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Monday, December 25, 2023


Ebook by the Chief Justice: Nuremberg 2.0 (Rise & Fall of the 4th Reich) December 26th 2019-December 26th 2022

The Covid Saga Continued into 2023... Revelation after Revelation. Psyop after Psyop. And will continue, as long as you continue to believe in the contagion myth. During 2023, we were introduced with the fact that the Covid Plannedemic was a worldwide military operation against the free people of planet Earth. Otherwise known as World War 4. All while the Covid Criminals squirm their way out of a Nuremberg 2.0 with the "Safe Haven Act". The update to the book is set for release on the 4th Anniversary of the Chief Justice predicting the Covid Scenario, to Immortilize the book "Nuremberg 2.0: International Criminal Grand Jury vs Covid Crimes Against Humanity" by the Chief Justice and will cover major events in the Covid Scamdemic through the year 2023.

Top Stories of 2023: The Guardian: 2.5 Billion People Now Believe Covid Is A Full-Blown Hoax by Chief Justice 

Black Pilled! Everything You're Taught in Schools is a Lie by Chief Justice 

Theme Song for Covid 2022: Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2.0 vs Covid Hoax ft 33 Ways "All I Do Is Win"

Covid-Hoax Rewind:

Covid Scamdemic Day 1 - Fake Pictures, Deaths & Dummies, Medical Kidnapping & Killing of "Suspects". Covid Scamdemic Day 1 in Wuhan featuring Fake & Staged Pictures of Fake Deaths, Fake Dummies on Gurney's, Robot Doctors, Medical Kidnapping, Killing of People & Animals "Suspected" of having Covid, Forced Quarantine & Isolation of those "Suspected" of any Illness, Fake & Staged Newscasts, Fake Asymptomatic Diagnosis, Contact Tracing of Fake Cases, Fake Testing Procedures, Useless Medical Counter-Measures for a non-existent Virus, Spraying DDT directly on the Public, Shutting Down Businesses, Starving the Public, Robbing the Public, and a plethora of never-ending bullshit for you stupid people! 

Chief Justice predicts the Covid Plannedemic, Declares WW4, Wins WW4, Rejected Amnesty and 42% of the U.S., if not 85+ if they were given all available information, would be for a Nuremberg 2.0 Trial vs Covid Measuers & Crimes Against Humanity.

Covid Plannedemic 2023:

December 22nd to 27th 2022, the Twitter Files on Covid-19 were drip-drip-drip leaked to the public. The investigation revealed that the White House, DHS, FBI, Pfizer and others were censoring people on social media and elsewhere over factual vaccine information and questioning election fraud. That censorship was later deemed Unconstitutional and Illegal.

Twitter Covid-19 Files:

Trump & Biden Asked Twitter To Censor Users Over Covid

Elon Musk Tweets "Follow The White Rabbit" + Other Twitter News

Nuremberg 2.0 Covid News Dec27th-Jan2nd ft Twitter Covid-19 Files

Covid Hoax Timeline January 2023-December 2023:

Jan 1st 2023 Year of Fauci, Zelensky and other Covid Hoaxers retire or are thrown out. However, their crimes were protected by various laws and directives going back to the 1980's that allowed for the legal killing of your grandma. And, she gets no autopsy either under Covid Measures. WHO: No Family Visit, No Autopsy for Covid Death, No Burial + Organ Harvesting

The Year in Covid 2023:

2023 Year of Trinary Weapons - Trinary Weapons used for Genocide from alleged Covid-19 Cures by using Hydrochloroquine BLOOD Bleaching, Ivermectin GLANDULAR Hormone Disruption + mRNA with Gene Therapy or Chemical Chemotherapy ala AZT or Telomere Terminator on the DNA to either to prevent, or cause CELLULAR disease and/or aging. Trinary & Binary vaccines and drugs are designed to turn your body into a bug spray and drug factory. Drug carriers are used to deliver the poison to a designated area of the body. And, another injection, drug or injunction is used to release the poison.  -- December 31st 2022 Reverse Psychology of HCQ + Ivermectin - A Binary Weapon Causing Coma & Death 

During 2023 the Chief Justice and Tim Truth exposed the fact that Ivermectin is the active ingredient in RAID and Roach Motels and D3 is used as the active ingredient in Rat Poison. Prior to that, there wasn't a single anti-ivermectin video, pointing out that they are pesticides,.. on Youtube, Bitchute or Rumble nor anywhere else. 

