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Friday, May 3, 2024

Fleeing Westerners Invoke American President Declaring “America And Russia Can Dictate Peace To World”

A riveting new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting the news that European banks remaining in Russia paid over €800 million in taxes in 2023, which marks a fourfold increase from before the launch of the “Special De-Nazification Operation” to liberate Ukraine in February-2022, says this news was joined by the United States Treasury announcing it prolonged the authorization to make energy-related transactions with Russian banks until 1 November 2024—all of which was followed by senior British Parliament Member Harriet Baldwin most factually observing: “There’s a general consensus that sanctions are not working in terms of their stated intent – causing real trouble for the Russian economy”.

As to why the socialist Western colonial powers are unable to cause any “real trouble” to the Russian economy, this report notes, is because it’s the largest country on the planet possessing the world's largest amount of natural resources valued at over $75 trillion—are inexhaustible Russian natural resources vital to the global economy, most specifically because the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development just issued the dire warning: “Demand for lithium, nickel, cobalt and copper is on track to outpace production through 2050”—a dire warning coming at the same time Russia has massive amounts of lithium, has massive amounts of nickel, has massive amounts of cobalt, and has massive amounts of copper.

Due to the inexhaustible supply of Russian natural resources, this report continues, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius warned his NATO allies last week: “Russia is already producing more arms and military equipment than it needs for its war against Ukraine, and is filling its weapons warehouses”—a warning now joined with the news: “NATO ministers of defense will hold a meeting in Brussels on 16 May, during which they will discuss support for Ukraine”—former NATO Military Committee Chairman General Harald Kuja just warningly observed: “It would be a fatal mistake to believe that Ukraine’s prospects will improve the longer the war continues...On the contrary: the catastrophic consequences of this error can only be averted if it is possible to prevent a military defeat through an early cessation of hostilities and peace negotiations between the two belligerent states”—and world-renowned binary economist Dr. Rodney Shakespeare grimly assessed: “In Ukraine’s case, the loss of productive assets in east Ukraine, the rapidly weakening military situation, and the dislocations produced by the war mean that the Ukrainian economy is a basket case...It is now very likely that there will soon be a huge military and associated economic and political collapse”.

In facing the factual reality that the socialist Western colonial powers can never defeat Russia, this report details, last week it caused socialist European Union and NATO member leader French President Emmanuel Macron, who previously spoke of “A great Europe extending to Russia’s Far Eastern capital Vladivostok”, to gravely warn: “Europe is mortal, it can die...It only depends on our choices...In the next decade, the risk is immense that we will be weakened, even relegated...The era of basing our production in China, of delegating our defense to the United States, and of getting our energy from Russia is over...The rules of the game have changed”—and is a European “game” that was well known to American economist Henry Charles Carey, who before becoming the chief economic advisor to the first Republican Party leader President Abraham Lincoln, warned in 1851:

Two systems are before the world; the one looks to increasing the proportion of persons and of capital engaged in trade and transportation, and therefore to diminishing the proportion engaged in producing commodities with which to trade, with necessarily diminished return to the labor of all; while the other looks to increasing the proportion engaged in the work of production, and diminishing that engaged in trade and transportation, with increased return to all, giving to the laborer good wages, and to the owner of capital good profits.

One looks to pauperism, ignorance, depopulation, and barbarism; the other in increasing wealth, comfort, intelligence, combination of action, and civilization.

One looks towards universal war; the other towards universal peace.

One is the English system; the other we may be proud to call the American system, for it is the only one ever devised the tendency of which was that of elevating while equalizing the condition of man throughout the world.

In 1861, ten years after American economist Henry Charles Carey issued his warning, this report notes, these “two systems” collided against each other in the American Civil War—Russia formally backed President Lincoln and his Union Forces, then Tsar Alexander II sent two Russian fleets to San Francisco and New York City to protect President Lincoln after Britain and France sided with the socialist Democrat Party Confederate States.

After the American Civil War, this report continues, allies of President Lincoln and Tsar Alexander II formulated the Bering Strait Rail tunnel project that would create a massive rail system spanning from Europe through Asia, would enter Alaska and continue to the tip of South America, that would forever break the European powers stranglehold on global commerce by transferring it to the land instead of the seas, and about which Republican Party leader President Ulysses S. Grant declared in his blunt response to British geopolitics:

We stand on the shores of the Pacific, and cast wistful eyes over its expanse of waters, to see if any kindred people will join us in girdling the globe with a tramway of iron.

We have discovered that true glory is only to be attained through the performance of great deeds, which tend to advance civilization, and develop, the material wealth of peopie.

