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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Age of Disclosure and Global Revolution

January 9, 2023

World revolution resumes after holiday pause

(Second Part of the Above Article)

... ... ... There is also finally action being seen in the United States against the openly criminal regime of fake President Joe Biden. As this report was going live, three separate sources informed us that by a 5 to 4 vote, the US Supreme Court has ruled that Joe Biden and 388 political leaders must be permanently removed from any public office after stealing the 2020 Presidential election. “The US White Hat Military is involved in the background with this process, and made contact with the Supreme Court in the last 7 days,” a CIA source says.

Letters to the Editor January 10, 2023

I was so excited to hear that the Brunson case was 5 to 4 vote….. blah blah blah
Then I go to Brunsons Telegram and it says it was denied.
Yes I was disappointed too. All I can say is two separate hitherto reliable sources told me the Brunson arguments had been accepted by the Supreme Court. When I asked MI6 what happened they told me the rothschilds got the decision suspended with a promise they would hand over power. The story I am now hearing is that neither Biden nor trump will be president. 
However I don’t trust these people and will ask everyone I can to keep attacking them until they really do surrender.

The entire case in the U.S. Supreme Court is regarding a request for a Special Master to review over alleged blackmail videos of judges and officials engaging in acts of rape and murder of a child on videotapes.

John Roberts was given an opportunity by an emergency application requesting voluntary recusal for having a conflict of interest due to having a personal interest in the outcome of the blackmail scheme case. Raland Brunson argued in his petition that it is an “act of war” and is treason to not protect American citizens from a foreign government/country influencing our elections.

As an FBI whistleblower testifies “Children are the payment and the dirt and the control. Chief Justice Roberts provided children in order to get his job on the Supreme Court.”

In case you think this is an exaggeration, a court in the UK has determined “A satanic child abuse ring tortured children by putting them in an oven, forcing them to kill animals and gang-raping them.”

This is the tip of the iceberg. Mass murderer Benyamin Netanyahu, who is trying to turn Israel into a Satanic theocracy, has bragged he controls the West with over 400,000 files of evidence of Child Rape/Murder etc. by top politicians and power brokers.

A Canadian Secret Intelligence Service source says there is now “a Mexican standoff,” among various agencies as they all have blackmail material against each other.

In response to this situation, the P3 Freemasons are threatening to hit Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Geneva, Switzerland with neutron bombs (the ones that kill people but leave buildings intact) if the Khazarian Mafia does not surrender.

The son of the former Shah of Iran has already confirmed to us that George Bush Sr. supplied Iran with neutron-tipped missiles. The P3 say they can order those missiles launched. “They are no longer hiding, they are destroying all the democratic institutions on the planet to have no opposition to their crimes, Operation Thor must be carried out or we will all be slaves,” explains a P3 leader.

That is one of the reasons why the Israeli army’s chief of staff, Aviv Kochavi, informed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of his decision not to follow orders from his coalition ministers.

The police and the judiciary are on the side of the army. Attorney General Gali Bahara-Miara refused to defend the nomination of convicted criminal Aryeh Deri as Interior and Health Minister before the Supreme Court, which begins on Thursday, January 5. It looks like the Jews are finally rebelling against their satanic overlords after millennia of slavery .

The police and the judiciary are on the side of the army. Attorney General Gali Bahara-Miara refused to defend the nomination of convicted criminal Aryeh Deri as Home Affairs and Health Ministers in the Supreme Court hearings beginning on Thursday 5 January. The judiciary is fighting an attempted “coup” against the independence of the judicial system. It looks like the Jews are finally rebelling against their satanic overlords after millennia of slavery.

The Turkish, Russian, Syrian, Saudi, Egyptian and Jordanian military are offering their help to the Israeli people to liberate their country, according to multiple sources.

In any case, Netanyahu is blackmailing other Western leaders like donkeys are blackmailing donkeys. The NSA has a recording on which it claims to be responsible for the mass murder in Japan at Fukushima and threatens to destroy Tokyo if Japan does not hand over all its foreign currency.

Japan’s government is now opening an investigation into Fukushima, as well as the recent vaccine mass murder attempt by the KM-controlled slave government. Richard Armitage, Rahm Emanuel, Henry Kissinger and other top Rothschild/Rockefeller agents in Japan will face charges in these mass murder incidents as well as in the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japanese military intelligence sources say. Former top Rothschild agent in Japan Michael Greenberg has begun testing against his former employers in exchange for promises of immunity, CIA sources add.