The Latest: The Witches' Cauldron: Is Ivermectin Part Of Bill Gates's Depopulation Agenda:


2023 Year of Operation Warpspeed:

2023 Year of Military Operation & Operation Warpspeed Still In Effect - The Covid Scenarion was a Military Operation to force EUA Vaccines. Latest: The vaccine mandate for US troops was rescinded by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in January after Biden signed the 2023.

August 26th 2023 The US biowarfare project which caused the Covid-19 debacle – Part 6

April 30th 2023 Part 2 Moderna Contracts from the Department of Defense as "Weapons"

Trump: Covid Response & EUA Vaccine An "All-Out Worldwide Military Operation". 

Covid-19 Military Operation Part 2: PREP Act, All EUA, No Trials, No Informed Consent

Fauci & Gates built Covid Counter-Measures for DOD & DHS to blame Nature & You

December 26th 2019 at 1AM, the Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2.0 predicted on his Rise Of The Jedi Podcast that Covid would be a Worldwide Military Operation run by the Scientific Technocratic Elite with DARPA at CERN developing the CRISPR gene editing technology for EUA, untested & unapproved "vaccines". Chief Justice predicts Covid Military Operation Part 4 ft DARPA, CERN & CRISPR

Operation Warpspeed was a Military Operation to force and distribute EUA Vaccines on the Free-People of Earth under Trump's "America First" Vaccines program. EUA & "Safe And Effective" are Logical Contradictions! 

Censorship 2.0: December 9th 2023 Covid vaccines & operation warp speed was cut from the live feed of the latest republican debate.

Operation Moonshot was a government funded operation to fast-track mRNA vaccines, provide immunity for vaccine makers and extend Emergency Use Authorization, Animal Rules & Immuno-Bridging for all future vaccines

Operation Endgame 2001-2030


2023 Year of No-Virus:

During 2023 The No-Virus Camp became a scientific powerhouse. The pro-virus, pro-vaccine camp's failed to show up for the debate. The lead-up to 2023 included a blog post on December 22nd 2022 entitle'd "Germ Theory Debunked - Final Cut'. With the final post on the issue in 2023 having over 200 sources showing the no virus has ever been isolated, shown to transmit or proven to cause any specific disease.

Sent in for a Nobel Prize: FDA Warnings On-The-Box Of The Covid-19 PCR & Antibody Tests Debunk Germ Theory & Virology:


A FAREWELL TO VIROLOGY (PT 2): Dr Mark Bailey / Steve Falconer

Why ALL "Viruses" Originate In Laboratories by Dr Sam Bailey

The Follies of Peter McCullough "The Virus Deniers" by Dr Sam Bailey

5 Spectacular Fails From Germ Theory by Dr Sam Bailey

Freedom Movement Still Gaslighting w/ Virus Psyops

LACK OF EVIDENCE Of Contagious Disease: Studies Show Opposite - Virology On Trial Pt8


2023 Year of the Polycrisis:

WEF PolyCrisis ft Bio-tracking, Vaccines & Drugs, Climate, LGBTQ & CyberTerror.  The 2023 WEF released their PolyCrisis because "It's amazing how powerful (the anti-covid measures) became" - Pfizer CEO. PolyCrisis, goes beyond the fake supply chain crisis, fake energy crisis, fake food crisis and fake and staged monetary crisis.


2023 Year of Long-Covid is Long-Vax:

Did You Have A Medical Coincidence? Covid VAXX Damage Is Long-Covid 

December 3rd 2023 Long-Vax is Long-Covid Confirmed: Rare Syndrome After COVID Vaccines - Study. Vaccine Side Effects is Long-Covid Part 2 ft Blaming it on brain fog, alzeimers, brain damage, parkinson's, skin allergies, itching, disability, depression, sperm decline, phobia's, anxieties, face blindness, exhaustion syndrome, loss of smell,.. climate change... (All labeled as "Covid-19") + Fake & Deadly "cures" for the side effects.

