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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Our Reality is a Consciousness Trap

The Great Awakening 
The third ‘Dimensional Reality’ of today, is not real. In fact, today’s reality is a consciousness trap. Who and what we really are has been hidden from us. Our spiritual nature is our only true form. And that too is mainly the power of secret societies to make us forget, to keep us imprisoned. When people can’t see the past, you are stuck and see only the illusion which is not real. And, has no bearing on reality or truth, it is a manipulated inspiration of lies, an untrue deceptive illusion. Only when you become aware of this fact, your Great Awakening has begun. To learn about the real past, recently informative articles were published on FinalWakeupCall about Atlantis and Tartaria.

The various episodes about human history on Earth have arisen through succession of alien and extra-terrestrial colonies that exerted their territorial and cultural influence on planet Earth. In historical reality lie the answers to questions often asked ‘who we are’, ‘where we came from’ and ‘how we evolved’ to become the beings we are today.

Millions of years ago, the Galactic Federation worked closely with the High Sirius Council to serve as a Guardian race to help keep the reproductive and evolutionary process on planet Earth going at the lowest density, which today is called the first Harmonic Universe on the three-dimensional timeline.

The origin of life goes back much further in time, than is generally known – and still less known, as the episodes of human history. The exploits begin beyond the boundaries of this planet and originate in star kingdoms, galactic federations, and extraterrestrial civilisations of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and older civilisations recently discovered, among others.

The great historian Zacharia Sitchin expressed his admiration for the countless people, who were never believed regarding the ancient knowledge they recorded for us;

“When we consider that these ancient texts come to us over a period spanning millennia, we have to admire the ancient writers who recorded, copied and translated the earliest texts, probably often without knowing what certain terms and expressions originally meant, while always stubbornly adhering to analogous traditions in order to ensure an accurate rendering.

It also proves the substantive compactness of their reporting, which explains,

 “That the first settlements on Earth were established by astronauts from another planet, as was dramatically depicted by the Sumerians.”

Consistently, numerous texts refer to the premise, which always reads as follows: 432,000 years ago, before the Great Flood,” i.e. the deluge, “the venerable ones came to Earth in rocket ships from their own planet.”

While it may sound somewhat arrogant and exaggerated, many people will become convinced, once they have read and understood this version of our history. Which will become popular and widespread in the not-too-distant future, and will eventually be studied and taught in schools, universities and scientific institutions.

The breakthroughs in astronomy, anthropology, archaeology and Egyptology support this thesis of Sitchin and others, based mainly on translations of Sumerian writings.

And remember; The language of an awakened consciousness is not understood by sleeping minds living under the collective MSM hypnosis. There are no topics or arguments available that can work together to awaken someone. This language can only be understood by awakened souls among themselves.

Returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi, posts more on this below.



At the end of this long Cycle of Trials and Reconciliations, the souls incarnated on Earth now have the chance to ascend to a higher level of consciousness, in other words, to enter a World of Regeneration, where there is no longer the duality that was experienced through polarities.

These long-awaited days have already dawned on the horizon of this Planet and those willing to understand its purpose; feel the caresses of the first waves of the good winds of this future.

The days of material man shrouded in the veils of oblivion are finally coming to an end. There is a whisper in your inner being that longs to spread this good news to the four corners of the earth. When the veils are lifted, more consciousness is activated and more understanding is obtained.

You are a consciousness. Your soul is nothing more than that consciousness. Here on earth, it has taken human form and so the soul needs this material body to experience all the possibilities within the Laws of Action and Reaction. The body is nothing more than the carnal shell that the soul, needs to express itself. It has also been said here that it is the sounding board because it speaks the language of the soul that inhabits it.

You awaken from the long dark night of this consciousness. Although it is a fractal of your Monad, it is part of the whole and is totally contained. You are a miniature Universe, for you are also a part of the energy of Source that creates everything. You are a Divine Seed Atom. You are a Spark of Light emanating from the Creator Source, also called God – the Gods that make up the Monad and all that exists in the infinity of the Cosmos. Therefore, you are a child of God and also a co-creator of the worlds.

Now you are beginning to awaken to this consciousness, which in fact never ceased to exist. It was only latent in your subconscious, because this amnesia was necessary for your apprenticeship in this School of trials and reconciliations.

As your consciousness expands, more and more information becomes available to you. Yes, it would be a sin to receive new information that is not utilised.

The Divine Plan does not lose seeds as information. It does not throw pearls before swine. The good seed must always find fertile ground to germinate, because this guarantees the eternity of creation and the Greater Plan.

You are now in the discovery phase as the veils are being lifted one by one. But it is not enough just to lift the veils, you must also allow yourself the newness of that which is to come. The Universe gives nothing and takes nothing from anyone. It just exchanges all the time. Give and take is the rule now. You open up and the information comes. It arrives and you receive it, you add more consciousness and radiate more consciousness around you.

It is not advisable to impose this new awareness on others. Just let it be. Consciousness is pure Light and once activated, it will illuminate everything around you. It is a natural process because it is part of the Creator’s Plan. By illuminating the space you occupy, all who perceive this Light will also feel its beneficial caress and naturally ignite their own Light.

All souls incarnated on Earth will one day awaken. If not now during the Planetary Transition, it will be in the distant future, in another School of Trials and Reconciliations. The return to their Monad is the guarantee they all received before beginning their experience in a Third Dimension World. That is why we must remember the parable of the Good Shepherd, who sees to it that no sheep go astray.

Don’t pretend you have to convince others to wake up. Just as fruit needs to be picked at the right time, every consciousness will wake up in due course.

Of course, not even a butterfly will break out of its cocoon without some effort, but you have to respect the free will of every incarnated soul.

Just be yourself! Let your light go as far as it can. You are an enlightened island and you are where you need to be. But don’t impose yourself with self-centred pretences, because if you do, you could further repel the very person you want to bring closer to you.

Every consciousness is at a certain frequency and the path depends on the will. The steps on the ladder of ascension have to be overcome one by one. On the other hand, be supportive and loving to those who ask you for help.

The right and productive moment to help is just that: when someone asks you for help. That is the moment when the butterfly breaks out of its cocoon and makes the effort to leave its prison and fly. Not before and not after. You have to remain wise and patient, because everyone has their own moment of rebirth.

What really matters is that you know and feel what is going to happen. You will know what you came here to do. And you will know how to guide others when the time comes. Even if many mock you, remember that you are a beacon and many do not like the Light.

In fact, it’s not that they don’t love it, but the Light still blinds their eyes. Some time ago, I wrote a piece titled: Those who despise you today will be the first to ask you for help tomorrow.

Yes, this one will be the first, because you will be thought of when despair comes. While the one who proclaimed the truth was mocked, people will realise you were right. It will be a shock, but if a soul is at the minimum frequency to pass through the gates of the New Earth, it will have the help of you and others who have already prepared.

Perhaps the pioneering Lightworkers will have to take a rest now, others who have followed will take over for a while, but when the Trumpets sound, everyone will be in place. Everyone will take their position on the frontline of humanity’s great awakening.

You are not on this planet on holiday. You have a very noble mission to fulfil, but also a lot of humility is needed, because the ego is still the great risk that many Lightworkers take with them. Unfortunately, it is not the minority who, right at the most important moment of their mission, lose their way.

The unchecked ego of some Lightworkers and the resistance to accepting changes from other incarnates on Earth is still the big factor to overcome at this moment in this School of Souls.

Wakeup and pray, for any inattention now could be crucial.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!



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