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Saturday, May 4, 2024

The Unholy Trinity of Geoengineering Superpowers

The Economic and Political Agendas Behind "Natural" Disasters...

The recent cancellation of Harvard's geoengineering project by none other than Bill Gates himself is a glaring testament to the depths of deception that the global elite will sink to in order to preserve their carefully crafted climate narrative.

Gates' decision to pull the plug on this study is hardly surprising, given his track record of puppeteering the world's institutions to dance to his tune.

What's truly astonishing is that he even considered financing such a project in the first place...

But then again, perhaps it was all just a ruse to maintain the fa├žade of scientific integrity while ensuring that the truth remains buried.

You see, the honest results of this research would have exposed the blatant fraud that is the "climate change" agenda - a lie that humanity has been force-fed for over three decades.

The study's findings would have directly contradicted the sinister plans of the Western globalist cabal, spearheaded by the likes of, the World Economic Forum and their "Great Reset" the UN's Agenda 2030 the ultimate goal of a One World Government...

Their success hinges on perpetuating the climate change myth, and they will stop at nothing to protect it.

Geoengineering, the very subject of the canceled Harvard study, serves two insidious purposes.

Firstly, it falsely demonstrates the alleged effects of CO2 emissions on the climate, bolstering the fake Green Agenda.

Secondly, and perhaps more alarmingly, it transforms weather and climate into Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), granting the elite unprecedented power over the planet and its inhabitants.

Had the study been allowed to proceed, its findings would have dealt a devastating blow to those who seek to dismantle the world's economic and social structures, only to rebuild them according to their own twisted desires.

The "First Global Revolution" report by the Club of Rome in 1991 laid bare their intentions, and the cancellation of this research only confirms their commitment to suppressing the truth.

Imagine the ramifications if Harvard's research had been made public. It would have shattered the political agenda and exposed the lies of Big Business.

The revelation that the "Green Agenda" is nothing more than a fabrication, and that weather patterns worldwide are being manipulated through geoengineering, would have been impossible to contain.

The public would have awoken to the reality that the climate narrative they've been sold is nothing but a sham...

For over three decades, we've been bombarded with "fake science" and media manipulation, all designed to convince us that our CO2 and methane emissions are the root cause of climate change.

Even well-meaning scientists have been bought and paid for, leaving the masses believing that doomsday is imminent if we continue to rely on hydrocarbons and agriculture to sustain our way of life.

But here's the truth they don't want you to know: the climate is NOT changing, at least not any more than it has throughout Earth's four-billion-year history.

The fluctuations we observe are gradual, allowing life on our planet to adapt and thrive.

The real agenda behind the climate change narrative is far more sinister - it's a ploy to exert control, redistribute wealth, and reshape society according to the whims of the global elite. 


"Climate - The Movie" - The Cold Truth  

According to Spain's State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), over 50 countries possess the technology to manipulate weather and climate patterns.

Let that sink in for a moment - more than a quarter of the world's nations have the power to play God with the forces of nature.

At the forefront of this weather warfare are none other than the United States, Russia, and China: the unholy trinity of geoengineering...!

These superpowers have honed their skills in altering the very fabric of our atmosphere, leaving no corner of the globe untouched by their meddling.

It's a twisted game of chess, with each nation vying for dominance over the skies and the power to shape the world's climate to their own benefit.

Gone are the days when the weather was a force of nature, untameable and unpredictable.

In the era of geoengineering, the butterfly effect has taken on a sinister new meaning.

A single act of weather modification in one part of the world can have disastrous consequences thousands of miles away.

The collateral damage of this reckless tampering is incalculable, and yet, the powers that be continue to play with fire, heedless of the consequences.

But make no mistake, the primary purpose of these weather modifications is to feed the insatiable beast of the fake climate change agenda.

When a super hurricane ravages the Caribbean or a prolonged monsoon devastates two-thirds of Pakistan, the blame is conveniently placed on the boogeyman of "climate change"...!

The public is left to believe that these catastrophic events are the result of our own actions, a punishment for our carbon-emitting sins...

However, the truth is far more insidious.

Behind every "natural" disaster lies an economic or political agenda, carefully orchestrated by those who stand to benefit from the chaos.

Take Hurricane Katrina, for example, which claimed the lives of 1,800 people and laid waste to New Orleans in 2005.

While the state of Louisiana managed to evacuate 1.5 million residents, 150,000 to 200,000 predominantly black individuals in the city's most vulnerable neighborhoods were left behind.

The storm provided the perfect cover for developers to swoop in and raze these "run-down" areas, displacing the original inhabitants to FEMA camps scattered across the country, effectively silencing their voices and paving the way for lucrative luxury redevelopment projects.