April 3rd 2023 Over 100 million Americans may have seriously damaged their Heart due to Covid Vaccination according to Expert Doctor

April 3rd 2023 Half of ‘Long Covid’ Sufferers Have Never Had Covid, (but they did take the vaccine) Says New Study



Katherine Watt's Bailiwick News substack:

DOD contracts for "covid countermeasures" can be found here:

Transcript of my conversation with Katherine Watt on November 4, 2022 (video on this channel):

January 21st 2023 At the 2023 World Economic Forum, Tony Blaire decries the need for a vaccine passport and biometric scanning. January 23rd Bill Gates admit failure getting the whole world vaccinated, but he promised future plannedemics that would get us to "take notice". Klaus Schwab puts out a press release that the Covid-19 Scare was just a minor disruption. A Cyber Pandemic wil bring the world to it's knees. And then, Bill Gates can vaccinate you. Unless you own a bullet-proof Cybertruck of course.


Janaury 25th 2023 Ron Johnson's 'COVID-19: A Second Opinion' ... Censorship 2.0: It was reported that the Senate banned the use of the word "Nuremberg" at the hearing. 

January 28th 2023 Project Veritas Psyop of "Vaccine Evolution" to push Contagion Theory of MK-NAOMI 

Busted Pfizer R&D Exec Claims He Lied About "Mutating COVID" To "Impress And Date Gay People" like Project Veritas (emphesis added)

Project Veritas Gaslighting and the fake "Virus" Evolution - Dr Sam Bailey

The Psychology of Mass Formation Psychosis for Covid-19 Atrocities - Final Cut. MKULTRA & MKNAOMI is Trauma Based Mind Control designed to convince you there is deadly "virus's" with the goal of selling you vaccines! 

Trauma Based Mind Control, MK-ULTRA, MK-NAOMI, Bio-Terror, Slave Masks, Covid Lockdowns, Prison Lockstep, Fear & Isolation, Mass Formation Psychosis...

January 29th 2023 Orthrus, a hellound killed by Hercules: New fake Covid scariant by BAAL Gates. What’s CH.1.1? Meet ‘Orthrus,’ a new (fake) "wildcard" Omicron strain with a concerning Delta mutation.

January 31st 2023 Biden to End Trump's Dual Covid Emergency Declarations on May 11th


February 7th 2023 Pandemic Preparedness Speakers ... James Golden, PhD – Chief Data Officer, The Rockefeller ... mosquitoes as their habitats and breeding.

February 13th 2023 Pandemic Planning at The World Government Summit Day 1 is Now Live - Planning the next Scamdemic?

February 18th 2023 Release The Chicken Zombie Apocalypse: First the birds, then you! Chicken Conspiracy w/ Sterilization from Feed & Vax + Fake Bird Flu Pandemic. An Even Deadlier Pandemic (Fake Bird Flu), Warns NY Times so we need lots of testing, new mRNA shots, and global surveillance.

February 22nd 2023 The New Normal | Ickonic Original Film

February 25th 2023 Nuremberg 2.0 Public Trial Begins- Top 100 Wanted Covid Criminals by Chief Justice

February 26th 2023 New York Quarantine Camp Protest

February 27th 2023 WHO Meeting on Plannedemic Planning by BAAL Gates


March 1st 2023 Government considered killing all Britain's pet CATS at the start of the Covid pandemic because they feared they were spreading virus, claims former health minister

March 1st 2023 Hundreds of Cats Quarantined for fake Bird Flu

March 1st 2023 “Exterminate All Cats in Britain”: Culling Pet Cats at Start of Pandemic, Says Former U.K Minister

March 2nd 2023 WTF: The UK Was Going To Kill All Pet Cats For Covid

March 2nd 2023 “Exterminate All Cats in Britain”: Culling Pet Cats at Start of Pandemic, Says Former U.K Minister

March 2nd 2023 Tesla Master Plan Part 3 ft Infinite Abundance vs Artificial Scarcity Part 2 ( 

On the other hand, on March 2nd 2023 Fauci Wanted Universal Human Separation Forever!

