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Sunday, December 31, 2023


20th Dec 2023; New Delhi, BHARAT

(Bharat, December 2023)

Last few years, we have gone through a very intense purification. In cosmic scale there have been highest changes. Earth is the last planet to go through this transformation. We have not experienced positive effects yet. Earth’s surface is the last point where transformation will occur.

This year some key important changes have happened.

  • Toplet bombs have been removed.
  • Dangerous situations have been resolved.
  • Positive timeline has been secured. The planet Earth is secure. There will be a huge transformation from now onwards but big dangers have been removed.

So Light Forces can now approach the surface. It will be gradual first, then it will accelerate. Breakthrough will happen, things will move very fast. It will be sudden and people will be surprised. Things will appear to be normal, then breakthrough will happen all of sudden.

Exactly how it will happen, I can’t say. There is lot of free will be involved in this process. Basic timeline is secure but details change according to decision of strong freewill. People face impulses and must strengthen their freewill. As of now, a small number of people use freewill consciously, they decide what’s happening in this planet. Most people are using freewill negatively, and only a few are using positively. It is an energetic battle between positive freewill and negative freewill. Rest of the people are spectators, enjoying things like social media, watching TV. It’s a battle of mind and will, it’s a spiritual war.

We are now reaching the peak of Atlantis project. I will talk according to Western Astrology. Pluto will be re-entering Aquarius in a month (Jan, 2024). Earth will have shattering energy changes. The energy will start bringing disclosures. There have been layers of artificial control because of which there was zero contact. There are many layers of this control, some of which have been dismantled. Some people are getting security clearance to start talking. They will start when they get signal. They will share experiences about ET life, what they saw, heard, the real experiences. How it will play out, no one knows. There are people pushing for it, there are people stopping it. But the Positive Push getting stronger. Consciousness is getting ready. People are ready in their consciousness.

Humans have slow rate of evolution. It takes many incarnations for small changes. From last five centuries, less ET involvement is there. ETs also work with Agartha for technology. There are people who have been contacted by Agartha Network. This will finally be leading to Evolution for Humanity. A collective effort.

Now we will take up questions:


Q1 – You said you will be talking according wo western astrology. Why there is a difference in western and Indian astrology? 

Ans – They are different interpretation of same situations because of cultural interpretation of energies. There is a difference of about 2000 years. Western astrology is more precise and shorter whereas Indian is deeper.

Q2 – Regarding ETs who created humans – Anunnaki, can you elaborate on that? 

Ans – Zecharia Sitchin wrote this book. This information is not correct. Many things and information are misinterpreted.

Q3 – Can you talk about the Roswell incident? 

Ans – The incident happened because there is lot of anomalies around this planet. US military captured ET beings, imprisoned them and some were dead. There were many incidents like this.

Q4 – As per the book ‘Law of One’ some ETs may have visited Earth in the past. 

Ans – Yes, ETs are visiting since long but it’s not public yet.

Audience – But data regarding ETS encounters is available. It’s on internet. 

COBRA – Yes, it’s for your discernment.

Q5 – Regarding Pluto entering Aquarius in a month, any date? 

Ans –21st January

Q6 – (Experience sharing) Around 1994-95, I was around 25-26 yrs. I and some people in my group were contacted by energies. It was told that Earth will receive light and there will be many chaotic events. 

Ans – Very good. In 94-95, lot of contact was made.

Q7 – Event will now be early or it has been delayed? 

Ans – Timing of event did not change. Time between event and Superwave / Solar Flash is now longer. People need time to process. The Event will be the time of truth, disclosures, and removal/disarm of bad things. Then processing time will be given. Then solar flash and pole shift will happen.

Now we will continue. Let me talk about Tachyon particles.

Energy of Galactic Central Sun is Tachyon energy. Tachyon was the first particle created when the Universe was born. It has highest vibration possible. It creates direct connection to Source. Veil was created by dark forces prevent Tachyon energy from reaching the planet. Tachyons are absorbed by the ionosphere and don’t reach the surface. Because of this, people are not in harmony, not healthy & not happy. If there will be enough Tachyon energy, people will be healthier and happier. Pleiadians have asked COBRA to develop Tachyon chambers so that more tachyons reach the planet. There are two parts of the chamber.

  1. First Part – Earth Orbit
  2. Second Part – Physical Part of Chambers on Surface Of Earth.


I have brought some Tachyonized stones and will show the stones. We will have a 20 min break and you can buy the products.

