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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Deranged America Walks Exact Same Path From Supreme Court To Civil War

22 December 2023

Deranged America Walks Exact Same Path From Supreme Court To Civil War 

Hello Folks,

I find it more than interesting that the United States Embassy in Venezuela includes on its website the official informational notice: “While often categorized as a democracy, the United States is more accurately defined as a constitutional federal republic...What does this mean?...“Constitutional” refers to the fact that government in the United States is based on a Constitution which is the supreme law of the United States...The Constitution not only provides the framework for how the federal and state governments are structured, but also places significant limits on their powers...“Federal” means that there is both a national government and governments of the 50 states...A “republic” is a form of government in which the people hold power, but elect representatives to exercise that power”.

The reason I find this official informational notice interesting about the type of government the United States has is because very few Americans know these facts, and this is due to decades of socialist indoctrination and leftist mainstream media brainwashing.

Among the Americans most expected to know what type of government they have, and why it was established in the first place, are its soldiers, who are trained to fight and die to protect it from enemies both within and without—and is why, on 30 November 1928, the United States War Department published Training Manual No. 2000-25 [to view archived copy of original document click HERE], wherein it explained:

The United States set up a distinct and different form of government, the product of distinct racial stocks and centuries spent in learning the principles and art of self-government.  In practice, our form of government is the most nearly perfect in securing individual rights and ensuring the blessings of liberty.

It differs from previous forms in certain vital and fundamental principles which have come to be known as "American institutions".  Among these is that of self-government by representation, which is "the golden mean between autocracy and democracy".

Comparative Analysis

The following comparative analysis shows the principal characteristics of the three forms of government:


Authority is derived through heredity.

People have no choice in the selection of their rulers and no voice in making of the laws.

Results in arbitrariness, tyranny, and oppression.

Attitude toward property is feudalistic.

Attitude toward law is that the will of the ruler shall control, regardless of reason or consequences.


A government of the masses.

Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of "direct" expression.

Results in mobocracy.

Attitude toward property is communistic — negating property rights.

Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences.

Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy.


Authority is derived through the election by the people of public officials best fitted to represent them.

Attitude toward property is respect for laws and individual rights, and a sensible economic procedure.

Attitude toward law is the administration of justice in accord with fixed principles and established evidence, with a strict regard to consequences.

A greater number of citizens and extent of territory may be brought within its compass.

Avoids the dangerous extreme of either tyranny or mobocracy.

Results in statesmanship, liberty, reason, justice, contentment, and progress.

Is the "standard form" of government throughout the world.

A republic is a form of government under a constitution which provides for the election of (1) an executive and (2) a legislative body, who working together in a representative capacity, have all the power of appointment, all power of legislation, all power to raise revenue and appropriate expenditures, and are required to create (3) a judiciary to pass upon the justice and legality of their governmental acts and to recognize (4) certain inherent individual rights.

Take away any one or more of those four elements and you are drifting into autocracy.  Add one or more to those four elements and you are drifting into democracy.

With the United States having established a constitutional republic to protect itself against the grave dangers posed by autocracy and democracy, I found it alarming when President Joe Biden’s campaign manger Julie Chavez Rodriguez sent out the memo yesterday: “We are treating this election like it will determine the fate of American democracy – because it will...The threat Donald Trump posed in 2020 to American democracy has only grown more dire since then...He is running a campaign on revenge and retribution – and at the expense of Americans’ freedom”.

To protect a “democracy” that doesn’t even exist in America, the socialist Democrat Party threw President Trump off the ballot in Colorado, then it blocked Democrat Party presidential candidate Marianne Williamson from the ballot—the socialist Democrats also blocked all candidates running against President Biden from appearing on the ballots in Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Massachusetts—all of which was followed by President Biden beyond all belief proclaiming: “Trump poses many threats to our country: The right to choose, civil rights, voting rights, and America’s standing in the world...But the greatest threat he poses is to our democracy...If we lose that, we lose everything”.

With the foundation of a constitutional republic resting on the principal that “authority is derived through the election by the people of public officials best fitted to represent them”, which without this form of government would cease to exist, socialist Democrats are doing everything they can to make sure the American people aren’t allowed to vote for President Trump, and whose weapon to achieve this goal is “lawfare”, which is the use of legal systems and institutions to damage or delegitimize an opponent.

This “lawfare” onslaught sees President Trump urging the Supreme Court to reject Special Prosecutor Jack Smith’s urgent request for an expedited ruling on presidential immunity—President Trump is joined by the attorney generals of 19 States, who also demand the Supreme Court allow this unprecedented case to proceed on a normal course because of the historic issues needed to be decided—in a desperate plea to the Supreme Court, it saw Special Prosecutor Smith revealing yesterday: “In short, the case is now on hold”—President Ronald Reagan administration top official United States Attorney General Edwin Meese then filed a brief with the Supreme Court warning: “Jack Smith did not acquire his purported authority as special counsel in a legal or constitutional manner and, therefore lacks standing to represent the United States in front of a federal court...Not clothed in the authority of the federal government, Smith is a modern example of the naked emperor...Improperly appointed, he has no more authority to represent the United States in this Court than Bryce Harper, Taylor Swift, or Jeff Bezos...That fact is sufficient to sink Smith’s petition, and the Court should deny review”—all of which was followed by leftist media host Joy Behar posting the warning message about President Trump: “Joe, the ballot box can’t compete with the third party candidates who will take votes from Joe Biden...And let us not forget the electoral college...The law must defeat him”.

