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Sunday, December 31, 2023

Biden Caught In Deadly Russian Bear Trap On Road To War With China

Earlier today, this report notes, Ukraine sounded a nationwide alert that it was being hit with a large-scale missile attack, and Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ignat told the media: “We have never seen so many targets on our monitors simultaneously”—the leftist Western media then began putting out articles like “Russia Fires 122 Missiles And 36 Drones In What Ukraine Calls The Biggest Aerial Barrage Of The War”—all of which was followed by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) issuing the statement: “Between December 23 and December 29, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation conducted 50 group and one massive strike with high-precision weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles on Ukraine’s military-industrial complex facilities, military airfield infrastructure, arsenals, as well as storage sites: artillery ammunition, unmanned boats, weapons and fuel for military equipment...All designated targets have been destroyed”.

As Russian military forces continue the obliteration of Ukraine, this report continues, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal grimly assessed: “To uphold macroeconomic stability, it is imperative that we receive sufficient, prompt, and predictable external financing, beginning January 2024...It is hardly possible to hold any discussion about recovery and rebuilding projects, when we struggle fulfilling the 2024 survival priorities...We cannot wait till March to finance our social needs”—a grim assessment joined by the MoD reporting: “Over the past week, Russian units repelled 34 enemy attacks and inflicted fire damage on Ukrainian military units in the areas of the settlements of Kurdyumovka, Klishcheevka, Ivanovskoye, Andreevka and Georgievka of the Donetsk People's Republic...The total enemy losses amounted to more than 1,675 military personnel, seven tanks, 13 armored combat vehicles, 29 vehicles, a Czech-made RM-70 Vampire MLRS combat vehicle, as well as 49 field artillery guns”—all of which followed former CIA analyst Ray McGovern most gravely warning: “There is going to be some idiot in the Pentagon or in the White House who is going to say: ‘Look, Mr. President, the only way we can show Russia that we mean business is to use one of these mini-nukes...They are only about a tenth of the size of what we did in Hiroshima...So let’s do that and then they’ll stop, and then we won’t absolutely lose the election, and then we could deal with the rest of it’”.

Among those knowing the full scale and scope of the present conflict, this report details, is Pulitzer Prize winning leftist New York Times foreign affairs expert Thomas Friedman, who shortly after Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden ignited his proxy war against Russia in Ukraine fearfully observed: “Almost six weeks into the war between Russia and Ukraine, I’m beginning to wonder if this conflict isn’t our first true world war — much more than World War I or World War II ever was”—a fearful observation based on the factual reality contained in the Pentagon think tank Rand Corporation document “War With China: Thinking Through The Unthinkable”, that calls for the United States to wage total war against China before 2025—a plan for war now faced with warning geopolitical articles like “Russia And China Are On The Brink Of A Military Alliance That Could Overwhelm The US”, wherein it’s observed: “A full-scale China-Russia alliance would present the United States with a threat unlike any it has confronted since the end of the Cold War”—and with everyone knowing Ukraine is just a pawn in this great power showdown, yesterday it saw Chinese geopolitical experts assessing: “Ultimately, the game between the US and Europe in aiding Ukraine is that the purpose of the aid is not to defend Ukraine but to consume Russia...Ukraine is seen as a "consumable product" in the eyes of the West, and no country will pay a higher price for Ukraine's security...This once again demonstrates the sad reality: Ukraine is the biggest loser in the entire conflict”.

Among those knowing Socialist Leader Biden has caught himself in deadly Russian bear trap while walking on the road to war with China, this report concludes, is Director Jan Oberg of the Sweden-based think tank Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research (TFF), who, in his just released open letter “Ukraine - Another Lost US/NATO War With No Regrets”, warningly observed:

One of the enigmatic aspects of international politics is that big and militarily superior countries have systematically lost wars in smaller countries over the last 50 years, from Vietnam to Ukraine.

"Losing" here means military defeat, being forced out, losing the struggle for the hearts and minds of the people, and facing fiasco when it comes to achieving the professed noble motives like introducing human rights, democracy, freedom or liberating women. And given the tremendous human costs, particularly in the Middle East, the US' "Global War on Terror" since September 11, 2001 is also an intellectual and moral disaster.

The US - by far the world's largest military spender, interventionist, warrior, occupier, global base-builder with the most militarized foreign policy - is in a class of its own. In losing wars too.