List of Stones
  1. Cintamani (Sirius)
  2. Galactic Cintamani (Galactic Central Sun)
  3. Columbian Tektites (Sirius)
  4. ATVOR Aquamarine crystals (help in ATVOR meditation; ATVOR technology assists in ascension process)
  5. Sapphire – Personal Protection, Removal of Obstacles
  6. Meteorites – cleanse our subtle patterns
  7. Goddess Jewels – anchor to Goddess presence
  8. Products for cellphone or house protection against EMF

Welcome back. We continue the main program. We will align our energies again.
Energy Alignment Meditation: Same meditation previously done, was repeated.
We will start with questions.


Q1 – I have dreams of chaotic events since few months. Why? Like destruction of 3D structures and calamities. 

Ans – Natural calamities will happen before final solar flash at some point. Purification of earth needs to happen. People are having these dreams since decades.

Q2 – About the event you are giving an educated guess. What is the reason of giving an educated guess? 

Ans – It is just orientation, not prediction. Nobody knows when the event will happen because of freewill. There are models and scenarios for educated guess.

Q3 – Are we as soul made of Tachyon particles? How to experience Tachyons? 

Ans – Only those who are enlightened can access Tachyon particles. Our connection with Tachyon was lost. The stones are a way to reconnect with that. Soul doesn’t exist physically, it exists on Atmic/Buddhic plane.

Q4 – How daily Goddess Vortex meditation helps in drawing the event. What daily meditations help in ascension? 

Ans – Goddess Vortex meditation helps in making the transformation easier because there is not enough Goddess energy on the planet. More Goddess energy on the planet means the process will be less violent and more harmonious. For ascension process I will introduce some meditations in this workshop.

Q5 – When did distortion come between Indian and Western astrology? Uranus, Neptune, Pluto – these 3 planets are not solar system as per Vedic astrology. 

Ans – There are not visible without telescope. They were added in western astrology after they were invented. But without them too they are existing.

Q6 – Ray Masters are new to Indians. I would like to connect with our Gods and Goddesses. 

Ans – I will explain that later part of this session.

Q7 – Some Cintamani stones glow when they are illuminated, some don’t. 

Ans – The gem grade Cintamani glows, other does not. Gem grade is more powerful.

New Atlantis Project

Now we discuss on India; St Germain is trying to reactivate network of light. It has started in March 2023 and increased in June-July. We together need to reactivate network of light in India. Earlier it was strong in India but it got deactivated. On etheric planes there are ley lines and vortexes in India. These ley lines connect to energy grids.

At the time of fall of Atlantis, there were two very advanced kingdoms. One was in Southern part of India, i.e. in Tamil Nadu. There is a significant structure named Ram Setu. Second was Indus valley in Rajasthan. It was a strong kingdom. After fall of Atlantis both civilizations survived to certain degree. They were led by spiritual kings. Slowly the connection decreased. Dark forces infiltrated both civilizations in north and south. These civilizations were the most advanced on the planet.

Archeologists have found many evidences; but it has been suppressed by Government. Certain findings have been beyond the understandings of archaeology. They were 7000-9000 years old. Corruption of evidence happened because of dark forces trying to get hold.

ETs were also got involved and war happened. Positive aspect of this war that Aldebaran were involved in North Kingdom. But the dark draconian conquered. There was a nuclear war in India 5000-6000 years ago. The Rajasthan desert is because of a nuclear explosion. There are many radioactive radiation areas around. It has been described in Mahabharata. The Aldebaran lost and Draconian won the war. They started to infiltrate the priesthood network in India. There is a huge network of temples which they started to infiltrate and were taken over by Draconian. On surface, temples are controlled by government. But behind the scenes, they are controlled by priesthood network. This network is very powerful and is existing in many Indian temples.

Another layer to this, is the network of Black Nobility in India. They are in contact with political sides as well. Some are more than 100 years old, some more than 2000 years old too. They mostly exist in Rajasthan, North India, Tamil Nadu, Kerela.

Just before I came here, they attacked me. Many black magic rituals were done to some people when we announced this workshop. There are very strong rituals done in temples in priesthood structure. You can feel the energy, which temples are of light, which are not.

Other thing in India is that priesthood structures infiltrate New Age Movement in India. They are controlled by Draconian structure.