March 3rd Bird Flu Hoax Begins: They want you to kill all animals! - Lost In The Forest Of Fakery


March 10th 2023 Dictators at WHO aim to begin installing a One World Government under the guise of Global Health Security

March 13th 2023 Covid Emergency Restarted with “One Health”, ESG & “Sustainable Development”: Inside the WHO’s “Pandemic Treaty”

March 13th 2023 WHO pushes for a One World Government by issuing guidance to national parliamentarians


April 3rd 2023 The real emergency is not over! US House and Senate have voted by a supermajority for an early end to the National Emergency that Donald Trump issued on March 13, 2020

April 9th Which U.S. States Are Banning Vaccine Mandates?

April 10th 2023 Biden Votes To End Covid Emergency One Month Early After Senate Vote

April 11th 2023 History of Virus, Vaccine & Virology-Hitler, IG Farben, 3rd Reich by Chief Justice

April 23rd 2023 GMO Vaccines are same GMO in Foods since the 1990s ft Edible VAXX

April 24th 2023 April 24th 2023 Nuremberg 2.0 only starts when the war is over.


May 1st 2023 Fauci, Gates & NIH "Death Panels" Confirmed: Fauci says 'Covid-19 really heavily weighted toward the elderly’

May 1st 2023 The Biden-Harris Administration Will End COVID-19 mandates for federal workers

May 8th 2023 The head of the UN World Health Organization (WHO) has declared “with great hope” an end to COVID-19 as a public health emergency

May 11th 2023 The federal Public Health Emergency for COVID-19 expired on May 11, 2023

MAY 15, 2023 After Covid: Twelve Challenges for a Shattered World. There has been and will likely not be any real accountability much less a Nuremberg 2.0

The New Normal #Fail

May 15th 2023 "COVID Nazi": Promise of The New Normal Never Materialzed

May 16th 2023 Warning: The Video Will Make You Angry Compilation of the media lambasting the unvaccinated.


June 4th 2023 THE GREAT AWAKENING PREMIER (2023) (Communism & Fascism Are The Same Thing!) Emergency Dictatorship, Corporatism & Nationalism ... @

July 4th 2023 The U.N. Is Planning To Seize Global ‘Emergency’ Powers With Biden’s Support. The proposal might be the biggest attempted power grab in the history of the United Nations. If approved, the United States as we know it could cease to exist.

June 12th 2023 The Gay Bomb Revisited: Covid is the "Gay Bomb" w/ Endocrine Disruptors in Vaccines, Drugs, Water, Food

Alex Jones Gay Frogs Hoax; Atrazine in Vaccines, Herbicide, Gas

Bud Light Contains BPA that makes men Gay! Bisphenol A is a Endoctrine Dirupter that Mimics Estrogen

June 16th 2023 Meta is rolling back its covid-19 misinformation rules in the US

June 24th 2023 Legal challenges that could open the Covid vaccine floodgates

June 24th 2023 Tipping Point: The Guardian: 2.5 Billion People Now Believe Covid Is A Full-Blown Hoax

June 29th 2023 Virology Predictive-Programming in Movies 

Teslaphoresis & Carbon Nano-tubes in vaccines resemble known side effects of blood clots and lung injury resembling asbestos.


July 4th 2023 ChatGPT Gone Woke Part 1 - AI Making Intelligence "Artificial"

July 7th 2023 Will the US stop the WHO, the UN and the WEF from taking over the world?

July 10th 2023 1000 Years of Scamdemics (1177-2019) - Flu-1918, Cholera-1818, Plague-1718... 

1000 Years of Scamdemics Part 2 - Gates Pandemic Firing Squad & Covid Smoke Detectors 

1000 Years of Plannedemics Part 3: History Shows, Vaccines Never Did Anything But Harm - Dr Reiner Fuellmich


July 16th 2023 July Codex Alimentarious GMO Vaccines & Foods. Codex Alementarious or "Food Code": Vitamins in Foods & Supplements are Synthetic Poison -- GMO Removes The Nutrients And Inserts The Poison -- Pesticides Kill Bugs (That Means You).

