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Monday, December 18, 2023

The Truth Being Told

Planetary Transition

Reports of what is about to happen becomes the biggest news story of all time, the history of humanity on planet Earth will be different from what is known so far.

The Global Mafia with their criminal deception of debt-money banking, inside jobs, mass murders, mass surveillance, terror attacks, of religious deception, bringing down passenger planes, are just some aspects. Centennials of élite-led misinformation is revealed.

Suppressed technologies like Free energy; Frequency healing; and many other life-condition enhancing technologies concealed for years are becoming available, once the medical mafia is removed for good.

Most of the changes will be revealed simultaneously from multiple sources, nonetheless that will trigger an avalanche of unexpected news shocks. And that is the beginning of our new era in human earth history, which we will all witness; it is the first major change on our planet since Atlantis disappeared more than 17,000 years ago.

The world is seen in the light of reality, to discover how we have been deceived. Humanity in numbers outnumber the oppressors, and can and will prevail once and for all.

Many historical facts are reliably revealed to proclaim the truth. Like e.g. how tsunamis, strange weather events and earthquakes in Japan, Central America and Haiti were deliberately caused by secret government agencies. How long-term HAARP-manipulated technologies cause higher temperatures for extended periods of time to deliberately kill people with weak immune systems as part of their Agenda 2030.

It will also reveal the fate of millions of missing children worldwide. How and why deliberately created diseases like Cancer, Ebola, AIDS, SARS, MERS, H5N1, Zika, and Morgellons.

Ending the “global warming hoax” or “climate change charades” in favour of deliberate environmental destruction, poverty, war, elimination of diseases, and restoration of planet Earth for healthy living.

Control over macro-level events are arranged from above through divisions. Each section and layer is independent of each other to conceal the full picture from the participants. Based on lies, specific goals such as war, population reduction, tightened control, redistribution of wealth, etc. are achieved with the aim of causing maximum misery and suffering to the people.

Humanity has allowed this to happen with open eyes, due to lack of critical thinking skills to believe promised government support and propaganda lies. Remember; These beings are Satanists without empathy. Without soul and heart, with only a mechanical blood pump keeping them afloat.

Our returning alien correspondent Vital Frosi, gives his take on these developments below.


Loved ones!

Many people wonder why certain things continue to happen today. Some even say that God is unfair for allowing so much evil among people. It is understandable that indignation takes over for a moment, but it is also essential to realise that these are the final tests within this Planetary Transition.

It has been said here so many times that Earth is a School of Souls. And all souls who were willing to come here to experience duality knew that the rule was based on trials and reconciliations, not to mention that the veil of oblivion gave the sense of separation from Source.

However, much has been said in recent times that it was all a staging as a real theatre of life. And every soul incarnated on Earth has lived his or her character beautifully in every incarnation, as if it was all very real.

Like all the schools we know, this School of Life is no different. When they complete their apprenticeship, students move on to another school, always at a higher level. This change of level is also called the Planetary Transition.

Earth will cease to be a World of trials and reconciliations and will transition to the frequency of a World of Regeneration, where illusion will cease to exist.

Nothing will ever be the same as it has been for centuries. We are in the final academic year of this School. The current incarnation will determine who is fit to move to the next level and who still needs reinforcement in their learning.

Remember, the basis for success is the state of consciousness of each student. There is no point in knowing the lessons if you cannot put them into practice. Remember your school days, when at the end of the course year there were practical tests, depending of course on the profession everyone had prepared for.

The final tests determine the aptitude of each incarnated soul and will also determine which School Planet the unsuccessful ones will be sent to. So we have now defined two Timelines: one will lead to the New Earth and the other will go in the opposite direction, i.e. away from here.

The New Earth will be here on this planet, but no longer on the same energy frequency as the Old Earth. This current incarnation will also have the function of adjusting the frequencies of each soul to their individual vibrations. All people currently incarnating are capable of ascending, but many will make no effort to do so.

The Creator gives special support to every soul incarnated on Earth. He will make every effort to ensure that none of them are lost in this final stretch. Contrary to what we may imagine, the events we observe everywhere are actually opportunities for souls who have yet to go through such situations. They provide not only the opportunity to unwind pending issues, but also the conditions for many to develop compassion, solidarity, unconditional love, respect, cooperation and many other predicaments within themselves.

The nightmare we seem to be living in today is part of the Apocalypse, which is nothing but the revelation of what we could not see or know before. It is the truth that will free consciences still trapped in illusion.

We have a biblical phrase that says:

“And when all things seem to come to an end, it will not be the end of the world, but the beginning of a New Age.”

This is exactly where we are! There are times when even the most expansive conscience trembles at facts that arise, especially when confronted with the truth about a part of man.

The cunning of the Deep State group that still stubbornly determines the fate of humanity on Earth is still beyond human comprehension.

In recent years, we have seen a great increase in barbarism and also in the number of people showing who they really are. They are showing which Lord they serve. And they have no qualms about that. They show that they served the dark entities that hijacked the planet long ago. They also believe they can continue their domination forever, which, as we know, is impossible because the Creator has said enough!

Nothing and no one can supplant the Divine Plans. If something was allowed, it is because it had a purpose for above. The limited consciousness of incarnated souls did not allow us to understand the true experience sought here, but now we enter another level of perception and everything is revealed and understood.

Every consciousness will receive updated information in accordance with its ability to understand. No revelation can be expected for those who do not understand the message.

Many of you who are already prepared for the days to come will also have the mission to guide and enlighten those who ask for help, as they awaken under the shock. It will be a way of exercising solidarity, compassion, love and respect for others. But you must have this perception from reality, because without an expanded awareness, instead of helping, you will need help yourself.

Remember that everything that happens in these times is a mechanism of the Creator Himself, used to awaken the conscience. We need to wake up from the nightmare that has gripped humanity for ages, especially in recent years. That is the way the current timeline works to avoid Armageddon. How else can humanity be woken up?

Many countries are going through difficult situations, not because of the natural limitations of the region or the people, but because of their hybrid rulers, who associate themselves in a Dantesk mechanism that ends up damaging an entire nation.

Some souls who joined such frequencies, out of mental alienation, sympathy or interest, can now better evaluate their behaviour, because agreeing to evil is part of it.

From now on, nothing will be the same. The nightmare is coming to an end and when we wake up, we will realise it was all just an illusion. Each soul incarnated on this planet has a unique, individual and personal story because it was the sum of their characters lived in each incarnation that built their consciousness. This will also be the Book of your Life, written in the word, of all your experiences.

You are now awakening from the nightmare. The feeling that everything seemed real is true, but you will soon realise that it was such a perfect illusion that the recorded impression was in fact just an illusion, in other words, a perfect theatre play. You played your part so well that the emotions you experienced were engraved in your soul archive and therefore immortalised as a true experience.

Your story will be unique and retold infinitely throughout the infinite cosmos. You are now awakening from this nightmare, but you must realise that it was in fact just a dark dream.

Wake up! The day is almost over!

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


The truth changes your life 

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