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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Lucifer’s Rebellion and the Pleiadian Angels

Planetary shift from 3D to 5D

People on planet Earth are now at a unique moment in the Universe, where two different worlds exist simultaneously on our planet; the negative 3D world and the positive 5D world.

This situation has been created from above to separate the awakened from the sleepers.

The 5D world will become the new earth, the 3D sleepers will move to another 3D planet.

Only one third of the existing population has chosen to transform by leaving their material life behind and are now feeling the symptoms of the new energetic frequency shift, a shift not only for humans but also for animals, plants and everything else on our planet.

In the fifth dimension, Planet Earth is regaining its positive capacity for the environment, organic food, happiness, which creates jobs for salvation and purification.

People must learn to think independently; to do things in innovative ways. Most, if not all, existing parameters will become obsolete. The meaning and recognition of the value of money will be completely different from what it is today. Everyone will have enough money to live on.

There will be no need to take advantage of others or to steal to buy anything. Personal wealth will be the only limit. Everyone will be free to pursue any hobby and work wherever and whenever they want.

The devil’s hidden story

Lucifer’s rebellion, as described in older scriptures, took place long before the earth was created. EA in this sense is Lucifer, while ENLIL is Satan, who also rebelled against the Forces of Light, and both were cast out of ‘Heaven’, read Orion, by ‘Archangel Michael’, who of course must have been an Aryan warrior, or perhaps the symbol of a whole Aryan elite force?

Both Lucifer and Satan had their followers, and whether they were Satan’s followers or Lucifer’s followers, they were all what we call ‘fallen angels’.

The Urantia Book distinguishes between Satan, Lucifer, and the Devil. They are clearly three distinct personalities. Translated into Hidden History, the Devil corresponds best with Marduk, EA’s son, although the Urantia Book doesn’t say so clearly. Marduk was later killed here on Earth, and Alexander the Great, who is said to have been Marduk’s hybrid son, saw his father dead in a coffin.

The book suggests that Lucifer was simply an advocate of “self-assertion and freedom”. His manifesto was to teach humanity that the Goddess did not exist, which became more prominent after the Flood as different religions took shape.

Eventually, the religion of worship or devotion to the Mother Goddess was outlawed or ridiculed, and spiritual darkness reigned on Earth. If people who possessed the fire were free to practice their religion, it could clearly become a threat to authority. Therefore, the knowledge of the Women of Fire and the original purpose of the Human Experiment became extremely hidden, known only to a select few on a need-to-know basis.

What is known is that EA preferred the Sirian lifestyle and lived most of his life with his stepfather, ANU. He plotted with Satan (ENLIL) and carried out their plan to descend to Earth.

The Fallen Angels

However, there were also Vegans from the Lyra star system who supported EA and ENLIL in their rebellion against the Mother Goddess. This faction of Lyran descent fled to the Pleiades during the Celestial Wars and have remained there ever since.

So at some point during the Atlantean era, EA left Earth and went back to the Pleiades to bring some of his loyal officers back to Earth with him. In the Pleiades he showed them holograms of what life was like on Earth, and that he wanted to use the Lyran/Pleiadian DNA to further advance humanity.

When some of the Pleiadians saw how beautiful these Women of Fire were, and women in general, they said, “Let’s go down there and have sex!

So, instead of just contributing their DNA directly to EA while they were in the Pleiades, 199 Pleiadians followed EA back to Earth to have sex with human women, but also to help EA with his genetic experiments. These were the 200 Fallen Angels, including EA. They are the ‘Watchers’ who are mentioned in the ‘Book of Enoch’.

In the booklet ‘The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs’, supposedly from the twelve sons of Jacob, it is clearly stated that it was not the Watchers in the form of giants who seduced the women of Earth.

In fact, the Pleiadians, who were giants on their home planet(s), could not travel through space in dimensions with their original biological bodies, and therefore had to be genetically engineered with manipulated DNA to create a whole new species that could withstand the harsh conditions of space and travel through stargates and different dimensions without being destroyed.

This is the common way for most star races to travel long distances. The “grey” body type has many robust qualities and can withstand space conditions; the reptilian template is another. Once on Earth, however, they simply jumped bodies and began using human bodies to have sex with human females.

