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Friday, January 12, 2024

The awakening people are now taking action. Heads will roll.

January 8, 2024

We are headed for some sort of mega black swan event, possibly this week

(Second Part of the Above Article)

The Khazarian Mafia is not going to go quietly into the night and we are hearing from various sources they are planning some horrific mass terror event. A senior Secret Space Program source says they are going to hit California with a massive earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami. The source says “Half of California will be destroyed, including Silicon Valley.” 

This disaster will be used as an excuse to stop the 2024 US election and start martial law. Gnostic Illuminati sources say this is necessary because they believe an evil AI is located in Silicon Valley and needs to be destroyed.

Hopefully, this attack will be prevented by white hats but, California residents are urged to take necessary precautions.

Speaking about earthquake attacks, we have confirmed from Japanese military intelligence and MI6 that the New Year’s Day earthquake that hit Ishikawa prefecture last week was from a directed energy weapon. The attack was ordered by Rear Admiral Carl A. Lahti, head of the US Navy in Japan, according to Japanese military sources.

He was also involved in the remote hijacking of a Japanese Coast Guard airplane into the path of a civilian passenger jet.

Lahti will face war crimes trials for the mass murder of innocent civilians and will likely be given the death penalty.

Ishikawa Prefecture was attacked because it is home of the Maeda clan who have been pushing for Japanese independence.

The attack intimidated the slave government of crime minister Fumio Kishida into reiterating support of the Rockefeller “rules-based world order.” The slave government also promised to continue to send money to Ukraine and take orders via KM slave politician and former crime minister Taro Aso.

The attack on Japan was linked to a high-level royal bloodline changing of the guard. It is significant to note the Japanese emperor canceled a scheduled New Year’s Day public appearance because of the earthquake.

On the same New Year’s Day, Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II made a surprise announcement of her resignation. “I will leave the throne to my son Crown Prince Frederik,” she announced.

King Charles III is also facing calls to abdicate and pass the throne to Prince William. However, many English would rather have a King Harold again and refute the Norman bloodline of William the Conquerors.

Japanese right-wing sources close to the Emperor explain this is all related to some sort of massive financial/political reset. The Danish Royal Family is the second oldest royal family in the world after the Japanese one. The bloodlines who control the Western financial system use this seniority to decide who ultimately controls the supply of money, multiple sources say.

Also related to all of this is the fact Queen Elizabeth II sent a photograph of the murder of the Meiji Emperor to Tokyo University before she was murdered. This implies impostors have been playing the imperial role in Japan ever since then.

If what these sources are telling us is true, then some sort of major public announcement of a jubilee and financial reset could happen later this month

Regardless of what the royals do or do not do, a serious takedown of the KM has begun with a massive document dump related to Jeffrey Epstein and his pedo island.

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The important thing to note is that since this information was released by a court, it opens the path to legal action against the child torturers who visited the island.

These include Bill and Hillary Clinton Rockefeller, Barack Obama Hitler, Prince Andrew and many others. This is a sign they are all likely headed to the chopping block. Listen to this ten-second video of what Donald Trump has to say about Clinton:

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Hillary Clinton is also listed as a witness. So is former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak who is accused of raping an Epstein victim. Now it’s starting to make sense why the Zionist ADL is screeching so loudly.

Another revelation is that “Epstein forced then-minor Jane Doe #3 to have sexual relations with former Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, a close friend of Epstein’s and well-known criminal defense attorney.”

This is the same Dershowitz who is planning to defend Israel from charges of Genocide at the International Criminal Court.

We also see from the documents Prince Andrew had an orgy with “numerous” underaged girls on Epstein’s island.

The testimony further reveals physicist Stephen Hawking “liked watching undressed midgets solve complex equations on a too-high-up chalkboard.”

By the way, we have previously reported the original Hawking died a long time ago and that a look-alike -who was not paralyzed- played his role for decades.

Our sources also tell us Steve Bannon interviewed Jeffrey Epstein before his arrest and has yet to release 15 hours’ worth of tape.

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While all of this is very titillating, we have heard most of it before and are still waiting for actual arrests related to the pedo island. As Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer says “If you look at this crime, this overall crime, it’s all about men abusing women for a long period of time, and it’s only one person in jail — a woman.”

We also need to see actual legal action related to the mass torture and murder of children and not just talk about sex with 15-year-old girls.

Polish intelligence sources, for example, confirm that after the coup in Kyiv in 2014, Ukraine became a hotbed for pedophiles of all stripes. Joe and Hunter Biden were central figures in the child trafficking ring. J. Biden owned a mansion with an extensive network of underground tunnels and adrenochrome and organ harvesting factories.

“The real reason the Cabal organized ‘hunts’ was to create fear in children and thus increase their adrenochrome levels. They also had devices that allowed them to suck blood in the forest, and while alive they could suck it directly from their bodies. All British and Danish monarchs took part in these hunts,” the sources tell us.

Russian sources for their part say they discovered over 40 US and CIA-owned biological weapons laboratories in Ukraine. They also found mutilated and dead children lying in chains in the underground tunnels under Chornobyl (a system that Biden owned).

Russia has requested a meeting of the UN Security Council on the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine for January 22.

This is a sign it now feels strong enough to issue an ultimatum to Western Europe. The US will not fight to defend it.

Ask yourself: What if Russia funded Nazi militias in Canada, instigated a civil war, established a puppet regime, and created a proxy on the US border. Then Canada bombed civilians, kidnapped and tortured tens of thousands of children, made pathogens, stockpiled weapons, and built an army. This is what the US did to Ukraine.