The gravest danger posed to a constitutional republic is when contentious issues are decided by its judicial system instead of its peoples representatives, like what happened when the United States couldn't solve the issue of slavery and its elected representatives threw it to the Supreme Court to decide, which led to the infamous Dred Scott Decision, that delegitimized both the Supreme Court and Congress, and was swiftly followed by America erupting into all-out civil war.

With fearful articles appearing today like “Supreme Court Showdown With Trump”, “Trump’s Legal Woes Thrust Supreme Court Into 2024 Chaos” and “Whether In 2000 Or 2024, There’s No Upside For Supreme Court In Deciding Elections”, it also sees Politico grimly observing: “The convergence of the two cases may prove to be the decisive chapter for the doubts about legitimacy that have haunted the court for nearly a quarter-century, even before Roberts joined...It was during Bush v. Gore in 2000 that the notion that the court could be driven not just by philosophical differences — a constant in court history — but by naked partisan calculations first took hold....At the time, the circumstances seemed bizarre in an almost hallucinatory way: a presidential election so close that the coin flip landed on its side rather than heads or tails...Little did we all know that the events of the Trump years — two presidential impeachments and a deadly riot at the Capitol — might give memories of 2000 an aura of quaint Mayberry nostalgia”.

Instead of “an aura of quaint Mayberry nostalgia”, even the radical leftist Slate publication, in its article “A Terrible Plan To Neutralize Trump Has Entranced The Legal World”, gravely assessed: “This is a nightmare of uncertainty — and one that wouldn’t end with declaring Donald Trump disqualified...Do Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, who played a pivotal role in the effort to throw out the true electoral count, qualify as insurrectionists as well?...Is every member of the House who voted wrongly to reject the slate from Pennsylvania an insurrectionist?...Or, more practically, is every secretary of state permitted now to make their own judgment about whether a member of Congress or a senator crossed the line from legitimate contest to insurrection, forcing federal courts to actively review the history of every member of Congress who objected on Jan. 6?”.

Following the socialist Democrats throwing President Trump off the ballot in Colorado, former White House lawyer Ty Cobb predicted: “I think this case will be handled quickly...I think it could be 9-0 in the Supreme Court for Trump”--the leftist Washington Post, in its article “The Supreme Court Should Toss The Colorado Case”, assessed: “There is no world in which the justices are going to empower states to throw Trump off their ballots...Given that, the court should keep in mind: This is a moment it should aspire to be the unanimous court of Brown v. Board of Education, not the splintered, party-line body of Bush v. Gore”—and the leftist New York Times, in its article “Barring Trump From The Ballot Would Be A Mistake”, warned: “When Donald Trump appeals the Colorado decision disqualifying him from the ballot in that state’s Republican primary, the Supreme Court should overturn the ruling unanimously....The purpose of Section 3 was to stabilize the country after a civil war, not to cause another one”.

In the simplest terms, the “lawfare” onslaught against President Trump, “entangling” the Supreme Court in the 2024 presidential election, and the promoting “democracy” in a constitutional republic, are all designed by socialist Democrats to undermine faith in the United States in order to stoke division, chaos and, their ultimate goal, civil war—but whose demonic goals have no chance of succeeding if Americans awaken to the truth of who they really are and their history.   

What the under socialist siege Americans are going through now isn’t new either, as the exact same thing happened to the Russian peoples living in the dystopian former Soviet Union—but who one day started awakening to their true history, quit listening to socialist propaganda, banded together to publish and distribute true news and facts, and without having to fire a single shot, collapsed one of human history’s most evil empires.

Just like the old saying “you are what you eat”, you are also the product of whatever you allow into your minds—so if you put true things and facts into yourself, instead of socialist propaganda and leftist media brainwashing, these evil monsters preying on children don’t stand a chance of surviving—is exactly why Biden warned his socialist comrades about President Trump: “The greatest threat he poses is to our democracy...If we lose that, we lose everything”—and is a “democracy” the United States was never intended to be, and the sooner it’s thrown into the dustbin of history, the better it will be for the entire world.

For those of you understanding these truths, and how vital it is Americans keep hearing them, even to teaching them about their own history, please go below and give what you can today so the Dear Sisters mission can continue, and for those of you choosing not to support those who have risked everything for your freedom, I leave you with words of American Founding Father Samuel Adams, who during another dark time told his fellow citizens: “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace...We ask not your counsels or arms...Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you...May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen”. 

All the best folks,

Brian, Webmaster, Paris, Fr.


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