Light Forces are trying to reactivate certain temples and sacred sites across India. Light Forces have instructed to bury the Cintamani and Galactic Cintamani stones in those sacred sites so that temples can be reactivated. Cintamani can be buried in temples, and used during meditating in violet light. To help in purification of those temples, invoke the God or Goddess of that temple to purify it.

Powerful Energy Vortexes are being activated in areas like Tamil NaduKerala, around DelhiRajasthan.

  • DELHI: Red Fort, old Delhi area needs to be reactivated
  • AGRA: TAJ MAHAL is a very powerful structure. It has octagon, it’s based on sacred geometry. It’s a powerful spiritual machine to bring light. Its purpose was to bring light to earth. It’s an anchor for Galactic Central Sun. It’s the second most important building on the planet after pyramid. It’s a main anchor point for M87 galaxy. It’s very important to create Cintamani network around Taj Mahal. It was created as the fusion between Indian and Muslim (or Moghul) cultures, it has best of all cultures. It was developed to bring heaven to earth, not just a tourist spot. It’s a planetary mandala for M87 galaxy.
  • JAIPUR: Another Vortex is in old city of Jaipur. Lot of violet flame is required there.
  • UDAIPUR: Big Lake of Udaipur (Lake Pichola) is a goddess vortex.
  • KASHMIR: Srinagar lake in Kashmir is a goddess vortex.
  • AREAS IN LADAKH: Some Monasteries.
  • SOUTHERN INDIA: Tip of KANYAKUMARI is most important in India. It needs to be reactivated with Cintamani and Galactic Cintamani stones. THANJAVUR/TANJORE is an Entry point for Goddess energy in India. It was corrupted under Islamic invasion.

As this is end of Kaliyuga, energy of Durga is needed. Kali is one of the main aspects of Durga, which is lost in this darkness. Durga energy needs to come back. It will give justice to this planet. Darkness needs to be removed. To help this, you can connect with Durga, visit shrines, visit Durga temples. Guidance is available on my blog, what to do & how to reactivate network of light. Light beings have started sending energy, humans need to help.

Now I will talk about Activation of Abundance. St Germain is working for abundance. In India abundance is the greatest issue. People have been programmed to be kept poor. Financial systems keep people in poverty. St Germain provides help to activate abundance. Connect to St Germain and I AM presence and invoke abundance. St Germain started to activate gold in India. Gold is important. Indian Temples have been gathering gold from people for thousands of years. Temples have tons of gold. Islamic invaders took most of the gold, still much is left in temples. We need to reactivate gold. We can do meditation to connect to gold, reactivate it and see it given to people in India.

Banks in India has called temples to exchange gold. The gold belongs to people and St Germain trust. There are collateral accounts to bring abundance in India.

We will now take up questions:


Q1 – Can you mention black nobilities in India. 

Ans – It’s not for the highest purpose to share.

Q2 – How to invoke Goddess Energy in temples? 

Ans – You can do Goddess Vortex meditation or by chanting mantras of Goddess of that temple.

Q3 – You mentioned Thanjavur. Which temples in Thanjavur? 

Ans – Many temples in Thanjavur have Goddess energy.

Q4 – Are there centers of Goddess energy in India? 

Ans – There are many networks. By searching you can find.

Q5 – You mentioned, there was an ancient nuclear war which Draconian won. But it’s written in our scriptures that good people won. 

Ans – Scriptures are infiltrated. It’s not complete truth. Dark rewritten and represented themselves as light won all the war.

Q6 – To attract Goddess energy, do we need to wear more gold? 

Ans – No. Gold is for Abundance Energy. Silver helps to connect with Goddess energy more.

Q7- We have experienced black magic attacks and life threats. We try all meditations. Sometimes it works, like violet flame meditation. Otherwise, blockages are there. How can we protect ourselves? 

Ans – When the workshop was announced, dark priesthood organized strong sessions of black magic rituals. But now light forces are removing those. Last few weeks there was resistance or blockage. All Attacks are removed now. They were intense in last 2-3 weeks. Meditation will be easier now.

Meditation 3: Meditation was done with sky blue pillar of light, followed by violet flame going anti clockwise around the group, then again sky-blue pillar of light.
We will start with questions.


Q1 – You talked about energy centers and Cintamani stones and the mantras or meditations at those places; how frequently to do all that and what is the process? 

Ans – You can do regularly or as per your inner guidance. Ideally it should be everyday or regularly.

Q2 – September onwards I feel vibrations on my face and head. To the extent that it’s very uncomfortable. Why is it so? 

