonel K S Pathak, senior veteran and one of the founders of country's special forces, says there may have been mobilization of troops in Delhi but it was for other reasons. At the time, there was unrest in Delhi, especially after the Sikh massacre and some other problems. “Mobilization could have been for the state, not to destabilize the democratically elected government,“ said Pathak who was deployed in the special forces under the Cabinet Secretariat in 1987.