July 24th 2023 Biden asks Supreme Court to salvage a president’s right to issue federal workforce mandates

July 25th 2023 July 25th 2023 These Covid-19 pandemic-era relief programs are expiring soon

July 28th 2023 The Citizen’s Starter Kit to the top 50 Organizations in the Global Censorship Cartel

July 28th 2023 The German Origins of the Pandemic Treaty


August 7th 2023 Eris: The Next Fake Covid Variant - Greek goddess of strife and discord the opposite of harmonia or Discord

Lockdowns 2.0?

August 11th 2023 Migration & Climate Change primary goal is to push vaccine passports and biometric scanning.

August 11th 2023 USAToday tries to explain away Vaccine side effects, Long-Vax, Cov-AIDS and the Covid Protocol on "We don't know"! "Trust The Science"!! More young Americans are dying – and it's not COVID. Why aren't we searching for answers?

August 29th 2023 Are We Facing Lockdowns 2.0?

August 30th 2023 STEPHEN MOORE: Don’t Let The Lockdown Artists Bring COVID Hysteria Back

August 30th 2023 Are We Facing Lockdowns 2.0?

August 31st 2023 Hospital Distress Worsens Amid Covid Relief Ending and Inflation


Censorship Unconstitutional:

September 7th 2023 White House declares vaccine disinformation continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.

September 8th 2023 Big Win! Missouri v. Biden - Government can no longer censor American citizens 

A unanimous three-judge panel upheld the core findings that “several officials—namely the White House, the Surgeon General, the CDC, and the FBI—likely coerced or significantly encouraged social-media platforms to moderate content, rendering those decisions state actions. In doing so, the officials likely violated the First Amendment.”

Latest: In October, the Supreme Court to hear case against Big Tech censorship.


October 1st 2023 White House Censorship Deemed Unconstitutional

October 2nd 2023 Covid-19 vaccine winners suffer reversal of fortune

October 3rd 2023 Britain’s COVID-19 response inquiry enters a second phase with political decisions in the spotlight

October 5th 2023 Longitudinal assessment of COVID-19 vaccine uptake: A two-wave survey of a nationally representative U.S. sample. In February 2022, 57% were vaccine hesitant, while only 47% got vaccinated.

October 6th 2023 Online disinformation : UNESCO unveils action plan to regulate social media platforms

As of December 2022, 89% have not taken the bi-valent booster; 81% have not taken a Flu shot; 80% say covid is not a major health concern; 72% of the U.S. believes the covid pandemic is over; 69% believe covid measures are the worst thing that has ever happened to their child; 66% are taking no coronavirus measures; 66% will not take any booster shot for any reason; 66% want Nuremberg 2.0 Trials; 66% agree with all the contentions of the Chief Justice;. 50% say there should be no mandate for vaccines for school children& 50% of the world now are convinced that Covid-19 was a staged plannedemic, a scamdemic, a fraud, not the top health concern and a massive criminal conspiracy that involved all the countries, leaders and peoples of the world. 44% believe the U.S government is run by The Cabal. 43% of the U.S. will not take any vaccine “for any reason”. 38% say vaccines are not very effective or not effective at all 56% for republicans. 35% of parents now believe they should be the ones to decide whether their children receive a slate of childhood vaccines. Only 20% of adults are “fully vaccinated”. Vaccinations for Florida schoolchildren are at a 10-year low. Despite constant propaganda, populations across the world are finally rejecting the Covid injection. John D Rockefeller of Rockefeller Oil & Rockefeller Medicine made his money selling "snake oil" laced with alcohol & opium and now vaccines. "William A Rockefeller, was a traveling snake-oil swindler posing as a deaf-mute peddler & hawked miracle drugs". Klaus Schwab of the WEF and The Great Reset & Rockefeller Foundation are the one behind carbon taxes, carbon capture and your carbon allowance. He is also the one behind "Transhumanism" a fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities” to manipulate your behavior.

October 25th 2023 Infodemic: WHO declares disinformation emergency


November 5th 2023 November 4th 2023 Rasmussen Poll: A Stunning 42% of Americans Would Likely Join a Class Action Lawsuit Against COVID Vax Makers If It Were Permitted by Law

On November 16, CDC posted the first detailed estimates of who has gotten updated COVID-19 vaccines this fall. The KFF survey found that about 8% of vaccinated people

November 21st 2023 COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake ‘Disappointing’ Ahead of Holidays, Winter. As of mid-November, nearly 15% of adults and more than 5% of children received the latest updated COVID-19 vaccine – well behind uptake of the flu shot.