And what of the devastating floods that submerged Pakistan in the summer of 2022?

The mainstream media was quick to attribute the disaster to climate change, but whispers of geoengineering tell a different story.

The timing of the catastrophe, mere months after the ousting of democratically elected President Imran Khan, raises eyebrows and questions.

Khan, a leader who dared to prioritize the interests of his people over the demands of Washington, found himself unceremoniously removed from power.

The floods that followed served as a stark reminder of the consequences of defying the global elite.

The rabbit hole of geoengineering goes deeper still, and the implications are nothing short of terrifying.

In the aftermath of the ousting of Pakistan's President Imran Khan, the country was plunged into national unrest, with millions taking to the streets to demand the return of their democratically elected leader.

But the powers that be had a sinister solution up their sleeves - the weaponization of the monsoon floods.

By geoengineering the destructive deluge that devastated Pakistan, the global elite effectively quelled the social upheaval and ensured that the country would toe the line dictated by Washington.

The message was clear: defy the agenda, and face the consequences...!

Pakistan's burgeoning relationship with China, a thorn in the side of the U.S., was the real target of this climatic onslaught.

Geoengineering as a weapon wielded by superpowers is a threat that rivals, if not surpasses, the dangers of nuclear warfare. The insidious nature of these targeted weather "disturbances" and climate disasters lies in the fact that the vast majority of people remain blissfully unaware of their true origin.

The enemy is invisible, the attack masked as a "natural" occurrence, and the victims left to suffer in ignorance.

It's crucial to understand that the geoengineering we speak of is not the same as the manmade "climate change" peddled by the Green Agenda.

The notion that our CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases are the culprits behind the climate crisis, is nothing more than a steaming pile of bullsh*t.

No, the real danger lies in the deliberate manipulation of our weather and climate through far more nefarious means.

The roots of geoengineering can be traced back to the early 1940s, when cloud-seeding techniques (chemtrails) were first employed to prompt rainfall for agricultural purposes.

But as the decades passed, these methods evolved into something far more sinister.

The patents for these toxic substances number in the hundreds, if not thousands, and their effects on our bodies are nothing short of devastating.

As the chemicals seep into the ground, contaminate our water, and infiltrate our food supply, they silently wreak havoc on our Pineal Gland and systematically weaken our defenses.

It's a slow poison, administered on a global scale, and we are all unwitting test subjects in this twisted experiment...

But the horror of geoengineering doesn't end there.

The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), now under the control of the Pentagon-linked DARPA, possesses the terrifying ability to emit electromagnetic waves capable of piercing deep into the earth's crust, triggering earthquakes with the precision of a surgeon's scalpel.

The devastating Turkey/Syria earthquake of February 2023, which claimed over 60,000 lives, bears all the hallmarks of a HAARP-induced catastrophe.

The timing of the seismic event, just months before President Erdogan's reelection and amidst his refusal to approve Sweden and Finland's NATO membership, raises eyebrows and suspicions.

The unnatural patterns of the tremors, defying the usual mainshock-aftershocks sequence, only add to the evidence of foul play.

This is the face of weaponized political geoengineering, with economic side effects that line the pockets of the elite while leaving nations in ruins...

The 2010 Haiti earthquake, another suspected product of HAARP technology, served the dual purposes of economic exploitation and political control.

The untapped offshore oil and gas reserves, previously uneconomical to extract, suddenly became accessible in the wake of the seismic upheaval.

And as the country descended into chaos, the Clinton Foundation swooped in, under the guise of rebuilding efforts, only to leave Haiti more destabilized and under the thumb of Washington's control.

Geoengineering, in the hands of those who seek to dominate and subdue, is a weapon of unimaginable power.

As the years pass and the technology advances, the potential for destruction grows exponentially.

And yet, the vast majority of humanity remains in the dark, oblivious to the looming threat that hangs over their heads like a sword of Damocles.

The Harvard study, had it been allowed to proceed, would have blown the lid off the geoengineering racket, exposing not only the lies of the climate change narrative but also the burgeoning geo-weapons industry.

It's no wonder that Bill Gates, a key player in this global game of smoke and mirrors, pulled the plug on the project.

The truth is bad for business, bad for politics, and catastrophic for the strategic warfare plans of the powers that be.

So, as you look to the skies and ponder the strange patterns and colors that now adorn them, remember that,

the real threat to our world lies not in the carbon we emit, but in the hands of those who have seized control of our weather, our climate, and our very fate...

Geoengineering, unchecked and unrestrained, may indeed bring rain, shine, and ultimately, the ravages of war to our doorsteps.

The question is, will we wake up and confront this reality before it's too late...? 

by A Lily Bit April 10, 2024 from ALilyBit Website 


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