This is happening inside the US as well. A US-based whistleblower gives full details of a child trafficking network through the U.S. using Wal-Mart as a concentration camps. He talks about NGOs running child trafficking rings throughout the United States and how they set up Child concentration camps

Trump has previously said we have “got to do something about all these missing children grabbed by perverts. Too many incidents—fast trial, death penalty.”

No wonder the fake Biden is freaking out. He says “With former aides, Trump plans to invoke the Ins- — Insurrectionist Act — the Insurrection Act, which would allow him to deploy — which he’s not allowed to do in ordinary circumstances — allow him to deploy U.S. military forces on the streets of America.”

Official court documents, by the way, prove Donald Trump has been cleared of any wrongdoing and says he did not visit Jeffrey Epstein’s island or homes.


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The fear of retribution may be why so many elites are looking for underground bunkers to hide in. They may also be planning some sort of nasty ultrasound attack. A video editing expert discovered dangerous ultrasound embedded in Obama’s “Leave The World Behind” movie. It contained four audio files instead of one, and the fourth appeared to be a Low-Frequency Infrasound weapon.

Video Player

We wonder if this firm offering $100 million luxury bunkers for the elites was one of the sponsors of the movie.

Video Player

The movie features a bunker of the sort they offer.

The KM are also still desperately trying to provoke all-out nuclear war; as their recent terrorist bombing in Iran shows.

The Iranians though, are too well informed to take the bait. Iranian intelligence sources tell us:

The terrorist bombing in Iran was a Satanic ritual to celebrate the four hundredth birthday of Sabbetai Sevi. Reza Pahlavi was born on the same day as Sabbetai Sevi, which is the ninth day of the month of Ab in the Hebrew Calendar.

The Satanic ritual to celebrate the four-hundredth Satanic anniversary of the birth of Sabbatian Zevi started with the assassination of Ghasem Soleymani and is supposed to last at least six years.

Instead of starting World War III, Iran’s foreign minister says the country has started taking “legal measures” through the United Nations after two terror blasts killed and injured hundreds of people

The governments of the Middle East know Israel’s days are numbered and are waiting for it to implode.

I have been sitting with a lot of people who just made extensive visits to all the major capitals and talked to many of the elites and they all say the same thing: First Sykes-Picot is over. That is the first thing out of everybody’s mouth. Sykes-Picot was the agreement in 1918 that ultimately divided up the Middle East into the states you see today. The Balfour piece (calling for the establishment of Israel) was part of that larger puzzle. They also talk about a post-American and a post-Israel Middle East. Jordan is on the edge of collapse, says Colonel Douglas MacGregor

In Israel itself only 15% of Israelis want Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stay in office. Here you can watch U.S. Senator Graham tell Netanyahu that he wants “to push forward to make Iran’s worst nightmare real.” The Satanist Netanyahu slips and answers “We are achieving our war games quickly.” Their game is ending.

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The Israeli government is not the only one that is going to fall. A full-scale revolution is already underway in Europe.

In Poland, the government of German EU agent Donald Tusk is quickly turning into a nightmare.

This is what Polish intelligence tells us his government is trying to do:

He has surrounded television stations with police to enforce his propaganda messages. He signed treaties removing Poland’s veto on the EU budget. This budget calls for Poland to hand over 150 billion Euros in order for it to get 30 billion Euros from the EU.

It also turns out the Germans lent Tusk’s PO party millions to pay extras for participating in their Million Heart March. He is now accepting the mass relocation of military-aged male Arabs and Muslim immigrants who have been causing crime waves in other European countries. Currently, in Poland, you can freely walk on the street day or night; the Police and City Guard maintain order. Letting in large masses of foreign criminals will lead to riots followed by military intervention and mass arrests. Everyone is shocked that Tusk is staging a coup and has violated all constitutional rights.

Tusk will be sent to prison when the government returns. The Poles were not supposed to find out about this.

The Poles are fighting back; Polish farmers have resumed the blockade of the border with Ukraine.

In Germany meanwhile, a mass farmer protest has apparently toppled the deeply disliked government of Olaf Scholz. The government has been forced to back down on several tyrannical and nonsensical taxation & net zero policies impacting food production to the detriment of the local farmers. This is what winning looks like and you won’t see it on any mainstream media outlet.

Video Player

Video Player

Germans are also up in arms over the fact the Berlin government is offering children a pro-prostitution picture book to teach them that the sex trade is safe and enjoyable. “Rosie Needs Money” is written from the perspective of a little girl and aimed at children aged 6-12.

Meanwhile, in Asia, it looks like China too may be facing a revolution. The collapse in real estate prices is leading to mass unrest.

Freedom House’s China Dissent Monitor project tallied 1,777 demonstrations linked to the property sector between June 2022 and October 2023. Two-thirds of these demonstrators were homebuyers and homeowners who protested over “project delays, contract violations, alleged fraud, and shoddy workmanship,” the report said. Most of the remaining protesters were construction workers demanding unpaid wages.

“The CCP is facing widespread challenges, with wave after wave of unemployment and layoffs affecting various industries and sectors. Protests and rights-defending incidents are cropping up continuously, with turmoils erupting everywhere in the country. … I can foresee that the CCP has no way to handle them,” Lai Jianping, a former Chinese lawyer and current affairs commentator based in Canada, says.

“As an old Chinese saying goes, ‘If people are not afraid to die, it is of no avail to threaten them with death.’”

It looks like some sort of international mass awakening has started. The picture below illustrates a critical mass of people who have figured out the government is their enemy.


The awakening people are now taking action. Heads will roll.


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