In pursuance of these noble objects we have discarded war, although we had organized the greatest war power of ancient or modern times.

Who are our natural allies in the Old World, in the prosecution of this grand design?

Not the English, for they are our commercial rivals. Not the French, for they are jealous of our democratic institutions.

The Russians have become simultaneously with us, the champions of freedom by emancipating their slaves.

However much common origin, common language, and common religion, or some grand sentiment may unite peoples, the greatest bond is a community of interest and identity of destiny.

Let Czar Alexander construct a grand trunk railway from the Baltic to the Sea of Okhotsk of like guage with our Pacific Central, and he will maintain his firm hold on his vast dominions, and outflank the movement made by France and England, for predominance in the East through the Suez Canal; and America and Russia, can dictate peace to the world.

In moving to “dictate peace to the world” by creating a sound global economic system, this report details, Russia openly attacked the European fiat currency system by adopting the gold standard in 1897—Republican Party leader President William McKinley joined Russia and signed the Gold Standard Act in 1900—the warmongering militarist President Theodore Roosevelt seized power after President McKinley was assassinated in 1901—President Theodore Roosevelt then left the Republican Party, quickly after which he was declared a Honorary Citizen of the City of London—then his cousin socialistic Democrat Party leader President Franklin Roosevelt confiscated all of the American peoples gold in 1933.

In 1906, this report notes, Russian leader Tsar Nicholas II hired hired a team of American engineers for $350 million to begin a study on building the Bering Strait Rail tunnel—World War I followed then Russia was taken over by Soviet communists—in 1942, it saw Vice President Henry Wallace discussing the project at length with Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov, and in this meeting Wallace declared: “It would mean much to the peace of the future if there could be some tangible link of this sort between the pioneer spirit of our own West and the frontier spirit of the Russian East”—Vice President Wallace was then ousted from power in a coup masterminded by socialist Democrats in 1944—looking forward to a time when Americans will remember President Grant factually declaring: “America and Russia can dictate peace to the world” and they return to the valises of their “own system” instead of the socialist Europeans, it saw President Putin approving $65 billion to build a tunnel beneath the Bering Strait connecting Asia with North America in 2011—and this past December-2023, it saw President Putin presiding over the opening of the longest Siberian rail tunnel that one day will link Russia and America.

While Russia awaits sanity to return in the under socialist siege United States, this report continues, the just released American leftist article “The Far Right’s Campaign To Explode The Population” mockingly revealed: “The threat, we are told, is existential, biological, epoch-defining...Economies will fail, civilizations will fall, and it will all happen because people aren’t having enough babies”—the just released American conservative article “The Dastardly Right Wing Plot To Have Babies And Save Humanity From Extinction”, however, factually observes: “Right now, Russia, China, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Ireland, Switzerland, Greece, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Qatar, the UAE, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, the UK, Germany, and the United States — and many others — have birth rates that are well below replacement level...The U.S. fertility rate is at its lowest point in nearly a century”--and for any American scoffing at the idea that their population is in crisis, they need only see the facts documented in articles like “$3.5 Billion Slipped Into Ukraine-Israel Aid Bill To 'Supercharge Mass Migration From The Middle East'”.

To deal with its own population crisis, this report concludes, the legally binding decree “Order Of The XXV World Russian People's Council “The Present And Future Of The Russian World”” published by the Moscow Patriarchate on 27 March 2024 proclaimed: “Russia must become a refuge state for all compatriots of the world suffering from the onslaught of Western globalism, wars and discrimination...In addition to our compatriots, our country can become a refuge for millions of foreigners who defend traditional values, are loyal to Russia and are ready for linguistic and cultural integration in our country”—a proclamation now joined by articles appearing like “Statistics Show Foreigners Fleeing ‘Absurd West’ To Live In Russia”—and is a Russia under socialist siege Westerners are fleeing to where America’s most trusted and popular newsman Tucker Carlson just interviewed its world-renowned philosopher Aleksandr Dugin, wherein Dugin observed: “Putin is a traditional leader who defends traditional values, which run counter to those currently in vogue in the West...When he came to power, from the very beginning, he started to extract Russia from global influence...He started to contradict the global progressive agenda, tried with success to restore traditional values – sovereignty of the state, Christianity, traditional family...Western progressives saw these developments as being in opposition to their values...This hatred is not something casual, it’s metaphysical...If your main task and main goal is to destroy traditional values – traditional family, traditional state, traditional relations, traditional beliefs – and someone with a nuclear weapon… stands strong defending traditional values you are going to abolish – they have some basis for this Russophobia and hatred for Putin”.

April 30, 2024 WhatDoesItMean.Com.


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