“Thus they seduced the watchmen before the flood, for when they saw them continually, they lusted after them and conceived the act in their minds; for they changed themselves into the form of men and appeared to them when they were with their husbands; and the women, lusting after their forms in their minds, gave birth to giants”.

The Bible says they came down as beautiful male angels, irresistible to many human women. It’s said they had wings and muscular, attractive bodies. This may well be true, for in the laboratories they shared with ENKI and the Sirians, they could create whatever they wanted to look attractive and powerful to human females.

However, using human male bodies to have sex with women did not produce giant offspring. After a while the Pleiadians genetically engineered their own 3D bodies, with or without wings, but more often their souls hovered over human females they knew would bear good-looking male offspring and made sure their soul inhabited the chosen foetus. In this way, the Fallen Ones could be born into human bodies, just like you and me, but grow up with full memories and interdimensional abilities. These same beings could return, and in fact are already here, born into normal human bodies.

More than just having sex with human females, they followed EA to his labs under the ocean and began manipulating Lyran/Pleiadian DNA; the DNA of the giants. These offspring became the biblical Nephilim and spread across the world, settling in both Mu and Atlantis at about the same time.

Misuse of energy

What exactly is meant by the misuse of energy? Well, in Atlantis, just like today, it’s done in many different ways, but mostly through advanced technology and the misuse of sexual energies.

There is nothing wrong with technology; if we are to remain an advanced society that wants some kind of assistance in meeting our basic needs at a comfortable level, then certain technology can be beneficial. Some say that the washing machine is the greatest invention of mankind.

There are other great inventions that mankind could benefit from; many of them were developed by Nikola Tesla, whose inventions were taken over and misused by the cabal.

When technology is used to control others, for warfare, espionage and mind control etc, or is only accessible to a few selected groups, it’s beginning to be misused.

With Sirians, there is always a tendency for this to happen. It’s up to humans to see through their manipulation, or we’ll end up in a much worse situation than the Atlanteans. At least they were stopped by the Flood, otherwise we probably wouldn’t be here today.

This is not to excuse how ENLIL manipulated events to cause the Flood; let it be known that the Sirians have a finger in things that really do get out of hand after a while. It always seems inevitable.

The Lesson

In Atlantis, the technology was a little different from what we use today, but there are similarities. The computers have already been mentioned, but they also had space technology, of course, and a wealth of knowledge about the stars and the universe in general, and they went to the Moon and Mars, and probably other planets within the solar system. In many ways they were more advanced than we are today.

The Sirian Overlords and their minions fed on fear, and in addition to setting up the Grid and the Trap System, they also used technology to control people’s minds and thoughts.

A relatively small population, less than a billion, was much easier to control than today’s eight billion. They taught humans about warfare and instigated wars to create mass events that the Sirians could energetically feed off.

Sometimes, the wars were just for that purpose, sometimes they were over real estate or some petty conflict between Sirian authorities. This was nothing new; the Sirians, like us humans, couldn’t even live peacefully with each other, and conflicts and wars were very common.

As Zecharia Sitchin describes so well in his book ‘The Wars of Gods and Men’, they also used human soldiers as cannon fodder for their silly wars, which could sometimes start because of jealousy between ‘gods’, or simply as a ‘show-off’; who was the most powerful and fearless?

It is known that crystals had a lot to do with this, because crystals, especially the ones they called Meš – pronounced ‘mesh’ – contain memory and knowledge. They were also a means of communication between the gods, almost like today’s mobile phones, but they worked over longer distances.

Incidentally, today’s mobile phone is a watered-down version of Atlantean technology, but it is well known how quickly today’s mobile phones are becoming more and more advanced, as if someone is having epiphanies after epiphanies and inventing new technology on a weekly basis.

Of course, that’s not the case; mobile phone technology, as it will be used in the future, has been fully developed for a long long time ago. In fact, it’s not human invention, it’s been achieved through technology transfer programmes.

In Atlantean times, the gods fought over these devices to steal knowledge from each other and gain access to each other’s secrets. It was such a big deal that people were killed over them!

Stay tuned, more to come…

A reader wrote;

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To be continued as time will tell us more …

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