November 24th 2023 By the end of June 2023, 26 states had legislatively limited COVID vaccine mandates. COVID vaccines went ‘on trial.’ Are routine childhood vaccine mandates at risk?

November 30th Censor's "Go Fuck Yourself"; EU Strikes Back. Elon Musk tells ad boycott to "Go Fuck Themselves" ft Cybertruck! 


Dec 6th Cov-AIDS: Cambridge: 25% who took Pfizer jabs had unintended immune response aka CovAIDS 

September 2nd 2023 Pfizer's COVID Vaccine Causes VAIDS in Children, Study Proves

September 2nd 2023 More evidence of covid vaccine harm (VAIDS) emerges while politicians begin to push more covid vaccines

December 11th 2023 Covid-19 vaccine mandate cases for executive branch employees and troops thrown out by Supreme Court

December 11th 2023 Texas sues Pfizer over vaccine efficacy claims and censorship. Pfizer stock drops to 10 year low, Moderna down 60% YTD, Novavax down 50%, BioNtech down 35%. 

December 13th 2023 Pfizer stock drops to 10 year low, Moderna down 60% YTD, Novavax down 50%, BioNtech down 35%

December 17th 2023 Operation Endgame Revisited: Operation Warpspeed In Effect - A Military Operation to force EUA

December 19th 2023 Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2.0 published a fact-check on June 10th 2021 citing an article of December 30th 2020 on how they use false statistics to make claims of covid vaccines efficacy of 95%. The "Absolute Risk Reduction" of deaths was calculated at the time by the Chief Justice to be <1%.

December 24th 2023 Covidiocity Documentary (2020-2023):



Tipping Points in 2023

Nuremberg 2.0: The latest poll shows that 42% of the world would be in favor of criminal trials against the Covid Criminals.

Anti-Vaxxers: The latest poll shows 35% of the world will not take any vaccine for any reason.

Renewables to triple by 2030 + "Irreversible" Solar Tipping Point,"Unstoppable","No Sign Of Slowing"

Tesla: Legacy auto admits defeat on EV's ft rise of the bullet-proof Cybertruck


CBDC's and Biometric State in 2024

By the end of 2023, all central banks, the Federal Reserve and Europen Union have authorized CBDC's. All currencies are intended to be attached to the Biometric State. December 22nd 2023 The New Biosecurity State 

December 18th 2023 EU’s biometric Entry/Exit System may have a launch date -- 

September 29th 2023 The Horrifying Secret Agenda of the UN and WHO: Total Enslavement of Humanity Through a “Global Health Dictatorship”

I Spy: The New Self-Cybersurveillance and the "Internet of Things". This paper examines the constitutional implications of the Internet of Things (People).


The One True Narrative in 2024

The mainstream media is still following their motto "The government is the source of all Truth". "A new world could emerge, the contours of which it is incumbent on us to re-imaging or redraw". The final part for the final book in the Great Reset Series.... we finish "The Great Narrative for a Better Future" by Klaus M Schwab of the World Economic Forum.


AIDS & Cancer Cures in 2024

During 2023, Donald Trump, the state of Texas and others have pushed for HIV testing. They're not done with the AIDS Hoax yet. The vaccine gives you Cov-AIDS. Since the revenue for vaccines has collapsed, pharmaceutical companies are now pushing for mRNA vaccines as therapeutics for Long-Covid aka Long-Vax and Cancer, also caused by vaccines. 

July 7th 2023 Exposed, the multi-billion-dollar illusion of ‘HIV’: Part 5 

Despite Anthony Fauci admitting in 1988 that there is no evidence for human transmission of HIV, then later goes on to say you can catch AIDS from "Standing next to someone". "Trust the Science"!


Mode of Operendi - Fear & Terror!

December 18th 2023 The head central banker of Hitler's EU admitted that they use fake terror attacks to get their digital euro, vaccine passports and biometric scanning. Just like Trump does. Nice Attack in Paris, France during Cop21 lead to Digital Euro, Digital Wallet & Vaccine Passports Nice Attack in Paris, France during Cop21 lead to Digital Euro

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