It is now rapidly losing legitimacy, relevance and credibility in the eyes of most of the world outside US/NATO/EU/ANPO/AUKUS.

Firstly, all these imperial militarist adventures have been woefully anti-intellectual and imbued with the arrogance of power, elements of racism and hubris.

Secondly, after quite predictable fiascos and defeats - such as in Iraq - there comes a time when propaganda, psychological operations (PSYOPS), media influencing, and psycho-political projection no longer do the trick.

There comes a time, too, when even the biggest military spender and economy cannot finance its weapons addiction and its arsenals of weapons and ammunition dry up.

It's called over-extension and diminishing legitimacy in the eyes of others, it's called militarism to death and is transforming into imperial decline and eventual fall.

No empires have lasted forever and that of the US/NATO world will be the last.

No one is so foolish to believe that, in an incredibly diverse world, everybody else would accept one player to be the all-dominating system and shape others into its own image. Missionary times are a thing of the past.

Enter Ukraine. NATO set itself up in Kiev immediately after it became independent and declared in 2008 that it would become a member of the alliance. It was a gross violation of the promises indisputably given to the last Soviet President, Michael Gorbachev, but such was the unipolar we-can-do-whatever-we-want sentiment.

In an autistic manner, NATO refused to listen to Russia's legitimate security concerns and also did not bother about the fact that there was only a tiny minority among the Ukrainian people in favour of membership of NATO. Instead, a regime change in Kiev was all that was needed: installing a pro-Western leadership, paying it well and giving it an offer it could not refuse by wooing it step-by-step into the ever-expanding alliance.

Russia then put its foot down, and insult had to be added to injury: We will help you, Ukraine, for as long as it takes for you to win "our" war against Russia and "weaken" it; you'll be covered the whole way, just fight for us to the last Ukrainian.

Thus, Part One with the expansion and wooing, and Part Two with the militarization and proxy war - but no membership of NATO, which would commit NATO troops to Ukrainian soil and cost NATO lives.

Now comes Part Three - the abandonment and Ukraine on desolation row to be fixed by a faltering EU.

Here, the Palestine-Israel conflict comes in handy. The political and media attention on Ukraine has diminished significantly, while Ukraine's counter-offensive has stalled, and internal conflicts in Kiev accelerate.

The NATO blame game is on: We gave you all the weapons, ammunition and training we could, but you did not manage the military struggle well; your leadership is falling apart, and you are not as grateful to us as we had expected, and so on. And do not expect NATO or EU membership in the near future (no matter what we say for the public).

Obviously, nobody wants to be associated with such a political, economic, military, legal and moral fiasco. Not the US and NATO's leaders, who, from a historical perspective, provoked it in Part One and, instead of admitting it, continued to Part Two and Three.

The EU has not been able to develop its own policies on the Ukraine conflict. It followed the US blindly, installed history's toughest sanctions and completely isolated the largest European state, Russia, from Europe. Sweden and Finland willingly let themselves be pushed into NATO for no serious reason. Then followed the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, the largest ever infrastructure destruction (most likely carried out by the US because President Biden and other leaders said they would do just that and because of the silence and lack of official reports explaining who did what).

Weapons depots are becoming emptied, and now, to put it crudely, the Union looks increasingly wobbly politically while undergoing its deepest ever economic crisis. Germany's economic and political situation looks bleak. The EU area is likely to also be heavily hit by the long-term repercussions of the violence in the Middle East.

The EU's helter-skelter knee-jerk reaction to Russia's military operations in Ukraine prevented any analyses of likely consequences in the short-, mid- and long-term of these measures, which were as ill-considered and irrational as they were drastic. Russia, on the other hand, will get out of this quagmire much better than the EU.

While the US is comparatively well protected from the negative consequences of its policies, its European allies are not. The burdens on the civilian economy caused by warfare, militarism, tremendous re-armament, and refugee flows - and thereby, depletion of resources urgently needed for European infrastructure, climate change measures and welfare investments - paint a dark picture of the future.

It will likely become a guns-before-butter society, and future generations will have to pay the bills.

As time goes by, people will take to the street - for themselves and/or in support of, say, the Palestinians. Simultaneously, the far right will see its dawn as the economic crisis deepens.

While the West declines and implodes - more with a whimper than with a bang - one scenario for the next decade or so may well contain the fragmentation and possible dissolution of NATO.

December 29, 2023

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

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