A similar step was taken in the Philippines. Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Gen. Rodolfo Azurin Jr. tendered his resignation as a courtesy on Thursday, urging the rest of the police leadership to follow his lead as the police “purge” begins.

The Philippines under Rodrigo Duterte was a Rockefeller colony. Duterte planted a bomb that killed Dr. Michael Van de Meer, also known as Dr. Michael Meiring, the former head of MI6, blasted away. Van de Meer told me Duterte did this on orders from David Rockefeller and George Bush. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s government in the Philippines is now part of the Planetary Liberation Alliance, which is why the police are being purged.

As we mentioned in a previous report, our webmaster and his girlfriend were recently attacked by seven men in the Philippines. They have all been arrested and are facing charges of attempted murder. The investigation is expected to lead to Duterte and from there to David Rockefeller Jr., one of the leaders of the so-called “rules-based world order”.

China is also facing a reckoning. We note that Chinese President Xi Jinping sent Vice President Wang Qishan to inaugurate Brazil’s satanic leader Lula on January 1st. This inauguration was boycotted by 70% of the world’s nations. According to Xinhua news, Xi said

Lula is an old friend of the Chinese people, Lula’s new tenure is a chance to elevate Brazil-China relations to a higher level…to global governance, international order and multilateral mechanisms. The two countries will increase coordination on issues such as global development and security. China has provided nearly 400 million doses of vaccine and nearly 40 million units of anti-pandemic drugs to Latin American countries.

So while Xi is boasting about sending 400 million vaccines to Latin America, the Chinese company Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group Co. licensed a vaccine developed by BioNTech SE and Pfizer almost three years ago and planned to distribute 100 million doses nationwide, but the authorities in Beijing have not yet issued a permit.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning stated that testing requirements for COVID-19 have no scientific basis.

The Chinese government has finally begun to realize the rampant so-called Covid outbreak in China is directly proportional to the 5G rollout there, Asian Secret Society sources say. They say the Chinese government has now dealt with this problem. That is why you see huge masses of people gathering in public to celebrate the Chinese New Year in places like Wuhan. The Year of the Rabbit is traditionally one of fecundity, prosperity and happiness.

Video Player
The Asians have also been informed 5G electromagnetic attacks are linked to satellites and HAARP facilities, NSA sources say.

Snowden Unveils HAARP’s Global Assassination Agenda | The Internet Chronicle

These facilities are now being demolished in places like Brazil, China and Israel.

A sort of white hat space was also being waged against Silicon Valley in California, as these headlines show:

“California braces for ‘parade of hurricanes’ after storms kill 7”

“Firefighters respond to ‘continuous calls’ in San Francisco”

Secret Space Force sources promise that once they defeat the Silicon Valley criminals at Google, Microsoft, etc. by flooding them, they will release all kinds of wonderful technology to the people.

The biggest disruption is likely to be the use of hydrogen to provide virtually free energy.

This is already the case. Engineers in Switzerland have announced a device that uses sunlight to absorb water from the air and create hydrogen. They add that it can be easily manufactured and used on a large scale.

This means you would never have to pay to charge the hydrogen car seen in the video below. Goodbye Tesla and those clunky, expensive, short-range, environmentally destructive “electric cars.”

Video Player

The SSP people also provided us with the latest news related to UAPs. For example, they pointed us to a Newsweek article saying Russia has shot down a UFO in the southern Russian region of Rostov.

It also states: “Dmitry Rogozin, former director general of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, believes that extraterrestrials exist and that they study us ‘like bacteria’.” If we don’t deal with the satanic infection our political class suffers from ourselves, they might decide to use their equivalent of antibacterial soap on us.

Finally, some recent UFO sightings from around the world:

1. UFO over Malaysia December 2022

2. UFO over Ontario, Canada 2022
Video Player

3. Off world plasma energy driven craft over Chile

Video Player
4. NASA SL-08 on ramp 1959

5. SSP vehicle in hangar

6 and 7. Ancient Aliens Cave Paintings in China 5th Century Turpan and Shanshan…

We also saw an ancient Chinese bronze figure of a UFO at the National Museum in Taipei, China.

The Asian secret societies claim to be in contact with extraterrestrials, as do the P3 Freemasons, the Secret Space Program people and the BIS people in Switzerland. Maybe we’re just ants being trampled on while giants fight above.

Benjamin Fulford Friday Q&A Video 01/06/2022

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