Ans – When people start awakening, blocked energy starts to flow and you get sensations.

Q3 – What is the name of the place in Jaipur that is the energy center? 

Ans – The entire old city of Jaipur. It’s a big vortex.

Q4 – What was the purpose of Devadasi in ancient Indian kingdom? 

Ans – Devadasis used to anchor Goddess energy through dance or art. Because of invasions and priesthood practices, this got corrupted.

Q5 – Is Cintamani stone personal or it can be shared among family members? 

Ans – It is better if every person uses his own stone, but it can be shared.

Q6 – Do Shiva Jyotirlingas resonate with light energy?
Ans – Yes, but they need to be purified then they can anchor ascension energies.

Q7 – Is Tirupati Balaji temple in Andhra guided by light forces? 

Ans – It’s not for my highest purpose to tell. You have to go with your inner guidance.

Q8 – Many of us face financial crisis. What’s your suggestion. And many people are dealing with illness. How they will be taken care of during the event or galactic superwave? 

Ans – For financial abundance, practice Manifestation. It’s a 3-step process – Decision, Invocation and Action. It takes time to manifest but is possible. Same is for physical abundance. For illness, after event, healing technologies will be available.

Q9 – Now media is talking about COVID again and cases are rising in Kerela. 

Ans – No need to be afraid. Even though it’s been said as new variant but a same old thing. It will pass.

Q 10 – As the event is going to happen soon. If someone is interested in property or investment, what do you suggest. 

Ans – If you are guided, do it. It has no connection with the event. You can live normally and follow your guidance.


It is most important technology of light forces for individual preparation. It is developed by Galactic Federation of Light. It is adjusted and greatly extended to reduce the anomaly. Meditation of Pillar of Light is what light forces use to counter anomaly. I have introduced ATVOR activation stones. Have it in hand when doing meditation of pillar of light. This makes it easier for light forces to connect with you.
I am giving you affirmations that help in activating pillar of light. Say these affirmation 3 times.

Affirmations to activate ATVOR

  1. I call upon the pillar of Pure White Light to descend upon me and form around me.
  2. I call upon the presence of I AM THAT I AM.
  3. I ask the presence of the I AM THAT I AM to join and merge with me.



You can use it regularly or as per your guidance to connect with light forces. They use it to remove anomaly. This also connects light forces and Agartha network. This meditation is also a protection shield. People need to start practicing this more.


It is very important. It’s a process by which we release attachment to past experiences. Past experiences are result of anomaly. That energy stays in energy field. If you forgive, you release attachment and release that energy. Releasing helps with good health. It’s not good to have that energy for ascension process.


I Decree & I Command to Release All My Conflicts with My Parents, with My Children, with My Partner, with Other People & with Other Lightworkers. I Decide Forgiveness.


It is a good technique to release old energies. You can share the affirmation with others as well. Say it 3 TIMES or MORE. Then use violet flame meditation and throw conflicts in violet flame. You can use it regularly or as needed.

We will take up questions now.


Q1 – At times we feel other people’s energies when something bad happens. Like when there is a bad event or calamity, we get emotionally disturbed. What to do about that? 

Ans – If you do ATVOR, it will protect you from emotions of others or Gaia (Earth) in distress.

Q2 – Is Spiritual Hierarchy a universal law? 

Ans – Spiritual Hierarchy is NOT a Hierarchy by Control, but by a Guidance.

Q3 – There is a story about Lord Ganesha. Like he was born human and his head was cut then replaced with head of an elephant. Is it true? 

Ans – This is a symbolic story. There has been lot of genetic experimentation done with humans and other species.

Q4 – Why can’t we get ready and have a war with dark forces? 

Ans – You can try and see where it leads you.

Audience – But how all humanity can get together and control dark forces? 

COBRA – This is why we are doing meditations and doing workshops & conferences for awakening.

Q5 – What is Ashtar Command that you mentioned in ATVOR meditation? 

Ans – They are our galactic brothers & sisters helping humanity. You can read about it in my blog (

Q6 – I get heavy vibrations that bother me in meditation. What should I do? 

Ans – First thing is to reconnect with your inner guidance. Once that reconnection happens, everything else will follow.

Q7 – There are many theories of human origin or evolution, like ET or Anunnaki. What is true? 

Ans – There was one stream created on earth. Most was genetically engineered by ET beings.

With this we conclude the main program. I hope people will start activating the temples and vortexes in India.



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